Conservative Blog: Hilarious Year-end Review (Through Song)

  • whykmartblocksbsg · 3 weeks ago
    (quickly, before kmart supposedly free internet service blockes me again) why?, why does KMART not only blocks aviatrix bsg the destruction of the neolib resurrection ships, expl: all communistik BooHoOteam$&czar;$ and acorn$, etc...?
    I mean, before movies (wich don't match with mental desorder global fakes, hoaxes, gates&$immilar$) kmart just blocked me political posts, blogs, etc.
    SO, FU(BEEP)NG "EMINENCIES" at kmart, why having "free internet" services? if you can blog while playing bsg, the destruction of the resurrection ships, same kind of drivebymedia resurrection neoliba$e$hip$
    Pegasus, fire at will (don't you love those rythmic boom, boom, boom, boom, sound like bho czars and maoists, and communistic kremlin's bar stepping down "in a row", and bho loosing 1 point rattings per day...) under their trillions.
    kmart eminencies, I blogged today here, in the middle of your blocking, how is this possible?, a homeless, jobless, and acussed by castro himself facing the continental logistics wherever I go?
    how?, well I play Goods and Goddesses at WIODin fleet, and the right Libs like my girl Joycecalflan, Spacecowboy Dennismiller, there is no excuse to support neolibases, and we are at war since years ago...