Paris Hilton for President!

August 6th, 2008 Conservative Cutie

It seems I have some competition for the cutest girl in politics- Paris Hilton, in association with Funny or Die, has released an ad in response to McCain’s “Celebrity” ad.

It’s funny. You’re allowed to laugh.

But more importantly, I think this ad raises a few interesting points about this election cycle. Doesn’t her proposed energy policy sound suspiciously like McCain’s? Why is it so much more palatable for Americans coming from the mouth of a hot blonde girl? You know, I’m a hot blonde girl. I should start making YouTube videos… Maybe we can get Paris to read all of McCain’s proposals from cue cards in a bikini! Then we’d win for sure.

Second, this isn’t necessarily pro-Obama. She doesn’t mention him and doesn’t say anything to favor him. It’s meant to be a slight against McCain, but it’s Paris Hilton! Come on! No one takes this girl seriously and she knows it. But it’s gotta make you wonder- if the youth vote is supposed to be so important to this election and essentially Obama’s ticket to the White House, I don’t think it bodes well for him that it’s only August and they’re already laughing at the election. How seriously can my peers be taking this if our biggest source of news is The Daily Show and Paris Hilton is speaking for us?

Readers, discuss.

See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain Ad and more funny videos on

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  • Lie,
    So now Paris Hilton is more like McCain than Obama? And now you're talking as if it was a good thing? You guys need to make up your damn minds already and stop flip-flopping.
  • simonesdad2008
    If McCain calls his own wife the C-word and offers her up at Sturgis like a piece of raw meat at a kennel and also disparages the daughter of max out contributors to his campaign in an attack ad, what do you think he thinks of you?  You see, his right hand has no idea what his left hand is doing in this campaign.  We see it over and over again.  News flash: running a government is a lot more complicated and difficult.  You see him taking the extra step to pass out tire gauges, mocking tire pressure as an energy saving tactic, even though it is an universally accepted practice.  Someone should have told him this or he should have known himself.  Just like someone should have told him to pick a celebrity whose parents did not give the maximum amount to his campaign.  The Hiltons basically paid their choice for president to mock their child.  Keep that in mind when you get that next email asking for a donation to McCain.  These are the lapses that do not bode well for Father Time.  They reinforce what is in the back of your mind about the man and his age.  Barack is not perfect.  Not even close but even Tim Pawlenty, in praising Barack yesterday, sees that Americans want to move forward and not backwards.  You can say McCain is a hero, a maverick, experienced or whatever other positive attributes you can invent.  Ask yourself, "Is he competent?"  His presidential campaign is the ONLY experience he has running a big operation with lot's of moving parts.  How has he managed that so far in your opinion?
  • wes roach
    In the end, I dont think it'll have much impact either way. Those who do have the ability to think for themselves (ie, conservatives) will watch this video, have a jaunty laugh, then move on with their day. personally found the video hilarious. I love parody of any sort, but it is what it is: parody.

    There will be those who use this as a catapault to launch new attacks against rock 'em-sock 'em McCain, and hey, that's their perogitive. If they need a video done by Miss "that's hot" herself to come around to give them material against McCain, then the liberals are in a tighter spot (see Hillary Clinton's nay-nay) than they realize.

    Obama is out parading the message that instead of drilling for our own oil we should inflate our tires to save on gas, and all these traitor Americans can come up with is a video by a movie star?

    Conservatism. That's hot.
  • Russell
    Was absolutely hilarious. Don't care who you are, that was funny.

    Who cares about substance????

    Put Paris on the podium in a bikini, I'll vote for her and be absolutely positive that would be a better choice than Barack.

    "Loves it"
  • toe
    wes, you are a shining example of what's wrong.
    the name-calling, the misrepresentation of facts, the divisiveness that you employ.
    just not productive.
    not at all.
    why not expand your horizons a bit and wander into a library, or a fact sheet, or listen to the actual words said instead of someone's interpretation of this (hannity & limbaugh have already used the words you used above... they were wrong then as is your repitition is of them now).  why do you wish to parade yourself about as someone proud of being ignorant?
  • Michael
    This spot is very funny but it is truly apropos to the media campaign that has become the process wherein we choose our next president.  The issues are not as relavant as the perception.

    McCain = old white man

    Obama = intelligent well spoken black man

    Those are the most relevant factors in the selection process.  We know this because, just to cite a couple of examples, McCain has totally taken out of context the tire inflation remark of Obama and Obama has completely distorted the McCain comment about being in Iraq for 200 years.

    Any intelligent analyst, (so be aware that any one who disagrees with me is not intelligent), understands that each of those remarks were taken out of context.  Barack Obama was answering a question from a person who asked 'What can I do to have an impact on the gas situation.'  'Well, you can first keep your tires inflated.'  A simple comment that was not an energy policy.   McCain's comment came when he was asked to give a timetable for the withdrawl of troops from Iraq answered that there is no time table it will happen when we can be assured that our leaving will not result in chaos or anarchy by withdrawing.  If that means a few months or 200 years it cannot be determined until we can stabilize the situation.

    Of course that is paraphasing their remarks but neither one adopted those remarks as policy.  It is our media and the political machines that do that on our behalf.  That's why hearing Paris Hilton's remarks made me think for the first time in my recollection she actually said something entertaining. 

    And at this point in a campaign that has been going on since George W. Bush stole the election from Al "the sky is falling" Gore, hearing something interesting about politics was rather refreshing.
  • David W. Walters
    "Conservatism. That's hot."
    NOT!  conservatism has led this once great nation into the gutter....
    But Paris IS hot!
  • Ryan
    Disagree with David W. Walters...

    Conservatism represents what is right and positive about America.  Liberalism or whatever kind of kool aid you're drinking represents a hatred for this great country.  It relies on pushing this American Democracy towards Socialism, and re-distributing wealth to those who do not work for it.  Maybe you should move away from MY country to one with less opportunity and freedoms, then maybe you would understand just how GREAT this nation IS.  On second thought, I doubt you'd understand it, you're too busy being a victim.

