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Liberal Minded, You’ve Been Blinded

Posted By Urban Conservative On March 12, 2023 @ 8:00 pm In Code Pink Sucks, Liberalism | 26 Comments

Liberal Minded, You’ve been BlindedIf you’re familiar with old school hip-hop, you might recognize the title as being somewhat similar to the lyrics from “Criminal Minded” by KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions back in 1987. You might remember his comments a few years ago … “we cheered when 9/11 happened” and also blamed conservatives for the World Trade Center attacks. I thought it would be the most appropriate title for today’s post. So please, read on.

I have been asked by a few readers of this blog (specifically Suburban Moderate) to explain what it means to be liberal minded. Of course, I am always up for a challenge; and this was a great research exercise for me as well. But before I go on, I have a disclaimer. From past experience and various conversations within the walls of previous employer, I know that every word I write in this blog is picked apart with a fine tooth comb. When I refer to a liberal, I am referring to ultra-left-wing-whack-jobs like Code Pink and their fanatical supporters; and George Soros types who want to change the social landscape of America. This group of people has infiltrated the Democratic party and have more power than most believe. I am not referring to all moderates or democrats, which I am often accused of. Not all Democrats are bad! I’ll do my best to remain respectful, well maybe…

Liberal minded people despise the Military

This is the “[1] Blame America First” crowd. They have no regard whatsoever for the core values of this country. They despise military spending. They despise the pride that comes with wearing a uniform. They despise those that support the Military. They have absolutely no respect at all for the brave men and women serving in the Armed Forces, who are risking their lives to protect the very same freedoms which they despise and often take advantage of. If they had it their way, there would be no Military.

They are parasitic organizations like [2] Code Pink that protest Military recruiting centers because they are against the war. They are the despicable vermin, like Ward Churchill that make vile comments at universities … “Fragging an officer has a much more impactful effect” which is advocating the murder of Military officers. They are anti-war protesters that proudly march up and down the streets of San Francisco displaying signs that read “We Support Our Troops, When They Kill Their Own Officers”. It is the Hollywood left which last year, released several [3] anti-military movies that exaggerate Military cover-ups and portrays veterans as deranged psychopath murderers, screwed up by this “unjust” war in Iraq. Instead these groups tout “moral equivalence” arguments in an effort to detract from our graces. In their view the profound and unmatched prosperity (yes even in our current economic state) and freedoms offered by this great nation are somehow suspect and most likely due to our exploitation of others.

Liberal minded people want forced income redistribution

They keyword here is forced! Why? Because they know they won’t do it voluntarily.

For those who do no understand [4] income redistribution, it can be either the act of an individual’s voluntary charitable giving or a government mandated transfer of income from one group of citizens to another. Examples of this would include progressive taxation to support programs like welfare and Medicaid. The reality is that these liberals do not like the fact that some people are successful while others are not. They see this as being unfair and welcome government taxation to redistribute the wealth of America. It’s called socialism.

Speaking of charity, as part of a [5] 20/20 special back in 2006, John Stossel wanted to test the hypothesis that liberals care more about the poor than conservatives do. To test this hypothesis, 20/20 went to Sioux Falls, S.D., and San Francisco; and asked the Salvation Army to set up buckets at their busiest locations in both cities to see which bucket would get more money?

Ironically, even though people in Sioux Falls make, on average, half as much money as people in San Francisco, and even though the San Francisco location was much busier — three times as many people were within reach of the bucket — by the end of the second day, the Sioux Falls bucket held twice as much coin. Sad but true.

In addition, John Stossel [6] interviewed Syracuse University professor Arthur Brooks, who conducted a study which found that conservatives, while making slightly less money than liberals, actually contribute more:

John Stossel:

But it turns out that this idea that liberals give more is a myth. These are the twenty-five states where people give an above average percent of their income, twenty-four were red states in the last presidential election.

Arthur Brooks:

When you look at the data, it turns out the conservatives give about thirty percent more per conservative-headed family than per liberal-headed family. And incidentally, conservative-headed families make slightly less money.

So I wonder why liberals are in favor of income redistribution if they are so greedy with their cash. And, while I don’t think that Hillary is an extreme liberal, her universal healthcare proposal clearly displays that of extreme liberal tendencies.

Liberal minded people have no sense of right or wrong

Socialism has greatly influenced the thinking of today’s liberals. One of the main doctrines of socialism is that of atheism. The reason for this is that atheism embraces moral relativism (standards of right and wrong based on time and culture). With no real or tangible “God” to determine what is right or wrong or to answer to, liberals are left with their own personal opinion about the behavior/laws/policies they exemplify. It is like playing Monopoly where the rules constantly change whenever the person(s) in power decides to change them. Socialist countries today like Cuba and Venezuela have governments that can do whatever the hell they want if they see that action as being beneficial to the entire community.

