Obama Video: He slips … “My Muslim faith”

September 8th, 2008 Urban Conservative

This is what happens when your speechwriter takes the weekend off. The three words, “My Muslim faith” were immediately corrected during an exchange with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on “This Week,” when he was trying to criticize the quiet smear campaign suggesting he is a Muslim.

The funny thing is … I tried searching for the video on Youtube and every one of the videos were mysteriously “No longer available”; even the ones that were embedded on very well respected online news publications.  Censorship perhaps, from the libs over at Google? Well, I found this one on Yahoo Video.

Barack Obama talks “My Muslim faith” on TV. @ Yahoo! Video

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  • YoRapper
    He looks as if he was falsely corrected by George because he was saying that "McCain hasn't attacked him for his Muslim faith". He should have said, "McCain hasn't attacked me for being perceived as Muslim". It's just easier in conversation to say it the way he did.
  • toe
    notice how THOUGHT goes along with each of Obama's responses.
    notice how Obama stopped George- when George tried to link two completely different things together to call them the same thing.
    what?  oh? you managed to NOT include this portion.
    notice how Obama was very specific in addressing his absolute objection to politics by personality...oh wait, what?  you mean you kind of forgot to include important parts of this interview?  hmmm...

    this is typical of the types of items that get posted here by this "host"
    take select snippets and blow them up to mean something entirely different. 
    you know darn well what was said- and those of us who listened to the ENTIRE interview know what was said.  the entire transcript is available for those of you actually interested in knowing the truth.
  • Guest
    come on Toe ... you are such a follower. Start thinking for yourself and stop pulling all the talking points of off DailyKos and My.Obama.com. You are a puppet; but I know you are smarter than that.  Do you work for Obama? Admit it! I have asked you before and you failed to answer my question.

    Also, I looked for the entire video on Youtube but NONE WERE AVAILABLE.  This is from Yahoo, so blame them. 

    Again, tell me why you are here?
  • toe
    i watch the entire interview- the question is: did you?
  • Guest
    I did; and that's why I search for it on Youtube; and this post is not saying that Obama is a Muslim. 

    Now answer my question. Do  you work for Obama; because if you do; all of your comments are NOT VALID. Of course, we know you won't admit it.
  • toe
    @Mr UC

    I am retired and work for no one. 
    Your claim that your post did not say Obama is a Muslim- your heading proves otherwise.  Why imply it if you do not mean to suggest it?  that is my question. 
    If you could  be trusted to seek out truth- and place it here, I would move along.  But - you just don't. 

    I have found some potentially very damaging information on Ms Palin- but, because I am still seeking confirmation of this from multiple sources, I will not pass this along as fact...oh, that you could possibly understand this notion.
  • Guest
    please call me Urban, UC, or Ucon. No need to be formal; since we are friends.  :)

    My headline simply states ... Obama Slips ... and that's followed by "This is what happens when your speechwriter takes the weekend off."

    I know I am not a comedian but this was my attempt to add humor to all you mad people.
  • Suburban Moderate
    It's a total copout to blame Yahoo! Video because that is where you found this clip.  There are longer clips still available on Google, but I guess there weren't any that successfully take the comment out of context...which is clearly what you were going for here. 


    But I suppose you will just accuse me of working for Obama too, because apparently anyone who has an opposing view must have some sort of agenda.
  • Guest
    @Suburban Moderate

    haha, even if I did post it from Google (btw, your link from my computer still says that it's no longer available), my intention was only to post that tidbit anyway; hence the title of the post.

    Get a sense of humor.
  • Suburban Moderate

    I have a sense of humor, but unfortunately it still requires that something be funny for it to be triggered. 

    But I guess I could find some humor in the way you are so quick to try and deflect blame to Y! Video for hosting the clip...even though you promote its out of context content on your blog.
  • Guest

    well I guess my punch line "This is what happens when your speechwriter takes the weekend off" needs a little work..

    I am not blaming Yahoo! for anything. I went to Google and couldn't find the clip. I went to Yahoo Video and search for "Obama Video" and that was in the search results.  Now that's funny. hahaha.

  • Brendan Steinhauser
    Who is the REAL Barack Obama?

    Check out this new book on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Who-REAL-Barack-Obama-gen...
  • JarrodM
    WOW UC you just ccan't win for trying, regardless we all know that it would be a much bigger deal if Palin, or McCain made a slip of this nature. The hypocrasy of the liberals has my head spinning and realize that the real debate no longer matters.

    Just watching the way that these people and Toe your one of them, have hammered Sara is just plain stupid. I'm not saying give her a free pass, but first came the personel attacks (with all the lies). Then came all the lies about her record. The depper and depper I look, the more and more I like about this lady.