    Dave's victim mentality I'm guessing results in a very miserable existence of hate and's too short.  Embrace conservatism and get behind this GREAT NATION...come on Dave, you know deep down you'd like to. :)
  • star dimension
    Let's see, a conservative site filled with left long sick WRONG ON EVERYTHING propaganda. Please, empty this blogging site for conservatives, you know, pro-war on Irak, at the begining of the list of Bush's main points on politics
    (((((((he has no propaganda machinery))))))),
    ((((((has near 3 times popularity than congress)))))), since?, imediately the left pro-terror "mayority" minority started talk, as sKerry, as terror "iman" risen by dems BHObama, and dayly declaring how they would change "Bush's America"...
    Just a sample of how grown is this terror logistic on the continent: Alfred Karrash: self-declared pro nazi pin at schools, sex-paralegalism abuse "daylyalsheimer" (the elder"forget's dayly some things I have warned him NOT TO DO ANY MORE, like being all the time near me at the ("my" bed), ask me everything of my personal life all the time...
    Well, at Panama's PRD's "legal extension" as already denounced coyote Lourdes Suarez (Martinez, single name, her "churches&pastors have long Castro-related Miami authorities accepted records, CIA appeared to check Cuba traveling just recently), judges GA Burns, Chr. Perez, a labor/library agency laughing at me any time I denounced a Colombian FARC terrorist was stealing my ID for more than a year from a Winndixie...
    But at Rivero's Publix, Castro related managers sandinists ("anti-terrorists schedule ours killer", megaparalegal megafelonies, used to even, like the self-declared "supermarket rulers of the "independent state and "authorities" anti-war on Irak, or "I don't formaly know what I speak" state gral. attorney's "legaland" (and accept Panamanian PRD authorities's Castro's prosecution againgst "my party" I'm a strategist)...
    ladies&gentelmen, part of Castro' democrat helpers for decades's "sea of social justice", your food: Progressive retail serv./winndixie/publix...
    supermarkets, by the way, are 2nd main goals of terror
    ah!, I read American anti-terror info, not granma, or congress mayority minotity's "view of the world" in times of war...
    or, judge Pedrasa, alicia dimitriu's (jaspe single) kapplan, dimitriu's psicologists (remember, miami is the
    "homeland of another alvarez, dade police psicologist already arrested for being (my "alucination" coyote "lulu" accused me long, yes,  on American soil)....
  • Ryan
    Star Dimension: stop doing the drugs, or whatever it is you're doing...seriously, pace yourself...WTF?
  • David W. Walters
    "Liberalism or whatever kind of kool aid you're drinking represents a hatred for this great country. "
    uuh, don't drink kool-aid, thankyou. (i drink mostly tap water)
    I gave my health to the service of this nation, and in that service, i've seen how conservative models have gutted our military and screwed the middle class all in the name of Free Markets.
  • Alphonso Carponzo
    I think Paris will add a bit of humor to the debate.

    "Bop early and bop often."  -Alphonso Carponzo

    Your Bops really count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ryan

    I appreciate your service of this GREAT nation.  Thank you.

    It is plain to see that we agree on most things except tap water, I am a fan as well.

    I merely argue that there is so much that is still great about this country, that to 'turn the keys over' to an inexperienced Lib like Barry, would be devastating to our democratic way of life.  Now is the time to stand up to the falsehood of his alleged 'change and hope' and speak out against Al Gore's Global Warming Hoax.  Let's focus on what is right and good about America and elect the Anti-Obama.  I won't be voting for McCain, as much as I will be voting against Obama.

    America is great and deserves better than a Lib who is looking to usher in Socialism...
  • Ryan

    It is plain to see that we disagree on most things except tap water, I am a fan as well.
  • toe
    ryan- just where do you get off on this "my country" love it or leave it noise?? it's evident that you have no clue as to the understanding of the liberties we have here- not the least of which is the ability to voice an opinion...good grief man, get over yourself.  try understanding why you are a vanishing breed and re-adjust your compass. 
    star dimension, run along now, the big people are talking and it's time to take your meds.
  • Ryan
    You're right Toe, I am a rare Conservative find...I will not give up the good fight though, and there will be no 're-adjusting' of my compass.  Way to embrace and bend...keep it up, and keep running with the soft; enjoying the view from the middle?  It's safer there, you should definitely hold to your core beliefs, curious to see if you have core beliefs...respectfully.

    America: Love it or please leave it immediately...I thought you guys were supposed to leave with Alec Baldwin and Barbara Streisand after the '00 election...what's the deal?
  • Conservative Cutie
    The McCain "celebrity" ad was brilliant, and here's why:

    -The "celebrities" he implies are similar to Obama are no-fail. Even when Paris does a snarky response ad no intellegent person in the country takes her seriously.  She can object to being used all she wants, but she's still rendered completely neutral by the persona she herself created.  

    -This Paris video is a gift from the campaign gods- McCain didn't have to do anything and he's still in the spotlight for another news cycle.  It doesn't change anyone's opinion of McCain.  If you think he's old and crotchety you still think he's old and crotchety; if you like him you still like him.  I doubt any undecided voters will be swayed by Paris Hilton.

    -Even just the fact that he (and his campaign) are relevant enough to MERIT a response from Paris shows he's got more sway with the youth than expected.  If he really didn't matter she (and funny or die) wouldn't have bothered.

    -Obama can't really object to the origional ad.  McCain didn't say anything that wasn't true- Obama IS really really famous.  The only thing he can do is try to prove he actually does have substance, which is great for the McCain campaign.  The more they can get Obama to stop talking about him self and start talking policy the more they can debate Obama on policy.  Regaurdless of how you feel about either candidate, you have to admit that McCain's best chance of winning is going to be on policy, not charisma.  

    -Where is Brittany's response?  Oh yeah, she's totally nuts.

    -If Paris didn't like the way her image was used (or didn't authorize that it BE used) she could sue and if nothing else drag this campaign into the mud. She's not.  That right there should tell you something.

    Since McCain is relatively broke, the amount of bang he's gotten for those "Celebrity" bucks is a gift from campaign gods.  No one could have expected that little ad would cause this much of a stir.
  • David W. Walters
    " The only thing he can do is try to prove he actually does have substance, which is great for the McCain campaign."--Con. Cutie not taking a big campaign contribution from oil lobbies and THEN do a flip-flop?
  • realreagans
    Good God!, stardimension is one of the 'few" pro bush here?, hellooo?
    e anti-Bush here?
    TOE says he sees Mcain offer similiar to BHO
    this site is infected with a large ammount of strange "conservative" bloggers, ... the ones left would like here, and anywhere...
    but, Romney's only idea of being nominated VP is like "that Reagan kind of magic good news, you know, under evil times, and a growing terror helpers insitu govs, polices, sheriffes, citymayors, gral.atts, children&family, housing, coyotelabor, coyote parafamily to oppositors family, "political family", compadres...
     But, as Irak still proves:, there is always light of trues, even entertaining truelies to have a good time, as freedom talkradio says: join freedom media, and freedom sites, there are many ops...
    (drums and flaute starts)
    Rush's the other day production crussaders chantics (sorry rush, don't remember date, some months ago I think, I still laugh even alone when I remember that show)
    I still taste the other old guy night talker at Sean's, ops drill, BHstOpexpress, ...
    but toe the rest of the "pro" propaganda bloggers here can't understand "me"...
  • Conservative Cutie
    David, I'd just like to point out that Obama's taken 400,000 from the same.  How's that for "small contributers"?  

