Russia Rearming

October 29th, 2009 Toby Westerman

While the President of the United States is equivocating over troop support in Afghanistan and reducing defense spending at home, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is demanding greater efficiency from Russia‚Äôs arms production facilities, which, he says, already produces “efficient and extremely reliable” weapons.

Medvedev chaired a meeting of his nations “military-industrial commission” and expressed his “dissatisfaction” with the type of projects pursued and the length of time from weapons research to production, according to a report from Itar Tass on its Internet Russian language section.

Moscow’s concern about the quality and timeliness of weapons production is directed at both re-arming Russia’s military and satisfying its weapons customers around the world.

Improvements in research, development, and final production, all at a reasonable price, are the prerequisites for the ultimate goal of re-arming of Russia’s army and naval forces, Medvedev declared.

The message is clear: while the United States is decreasing its defense spending, and displaying indecisiveness in the face of the enemy, Medvedev and the Kremlin elite are working hard to establish Russia again as a first rate global superpower capable of projecting power across the globe to protect its interests.

How the Russian elite defines Russia’s interests is demonstrated by Moscow’s billion dollar arms sales to Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Several months ago Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin referred to “our good friend Chavez,” during negotiations concerning the sale to Venezuela of Russian arms, including advanced tanks and possibly submarines. Chavez has already purchased 100,000 AK 103 assault rifles, one of the best small arms in the world, as well as a license to produce more of these weapons in Venezuela - all far beyond any realistic need of the Venezuelan military.

Moscow is also comfortable with the neo-Marxist ideology advocated by Chavez. During his September 2009 visit to Russia, Chavez was granted the privilege of addressing at length the students at Moscow’s international university. As he spoke, Chavez praised Lenin and other Communist leaders while denouncing the United States.

The Moscow elite do not limit themselves to Chavez‚Äôs brand of “21st Century Socialism,” but they have also played a key role in the rapid modernization of the Chinese Communist armed forces. Russian military personnel are also once again openly operating in Cuba.

The reality is as clear as it is disturbing.

The “rearming” of Russia‚Äôs land, air, and naval forces will be in the service of some form of aggressive Marxist ideology.

A small number of indicators include: Chavez’s Communist rhetoric in the heart of the Russian capital, the Moscow elite’s support for various Communist regimes around the world, the Russian government’s rehabilitation of Communist dictator and mass murder Josef Stalin, the Russian armed forces continued use of the symbolism of the Soviet military, and the emergence of Soviet-like youth groups.

The stark reality is that there are many more instances pointing to a Russian neo-Communist revival.

It should be noted that today’s neo-Communist is also an ally with fundamentalist Islam.

Now is not the time for indecision or any manifestation of weakness. It is time for a cold, hard look at the world around us, and to demand that the U.S. political leadership take the necessary steps to defend the nation and our God-given freedom.

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  • Dora
    there is no "god-given freedom"- such phrases display your stupidity and lack of understanding why dimwits like you helped support dimwits like Bush - who offended the world with your "we are so much better than you are" attitudes towards EVERY OTHER COUNTRY.
  • micbro
    It's too easy to generalize or blame everything on a previous administration. Our current administration plans to run health care. I assume you believe that this magical 900 billion dollar reform will be "free." dimwit? me? uummmm...

    And, "every other country?" Are you serious?
  • davidwwalters
    and who is paying for the emergency room visits of the indigent? That's not free either.
  • Ocams
    They pay for them in their taxes. If we don't tax them then that is our fault.
  • davidwwalters
    -No, the hospital absorbs the cost, and it shows up on every one else's bill. Besides, indigent people don't pay taxes. Indigent=NO MONEY!
    What good will it do to send a homeless psychotic person a tax bill?
  • JackieM
    David--i know people right now who refuse to get better skills to obtain better jobs and get pissed when you try to help them. they are so used to government handouts so they continued to have children with no medical insurance. these are perfectly able-bodies lazy ass people who don't pay taxes. they don't hesitate to take their kids to the emergency room for non-emergencies to get free services. it is sickening! those are the folks who should be held accountable for every bill! that would eliminate a lot of this. a homeless psychotic person would qualify for medicaid and should be put on it so that problem would be solved. however, we need to ensure that the people on medicaid really deserve to be on it. you know how i feel about all entitlement programs. families need to start taking care of their own again and taxpayers should only have to pay when it is absolutely necessary.