    While she answers questions, and allows her personel life to be talked about all day long, Obama still has yet to answer why he worked for ACORN, and has a terrorist as one of his best buddies.

    The tenasity, and the holy then thou attitude that Toe and her ilk have is just sick. I just wonder if you people hate this country so bad what are you still doing here?
  • toe
    Let me make something perfectly clear- anyone who willfully and purposely ignores the wrongs in this country, who allows our Constitution to be shredded before our eyes, who allows lies to be passed along as truths, who takes neither the time nor the interest to be involved deserve more of the same. 
    The "enemy" is not some religion you neither know nor understand, the "enemy" is not a culture that is foreign to us,  the "enemy" is not some liberal who reads books that you don't approve of,  or makes movies that your church finds objectionable, the "enemy" is not the atheist who does not believe in your bible- the "enemy" is you because you stood by and did nothing.
  • Guest
    Toe - you need new talking points, seriously. You are like a beating drum. Maybe you can take Olbherman's and Mathew's place over at MSNBC since they got demoted for thinking/talking like you. NONSENSE.

    Jarrod - thanks buddy.
  • toe
    Mr. UC- you provide new "talking points" daily.
  • toe
    it's always more factual to go to the source:

  • Guest
    yes, but my talking points come from my brain based on recent news events; and then written from my world view and/or perception.

    Yours come from ... let's see, Dailykos, Obama.com, Moveon.org and Mediamatters.  At least quote those semi-objective goons from CNN.
  • toe
    now, it took one click of the mouse to go to ABC News- and another click to view this video ( which you claim was obviously absent - removed by those "liberals")  -
    come on now- at least try to show that you are responsible, mr uc.
  • toe
    just for your information, i have never visited the dailykos-nor moveon.org.
    if you can find wrong information on media matters, please point it out.
    cnn has wolf and lou. pffft.  'nuff said.
  • Russell
    Wow. Went and listened to the whole interview and don't see how that changes the message.

    I will concede one point, when it is scripted, BHO is eloquent and charismatic. However, in my opinion, the true test comes when you think for yourself, without the script and the teleprompter. BHO has shown time and again (57 states, above my pay grade, my Muslim faith) who he really is. That is a completely different person than who he touts himself to be when the script is there. That, ladies and gentlemen, scares me more about him than the message he has (or lack thereof).

    I might not completely agree with McCain, but I know who he is and I haven't heard him change his core values and beliefs depending on the crowd.
  • toe
    russell-  McCain changed on the confederate flag display
                  Martin Luther King Day
                  Bush's Tax Cuts
                  His own immigration bill
                 His lack of love for pork and earmarks by selecting Ms Palin who has made it her business to get as much of this as possible while the chance is there.

    just to name a few.

    where have you been???
  • Keltic Poet
    spot on russell; good appraisal.

    now for those of you that are undecided about our boy barry...

    Today’s lesson in inductive reasoning:

    "In his best-selling book, ‘Dreams From My Father’ and in campaign speeches, Obama frequently describes the story of his mother, who died of cancer in 1995, as a tale of the Heartland. She's the white woman from the flatlands of Kansas and the only daughter of parents who grew up in the ‘dab-smack, landlocked center of the country,’ in towns ‘too small to warrant boldface on a roadmap.’"




    "’dab-smack, landlocked center of the country,…" No such phrase. Nobody, not author, ghostwriter, editor, proofreader nor publisher picked it up. The idiom I suspect he was trying to use to sound urbanely folksy, is ‘smack dab’. Barry’s never lived in Kansas, no wonder he’s clumsy with unfamiliar phrases.
    "…in towns ‘too small to warrant boldface on a roadmap.’"
    Like what towns, Eldorado? Ft. Leavenworth? Wichita? Towns the size of Wasilla, AK? Towns of embittered Americans clinging to their guns and religion?
    Spoken like a true sophisticate nouveau.
    Listen carefully to what words Barry uses, and you still don’t and won’t know who he is because HE doesn’t know who he is. You will certainly know he isn’t what he says he is, he’ll say anything to get elected; but he is what he is, which is precisely what he appears to be, no more, no less.
  • Russell

    Not talking about issue flip flop. They all do it. McCain, Obama, and especially John Kerry. I am talking about the core values and beliefs that make up who we are as people. Our faith system, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and who we chose or don't chose to worship. Not wearing a pink shirt after boycotting pink a year earlier.
  • Terrified Urban Conservative
    I was looking forward for a healthy debate between McCain and Obama, Biden and McCain's VP pick, before deciding on my vote.