    McCain's energy policy, whether you like it or not, is the one leading in the polls right now, the one Americans most believe in, and one of his best "substance" issues for election.  Iraq?  How many current service men and women do you think would vote for someone who wants to cut their jobs and cut their funding, regardless of how you personally feel about it?  That's a huge voting block.  How many people are going to vote for 40+% tax rates? (And yes, I know it's only for the wealthiest Americans and most of those people would receive tax breaks which would put the real rate around 35% or less, etc.  But most people don't know that, and unless they start doing an unprecedented amount of research all they're going to hear is "40+%"). Yes, he can win on substance.

    McCain doesn't have to be anyone's first choice for president, he just has to make sure Obama is their last.  It might not be the campaign you want to see, but it's the one that's going to get him elected.
  • stix1972
    Ok tha twas just hilarious.  She has a better plan than the Obamassiah, and pretty much reiterated Mccain's plan.

    And Obammasiah is going downfast,with all his gaffes and his naivity on Foreign Policy and how the economy runs. It is looking like many Dems are having Byers Remorse on the Obammasiah.   He is making Shimmi Cater look Reaganesque
  • stix1972
    That is Dhimmi Carter, sorry.
  • toe
    realreagans, or whatever name you plan to use next time- you make absolutely no sense - i am well prepared to read something with a
    beginning, (a premise or even hypothetical), some comment regarding that premise, and a conclusion that winds up your thought .  thus far- you have done none of the above rendering your comments (or whatever they are) utterly unreadable.  if you have an interpreter, please have him/her send along some understanding (or at least a good plate of home-made chocolate chip cookies to enjoy while we wait for someone to come along to say something interesting).
  • media boy
    yet again Paris is using events to give herself another PR boost... she's a thinker alright
  • toe
    stix, why not take some of that hot air which you seem to hold in great supply and inflate your tires properly.
    until you are able to carry on a conversation using names without ridicule you will find me skipping anything you have to say.
  • stix1972
    OK he will be worse than the Jimmi Carter Years.  You do remeber that time.  Lines for gas, miserey index, high inflation.   He is Jimmi Carter II.   And he is no differnt than McGovern, Carter or any of the other Leftists than ran in the past 30 years.

    If you ask him a question without a telepromteror a canned answer, he makes Bush look like a linguist. 

    I am sorry, I know him from Illinois politics and he is nothingbut aChicago Politician that will do and say anything to get elected. He is not the man who will change politics and bring our country together.   He comes from a long line of Leftists in the Chicago area.  With friendslike Rezko, Ayers, RevWright and all the Leftists in Chicago, he is going to bring  this country closer to the Democrats Socialist dream. heis the Farthest to the LEft in the Senate and can not even bring all the Democrats together.

    More and more people are finding out who he really is and he is not the Messiah that the MSM says he is.
  • Dirty Dave
    Paris is so Hot !
  • Reaper
    Just to clarify, Barack said on inflating your tires that it would save as much gas as drilling for oil would.  McCain is not out of context or out of line ridiculing that comment. 

    Hey David, when do you think the nation was great?  Pre-1930's, you'd say, right?  That's the most conservative we've ever been.  Since then, we've been growing more and more liberal.  So our "once great nation" is only getting worse due to the policies you're advocating.  Whoops!

    Toe, I went back and read all your comments in this thread.  Perhaps you should do the same.  You know what you'll find?  Ridicule and hate across the board.  So I'll quote your bigoted ass right here: " until you are able to carry on a conversation using names without ridicule you will find me skipping anything you have to say."
  • David W. Walters
    "David, I'd just like to point out that Obama's taken 400,000 from the same.  How's that for "small contributers"?  "
    Contributions are a fact of political life Con's how those contributions turn a candidate into a whore that should give one pause.
  • David W. Walters
    "Hey David, when do you think the nation was great?  Pre-1930's, you'd say, right?  That's the most conservative we've ever been.  Since then, we've been growing more and more liberal.  So our "once great nation" is only getting worse due to the policies you're advocating.  Whoops!"--Reaper

    Really?  it's been getting more liberal since 1980?
    How did that happen, i wonder?
  • toe
    obama said that coastal drilling would save us so little oil and so little money even twenty years from now, that you can actually save more money immediately by doing "simple things" such as keeping your tires properly inflated.  this statement  has been ridiculed by mc cain and every talking head for a solid week ...hannity and others decided that the tire gauge was obama's "energy policy" and continued the ridicule endlessly.  as the facts behind the statement became public, mc cain himself admitted that obama's statement was, in fact, true. inflating tires properly will save you on gas by getting better mileage per gallon.  there is no dispute on this.
    miss uninformed "conservative cutie" contends that paris has a better energy plan than obama. perhaps, missy, you should actually understand what obama's energy ideas are before such a flip comment is made by you.
    michelle obama said: "for the first time in my adult life i am really proud of america" ...again, conservatives, talking heads, ...the usual did their usual...deliberately deleted the "really" in this quote thereby altering it's meaning entirely... they  have run with the misquote ever since.  it's unfortunate that the republicans have so much nothing of their own, that they must resort to distortions and distractions instead of actual issues. 
    reaper, when someone points out a flaw in someone's post, you find this hateful.  that is a personal issue which you must address on your own. when one is told  "love it or leave it"  when it comes to america by an individual claiming to be "a patriot" , this is a clear indication this person has absolutely no clue as to the basic principles and freedoms that we enjoy in america.  if you have difficulty understanding this concept,  i have little hope for you.
  • toe
    good morning david.
  • stix1972
    If  you look at the transcript of what he said, he did in fact say that infalting tires would  be just as good as drilling, which is ludicrous.   I agree that inflating tires is a good thing, but to say waht Obama said is just amazingly wrong and false.   Say whatever you will, he may have said it in a way that does not sound  like what he really meant, but as he said, "they are just words"
  • David W. Walters
    Good afternoon Toe!  
    Obama said:You won't hear me say this too often, but I couldn't agree more with the explanation that Senator McCain offered a few weeks ago.  He said, "Our dangerous dependence on foreign oil has been thirty years in the making, and was caused by the failure of politicians in Washington to think long-term about the future of the country."
    This same McCain that has been in Washington for what, 26 years!?
    Why hasn't ALL that experience kicked in for him to see the problem?
    Makes me think..........HE IS PART OF THE PROBLEM!!!!!!
  • Conservative Cutie
    David- I don't think McCain is a whore.  He has the same stance on off-shore drilling as millions of Americans, and none of those Americans have received any campaign contributions from oil companies.  Off-shore drilling is a popular solution.  Look at the Phantom congress that's happening right now, they're supported by tens of thousands of Americans.  It's not like McCain came up with this solution on his own.  

