What Is Wrong With The Republicans?

August 16th, 2009 John Michael Rivera

There was a time when Republicans stood for the principles that made the US  the superpower that it is today, the only remaining superpower I might add.

Those days sadly, are now a thing of the past.

There was a time when being a Republican meant being conservative; that too unfortunately has also gone by the way side.

Compare a liberal politician to a republican politician and you will be hard pressed to find a difference. As much as I would like to believe that none of this is true, it is regrettably the state we find ourselves in today.

So I put the question to you, “What has happened to the Republicans?”

Where is the righteous indignation from the republicans when conservatives are getting beat up by union bullies at townhall meetings merely for disagreeing with liberals?

Where is the righteous indignation when liberals ram one bill after another, without even reading them, through congress that increase national debt to astronomical proportions and strip freedom from citizens and states and put it in the hands of liberals?

Where is the outrage when our lying, socialist, corrupt president nominates a radical liberal for the Supreme Court in order to stack that court with self-righteous hypocritical liberals that feel it is their calling to legislate form the bench on how the rest of us should live our lives but continently exclude themselves on some made up pretext.

A recent comment on my blog asked why we, meaning conservatives, weren’t demanding our elected officials to do something to stop liberals, in their irrational zeal, from destroying our country.

You know what? I couldn’t think of an answer. When reading news and blog posts I see plenty on what this liberal is doing and what that liberal is doing but seldom do I see read anything about what republicans and other conservatives are doing. Nor have I seen anything on conservatives demanding form their elected officials to stop the liberal onslaught on our liberties.

I couldn’t answer him because we are NOT doing enough to stop liberals. Ask yourself what have you done to stop the liberal madness?

  • Have you written your congressman?
  • Have you written a letter to the editor of your local newspaper?
  • Have you gone on popular blogs like Urban Conservative and left comments expressing your views. (You might not know this but the main stream liberal media does read Conservative blogs like Urban Conservative and The Conservative Spotlight. They like to keep tabs on what we’re up too!)
  • Have you been to townhall meetings and expressed your opinions? And if you have, “Were you beaten up by liberal thugs?”

These are just a few things that I came up with that we as individuals and small grassroots groups can do to effect some changes. Lets face it, the politicians have for whatever reason abandoned their mandate to represent us the voters so its up to us to get those bums out of office and elect new representative that will do just that, represent the will of the voters.

John Michael Rivera writes for the conservative blog, The Conservative Spotlight.

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  • mdp42
    Its a great question you are asking. Sadly, the Republican party is at a crossroads...many want to continue on pressing for conservative values (those values shared by about 70% of the American people) and others want to attempt to be more moderate to appease "Independents". Both ideals have pros and cons. But since the party has no unified message, you dont hear much of anyone coming out in support of our ideals.

    Its also a great point about bloggers, etc. mentioning what liberals are doing, but not what conservatives are doing. We need to start speaking out about the moves our own side is making - supporting the good ones and blasting the bad.

    visit my blog at right-wingconspiracy.blogspot.com
    Ive been very inactive lately but hoping to change that now
  • John Michael Rivera
    mdp42, my post was aimed mostly at Republican politicians and not the rank and file Republican voters. I should have made that a bit clearer but you are right, all Conservatives, Republicans and others that are sympathetic to Conservative values and principles should be really concerned about the liberals are doing to the our country.

    Im sure that if every Conservative spoke up, the volume of our collective voice would be so loud that it would make liberal shake in fear.

    As for the politicians, there are a few Conservative Republicans that have the courage to stand up for their Conservative values such as Congressman Tom Price, M.D., Chairman of the Republican Study Committee, so far, hes the only one that I have seen that has stood to his liberal counterparts.

    The rest of the Republican politicians have adopted this policy of trying to appease liberals. Am I the only one that thinks that there is something terribly wrong with this strategy? It just seems so wrong; perhaps there is something more sinister at work here!