    What  I've seen of Gov. Palin, scares the daylights out of me.

    I am a practicing Catholic presently living in an urban area. While I personally do not hunt, I have friends who do - in my home rural state. And I understand where they come from.

    But Gov. Palin's hunting methods scares and baffles me. I fail to understand how she can be a Christian and claim to pursue such practices.

    Please see the links below
    (Some of the pics were obtained from the governor's website, so pics from the governor's website have been taken down since (she hunting with her son, Track for example), wikepedia entries have also been altered since then):


    Can any good Christian, who is planning to vote for McCain/Palin, please address my concerns?

    Thank you, and God Bless
  • Steve
    TUC is correct to be scared.  Does the Republican VP candidate believe in the Separation of Church and State?  Or, does she believe, like our president does that God should direct our Foreign Policy.  Small Government has no place crusading for Social Issues, in my humble opinion.  I'm tired of Christian Zealots and their Witch Hunts.
  • toe
    What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists?


  • Steve
    Toe, there is no difference between any Fundamentalists.  Zealots are Zealots.  I'm more worried about a christian dominionist zealot than a guy whose father was a Muslim.  As usual, I hear lots of sarcasm, snark and bile but no substance.
  • toe
    Barack never was a Muslim  and is not now.  
    Palin and her fanatic religious thoughts are just plain scary.
  • Guest

    was this your idea of trying to be funny? weak.
  • toe
    Aside from all of the questionable background political practices,  Palin is so utterly unqualified and uninformed that they won't even let her speak to the press- only prepared stump dribble where she continues to repeat proven LIES. 
    And what is the defense offered here for her?
    "...but she's HOT."

    knuckle draggers.
  • TKPedersen
    First, I say this clip real time and Obama slipped.  He was clearly thinking ahead and I do not believe that he intended to say Muslim.  The rest of this commentary is too silly to respond to except to say that the effort of some posters to pull Gov. Palin into the discussion is off point, ineffective, and counter-productive.
  • simonesdad2008
    For the idiots out there that want to believe Barack is a Muslim, this is fuel for their fire.  It's probably the same fire they burn books with.
  • Volunteer3
    As a newbie here, I would offer this comment.
    1. Mr. Obama probably is not a practicing Muslim, as all texts, sources et al indicate this. Attendance is required of practicing Muslims and obviously he isn't.
    2. However, he has had Koran training, associations as a youth, and does know the basics of the Muslim Faith.
    3. As to his Christianity adherence, there we have a longer set of time data. Attendance at the Chicago Trinity UNC is direct evidence of his value system, some 20 years of Black Social Liberation Theology.
    My Opine.
    A. Mr. Obama is what is known as a sometime. occasional, opportunitistic practioner of faith. The various religions all know them as Sunday or Saturday attenders, once every blue moon. Professors of faith, agreement with the sermons, attendance occasiionally, able to say Yes I am, whatever.
    B. All this to say. Mr Obama uses the label to further his position politically.
    When in Muslim territory, or Christian territory, or Agnostic territory, the value system he has set forth is just that.
    The Election we have approaching is more about Obama's Fellow Travelers, than his profession of faith. The folks he assoicates and associated with, will be the Oval Office Sofa Sitters that will demand and get his patronage.
    We pay for this. Vote accordingly.
  • toe
    Mr UC,  your attempts at pithy comments towards anything I say are common... your post above highlights the fact that you do not seek any information outside of your own narrow views- had you actually LOOKED at  the link that I posted - you would have seen that my "trying to be funny" as you wrote, was, in fact- quoting the HEADLINE of the article in the link provided.  

    At least TRY to look like you know something.   Partial quotes, snipped video, repeating lies-this is what you do.  come on man,  do your homework. 
    Present the issues, State with honesty each candidate's position.
    Voice your opinion on which candidate best represents your views on those issues.
    Pretty simple stuff.
  • Keltic Poet

