Finally, a Journalist Does Her Job

October 27th, 2008 Billy Hallowell

When asked tough questions, it’s best to become agitated, refuse to answer in a coherent manner, ask “Is this a joke?” and then impose an absurdly stifling restriction on the outlet responsible for the challenging interview (make that two outlets).  Because banning journalists who ask tough questions is exactly what our democracy needs, right?  Wrong.

But, I suppose we cannot blame Biden, alone, for his childish reaction.  Until now, the press has continuously stated and restated its love and adoration for the most liberal candidate in history to seek the American presidency.  So, after months of the media doting all over Barack Obama and company it’s no wonder Joe Biden was surprised when he was confronted with journalistic integrity.

So, for the sake of brevity I must give Barbara West of WFTV the William H. Hallowell III Journalist of the Year award for actually doing her job.  Journalists are supposed to challenge candidates, not ignore their inconsistencies and blunders.

Perhaps the most perplexing issue at hand is not Biden’s absurd reaction, rather it is the hypocrisy that stems from the Obama camp concerning transparency and access.  After weeks of criticism from the Obama camp over the McCain campaign’s shielding of Gov. Sarah Palin, we’re seeing a side of Obama that is pretty opaque.  And it’s utterly ironic.

After all, isn’t this the man who promised to air our national laundry in the most public of all forums (don’t get me wrong; I’m all for transparency, but I am of the opinion that Obama is more about instilling pathos in his followers than he is about taking action)?

The rest of the transparency community might be duped, but I’m not.  Sure, the McCain camp shielded Palin from the media and that was a catastrophic mistake, but to literally prevent certain outlets from interviewing campaign officials – that, my friends, is communistic at best.  This isn’t China.  Some one better get Obama and Biden the memo.

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  • Right Klik
    Too little, too late
  • harrysmom
    I did not agree with the decision to cut this woman off completely, but they should have politely withdrew from any future contact with her.  Tough questions are one thing- loaded questions are another.  She was unprofessional in her journalistic demeanor and those questions could have been phrased in a far more professional way.  I don't agree with your point of view UC (big surprise?), but I do agree with your assessment of the Biden response.  Sad to say.
  • toe
    the "reporter" in question specializes on health realated issues.
    her husband is a strategist for the GOP.

    the "interview", rather than being informative was combative and
    accusatory throughout. about as unprofessional as can be.
  • Russell

    Welcome to the club. Every interview done with Palin and McCain has been the same way and the same arguments can be made. They are 90 percent of the time combative and accusatory. I just absolutely LOVE the way you wallow and try to justify his idiotic response. When it is the lib reporter asking Palin they are "vetting" and no limits, but ONE question to Barack the wealth spreaders #1 and it is "unprofessional". LOL
  • happy camper
    Russell, we have all watched the interviews done with McCain and Palin and we all know that what you are saying is an extreme exaggeration.  Couric and Gibson DID NOT ask leading questions of Sarah Palin- there was no "gotcha" journalism.  West asked questions that Joe Biden could have easily responded to, but they were phrased incorrectly and unprofessionally.  It was embarrassing for West and she seems to have no remorse.  Biden answered the questions well.  I don't really understand the controversy here other than the fact that it's a week from the election and it's looking bad for McCain so his supporters are trying anything to get attention.  It's starting to look pathetic. 

    Thank you,
    O'happy camper-bama
  • Russell
    More pathetic than Biden?? That is pathetic. The fact is every time he opens his mouth he either spouts stupid crap or campaigns for McCain. Do you honestly believe the media has been impartial throughout the campaign process?? No intelligent person believes anything other than they are in the tank for Obie. But keep deceiving yourself. That is pathetic.

    Thank you
  • JarrodM
    Toe has anyone ever told you how much of a joke you are. It is about time that a real reporter started asking questions, that is the job of reporters is to ask questions and get the word out there. Not to pass on the Dem's or the Rep's message.

    It is funny Toe, every single one of the conservatives here have enough objectivity to know that McCain is not a true conservative, and we have issues with him. Where your head is stuck so far up BO ass, that you can not see any facts.

    That is OK one of two things are going to happen. BO is going to get elected, and we all will suffer for a time while under is leadership and the democrats in the congres destroy this country. The country will see first hand how bad of an idea it is, and the country will move back to conservatism. Else McCain will be elected and we will do this whole this over again in 4 years.
  • toe
    You, Jarrod- are unable to have a conversation without vulgarity.
    It kills you that Obama won't go down your vile road.  He's a gentleman, something you, at your present rate,  will never be.
    You cry foul when your conservative ideology has proven to be a failure and your hypocrisy is  noted.   How mature.
    ...frankly, Jarrod- your previous posts have rendered you impotent.
    You are the poster boychild for the ineffectual, under-educated, and narrow minded.
  • JarrodM
    Welcome to the real world Toe. The worlds problems are not solved on the backs of genleman, the real world revolves and grows on the back of people who get there hands dirty, and work hard, and are not affried to tell a person who they really are. You my dear are a bain on this society, you would much rather see the rest of the world fail just so that you can feel better about your self.