    Any thoughts on what that might be?
  • ReverndIdahoSpud
    If you have a half cup of dirt and a half cup of water and mix them together you now have a product that is no longer suitable for growing anything or drinking. Conservative principles have likewise been "watered" down and compromised by decades of NEA control of schools, liberal (communist) control of MSM, which is Americas finishing shcool after the brainwashing in public school, ACLU litigation, and removal of God as the source of inspiration and empowement to the masses.

    In short we live in a Pavlovian society. The conditioning has been long in the making and application. We did not arive here overnight. Conservative principles, which largely revolve around SELF reliance and governance, are lost to the human condition of desiring to have something for nothing. To have everything in life provided without expending much if any effort is a utopian dream that is readily purchased with nothing more than giving up control of ones own life to others acting in their behalf.

    The desire to have everyone live indepencant, self reliant lives is somewhat utopian in its own way and counter productive to those who would impose their will upon everyone else. We are at a place in history that the principles of conservativism will only be understood by a few, the old and perishing, and those who have been taught by a parent of other mentor.

    Those who live by these principles will continue to prosper and have meaningful lives despite the chaos that may surround them. From a survival standpoint they will also have the edge under the most severe conditions. History has a tendency to repeat itself. Those who learn from the past can apply their learning to a future, those that dont perish.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Excellent! Thank you all!
  • John Michael Rivera
    Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank You! I have been saying the same thing for sometime now and was starting to think that I was the only one. It is good to see that this is not the case.

    The conditioning you mentioned has been going on for some time now. I suspect that it can be traced back to the 60s and the counter culture revolution that came with that generation. Those "Hippies" from the 60s are now the ones running main stream media outlets and teaching their corrupt ideas to impressionable young people in our colleges.

    It started as a trickle back then, hardly noticeable, but just as a small trickle of water can erode the hardest rock to eventually create the biggest canyon, this tiny trickle has eroded our Conservative values.

    We are in a battle for our very survival here folks. Not so much a physical battle, but a battle for our minds. Its Good vs Evil, we must guard our minds against the disinformation that the main stream media is bombarding us with 24/7.

    If were not successful it could mean the end of what we hold most dear, Freedom.
  • paulblair
    "Good vs Evil"

    "Communist Control"

    "Self Reliance"

    I pity you ultra-righties. I wouldnt wish the paralyzing fear you live with on anyone.
  • John Michael Rivera
    Ultra-Righties, interesting. I have news for Paul these are not extremists making these comments. These are moderate Conservatives that are finally waking up from their slumber and standing up for what they believe in.

    The only thing were afraid of is letting you bleeding heart liberals take over and destroy our country and our way of life.

    Be honest with us Paul, and more importantly with yourself, you one of those mindless idiots regurgitating what you hear left-wing extremist say. You probably have not had an original thought in most if not all of your adult life.

    If any one here needs pity its you Paul :-(
  • paulblair
    Thanks for the laughs John. Keep churning out those "original thoughts" for us non-thinking, bleeding hearts. Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to?
  • 2bluestarmom
    Classic example folks.
    Alinskys Rules for Radicals

    Remember, go see my posting on the list

    Familiarize yourself with their tactics and ignore them.
  • paulblair
    Thats an interesting list you cite. It describes the tactics of the think tanks that manipulate people like you to a tee.
  • Sarah Chandler
    I call myself conservative instead of republican now,for just that reason. In the presidential race, Ann Coulter called Hillary Clinton more conservative than John McCain. Thats pretty sad. Where are we, the people? However, we MIGHT be getting better because, I mean, look at how the Dems are bending on their healthcare plan (though its probably just to regain political capital). Thats because of us. But "room for improvement" is still a massive understatement.
  • John Michael Rivera
    When I was in my early 30s attending Herkimer County Community College in upstate New York, I considered myself a liberal. I continued my education at Hobart College, Geneva, NY and it was then that I came to realize that I was NOT liberal but the opposite I became a card carry member of the Libertarian Party.

