Sign the Petition: Ask L.A. Times to Release Alleged Khalidi Tape!

October 27th, 2008 Billy Hallowell

My Fellow Americans:

Why is the LA Times suppressing a video tape that allegedly shows Barack Obama at a party with — you guessed it — questionable attendees (i.e. Bill Ayers, Rashid Khalidi and others)?  Americans want the truth.  One of the most important elections of our time is only one week away and there is still so much being left unsaid.  With this in mind, this petition respectfully asks the Los Angeles Times to release the aformentioned tape that may shed further light on Barack Obama’s associations.  After all, if there is nothing to hide, then releasing the tape is harmless, right?

The tape in question contains footage of Barack Obama at a goodbye “bash” for “…Rashid Khalidi, an internationally known scholar, critic of Israel and advocate for Palestinian rights, who was leaving town for a job in New York…” (Peter Wallsten, LA Times).

Andrew C. McCarthy rightfully asks, “Why is the Los Angeles Times sitting on a videotape of the 2003 farewell bash in Chicago at which Barack Obama lavished praise on the guest of honor, Rashid Khalidi — former mouthpiece for master terrorist Yasser Arafat?”

According to sources, aside from praising Khalidi, Obama hinted at frequent dinner-table discussions with Khalidi and his wife, while event speakers and attendees bashed Israel.  Perhaps most disturbingly, former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers (also an alleged attendee) and Rashid Khalidi are apparently best friends, which provides yet another connection in the endless chain of questionable associations.
If you want a more in-depth analysis of the situation, be sure to check out Andrew C. McCarthy’s piece entitled, “The L.A. Times Suppresses Obama’s Khalidi Bash Tape” (National Review Online).

Please sign this petition and send it to as many friends, family members and associates as you possibly can.  Visit my web site, as I will be covering this story throughout the week.

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  • harrysmom
    hahahahah- UC- this is ridiculous.  Haven't you figured out that this "fear card" strategy isn't working?  

    I would argue that some of the posters on here are "questionable" but that doesn't mean that you are unfit to run a blog!  Get real and give it up.
  • toe
    Obama: “I Do Know” Khalidi But “He Is Not One Of My Advisors;” “We Gotta Be Careful About Guilt By Association.”
    Obama said,
     “You mentioned Rashid Khalidi, who’s a professor at Columbia…I do know him because I taught at the University of Chicago. And he is Palestinian. And I do know him and I have had conversations. He is not one of my advisors; he’s not one of my foreign policy people. His kids went to the Lab school where my kids go as well. He is a respected scholar, although he vehemently disagrees with a lot of Israel’s policy…To pluck out one person who I know and who I’ve had a conversation with who has very different views than 900 of my friends and then to suggest that somehow that shows that maybe I’m not sufficiently pro-Israel, I think, is a very problematic stand to take…So we gotta be careful about guilt by association.” [ABC News, 5/22/08]

    (more divisive tactics from a divided republican party.
    what else is new?... have you ever done or said anything constructive, Billy?   anything at all? )
  • toe
    How sad for many of you here who sit behind your closed windows and minds,  afraid to interact with those of whom hold a view different from your own. 
    I would ask those of you tugging constantly on the rope to divide this nation, what purpose does this serve? 
    We have seen throughout this campaign, the seemingly endless barrage of smear home-made videos, vicious lie and fear filled emails, partial quotations twisted and then attributed to individuals, guilt by association, race-baiting, fear mongering, hate speech, vile, abusive, and violent words from those in line to attend a McCain/Palin rally.  
    Many of you participating in this claim to be Christian.
    No you're not. 
    You are not anything even close to living the words of that religion which you claim as yours. 

    You claim to be patriots of the first order. 
    No you're not. 
    You selectively point at certain rights you claim to be yours, but turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those who would dare exercise their own rights.  You call them "traitors". You call them "un-American". You call them "God-less" . You call them every derogatory name you can find as it suits your bigoted purpose and motives.

     Overwhelming numbers  of Americans have stood up and said: "Enough!" 
    Enough of your do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do attitudes.
    Enough of the selfish ideology that pit class against class.
    Enough of your back-door bigotry - both religious and racial.
    Enough of your self-righteous "moral majority" hypocrisy.
    Enough of your war mongering.

