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April 23, 2023

Pro Child, Pro Family and Pro Choice - What?

Posted in: Liberalism

So, last week on my way to work in the liberal city of Palo Alto, I noticed a sticker on the back of a car that read “Pro Child, Pro Family and Pro Choice”. I was quite confused of the messaging and still don’t understand the true meaning of the sticker.  Now, I usually stay away from the whole “abortion” topic because it is very sensitive to most people; but I thought I would chime in anyway. If you are one of those overly emotional liberals, please do not read further.

It baffles me to think how someone can actually be Pro Child, Pro Family and Pro Choice at the same time; much less advertising it on the back of a car.  But what my experience tells me is that most liberals are more emotional than they are rational which I think explains the sticker.  Essentially, what this person is trying to do is make them self feel better about taking a human life or at least agreeing with it. Perhaps this person is confused, doesn’t know the facts (uninformed) or is a blatant idiot. That of course is always a possibility.

Okay, it’s out…I’m against abortion. Why?  Because it is an undisputed fact that life begins at conception.  No, I am not a freak and I don’t protest Planned Parenthood on the weekends nor do I look down on someone who has had an abortion.  It’s their life and conscious that they have to deal with.

Pro Choice? What about the fetus, do they not get a choice? By the way, the Latin word for fetus means “little child” or “young one”.

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