Conservative 2.0

Let it be known that I am working on defining what conservative 2.0 means to the world. I am not looking to change the conservative value system; rather, I would like to define what it means to be a conservative living in the Web 2.0 world (both online and offline).

I  have searched for the term conservative 2.0 for a few weeks now and I have found very few results. There is a 16 year old kid on Myspace that named himself conservative 2.0 and also a blog entry titled conservative 2.0; but there was no real explanation  or definition to the term itself.  I did find some similar commentary on a political wiki entitled, ConservaWeb 2.0, written and defined by Eric Odom. Although he has some really awesome things to say, my approach will be a completely different.

My definition of Web 2.0 is simply the second generation of internet based applications; that not allow for users to publish content on the web very easily in the form of videos (Youtube), images (Flickr), blog/wiki commentary, profiles (linkedin, myspace), bookmarks (Stumbleupon), global instant messenger ( and the  list goes on. This is referred to as either user generated content (UGC) or consumer generated  media (CGM) - not a big difference in the  two terms.

The way I would like to define Conservative 2.0  is a second generation of conservative thought leaders. Now, I want the definition to be a bit more specific encompassing more than just my ideas. So, stay tuned  - more to come.

Dated: March 15, 2023

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