    Enough of your fear mongering.

    Enough of your theft and deceit.

    Enough of your "the end justifies the means".
    Enough of your "my God's better than your God" chants.
    Next week, the American people, in overwhelming numbers, will, in no uncertain terms, will say: "Enough!"
  • Joshua Moran
    Sorry but if Obama has multiple associations with domestic terrorists, radical educators, and slumlords there has to be something to it period. It's probably much too late to make an impact but hopefully people wake up on November 4.
  • toe
    the "something" as you say- is that we are not all the same.
    the point of Obama's campaign is to rejoice in our differences but unite as a people,  as Americans. 
    I would bet everything that I own that you drive the roads, ride the bus, shop the stores, attend your church, or walk the sidewalk with any number of people that do not share your view on things political and/or religious.  What do you think we should "do" to these people, Joshua? 
    What is your criteria for being a "true" American?
    Who died and made you the "Thought King"?
  • Joshua Moran
    My response had no implications of controlling thought at all. Also I never said Obama was not a true American. I simply state that having the privilege of being the President of the United States comes with scrutiny of any relationships as it should.

    I have no problem with people differing in opinion at all, I do have a problem with voting with your emotions alone. I personally do not feel secure with either candidate but I cannot vote for a President who wants to reinstate partial birth abortions, believes in a spread the wealth, socialist-type government, and has some pretty radical associations.

    I also expressed my opinion freely regarding my opinion alone and did not attack your comment, yet you came here to call me the "Thought King" in pure sarcasm of course.

    By"something" I meant plainly "it's not good."
  • David
    Let's say that Charles Manson was let out of jail and I started "hanging" around with him. Was at his house for dinner, worked together, he donated money to a campaign I was involved with and someone ask me about it and I said that "oh, he is just a guy who lives in my neighborhood". What would you say to me if I said"  "I was only 10 years old when he killed all those people". Does that make my relationship with him okay? Don't think so!  Also when Obama said that he did not know that Revrend Wright was a radical preacher, either Obama is naive, stupid, or lying. I'm think he is lying. Don't you?
  • Russell

    True that. He is absolutely 100% lying. His campaign is built on lies. And people like toe-bama don't want the truth and want to make everyone else out to be evil for wanting the truth. Toe-bama, I'm not buying your crap. I have no problem with people different than me, as long as those people don't engage in activities that harm others. You would actually sit there and try to say that Hussein's associations with known and unrepentant terrorists is the same as walking down the street with someone who likes bologna instead of ham??? You are waaaay out there and grasping at straws. Yes, what you call excercising your own rights by bombing police stations I call traitorous and unamerican. If you want to make your bed with those people, please do so. But you have no right to sit on your little high-horse of "hope and change" and call anyone else unamerican. What you call fear mongering I call making sure we don't get a domestic terroritst as a member of the Hussein cabinet. Enough is right, enough of Obama!
  • toe
    Obama is in favor of the exact tax structure that McCain favors- a progressive tax.
    Taxes,  by their very nature, re-distribute the wealth. 
    Does this make McCain a socialist?  why not?
    McCain even stated that the favoritism of the wealthy via extra tax cuts is unfair to the middle class before he favored the base of conservatives that would benefit and would donate to his campaign. 
    Does the fact that McCain has current and RECENT associations with known felons  G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Keating, among others enter into your head...or do "associations" only apply to "certain people".?
    Does YOUR God trump all other Gods and YOUR church trump all other churches? How do you justify your hate and bigotry?
    Just what is your REAL problem?  Go ahead- say it.

    Russell, you weren't around during the 60's- you have no clue what went on politically or socially.   Bush has made certain that the American public would not see flag draped coffins coming home.  No filming of funerals.
    This did not happen in the 60's.  War was brought into our living rooms on a daily basis.
  • JarrodM

      You know the more and more that I read your post the more and more you make me sick. The question is how do you live with your self? As much as I disagree with David W, at least he can have an honest conversation. I'm not sure who lies more you or BO. His campaign is nothing but lie's and half truths, and you do the exact same.

    he is not one of my advisors. No one asked if he was one of his advisors. The real question is how can you look the American people in the eye and tell them that while you have a lot of friends that are Anti-American, you want us to vote you in as our president.

