Ahmadinejad Needs to Get Dealt With, Now!

June 18th, 2007 Urban Conservative

And if you don’t agree with me, you need to get dealt with too! Since taking power, Iran’s so-called president Ahmadinejad, has made some insane comments which have garnered the attention of the world, or at least those who care to know what’s going outside of their liberal communities. Here are some direct quotes taken from this lunatic of a leader:

  • “The Holocaust is a “myth” and never really happenedâ€?
  • “We don’t shy away from declaring that Islam is ready to rule the world”
  • “Iran’s culture of martyrdom-seeking is the country’s best guarantee of national securityâ€?
  • In an open letter to President Bush, Ahmadinejad invited Bush to become a Muslim; then later said in an interview, “Those who refuse to accept an invitation to good will (to follow Islam) will not have a good ending or fate.”

For those uninformed liberals that don’t know, Ahmadinejad follows a radical sect of Shi’a Islam that is awaiting the return of the “12th Imam,” or the “Mahdi,” a figure Shi’a Muslims believe will return to earth and usher in a time of peace and justice; of course the caveat is that this is all supposed to take place after Islam has taken over and dominated the world. Seems to me like these are fightin’ words but since the U.S. is too afraid of public opinion to deal with the task at hand, I am sure he will get dealt with really soon by Mossad; like they did his boy Ardeshire Hassanpour.

And to think that most liberals complain about Bush and call him a dictator and terrorist just baffles me!

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  • Marlia
    lol urban...you were off the hook with this post. It's sad that most Americans do not even realize the threat of this guy.

    Watch out...i read your Che Guevara post and saw that you had a ton of libs comment in protest....I'm sure they will be back for this one! I'll try my best to defend you, AGAIN!!! lol.
  • ed
    I say just leave him alone. His country is in turmoil right now...food shortages etc. Hopefully they will rise up and do something on their own. If we meddle it will just bring them together with their government. We should ask Saudi Arabia to increase oil production while at same time stop all exports of oil from Iran with a blockade..
  • kk
    Oh you poor naive man!! Ed!! yeah, just leave him alone, he and his people have suffered enough...boohoo.
    wake the fuck up and smell the C-4 my friend, this man is a lunatic and NO the people of his country will NOT gather around him in support but he doesn't need their support. he is a one man killing machine, an egomaniacal dictator, a flat out psychopath who has made it very clear he wants to destroy us and you choose to keep you head in the sand and say 'we shouldn't meddle"?????
    are you nuckin futs?
  • sean
    Am I to understand that you support ex-judicial assissinations on the leader of a soveriegn nation? And such actions are required simply because he has made outragous statements? I personally dont believe people should be killed for their beliefs although you seem to indicate you believe the contrary. Yes it is digusting that he denies the holocaust but some others around the world do and such a belief shouldnt affect their right to life.
    He lives in a theocracy and states that such a system is suitable and ready to be used across the world. This isnt so different from similar statements from your government that democracy is similarly ready as system of rule throughout the world. The major difference being that the USA attempts to spread its system through force in a country with a majority of muslims.
    I dont know what issue you have with the 3rd statement you outline. It seems to be a simple statement of fact that a culture of suicide attacks is likily to deter foreign aggressors or at least prevent easy administration of the country. I would hardly accept that he believes that it is his countrys best guarantee of national security. I'd imagine such a statement is to play on the emotions and patriotism of the public in sharing the belief that everyone has a role to play to protect the nation.
    You seem to present his belief that Islam will, at some point in time, become the accepted belief system throughout the globe as proof of his personal intentions to attempt to dominate the world. Please correct me if I am wrong in this assumption. I am not discounting the fact that such may happen through force but find it highly unlikely that in the present global situation Iran could possibly achieve such and would like to know why you believe they would attempt such apart from meer statements?
    Entertaining as ever urbcon!
  • lol Sean...as a matter of fact, I do support assassinations of a leader of a sovereign nation? However you try and spin it, he is a dangerous and evil man; and you have to fight evil with blunt trauma force. You can’t negotiate or use diplomatic efforts because they will stab you in the back!

    If I were to go to Iran and declare Christianity as the new religion, I would indeed be beheaded because of my statements so what’s the problem?
  • Javier
    idiot peace of conservative shit!
  • Javier - it's "piece of conservative shit" you idiot! I swear, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people don’t use spell check before commenting.

    Next time, tell me why you think I am a piece of conservative shit. I would like to see if you can muster up a few sentences, perhaps a paragraph and argue an intelligent point.
  • Gary
    Holy shit, are these people actually this stupid? After 8 years of liberal freaks just letting the Bin Ladens of the world run rampant, then what we had on 9/11.....and these brainless assholes STILL wanna say "Awwww, just leave the poor terrorist alone! He's just misunderstood"

    Ya know, I TOTALLY disagree with assasinating the leader of a sovereign nation. I think the people who call the Iraq's and Iran's of this world "Sovereign Nations" are really the ones who need a bullet where it counts. These aren't "Sovereign Nations". They're havens for animals who want us dead because we don't bow down and pray to Allah. Fuck Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Palestine, and every asshole who leads them.