    As time went on and my political awareness increased I became critical of party and concluded that some their positions were so radical, that it severely limited the ability of their ideas to gain greater acceptance. It was at this time that I started calling myself a Conservative.

    I would like to make a distinction here between Conservatives and Republicans. I define Conservatives as those that live by the beliefs, values and principles that are identified as Conservative whereas Republicans are those that belong to the Republican political party.

    I was never, I am not, nor will I ever be a Republican. Nothing personal against Republicans it just that as a Conservative I see no need to belong to any political party, and given the recent behavior of the Republican party, there is no real incentive to want to join.
  • Sarah Chandler
    Just an addition to my previous comment, please visit my blog: foundersofthefuture.blogspot.com. Ive been trying to get it noticed. Thanks!
  • aliy
    Sweetheart, I LOVE the site. Keep me posted on updates!!!
  • 2bluestarmom
    Awesome site and blog Sarah! Keep up the good work! You are the next generation and we need you.
  • John Michael Rivera
    I just checked out your blog. Great start keep plunging at it and keep making comments on sites like Urban Conservative, thats the way to get it noticed.

    By the way, If you have time check out my blog let me know what you think.
  • aliy
    I am a conservative, not a republican. My only concern is policy. I think a lot of republicans are conservative-lite. I think the people are making a great statement to what they believe and what they want lately. I can only hope this would speak volumes to any politican out there that we ARE looking for someone to represent us. I dont think there are too many people left in Washington who actually represent us, we need more of that.
  • John Michael Rivera
    Same here, Aliy. When I first entered college and was beginning to become more politically aware, I considered myself a liberal. it wasnt till my third year in college that I realized that I was not a liberal. I then became a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party. As time went on, however, I became disenchanted with the Libertarians. I concluded that some of their positions were too radical, too anarchistic and I had real problems with, what I considered to be a strong under current of atheism in the party. It was at that time that I chose to become a Conservative. Ill have to admit that I wasnt to sure what it meant to be a Conservative so I decided to find out. I have a better idea today of Conservatism and its many variations and I try to pass that hard gained knowledge and wisdom on to any one willing to listen.
  • aliy
    Deomcrats made the conservatives give a little and then when the arm was out stretched, they bit off to the elbow! Just like they are trying to force Isreal to give a little land to Palastine. They dont budge and their idea of "bi-partisan" is everyone doing it their way and not complaining about it. It was this whole trying to appease democrats and liberals that got the party into trouble in the first place. If they had stood strong on conservative values, and NOT given into pressure they would have been fine.

    I am happy to say though that Obama has been able to reunite conservatives and republicans again as a unified power against a common enemy. So for that we have to give him credit.
  • proxima
    The lack of difference? Easy. The money machine of lobbyists hiding behind the 1st amendment. Campaign contributions are the lubricant of elections and lets face it...a lobbyist or PAC with $50000 in contributions will always have the ear of a candidate/incumbent rather than an average voter trying to raise a family and keep a life going. Does this mean that its futile? No. Just realize that the special interests are active 24/7 and it takes much to wake the sleeping giant of voter rage (i.e. healthcare reform). In politics sunlight is the best disinfectant.I have done all of actions in the blog except a townhall meeting. Our "distinguished" Senator Harry Reid will not have townhall meetings excpet by telephone which of course are heavily screened. Tea parties and other conservative PACS are a good way to motivate conservative candidates. I have recently started a 3rd party/PAC that supports conservative candidates.
    Good luck to all
  • John Michael Rivera
    Let me clarify myself. When I said there was hardly any difference between liberals and Republicans I was speaking philosophically. Whats the difference between Ws prescription plan and Obamacare? A question of degree. Whats the difference between Ws government bailout of banks and Obamas stimulus bill? A matter of degree.

