About Us

October 29th, 2009 Urban Conservative

Welcome to UrbanConservative.com, the premiere outlet for Americans who are seeking the best and most up-to-date political information and perspective.   At Urban Conservative, we provide fresh, daily content, video clips, political cartoons and a plethora of resources for our readers.  Additionally, in November 2009, Billy Hallowells weekly web series RENEWtv will officially become a part of the Urban Conservative family.

Urban Conservative was founded by an undercover, urban conservative (hence our sites name) more than three years ago.  While Urban Conservative (the man, not the site) occasionally contributes and oversees operations, his identity remains a mystery.  Recently, Urban Conservative (the site) officially re-launched to better inform our readers, while delving into new media platforms.  To facilitate this transition, journalist, Billy Hallowell, has come on board to serve as Urban Conservatives editor-in-chief.

Urban Conservative features writings from prominent organizations and individuals from across America. We look forward to becoming your daily informational source.  Please follow us on Twitter and consider viewing our comprehensive list of conservative blogs (the CONLIST).