Live From Copenhagen: Blame America First Mentality

December 17th, 2009 Gerrit Lansing

The Heritage Foundation’s Steven Groves and Ben Lieberman are live at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference reporting from a conservative perspective. Follow their reports on The Foundry and at the Copenhagen Consequences Web site.

Though Barack Obama garnered much attention for his Nobel Peace Prize win, the United States has won three lesser-known, tongue-in-cheek awards at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference from a liberal environmentalist organization that has been critical of America’s refusal to wholeheartedly embrace their radical agenda.

And what “ignoble actions” earned the United States these noble prizes? According to the people at, the U.S. government took home the “Fossil of the Day” award for “stalling negotiation to save life on planet earth.” Along with the Climate Action Network, runs a daily award show at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. It’s worth noting that is dedicated to “to clos[ing] the gap between the world we have, and the world most people everywhere want.”

The Fossil of the Day award is indicative of the “blame America first” sentiment that pervades these conferences and the Heritage team is doing all it can to make sure that, despite  this anti-US  sentiment,  the real interests of the American people are part of this debate.

Here’s video of the red carpet ceremony shot by Heritage’s Ben Lieberman:

We at Heritage applaud this award in part because, climate change and research aside, signing a colossal UN resolution in Copenhagen this week would mean signing over our sovereignty to unelected bureaucrats in the United Nations and Europe (not to mention the tremendous economic harm Copenhagen regulations would wreak on the U.S. economy). Here’s to fourth “Fossil of the Day Award.”

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Sen. Inhofe Discusses Climategate, “The Greatest Scandal in Modern Science”

December 8th, 2009 Todd Thurman

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), ranking Member on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW), spoke to bloggers at The Heritage Foundation’s weekly Bloggers Briefing today and focused his remarks on the controversial “Climategate” scandal — the series of leaked e-mails that have blown holes through the theory of man-made global warming.

As Sen. Inhofe sat down to speak, he opined that he was just in the Senate trying to convince Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) to investigate the subject of the e-mails, instead of the people who uncovered the e-mails. Sen. Inhofe was the leader of the global warming opposition ten years ago when he chaired the EPW Committee; when a blogger asked him what he thought about the emergent news that the science was flawed, the Senator quipped, “Redemption.”

Senator Inhofe is not alone in his views on “Climategate.” The UK Telegraph called it the “greatest scandal in modern science,” and the UK MET is reevaluating over 160 years of climate data because “public opinion of man-made global warming has been shattered by leaked e-mails.” Sen. Inhofe seemed confident that neither climate bills would pass the Senate, but feared the Obama Administration would circumvent the legislative process and use the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to force regulation through the Clean Air Act. Sen. Inhofe fired back by releasing a YouTube video saying that the EPA finding that CO2 is a pollutant was based on faulty science.

Now, the United Nations is in the middle of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, where “the science is settled.” However, as we have stated, the science is far from settled. Now, the world has learned that the basis of the science that climate change was founded on could be proven faulty. This has not stopped the UN’s International Panel on Climate Change from creating a treaty that will be costly to the US economy and not have any real impact on the environment. And it’s a treaty that would infringe on our national sovereignty.

You can listen to Sen. Inhofe’s remarks here.

You can watch the video of his remarks here.

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Global Warming Ate My Homework: 100 Things Blamed on Global Warming

November 17th, 2009 Nick Loris

Late for a party? Miss a meeting? Forget to pay your rent? Blame climate change; everyone else is doing it. From an increase in severe acne to all societal collapses since the beginning of time, just about everything gone wrong in the world today can be attributed to climate change. Here’s a list of 100 storylines blaming climate change as the problem.