    You stand it when some one stands up to you and puts you in your place, you can't face the facts, your blinded by BO, and the socialist crap that comes out of his mouth. I can admit what I am, the question is can you admit that you are a die hard socialist. You can try and deny it all you want, but everyone on this forum knows that truth.

    Oh sure your liberal freinds will never admit it, but they love you for your socilist idooligy, just like you love BO for it. The only question I have for you is why you are so hell bent on destroying this country when there are plenty of other countries living in missory living under your ideals. Go to one of them.

    Oh I know you are going to come back and say bbut I live here too, and that is fine, then live by the constetution that we live under. The one where people are free from Government opression, not where the government is free to take what they want.

    Go ahead deny it you self absorbed elitest sow.
  • JarrodM
    Oh by the way your the one that decided to expose your filt on a conservative site, don't like then go running back your liberal lie sites.
  • toe
    Jarrod, all you need do to prove my point is post. 
    Please carry on.
  • JarrodM

      You have never proven a single point of yours on this blog.
  • JarrodM
    So now that Toe might shut up for a while, and allow conservatives to discuse grown up issues on a conservative forum site lets discuse this topic like it should be.

    Taking out the politics of the media recently what is the job of the media. We have to take into account that the media has no oversight board, such as the BAR for lawyers. So there is no one out there that can disbar them per say for acting in countrary to the intent of the media was in the first place.

    So how does one stop the media from deciding to back an issue or a side of an issue on any topic? Or should the media be allowed to color their stories anyway that they want, but I suppose that would make all the media commentators, and I think that we have enough commentators in this country already. :)

    I guess the point is that, regardless of how far the media has decided to go into the tank for one side or another, there is no law, or governming organization that can dictate to them how they must act. The presumption by the public is that they are suppose to be impartial to the subject, but I think that there is enough evidence to show that they are not.

    part of being in a free society, is that people are able to report what they want, just so long as it is not found to be slanderes, or insight violance. So no matter how far in the tank the media wants to be for the liberals, or even if it was the other way around I don't know that there is much that we can do about it.

    This also brings up the point that has been talked about a lot by the Readio comentators and that is the fairness doctorine? Does any one have info on the origins of this and who is supportive of this legislation, and if the current memebrs of the supream court would allow it to stand?
  • Obama08'
    The GOP stands at a crossroads. Republicans can pretend that nothing has really changed, that this is still a "center-right" nation, and that only an ill-timed economic meltdown cost them the White House. This means leaving their party in the hands of the "movement conservatives" who have dominated the GOP for decades: the demagogues of reaction and resentment, the Christian rightists, the "values" voters, the anti-tax, anti-government zealots, the nativists, anti-rationalists and anti-secularists. The culmination of this approach would be to nominate Sarah Palin as their presidential candidate in 2016. Or they can move to the center, accept that progressive taxation is not just necessary to run a country but that it is a legitimate part of the social contract, accept that markets need some regulation, and try to reach out to all Americans, not just their base.
  • Russell
    How much more to the center than John McCain can we possibly get??
    Goodness, the man is a liberal for crying out loud!!!
  • Tony
    How can anyone consider voting for someone who's name so closely resembles Iraq Hussein Osama, and when combined with running mate could so easily spell Ob(s)ama Bi(n) (La)den?  He will bring home troops too quickly causing us to face criticism for abandoning those that need our protection and help in the Middle East.  Also making us vulnerable to another 911 probably within the first year.  Support our troops and realize that there has not been a draft.  Those serving our country are doing it voluntarily and knowing there is a war going on.  Their main interest is our safety because some of us still remember.
  • David W. Walters
    "A Journalist"?
    Really?  Isn;t this woman the wife of a Republican media strategist?
    Billy, that would make her a hack....right?
  • JarrodM
    Please this coming from the man who says that associations don't matter ie Ayers, Wright and all the rest. Make up your mind David do they matter or don't they. Do we judge a person for who they are or for who they know?
  • David W. Walters
    JarrodM...i guess associations matter to some degree.  Obama's past association with an anti-war activist seems to bother you.   McCain's association with an unrepentant terrorist and convicted felon (G. Gordon Liddy)  could bother other people as well....who knows?
    It sure seemed to bother McCain when David Letterman brought it up, huh?
  • JarrodM
    David you are a fucking idiot if you think that Ayers was nothing more then a war protester. He BOMBED the pentagon NYC police stations and other locations. That is not a war protester, that is a terrorist and he should have died just like the rest of the terrorist should die. Gorden Libby was far from being a terrorist, he is a felon, and no I do not like the fact that McCain associated with him, but then again I don't much like McCain so neither of them where right.

