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March 05, 2023

Thoughts About The War in Iraq

Posted in: Iraq

No, this is not another picture of a dead Marine in Iraq. This is actually a picture of me in 1993 when I first joined the Marine Corps. For many of you who read my blog often, you know that I normally don’t share that much personal information about myself but this is something I feel strongly about. I promise I will not get all sentimental on you either. A few weeks ago I decided to watch the blasphemous 60 Minutes when they featured some of our finest (my fellow Marines and soldiers) protesting the Iraq war (I’m sure Cindy Sheehan was in the studio audience somewhere). It brought back memories when I was on a flight down to San Diego on my way to Boot Camp. I remember how scared I was. The thought of having to go to war was heavy on my mind but I knew it was a sacrifice I had to make. The Gulf War had already ended but there was some serious tension in Mogadishu, Somalia; and I knew that I could have been next. I had to keep going ¦I couldn’t give up before I even started.

My only thought right now is that I know it is tough to be in war and away from your family and friends. But, you knew before you signed your name on the dotted line that there was a possibility of going to war, especially in today’s terror-filled world. The fact is that there are evil people who want to kill you, me and our children; not because there is a Republican in office and they dislike his foreign policy either. No, they hated us long before that and they are willing to come here to accomplish their goals. I am so glad that this wasn’t such a problem in WW2; otherwise we would all be speaking in German right now.

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