URGENT: House Democrats Push Health Care Bill Through

November 7th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

In an extremely close vote (220 to 215), the Democratic Congress has passed the contentious health care bill.  As per FOX News:

In a victory for President Barack Obama, the Democratic-controlled House narrowly passed landmark health care legislation Saturday night to expand coverage to tens of millions who lack it and place tough new restrictions on the insurance industry. Republican opposition was nearly unanimous.

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  • aliy
    What do we do now, I mean if 20,000 people walking through the halls in our naitons capital on
    Thursday asking people NOT to vote for this thing didnt work, How do we get rid of our reps who DID vote for this bill? Is there some kind of "we want you to resign immediatley" petition we can get going? There are only two things I see working here, firing them ALL or moving out of the country. For some reason I think moving might cost me less in the long run. This isnt the America I gew up with or know and love anymore. Democrats are ruining this great nation and its really sad our founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves if they knew the evil we let take over this land.
  • billyhallowell
    Dont get discouraged! This is the same battle the Democrats saw themselves in against Bush. The truth is, we need a more balanced party breakdown (one party rule is the pits). Keep reading the news, keep writing and keep working toward a better tomorrow. And, dont worry -- this still needs to pass the Senate. Thats a major feat, so theres a better chance than not that this bill will stall there. Thank you for your commentary!
  • JackieM
    Billy--I disagree with your comment about needing a more balanced party breakdown although I think it is important. That is not the problem. There are two problems that I see. The first is that our government is corrupt and is refusing to work for the people. Idiot obama said he would be every Americans leader. LOL! That was just a lie. So we need the corruption out of Washington. The biggest problem in our country is that people have become selfish, arrogant assholes. This is proven by the election of obama in the first place. The entitlement mentality is sickening. Obviously, they didnt give a damn that obama was shown to be corrupt during his campaign. How can a sane person not have a problem with voting for a person from the most corrupt state is the US? Some wanted a black man in the White House and others wanted him to fulfill his liberal radical agenda, which would destroy our nation. All of these were not reasons to vote him in. 52% of Americans voted for self-centered reasons and not for the good of our country as a whole! This is completely inexcusable and irresponsible to say the least. However, it is typical of what is seen in todays society. All you have to do is look at how people are raising their children and the liberal mindset in the schools! It is sickening! Voting is a huge responsibility so ignorance is no excuse. Therefore, with these bigger issues being the cause of the problem, having a more balanced government is not a guarantee that our problems would be solved. This government is nothing but a joke! Thanks for your input!
  • billyhallowell

    Hey! Thanks. Yes, my point about balance is more about how government best operates. Interesting points, though!
  • JackieM
    Aliy, I am physically sickened by what is happening to our country thanks to the democrats. The problem is that the idiots will continue voting these people into office despite our countrys decline. I would like to know if pelosi, reid, dodd and frank among others are going to be elected again.
  • AckAck
    Billyhallowell, thanks for this post. I believe at this point in time, a majority of the people would agree with me that TRUE CONSERVATIVES ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING SICK AND TIRED! I dont think it helps matters much any more to simply say "Hang in there, it will get better!" We have hung in and hung in all the while it seems to be getting worse, NOT BETTER!

    It is time to really take action. People must see this and see it now! SERIOUS ACTION IS NEED AND REQUIRED from the TRUE, CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS or this thing will get worse. While we are "Waiting for it to get better" we need to be doing something, not sitting on our butts! We cant listen to those anymore who say "Hang in, it will get better!" WE HAVE TO MAKE IT BETTER... And how do we do that?

    In every state, we need to identify those politicians who represent us in our districts, and in Washingon, see how they vote and punish them for what ever they do wrong. THE PEOPLE MUST DO THIS. The politicians WILL NOT punish themselves. We could wait until dooms day and that will never happen!

    AMERICAN PEOPLE - You have to wake up and take action. We cant get it done with heavy butts and big mouths anymore. GOTTA TAKE ACTION!
  • billyhallowell

    What would you suggest be done? I think Americans are rising to the occasion via peaceful assembly, letters to representatives, etc. We can vote those individuals out who we disagree with. Thats the best course of action. It can be frustrating, but this is democracy. Taking action must be peaceful (but loud) and effective. Have faith -- last weeks elections show that the American people are rethinking current representation.
  • JackieM
    Billy--you are correct in that we should be able to have faith in last weeks elections, but heres the issue. democrats are about spreading the wealth and entitlements. the people who dont want to work as hard as others will vote to take from those who do probably everytime. it is all about the "me" world. now I think it is just a cycle that wont end because obama and the democrats are all about more welfare/entitlements.
  • AckAck
    Billyhallowell, your post seems to be a number of questions directed at me. To answer the first one would be to get the solution out of line, which was - What would you suggest be done? Lets take a look at the problem first off.

    People do not know how screwed up this society is right now. (Im equally sure a lot of them dont care.) They dont realize that political correctness has harnessed a certain group of the people in this country and tied their hands. The double standard in Black or White has festered itself in the radical, left wing and their supported news media to the point that it is used for political benefits. That is all wrong. Why do you suppose Barrack Hussein Obama won the presidency? Because he is so intelligent and smart? Not at all. Or not because he stood for change. Its because he is black, or half there of, and people simply focused on something out of the ordinairy to this point and voted for a black man. The majority of the lower class people who voted for him, could have cared less about his political back ground, where he came from or what his agenda was. THEY JUST VOTED! Those same people still exist today and have not dwindled in numbers. Plus, they still dont care!

    I do agree that everything we do should be in a peacful manner. Yet, in reality, seems it has grown to a stage that it is almost like fighting with terriorists. There are no peacful agreements to be found. Its their way or none. If we object, they force it on us anyway without recourse.

    Leberals and special interest groups have a history of running only when they are out numbered. They will fight as long as they have the upper hand. Out number them and they fall back and regroup. The solution has just been outlined, out number them and you have a chance.

    The only truth out there seems to be that if the Democrats and Republicans dont start listening to the American People, bad things are going to happen. Postible to both parties. Conservatives by definition, vote Republican - not so anymore. There are the True conservatives now that dont attach themselves to any political affiliation. Thats pretty much where I am at. The old saying of "I just voted for the best of the two evils" is no longer a valid point for across the lines voting. Out of all this I am fairly sure there will be a very strong third party coming out of all this.

    I love the two party system but when both parties are corrupt, whats a person to do?
  • Grant
    You might want to check out the http://www.lastingliberty.com/ piece on the healthcare debate : Bigger Than Healthcare
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