    And to every piece of shit who says that "You know, America is just as bad because we try to spread Democracy".....well....I really don't think they have the nerve to say that in front of a REAL American....they know the outcome.
  • Al
    The above posts just illustrate why conservos have no conception of intl. politics. Read a book, turn of FOX. If military intervention were the answer to everything you would indeed fall into the rank with despised Che. Ahmadinejad is all talk, and 'taking him out' would not bode well for the middle east. Besides, another crazy would just take his place.
  • sean
    Gary: I love when someone with such a, lets say 'strong', point of view writes a substantial post.

    "I think the people who call the Iraq's and Iran's of this world "Sovereign Nations" are really the ones who need a bullet where it counts."
    So beautiful to see that freedom of speech is still a valued part of ur american life! It's a wonderfully nieve idea that america should be allowed to decide which countrys or administrations become "sovereign nations". Or possibly yourself alone should be "the decider" on this issue. Just to let you know that sovereign is generally accepted to mean independant. And international law decides whether a country is a sovereign nation..... well it decides if they are a state but that doesnt have the same ring to it! Oh and btw, Iraq is said by your own government to be a sovereign nation..... wasnt there a transferring cermemony of some sort?

    Gary said : "I really don't think they have the nerve to say that in front of a REAL American....they know the outcome."
    Dude.... dude.... seriously! I try not to insult people but you pretty much embody everything I dislike about the USA. Are you saying a REAL american is a crominal who is willing to commit assault without provocation? That others should hold their tongues about their opinions on america around americans lest they find themselves under threat? Sounds alot like american foreign policy to me!
  • Shey
    Why is it the threat so clear to us yet the media/libs immediately discredit it??
  • Gravee
    *raises hand* I'm a liberal.

    And Iran needs to be delt with. Hard. And now. They are supplying weapons and training to Al Qaeda in Iraq. This is keeping the troop there, which is the opposite of what the most extreme of us Dems wants. Getting out of Iraq cannot happen until we stop Iran from interfering.

    Oh, and props if you actually typed out Ahmadinejad. But I won't hold it against you if you copy-pasted it, lol
  • I copied and pasted it...and we finally agree on something.
  • Jaimie Lee
    For those of you who say that Ahmadinejad is all talk, I have news for you. So was Hitler. In fact, every single thing that Hitler did was spelled out in Mein Kompf. He told the world exactly what he was planning on doing--all of the murder, the conquests, the oppression of those who were not "worthy"-- he was all talk until he was in a position to do something about it. An evil but shrewed man would do just that. So, is Ahmadinejad laying out his plans for us to hear before he begins to take steps toward it? Hitler did. Unfortunately, nobody was listening. Is anybody listening today?

    I have been to death camps in Europe. I've seen the incinerators, the bunk houses, the filth that people--HUMAN BEINGS--were forced to endure. And I have seen the monument that says "Never Again". If we really mean that, NEVER AGAIN, what must we do to preempt such a slaughter from being repeated? Stop the evil, shrewed man before he has the power to move on his plans. Appeasement or ignoring the rhetoric is never the solution to dealing with a mad man.
  • Mx 1000
    Iran is not the Germany of WWII, they are a third world nation. Their technology and industry is mostly imported. Germany was a great industrialized nation in 1939.

    If not the the mess in Iraq--causing high oil prices, the Iranian economy would have all but collapsed by now. Thanks to "conservative" policies despot regimes all over the world have been seeing a resurgence in power.

    Keep it up "conservatives" in a few more years the dollar will be worthless. And U.S. banks will be owned by Saudi princes. If you think Bush kisses a lot of Saudi ass now, just imagine what he'll be doing in a decade or two.
  • @ Mx 1000

    You are wrong my friend. Iran is far more militarily advanced than Germany was in the 30s. You are so damn pessimistic, like most liberals. You swear to your mother the demise of the US; and you blame conservatives. What a joke.
  • Fred
    we need to get them asap. they could bomb us with nuclear bombs and hurt people in the USA. the leader says our president is dumb, well iran is dumb.

    we should bomb them to teach them a lesson. they have no respect for human rights so we just need to get boots on the ground and bomb them right away. bomb the whole country and venuswala to.
  • Heathenhater
    As Fareed Zakaria would say. If this is 1939, Iran is not Germany. It is more like Romania. OOOH good job UC! You recognized that technology has improved since 1939! I think MX was referring to the idea that maybe, just maybe, he meant in comparison to the rest of the world in that time period. I think that mightve blown over your head
  • HeyZues

    I think you guys all need to calm down. Deal with Iran? The USSR was our arch enemy from the 40s til the 80s. Did we ever bomb them? No. Did we ever teach them a lesson? No. Did we use diplomacy as much as we could? Yes. Did it work? Yes (think CMC and a Kennedy or two). Is Iran nearly as big of a threat as the USSR ever was? No.

    So Ahmadinejad doesn't really like the US, neither does most of the world right now. What would be better to drop bombs on Iran and have the rest of the world become even more irate (and likely to retaliate) or to let things cool down with Iran?

    Dont let the military industrial complex fog your mind into thinking that Iran is crazy and will do anything to hurt us.


    Who are we to teach another country a lesson?