Geithner Confirmation: A Clear Message from Team Obama

January 26th, 2009 Jr Accountant

Hearing of Timothy Geithner’s confirmation today as U.S. Treasury Secretary despite his tax drama while with the IMF, I couldn’t help but feel as if Obama’s team (and his equally transfixed-by-fake-rockstarism Senate) very clearly intended to send a message to America: We are going to do whatever we want and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

There are still ignorant Americans bumbling along too distracted by their iPods and smartphones to realize that something insidious is at work in our country; Geithner’s confirmation only serves to clarify that point.

Who exactly is our new Treasury Secretary?

He is Dartmouth educated in government and Asian studies, pulled from the ranks of the Federal Reserve, and worst of all trained in the Robert Rubin school of economics. In case you are not aware (yes, I’m talking to you, stupid hipster bumbling around San Francisco too zoned out to realize you’re being ripped off by current Federal Reserve monetary policy), Rubin believes in greasing the dirtiest hands in corporate America; so long as he somehow makes off with part of the loot.

You may or may not know, then, that Geithner worked closely with Rubin to engineer the Citigroup fiasco. Remember? I’m glad that paid off so well.

In short, Geithner is exactly what this economy does not need. Money that has not even been created yet has been earmarked by both Geithner and Obama - with America continuously calling for stimulus. What don’t you get about inflation at this point?

Geithner, with his intimate knowledge of the inner-workings of the Federal Reserve (and more specifically, its ability to produce debt out of thin air), doesn’t care about your home or your job or your life.

Geithner’s confirmation as Treasury Secretary passed in the Senate today 60-34.

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  • maureen
    wah wah wah, no matter who he picks, you necons will bitch about it. Is this what we have to look forward to for the next 8 yrs?

  • Josh
    No just four years, since Obama will make such radical moves to the extreme left that moderates and conservatives will vote the other way if the Republicans nominate a decent candidate. The choices being made will slide us into a depression for sure and not just Obama's decisions, but Bush's bailouts as well (which was a heavily democrat supported bill). 

    If a business is tanking then let it tank otherwise we have a socialist economy that owns everything. I agree the Geithner confirmation was a clear message indeed.
  • Jr Accountant

    Before you go throwing around the "neocon" word, I might suggest doing a little research on what that exactly means. That would be the equivalent of me calling you a dirty liberal hippie just because you voted for Obama. Your ignorance is adorable. And Geithner is still a cheat, no matter what side of the line you're standing on.
  • shelly
    Clear message indeed. This Conservative is not whining though Maureen. I along with others are going to be getting my own house in order for the certeain socio-economical upheaval that WILL take place. You liberals must be having wet dreams at everything that is coming to fruition. LOL!!! Enjoy the ride while it lasts.
  • ML Smith
    Americans are in a collective stupor, and that has been obvious for years. Now that a black man is President, people are waking up...slowly and for the wrong reasons.

    When will the population realize that our democratic way of life disappeared years ago? When will people wake up to the fact that we continue to fight a war in Iraq and Afghanistan that has been lost for years? When will Americans stand up and demand what the Constitution says they deserve - the right to pursue happiness without fear and threats of reprisals from a corrupt system that logs you in as a subversive if you criticize the administration?

    Stop complaing, whiners. Do something.
  • Conservator
    Now is the time for conservatives to band together and fight this liberal socialist agenda. We need to put a stop to this and show these politicians that we will not stand for their attacks on our liberty and freedom.

    The politicans are not out to save our economy. They are trying to further their own power. If they cared about our economy they would never hire a tax cheat to run the IRS.

    It says a lot when Geithner would not pass the hiring qualifications to take a basic job with the IRS, but Obama has no problem with him running the whole show.
    Visit this site so we can join together and put an end to the socioengeneering plan of theirs.
  • Idaho Spud
    The greatest fiction novel ever written, soon to be released as a combined NBC, CBS, and ABC Primetime special. More compelling than "ROOTS", "LIQUIDATION'" tell the story how the Chicago Mob Plans and Executes the Takeover of the U.S.A., with the  help of foreign governents by Capturing the White House.