    The difference is that you can not bring your self to admit that you are going to vote for some one that was friends with a known terrorist.
  • David W. Walters
    Jarrod....i am sure you are far more knowledgeable about what Bill Ayers did and why he did it.  But I do know this- just because a conviction wasn't made against him doesn't disprove his intent to end a war that was genocidal in proportions. His methods were violent, but but so was the war in Southeast Asia.  That war was "A Bright Shining Lie".  So is the Iraq war....
  • JarrodM
    I never thought I would see it, but a former soldier has just made a justification for terrorism against the US.
  • David W. Walters
    It is a patriotic duty to oppose illegal and unjust wars.  Ever heard of "Vietnam Vets Against the War"?
    Here are some hero's for ya.....
    The film "Soldiers of Conscience"
  • David W. Walters
    Oh, good night!
    It's time to make love, Not war!
  • JarrodM
    David that would be like justifying killing some one who took office because a person felt that they where say a socialist. the end does not justify the means. But there is a line and Ayers and many crossed it during that time.

    Just remember that in a communist society you don't get the right to protest.
  • toe
    Are you planning on moving to a "communist society", Jarrod?  Where shall we forward your mail?
  • toe
    another day of "Joe" the (not a) plumber...
    A McCain supporter asked if "a vote for Obama is a vote for the death of Israel."  JTP hardly batted an eye.
    "I'll go ahead and agree with you on that," Wurzelbacher said.
    Hey Jarrod, pay attention...
     five minutes with Joe The Plumber had Shepard Smith so frustrated that the Fox anchor felt compelled to issue a disclaimer, immediately following the segment, pushing back on any notion that Obama would mean the "death of Israel," saying: "I just want to make this 100 percent perfectly clear -- Barack Obama has said repeatedly and demonstrated repeatedly that Israel will always be a friend of the United States, no matter what happens once he becomes President of the United States. His words." Smith later added, "The rest of it -- man...some things -- it just gets frightening sometimes. We'll be right back."
  • Russell

    I just don't understand why Joe upsets you people soooo much. Why??? He is one guy who asked a question. He wasn't a plant, wasn't trying to hurt anybody's feelings. Why do you attack him so? Is it because his question caused the infallible one to pull a Biden and say something he would have been better off keeping under wraps? Does it frustrate you to know that a simple plumber might have asked the question that keeps Barack the wealth spreader from the White House??

    And btw--His middle name is Joseph. I know lots of people who go by their middle name. I submit if we aren't allowed to speak Barack's (Hussein), then we should be able to let a guy call himself by his if he chooses. And newsflash for ya, you don't need a license to be a plumber if you work for someone who has one. So he is a plumber and his name is Joe.

    This is a great example of what is wrong with progressive tax policy and spreading the wealth. Liberals want to punish people for trying to improve their station. Maybe he doesn't have the money to purchase the business, maybe he never will. But the man has a dream and a goal. A dream to improve his life and make a better future for his children. A dream of being something more. Millions of americans have this same dream, this desire, this goal. And Barack the wealth spreader wants to squash those dreams all to make his huge government that regulates everybody's life come to pass.  He is power hungry. He wants to be the savior of the people, wants them to look at him with reverence and awe. The poor guy doesn't think enough about the future to know that if elected he will be the catalyst of something much much worse with his policys and trillions of new spending.
  • harrysmom
    Russel- whenever we don't like the message, we blame the messenger.  I've been watching CNN all this week and they play entire speeches from both McCain and Palin.  We are lucky if we get a sound bite from Biden and the Obama speeches are run for about 5-10 minutes.  I'm thinking they are in the tank for McCain, but it's possible that they are trying to create a competitive race.  I won't lie that the media manipulates the elections, but I don't particularly see it being biased- they just want competition so they can ramp up their viewership.

    Now, do certain journalists favor a particular point of view?  Of course!  Do the majority of journalists favor Obama?  Yes.  Why?  I think it has to do with the fact that that there is a direct correlation between education and liberalness.  

    The Chronicle of Higher Education released the results of a study of dollars donated from University employees across the country by candidate this week.  Donations to Obama from college professors is 5-1 to Obama.   The same goes for college students.  

    Since most journalists are highly educated and informed people, I attribute their "being in the tank for Obama" to this.  We know that conservative voters come from the ranks of the extremely wealthy, and the lower classes that lack the critical thought processes to make a decision that actually benefits them.  Highly informed people possess the academic skills that inform their public choices.

    You can call me an elitist, because I am and I'm okay with that.  It's something I've worked hard to achieve.  You see, I am the part of the American dream, and I've worked hard to gain the perspective that I have.  