    Toe- thank you for making unnecessary sexist remarks and turning a debate on energy into something so much more.  I feel as though I have truly arrived as a conservative writer.

    For the record, I've read (and understood) his entire platform. And read his books.  And I wager I pay much more attention to his campaign than you or almost anyone else here.  Just because I like Paris's plan, which includes drilling as well as supporting innovation, more than Obama's plan that does not include drilling, doesn't mean I'm "uninformed".  It means I don't like Obama or his energy plan.  This shouldn't be that surprising.
  • David W. Walters
    correct me if i'm wrong.....he has a meeting with oil executives......they pump up his campaign chest w/ money and he does a 180º!  Whore
  • fleet reagancommander
    "mind airstrike on BHO's medula strategy sources"...
    air squad comm : ok ladies, "goose formation", BHO mindcampaign's ship is right ahead, watch those congressional ships hidding by
    gas tank-ships, over...
    lider B (30%approv), ready, over... lider Mc(46%), ready, over...
    lider R(another at list 30% according self-BHO drivebymedia):
    I got 1 fighter comming out BHO Campaign's ship:
    (((((((bombs away)))))))  ....     (((((((((((BLAMDAAAAAMMMM))))))))))
    target comfirmation:  succesfully terminated, I used Irak/next to Iran swearing to vaporize anybody war, and anti-congress ga$ missiles...
    wao! I got on artillery range a BHO'$$$ brainmasterscampaign scape ship, they are diving... fire !
                                         (watch History airdogfights, battle360, and more)
                                       $            !
                                          B      ?                   ?
                                                 ?                     ?
                                $               H           $      O
  • toe
    @missy -conservative-who's-stated-goal-to-be-the-next-ann-coulter-according-to her-blog:

      try putting this in your rolodex*:
    1) i am not male. 
    2) i made no sexist remark

    * "rolodex"... an old fashioned thing that requires a pencil- you can find pencils at your local shopping area..for instructions on how to use a pencil...use the pointy part for best results.

    and,  if you think paris wrote those words herself,  i have some interesting swamp land in tierra del fuego that might interest you. 
    furthermore, everyone that i have heard speaking about paris and her
    little political ad enjoyed it- including myself.  what the GOP don't really get is that it was meant as a slam on mc cain's and his staff for suggesting that she was an "air-head" - famous for being famous and of no subatance. 
    i don't imagine that the hilton family were too pleased with the mc cain folks for doing this, since her parents are big contributors to the mc cain peeps.
  • stix1972
    And all those great speeches by Obama.  Do you think he wrote them himself.  He had some lackey write them for him.  And when he doesnpt have a paper or telepromter in front of him he makes Bush look like a great orator.

    And she still makes more sense than all of Obama's handlers

    i could really care less what McCain and his merry band of centrists are saying.   But at least he will not destroy our economy like Obama will.  We have the lesser of 2 evils again.   One is a centrist and the other is a far Leftist.   Easy decision on who to vote for there.
  • darek
    The  reason  I  am  voting  for  John  McCain  is  because  he  will  be  ready  to  lead  on  day  one,  today  our  small  but  fully  democratic  Allie  Georgia  was  invaded  by  the  Russians.  Georgia who  has  sent  troops  to  Iraq  and  Afghanistan  is  a  small  country  but  helps  use  in  every  way  we  have  over  1000  state  department  officials  in  Georgia.  I  praise  and  want  to  thank  John  McCain  for  condemning  Russian  actions.  But  our  Idiot  President  who  I  have  to  admit  I  voted  for  twice  is  sitting  at  the  Olympics  with  Putin  and  enjoying  the  games  like  noting  happened  and  our  Allie  who  has  troops  in  Iraq and  Afghanistan  fighting  with  us  is  being  invaded  What  the  Hell  Is  wrong  With  President  Bush  I  honestly  Think  he  is  Stupid. I  Would  expect  that  from  Barack  Obama  but  not  Bush. I  am  just  scared  nobody  informed  Bush  that  Russia  has  invaded  our  Allie.
  • Conservative Cutie
    @ Toe-  Yep.  Ann Coulter.  Her readership and book sales alone are enough to make a gal swoon, but she's also drop dead gorgeous, highly educated and one of the most important voices in the conservative movement.  I would be proud to follow her.  I don't see what you're getting at.  A rolodex is for contact information, and since you're not in mine I don't see how the fact that you're a woman would be relevant, especially considering sexism is an equal opportunity offense.  Personally, I've got an iPhone.  It's not made of paper and won't set your house on fire when you spew condescending, sexist remarks at people on the internet.

    Paris obviously didn't write the ad- given her time on Simple Life I was surprised she could even read cue cards.  Remember the short-lived Cathy Hilton show I Wanna Be a Hilton?  They know Paris is viewed as stupid and only famous for being famous, and they're capitalizing on it.  I don't think it bothers them at all.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that if it bothered them they'd have issued a statement about it for the free press time.  They didn't.  Instead Paris did a (very funny) response piece, which yes, made fun of McCain for being old, but didn't exactly read as a glowing endorsement for "that other guy promising change", either.

    Thanks for increasing page views on my blog!
  • recliveley
    Forget Paris Hilton for President!! SULLENCULLEN FOR PRESIDENT!