    The difference between W. Bush and Obama is that Bush increased government by a little (compared to Obama), but Obama knocked it out of the ball park. Its a mater of degree.
  • proxima
    I agree. It is a matter of degrees. Not to sound elitist,my point is that the average person is distracted by daily events or suffering from political ADD. It is refreshing to see the outrage at the townhalls. Finally, congress sees the face of anger the average American feels for it and Congresses response (by some members) is to demonize the protestors. Hopefully this anger will translate into the 2010 midterms and some degree of change occurs.
  • proxima
    I agree. It is a matter of degrees. Not to sound elitist,my point is that the average person is distracted by daily events or suffering from political ADD. It is refreshing to see the outrage at the townhalls. Finally, congress sees the face of anger the average American feels for it and Congresses response (by some members) is to demonize the protestors. Hopefully this anger will translate into the 2010 midterms and some degree of change occurs.
  • billtowns
    Great points John and excellent questions. We as conservatives have been abandoned by the Republican party. They are worried about appeasing the liberal media and just want to get along so as to not be criticized and attacked as extremists. As a result we can thank the Republicans for helping to give us last years $700 million dollar bank bailout debacle under the guise of saving the banking industry but was really just a way for the federal govt to gain control of our banks and in so doing later able to force GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy.

    Everything you mentioned doing to stop liberal madness we need to be doing more of. I hear liberals and even inside the belway so-called conservatives complaining we need to be more civil and engage the libs in more polite conversation and be more open-minded and consiliatory at these town meetings, but I beg to differ and feel we need to be outraged and passionate in expressing ourselves because we werent when they passed TARP and the last stimulus, sorry I mean porkulus bill and the latest cap and tax bill which wasnt even written before they voted on that. We need to realize that the radical left-wing extremists will not give up in trying to take away our freedoms in the name of protecting us from Global warming, SUVs, swine flu, evil tobacco companies, oil companies, pharmacutical companies, airlines, doctors, theater popcorn, guns, ourselves, etc and Must be Beaten!

    One final note about at least one prominent Republican that comes to mind who is doing something is Sarah Palin who needs to be given more credit and support from Conservatives. You only need to see how the Liberals try to marginalize and vilify her to know how much she scares them and how effective she is in inspiring Conservative causes.
  • aliy
    Totally agree! Love her and the way she makes reporters get fish guts all over themselves to interview her! Talk about someone whos really in touch with the real world and that scare the piss out of liberals! I think she shot herself in the foot resigning from her position but she is going to be a great conservative leader (she could get a talk show tomorrow and have millions of viewers!) She speaks the language conservatives everywhere hear.

    She is very removed from Washington. Like when we went to war in Iraq, I asked "why are we not getting oil and gas for out help?" I bet she is the kind of person who would ask the exact same question. We have military forces they need, they have fuel we need, fair trade.

    I love that she stands up for what she believes in no matter who tells her shes wrong. Like liberal women who hate her when they should hold her up to a higher standard. Shes a freaking working mom with HOW many kids, pulling off what other women WISH they could do. She has a backbone, she is not afraid to get dirty! Shes just great.
  • billtowns
    I originally thought she had made a mistake by resigning as well but I think she gets it and realizes what is at stake here and that is the survival of America as we know it. She probably felt she could do the most good by resigning as Governer and not be constrained by the endless lawsuits and frivolous accusations she was having to constantly defend herself against draining not only her own money but taxpayer dollars also. I find it amazing that after all the attacks she has had to endure she still has a 70% approval rating in Alaska and Obamas is now below 50% nationally even with the media constantly slobbering all over themselves to make him look good! So I have a big problem with not only Democrats but Republicans calling her unsophisticated and lacking foreign policy experience but all the while we have a defacto president who is deliberately destroying the American economy which we know is his ultimate goal! There can be no other conclusion to be made from his actions! I think Palins views on the economy and how to fix it are absolutely right! And can you imagine all the little girls out there who might actually look up to a Sarah Palin and try to emulate her values and how much the thought of that is bound to drive all liberals out there crazy insane and cause them to do or say anything to disparage and denegrate her!