    Clinton Expresses Shock and Grief
    Crowds Gather to Bid Farewell to Obama
    (CHICAGO-September 24, 2008-AP)
    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton offered the principal eulogy today at the funeral for Sen. Barack Hussein Obama. An estimated thirteen thousand mourners filled the Jehosephat African Methodist Evangelical Church and overflowed into the surrounding South Chicago neighborhood. Sen. Clinton’s stirring and reflective speech was frequently interrupted by the wails and whimpering of mourners overcome by grief. Car radios in autos parked along neighborhood streets and large-screen TVs and radios in many of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Housing Complex apartment windows were tuned to the WLS simulcast of the services. The dozens of high volume radios and televisions blended with amplified outside speakers set up around the church for mourners, and the sounds of impromptu choirs and animist grief ceremonies about the church. There was sporadic gunfire. Dogs were heard howling for blocks around. Reporters counted one hundred thirteen limousines. Most were replete with teams of liveried drivers and retainers.
    Former President Bill Clinton, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich and Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) also attended, seated on the dais. Each of the high-level politicians was surrounded by a flying box of armed bodyguards. The Obama, Dunham and Robinson families and close friends of the families and their close friends and loved ones and children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great-great-grandchildren, lo unto five generations, were seated in a screened anteroom off the main sanctuary. Obama’s African and Indonesion Christian and atheist family sat with the general congregation and his muslim relatives attended a simultaneous service at the Nasariya Latifah Mosque nine blocks south of and closed-circuit linked to Jehosephat AME Church. Mrs. Michelle Obama and the two Obama daughters Malia and Natasha are still in seclusion at an undisclosed location and as nearly as can be determined at press time, did not attend the service. The three Obama children from Barack’s first marriage also did not attend. Phone calls to the listed number for Miriam Feinburg-Obama Rothstein were not returned.
    Notables and dignitaries from business, entertainment and politics were seated in reserved pews in the front of the church. Oprah Winfrey and her retinue entered en masse and filled three pews draped in black satin with heavy gold thread trim. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus sat in the choir behind the pulpit and many lent their voices to spirited renditions of "I’ll Fly Away" and "Plumb ‘Cross Jordan with Jesus". The closed casket was covered with white roses and red hibiscus. There were wall-to-wall funerary sprays and flower arrangements before the chancel. Noted Hollywood Producer-Director Spike Lee had seven cameras at locations inside and outside the church filming every aspect of the drama. A spokeswoman for Mr. Lee said the documentary was being filmed to "…capture the moments of African grief", under the max-irony working title "Obama Defused".
    The FBI, Secret Service, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Ohio State Police and Toledo Police department issued a joint statement today on the suicide bombing that killed Sen. Obama and fifteen others on Sept. 20 outside a Popeye’s Fried Chicken. The bomber, Achmed Isidraya Hukimspuk a 23-year-old unemployed janitor, left more than a dozen spiral binders of rambling grievances in his disheveled room at The Langston Arms Hotel on Eighth Street in Toledo. Law enforcement press spokesman Stefan Zoricic said teams of forensic psychologists are reading the notebooks hoping to find Mr. Hukimspuk’s reason for the suicide-killings. The imam of the Al Basrah mosque in suburban Toledo issued a joint statement with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan late yesterday that linked Hukimspuk’s action to an alleged government conspiracy to disenfranchise Black Muslims. Reverands Jessee Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and Al Sharpton also issued press statements last night and today.
    Chicago and Illinois State Police spokesmen said law enforcement is being beefed up and watchful for expected outbreaks of grief-looting and other sporadic and spontaneous expressions of mourning in South Chicago. Interment is planned today at The Lilies of the Valley Eternal Repose with Allah and Mausoleum in Hillsdale in a hybrid Moslem-Christian-Unitarian entombment. The ceremony will be closed to the public.
    David Axelrod, Minister of Information for the former Obama for President Campaign, said layoff notices will start going to staffers tomorrow.
    The Republican National Campaign Committee had no comment again today.
  • toe
    Keltic- I know that you are trying to be funny.  Not only have you failed at this, you have also managed to include every lie that has stunk up this year's presidential campaign- you have also given encouragement to those hooded individuals that set crosses afire and lynch people that are of the "wrong" color.  
    It is said that the soil is cooler under the rocks, why don't you give us some first hand opinion on this?  I like to hear from experts.
  • toe
    more lies, revisionist history and short term memory...
    John McCain and his Karl Rove advice has turned his political hopes into a booger-flinging  exhibition.  Yesterday, as Obama rightly mocked McCain's self proclaimed (however pledgerized it is) identity of the "change" guy- Obama said" you can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig...you can wrap a fish in a piece of paper called "change" it's still gonna stink"
    Naturally, since they still have nothing upon which to run on their own, McCain and his flunky bunch want to get all up in Obama's face for making such an "obviously sexist remark".
    Hmmmmm.... let's see:
     McCain criticized Democratic contenders for offering what he called costly universal health care proposals that require too much government regulation. While he said he had not studied Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's health-care plan, he said it was "eerily reminiscent" of the failed plan she offered as first lady in the early 1990s.
    "I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig," he said of her proposal.
    John McCain- Iowa, October, 2007
  • toe
    i see a whole new generation of conservatives running out to purchase the "sit and spin" toy.
  • Plain and simple
    George Stephanopoulos covers for Obama for a quick recovery instead of probing with the question: Why did you say Muslim faith? or How do you think he would attack your Muslim faith?