    You don't know who it is I speak of? You should be ashamed of yourselves, sullencullen is the best of the best out there. He will cut your brakes out of love -- so this will lower your monthly expenditures because you will no longer need gas money. He will burn down your house if you provoke him, but he does it out of the kindness of his heart -- and if you are nice to him again, he will rebuild it faster than FEMA. Also, why bother with less than pretty people as president and first lady, when you can have SullenCullen and BellaEllaElla!

    Make your choice. I hope you choose wisely. Remember, he will clap clap clap for you. And never chagrin your dazzle.

    Sullencullen for President of Sparkle. Never chagrining your dazzle!
  • Reaper
    Brain food on Michelle Obama:

    She said both, but she said the sans-really one with much more gusto.  Which do you choose to believe?

    Brain food on Barack Obama:

    I'll quote it for the slow minded among us.  "We could save all the oil that they're talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires." 

    There is no context that from which that statement can be taken.  He said it, and every part of it is encapsulated in that one sentence.  Please stop lying to us and yourself, toe. 

    So David, what do you think of Obama's promise to campaign on public finances and then reneging when he saw that doing otherwise would give him an advantage?  I'd rather a whore be president than a lier.
  • Reaper

    Didn't even know "lier" was a word...
  • toe
    frankly i don't have a problem with obama electing not to take the public financing route.
    most likely (and rightly so) the obama campaign saw the probability that 527's would be taking an active role in the continuation of the smears and distortions that have been flying about the internet via emails, obama hate sites,  and whisper campaigns among the ignorant and uninformed.
  • Reaper
    It's not a question of whether he did or did not elect the route, numbnuts.  It's that he SAID he would and he didn't.
  • David W. Walters
    I think we all understand getting elected takes some cash......mostly (for Obama) to counter all the negative attack ads .........what concerns me is a candidate taking large sums to influence his platform.
  • toe
    reaper, he decided against it.   i happen to agree with his decision.
    until there is campaign financing reform and with 527's being allowed to say anything and everything- (they are not actually "allowed" under the law- but,  by the time it goes to court- three years later- the damage has been done and a measly fine is a small price to pay for them to disregard the law and say any lie they wish... swift boat vet. ads are a prime example... proven false... fined... but, alas, 3 years too late) so, yes, obama should take every opportunity to to raise funds on his own rather than take public financing which would box him in a corner financially.
  • Alphonso Carponzo


    Date line Cyberspace 8/09/08  9:06pm EST

    It is too close to call.  Both candidates are surging past 40,000 bops.

    Rumor has it that the Obama camp vacationing in Hawaii is planning an all night Bop Fest.  McCain supporters are searching cyberspace for all night support to fend of the Bops!!!

    Meanwhile, PINK continues to Be the NEW PINK!.......

    A local printer has confirmed that they are busy preparing Paris '08 and Paris for President bumper stickers.  Paris has yet to announce her official campaign website but the other candidates have decided it is inevitable.

    "We realize that she will cut into the youth vote, particularly among young males.  Well actually, young females too.  She is HOT and so ready to lead!"  --unnamed Obama campaign worker.

    From the McCain camp.  

    "We are a bit concerned that we may see some defection from the "Dirty Old Man" vote that we currently dominate. This group is usually a no brainer for us.  But then, they won't be using their brains when they vote for Paris."

    40k and counting@


    Diddy Widdy will not confirm or deny that one of the official slogans of the Paris campaign is "THINK PINK! '08 and Beyond"

    Your Bops Count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Goooo PINK!!!!!!!!!!

    "Bop early and Bop often." --Alphonso Carponzo

    Google bop-o-rama to see what is in the news!
  • Alphonso Carponzo
    What will be the "Paris Effect."

    This site is going viral with Obama and McCain.

    She is in this race and the youth vote is going to be affected.
  • JarrodM

        WOW I can not believe that PH could cause all of this talk.  I can see that David and Toe are still trying to share that kool-aid with the rest of us (God that one never get's old. I figured out who Toe reminds me of. Obama, all talk and no real point, and then she tops it off with he own little spell of elitism. I still can’t tell if turn me on yet, or just make me sick.  O wait yep it is the later.
        Any way enough picking on Toe, I’m sure that she is busy right now documenting all of my spelling and grammar errors. I don’t even think that this topic is worth the discussion, but I did want to point out a few things on other topics since this one is already dead, and these topics all end up blending into conversations from the other topics.
        David, I figured out why you are so mad, because others that worked very hard, where lucky to make it. While you worked very hard, because I know the 82nd, and I know that you cannot just coast by there, and you did not become rich. In fact you sacrificed a lot, and in the end don’t have a whole lot to show for it. While I feel for you brother, that is life, and that is why they call serving your country a sacrifice. If enlisting meant that you where going to be set for life, then every Tom, Dick, and Sally would be joining. The fact of the matter is that the military is a very hard life, and then you get out, or your booted out, or medically discharged, and you go on with your life.
        The bottom line that you libral freaks just don’t get, is that we live in a free country, and you have the right to say what you want, I have the right to shoot you when you come and take my money. I have no problem paying my fair share in taxes to make sure that the Government has the funding that it needs to do the things that it is suppose to be doing. But Welfare and all of these other entitlement programs are not what declared independence for.
        See Capitalism is a two edged sword. On one side the concept is that you work hard, you save your money, and spend it wisely and in most cases you will live a good life, and you can go out and enjoy the things that you like to do. On the other edge, you do nothing, your going to get nothing, and it is not anyone’s job to force everyone else to take care of you. There are plenty of people who truly so care for the less fortunate, and spend time, and money to charities to take help them. That is a right that we have to choose to do this, just like we have the right to work hard, or not work at all. I believe in helping my fellow man, but I and no one else should be demanding it, including the Government.
  • JarrodM

      Acctualy your wrong the swift boaters where right about John Kerry, and his actions in Vietnam. I know it is hard for you to believe that one of your beloved librals would ever do something wrong, but they all seem to be stepping on thier dicks as of late.

      But I'm sure you will find a way to defend Edwards, or just lie for him.

    PS I could have cared less if Kerry wrote up his own award for the Congressional medal of honor, and recieved it. Medals are usless, and don't mean much to me as a soldier. But the fact that he got on national TV and BETRAYED the US during a time of war is what I have an issue with.