    I'm just giving you a little straight talk.
  • Russell
    Harrysmom said "We know that conservative voters come from the ranks of the extremely wealthy, and the lower classes that lack the critical thought processes to make a decision that actually benefits them.  Highly informed people possess the academic skills that inform their public choices."
    Really??? Well. I am not even close to wealthy, so apparently I "lack the critical thought processes to make a decision that actually benefits" me.
    It is hard to sugarcoat this so I am just going to come right out and say it, in my finest idiot speak, that is the dumbest bunch of malarkey I ever did hear. I know a lot of people like you, used to debate people like you in college, very intelligent people who are very well read but lack one iota of common sense. People who are taught (or indoctrinated with) these "thought processes" by equally idiotic professors (no offense). I consider myself extremely lucky to have enough common sense to not lump myself in your little groups.

    You are absolutely right about two points however, you are also part of the American dream, and you are an elitist. However you are welcome to be anything you wish, a by-product of the American dream.

    Now, you make the claim that there is a direct correlation between education and liberalness. Okay. I submit to you that there is a direct correlation between liberalness and Godlessness. That is what I attribute their “being in the tank for Obama.” Most liberals don’t believe in God and they need something to fill that void in their lives. Enter Obama, smooth talker, promising a new day and a new breed of politics along with infanticide and super high taxes for all those God people. What’s not to love??
    I have no problem being one of those ignorant low-class poor God loving conservative people. I have worked hard to gain that perspective. 

     Just a little straight talk.
  • Joe the Bummer
    Look how she went off on McCain when interviewing him. Talk about tough questions.
  • JarrodM
    Harrysmom said "We know that conservative voters come from the ranks of the extremely wealthy, and the lower classes that lack the critical thought processes to make a decision that actually benefits them.  Highly informed people possess the academic skills that inform their public choices."

    I'm assuming when you mean lower class that you are talking about those that are on welfare. MMMMM the only problem with that is that these are exactly the people who continue to vote for liberals so they can continue to get their check. These are the people that are bought and paid for by the liberals, and are stuck in this situation because of liberal social programs.
  • harrysmom
    Russell, I have no problem with being a God fearing, educated, elitist.  I don't look down on people- I work like hell to help people.  And I'm deeply devoted to my faith-thankyouverymuch.  

    You said that I was right about liberalness being close to Godliness, and you know that's not what I said.  I said that liberalness is closer to higher education.  This is simply a fact that is supported by all of the empirical data that exists on the subject.  

    Basically, accusing the media of being totally skewed to Obama does display a lack of critical thought- because most of them do give a good deal of fairness to both sides.  I was nonplus when Cafferty railed Palin for her Couric performance because that's simply outside of his ethos, but I guess she deserved it.

    I'm so tired of people accusing the media of being liberal though.  It just makes them look ignorant- so forgive me if I assume they are.

    Just some more straight talk.  :)
  • harrysmom
    Jarrod, you assume wrong.  Lower classes represent the 50% of the country that possesses 13% of the wealth; average household income of $36000 per year.  That's who I mean.  

    Just an FYI: less than .07% of the country utilizes welfare in any given month, and the average length of welfare usage is 3 months.  

    Again, Jarrod and Russell- these are the kinds of tidbits that an education affords you.  When you have the information to think outside of the McCain/Palin box, it's amazing what you can do with it!
  • harrysmom
    Okay, wait a minute- Russell, I misread you- I thought you wrote that there is a correlation between liberalness and Godliness (in a sarcastic way).  Sorry, I misread you.

    You were saying that you agreed with me that liberalness=higher education and that liberalness=Godlessness.  Well now that's just the most ignorant thing I've ever read on here.  So you are saying that education=Godlessness?  God forgive you.  Seriously.
  • David W. Walters
    Russell (#30) makes the observation....

    "I submit to you that there is a direct correlation between liberalness and Godlessness. That is what I attribute their “being in the tank for Obama.” Most liberals don’t believe in God and they need something to fill that void in their lives."

    In my case, "godlessness" comes from staying at the Raleigh Rescue Mission......a Baptist organization that i was sent to by the Veterans Hospital in Durham N.C.  (as part of the "Faith Based Initiative" of "W's")
    Almost four years later i remember i was told i could NOT leave the campus to vote (i guess they knew i wouldn't vote for "W").......
    So in my case there is correlation between Baptist & godlessness!
    I tried to read the bible (which i did....cover to cover), yet in spit of that, it was the small minded hypocrisy that has "turned" me in to a Dawkinist Atheist.

    Be sure to tune in tonight to Barack!
  • Fighting4AmericasSurvival
    If both sides would tell the whole truth then this country would not be so divided.  As it stands now Obama and McCain have lied. From what I see, the media is not doing their civic responsibility by reporting the details. They only report their opinion.  And their opinion is totally favoring BHO. Further, I see that McCain has told more of the full truth and BHO has told more half truths. WHY IS THAT?
  • David W. Walters
    "I see that McCain has told more of the full truth and BHO has told more half truths. WHY IS THAT?"

    -it's a presidential election
  • Fighting4AmericasSurvival
    So then, what this country really needs is for everyone to pass and re-certify their high school civics test BEFORE  a validated voter registration card is handed to them.  And create a system that requires this card in order to vote.