    No Obama has not bombed any buildings, or preached about hate. But he has embraced people who has, and only when the heat was on, has he distanced himself from these people.

    Another thing Toe, a person who does not like BO does not make them a racist such as you have implicated here. Being a conservative does not make one a racist.

    You maybe much more elegent in your speak then I, and you might be able to lie your way out of any situation, but that still does not mean your not an idiot.
  • Russell

    Even though it won't work and I'll probably wind up regretting this decision, let me try to help you. Toe said:
    Taxes,  by their very nature, re-distribute the wealth. Ummmm, no. Maybe if you don't think about it too hard or say it really fast, but not so much. You should help me with that concept, cause I am having a really hard time with that. We (at least those of us who work) pay taxes to the government. The government then in turn takes that money and pays organizations (social, protective, construction, etc…) This is not redistribution but payment for services rendered. You can’t even really claim that the Bush tax cuts were redistributive since the money (stimulus) only went to those people who paid taxes in the first place. Can’t be redistribution if it is money you paid in that is given back to you. The redistribution comes from Barack the wealth spreaders plan to take money from the top income earners (which btw the top 25% pay 86% of all federal income taxes, the top 50% pay 97%, but that is neither here nor there) and give it to people who pay no taxes at all. That is WELFARE, a handout, a gimme, a cherry on top.
    I will be honest and say that at least in the very near future, my situation would benefit from the tax plan of Barack the wealth spreader. But the damage caused would be catastrophic. I would get a tax cut under his plan, but the person who owns the small business I am currently employed at would get a hefty tax increase. Now, while there are a lot of gross dollars, there isn’t much profit, as operating a small business from day to day takes money. That means that my employer, in order to afford his new tax bracket, would have to do one of two things.
    1)     Pass that increase along to the consumers in the form of higher taxes.
    2)     Cut wages and lay off employees.
    Now, we could try number 1. In a booming economy I submit to you that would be the only way to go. However, in the face of the recent economic problems our country faces, employing the first strategy may very well prove to be futile. If consumers have little or no money to purchase the widgets we offer, that in and of itself leads us into wage decreases and layoffs.
    I realize for someone like yourself this is gonna be really hard to understand, but I am gonna say it anyway. If we tax the rich until they are the poor, who is gonna pay for the billions of dollars of new spending???
    Oh, that’s right. The very middle class Barack the wealth spreader claims to be a proponent of.
    Change???  Yes it definitely would be.
  • Russell
    And just one other thing. I was not around in the 60's, you are absolutely right, but don't for one second think I don't understand the cost. I have two brothers in Iraq right this very moment. THEY know what they are fighting for. THEY are proud of this country and proud to serve keeping the rest of us safe, and I am very proud of them in return. All men and women who serve in uniform (yes, even those in Iraq) sacrifice every day to make sure that my 10 year old daughter doesn't have to go through a 9-11 style attack on this country. They sacrifice every day, giving all they have to give, and Barack the wealth spreader pals around with terrorists who bomb buildings and try to kill the very people who are protecting our rights. Fit for command??? Not even close.
    I know, I know, now comes your speech about how "Bush lied, kids died". It must really chafe to know now that in 2003 the US military found over 55 tons of yellowcake uranium a few miles south of Baghdad. Talk about Bush all you want, but he put up with years of people bashing him and calling him a liar and baby killer to keep this story under wraps so the WMD's wouldn't be stolen and more soldiers wouldn't have to die to protect the cache. Bush listened to years of crap from people like you and never once gave in to save face. I notice that story has been missing the last few months since it was released to the public. Is the "impartial" media that afraid of admitting they were wrong?? I also notice the "gentleman" Barack the wealth spreader can't admit it either. Fit for command??? I think not.