      Before you start dragging our your long laundry list of Republicans that have steped on their dicks also, let me just say that they are scum too, just like Kerry and Edwards, and Kennedy. The difference is I don't defend them like you librals always defend your kind.
  • David W. Walters
    at least john kerry went to fight.........those pussys bush&cheney stay'd behind.
  • toe
    regarding the swift boaters...
    they manufactured nearly every claim they made about Kerry...they lied about documents; they lied about eyewitnesses... they lied about their partisan leanings and connections.
    they also played the press for every turn in 2004, military records proved the Swift Boat veterans to be every turn, each new inconsistency proved the Swift Boat veterans to be charlatans...but Beltway reporters and pundits for the most part remained hesitant, too timid to speak up, as they propped up the veterans as serious men.,0,7943320.story
    the fact that you will only look to sources that will support only that which you believe ,jarrod,  continues to add to your misinformation.
    regarding edwards, he disappointed everyone and is paying a heavy price for this. 

    and finally,  you are never too old to learn:
  • David W. Walters
    thanx for bringing this forgotten fact back into focus......
    Fact is, the republicans are masters of manipulating the electorate's cynicism with politics.  And for all the talk about liberal media bias, the news seems to me treading ever so lightly on the old guy.
    Right now i see on fox news&cnn reports on J. Edwards infidelities, and that would seem to me a perfect lead in to under score J. McCains past infidelities.    Seems John E. & John McC. have lots in common other than a first name.   Yet on that newsworthy point there is silence.
    So much for that liberal media bias.
  • Reaper
    So you think every time someone in the public eye does something stupid and/or unethical, the news agencies that report it should run down a list of everyone else that has committed the aforementioned stupid act? 

    "This just in: John Edwards admits to an affair!  In the interest of fairness, we'll now name every politician who has  or may have had an affair in the past 10 years..."

    Sounds a little silly, no? 

    That aside, is there even any evidence of McCain's affair outside of a few anonymous associates citing concerns based on the fact that they were together too often? 

    ...ok, I have a confession.  I'm on Obama's campaign staff, and I've personally seen him scrogging my various co-workers...both male and female.  However, I'll only admit this under the condition of anonymity.  WHERE ARE THE NEWS OUTLETS TO REPORT MY STORY?!?
  • David W. Walters
    Actually, i have to admit i could care less about affairs.  But given the the amount of coverage the media seems to allow for does seem like a lead in to more such gossip. 
    Me?  I'd rather have more news about allegations of manufactured evidence by white house staff in the lead up to war in Iraq.  That may be an impeachable offense.......
    That would be newsworthy!  Damn!  our bias'd liberal media!
  • stix1972
    Toe, regarding the Swift Boat.  Has anyone taken the money from them.  They say that if anyone can prove  them wrong they will give them $1million.   no one has taken it yet,   The Snopes things were never in the book, so that doe snot count.  And Kerry did in fact say screw you to the military.   Whatever you say or do will not change that fact and no amount of back of backpedalling will ppreoove ptherwise.

    And save, i thought military service had noething to do with being the President.   I mean when Clinton ran for Presidnet it did not count, ecen though he was protesting the war in a foreign country also.   So please do not use that he di not fight BS with me
  • stix1972
    I am still trying to figure out what evidence or any truth of Bush or anybody in the White House manufaturing any evidence.   Did they make the Russians, UN, France, Bill Clinton, hillaryClinton, John Kerry all make up stuff about Saddam???

    Yes Impeach them all because they were all fooled by Bush, even before Bush was elected.    Man you guys are just ridiculous in you BDS.
  • toe
    “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” -George W. Bush, November, 2005
  • David W. Walters
    "Very incriminating, very convenient and not very believable. Indeed, it may be hard to imagine that even the CIA at its bumbling worst would concoct such a blatant counterfeit. But there are a few reasons to believe that, too......."
    --From a review in Salon about allegations made by Ron Suskind

    So, perhaps as Americans we should hold congressional hearings to see if any of these allegations are true.  4,000+ dead ?
    For what?  It's worth looking in to.
  • Reaper
    Stix, they're just butthurt that there's no real evidence against Bush.  If there was, he'd have been impeached the second it came to light. 

    Please, toe, David, explain how, in light of all this evidence to which the myriad anti-Bush democrats in Congress have access, Bush has yet to be impeached?  Does Bush control the Democrats now, too?  Is he fabricating opposition for some reason? 

    No, it's because there is no real evidence against Bush.  Just a minority opposition (you) trying to undermine the core tenets of this nation: majority rule.  Don't worry, your impotent cries of rage are being put to ample use: my endless amusement.
  • JarrodM
    Take a look at Clinton, when there is evidence, and fact, it is not that hard to impeach a sitting president. As much as you idiots hate Bush for things you still can not prove that he ever did, if you had real evidence he acted in a bad manner we would have been impeached long ago.
  • BlackNationalist
    Obama must be scared to death about the recent events between Russia and Georgia. It is an easy prediction to make that while freebies (health care, welfare ) are big draws for him when it comes to national security he gets destroyed. I don't mean foreign policy here either. Who do you want keeping you safe? A military man with 30 years of government experience who was around when we dealt with the Soviets last time, or a Harvard grad who is great at public speaking?

    I guarantee there are people who disagree with McCain on every or nearly every other issue  but will vote for him strictly for security reasons if shit hits the fan.

    I should mention energy independence sounds a lot nicer right now, with Russia's leverage coming in the form of oil. Obama's plan to lower oil prices by tapping into the national reserve might face a little resistance in the face of a possible major world conflict also.
  • David W. Walters
    I am very certain that this military engagement will not be very difficult." (John McCain, September 12, 2002.)

    "But the fact is, I think we could go in with much smaller numbers than we had to do in the past. But any military man worth his salt is going to have to prepare for any contingency, but I don't believe it's going to be nearly the size and scope that it was in 1991." (John McCain, September 15, 2002.)

    "I think the victory will be rapid, within about three weeks." (John McCain, January 28, 2003.)
    Yeah, this is exactly the experience we need.....
  • toe
  • toe
  • toe
  • David W. Walters
    So Bruce Fein supports impeachment it should be news on fox/cnn/nbc that non-partisan calls for impeachment are being made.........yet we are bombarded with such non-news items as politicians sexual relations.  No one, not even a president is above the law.
  • Nation of Conservatives
    It's really sad that this is what our political world has come to. Seems like a long ago day that people actually respected the office that they were running for.

    We really look like fools when we have our presidential candidates talking about Ad's like this and showing up on the daily show and hollywood tabloid shows.
  • David W. Walters
    Shit.......what's wrong with The Daily Show?
    i'd say John Stewart has better political insights than say, O'Reilly.
  • BlackNationalist
    Bruce Fein hasn't been relevant since... Regan?

