Joy Behar, Another Uninformed Liberal

December 20th, 2006

Yet again, another liberal makes another lame and uninformed comment on national television. In a nutshell, Joy Behar who is a host on the View basically compared Donald Rumsfeld to Adolf Hitler. Kowabunga makes a good point in his blog:

There isnt any American in politics that could, or should, be compared to Hitler. Hitler MURDERED millions of Jews, as well as members of many other ethnic groups, like gypsies, as well as homosexuals, political dissidents, and the severely handicapped. Hitler set about the holocaust, with plans to exterminate every Jew.

Rumsfeld, on the other hand, set about the LIBERATION of Afghanistan from the repressive Taliban and Iraq, from the sadistic Saddam Hussein (who murdered at least a half a million Iraqis, ran torture chambers and his sons maintained rape rooms).

I would also add that Hitler was a Nazi (Nazism officially called National Socialism) and/or socialist. Its also speculated that Hitler was a vegetarian, animal rights activist, and according to the book How Green Were the Nazis? Nature, Environment, and Nation in the Third Reich by Mark Cioc, he was also an environmentalist.

So, not to generalize, but it seems to me that Hitler was more of a liberal than anything else. Yes, indeed Joy Behar you are a Moonbat and an uninformed liberal.

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18 Responses to Joy Behar, Another Uninformed Liberal

  1. mijnheer Says:

    Hitler was not really a vegetarian, since he ate meat! See . But either way, the issue is hardly relevant, since conservatives can be vegetarian too. (By the way, I highly recommend the book Dominion, by Matthew Scully, a conservative and former speechwriter for President Bush.)

    As for the idea that the Nazis were socialists because Nazi stood for National Socialist, well, yes, in one sense they were socialists, but they were not left-wing socialists. Here's what Joseph Goebbels said in a 1926 speech:
    "The Socialism that we want has nothing at all to do with the international-Marxist-Jewish levelling out process. We want Socialism as the doctrine of the community. We want Socialism as the ancient German idea of destiny.” The Nazis, like Mussolini and the Italian fascists, were violently opposed to liberalism because the core idea of traditional liberalism is individual liberty, and fascism submerges the individual in the nation/state, and they were violently opposed to Marxist socialism because of its emphasis on equality, and fascism rejects equality in favour of hierarchy. If you read Ian Kershaw's massive biography of Hitler, you will see that Hitler had two ongoing hates: for Jews and for Marxism. Nazism was definitely not socialism in the left-wing sense, although it doesn't fit easily into conservatism either.

  2. Michael Says:

    mijnheer - thanks for the post. I was simply illustrating that to compare Rumsfeld to Hitler is absolutely ludicrous; and that there is a stronger correlation between Hitler and liberals.

    Oh, and I would also venture to say that most vegetarians are probably liberals; but of course there are always exceptions to this common stereotype.

  3. 5.56mm Says:

    I liberally eat meat so where do I fit in the equation?

  4. Michael Says:

    5.56mm - an exception. Please read my last comment dated 12/21.

  5. cv Says:

    Wow, you're taking on some moron from "The View"? What a brave challenge you've sought. I'm impressed by the high intellectual level on which you seek to comment. Maybe you can take on a third-grader next, that'll really prove the merit of your conservative principles once and for all.

  6. Michael Says:

    cv - i'm not taking on or challenging anyone with this particular post. I am simply stating my opinion about this issue. I do apologize if I offended in you in anyway, well, actually no I don't. You are probably some left wing lunatic anyway.

    Indeed, I am also impressed with your in-depth analysis on the comments of my blog. It clearly illustrates your high school education.

    I would gladly debate YOU on any topic at hand. Bring it on!

  7. cv Says:

    I think Regis expressed some political thoughts this morning, douchebag, you better weigh in.

  8. Michael Says:

    Typical Liberal...can't respond with a well thought, articulate comment; and instead you resort to calling me names. Too funny.

    And, I don't watch Regis in the mornings; I have a job which prohibits me from watching TV all day long.