  • Geri
    Release them or you will be boycotted by consumers. Trust me, we have buying power that will crush you. There are too many of us, for you to withstand it. This is your one and only warning. You think Obama has a truth squad, you haven't seen anything.
  • Barb
  • BamaGirl
    Release the tapes!!  Do the right thing & let the American people decide.  They are smart enough to decide if they want Obama as president but they have every right to know who his friends are & where he really stands on issues.  Quit letting him hide behind your paper & do what a real paper should do right is report the facts.
  • Diane
    Release the tapes!  People need to know the truth!
    Show the world this creep in action!
  • David W. Walters
    Russell (#12)
    ....So you seriously believe that had weapons grade Uranium had been found in Iraq that Bush&Co. would not have been crowing about it?
    ......i have however read about yellowcake that had been noted by weapons inspectors after the 1st gulf war.  There was NO equipment found that could enhance this stuff, was there?
    So yeah, it is a stupid war started by a stupid man and supported by another stupid man.........(you know, the one who picked Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate!)
    So all you conservatives have is more smear.......nothing that will make this country better,  Maybe one day you guys will grow up!
  • JarrodM
    Yes David we are the ones that need to  grow up since we can not see past the stupidity of a war to free a people from a Dictator. Was the war ran correct no there where lots of mistakes made, but going to war was not a mistake.
  • Tankerton
    Toe, seriously man, (reference response #3 above), have some more Kool-Aid why don't are one friggin' walkin',  talkin', cliche'-spoutin',  fire-eyed lib.....Hey, here's an idea.  Why don't you try to come up with an original thought and then express it in an original manner....Chill man.  Hey, I have to go lynch me some butterflies and then wipe my carbon footprints on my liberal neighbor's carpet and then drive my SUV around until the globe heats up a bit.....Cuz I'm mean and don't care about anybody but myself.
  • Tankerton
    I don't believe anybody in the U.S. will have a chance to grow up too much more if  Obamarama gets the reins and reigns unfettered by a Dem Congress.
  • Tankerton
    David, unfortunately, no one will be growing much older with Obamarama at the reins and reigning unfettered by a dem congress.
  • David W. Walters
    Again Jarrod.....had there really been a story about the "yellowcake",
    it would have been trumpeted by the white house.  There were no WMD's, there was not processing equipment for turning those old barrels of yellow cake into anything approaching weapons grade material....
    and the war has been a Trillion Dollar Mistake (not to mention the dead for nothing 4,000+ Service Members)!
  • Dennis Mercadal
    Doesn't the country have a right to know what is on the tape? Release the Obama, Khalidi tape.
  • JarrodM
    Screw you David, some of them where good friends of mine, and they did die for a cause. It is to bad libs like yoou and Toe don't understand this. Freedom is not free no matter what country your trying to help bring it to. And now you all are trying to elect some one that wants to take them all away. Your an idiot.
  • JarrodM
    Yes Dennis this country has a right to know, but once BO get's in office we will no longer have a right to information, nor will we have a right to our money, nor will we have a right to guns or religion, or any of the rights we have.
  • David W. Walters
    or release these files
  • JarrodM
    O man David, your referenced the huffingtonpost. You are further down the left wing then I though possible.
  • David W. Walters
    sorry jarrod....the waste of good people for a lost cause.....just like Vietnam is hard to come to terms with.
    I can empathize with you and the emptiness you feel to know people who have sacrificed all......i felt the same at one time, but there comes a time when you have to face facts.
  • JarrodM
    No the fact is that because of the pull out in Vietnam 2 million people where slaughtered in the killing fields. 2 MILLION people. These are the people that you should feel sorry for, these are the people that where let down.

