Conservative Blog: Urban Conservative Officially Relaunches

  • 2bluestarmom · 3 months ago
    Good to see you Billy.

    This net neutrality power grab may be the end of all free speech however.

    Until then, I will be here.

    Haven't been on in a while.

    Stopped for a few months.
  • Dora · 3 months ago
    Whatever it was that stopped you- I hope it continues shortly. It's too early for fruitcake.
  • micbro · 3 months ago
    Then you've arrived too early.
  • 2bluestarmom · 3 months ago

    I would like to know if there is any way to access archives and find my post from last year leading up to the election.

    I posted on here for months and my assessment of what is currently happening in our country.

    Is there any way to retrieve this? Can you do this if I am not able to?

    Thank you!
  • jackindy · 2 weeks ago

    Breaking and Entering into a US Sentator's office, and then Wire tapping a US Senator's phone, potentiallly gaining access to classified national secuirty information, are crimes involving critical national security risks. This is not just felonies, but acts of treason.

    I think they should waterboard the jerk, and then put him away forever in a federal penitentionary. I'm of course referring to the 24 year old conservative activist, who, to quote the NY Post "blew the whistle on Acorn" by committing acts of treason... fry the mully trucker.