    oh yeah, to the idiot who is saying Bush offended the world--you are a joke! what in the hell do you think obama has done? he has pissed off our allies and ensured our enemies are laughing at us because they think we are weak. look at what obama did with russia and how that turned out! you are a fool!
  • davidwwalters
    What you refer to as: "Refusal to get better skill" is an interesting subject. Because it address a fundamental difference in viewing a
    problem and therefore a difference in solving that problem.
    There was a time i worked 40 hrs a week as a CAD tech/surveyor tech. I made $15/hr.(15 yrs ago). I delivered news papers on Fri-Sun mornings, and for a while i delivered pizzas 2 nights a week until i almost got robbed, but ruger .357 saved the day(another story perhaps)
    -All because my wife's ins. claim was denied. I owed a lot of money. And she couldn't work. Where was the time gonna come from for me to attend school? The necessary classes were only taught during the day. How was i gonna go to class all day to "get a better skill('s)". How would my family eat? Well eat they did. And eventually i was able to get an associates degree. And now i could go into free lance work, hiring out to engineering firms for highway projects had it not been for my early retirement. And here's a "what if":
    -What if i were still able to work and i DIDN't have VA(socialist)Health care. Being a free-lance like that would be difficult, having to pay for premiums at my age(55) on a health ins. policy. It may be even cost prohibitively so. How much is a policy now?
    Do you see the economic boom it would be for this class of workers in America if they could rely on a medicare program. And the more money that a worker could make would increase the tax base, paying his fair share of taxes to pay for an affordable plan that ALL would have the option of participating in. Any tax increase that the program would cost the individual would be way more than balanced out by the savings from having to pay a health insurance premium.
    For some reason, you seem to want to maintain this present business model for insurance companies. -As if it were at all cost effective for the consumer and good for a small businesses that are forced to either shell out huge amounts for employee's premiums or have them do without.....which costs the taxpayer MORE money now because the costs generated by the un-insured seeking care at an emergency room. And this IS their only option, and it has to be absorbed(the cost) somewhere along the line.....
    -Why IS that?(-That you seem to like Insurance companies so much?)
  • JackieM
    David--why do you bring up topics you will lose on? here's the truth. I did it so you could have too! years ago I quit my job for another one that allowed me to go to school in the mornings. I worked at night and on the weekends. I studied until the wee hours in the mornings and a lot of times didn't get sleep. in the meantime I also took care of my son as a single mom. It worked and if there is a will, there is a way. I did it and had no education to help me at the time. No, I don't think medicaid should be used in situations like yours and it is stupid to think i'm on the side of the insurance companies. that is a liberal/democrat thought and we know that it is not a sane one. how about changing the laws to correct the problems instead of changing the whole system, which will cost the taxpayers more? novel idea and it would work. however, you guys want to attempt to solve a problem by going around it instead of tackling the issues. that is why obama's policies are failing and were doomed from the beginning. by the way, the people I mentioned in my last post didn't want help. There was an obvious solution and would have gotten them excellent skills to get better jobs but it was "too hard" and they are lazy asses. so now they are still poor but that didn't stop them from continuing to have kids they couldn't afford.
  • davidwwalters
    "I did it so you could have too!"
    I am sure you did....if only the REAL world were so simple. JackieM, not every one is as intelligent as you are and otherwise have other such "blessings"........
    And as many such "blessings" you may have, you do come up short in the empathy dept.
    In the REAL world, not everyone is SMART enough, or physically capable to go to school. And then again, some one has to do the more menial jobs.....which shouldn't be any less important to our society. So being able to afford the cost of an insurance premium is outta the question to the working poor unless they get insurance thru work. And then it only covers the worker, his/her family costs extra.
    So don't worry. You and I made enough to cover the slack for those less fortunate. The working poor should suffer? I mean, you don't get public assistance unless you are registered to work. And someone has to wait on you at McDonald's or Walmart.....Should they have to suffer because you are so smart and so important?
  • JackieM
    David--you still don't get it! i was poor and worked two menial jobs many times at the same time but never asked for a handout! then I went to school and worked and took care of my son. I'm not smart--i just work hard so others can too. there were many nights i stayed up for days at a time working and going to school with no sleep. there are 24 hours in a day and people can survive working two and three jobs if it is necessary. no matter what my situation was, I never asked for a handout and didn't expect it. i didn't have insurance some of that time either--so what? it was hard but it made me want to work harder. empathy from me comes when people have exhausted all of their efforts first. most don't! i don't want others to make up for me and don't want to make up for others when they are fully capable of working like I did. you like welfare and I don't!
  • davidwwalters
    Like welfare....? Like hell.
    :)....again, what about it? What about those low end jobs? If that is all the are capable of, treat them with dignity. Society is just not going to allow everyone to go back to school and get a better job. Someone will still flip the burgers, or dig ditches. We are all so proud of your "American Dream" story, but not everyone will be able to measure up to your lofty standards.....
  • JackieM
    exactly, david--i flipped burgers also so what is your point? i had children when I could afford them and worked multiple low paying jobs. so again, what is your point?
  • davidwwalters
    Those workers that subsist at the minimum wage end of the pay scale cannot afford to pay health insurance premiums. Health care should be available(.....and not just access to an emergency room)
    -to all.
  • JackieM
    Then revise medicare to help them and require them to seek counseling to get them out of their situation if it is possible. If they are mentally able to gain the skills necessary to get better paying jobs, they should be shown how to do it and given a reasonable timeframe to accomlish it before the benefits are cut off.
  • JackieM
    By the way David, since this is my expertise, I would volunteer to be one of those counselors and would open doors for them to get grants to further their education while they are working. however, they should be responsible for solving their own problems but those who are stupid and can't seem to get on their feet, there are people who could help them.
  • JackieM
    David, have you heard the idiot obama and the damn liberals/democrats agree on how many people that actually need help? one moment it is 47M and the next it is 30M depending on the day and who is talking from YOUR side. regardless, we know these numbers are inflated and rationing of healthcare for all will occur so i hope you are prepared to wait six months or longer for a doctor or surgery. good luck with that!
  • AckAck
    Hang in there Jackie, better you than me...
  • AckAck
    David and Jackie, sorry I am taking so long in reading these posts as you can see by my delay in posting.