    War is not fun, and people die, many of them  very young. It would be nice to never have to go to war again, but the real fact is that people out there want to kill us, and they want to kill anyone that wants a little freedom.

    The only one I feel sorry for are the ignorant people among us like you David.

    You know maybe if you read some real history and got of huffington post for a while you would see the world around you.
  • David W. Walters
    So long should we have stayed in Vietnam?  Who and what were we fighting for in Vietnam? 
    Had we never brought an army of over 500,000 troops into Vietnam those deaths you speak of would have never occurred.  Nor the 58,000 names on that black wall would be etched on that cold stone.......
    So , now we will soon have to agonize over yet another memorial to the fallen in DC, all for nothing!
  • JarrodM
    Beginnings of Vietnam War
    You did not indicate which wars you are interested in. The Chinese had control over Vietnam, but in 939, they left and an independent Vietnam was created. In 1407, the Chinese regained control of the area. In 1427, the Chinese were driven out and another Vietnam nation was established. In 1861, the French seized control of Saigon and the rest of the south by 1867. They took control of the north by 1883. In 1940-41, the Japanese advanced into and took control of Northern and Southern French Indo-China, as France had been defeated by Germany at that time. It was during this period, that Ho Chi Minh, a Vietnamese Communist, returned to Vietnam from China and headed a Revolutionary League to regain independence for Vietnam. In 1945, he proclaimed the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. When the Allies defeated Japan in WWII, the British and Chinese accepted the surrender of the Japanese in Vietnam and the French re-entered the area and took over control again. On December 19, 1946, Vietminh forces attacked the French in Hanoi and the Indochina War--also known as the Vietminh War--began. US Involvement in Vietnam: In 1954, the Vietminh forces of Vietnam defeated the French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, and the nation was temporarily divided into two sections, north and south. The people of the south chose Ngo Dinh Diem as their ruler and Ho Chi Minh ruled the north. Diem refused to go along with the planned elections in 1956 to unite the nation so the Vietminh members in the south created the Viet Cong and the war between north and south for control of the country began. The government of South Vietnam requested military advisors from the United States to help train the South Vietnamese army. Ho Chi Minh was a communist and during the Cold War of the 1950s and 60s, the aim of the US government was containment of communist power and not to let it spread. The Eisenhower administration provided South Vietnam with money and advisors to help stop the threat of a North Vietnamese takeover. The United States also was pledged by treaty (SEATO) to aid the member nations in southeast Asia, if they were attacked by a foreign (communist) power. Following the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations, President Lyndon B. Johnson also believed in containment and the domino theory. If one nation falls to communism, the next nation will fall, and the next, etc. It became the aim of the Johnson administration to prevent a communist takeover in Southeast Asia. In August, 1964, President Johnson reported to the nation that American ships had been attacked by North Vietnam gunboats in the Gulf of Tonkin, in international waters. The Congress passed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution giving the President the power to use whatever force necessary to protect our interests in the area. At the time, the truth was not reported. << Rather than being on a routine patrol Aug. 2, the US destroyer Maddox was actually engaged in aggressive intelligence-gathering maneuvers � in sync with coordinated attacks on North Vietnam by the South Vietnamese navy and the Laotian air force.>>

  • David W. Walters
    i am referring to  John Paul Van's war that Neil Sheehan wrote about in his account of the disaster know as the Vietnam War....."A Bright Shining Lie"
    -read it again if you have the chance, but read it if you want to understand why we failed in that endeavor....
    I see you read a bit about it on Wiki, did they go into the part about Bill Donovan and Ho Chi Minh in WW2?
  • JarrodM
    Yes David I know all about how Ho Chi Min tried to get president Wilson to help him free Vietnam. But keep in mind that he was already a leader in the socialist party at the time, and moved to Communism shortly after. 

    Yes I have read up on this and I have read that implications that it was the US's fault for not taking him up on the offer. It is easy to arm chair QB these things, and not being at the treaty and not being a part of all of it makes it impossible to know if this was the right thing or not. I could have lead the us to war at the time, and it was just getting out of one.
  • toe
    During the 1990s, while he served as chairman of the International Republican Institute (IRI), McCain distributed several grants to the Palestinian research center co-founded by Khalidi, including one worth half a million dollars.

    Of course, there's seemingly nothing objectionable with McCain's organization helping a Palestinian group conduct research in the West Bank or Gaza. But it does suggest that McCain could have some of his own explaining to do as he tries to make hay out of Khalidi's ties to Obama.

    once again,  Jarrod- running off at the mouth without your brain in gear - your ignorance allows you to buy into any idiotic thing that comes along.  
    Billy boy here does not believe in research either.
    ...and Mr UC?   Anything that he finds that supports his point of view from any crackpot is fair game. 
    you people really take the cake.
  • JarrodM
    Toe why don't you go suck a big toe.