    Staring Satine Hussein as president, Lefty Joe Bidino, Lady Mugs Pellosi, UnGodfather Rahmbomel, Sticky Tiny Tim Geither, and a host of Chicago Underworld figures..A script so bold it will scare the crap right out of you!
    Wait!!! This ain't fiction!
  • shelly
    Reality is scarier than fiction AND funnier too!!!! To watch "Kill the babies" Pelosi try and justify her contaceptive bill as part of the economic stimulus had me in stiches. Then watching Geithner get sworn in, all I could do was lift my head to the sky, laugh and commend God and Jesus on their sense of humor. The lefties are so far removed from reality yet they are working so hard to bring the world to their version of reality. We conservatives MUST form together and stop this. we might be the minority in the Senate, but right now, we are not the monority in the world. Let's get it together people before it is too late.  Do we want every right, liberty and the pursuit of happiness taken away from us, under the guise of "good for the people"?
  • pleasehelp
    Stop supporting Dems.  Stop supporting Reps.  Both parties are corrupted beyond repair, continually throwing their corrupted ideas and actions into the faces of the American public...yet we continue to argue IN FAVOR of one or the other.  We continue to elect these corrupted multi-millionaire politicians into leadership positions.  

    The jig is up.
  • Mario
    it's very easy to play Monday Morning Quarterback ... who would you have picked?
  • a red voice
    Timothy Geithner’s confirmation today as U.S. Treasury Secretary doesn't surprise me at all.   What did we expect from Obama?  It doesn't suprise me at all. Geithner is a cheat. period. So I don't know how the libs can justify this???

    I fully agree with Shelly and Conservator: "The new Politicians are not out to save our economy. They are trying to further their own power. If they cared about our economy they would never hire a tax cheat to run the IRS."  SO TRUE and  "I along with others are going to be getting my own house in order for the certain socio-economical upheaval that WILL take place.'  YES- I'll be doing this as well.

    & "please help" -- who should we support??? - & the libertarian platform is not "pro-life" so they don't have my vote.  The conservative republican party needs to be reformed and go back to it's roots.
  • JackieM
    a red voice--i agree! 

    The democrats see nothing wrong with the confirmation.  even when obama's bad judgement hits them in the face, they refuse to acknowledge it.  this is typical of them and is why they are ruining this country.  everyone should be writing/calling senators, congressmen and the idiot obama.  ......and they say we should give obama a chance.  yeah right!
  • Jason
    The message of the Geithner confirmation is that the rule of law no longer matters and the most well connected crook wins.  Playing by the rules is for chumps.
  • a red voice
    - Jason & JackieM - so true!!
  • JackieM
    Cindy-- i was reading your post to my 79-year old mother in law on the phone.  we both think you are right!  awesome post.  My MIL said the more obama gets away with the more will continue.  he is on a roll now!  she doesn't understand why people are not stopping him from destroying this country!  i am emailing obama, our senators and congress people to voice my opinions but it seems my efforts are on deaf ears.  hopefully, all republicans will stand up and do something about it.
  • ML Smith

    The Finest Line... the one between right and wrong. If you’re involved in wordplay, which is to words what rape is to sex, “fine” can be on the same level as “good,” or it can be “bad,” meaning “fine” enough to slit someone’s throat. It all depends on your point of view, which could be a nice spot on Mullholland Drive or it could be something called perspective.

    Seems to me that Please Help (#9) is the only one here who has any perspective at all. Sounds like some of you are planning to launch a violent revolution! Ah, good old Americans you are, doing what you do best...nothing.
  • shelly
    LOL!!!!No, That is the job of liberals to sit back and do nothing and reap the benefits while  others do all the work. Freedom, healthcare, etc... So rest easy tonight while the REAL Americans do the work for you ML Smith. I am sure you are accustomed to it.
  • ML Smith
    "Oh, Dr. Binkley, may I use your phone to call for a camel?"

    "That's right, Jeremy...all of the wealth will stay exactly where it has been. Your essay was excellent, but I have one question."
    "What is it, Mr. Fishback?"
    "Which way is Mecca?"

    "Darling, you can't go to work like that. You have your turban on backwards."
  • ML Smith

    The only thing I am accustomed to is festering brain sores like you.

    And for your information:

    1. I didn't vote for Obama
    2. I was the first one on this site to blast Obama with a comment that was published as the lead article...months before the primaries. Check it out...
    "A Walk In The Woods With Barrack."

    What were you doing?
  • shelly
    "Festering brain sores" LOL... Good one! I was busy hitting the streets of my community for Mccain/Palin.  Yes, I realize that McCain was/is not conservative, but compared to Barry, Sheesh, he lloks like Scrooge! Anyway, I digress. I was out there trying to bring change trying to stop the change change that came to Washington.
  • pleasehelp

    It's not Monday Morning Quarterback...I would call it 21st Century Quarterback.  