    Oh wait,  that would mean that a divided country needs to be bi-partisan to pass a law that is good for the country.

    This will not happen in my lifetime.  There is more political hate than racial hate in this country.
  • David W. Walters
    "So then, what this country really needs is for everyone to pass and re-certify their high school civics test BEFORE  a validated voter registration card is handed to them.  And create a system that requires this card in order to vote."
    OK.....sounds OK, but then the curriculum become politicized,
    and this sounds a lot like a violation of the 1965 Voting Rights Act....
  • harrysmom
    Russell, let's talk about God for a minute (this is bugging me).  I have deep faith in my Christian beliefs.  In my belief, Jesus was born into lowly conditions and walked the land as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER in order to give us an example of how to live in the image that God intended.  Love people- help your neighbor- work collectively.  In my estimation, Jesus was a communist!

    And now, millions of Christians are voting against Obama because Palin (the wingnut) is calling him 'socialist' and that just makes no sense!  

    You see, the schism between us is not just political, it's theological- and we both have freedom to practice our faith as we want in America.  That's the beauty of the Constitution.  

    I understand that many feel their faith so strongly that they use it to guide their political decisions.  My faith is why I voted for Obama (early).  But it is also exactly why we must have leaders who keep religion out of government.  We all come to our faith in our own way.
  • Titus Hunt
    Liberalness is closer to higher education?  I think that is true on one level but not on others.  I think a lot of liberals are in education.  The ones i have spoken with in the educational field through the years make me laugh.  they don't seem to process things well but think they do.  they think they are so intelligent and all you have to do is ask them.  they can only think from an educational standpoint because that is mostly all they know.  time and time again i have to point out that money is not infinite and people have to have jobs in order to pay taxes.  therefore, job creation is a must.  of course, obama's plan of job creation is a joke because it won't create jobs now and it won't create the higher paying jobs necessary to help families.  in addition, poor people don't hire people.  businesses create jobs and will not do that unless the government is off their backs with taxes.  i don't care about the feelings and what people think about the subject because it is irrevelent.  companies have to make profits.  so businesses and people have to pay taxes in order for the education system to be funded.  if there are no jobs and corporate revenues and profits are reduced, the education system will get less money.  most educators are so shocked when i say that!  i'm just evil!  many large corporations give a lot of assistance to schools in the form of providing equipment and volunteers.  there seems to be a disconnect with the educators and how important businesses are to the community and to our children.  every teacher i've ever talked to (except for those who have had business experience) can't seem to understand this.  my son who is in college is disgusted everyday at the ignorance of the students.  he has said time after time, "mom, you would not believe how many people i talk to who don't understand any of the issues completely but yet they are going to vote for obama."  i've seen it too.  we both have asked students how the economic plans of both candidates will affect this country and the world.  every single time they change the subject after they realize they really don't know.  they say the reason they like obama is that he looks presidential and is an eloquent speaker.  yeah, their lack of knowledge is why they are voting for obama.  

    We may say that conservative votes come from the ranks of the extremely wealthy and lower classes that lack the critical thought processes to make a decision that actually benefits them.  
    I really don't know who "we" is and don't care about polls, statistics, etc.  However, i can say this is definitely not true.  i'm not extremely wealthy and neither is about everyone i know.  however, we are highly educated and work in the corporate world and as a prerequisite for our jobs, we have to understand the economy and the markets pretty well.  most are republicans and we make decisions on what is better for this country and are not always looking at ourselves and understand that obama will ruin this country with his economic plan.  that is intelligience.  when talking about politics, a lot of folks in my environment act as if they are offended if you don't already know they are republican.  they say "of course!"  the lower classes are looking at getting a check because 40% of them don't pay taxes.  not only have i heard folks say this, there are bloggers that say this too.  as a matter of fact they say "i can't wait until obama gets into office and sends me my check."  that is why they are voting for him.  so the lower classes know what benefits them and really don't care about anything else.  This is sad.
  • David W. Walters
    Titus writes:
    ".....................not only have i heard folks say this, there are bloggers that say this too.  as a matter of fact they say "i can't wait until obama gets into office and sends me my check."  that is why they are voting for him.  so the lower classes know what benefits them and really don't care about anything else.  This is sad. " it true that the average Fortune 500 CEO gets a $700,000 tax cut under the Bush Tax Cut that John McCain now supports (-but used to not support when he was running against W)?
    I don't know, i'm not highly educated......
    -Yet if it is true, it is kinda sad too, given the fact that when it (the tax cut) was instituted we weren't running such a deficit,
    and that in spite of this tax cut these "captains of industry" sure didn't lead us peasants into prosperity.
  • harrysmom
    Well, the 'we' are the polls titus hunt- and I guess if you don't care about polls, then that puts you into that 'undereducated' column because education requires a commitment to both participating in and contributing to a collective body of knowledge that can be critiqued and used to formulate decisions.  Some call it 'low information voting' and some call it 'ignorant,' - I vacillate depending on my mood.  However, much of what I read on here are opinions that result from knowledge and understanding that is limited to personal opinion and propaganda from a campaign that depends on your lack of knowledge, and that is sad.  It truly is.
  • Russell
    Harrysmom---#41--Yes yes yes!!!

