Turdapalooza – And You Thought Hillary Was Unqualified!

December 26th, 2008 Urban Conservative

This is a repost from Kevin Jackson, the author of the Black Sphere; and I approve this message.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of yet another Kennedy entering politics, well like Chris Matthews said about Obama, “it just sent tingles up my leg”. After all, who better than a Kennedy can represent the “common man”? And when you get a Kennedy with such an impressive resume as Caroline Kennedy, well who wouldn’t be all goo goo ga ga?

First, consider her pedigree. She’s a fricking Kennedy for God’s sake. Qualification by proxy. Isn’t this how the senate seat in New York was filled last time? Hillary was qualified by proxy, because she was… the wife of Bill.

I know if a liberal’s neurosurgeon was unable to perform the operation, I would be ok with his/her spouse stepping in by proxy to operate. Bad example, because even a poor neurosurgeon could do no harm to the liberal mind.

For liberals, qualification by proxy is a necessity, when you have as little depth in the ranks as they have. This is why they are content to elect the unqualified, and to protect the completely tarnished, like Blagojevich.

Regardless of terrorist… excuse me, university professor associations, sealed records, and lack of any significant achievement in life, liberals are content to elect, or in this case appoint, any knucklehead with anti-America sentiment, or in the case of Ms. Kennedy, a Camelot pedigree.

But perhaps I am being hasty in my judgment of Ms. Kennedy? So let’s consider her record of, uh hmm, accomplishment:

Kennedy is a member of the New York and Washington, D.C. bar associations. She is also a member of the boards of directors of the Commission on Presidential Debates and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

She worked as a photographer’s assistant at the Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria.[12] In 1977, she became an intern at the New York Daily News, where according to People Magazine, “she sat on a bench alone for two hours the first day before other employees even said hello to her.” According to former News reporter Richard Licata, “Everyone was too scared.”[12]

Subsequently, she began work as a research assistant in the film and TV department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 1980, where she met her future husband, exhibit designer Edwin Schlossberg.[10]

Kennedy is an honorary chairman of the American Ballet Theatre.[14]

Kennedy is an attorney, writer, editor and serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations.

Sounds like Ms. Kennedy is just a half-step above community organizer? So I stand corrected…she is eminently qualified for the job of senator of New York, and in fact…president!

Like most notable liberals, she has accomplished nothing, except being a “carrier” of Kennedy genes. Outside of the Kennedy fortune, I see no other noteworthy qualities in these carriers of this gene. And Caroline bolsters my argument.

First, the fact that she has a law degree and isnt practicing law says a bit about her abi
lities in that career. Rumor is that she can’t even do pro bono. She can’t even give her legal services away! Next, photographer’s assistant, intern at a newspaper, and finally a research assistant at the Met. Amazing credentials, wouldn’t you say? But these jobs could come in handy in Congress.

Let’s see, research which government officials are subject to corruption. Take controversial pictures of various government officials during corrupt acts. Then extort government officials by threatening to sell the pictures and story to the newspaper. And you thought I wouldn’t connect the dots for you…
Liberals will never get it, as most are just simpletons. They like the idea of Camelot, and the idea of “royalty” governing them. And if royalty is not available, liberals are content to create royalty, i.e. “polish a turd, and call it art”…I submit William Jefferson Clinton. How else could a hick from Arkansas, one of the worst presidents of our time, still be the ruler of the Democratic party, even after leaving office?

And liberals will search the deep dark recesses of Africa, most recently Kenya, and find an ex-Muslim turd to polish (but keep a Clinton close for White supervision)…I submit Barack “Barry” Hussein Obama.

Finally, on rare occasion the stars align, and liberals can go to the archives. They pluck a turd from the museum archives, dust it off, and offer it as “Contemporary Art”…I submit Caroline Bouvier Kennedy. So in this case, the liberal governor of New York gets the opportunity to appoint royalty.

Here’s the wrap:

We are in the midst of “Turdapalooza”, so we have to make the best of it. However, eventually even the liberals can’t hold their noses from the stench of too many turds, and they will ultimately take a breath and notice the stench. You know, elitism, classism, racism, and all the “isms” they claim to protect, as they continue to practice them.

That’s my rant!

© 2008 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere All Rights Reserved

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The Gay Mafia: Prop 8, the Mormon Church and now Obama

December 18th, 2008 Black Conservative

I’m black and I didn’t vote for Obama. I disagree with is politics and think that some his past acquaintances are shady, but whatever.  I give the man credit though, especially for his decision to have Rick Warren, the senior pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California to deliver the invocation at his inauguration. Now he is getting heat from the gay community.  The president of Human Rights Campaign, Joe Solomonese, wrote to Obama Wednesday:

Your invitation to Reverend Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at your inauguration is a genuine blow to LGBT Americans. We feel a deep level of disrespect when one of architects and promoters of an anti-gay agenda is given the prominence and the pulpit of your historic nomination.