    It is funny that all these wacked out stories that you and David seem to find are all traced right back to the huffington post. Of course no other major news organization has found it and is reporting on it. One would think, that if it was such a find that it would have been reported on.
  • @Russell

    Toe-Bama .... haha love it man.  love it.
  • Russell
    David-- #17

    yeah, I believe it. But it doesn't matter what I believe because it is FACT. So your disbelief or my belief doesn't change anything. 55 metric tons. Oh, but that's right, you say there was no equipment to "enhance" the uranium. What was I thinking. That was probably just Hussein's private stash?? Just holding onto it for a friend??? One of these days gonna build a reactor??? Yeah.......
    Bush said nothing and put up with all that he did because he cares more about this country and it's future than looking good on the front page of the NY Times. I realize that may be a shocker to some.
    Was this the proper battlefield?? I don't know. We may never know. Would we have been attacked again if we weren't currently in Iraq?? We can't know the answer to that question. Have we been attacked since?? That one is easy, absolutely not.
  • David W. Walters
    "................................One of these days gonna build a reactor??? Yeah......."
    Russell....actually Saddam was building a reactor which was bombed by Israel.  (Glad they did it too!)
    FACT is.....this uranium you are speaking of is not, was not weapons grade, and Saddam did not have the means to make it so.
    There were many ways to deal with Saddam (and i'll add i am glad he's dead)......
    Going to war in Iraq was THE stupidest option for our nation to take.  And McCain was in favor of this option from the beginning, proving his lack of strategic and tactical judgment.
  • Russell
    "there were many ways to deal with Saddam.."

    yes, because the UN was doing a fantastic job. The security council is a world wide joke. They impose sanctions (which they can't and won't enforce) and beg. What were they going to do??? Slap the back of his hand with a ruler? The world was a different place after 9-11. Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, we know this because he used them on his own people. Is Iraq better off that when Saddam was in power? Yes. Are we better off? Yes. Are the american lives lost tragic? Absolutely without question. But if history has shown us anything, it is that you have to fight for freedom, because there is always somebody who would take it away.
  • JarrodM
    You know I seem to recall a story about some centrafuties that Iraq had smuggled in...

    Any way David, Saddam did this to himself. He wanted the world to believe that he ahd weapons of mass destruction, not to mention that he had used them. The UN was doing nothing about it, so the US steped in rightfully so. We can argue all day long about it. The bottom line is that Iraq is no longer a threat to the US directly or indirectly. The people of Iraq are starting to enjoy freedom, and with time, hopefully will enjoy the same types of freedoms that we enjoy here.

    The reason that you have such a hard time with this David, is that you do not see the world in the same light that some one like me sees it. I see Freedom as something worth fighting for, and not just for the citzens of the US. I see dealling with terrany as an obligation, not a choice.

    I see the US as a country that up untill after it slips into socilaism as a model for modern society where the people are free to persue happiness, and not be oppresed by their government. Where the obligation of the Government is to make sure that people interact on a legall basis and that is it, and that scope should be limited.

    You my friend have no faith in man, and you believe that man needs to be regulated, that it needs to be controled, and told what to do else it runs amuck. Your a sad individual David very sad.
  • Pam
  • David W. Walters
    39 & 40
    "Now comes Dick Armey, once House Majority Leader, who described a classified one-on-one briefing in the vice president's hideaway office in the U.S. Capitol where he says Vice President Dick Cheney went beyond that into outright deception."
    Washington Post reporter Barton Gellman wrote it, maybe Dick Armey denies saying it.....

    Yeah, lets release the tapes and waste our attention on an issue that has little bearing on our nation's future.
    We need to be talking about the Billions of dollars going down the Iraqi rat hole, and how this has impacted our economy.
    We need to talk about tax cuts for CEO's and how this adds to the huge deficit our nation has.....
  • researcher
    hey you neo cons on here