    Support who you want.  What I'm saying is this:  

    The Republican Party is corrupted beyond repair.  The Democratic Party is corrupted beyond repair.  Obama is now president.  The roles will reverse, supposed democrats will be pacified and they will argue the merits of the new administration, while supposed republicans will point out all of the evil that the new administration is bringing upon The American People.  Meanwhile, not much really changes, and in four years it will start anew.  It is a fruitless cycle that has carried on for decades, and will continue for as long as these parties are elected to lead, barring mass protest and citizen upheaval.  They are both entangled, entrenched, neck-deep in corporate interests, corporate lobbies, and corporate money.  That is what dictates their decisions.  Bush did it for 8 years.  I'm sure Obama will do it for a minimum of 4.  And we'll sit on the sidelines cheering on our favorite, until eventually we realize the game has been fixed.  The jig is up.

    I wish you luck in reforming the Republican Party. 


    LOL!!!!No, That is the job of liberals to sit back and do nothing and reap the benefits while  others do all the work. Freedom, healthcare, etc... So rest easy tonight while the REAL Americans do the work for you ML Smith. I am sure you are accustomed to it.

    You and your ignorant comment represent a major problem in the US today.


     i am emailing obama, our senators and congress people to voice my opinions but it seems my efforts are on deaf ears.  hopefully, all republicans will stand up and do something about it.

    Replace republicans with democrats and Obama with Bush and you have what democrats have been saying for the last 8 years.  And nothing changed for them.  Nothing will change for you, either.  Get it?  It's not as much a new president as it is a handing over of management.  The cycle continues.
  • a red voice
    pleasehelp.... Was Reagan as corrupt and as evil as all the other republicans you are referring too? Can there be no other great leaders in America? Are you saying that basically all conservatives are corrupt and there is no hope, ever?  That's sounds like you are throwing your hands up in the air and giving up on America - pretty doomsayer to me.
  • pleasehelp
    I'm not giving up, otherwise I wouldn't waste my time thinking about it.  I'm saying that it seems quite obvious that a drastic overhaul of our current political situation is already overdue.  In order to do that, we need to tone down the conservative/liberal generalities and insults that fly like little distracting gnats around our heads.  For example, I'm usually referred to as a "liberal," especially on a conservative site like this. While it serves the purpose of totally generalizing me and distracting from a logical argument, it does nothing positive.  In addition, it's not completely true, as I'm both a conservative and a liberal, depending on what we're talking about.  I'd imagine that is true for almost every human being, depending on the subject and their current position in life.  So, I don't think all conservatives are corrupt.  I do know that the majority of our leaders are corrupt, and it shows in their lies and their actions/inactions.  As for Reagan... I'm 27 years old, so I'm not in the best place to judge him.  I'll just say I've heard it both ways...and he was an actor:)
  • Josh T
    Isnt it great how the government can just create money out of thin air?  Is it just me or when you or I go into debt and then somehow cant pay our bills we get screwed?  Credit goes away and we cant do a thing about it.  Yet the government spends on.  Inflation?  Thats just the beginning of it.  And taxes?  Obama says he is still going to cut taxes?  How on earth can you cut taxes and spend over a Trillion dollars at the same time.  Boy I wish I had that kind of power!
  • Conservator
    "Geithner Confirmation: A Clear Message from Team Obama"

    I think the clear message from Obama is that he is still a poor judge of character.

    During the campaign we kept hearing about his racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, his friendship with terrorist, William Ayers, the Tony Rezko scandel....

    Now that he is in office, he still hangs around this same level of corruption. First his pick for Commerce Secretary, Bill Richardson, was involved in a grand jury investigation scandel. Then This Geitner incident came about. Now we also find out that his choice for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle, is a bigger tax cheat than Geitner, owing over $140,000 in back taxes and penalties. And we still don't know how involved he was in the Blagojevich scandel.

    either Obama has a very limited ability to detect a person’s true character, beliefs and ethics, or he simply doesn’t think those principles are relevent enough when he decides with whom he wants to associate, spend time with, and more importantly, run our country.