    Take the video on the frontpage, add "I'm John McCain and I support this ad" to the end and you have a campaign killer if the Russians continue their attack.

    Americans will not support someone who plans on decreasing our military might, especially in the face of a possible war or at the very least a strained relationship with Russia.
  • David W. Walters
    You may be correct in your assesment......."Americans will not support someone who plans on decreasing our military might, especially in the face of a possible war or at the very least a strained relationship with Russia."

    When they THINK someone has the acumen in military matters.......yet the facts of the matter doesn't bear this out.
    "I think the victory will be rapid, within about three weeks." (John McCain, January 28, 2003.)"
    Just what America expert like this!
  • stix1972
    Do you actually understand that we did win the war in record time.   Not the BS that is going on now, the actual war against Saddam was done in a few weeks.
  • BlackNationalist
    I'll be the first to admit it is never a good idea to try to predict how or how quickly a war will end. The conventional war aspect of Iraq was indeed over within a short period of time (a fraction of the time set out by McCain) but the insurgency was quite a bit stronger than almost anyone on either side of the isle had expected. What McCain said is what most people thought. Give me names of the people who knew that there would be a major insurgency slowing our progress in Iraq because it appears no one fits your criteria for being a military expert.
  • chris
    You have to check out this petition!  The cartoom of Pelosi is priceless!

    Also, you can sign and send a message to Madame Pelosi and the Democrats.  You can also send the petition to others to sign.

    go to:

  • David W. Walters
    Do you really believe this crisis is because of Pelosi?
    ".......The attacks also wounded two U.S. Soldiers, 15 local nationals, three Iraqi Policemen and three Sons of Iraq members."

    Shortly after Bush took over the White house, our vice-president held secret meetings with oil executives to map out a "National Energy Plan".....
    "There has long been speculation that a key reason why Cheney fought so hard to keep his task force documents secret was that they may have included information about the administration’s plans toward........." Iraq."

    Should we, the American people believe that this energy crisis was something outta the blue?
    Our sons&daughters have died for oil company profits.........yet all we hear on the nightly news is crap about who's f**kin' who!
    This is the real story........wake ain't me on the Kool-aid

    As a veteran, i am appalled at the way the truth is being sickens me.
    Me?  Hell NO.......i anin't proud of this government, and i doubt i'd be proud of a McCain presidency either.  Our SONS & DAUGHTERS have sacrificed for the profits that cost you and me at the pump and profit Bush&Cheney&McCains friends at Exxon/Mobile.
  • David W. Walters
  • Kevin S. Willis
    “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”

    Misattributed. Later retracted due to lack of a verifiable source. Also, anyone who is not a dyed-in-the-wool partisan lefty would be very suspicious of such a quote.

    But folks who cite those kind of things are like conservatives who say Obama is a Muslim. They have their partisan axes to grind, and accuracy is not really an issue.</a>

    It's towards the bottom, in the misattributed section. Not that it matters, as common sense would tend to indicate that even if he thought that, he wouldn't say it, and the indications are he believes his actions to be constitutional, and would say something like: "This is constitutional, goddamnit!"
  • Kevin S. Willis

    Regarding calls for impeachment: I absolutely think that should be all over the news. Because those folks are idiots, and should be called out. They certainly got plenty of face time when they were doing it to Clinton (such a waste, such a waste)--and I think it hurt a lot of them.

    Because most American's want the president to be caught in the act of strangling a puppy and drinking its blood before they seriously think impeachment is a good idea. And they want to impeach Bush . . . now? When he's on the way out? That's awesome!

    I wish the mainstream press would get the word out. I don't care what party those folks are in, they're idiots, and their constituents should know.
  • stix1972
    Wow what an original idea fom the Obama campaign Maybe he can steal some more speeches from the Liberals of past too.  Oh sorry he alreadydid that also.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    On the issue of Liberal Media Bias . . .

    I just don't think it's anything like it used to be in America. CNN Headline News pimps/is-pimped-by Glen Beck. Things get reported on CNN and ABC and other mainstream media outlets that wouldn'ta used to. MSNBC may be DNC-TV, but Fox is kinda GOP-TV.

    I still find Bill O'Rielly coming to Dan Rather's defense when he was outed for using, without due dilligence, completely forged documents--and then continuing to defend the obviously forged documents, even after one of the document experts they used to check the documents came out to say he had told them before the segment the document could in no way be authenticated. Bill O'Rielly defended Dan! Sometimes, the press circling the wagons transcends liberal and conservative.

    I'm a conservative, so it effects my viewpoint, but only a few outlets--AP and Rueters, notably--seem to be wall-to-wall "liberal media". Most other media outlets suffer from out biases--the bias of the sound-bite, if-it-bleeds-it-leads, etc. And other outlets--talk radio, liberal magazines--wear their political affiliation on their sleeves, so they don't count. They aren't pretending to be objective reporters of events when, in fact, they are grinding an ideological axe.

    So while I'd argue most television and print press tends to favor Democrats and tends to lean left, the bias isn't as bad as it has been in the past, and is more than balanced with Fox News, talk radio, and conservative bloggers. Like Urban Conservative!

    My 2 cents.
  • toe
    “Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” -George W. Bush, November, 2005
    The context for the above quote lies in a meeting President Bush had with Congressional Republicans and aides back in 2005 when they were discussing how to renew the Patriot Act. His outburst came after an aide pointed out that certain provisions of the Patriot Act undermined the U.S. Constitution. Yet even without this quote, which has been vigorously denied by conservative lapdogs, a look at the Bush presidency reveals the disdain Bush has for our national charter, and by association, the concept of democratic governance.

    there are many sources for this quote... not the least of which are the republican witnesses who were there.
  • David W. Walters
    So we act as if Iraq is all finished........"the surge has worked!"  WoW!
    Yet still more die.........for what?
    Democracy in Iraq?
    I wonder about people that want to believe that crap.
    Being USED by those who would profit from our loss.
    Because that is what's really going on on no one in the mainstream media has the balls to report it.
  • David W. Walters
    Because that is what's really going on AND no one in the mainstream media has the balls to report it.
  • Reaper
    Sorry home slice, serious accusations require serious proof.  You say big oil is profiting from war?  Why are their profits HALF of what cigarettes (a heavily taxed item) are?