    That is what I was looking for. You illustrated the point I was trying to make perfectly. You cannot take correlative data and use it to stereotype whole groups of people. Just as you can make ignorant correlations of conservatives, I and others can make equally ignorant correlations of liberals or anything else we choose. So, just saying, if it's good enough for you...... Course, according to you, I do "lack the critical thought processes to make an informed decision" so maybe I am wrong.
  • harrysmom
    Russell- yes yes yes!  That is what I was looking for!  Your pairing of education and godlessness displays a lack of critical think because the two don't pair up. One is based on scientific, empirical thinking and the other is based on experiential, intuitive you proved me right.  You lack critical thought processes, and that is what you, and most McSame supporters, base their decision to support him on.  Yes, you are wrong.
  • Russell
    You have got to be the dumbest smart person I have ever talked to.

  • Titus Hunt

    your comment:
    Well, the 'we' are the polls titus hunt- and I guess if you don't care about polls, then that puts you into that 'undereducated' column because education requires a commitment to both participating in and contributing to a collective body of knowledge that can be critiqued and used to formulate decisions.  Some call it 'low information voting' and some call it 'ignorant,' - I vacillate depending on my mood.  However, much of what I read on here are opinions that result from knowledge and understanding that is limited to personal opinion and propaganda from a campaign that depends on your lack of knowledge, and that is sad.  It truly is.  

    Well if you were as smart as you think and say you are, you would understand statistics enough to know polls can be skewed depending on where they are from and how the data is collected.  judgmental is a nice word for your attitude.  you are an example of what is wrong with America in that you have no respect for anyone and can't communicate in an adult manner.  You also communicate with this false sense of superiority.  if you were 16 years old, i would understand that maybe your parents are not around or haven't taught you to be respectful of others.  as an adult, there is no excuse.  they teach communication and professionalism in the schools i have attended.  "Some call it 'low information voting' and some call it 'ignorant'" and i call you all of the above.
  • harrysmom
    I didn't say that I was smart, but I did say that I come to the table with some knowledge under my belt.  However, Russell, I would honestly say the same of you.  Not dumb, because that's mean, but uninformed.  Again, if you don't like the message, you blame the messenger.  

    Titus, I'm well aware of the fact that the methodology used to collect the polls is flawed.  In fact, no methodology with without problem.  But I will point out that both campaigns have acknowledged the reality of the polls and admitted to their validity, to a point.  I am not going to settle until Wednesday morning- I will never take anything for granted based on polls.

    I'm sorry if you think that my approach is unprofessional and rude.  I didn't know that I was hired and paid for posting here and I didn't know that any of you were guests or hosts of mine at a social event.  Isn't this a blog post?  Isn't there a sense of honesty that might not be presented in polite company?  I know how to temper my opinions and I know how to be diplomatic with my Republican friends.  I just don't feel the impetus to do so here because I am disgusted by the proliferation of misinformation that is spewed here.  

    Call me what you want.  I have suffered through your presidential pick for the past 8 years- and if public opinion polls are at least pointed in the right direction, even you all have buyers remorse.  Do you honestly expect me to trust you with my credit card again?  I think not- and if I'm unprofessional and rude in delivering that opinion- too bad.
    John Donne wrote at the beginning of the 17th Century, "Reason is our soul's left hand, Faith her right."  Fear, however, can disrupt the easy balance between reason and faith-especially irrational fear of a kind less readily dispelled by reason.  WHEN FEAR CROWDS OUT REASON, many people feel a greater need for comforting certainty of ABSOLUTE FAITH.  AND they become more vulnerable to the appeals of secular leaders who profess absolute certainty in simplistic explanations portraying all problems as manifestations of the struggle between good and evil.  Throughout history, our innate fears of OTHERS-WHO-ARE-DIFFERENT-FROM-US has combined with some malignant dogma, masquerading as a message from GOD.  THIS DEADLY FORM of EXCLUSIVIST GROUP PASSION can be virtually invulnerable to reason.  SO it is as useful to demagogues who learn how to fan it and exploit it to consolidate power. 
  • erik jay
    Excuse me, uh, folks.

    How old are you people? Much of this sounds like what I'd expect to hear in a junior high school cafeteria. "Is so!" "Is not!" "Oh yeah?" "Yeah!"

    If misspellings disqualified posts, there would be half as many here. If critical thinking were enforced, another big chunk of verbiage would fall off into the ocean, or wherever it is that excess verbiage goes (perhaps into the same pile with all those missing socks).

    Don't get me wrong, I am not condescending. I hear plenty of you trying to get through to your apparent nemeses, and have encountered sharp, informed commentary from many points on the political spectrum. I leave it to you to separate wheat from chaff, according to your own biases.