And so it begins folks. Over the next 6 months, more and more Obamamaniacs will soon realize that Obama is not as liberal as they want him to be (crossing my fingers and praying right now). I just don’t get why the gay mafia is so outraged. From the beginning, Obama has said that he “believes marriage is between a man and woman”. Did you really think that he would have selected Jeremiah Wright or better yet, a transsexual preacher wearing camouflage pants and a Code Pink sweater to appease both sides?

I really can’t wait for the protesting to begin so I can laugh, point fingers and think how stupid they are. Are they going to call for his resignation like they did for those who voted for Proposition 8? Are they going to set fire to the White House?  Or maybe declare a Jihad against all Christians and the so called “anti-gay”, intolerant, right wing nut cases? This is insanity at it’s best but it sure is fun to watch.

One love to Urban for allowing me to post! Thanks kid.

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Thank God I do not live in New York!

December 17th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Well, it’s probably just as bad as living here in San Francisco – surrounded by liberal ideology and insanity and all … but whatever.  Just today, Governor David Paterson proposed a $121 billion budget that affects New Yorkers with their iPods - and nickels-and-dimes them to death.

Trying to close a $15.4 billion budget gap, Paterson called for 88 new fees and a host of other taxes, including an “iPod tax” that taxes the sale of downloaded music and other “digitally delivered entertainment services.” Other taxable items include movie tickets, taxi rides, soda, beer, wine, cigars, massages, cable and satellite TV services and also removes the tax exemption for clothing costing less than $110.

Perhaps he should consider a tax for those who commit adultery too.  I’m just sayin’.

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Top Conservatives unite online using social media and twitter

December 8th, 2008 Urban Conservative

This is great news and I am hyped!  Conservatives are finally leveraging Web 2.0 - Social Media tools and applications to spread the conservative message; specifically with Twitter.  I have been on twitter for quite some time but didn’t use it very often because the lack of conversation. Well, a new group has risen — Top Conservatives On Twitter – that dynamically pulls in active conservative twitter profiles attempting to build community.  I did something similar to this when I created the Best Conservative Blogs directory last year, which is now featured in Wikipedia under conservatism.  According to the site:

This list was first placed on the web on November 28, 2008. In the short time since then, it has become a bit of a rallying point for conservatives on Twitter. I think all of us who are on the list can conceive of many additional ways to improve the list to strengthen and grow the conservative community on Twitter.

You must primarily tweet on conservative themes and cannot be merely a “campaign profile” “political office holder profile” or a “radio or television program or publication promotional profile” to be on this list. New participants are welcome. Just nominate someone you follow or yourself and show that you are primarily on Twitter as a conservative.

To put this list in context, you will note that the #100 most followed person on Twitter has 9,000 followers, so we have a lot of work to do!

Even the libs are noticing and taking notes.

To Build The Conservative Community on Twitter

  • Follow everyone on this list.
  • Make a point of tweeting conservatives on the list who you don’t know, but you think might be interesting.
  • Use the “#TCOT” tag before tweets you think might be of interest to the entire community.
  • Tell your conservative friends who are not on Twitter to join now.
  • Do something nice for someone on the list.
  • If someone follows you, follow them back.
  • Try to keep your following to follower ratio greater than 0.85 to 1. The point of a community is to engage in a dialogue. You can’t engage unless tweets flow two ways.
  • Follow the people who follow people on the list with whom you have much in common. Especially follow people on the list who are rapidly adding new followers, such as @pinkelephantpun and @nansen.
  • Volunteer to be a Project Servant-Leader or Team Member on a #TCOT Action Project
  • Propose and gain approval for a new #TCOT Action Project.

Top Conservatives on Twitter! #TCOT

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Home Invasion Video: Mormon’s getting bullied

December 3rd, 2008 Urban Conservative

This blasphemous anti-Proposition 8 ad really is flat-out scaremongering religious bigotry against the Mormon Church.  While I don’t agree with their doctrine, Mormons are by far the nicest people I have ever met and they hold true to their beliefs.  If the LDS church had produced an ad similar to this showing a gay couple barging into someone’s house stealing, seducing their children or demanding to see whether they voted for or against prop 8, it would be about on this same level of stupidity. I appreciate that one might oppose the LDS church, but making Mormons out to be a fascist Gestapo is beyond reality.  Would they do this to the Muslim community because I can tell you that Muslims are 100% more strict when it comes to homosexuality; which is punishable by death in some countries?

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