    You MIGHT be able to make the argument that they are advocating the war so they can sell oil to the military, but such an argument omits a fact of life: lobbying.  Oil companies aren't the only or even the strongest voice pushing for war to make a profit, yet they're the only ones being vilified. 

    On Bush's cute quote regarding the Constitution...blogs don't count as sources, toe.  In fact, the capitalhillblue article seems to be the only even reputable LOOKING site to be talking about it.  Hell, I'd give it some consideration if even the AP had broken the story.
  • Nathan
    Pretty please Paris, give us more.
    You have to wonder about the timing of recent events. The leadership goes on vacation, John Edwards comes clean,  the Olypics begin on the other side of the world with Bush and Putin are there as war breaks out in Russia - all on a Friday afternoon.  How convenient.
    Who can keep up with it all?
    Please come back Paris, we need your leadership again.
  • David W. Walters
    “ Halliburton has already raked in more than $10 billion from the Bush-Cheney Administration for work in Iraq, and they were awarded some of the first Katrina contracts,” Lautenberg said in a statement. “It is unseemly for the Vice President to continue to benefit from this company at the same time his Administration funnels billions of dollars to it. The Vice President should sever his financial ties to Halliburton once and for all.”

    Sadly, there is a short memory on Cheney's meeting early in 2001 with oil executives......

    "A White House document shows that executives from big oil companies met with Vice President Cheney's energy task force in 2001 -- something long suspected by environmentalists but denied as recently as last week by industry officials testifying before Congress."

    Keep on sense in connecting the dots, huh?
  • David W. Walters
    "PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- A highly decorated Green Beret, Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth died a painful death in Iraq this year. He died not on the battlefield. He died in what should have been one of the safest spots in Iraq: on a U.S. base, in his bathroom."

    KBR(subsidiary of Haliburton).......providing GREAT services to our troops in Iraq:
    "Army documents obtained by CNN show that U.S.-paid contractor Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR) inspected the building and found serious electrical problems a full 11 months before Maseth was electrocuted."
    You wanna know why Halliburton does so much work?  They are qualified and huge enough to take on these massive projects, that's why.  America at work.  Well done.

  • Reaper

    KBR noted "several safety issues concerning the improper grounding of electrical devices." But KBR's contract did not cover "fixing potential hazards." It covered repairing items only after they broke down.
    Only after Maseth died did the Army issue an emergency order for KBR to finally fix the electrical problems, and that order was carried out soon thereafter.

    How is this Haliburton's fault?  They were abiding by contractual obligations.  The government's the one that screwed up by either failing to write a comprehensive contract or getting another contractor in there.
    Thank you for your startling revelation that big oil is involved in energy policy, though.  Never in all my years would I have imagined it to be true.  Why they're doing it behind closed doors is a good question, though (you know the saying, even monkeys can write Shakespeare given enough time).
  • Michael
    When did David take over this chain?  Wash your mouth out young man.
  • Michael
    Please, I can't take these dumb comments anymore!

    Could someone please tell me how to keep David and Toe from appearing in my email.  I actually believe the Discount Viagra spams have become more interesting then these two.
  • stix1972
    Sorry we fed the trolls for too long

    This just in for the people not paying attention.  There is no war in Iraq.  The media just doesn't want to say it out loud (shhh).  So I'm here to tell yah pal, yepper, that's right.  Yep yep.  
    Al-Quitter has been defeated on their "Central Battlefield" (their words, not mine).  
    By the way, it's ok to feel good about that.  i won't tell anyone.

  • toe
    actually, it's pretty simple micheal-you mark it "junk" and that's where it will go... of course you can always pretend that you are actually interested in hearing another point of view- but that would mean that you are interested in some form of understanding of a fellow human being... better you should use the "junk mail" method- i would not want your fragile beliefs in jeopardy for that might give you cause/pause to think on your own. oh nooooooze!
  • David W. Walters
    you sound like a lawyer in your post #91, ....................John Edwards would be proud of your response(with respect to Culpability?)

    Didn't mean to cause a stir, but then these are merely observations of mine.
  • Reaper
    Doesn't matter what I sound like; the truth is the truth.  Just because they went no further than their contractual obligations doesn't imply malicious intent.  They're just doing what the suits told them to do.  Now, if they originally installed the faulty facilities, they'd be at some fault.  The problem with that, though, is that people inspected the facilities, found the problem, and tossed the information into some government vortex that failed to realize that nobody was charged with correcting the problem.  So even if the facilities were improperly installed, the blame still rests squarely with the government for FINDING the problem and failing to see that it was fixed.
    If REAPER were a lawyer that post would have been filled out to 5 pages and a hefty bill attached at the bottom.

    By the way Dave, I luv that you have so many observations.  Now pick up some conviction and you are on your way to being enlightened 
    ( conservative, they're interchangeable ).

    In the great storms of life, I'd rather stand defiantly like an Oak, than bend like a "Pussy" Willow.

  • David W. Walters
    oooo,scary!  Out!
    What ya gonna in an airstrike?
    But in a real world, it's taken a lot more pussies(you know the kind),.....and i still haven't been bent over.  Out
    I'll ignore that last post Dave and chalk it up to marijuana or (???).  

    Folks, if your head isn't clear, don't blog.

    Friends don't let friends blog drunk.

  • u$$rmili-marketing cheaptreak
    another (desperatedly anti-Irak next to Iran war + congre$$ ga$ attack, again, on the face of America, the children watching...) age at work here...
     "ussrcongre$$friendliesdream$", another joke.  ru$$ia i$ $imply military marketing (on real countries, thousands already dead)...
    becaus$ of their weaponry or whatever the word...
    to feed their terror network$, terror logi$tic on "power" po$$ition$" on authority or press or your next stepmother coyote, deeply related to castro, protected localy by the authoroty, whatever...
    so chave$'s ca$tro$'$, noriega'$$S party (builder$ of the unfamou$ 3 PPP$ marketing&management actitude to "$UCKcede), and the re$t of their friend$ or "neutral$" find in$itu $anctuarie$...
    If you want people to read your posts, then please make them coherent and readable.  This isn't a graphics art class, and we are using the English language here.

  • acarponzo
    I think Paris is doing a fine job running for president.  Spread the word about her appearance at the real-time open poll over at She looks great in her new bikini and Yes, she does paint a certain house Pink!   But look at the split on the Bop-O-Meter.  Obama may top 500,000 tonight.  Ouch!