It’s All About “Paranormal Taxivity”

October 29th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

Check out the new video released by the NRCS.  Forget “Paranormal Activity.”  It’s all about the “Taxivity!”  Hilarious spoof on the Obama-Reid-Pelosi insanity — and just in time for Halloween!

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  • davidwwalters
    Higher taxes.......
    In a perfect world we'd not have to pay taxes. The roads would build themselves. Soldiers would serve free of charge, and Boeing would build aircraft for the Air-force for free. There'd be no poor people, perhaps they'd all kill themselves out of shame.
    Yet in the real world Billy wants to escape from, society has to find a way to meet the needs of its citizens as well as allowing business&industry; to thrive. It's time to enter the grownup world Billy.
  • billyhallowell
    Mr. Walters:

    Thank you for the invitation, but I've already joined the "grown up world." Of course I understand taxation is a necessity, but shouldn't it be held at a minimum? Why not allow people to enjoy the monies they've earned instead of increasing spending prospects with no cap in site? No one expects a 0% tax rate, but I do expect taxes to be reasonable. In Westchester, NY (where I live), we may the highest property tax in the nation. I'm not sure where you live or how much you care about your own prosperity, but to ignore Obama's lust for taxation would be silly. Plus, this video is a joke. Lighten up.
  • davidwwalters
    Oh i understand the video was a joke, but in your attempt to cast Obama as somehow unreasonable to suggest that it's time for the rich to shoulder the burden along with the rest of us working stiffs.......well, it just begged a response.
    "lust for taxation"? What is silly is to think that the problems we have can somehow be fixed by themselves. We've tried the de-regulation, cut taxes for the rich approach, and look. It didn't work out all that well. As for my prosperity, i've worked for a wage all my life. I watched Reagan promise me that given time, his "trickle down" approach would see me prosper. I went back to school after serving 7 yrs. as a paratrooper, worked my ass off yet the prosperity my employers enjoyed didn't quite make it down to my level. I had health insurance thanx to the socialist VA, but my family didn't. Having a sick wife was a burden that ate up more money than i could make, even after holding down 3 jobs at times. It wasn't the America i thought i served.
    Now my body is broken. I can't work, I've done all i can do in this lifetime. So it's your time to pitch in Billy, step up to the plate and pay your taxes. Hard working folks like myself are counting on you!
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