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November 10, 2022

The Problem with Uninformed Liberals

Posted in: Liberalism, Politics

Here is the deal. Very rarely, do I meet a liberal that can hold an intelligent conversation and argue a particular point rationally. Now, I do have some friends (believe it or not) that can participate in a rational debate without getting too emotional. This post is not about them/you. This is for the liberal that believes everything they hear; never questions the source and never thinks logically about the big picture; which is indeed a huge part the problem. These are real examples from real people liberals that I have encountered throughout my life experience.

  • These are the liberals that believe in global warming just because Al Gore says its a problem. The fact is that there are just as many scientists that disagree with global warming as there are who agree with it. It’s an ongoing debate. If there was any SOLID scientific evidence to support either side, there wouldn’t be a disagreement. It’s the media that hypes it up.
  • These are the liberals that still believe that President Bush went AWOL in the National Guard just because Dan Rather reported it on 60 minutes. No need to comment on this one.
  • These are the liberals who hate Rumsfeld but don’t even know his title (former title).
  • These are the liberals that think all Christians are right-wing-zealot extremists. Christians don’t fight their battles with AK47s or suicide bombs.
  • These are the liberals that protest (and they do a damn good job at it) for the sake of protesting without knowing the issues. I am thinking Berkeley and San Francisco right about now.
  • These are the liberals who actually think that universal healthcare will actually work here in the US. Look at Canada and take a wild guess where Canadians go when they need major surgery performed because the Canadian healthcare system has waiting lists that are a mile long; and the doctors are way under paid.
  • These are the liberals that think that all conservatives are racist towards blacks and Mexican Americans. Take a look at the current administration’s cabinet Condi, Alberto Gonzales.
  • These are the liberals that think all conservatives are white, upper class males.

Listen up people. The real problem is that these uninformed liberals who actually believe what they hear are distributing their rhetoric through blogs, emails and conversations with others; and essentially spreading their ideologies like the Ebola virus.


I plead for these liberals to stop believing everything you hear. Understand that life is based on incentives and there is always a hidden agenda (on both sides of the political spectrum) when you are reading/watching the news; and even talking to a friend or family member. Before you form an opinion, do your research and reason your way into a reasonable point of view.

By the way, the above examples are real and are all based on my personal experience interacting with the left.

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