1. The deaths of Aspen trees in the West
2. Incredible shrinking sheep
3. Caribbean coral deaths
4. Eskimos forced to leave their village
5. Disappearing lake in Chile
6. Early heat wave in Vietnam
7. Malaria and water-borne diseases in Africa
8. Invasion of jellyfish in the Mediterranean
9. Break in the Arctic Ice Shelf
10. Monsoons in India
11. Birds laying their eggs early
12. 160,000 deaths a year
13. 315,000 deaths a year
14. 300,000 deaths a year
15. Decline in snowpack in the West
16. Deaths of walruses in Alaska
17. Hunger in Nepal
18. The appearance of oxygen-starved dead zones in the oceans
19. Surge in fatal shark attacks
20. Increasing number of typhoid cases in the Philippines
21. Boy Scout tornado deaths
22. Rise in asthma and hayfever
23. Duller fall foliage in 2007
24. Floods in Jakarta
25. Radical ecological shift in the North Sea
26. Snowfall in Baghdad
27. Western tree deaths
28. Diminishing desert resources
29. Pine beetles
30. Swedish beetles
31. Severe acne
32. Global conflict
33. Crash of Air France 447
34. Black Hawk Down incident
35. Amphibians breeding earlier
36. Flesh-eating disease
37. Global cooling
38. Bird strikes on US Airways 1549
39. Beer tastes different
40. Cougar attacks in Alberta
41. Suicide of farmers in Australia
42. Squirrels reproduce earlier
43. Monkeys moving to Great Rift Valley in Kenya
44. Confusion of migrating birds
45. Bigger tuna fish
46. Water shortages in Las Vegas
47. Worldwide hunger
48. Longer days
49. Earth spinning faster
50. Gender balance of crocodiles
51. Skin cancer deaths in UK
52. Increase in kidney stones in India
53. Penguin chicks frozen by global warming
54. Deaths of Minnesota moose
55. Increased threat of HIV/AIDS in developing countries
56. Increase of wasps in Alaska
57. Killer stingrays off British coasts
58. All societal collapses since the beginning of time
59. Bigger spiders
60. Increase in size of giant squid
61. Increase of orchids in UK
62. Collapse of gingerbread houses in Sweden
63. Cow infertility
64. Conflict in Darfur
65. Bluetongue outbreak in UK cows
66. Worldwide wars
67. Insomnia of children worried about global warming
68. Anxiety problems for people worried about climate change
69. Migration of cockroaches
70. Taller mountains due to melting glaciers
71. Drowning of four polar bears
72. UFO sightings in the UK
73. Hurricane Katrina
74. Greener mountains in Sweden
75. Decreased maple in maple trees
76. Cold wave in India
77. Worse traffic in LA because immigrants moving north
78. Increase in heart attacks and strokes
79. Rise in insurance premiums
80. Invasion of European species of earthworm in UK
81. Cold spells in Australia
82. Increase in crime
83. Boiling oceans
84. Grizzly deaths
85. Dengue fever
86. Lack of monsoons
87. Caterpillars devouring 45 towns in Liberia
88. Acid rain recovery
89. Global wheat shortage; food price hikes
90. Extinction of 13 species in Bangladesh
91. Changes in swan migration patterns in Siberia
92. The early arrival of Turkey’s endangered caretta carettas
93. Radical North Sea shift
94. Heroin addiction
95. Plant species climbing up mountains
96. Deadly fires in Australia
97. Droughts in Australia
98. The demise of California’s agriculture by the end of the century
99. Tsunami in South East Asia
100. Fashion victim: the death of the winter wardrobe

And the list goes on. The truth is climate change is causing some of these events, but the earth’s average temperature has been increasing and decreasing since the beginning of time. Maybe the increase in UFO sightings can’t be pinpointed to climate change but certainly animals will adapt to new habitats as the climate changes. But climate change and adaptation to it is nothing new. There’s an underlying assumption that human activity is causing the climate to change in many of these stories, but the scientific consensus on what causes climate change is anything but a consensus. Temperatures have risen and fallen many times before and the earth was cooling as recently as the period from the 1940s to the 1970s giving rise to fears of a coming ice age:

“At the first Earth Day celebration, in 1969, environmentalist Nigel Calder warned, “The threat of a new ice age must now stand alongside nuclear war as a likely source of wholesale death and misery for mankind.” C.C. Wallen of the World Meteorological Organization said, “The cooling since 1940 has been large enough and consistent enough that it will not soon be reversed.”

