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Dizzy About Lizzy

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Okay, so all my readers know that I am one of the coolest conservatives on the Internet today. Even though many of you hate me (liberals that is); yall know that I am not the average capital hill conservative. Im a new breed…a mutant…think Conservative 2.0 (more on that later). Well, I think I just met my match for the coolness factor. While browsing through the profiles of MyBlogLog; I came across yet another conservative blogger, Media Lizzy (although not her real name). She has two blogs, Media Lizzy: Red Carpets, Saw Dust DC Insiders, where she discusses Political Communications and Entertainment Industry analysis; and Media Lizzy: Sex, Lies Politricks, where she discusses random thoughts about politics, men, etc. She even wrote a book that you can soon purchase online here. I encourage you to spend some time on her blogs and read some of her commentary. She is definitely a Diva and should be hosting American Idol or something. She is an excellent writer (much better than me) and she is evenwell, Ill let you decide.  

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