Okay, ‘nuff with the isms. Let me bring it down a few grade levels.

If they (the liberal Government) decide to kill a mentally deficient person like [7] Terry Schiavo, an unborn baby at any stage or any other person seen as unacceptable in society, there is no “moral commandment” forbidding murder. They are not constrained by lying or by cheating or any other morally absolute restriction. This is why they believe that the woman’s right to choose is so much more sacred than a baby’s will to live. Instead they are only bound to the beliefs concocted and mandated by the state in which they live. I guess if the law says its okay, then I guess its okay. I wonder if they were forced to live in Iran, if they would have the same

Liberals minded people scream for tolerance, yet are intolerant

I thought tolerance is the golden rule of liberalism, is it not? Well…actually it is, as long as it is something only they happen to agree with. They worship freedom of speech for all groups and lifestyles, yet deny select groups from voicing their opinions.

There are numerous examples where high school and college students are suspended and/or expelled for wearing [8] pro-life gear on campus ([9] more examples here); and public high schools [10] discriminating against various pro-life student groups by denying them the same rights as other student groups. There was even one incident a few years ago where a couple of [11] police officers — in none other than San Francisco — demanded that two college students walking across the Golden Gate Bridge as part of a demonstration remove their pro-life T-shirts or be subject to a fine and jail time (sounds like intolerant fascism to me).

And, back in 2005 at Indian River Community College in Florida, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was [12] banned from playing at the school, but a play called F****ng for Jesus was allowed.

Also in 2005, in San Francisco again, city officials proved that there is no room at all for tolerance of [13] opposing principles. When two San Francisco Catholic women voiced their plan for a “Walk for Life” to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision, the liberal minded establishment that favors unrestricted abortion reacted with fear and concern.

Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League aggressively went to work with local politicians to combat this absurd “Walk for Life”. On Jan. 11, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution declaring “Stand up for Choice Day” and by supporting the pro- choice demonstrators — effectively disenfranchising those San Francisco citizens (however few there are) who are opposed to abortion on demand; and proved once again that liberals in the government are intolerant.

Here are few more examples to read at your leisure:

  • In Madison, WI, a [14] swastika was burned into a Bush supporter’s lawn.
  • In Orlando, FL, anti-Bush protesters [15] ransacked a local Bush-Cheney campaign office, causing injuries.
  • In Gainesville, FL, a local GOP Chief was [16] attacked by a Liberal Professor.
  • In Spokane, WA, a Bush-Cheney campaign office was [17] vandalized and burglarized.
  • [18] Gunshots were fired into the Bush-Cheney campaign office in Knoxville, TN, and Huntington, WV.
  • In Milwaukee, WI, the tires of more than twenty cars and vans meant to carry Republican voters to the polls [19] were slashed on Election Day. It was no surprise when the perpetrators turned out to be liberal minded [20] Democratic Party activists.

If you read between the lines from the above examples – and take a look around what’s being reported in the media; you should be able to extract a common theme. The only logical conclusion I get from these examples are that liberal minded people also despise Christianity.

Liberal minded people are uninformed about world issues, and at the same time are foreign policy experts

These are people who compare [21] Bush to Hitler, yet have no idea who the Secretary of State is. These are people who protest Israel for the sake of protesting because everyone else at UC Berkeley is doing so. These are the same people that think Jews are Nazis. These are the same people that bitch and complain about the war in Iraq, call Bush a dictator, take photos with socialist thugs like Chavez, call for the destruction of Israel, yet have [22] no idea who the Kurds are or of the atrocities that Saddam committed when he was in power, or how many millions of men, women and children were murdered at his hands. These are the same people who correlate fascism with the Bush Administration and call him a terrorist; yet support fascist organizations like Hezbollah that recruit [23] young children to fight in their militia and Hamas who praise the [24] cold-blooded murder of teenage students at a Jewish school. Where’s the Code Pink when you need them? I’d like to see them protest the Hamas Recruiting Station. (image at Conservative Liberal.com)

So, tell me Urban. Why are people liberal minded?

Well, I it’s been clinically proven that [25] liberalism is a mental disorder; so this could be one reason. But I am guessing that in most cases, liberal minded folks have been spoon-fed their beliefs since childhood, so it’s not really their fault. Blame their parents who grew up in the 60’s and never came off the acid high. It’s sad that most of these people get their latest news from Oprah, the Today Show and by some over-weight red head on the View. I am no expert in politics or foreign policy, but I do spend considerable time researching topics before I form an opinion.

Go ahead; call me a right-wing war monger. I’ve been called worse. If you think my beliefs are that extreme, what are your thoughts on Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Castro and Kim Jong il? Are they all peace loving, Nobel Prize winning pacifists?

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