    Now that is a scary thought!
  • JackieM
    Conservator---you are absolutely right.  how about his campaign PROMISE not to have lobbyists in his cabinet?  hmmmm!  i have to laugh at that!  of course, democrats are still making up excuses for him even as he threatens the republicans to pass the bill or they will have to answer to all Americans just a few days ago.  Thank goodness for the republicans!  Every American should be thanking them for finally doing their jobs and standing strong.  they are ensuring this bill is for the good of America and not for a party.  of course, the pelosi/obama followers are too stupid to understand that less than 30% of the proposed bill would have gone to job creation.  however, they may want it to fail and like the idea of a depression.  at this point, i'm really amazed that obama still has supporters.  two weeks in office and he has proven that he is not a leader and only a puppet to the democratic party.  today he said that if this bill fails, he probably will not serve more than four years.  boy, what a confident statement coming from the leader of our country.  he is an idiot to put it nicely.  unbelievable and sad for our country!
  • JackieM
    Conservator--I'll go one further, obama has proven he has limited abilities period.  at least McCain was going to humiliate those who let pork into any bill.  obviously, unless we say something about it, obama doesn't have a problem wasting our money.  but wait a minute, wasn't that one of his campaign promises too?  wasn't he going to eliminate pork!  he is a joke and will be the worst president to date surpassing Jimmy Carter!
  • shelly
    JackieM.. I couldn't agree more. And one more point to ponder. Exactly how many crooks is Obama going to appont to key cabinet postions? It is like he is strategically placing our country for a fall and then everyone can blame Bush for it. When the sad reality is it has been people like Pelosi and Reid that have been setting this up for a long time. This has got to stop. No PORKULUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Josh T
    It is time for conservatives to stand up and start yelling.  It is a good thing that the republicans in congress, as few as there are now are stepping up to the plate and being vocal.  We need more of that though.  We need some changes in our party, some good quality charasmatic (and a bit younger) leaders to step up to the plate and be our voice.  I'm so tired of the left pushing all their liberal agenda on us.  The sorry fact is most Americans either dont realize it or are litterally so lazy and complacent that they just dont care....  I dont know. 

    On another note:  what do we make of the various Republican appointments to the cabinet in the terms of economics and so on?  Is this Obama realizing we are right?  Or more along the lines of him setting them up to take the fall if all goes to hell?  I'm afraid its the latter...
  • Jr Accountant

    Keep in mind that Ben Bernanke identifies as a Republican and look what HE is doing to this country. Instead of facing the House Finance committee, he chose instead to run off to Europe to hob-nob with the rest of the diabolical central bankers. He does not have our best interests in mind, in fact, he is excited to destroy the USD, it's his Great Depression Obsession wet dream come true.

    This is the problem with politics in America - so many (and yes, I mean both liberals AND conservatives) go "oh well, he's on my team so he must be a good guy" without analyzing that person's beliefs and political affiliations. I guarantee you if more liberals had really analyzed Obama's extreme leftist history, they might have thought otherwise about voting for him.

    It's all a giant smokescreen - these people in positions of economic power in the country today (Geithner, Schapiro from the SEC, Volcker, etc) do NOT have our best interests in mind. It does not matter which side of the party line they are standing on, they all have one objective and it is NOT to save America from total economic disaster.
  • Josh T
    Jr Accountant,
    And I agree completely.  I've heard too many conservatives screwing us around too one way or the other.  The ones that are way too far in to the "big money".  Frankly, that p's me off more than most of the irritating left speach I have to hear everyday... The problem is too many of the liberals think we're all "big money" freaks.
  • shelly
    to identify with either party is too simplistic. Especially where finances and ethics are concerned. We need a strict morally and fiscally conservative executive branch. Plain and simple. there can be a combination of both parties to satisify everyone's egos. However when it comes down to it, there has not been a system of checks and balances and if we continue to allow Reid and Pelosi and now Geithner to run amok, I shudder to think of what the next year will bring. We have already seen Iceland's economy and government collapse. Mexico is on its way to a collapse. If the USA continues on the path of self destruction it is on, within the year we will face sure collapse also. We the People need to demand that Pelosi and Reid step down. I know that is idealistic. But, a gal can shoot out a thought can't she?
  • Josh T
    It would be a beautiful day if Pelosi and Reid stepped down.  Atleast the more moderate dems would have a little bigger voice...
  • JackieM
    Ha!  Pelosi was re-elected by the idiots!
  • Deanna Berry
    Yes...and the message is a clear and resounding FU America.  I will do what I want and you can't stop me.  Why?  Because I WON!

    All of this hope and change is making me throw up a little in my mouth.

    Oh yeah...please add my blog to your blog roll if you get the chance ;)
  • JackieM
    and even after the idiot won and presents a stimulus bill that pelosi wrote that will destroy this country, liberals still love him!  hmmmm!  speaks volumes on their intelligence unless ruining this country is their goal!  it seems to be!
  • JackieM
    Deanna Berry--i love your blog.