    I also think Michele Bachmann, a Republican representative from Minnesota, is another Conservative who is boldly taking on Obama and not backing down from a relentless liberal media onslaught against her. Now if we can only get some male Republicans out there to "step up"!
  • aliy
    I like Bachmann too. She is speaking out a lot lately and shes not afraid of anyone in a pant suit hating her!

    We had a problem here with Tom Feeney (I LOVE Tom Feeney) the liberals in this state launched a crap investigation right before the election so they could say he was "under investigation" and he lost the election to Kosmas and then right after the election they dropped all charges and cleared him of any wrong doing! So I can see what Palin was spending all her time doing. And it was just some liberal taking pages from "rules for radicals"
  • John Michael Rivera
    Im glad you agree with me Bill. It seems that right after I wrote this post Conservatives, Republicans and other like minded people did start to speak up at townhall meetings across the country. So much so that that it caused Obama to back off shoving this health care debacle down everyones throat and it made liberals nervous.

    So nervous that they had to send the bully boys down to beat up Conservatives like Kenneth Gladney who was assaulted at a town hall meeting for no reason other than selling flags by hoodlums from the Service Employees International Union CTW, CLC (SEIU).

    Lets show those cowards that we will not put up with this nonsense, speak up contact the SEIU [email protected]
  • dangerdog
    Is the Republican party going the right way?
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer were confirmed by a large majority of Republicans but now lets look at Sonia Sotomayor. A clear majority of Republican politicians have stood up and said no to this judicial activist. This itself is not the only indication of the GOP finding itself. The stimulus bill was also opposed vehemently and now the GOP is looking like its stance was the correct one to take as the economy is slipping even further toward a depression. So yes the GOP is separating itself with conservative stands, but the real question is will it keep it up?
  • aliy
    I think over the years liberals have berated the republicans so much they started trying to appease them and that was the mistake. Now that they are in power they see there is no reciprocal hand back and they are starting to wake up. However, I fear once the 2010 elections when the republicans wind up getting elected overwhelmingly, were going to see the liberals go right back to trying to beat these people into submission and thats a sad thing.
  • mirandaf
    I used to say that compromise in politics was understandable, because conservatives couldnt get anything passed without support from the other side. But when conservatives compromise, Democrats walk all over them. Meanwhile, when the Democrats are in charge, they rarely compromise. So I agree with you. We need to stand up for conservative values.
  • rivertownjack
    Socialism works for the elite,
    and then,
    so do the masses
  • paulblair
    If the "elite" are the problem, then why do conservatives fight so hard on behalf of big business?
  • Jackie M
    Why dont you ask your fellow democrats why they fight so hard on behave of big business-the auto industry and the unions! Conservative fight for jobs you moron! Poor people dont hire people so where do you think the jobs come from? I think a good dose of simple economics would help you.
  • Jackie M
    I meant behalf.
  • paulblair
    Conservatives dont fight for jobs. They fight for corporations. Unions are not corporations, I am not a Democrat, and Ive forgotten more about economics than you know.
  • Dora
    Jackie, you fight for the right for big business to screw you every single day.
    you do it in your opposition to health care reform.

    you cry foul over the heads being turned by 7-figure paid lobbyists- yet you allow them to sponsor your anti-health care noise, your special interest "pork", your representatives sent to bring YOUR voice to Washington. Take a look at the money received from health and pharma to what people in congress- you will find your reps. high on the list if not at the top.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Dora, paulblair and the rest of you ignorant anarchist.........You guys have really lost touch!

    You havent got a clue. Keep listening to the retards who are whispering shit in your ear!