    As a Christian, I have never made the mistake of claiming to be Muslim. Come to think of it, I don't know of any Christians who have made this mistake.
  • simonesdad2008
    Hey, plain and (emphasis on) simple,

    You've never heard anyone misspeak?  The Muslim conversation is only out there because people like you choose to believe it.  If you want to believe or if you are inclined to believe it then your screen name is perfect.  The Grandma was born a Catholic.  She now claims to be a "Christian."  You didn't know that I'm sure....and if misspeaking disqualifies one from being Christian, then there are no Christians left because everybody misspeaks.

    What's plain and simple to me is that you have fallen for the lame tactics that are designed to divide this country.  Be smarter, P&S.
  • Keltic Poet
    ...oh gawd...
    worldofwarcrafters and manbearpig believers have discovered this site.
  • SSJ Spartan
    @ Terrified Urban Conservative

    I also am a devout Catholic and am responding to your concerns. Palin being a hunter should be the least of your worries as a Christian. How could you consider yourself a Christian, more so a Catholic, if you are open to the consideration of voting for Obama. In the eyes of the Catholic church, it would be a grave sin to vote in a President who supports abortians and gay marriages.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    George Stephanopoulos covers for Obama for a quick recovery instead of probing with the question: Why did you say Muslim faith? or How do you think he would attack your Muslim faith?

    Plain and simple makes the main point of this whole thing. Not Obama's gaffe, but Stephanopoulos being such a "team player". Instead of a follow up question that would get great play in the news, he corrects Obama! Something he would be eviscerated for if he helped out a Republican that way, on any issue. That's just amazing me. But there's no liberal bias in the media, with former Clinton press secretaries working at ABC. No, no indeed.

    Keltic Poet: could ya leave the fantasizing about assassinations to the liberals? It's a tasteless and icky exercise, and while, yes, they have constantly engaged in fantasizing about the assassination of George W. Bush, it's one of those cases where turn-about isn't really fair play. Let them be the jackasses . . . we don't have to follow them down into the mud.
  • toe
    McCain (and most recently, yesterday Giuliani repeated this on Meet the Press) when asked why McCain's ads have been not just ultra negative, but also contained huge misrepresentations of Obama's positions:
    Their reply:  Well, if Obama had joined me in the town hall meetings like (I) suggested, we would not be having this.
    HUH!!?  What the...? 
    How absurd is this?  McCain is in a snit because Obama elected not to do McCain's bidding- and these ads are what? Payback?  
    "You won't let me win so I'm taking my marbles and going home! And I am going to slash your bicycle tires too."
    What a hero. What a man.

    @Kevin- I suspect that you were one of those who deliberately chose to use Kerry's botched comment concerning Bush-
    Clearly, Obama was responding to the continuing whisper campaign that started more than 1 1/2 years ago concerning his "muslim faith"-  George knew it, I knew it.  Everyone who followed the conversation FROM THE START knew it. You? You hear what you want to hear.  Did you ever stop to think?  Did you forget to start again?  What's up with you anyway?
    How about you actually look at real issues and knock off the lies.
    How difficult is that?
  • connie m
    Here is a poem that i think will inject some sanity in this discussion thread.

    To all Americans who believe Barack Obama should not be president of the United States because of his race.
    Your Vote – Your Future by Connie M.
    Racism is an anachronism that will stop America in her tracks
    Clinging to racism is unwise and counterproductive to the max
    Racism prevents utilization of the knowledge, skills and abilities of exceptionally talented and gifted individuals
    This may lead to lost opportunities and ultimately, the loss of America’s status as a nation with no equals
    Barack Obama’s exceptional leadership qualities and abilities
    Offers Americans the chance to reshape their future and achieve success in great quantities
    His proposed policies and plans definitely include you
    While John McCain’s ideas offer nothing new
    Clinging to the past will ensure that we get left back
    If you want us to move forward, then you must vote for Barack
    McCain and Palin plan to build a bridge to the past
    Promoting policies that put America last
    They invite us to get on their bridge, but it will only lead to disaster
    Not only for us, but for generations after
    Open your eyes and look around, what you see may help free your mind from mental slavery.

    My people perish from a lack of knowledge - Hosea 4 v 6
  • Guest
    @connie m

    Wow, thank you for your beautiful lines of poetry. I think you convinced me to vote for higher taxes. Thank you.  It was really good though, really.  Good job.
  • Three Dollars A Day Dot Com
    This is so confusing to me.  First I heard on one of the stations,  I think it was CNN that Senator Obama took his oath on the Qur'an.  So,  I was alarmed and believed he was a Muslim.  If he is a Muslim I certainly think we have a right to find out more about his faith.  But then, I researched, on the web mind you, and found out that this was a rumor that was circulated by email.  So,  now I am confused by this clip.  Please someone fill me in.