    guess who is responsible for funding this guy

    come on take a guess

    there has got to be a reason the repubs are so different when it comes to slime

    old soul new soul thing

    the end justifies the means to the repubs

    demos want to be loved the repubs want to war

    take your pick spineless or war mongering in this election

    demos or repubs

    the end of capitalism is near self destructing now right in front of us

    check out the bonuses the bankers will give  themselves with tax payers money

    got to love capitalism for workers and socialism for bankers and wall street

    suckers the rich gotcha again

    joe the plumber is the poster boy for a dumbed down america and loved by of all
    people the repubs
  • Ken
    The Navy should open John Mccain file so that we can get a better insight into the guy he murdered in '64 or let's have a round table about the character of someone who would cheat on and leave his crippled wife to have a rich trophy wife to advance his political. Or maybe lets ask the Sarah Barakuda about the AIP whom she address this year BTW they're anti American or why she was lied about having her named cleared of abusing power. Or let's discuss with Mccain in more open and honest terms about G. Gordon Liddy or palling around with Ted Steven for 26 years. When Mccain and Palin can be open and candid with American about their Anti America, terrorist, criminal and questional freinds then and only then should the LA times go against the will of their source. If neo cons spent as much investigating your own party as you do Obama you wouldn't getting your a$% kick in polls
  • Tankerton
    Ken, how you can equate those who wish to destroy our nation with those
    who certainly do not?  That is where your argument loses impact or depth of intellectual condideration....the insistence by you and those of like mind to make moral equivalencies from completely divergent infractions.  It's as if you really cannot make a distinction between jay walking and murder.  The "right" is trying to expose Obama as a  possible hater of America.  We have seen and met his pastor,  his "unproud" wife,  his building-bombing buddy from Chicago, and would love to see his evening schmoozing with the Palestinians.   These associations and relationships forged and maintained by Obama should reveal to ALL Americans a very troubling trend for at the very least HORRIBLE decision making...and at the very worst, evidence that America is about to elect an enemy of the State to its highest office.   Like 90% of libs to which I exchange ideas, you are blind to reality.  You are unable to see that which is in front of you, even if you trip on it.  You have locked your mind onto what you believe is true,
    regardless of the overwhelming evidence before you that you are wrong.
  • Titus Hunt
    if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck well maybe, just maybe........
    Toe: "more divisive tactics from a divided republican party.
    what else is new?"
    I like how both you and Obama who gave you the talking point both use racism code words as a defense against legit questions about Obama.

    Divisive? In case you forgot this is an election. We are SUPPOSED to see the DIFFERENCES between the candidates.

    Oh but you mean divisive as in "racists." It's racist to question Obama's relationship with former-terrorists, employees of terrorists, and terorist sympathizers?

    Request for information is racist? It's wrong?
    Toe: "Obama is in favor of the exact tax structure that McCain favors- a progressive tax. Taxes, by their very nature, re-distribute the wealth. 
    Does this make McCain a socialist?  why not?"

    **** We CURRENTLY HAVE a very progressive tax system.  The top 10% of earners pay 71% of all income taxes. The top 50% of earners pay 97% of all taxes! 35% pay no taxes at all.

    **** Thanks to Reagan conservatism actually you can thank your stars that Americans pay less taxes.  Lower taxes are great.

    **** Tax CUTS are great. But Obama is not proposing tax CUTS. He's proposing tax "rebates." That's Washington speak for the government taking money from hard working tax payers and PAYING people who can't earn anything. THAT'S government SPENDING not cutting. That's welfare. That's re-distribution of wealth.

    **** THAT'S the difference Toe.

    Toe: "Does the fact that McCain has current and RECENT associations with known felons  G. Gordon Liddy, Charles Keating, among others enter into your head...or do "associations" only apply to "certain people".?"

    1) *** I'd put G. Gordon and Keating up against Obama's former-terrorists, ex-terrorist employees, racists, current extremist radicals any day. The former are THEIVES, the latter are MURDERERS.

    2) *** McCain has OUTRIGHT called Keating a douchebag years ago. And even democrats had said that McCain didnt do anything wrong and that he was only pulled into the probe because they didnt want 100% of the accused to be Democrats.