The other implication of this list is that a reduction in Co2 with cap and trade policies like Waxman-Markey and Boxer-Kerry will cure problems as disparate as hurricanes, wars, crime, hunger and…cow infertility. The problem is that no one can actually claim that a reduction of Co2 will prevent these occurrences; one can only speculate that they will be worse in a world that has more rather than less Co2. Given cap and trade’s massive economic consequences and negligible effects on the earth’s temperature, this is a bold and potentially very costly speculation.

Katie Brown co-authored this post.

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Choices for the Future

November 11th, 2009 Scott Bittle

You know you’re in for a bout of grim reading when the international agency charged with worrying about how we power the planet starts off its fact sheet with a question like this: “Why is our current energy pathway unsustainable?”

That’s the message from the International Energy Agency, which issued its World Energy Outlook report, the organization’s annual examination of the big picture. That picture itself hasn’t changed all that much. The fundamental challenge is still to meet surging worldwide demand for energy while at the same time coming up with ways to avoid global warming and keep energy relatively affordable.

Basically, the IEA says everything depends on whether or not world leaders get serious about climate change, very soon.

If we do nothing, then worldwide energy demand is projected to soar by 40 percent by 2030. The vast majority of that increase is going to come in the developing world, as people in China, India and throughout Asia see their standard of living rise. Even keeping up with that demand would require investing another $26 trillion. And unless things change, most of that energy is going to come from fossil fuels, which means “dire consequences for climate change” and air pollution, the IEA said.

On the other hand, if world leaders committed to fighting climate change with cap-and-trade policies, increased energy efficiency, and greater use of renewable energy, that would cost another $10.5 trillion (on top of the $26 trillion). But energy demand growth could be cut in half, and greenhouse gases would decline.

Not that the prospects for this look particularly good right now. Most observers say hopes for a real deal out of next month’s Copenhagen climate conference are fading, one major reason being that the United States still hasn’t figured out what it wants to do. There’s a chance the Obama administration will put something in place on its own even if Congress doesn’t act, but in any case, it’s unlikely a deal with be struck without American leadership.

Chances are you’ve never heard of the IEA. While the agency has enormous influence among policymakers, and while there are bitter disputes over its estimates, it barely registers with the public. But despite the IEA’s wonky tone and elite audience, the report has one great strength when it comes to getting the public involved: it focuses on choices and alternatives.

The world has decisions to make about energy. Everything we’ve learned about how people get engaged in making policy decisions shows that choices are essential. Nothing’s perfect, and there are always tradeoffs to everything. Setting those options out fairly to the public is critical to building public support for change.

The IEA actually lays out the cost of those alternatives for policymakers. We can only hope that policymakers will turn around and do the same for the public.

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“War on Climate Change” Will Not Advance Security or Freedom

November 9th, 2009 Katie Brown

In his speech to the UN on climate change, President Obama warned that the “security and stability of each nation and all peoples—our prosperity, our health, our safety—are in jeopardy” and that “we must seize the opportunity to make Copenhagen a significant step forward in the global fight against climate change.”

This message of fighting climate change in order to ensure national security has become a major element of mainstream environmental rhetoric, so much so that many have likened the battle to a full-scale “war.” While examples of this are numerous, a few stand out: in a speech given at Oxford this summer, Al Gore said that the fight against climate change can be compared to the way in which “Winston Churchill aroused this nation in heroic fashion to save civilisation in World War II.” Likewise, Britain’s Environment Agency Chief Executive, Lady Young, has said that the fight against climate change is “World War Three…We need the sorts of concerted, fast, integrated and above all huge efforts that went into many actions in times of war.”

