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November 19, 2022

Indeed, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

Posted in: Liberalism

Well, not really. For the most part, I’m joking. The idea that liberalism is a mental disorder was first coined by conservative talk show host Michael Savage in his first book the Savage Nation in 2003. It was then adopted by Ann Coulter in her latest book, Godless: The Church of Liberalism, 2006.

Savage’s thesis for many of his books and daily topics is that liberalism and the idea that being “politically correct” is destroying our nation. He frequently identifies news stories that he claims are an assault on our borders, language and culture. I do agree with his analysis, but I don’t think that ALL liberals actually have a mental disorder. For the most part, many ordinary liberals (including myself when I was in my early twenties) just have a different world view (or perception) about the world they live in. They have unfortunately been spoon fed their liberal ideologies since birth, thanks to our educational systems and the media. These liberals really have no perspective of life outside their comfortable little suburban cities in San Francisco, Portland or New York. They have NO IDEA whatsoever of what goes on outside our borders; yet when they discuss politics, they all of sudden become experts in foreign policy.

The liberals that I believe have a mental disorder are the ones like George Soros who believe that drugs should be legalized; felons should be allowed to vote; and blames Israel for anti-Semitism around the world. Then there is extreme liberal Nancy Pelosi; well, no comment on her.

Any other victims of this horrible mental disorder that we need to be aware of?

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