    Both your posts make some very interesting points. Both of you touch on a couple of items that interest me and why they are not being pursued, I don't know except politics are at the center of all this mess.

    I believe it was Bill Clinton that started the Vocational Technical Training programs to those on welfare as to get them off welfare, and in the work force. This had an impact on the number of welfare recipients at first. To my knowledge, that program was not continued as it was intended. The problem was that the quick training that was offered only placed people in the force at low paying scale jobs and most of them made more, with the benefits, on welfare.

    What failed here was the program. (was not pursued nor completed) If I were in the whitehouse in Obama's place and I wanted to help SOCIETY, as he stated many, many times I would have put all the stimulus money into two programs. Number one would have been a training program for those who were at the lower level of income. Number two would have been to funnel a lot of money into large, medium and small manufacturing companies here on American soil. (to provide jobs to those we train) THIS MUST HAPPEN FOR AMERICA TO MAINTAIN.

    If you have a bunch of wood peckers in a forest and they are ruining all the trees, you can't help the forest by planting more trees. You only help the wood peckers. As long as this government gives out money to those people who have their hands out, without any recourse, the forest will continue to get damaged. The Obama Administration is doing just that. They are planting new trees for the wood peckers to peck!


    Unemployment numbers just jumped to 10.2%. This is a FACT that what ever they are doing isn't working. WHY CAN'T THEY AND THEIR SUPPORTERS SEE THIS?
  • Ocams
    Not free, but it might cost those of us with good HMO cover a lot less than we are paying now.
  • RogerCfromSD
    Wow, Dora. You know absolutely NOTHING about our history, the writings of our Founders and Framers, of the Declaration of Independence, or of the Constitution.

    We get our rights from God. Where do you get yours? Pelosi?