  9. Common Sense Insurgent Says:

    cv or bd? - I didn't realize there were limits for who and what could be commented on in this blog. The fact is that "The View" is a powerfully influential political force for millions of soccer mom types out there and as such is a completely valid target for criticism.

  10. 5.56mm Says:

    Your right Michael, and I've seen it a hundred times in a number of political blogs ... liberals are usually the quickest to start personal attacks. For most of them it's because they rely on feelings rather than rational thought processes to come up with their arguments. But in the end their lack of maturity shines through for everyone to laugh about.

  11. Michael Says:

    5.56mm - isn't that the diameter of M16 A2 Service Rifle? I should know this off the top of my head as I am a Marine.

  12. cv Says:

    I like how you pretend to prize "articulate" and "well thought out" writing as you engage in name-calling and stereotypes ("typical liberal", "You are probably some left wing lunatic"). What a charming combination of arrogance and hypocrisy.

    Let me know if Oprah weighs in on the trade deficit incorrectly.

  13. 5.56mm Says:

    Yes it is, but better known by the .223 caliber measurement.

  14. RedHotHelicopter Says:

    cv - why are you so upset by the people Michael is speaking about in this blog? There's quite a diverse set of individuals that have been comented on from what I can see - not just talk show hosts as you would have people believe. And even if it was just talk show hosts, are they somehow not open to any critisism.

  15. Common Sense Insurgent Says:

    cv - if you don't like the content of the political discussions in this blog then I'm sure you could start you own or contribute to a different one. I have yet to see any persuasive (or even un-persuasive) argument from you. So far just impotent attempts to belittle.

  16. BlackBalled Says:

    By this blogs standards I would be considered very liberal, and I don't agree with anything politically that I've seen in here but I had to just say that cv's methods for political discourse are an embarrassment. You should know that there are a few of us liberals out here who can still participate in a respectful political debate.

  17. Vauxhall Says:

    i don't agree that rumsfeld ought to be compared to hitler. i don't think hitler's supposed vegetarianism and animal rights activism had anything to do with him murdering millions of people, however (correlation does not imply causation). BUT, i will say this: rumsfeld used to be the CEO of monsanto, which is arguably the most environmentally unfriendly corporation on the planet--among other things. i would be willing to bet there are scores of underpaid, overworked folks in other countries who have been oppressed by rumsfeld's policies at monsanto. rumsfeld isn't remotely close to hitler but that doesn't mean we should be patting him on the back for his "work" either.
    finally, i have to agree with blackballed's comment above. as a proud leftist, i try my hardest not to engage folks in debate that degrades into generalizations and name calling. michael, of course you are frustrated with "libs"--you live in the bay area! you live in a left-wing mecca. that doesn't mean that all liberals act like san franciscans! i understand that you don't agree with your community, but that doesn't mean that you should lower yourself to name calling. "liberal" isn't, and shouldn't be used as, a dirty word. i respect my community, evironment, and fellow creatures. my goal is to be able to tell my grandchildren that i did all i could to preserve this country and this world for them. i am a pacifist. i believe in rights for all. i also believe i am allowed to criticize my politician's decisions without being labelled "unamerican." i want to debate my ideas without being demonized or misquoted.
    i wish i could engage in civilized discussions with people of differing opinion. i wish the tiny percentage of people in this country who have "radical" ideas (left and right) didn't define the center. i wish this blog didn't contribute to the generalizations i see of people on both sides of an issue.

  18. Michael Says:

    Vauxhall - thank you for contributing to this blog. I was merely pointing out that if Joy Behar was informed, she wouldn’t make hasty comments like comparing Rumsfeld to Hitler. I also wanted to point out that Hitler shared many of the same attributes as liberals; and not necessarily conservatives like Rumsfeld. And, yes you are right; I tend to generalize when I talk about liberals; but only because in my personal experience, many of them share the same characteristics (most of it is fun anyway).

    I agree that “liberal” isn’t a bad word; it’s the uninformed liberals that really bother me. You seem to know what you believe and why you believe it; and I think you and I can engage in a healthy debate without resorting to name calling. You bring up several good points, many of which I agree with.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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