    News and just some Great Stuff
  • Ally
    Well, Obama's Mother and Grandparents were atheists. If you look in Obama's books it says that his Mother was against organized religion and she gave them books of all religions to study. Barack Obama was raised a Muslim and attended Mosques, until he found a racist church that does not preach real Christian values. I think he claims to be Christian to get more Christian votes, because the majority of America is Christian.

    Obama is certainly NOT a true Christian. 

    The whole clip does not matter, Obama talked about his Muslim faith. I do not think we should vote someone to be President of the United States when they lie and deny who they are. If religion does not matter, than why does Obama lie about it? Have you heard Muslims refer to themselves as Christians, even though they don't believe in Jesus?
    My friend is Muslim, and says her religion is a Christian religion.
  • INS: I think have "myterrorlog
    you will suffer comment-blocker, I swear of God
    If OBAMA is so articulate and TOE could see for himself that OBAMA thought everything out and how careful he speaks.  OK.  If that's true then how can the "Muslim" comment be a slip, since he's so well thought out.

    You can butter you bread on both sides, but your hands will be greasy.

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    That's a dud of a spam program you have there.  Pony up some do-re-mi and get something better.

  • Grandma Barb
    If they were talking about religion and the word muslim was used, he was probably thinking about it.  Easy to make this kind of slip.  He is not a muslim, and how sad that this would get this kind of coverage.  Anything in a poke.  But, I'm curious, so what if he is?  This is a free country, separation of church and state and all that.  If we go to war with another state that is predominately christian, do we have to worry that a christian president will somehow be on "their" side?  I don't think so.  How stupid is this issue.  Get a life and start thinking about what is best for this country.  It isn't 4 more years of Bush.
  • toe
    @hoboblah post #51

    if  you actually watched the entire interview, if you actually listened - you would see that obama was addressing the year + constant crap emails that have circulated (and continue to circulate  here- see "ally" post above) concerning <add "air quotes" here>
    my muslim faith"- if you actually listened to what was being said instead of looking for catch phrases to slop onto your already negative self you see what was actually said.  just as wes clark was responding to and repeating the exact lines before his reply concerning the fact that being shot down and being a POW are not automatic qualifiers for the job of president.
    how is it that you are intent  to not see things in a logical, factual way, hoboblah?  is this by choice?
  • Grandma Barb
    It is sad that some peoplel will believe whatever they are told, if it follows the party line.  Hitler's followers believed everything they were told too!  He would have loved Ally.  Sweety, you are just what he wanted.
    Religion aside, as it should be, although BOTH sides are guilty, OBAMA is a teleprompter candidate.  that's pretty clear.  He sailed through that interview because if he is prepped and aware of the questions, he does well.  Hardly a reason to be president.   I'd rather have an honest president  uncomfortable in front of the camera than a "slick" one who is.  We've already had that and it was a mess.

  • Tyler Arthur
    This type of mistruth is what I did in Operation Research for President Bush (41).  As it turns out I no longer support this type of smear tactics and wrote a book 'God is not an elephant' to give an insider look at GOP tactics that I could no longer take part in.  As for the religion issue, for many to continue to think because Obama had a Muslim father (biological only as we all know he bailed early on) that he is somehow lying about his Christian faith or that he is secretly a Muslim is a stretch.  I admit I don't personally know many Muslims, but the ones I hear about, read about etc. are very vocal and proud of their faith (whether fanatical/jihadist or not).

    I'll leave you with 1 final thought: Senator McCain has been inside Washington politics since 1982.  Senator Obama has been inside Washington politics since 2006.  Who is more of an insider, who has more lobbyist (crooks) ties, who has more special interests to answer to and the list goes on.  Whether you agree with Barak Obama's politics is not the point because face it America has become a socialist nation and not McCain, not Obama or any other candidate is going to reverse the devistation wrought by big time insiders and lobbyists as an example: under President Clinton the NEA (national education association) budget went from $6Billion/year to $16Billion/year...under President Bush(W) it has gone from $16Billion/year to $66Billion/year.

    Need more: order my book and from there you'll get other insider scoop not being told elsewhere.  http://bit.ly/1sRiy4

    Tyler Arthur,
    author, God is not an Elephant
    Denver | CO
  • the-gunslinger
    I wouldn't vote Obie the Precious on a bet. But the nonsense about this statement is tiresome. I completely agree with the first comment that he meant that Senator McCain has never accused him of being a Muslim.

