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Highly Selective Journalism - A Case and Point

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Is there a substantial media bias? The answer is a ridiculously obvious YES and if you dont see it then youre most likely considered very highly educated or youre known to attend cultural awareness rallies in San Francisco.

The examples are many but the latest nauseating example in my mind is the un-reporting of the statements made by the Kurdish PM on the similarities between CNN and Al Jazeera.

Quote from Kurdish PM, CNN International and Al Jazeera are equally bad in their coverage of

Full article here:

Whatever your politics, its a stretch to conclude that this was not news worthy. What a bombshell to CNN and from a seemingly objective source.

To some the question is why would a media outlet risk potential vilification to slant the news? In my view this is organizational dynamics 101, companies and organizations are run from the top down where the ideas, goals, and objectives of the leadership are communicated and acted upon by the individual contributors. Is there any question that media executives on-balance are more liberal than conservative? Just do a little digging and youll see that its vastly unbalanced. It is simply their vehicle for a political movement under the guise of journalism.

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