    And that's how we do it, all of us. We all see through our own prisms. One thing that has helped me in the last ten years or so is to challenge my own preconceptions, and entertain contrarian thoughts. (They make great dinner guests.) I have changed my position on important issues as a result: on war, on the Iraq war specifically, on the death penalty, on televangelists, and so on.

    I occasionally post essays at, under the (current) banner, CAMPAIGN/DAMN PAIN 2008. I am usually too busy writing for a living to write for my spleen, if you know what I mean, but I am trying to find a balance.

    Oh, and the "junior high" comment? Shoot, I wish I was BACK in junior high, don't you? Life was so much simpler, we think, and even if it wasn't, who knew? So, no offense intended. There are a lot of smart folks yakking it up here. I wish I could visit more often!

    Thanks for the cortical stimulation, ladies and gents.
  • Titus Hunt
    I'm sorry I keep forgetting that my parents taught me to have a certain decorum with everyone regardless of where i am, who i'm speaking to or whether or not i'm getting paid because that is an indication of a person's true character.  everyone knows people who go to church one day and are nasty the next.  I choose not to be in that category whether I go to church or not.  I am also disgusted by the same subjects that you are but i happen to see them from another viewpoint and have strong opinions also.  

    I also suffered tremendously through the Clinton years but never blamed him for his policies that may have affected me.  I blamed myself for not being proactive and working harder to gain more skills to ensure my future.  i blame Bush for a lot of his bad decisions, but i also understand what he can control and what he cannot.  I have never mentioned whether i would get a tax cut or not under obama's plan and haven't even thought about it.  however, as we have seen the $ amount has changed three or four times in the last few days so we really don't know the threshold.  at the same time i understand that his plan will not be in the best interest of this country's future and people will see jobs declining at a faster rate than they are now.  i don't just look at my own situation because that would be selfish as there are so many other issues to consider for the good of our country.  I would rather have jobs created than lost for the good of everyone.  People are quick to blame others for their own issues.  Just know that i'm not saying anything about you specifically but would like to you realize that you don't need to be so quick to be nasty to those that have differing viewpoints from you.  it is definitely not productive.
  • erik jay
    Great post! Thanks. I didn't even think I rose to the level of "snarky," much less "nasty." I try to have fun and NOT insult people just on the basis of what I call a "lateral disagreement," a kind that is fairly well represented by your reply here. It is an exchange between people who have decided to consider one another peers, generally behave, and maintain some level of "decorum."

    I certainly have no corner on truth, especially any capital-T version of it. I don't mind what folks say or do as long as they don't initiate an act of force or fraud against me – that's from the old "oath" one had to sign when joining the Libertarian Party. (I don't know if new members still have to sign it; I am an LP dropout. I was already a member of a debating society. I guess I wasted dues for about 10 years.)

    Anyway, when I INTEND offense, it is rarely in public forums, and I can't think of what might irk me so much as to be truly unkind anyway. I don't live that way. I still take spiders out of the house and shoo flies. I won't give it all up now, but if you know people who use the word "mindfulness" a great deal, and try to practice it, you'll know what I mean.

    I appreciate your reply, honestly. And if I crossed your line -- you see, I believe in "your" line, not in "a" or "the" line -- it's because I didn't know where it was. Now that I do, I don't have to cross it, see?

    Caution: Adults at Play.

    Thanks again. There is a certain, well, kindness in your message that makes me rather, well, nostalgic! And to all a good night ...

    (One question about this forum and the posting "security" step: Is it ALWAYS "2 + 2"?)
  • Patrick Britton
    Great interview. Sadly it took this long and no one else has the fortitude to bring these types of questions to the table. That's how the media works. You saw what happened, the station got banned from any further interview. It's a warning from the Obama camp to anyone who angers them.
  • ML Smith
    Missing the Point

