I am a conservative living in the liberal city of San Francisco. Please dont feel sorry for me; I love it! Many uninformed liberals HATE me because I am smart, witty, educated (without the help of the government), good looking and wellLatino. I author this blog where I mostly bash liberals that I encounter on a daily basis - its all in good fun! My goal in life is to educate the uninformed that not all conservatives are white, upper-class males that you see on Capitol Hill; and that conservatives can be cool, sophisticated, hip and even urban. 

Spent 8 years in the US Marine Corps, 4th LSB, 4th FSSG
US Marines
And, yesIm the coolest conservative you will ever meet! Believe that! Hit me up on myspace, or email: urbanconservative {at} comcast.net. Dont forget to read my email policy

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