  • geniusconservative
    nice, well thought out reply. please keep up the witty, logical debate!
  • paulblair
    Thanks for the kind words poopiehead!
  • Dora
    what else does one expect from the likes of 2blue.

    when you have no facts- when you are on the WRONG side of history, when you have been proven wrong- time after time after time, what else can she do but call names.
    a graduate of the Limbaugh school of charm.
    a follower of the Glenn Beck false-patriot brigade.
    a sponge that drips the slop and slime she absorbs from hate sites.
    a self-promoted "christian" who never lives by the words she claims guide her life.
    so typical- so constantly misguided.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Classic example folks.
    Alinskys Rules for Radicals

    Remember, go see my posting on the list

    Familiarize yourself with their tactics and ignore them.
  • rivertownjack
    I personally do not use the terms liberal or conservative when discussing my
    position. Politics to me exists on a continuum. At the far left is
    totalitarianism and at the far right is anarchy. This is the opposite of
    the way we have be pushed to believe the real world operates. There does
    seem to be huge corporations that will get into bed with big government for
    their own selfish interests. These alliances need to be defeated by people
    like me that want less government and more resposible action by the
    individual. Please dont call me a conservative. If I were a conservative
    I would want to preserve the status quo. I want to change the status quo by
    getting government out of the lives of me and my family. I want to exist
    much farther down the continuum toward the right or toward the anarchy side.

    I know we need government to protect us from our enemies and to enforce
    contracts between citizens. The elite are those that, in my opinion, have
    decided that the common citizen is incapable of caring for himself and is
    harming society as a whole. This belief leads them to enact millions of
    laws that attempt to direct every concievable activity and thereby infringes
    on liberty.

    It may be that we have already gone too far toward the totalitarian end of
    the continuum. Maybe this is the natural progression of all societies. But
    if there is a chance to reverse course, I would like to put my two cents
    in. When more people are dependent on the state than contribute to the
    state, how do you persuade the dependent class that they are being very

    The elite already have their fortunes and the rules they lay down for us
    common folk usually dont apply to them. You can stop a corporation by not
    buying their product. You cannot stop a government that can throw you in
    prison at the point of a gun just because you speak out against it. Look
    for that to be the next step.

    Every cent you pay in taxes goes to pay the interest on the national debt.
    The elite that can afford to keep you in debt will always be your master.
  • paulblair
    Jack, thanks for your post. You seem to be a bit more thoughtful than some of the other nutjobs here, but I have to take issue with your contention that the right is towards anarchy and the left is towards totalitarianism.

    You are painting both the right and left with broad brushes and thus obscuring the truth by doing so. Perhaps we have different definitions of right and left in regards to the political spectrum.

    Traditionally, the left leans more towards anarchy on societal issues ("keep your hands of my body") and more towards authoritarianism ("we need to keep big business in check") on economic issues. The right tends to go the opposite way, preferring laws that regulate personal behavior and preferring to leave large businesses alone.

    Bringing totalitarianism into the conversation is a red herring. Totalitarianism is a product of individuals with too much power and they have occurred throughout history under the guise of a myriad of political ideologies. The ideologies are tools of the totalitarian to placate the people and shift with the times.

    You are right not to call yourself a conservative. You sound more like a Ron Paul, libertarian type of guy. You libertarians have some really good ideas, and some really bad ones too (JMO).

    The national debt (70% of it created by Republicans administrations BTW) is one of my biggest pet peeves, but you are wrong about how much of our taxes go to servicing our debt. The last time I checked, about 25% of the taxes we pay goes towards servicing our debt. Thats still 25% too much IMO. If we could just balance our budget and **keep** it balanced, we could outgrow our debt (something we were on our way to doing before Reagan entered office), in a few decades.
  • geniusconservative
    Conservatism doesnt mean sweet jack since all conservatives care about these days is "WHAT ARE THE LIBERALS DOING?!?! LETS COUNTER THE LIBERALS!!! LIBERALS ARE DUMB!!!"
    And this great blog does nothing to help. Way to go.
  • DJ0
    I agree with you we also have to realize that Republication does not mean conservative
    You have a great blog can you read and comment my blog or maybe I can guest blog with you? I would really be thankful for your help and advice on how http://righth.blogspot.com/to and

  • Anomalous
    What a great post and discussion. Re-identifying ourselves is exactly what liberals do NOT want us to do. Alinsky was right, they ridicule us, then we spent all our efforts trying to defend against it - and it cannot be defended.