    As for other countries: Screw what they think of us. They take our money and bitch about it.
  • Ocams
    God is not on our side. He is much smarter than that..
  • davidwwalters
    "It should be noted that today’s neo-Communist is also an ally with fundamentalist Islam."
    -says the author Toby Westerman......and thus has lost all credibility when it comes to knowing what he's talking about.
    Have you ever heard of a place called Chechnya? Let me clue you in on a few things.......the guys the Russians are shooting at ARE fundamentalist Islamists.
    " It is time for a cold, hard look at the world around us, and to demand that the U.S. political leadership take the necessary steps to defend the nation and our God-given freedom."
    -it's evident to me Mr. Westerman has no idea what is going on in the REAL world!
  • Ocams
    Nor do you it seems. We helped the Taliban beat the Russians, and now they are beating us.
  • davidwwalters
    You live by the fundamentalist afghan, you die by the fundamentalist afghan.
  • Ocams
    Perhaps he reads web sites like this one and figures that with so many aggressive Americans about he should get a lot of real good weapons.
  • Harrison
    No surprise. Obama wouldn't want to "offend" anybody because he thinks this would nix a possible chance to "be friends" in the future.
  • Dora
    "By the way David, since this is my expertise, I would volunteer to be one of those counselors and would open doors for them to get grants to further their education while they are working. however, they should be responsible for solving their own problems but those who are stupid and can't seem to get on their feet, there are people who could help them."

    said Jackie...and, Jackie- many of these people that help in these areas are known as "community activiists" is also one of the many things that ACORN does.
  • AckAck
    Dora, don't you think we should be focusing on Obama's elgibility?

    "A political national committee [the Democratic National Committee], the Chair of the Party convention [Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi], the Secretary of the Party, Party offices in each of fifty states, and maybe many more, have knowingly and wantonly defrauded the American election system and more than 300 million American citizens." - J.B. Williams,

    The mere fact that Barack Hussein Obama assumed the presidency... without ever producing a valid birth certificate to establish his eligibility, may just be the tip of the iceberg.

    That's because Williams implies that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and high-ranking officials at the DNC may also have doubts as to whether Barack Hussein Obama is eligible, under the Constitution, to be President of the United States.

    Wouldn't that be just a wonderful excuse not to pursue that little FACT?
  • Dora
    Bubble-brain, it always amazes me how you can remain so ignorant of facts yet you continue to insist that others are without these.
    your freak show, Fox Noise, and your online bible, World Net Daily, are clueless and you buy into their nonsense every day.
    Don't waste my time with your stupidity. You are a two legged joke.
  • JackieM
    as usual dora you are your nasty self. anyone who attacks a person's decisions involving a child is sick and you are a bitch for doing so. you had no right bringing my child into your sick posts. it is just like a liberal to attempt to go after a person's family and anything else they can if they don't have anything else. if you had any shame, you would never post here again!
  • AckAck
    Faggot-brain, it always amazes me how you can remain so ignorant of facts yet you continue to insist that others are without these. Your freak show, Obama and his noise makers are clueless and you keep buying into their nonsense everyday.

    Don't waste my time with your stupidity. You are a two legged joke!
  • JackieM
    dora--obviously, they aren't doing a very good job at it or we would be in a lot better shape than we are now. of course, acorn does others things also but they are illegal and this includes voter fraud so they have no credibility.
  • AckAck
    Dora, how simpleton can one be. You're right, ACORN does do many more things and all that is going to be brought out in the investigations. What little they do positive is over shadowed by all the illegal crap they are into... Let's see now, what was that positive stuff they do?
  • JackieM
    AckAck--you will notice that dora attacks us instead of bringing out facts. she thinks acorn is good but an idiot could say madoff did some great things too before he decided to be a criminal. LOL! i would volunteer my time and not have to ask for huge handouts from the government, which is called welfare. hmmmm! i guess acorn is a liberal left-wing organization intent on destroying this country. hmmmm! who didn't know that! dora is also the fool who quoted obama during his campaign as fact. you know she and her corrupt friends, the robots. she said he would help small businesses and tried to argue the actual facts with me. you know how obama said he would give a $3,000 tax incentive to businesses for every employee they hired. well this is just telling of how stupid his supporters are. their ignorance of business is really astounding. their math skills are just as bad. let's see $3,000 tax incentive minus $50,000 salary equals a negative number. hmmmmm! so struggling businesses are supposed to do what? LOL! by the way, that is a mute point too since obama lied about the incentive in the first place and is now going to tax struggling businesses. so who is doing what for small businesses? i know he is struggling right now to figure out how to use republican (economics 101) ideas to actually fix the economy without pissing his base off. obama is a fool but his supporters are bigger ones! they refuse to call him out on his lies!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, what else does she have? NOTHING!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--you are right! she has proven she has no morals, values, ethics or shame. I am so thankful there are still people left in this world who have all of those things and more. I can't imagine living my life being anti-American and having as much hatred for freedom as she and others like her have.