    *** Obama HAS not called out Ayers and Khalidi because he still RESPECTS them and their ideas. Wright he fought for until he figured the only way he could win the presidency was to throw Wright under the bus.
  • toe
    interesting how you assume "divisive" to be racist.
    not at all my meaning.
    but it seems to be the first thing out of your mouth.  why is that?
    you have a info-challenged VP running around telling small communities that they are the "real americans"... this is not only factually incorrect- it is insulting and divisive.
    you have a dreadfully non-qualified candidate for VP who insists that Obama is "palling around with terrorists"...  non-factual, insulting, and divisive.
    you have a presidential candidate who, in fact, has never "been tested",  both of the GOP candidates have ethics problems dealing with conflicts of interest- and abuse of power.
    both incite hate- and division. mastering the questionable art of name-calling.
    Obama has been handed countless times the "opportunity"  to have joined in their mud slinging campaign - Obama's entire campaign has been to turn the page on this type of division that your candidates represent.
  • David
    Obama can't  prove citizenship. New ad to run. This could end the race NOW. "Help is on the way". Finally!!!!
  • Russell
    Toe-bama said "you have a dreadfully non-qualified candidate for VP"

    She is more qualified than your presidential candidate. Don't forget that important point.
    Toe-bama said "who insists that Obama is "palling around with terrorists"...  non-factual, insulting, and divisive."

    Ummm, where have you been?? Bill Ayers ring any bells??
    Toe-bama said "you have a presidential candidate who, in fact, has never "been tested", "

    What "test" has Barack the wealth spreader been through?? What has he done at all outside of vote present repeatedly pall around with terrorists?
    Toe-bama said "both of the GOP candidates have ethics problems dealing with conflicts of interest- and abuse of power.
    both incite hate- and division. mastering the questionable art of name-calling."

    Ummm, do you know anything about Barack's days in Chicago?? Ethics problems puts it very lightly. Incite hate & division?? That is what Barack the wealth spreader is doing to this country to get himself into office. It is all he has. Make them feel defeated and hopeless and then come along and preach a message of "change" without any substance.

    Toe-bama said "Obama has been handed countless times the "opportunity"  to have joined in their mud slinging campaign - Obama's entire campaign has been to turn the page on this type of division that your candidates represent"

    That one is too goofy to even respond to. I don't know what channel you watch on tv, but I have seen countless mud slinging commercials from your candidate. You know this, why do you insist on lying??
  • David

    Best read this right away. Obama can't prove his citizenship. New ads to run demanding he proves it.
  • neto


  • TODD
    Your future VP just got owned what a ding-bat, nailin palin,haha.
  • David W. Walters
    Obama can't prove his citizenship
    -(yeah, right David)......
    So we'll vote for a total ding bat.....
    -(thanx Todd)....the link was "edgy"
    <<You've been pranked by the "Masked Avengers"!>>
  • Olmhert
    Why are conservatives against Palanstenian rights? I mean they are humans too. To them Israel are terrorists, I mean Israel has done some really nasty things to them, they are not innocent. And when did conservative start caring about the Jews I thought all you racists hated them too?
  • David W. Walters
    olmhert...maybe the christians feel guilty for the centuries of christian violence perpetrated against the Jews....
  • David
    As for his citizenship why can't he just prove it. Pretty easy to do. They interviewed his grandmother in Kenya who said "I'm very proud of my Grandson. I was there the day he was born." Odd thing is that she has never left Kenya." Guess she is lying too.

    When are you people going to wake up and see that Mr. Nobama is nothing more than a modern day con man. God help America if he is elected.
  • toe
    other "David"-

    the birth certificate has been certified to be genuine and has been reported thus in every major news source as well as factcheck, politifact, snopes, and even the painfully conservative "world net daily".

    only crackpot websites, white supremist sites, and ignorant debunked emails state otherwise.  which is your favorite?
    let 2blue know- she's into crap like this- you could even join her website that she promotes here- but you have to be certified nuts first- oh, it looks like you are qualified already. congratulations!  enjoy.
  • Neto
    It is over boys and girls. Repubs are done!! Toast. So i guess all you white folk must be really scared that a black man is pres. Well turn out the lights and go home. This country is changing now!!
  • May 15th Prophecy
    My Republican Party has really been taking over by demons, instead of turning our face to God, we talk about bullshit like the "khalid Tape"

    Read the May 15th Prophecy and you will see exactly what is about to happen next!