    Journalism in America has reached new heights of stupidity; imagine the uncanny insight required to articulate the fact that Obama is the first African American president in history...gee, I didn't know that. And of course all of the newspapers have jumped on the bandwagon, hyping Obama's election as a precursor to "change" in American politics and foreign policy.
    They have all missed the point by a country mile; apparently thinking that it will cost less to cover that mile now that this innovative, free thinking man of vision has ousted the status quo, managed for eight years by George W. Bush. What is the point that they all missed? Easy answer...Obama's victory was funded by the same people who have been running this nation for decades - the industrial complex that has literally trashed the ideals and beliefs upon which America was founded.
    The "experts" say that Obama's huge campaign fund came primarily from "the man in the street" simply because his contributions arrived in smaller parcels; implying that this was proof that the average American put up the greenbacks to get him elected. How much more naive can we get? Anyone with the know how and information to follow the paper trail of all of that money will find that Obama was funded by the biggest "Laundromat" scam in history. The dollars originated in one huge basket and were simply laundered in smaller batches. In comes one overflowing laundry basket and out goes a thousand smaller ones. A grand illusion; brilliantly conceived by American "big business" and foreign interests...all with an eye on the bottom line. Americans have yet to catch on to the fact their presidents are managed by those who manipulate the strings of our "puppet dictatorship." I use the term "brilliantly conceived" because industry recognized the illusory appeal of a black man running for obvious underdog with intellect, "new ideas" and the ability to articulate a mirage. Americans saw "change" and that is exactly what they will get...nickels and dimes. In the end, the cloth imprinted with pictures of past presidents will wind up in the same pockets...pockets already over-stuffed with cash...pockets that belong to those who regard America as nothing more than a profit making machine.
    That Obama is black and therefore regarded as a reflection of the interests of common Americans is convenient camouflage. Sure, he will get a few token bills through Congress, leading the people to believe that the "messiah" has finally arrived. Nonetheless, a wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf and as a result, nothing of any real and lasting substance will change. Yet we are stupid enough to think that a black man will overturn the power of racist, corporate America...a pipe dream; and those with any insight at all will wonder what it is that we are smoking in that pipe.
    Barrack Obama, a man of color, is just another actor in a long line of cosmetically palatable faces of corruption and greed.
    The bottom line? Well, for industry, it looks good. For the rest of us, we will continue to operate in the red. Only when Americans begin to "see" red will anything truly change, and when that happens, it will not be pretty. Everyone knows that you can only push a man so far before he explodes. Mass rage is not uncommon in history; it takes many shapes and can be manipulated in unthinkable ways. There is always a "Hitler" waiting in the wings, and I am quite sure that the next one is smiling right now.
    Say hello to your future, America. Barrack Obama will speed you there with some smooth talking vigor. And while you're embracing your new leader, say goodbye to your dreams. §
    PS. 2+2=5...right?
  • Rich
    To the one moaning that every fortune 500 CEO gets a $700,000 tax cut. Um, they already pay more in taxes in one year than you will make in your entire life, thanks to the libs penalizing society's best and brightest. Throwing them a bone as a "thanks for being a genius and a captain of capitalism, the principle our country is founded on but that Obama wants taken away" is not such a bad thing. Their tax bracket already has to pay 60% of the taxes because minorities, a.k.a special-interests groups, complained they are too burdened. Maybe get an education or stop having kids?
  • davidwwalters
    Thank you for the elitist commentary, you "genius and captain of capitalism"!  Now get back to work so you can pay your taxes and take care of my broke ass!  Remember, without my backbreaking effort, you'd not get a chance to work your magic!
  • ML Smith

    What in God's name gave you the idea that these poor CEO's actually pay 60% of their income to taxes? Do you have a direct line to the IRS collections data system? There are enough tax loopholes available to the wealthy that you could drive the state of Texas through any one of them...and as far as the CEO's are concerned, collectively they have driven a stake through this country's economy.

    You have a great idea there, however. Let's see it enforced. I can see the world news headlines now...

    United States to sterilize all men and women of child bearing age who belong to "Special Interest Groups." Now that's Capitalism!
  • ML Smith
    To Rich again,

    I finally realized what it was that caused me to respond as I did to your comment, and I realize now that I completely missed the point. I will try to make up for that here.

    As someone that implies a certain knowledge of "what this country is founded on" you are a bona fide ignoramus. America was not founded on or by captains of capitalism, or on "throwing bones" to those who pay more taxes in a year than I will ever make in a lifetime. Our country was founded upon clearly worded principles of democracy; one of which states that even a jerk-off like you can speak what little he has of a mind.

    Furthermore, someone in the 60% tax bracket who earns $30 million a year comes away with $12,000,000 after taxes, not counting what he has salted away in trusts, offshore accounts and creatively bottom-lined investments. The only reason he earns $30 million to begin with is that people like me are able to spend more because of the taxes he pays, and the "special interest groups" that have too many children actually enhance his ability to make even more money. In case you didn't know this, population does the spending, and welfare dollars spent are dollars your "genius of capitalism" wants.

    I don't think you are in any 60% tax bracket, anyway. You're too stupid to make that much money. Stop wasting your time cluttering up this site with your idiocy and make sure you deliver the mail to the correct address.
  • davidwwalters
    <<America was not founded on or by captains of capitalism, or on "throwing bones" to those who pay more taxes in a year than I will ever make in a lifetime. Our country was founded upon clearly worded principles of democracy; one of which states that even a jerk-off like you can speak what little he has of a mind.>>
    -Well put, my friend!
    I was angered to a small degree by the elitist ramblings of "Richie Rich"....i see this attitude among some that believe this nation "owes" the "captains of industry" something.  Isn't their right to make a profit enough?
    So Rich, pay your taxes quietly, knowing you have the best workers to do your dirty work(so you can have those long lunches....or afternoons golfing.....or what ever it is you do when you're gone from the office all afternoon).
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