    He didn't "reveal" anything except that often his extemporaneous language constructions can be a little awkward. Whatever.

    What was VERY revealing however, was "journalist" George Stephanopoulos' rush to correct him, protect him, defend him from what he perceived as a potential gaffe.

    Indeed, his interruption momentarily nudged Obie off track, and he repeated, AS THOUGH CORRECTING HIMSELF, "my Christian faith", until he realized that that was not what he meant to say at all, and clarified his original remark.

    Anybody pretending this as a Freudian slip revealing some hidden truth is an idiot...and in my opinion mindlessly partisan. And while I'd be very happy to see Obie bury himself by saying ever more revealing and stupid things, this was not one of them.
  • F150Luvr
    Check out this site for good stuff about that half-breed:

  • steve
    Stephanopolous simply corrected what was an obvious error.  He understood that Barack has been dealing with all the lies about his faith coming from the dark side.  Obviously, the word "Muslim" had to have been in his consciousness (just like the saying "piece of sh#$" was floating around my consciousness after months of being called that by my ex-wife.").

    I mean, seriously, c'mon...like Bush and McSame haven't made their Freudian slips?  What McLame tends to make gaffs about, though, are not about lame false accusations leveled against him, but rather things that are important.  Like his lame response to the question about his willingness to meet with the President of Spain, or saying "FEC" when referring to the "SEC," or saying he'd fire the head of it when the president doesn't have that authority (or maybe he believes his 'authority' would continue to expand as it has under Cheney/Bush), or confusing Sunni & Shia, or getting the timeline wrong on the Sunni Awakening, or all the flip-flops that happened this week, or or or or or or or...

    I think it's time conservatives (well, to be fair, not all of them because there are conservative democrats and even conservative republicans who understand Palin isn't the one who should have the nuclear codes) step back and consider their thinking on all of this.  I've been pretty independent since I can remember.  I generally don't subscribe to 'labels' for people because people are never that simple, so I'm pretty balanced about it, I think.  No, Obama isn't perfect.  McCain isn't perfect.  But I truly can't see any reason to vote for McCain over Obama.  And then it hit me...well, if I were a bigot, a racist, that would give me a reason.  You see, if a person just looks at the facts they will see the reality of this choice.  If a person never saw a negative ad on television or heard biased commentators on FOX or MSNBC (heck, even CNN sometimes) and just looked at each man, they would have to go with Obama, unless they were hoping that nothing would change for our country.  Given that, and that all conservatives are not rich and benefitting from this administration's policies, that would have to mean that the other ones are judging Obama on his race or his religion, because he's very smart on the issues and has proven himself to be a unifier, which McCain has not really done.  Sorry, but 200,000 Europeans waving American flags for Obama is significant.

    While both sides have gone negative and both have blurred the truth, I honestly don't think I could count the number of blatant lies/twists that have come from McCain/Palin.  Olbermann wrote a check to Alaska's Special Olympics last night to the tune of $3,700 ($100 for every lie Palin has told since their convention).  Yup.  That'd be 37 times she has lied.  And, I would assume that she's either lying to her children as well, or worse, telling them that she's lying and that it's okay.

    Done.  Sorry for rambling.  Can't stop tangents.  Speaking of tangents...kidding.
  • Brandy
    Urban Conservative,

    You should not attack Toe, for speaking the truth. Do you make $5 million a year? I didn't think so.

    Snippets and clips, especially those that are distorted, are quite offensive. America is not that blind, and people are not that stupid. Anything is better than what we have now.

    Toe, preach it....

