November 5th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

While honoring the United States is a nice value to instill in children, one wonders if ultra-liberals would have encouraged praise songs when Bush was in office.  I think we all know the answer to that one:

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  • davidwwalters
    So you subject us to 8 minutes of Sean Hannity?
  • Dora
    they cannot help themselves, david. instead of actually thinking on their own- they import other's thinking.
  • micbro
    I'm sure the government is corrupt (my thoughts). I'm convinced that I don't want someone else (government) thinking for me. So, which one of us relies on imported thoughts?
  • micbro
    I'm sure the government is corrupt (my thoughts). I'm convinced that I don't want someone else (government) thinking for me. So, which one of us relies on imported thoughts?
  • JackieM
    that is funny coming from someone who quote hussein and thinks it is fact! LOL!
  • AckAck
    JackieM, I could not resist myself so I am putting this here for all to read:

    If Obamacare passes...

    MEDICARE WILL BE SLASHED. To pay for his government healthcare behemoth, Obama admits he'll have to cut $500 billion from Medicare. How can he chop that much without reducing medical services to seniors? He can't. It's fiscally impossible. Medicare services will have to be cut.

    YOU'LL LOSE YOUR CURRENT COVERAGE. Truth is, Obama's plan is designed to eliminate employer coverage. He's acknowledged it, but only to fellow liberals. When the "public option" forces private insurers out of the market, odds are you'll be shoved into a government plan.

    YOU'LL LOSE YOUR CURRENT DOCTOR. Once the government plan is reality and you've been forced to participate, it's a virtual certainty you'll lose your doctor. In fact, the more skilled your physician is, the more likely he or she will shun working for the government. Obamacare won't take your doctor away. Obamacare will drive your doctor away.

    ILLEGALS WILL GET FREE HEALTHCARE. Despite what Obama says, none of the Democratic bills prohibits coverage for illegal aliens and all Republican attempts to exclude such coverage for illegals have been rejected.

    OBAMACARE WILL BANKRUPT AMERICA. Universal healthcare will add at least $1 trillion to the already mind-boggling deficit. Obama claims "eliminating waste and fraud" will save money -- a laughable assertion, since when has the government ever decreased its spending? In the end, Obama will slash Medicare and raise taxes, pleading he had no choice.

    OBAMACARE WILL PAY FOR ABORTIONS. Obama calls this a "lie." But all Democratic plans call for payments for "reproductive services," a well-known euphemism for abortion. Plus, Obama's minions in Congress have rebuffed all amendments prohibiting coverage for abortions. You be the judge. What are the Democrats trying to hide?
  • JackieM
    AckAck--thanks for posting this! Despite the idiot obama and democrats' promises of transparency, no one will get to view the bill before it is voted on this weekend. Surprise, surprise! I guess the crooks are at it again and dora loves these people. i'll bet she would buy a car sight unseen also? it is the same thing but much more important. this will be 1/6 of our economy and these criminals are in charge of it? what a horrific tragedy! this goes beyond corruption and dora and all the rest of the obama supporters are right there with them!
  • AckAck
    I thought higher education was a good thing!
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