The Obama Administration has emphasized many times that the fight against climate change has two goals: to reduce carbon emissions on the one hand and to strengthen national security on the other. The problem is that this legislation cannot achieve both goals together but can only achieve a reduction of emissions at the expense of national security and the economy. According to James Carafano, a leading expert in defense and homeland security at the Heritage Foundation,

“A sharp decline in economic productivity would likely have a deleterious impact on U.S. security. For example, a collapse in U.S. economic growth would result in even more draconian cuts to the defense budget, leaving America with a military much less prepared to deal with future threats. Indeed, if America’s military power declines, there would probably be more wars, not fewer. Likewise, a steep drop in American economic growth would lengthen and deepen the global recession. That in turn will make other states poorer, undermining their ability to protect themselves and recover from natural disasters.”

If the Obama Administration decides to fight this war on climate change, the United States will ultimately lose, coming out of the battle with a weaker economy, weaker security, and weaker personal freedoms. Unlike World War II or the Cold War, when America sought to advance the security of nations and the cause of freedom, this war on climate change will do much to weaken national security and shackle the freedoms of Americans. In its wake, the government will have unprecedented control over the energy industry: the development of fossil fuels will no longer be an option for Americans and the government will decide what kinds of energy can be produced or purchased.

As the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference draws near, the words of President Reagan again become relevant. In his famous “tear down this wall” speech towards the end of the Cold War, Reagan argued that freedom is an essential ingredient for the security of nations:

We believe that freedom and security go together, that the advance of human liberty can only strengthen the cause of world peace.”

Reagan’s words remind us that policies that weaken defense, the economy and personal liberties are not the answer in our efforts to keep America safe and free.

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Urban Conservative Officially Relaunches

October 29th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

Hello, America!  I am extremely excited to be writing to you this evening, as I officially begin my journey as editor-in-chief of  My name is Billy Hallowell and I am honored to introduce myself to you all.  

I have been a contributor to this site for the past two years.  I am a journalist and commentator who has been working in media for nearly 11 years (I’m 26, so I started fairly young).  In 2003, I founded Pathufind Media and I am currently the host of RENEWtv, a web show devoted to renewing American conservatism.  And now, I’m officially a member of the Urban Conservative family!

But enough about me.  You can surely read more on my Web site, but I’m guessing you’re most interested in what will be happening here on!  Tomorrow, we will become a daily publication.  Many of you have been actively reading UC for years.  This new change will afford you even more access to valuable news and information!

You’ll notice we’ve launched a plethora of new topics.  While these subjects are of great importance to American politics, please be patient as we build our content around them (i.e. there may be a lag before all topics have streaming content).  But, we will be branching into new and uncharted news categories, as you can see.

Also, in November, my show — RENEWtv - will officially join forces with Urban Conservative.  

These are just some of the changes in store as we move forward!  Please be patient as we transition, add new blogs to the CONLIST and forge our path moving forward.  I thank you for your support and readership and I look forward to serving you!

- Billy Hallowell, Editor-in-Chief

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Time Mag: How to win the war on Global Warming

April 17th, 2008 Urban Conservative

If this isn’t an example of liberal propaganda, I don’t know what is.  For the second time in roughly 85 years or so, Time abandoned their traditional red border it uses on its magazine cover for a green one … and the occasion is – yes, you guessed it, to push more global warming awareness.  Reminds me a little of April 3, 2023 cover, “Be Worried, Be Very Worried.â€?

The cover of the April 21 issue of Time took the famous Iwo Jima photograph by Joe Rosenthal of the Marines raising the American flag and replaced the flag with a tree. The cover story by Bryan Walsh calls green “the new red, white and blue.�

Read the rest of this entry »

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Imagine a World without Liberals

August 7th, 2007 Urban Conservative

A few weeks ago, I created a profile on Myspace and posted some of my more controversial blogs there in order to gain more traffic and readership to this blog. While it’s not the most effective media channel for driving web traffic, I have had the pleasure of meeting some fellow conservative bloggers that have some really great (and hilarious) things to say.

One such blogger was a 19 year old female who goes by the name of the Bulgarian Queen. Don’t be fooled by her Shakira background on her profile; she is quite the bulldog and will eat you liberals for breakfast. She posted a similar post to the following a few weeks ago which became my inspiration for writing this. 