    You don't have to work for Obama to be informed...look at the senate site, look at the bills and the votes...that should tell you enough
  • Not_an_obamabot
    Geesh! Some people have clearly been drinking too much kook-aid! With the list of Islamic terrorist groups backing him, his "freudian" slip, 57 states, and every muslim I come in contact with voting or him, in spite of his pro-abortion stance...I think I smell BO!
  • Grandma Barb
    I just love the conservative sites because they are an excellent example of human beings getting an idea into their heads, and no matter what the actual truth is, they manage to ignore it with the self righteous fanaticism of people who have a habit of believing in things that just can't be proven.  They have a lot of practice with that exercise.  Obama is not a Muslim.  He is a Christian.
  • Grandma Barb
    U publish mock obituaries of human beings and you afraid to let my comments be read!  Hitler didn't believe in free speech either.  He was afraid of the truth, apparently you are too.
  • Mary
    This is the lowest attack yet. The context of this disjointed statement was conveniently unavailable, but what Obama was saying was that McCain has, nobly, not smeared Obama for allegedly being a Muslim. It was less cumbersome to say "McCain has not attacked me for my muslim faith" than to say, "McCain himself has not sunk to the depths of attacking me because I have been perceived to have ties to Islam, as, disturbingly enough, some of his supporters have."
  • Meg
    I agree with YoRapper. George shouldn't have corrected Obama but just let him finish what he was about to say and if it turned out to be a mistake then correct. Then wait for the explaination for the slip up. In my opinion, Obama was being sarcastic and George still upset that his former bosses lost the primary took his opportunity to try to screw Obama. I can't stand Deomcrats for these exact reasons. They like to say that they are united but truly they undermine each other all the time. Georgie here is the perfect example. He worked for the Clintons, so what was he doing hosting with Charles Gibson that one primary debate, and the one that people said was to rough on Obama and clearly favored Hillary? Then these liberals start whining about Fox News and crying Bias! Bias! Bais!. What? They play the same game, plus anywayif Fox News was truly biased then there wouldn't be any Colmes in Hannity and Colmes. I used to work for the DNC before coming into the light. They are just brainless idealists with no plan but on how to get elected. Tell people what they want to hear, send them promises of a utopia like future, and then at the end, don't deliver or make things worse.
  • samebunchof blogstocklers
    Hey, why is this same names stocking the whole pages, all the time?, programingly?, sistematicly?, salarly?, yes, that's what floats...
    Sara Palin is meeting with world (not terror related) leaders, balrochusseiNObama's people still sourrounding people me,
     while balrok goes wild whit terror relation$$$, megacitie$candal$y$tem$, with the lib$, rezco "case" is mini, comparing with lib-globalbubble$, hou$ing, taxe$, authorities, ordinarycrime... network$, chavezkind ofmoney...         
    But you don't know from drivebymedia anything on, for ex:
    Mr.s Diana Prince... oops, Mrs. Laura Roslin... wait, is another extremelyhot female, outside a beautyfull mind, and , another conservative soul fighting to get God back to schools, and stop un-godlibtravestyteaching, for starters, till any single "libprogram" is remade...
    An American flyboy with his genious geanie, the aviator's nurse voice... the wright words, at the wright time... a wonderwoman,
    a galactic-kind of chalenger...
    And balrockhusseiNObama have globaly, long, many times announced his intentions to meet the terrorists...
    Well, as freemedia's fleets say... while battle drivebymedia'$ $hipS:
    concentrate your fire on the nearest imbecile ship...
    As worldwar II president said to order Pearlharbour counterattack:
    I love subs-commanders, they have no time for bulls(beep)t, fire at will, gentelmen.
  • SomethinElse
    I don't think he misspoke. It looks like when he was cut off, along with how short the video is...it looked worse that it actually is. He's policies have flaws but the Muslim thing needs to quit.
  • we're having a simple ECONOMIC
    The ga$ price$ "up,up...", hou$ing, no God at school$, financial$, firendly-"enemie$" with the anti-war on Iraq, ayatola, hammas, castros,  chavez, etc., AAAAND THEIR AGENT$, $PIE$ and other "public figure$"...
    This is not something new, deathstarussr copied nazis "social" planes, global UN, friendlydictatorships...
    WTC, Pentagon, WH/Capitol, and who know where else, with friendly enemies on power,  marxists, sex-changers, anti-war on terror wherever is needed, theaching to the kids, the dayly activities, economics&security...
    The worst libcongress, the worst aproval rating ON HISTORY, is a glimpse of "why these things just appear", why balrokhusseiNObama "grows on some poll$",
    even with the "galactica kind of appearance on the battle" OH! MAMA (the VP genious wonderwoman on the ticket with an American heroe for president)...
  • Artist against Obama
    Who cares if he is a muslim or christian. His actions should be noted more than anything elese! So why does Obama support a thug like Shepard Fairey? The media latched on to the Joe the Plumber story. So why have they not explored Shepard the Artist? Shepard's print of Obama has made over $400,000 for Obama's campaign. So why did Obama refuse money from Rezko, but is more than willing to accept it from another criminal.
    Just look at this. This is why Obama praised about Fairey in a personal letter to the artist that the artist has mentioned in interviews. Obama supports this activity. He actually told Fairey in a letter to keep putting street works on stop signs. Why? And why has the media not mentioned this.

    Shepard Fairey has violated the copyright of several artists. He laughs about having been arrested over a dozen times for damaging property. Street art is trendy and cool, but it also cost tax payers over $15 billion per year. Some studies have show that street art nationwide has increased 35% in the last six months. So that is an increase in the cost to clean it up as well. And Obama supports that?

    Not every artist supports Obama, look,