    Small part shameless plug, larger part to help reassert our identity Im linking my own post on what it is to be conservative So You Think You Are a Conservative?.

    I hope it offers some insight and please keep going, love the blog.

    Rich Mitchell
    The Plain, Hard Truth
    An information engine for Conservatives
  • 2bluestarmom
    This administration is inciting hate and racial distension against the American people.

    "PRESIDENT OBAMA: We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America. "

    Obamas czars, in particular, Van Jones is just one behind this takeover.

    Radicals have been playing the race card for decades and it was a lie then, its a lie now!

    "VAN JONES: This movement is deeper than a solar panel. Deeper than a solar panel. Dont stop there. Dont stop there. No, were going to change the whole system. Were going to change the whole thing. Were not going to put a new battery in a broken system. We want a new system. We want a new system. "

    They want a "new system" and they are implementing that new system, as I speak.

    "VAN JONES: And our Native American sisters and brothers who were pushed and bullied and mistreated and shoved into all the land we didnt want, where it was all hot and windy, well, guess what, renewable energy. Guess what, solar industry. Guess what, wind industry. They now own and control 80% of the renewable energy resources. No more broken treaties. No more broken treaties. Give them the wealth. Give them the wealth. Give them the dignity. Give them the respect that they deserve. No justice on stolen land. We owe them a debt.

    "VAN JONES: The white polluters and the white environmentals are essentially steering poison into the people of colored communities.

    It seems to me that under the constitution, we should be able to take these people down and throw them out of the white house!

    Wheres the FBI or CIA in this? Who is doing anything to stop this communist take over?!

    What does the constitution say about marxist/communist over throwing our country?

    What are our rights as a people and who the hell is doing anything about it?!

    We are a nation in distress!

    Does anyone realize how very close we are to being completely restructured as a nation?

    Do you wonder where the damn money is for "bailouts?" We are being distracted with this health care bill and other issues while they are busy implementing their new socialistic agenda with the aid of their self professed czars!

    They are using the money to rebuild the government to a socialistic/marxist/communist nation!

    Right under our noses and we are being distracted with other crap while they are doing this!

    We need to get them out of our government, media and take down the strongholds unions, etc. that have orchestrated this takeover.

    This is bigger than anyone could have ever imagined.

    They have been implementing this stuff before he got elected because they knew "the one" was going to be elected! It was guaranteed.

    This is not a conservative/liberal issue. Its a re structuring of our country by a well planned, decade long in the building agenda, which has now been set into motion like a freight train out of control!
  • jacoblocke
    Wait, so the issue is that were becoming too Liberal? I always thought it was the other way around.
  • majormatt
    I vote for Republicans that I believe are fiscally conservative problem solvers and focused first and foremost on balanced budgets and not on being morality cops. The party seems to be dominated now too many religious extremists who are more fixated on tearing down separation of church & state than balancing the budget.

    I vote also vote for Democrats that I believe are fiscally conservative problem solvers and focused first and foremost on balanced budgets and not on demonizing profits as some kind of immorality.

    Hard to find these sorts in either party these days...

    Yeah thats right, I am an independent. I want government to solve some of our big common problems. I like my socialized police, fire, water. I like driving my kids to public schools on the socialist roads and I am glad we (mostly) have a socialist military instead of hiring private solidiers. Some socialism in the right places is okay and can stop unbridled capitalism from monopolizing, tolling, soaking, enslaving... etc. On the other hand a vibrant marketplace that incetives some risk taking need to be protected to enable innovation to thrive. Where innovation is needed, htere is NOTHING like free enterprise. There is a BALANCE and IMO both conservative and liberal intransigence rooted in ideology => enshrining dogma => culminating in fanaticism just gets us nowhere fast as people turn off their brains and retreat to their comfortable old arguments that taxes are bad or corporations are evil, etc. Yeah, taxes were bad back in 1979 and cutting them then was SMART stimulus. But some republicans just cant ever conceive of support a tax increase. Hey if cutting taxes ALWAYS increases revenues (dogma would say it does) then lets set them to zero and really refill those coffers!!! Sadly, there are probably some people reading this actually stupid enough to think that makes sense! When HW Bush saw huge deficits coming since dems wouldnt cut spending he was forced to DO THE RIGHT THING and raise taxes and gibletheads like Newt Gingrich crucified him for doing the responsible thing.