Now sit back, close your eyes and imagine a World without Liberals! There would be:

  • No more spineless, moronic Ron Paul Myspace bloggers that vomit out garbage about his ”real character.” Yes indeed, there are several Ron Paul supporters on Myspace.  I don’t really have anything against Ron Paul.  He is a decent individual with the exception of his statement about 9/11 coming to us and the fact that he voted against legislation to help catch online predators. Well, actually I change my mind. He is a spineless-liberal-no-balls-havin moron and his voting record explains it all.
  • No more Al Gore-worshipping-tree-hugging-animal-loving-global-warming-the-world-is-ending loonies refusing to drill for oil in Alaska because it would disturb the wildlife. ‘Nuff said about this.
  • No more Bush-bashing-Cheney-hating-troop-denigrating-cindy-sheehan-loving-ungroomed-facial-hair-having freakazoids that believe that it’s in our best interest to pull out of Iraq because war solves nothing. And these are the same people who have NEVER served a day in the US Armed Forces; yet they are suddenly experts in foreign policy. Hmmm, Sean Penn comes to mind right about now.
  • No more hypocritical-claim-to-be-Christ-loving-I-am-always-a-victim reverends like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton attacking people like Don Imus for his statements, yet are completely mute when well-known hip-hop artists promote gang violence, drug dealing and rap about bitches and hoes.
  • No more goofy-looking-menopausal-cindy-sheehan-loving-anti-war-anti-israel-terrorist-loving Hollywood types protesting just for the sake of protesting.
  • No more money-wasting-perpetrating-wealthy-ass politicians who spend hundreds of dollars on a haircut yet claim that it’s in their best interest to help the poor.
  • No more traitorous-socialist-behavior-likes-to-have-it-both-ways-flip-flopping senators that claim to be for the people by supporting unions, when in fact she (Pelosi) owns several NON UNION vineyards and restaurants all throughout California. And, who is itching to rebel against the president and slapping Americans in the face by visiting a terrorist country and having peace talks while wearing a Hijab (head scarf).

This, my friends-family-and-liberals-who-lurk-around-this-site, would be a perfect world. Then again, a world without liberals would be quite boring, as I would have nothing to write about it in this blog. I am actually glad that liberals exist and I enjoy reading their nonsense. I compare it to watching the Jerry Springer show because it reminds me that my life isn’t really all that bad.

Peace out my bretheren…oh, and long live Israel.

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Global Warming: The debate is still on

May 19th, 2007 Urban Conservative

We’re being told by the main stream media (and Al Gore) that the global warming debate is over and that there is a consensus among scientists saying that you and I are the cause. However, what they are not telling you is that debate is not over. The fact is that many scientists who were once global-warming apologists are now skeptical of global-warming and its causes.

An increasing number of climate scientists now believe the cause of global warming is caused by natural reasons and that man’s contribution to the greenhouse gases is so small that we couldn’t change the climate if we tried.  Additionally, no matter how many billions of dollars are wasted trying to reduce greenhouse gas, man will not be able to affect global warming one way or the other.

So, now why is DiCaprio still warning us that we face extinction from global warming? Yo, Leo…I bet you didn’t know that the average temperature in April 2007 was 51.7 F. This was -0.3 F cooler than the 1901-2000 (20th century) average, the 47th coolest April in 113 years.

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Extreme Capitalism from Left-Wing Lunatics?

March 14th, 2007 Urban Conservative

Yes, limousine liberals abound (especially in California) and they WILL have it both ways! Here are a couple examples of extreme capitalism from extreme lefties. Add to the list, respond with others you might be aware of. 

Nancy Pelosi 

- Piatti restraunt chain 

- Auberge du Soleil hotel in Rutherford, Calif 

- A 25 Million dollar vineyard in northern Calif which is a non-union shop by the way!! Hypocrisy at its best huh Nancy. 

Google Founders - Sergey Brin and Larry Page 

- Environmental whackos yet they purchased a Boeing 767-200 wide-body jet for “personal use”! That’s a whole lot of fossil fuel spent for “personal use”.

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