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Just Another Day Reading Liberal Blogs

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

So, the other night I was stumbling various websites when I came across Liberal Rage; an ultraliberal blog by a student (I think) somewhere in Virginia and working in DC. She mainly quotes recent news and adds a twist of her liberal ideologies here and there. Wasnt really impressed with her commentary but some of her posts I found quite humorous. She seems to me to be on top of whats going on in poilitics, so she wouldnt be what I consider an Uninformed Liberal; just a plain lib, nothing more, nothing less.

Then, I came across After reading some of his/her ridiculous/uneducated/uninformed and quite blasphemous comments, I immediately gave him/her the thumbs down in StumbleUpon and left some harsh words for the person(s) who gave it a thumbs up. Its quite clear that the owner of this blog is probably 17 or 18 years old, living in Berkeley or Massachusetts somewhere driving a Prius on his/her way to a Cindy Sheehan retreat. I immediately went to Twitter and voiced my opinion about this blog to the world. Maybe no one will read it, since Twitter is full of libs as well, but it sure felt damn good to express myself.

Lastly, since I dont spend more that 15 minutes a day reading liberal rhetoric, I came across a blog titled Michelle Malkin is an Idiot - I bookmarked this site in because I wanted to share this blog with a few of my friends (some being liberals that do have common sense and can argue a point with reason). Even they expressed disappointment at another liberal blog that has no value. My only comment about this blog is this:

Do you suburban house wife and ex-republican have anything better in your life to do besides spending your time writing about Michelle Malkin? Or, are you so obsessed with her that you cant stop thinking/writing about her and her good looks? Whatever the reason is that you dedicate your life to someone else you probably dont even know personally; at least post some commentary that holds thought or at least a good argument. Or, better yet, why dont you just poke fun at NEO-CONS in general (as I do with libs); you will have more to write about…I assure you.  

Okay, thats it. Im done poking fun at the left. I assume these liberal bloggers (if thats what you want to call them) will soon find out that I am writing about their blogs and express their liberal rage by doing the same and/or by calling me names on my own blog.


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