    We need solutions to our budget crisis not based on a bunch of stupid dogma. Reducing healthcare costs is a big part of this. Status quo is no good and that means we have 2 choices folks: get rid of medicare/medicaid or extend the risk pool to cover everyone. Theres really not a middle. The democrats are the geniouses that came up with a socialized medical plan that ONLY universally covers the oldest and sickest among us all on the backs of the rest of us leaving the evil corporations to sell insurance to the rest of us, and now they complain the insurance companies are rich? Its insane really. Thank you LBJ for setting up the perfect get rich scam for insurance companies. So now we either need to make it what it should have been... single payer, or get rid of it and be prepared to let people die on the curb if they cant afford care so we arent paying for them anyway. Either of these options would improve the quality of care I get as a citizen for the money I will spend... but only the single payer option sits right w/me. Yeah thats right I am willing to chip into a national insurance program to spread the risk so that those of us unlucky enough to get hit wit hsome nasty disease arent screwed. Yeah I think the quality of life for us all will be better that way. Yeah thats socialism. And yeah I *am* a fiscal conservative but I try not to let dogma and religion get in the way of reason.
  • Sarah Thames
    You write like someone who is more interested in the issues and in getting something done than in all the distractions.
  • stakman
    This is a letter I sent to the Republican party

    25 HOLLY CIR.
    MIDWAY GA, 31320
    Lets vote all the crooks, socialists and thieves out of our government!!!!!!!!!
  • TLaCour
    Mr. Rivera, You are asking the same question so many people who formerly supported Republicans are asking. It is the wrong question, because it assumes the Republicans ACTUALLY stood for the solid conservative and common-sense things you list. In fact, it is a 50 year-old shallow bid for power, but the Republicans have never changed their spots. They are the same strong-central government in bed with Money and Business that they were under Lincoln. We must let the Republicans die and then coalesce a new party or nothing will change for the better.

    We are continually browbeat by Limbaugh, Hannity and the rest of the pseudo-conservatives that we must vote Republican or the Democrats will run up taxes, spend like drunken sailors, take our liberty, expand government etc. All of these things happened under Bush, Gingrich, Reagan, Eisenhower, Hoover... The RHETORIC changed with Goldwater, but NOT the actions.

    I wrote a piece about this a while back, let me know what you think of the points I make.
    ELECTIONS DESIGNED TO FAIL http://theburningplatform.com/economy/elections...
  • diannaverett
    I think that, with few exceptions, the parties are the same. They take money from many of the same lobbyists, often vote the same and put their careers above their constituents. That is why I am working with a group called GOOOH (Get Out of Our House) to replace all 435 career politicians in the House in 2010. We need a whole new process for selecting our reps and GOOOH has created one. Check it out and see if you dont agree. www.goooh.com
  • AckAck
    diannaverett, good post and I checked out the web site. With your permission I am going to ad your link to my blog spot on my site. http://www.budshotspot.webs.com

    Please do me the honor of adding my URL to your blog roll.

    About the title of this subject article - Politicians are politicians anymore. I am with the Tea Party movement and we support GOOOH. You guys are just one of many groups that are getting it right for 2010 & 2012. We share the same goal and that is to rid our governments of the POLITICIANS and insert new blood line. ALL POLITICAL IMAGES THAT DO NOT SUPPORT OUR CAUSE, MUST GO! Republicans, Democrats, you must leave old politics and come with us if you want to stay in politics. If you chose to continue on the political roads of old, SORRY... Youre going out to pasture.
  • diannaverett
    Thanks. Im not sure how to add your URL to my blog roll. I dont think I
    have one.
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