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June 11th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Sex in the City – Literally. 1:4 adults in New York have the herpes virus - article

Now, this is a statistic that all Americans can be proud of. One out of every four New Yorkers has herpes? Wow. Glad to know that it’s an STD; and not an airborne virus. This is just another example of how morality (or lack there of) in our country is becoming outright ridiculous. I really can’t blame those in the Middle East for hating the way we glorify sex, drugs and the “anything goes�? mentality in our society.

Bush orders contractors to check legal status of employees
- article

Just this week, Bush signed an executive order requiring contractors and others who do business with the federal government to make sure their employees can legally work here in the US. Sorry George, but dontcha’ think you are about 8 years a little too late?

Rupert Everett apologizes for calling soldiers ‘wimps’ - article

Just another Hollywood idiot opening his mouth and calling soldiers wimps; and then of course, apologizing afterward. Not sure if he was referring to the British Military, US Military or both; but I know for damn sure that he would get his a$$ kicked if he said it to their face. The problem I have here is that he is passing judgment for something he clearly knows nothing about. It’s one thing if he had the courage and served in the Military, but I doubt that his silly a$$ would be able to get though bootcamp anyway.

Laura Bush Praises Clinton, Offers Advice to Michelle Obama - article

I’m not the biggest Bush fan, but I’ll tell you what … he’s got a really classy woman in his corner. In her own words, “I know what its like to run those campaigns, to be the candidate and how very difficult it is both emotionally and physically. It’s a huge endurance, process of endurance, and so I’ll have to say I have a lot of admiration for her endurance and strength.” She even tried to minimize Michelle Obama’s comments about being proud of her country.

McCain, Obama reject NYC offer on town hall - article

John McCain and Barack Obama rejected an offer Sunday from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and ABC News to host the first proposed presidential town hall because they do not want it limited to one television network. I guess they don’t want to limit their debates to only one network.

Al Franken wins endorsement for Senate in Minnesota - article

Comedian and left wing author/commentator Al Franken won an overwhelming endorsement for the U.S. Senate last Saturday from Minnesota Democrats. This doesn’t come to a surprise since Minnesota is known for electing some questionable candidates to office. Anyone remember Jesse “the body�? Ventura. I wonder what his accomplishments were, if any.

Iran warns of “painful” response if Israel attacks - article

Iran’s defense minister was quoted on Tuesday as warning Israel of a “very painful” response if it launched a military strike over the Islamic Republic’s disputed nuclear program. In his own words, “Our armed forces are at the height of their readiness and if anyone should want to undertake such a foolish job the response would be very painful,”

Yeah, I don’t think Israel is shaking in their boots quite yet. I realize that this is not a light subject, but c’mon Iran … you keep talking your rhetoric about wiping Israel off the face the earth and at the same time, you are trying to develop nukes. I would take it quite personal too! Keep it up and you WILL get “dealt with�? severely by Israel. Put down your weapons, cease your nuclear program and THERE WILL be peace. It’s that simple.

Barack Obama sets up internet ‘war room’ to fight slurs - article

A team of internet geeks will form a rapid response internet “war room�? to track and respond aggressively to online rumors that Barack Obama is unpatriotic and a Muslim. Not a bad strategy Mr. Obama.

On this blog, I have never called Obama a Muslim; and I don’t really believe that he is one. I have called him unpatriotic; but these are simply my own observations about his behavior; and the people he chooses to associate with. Hmmm … I wonder if one of his geeks are monitoring Urban….@Toe, do you work for Obama?

Urban out.

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