My Gosh! I thought all Conservatives are White?

November 9th, 2006

The other day I was talking with one of my colleagues at work and politics entered the conversation for the first time. He asked me who I was voting for during the midterm elections. After my in-depth analysis and response, he looked at me in amazement and said, but, (long pause) I thought all conservatives were white. What an idiot, I thought to myself.  I felt like bitch slapping some sense into him, but I needed to maintain our working relationship so I trashed that idea! This conversation motivated me to point some prominent non-white conservatives, some of which you might have heard of and others maybe not. It amazes me how uninformed many people are, especially those in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice Secretary of State
  • Alberto Gonzales - U.S. Attorney General
  • Kenneth Blackwell - Gubernatorial nominee and two-term Secretary of State of Ohio
  • Micheal Steele - Lieutenant Governor, Maryland
  • Michelle Steel California Board of Equalization

Talk Radio/Authors

  • Larry Elder Radio Host based in South Central Los Angeles
  • Linda Chavez Author and former Secretary of Labor Nominee


  • Michelle Malkin
  • Latino Issues A Conservative Blog
  • Hispanic Pundit
  • Michael David Cobb Bowen - one of my favorites. He kicks some serious knowledge.
  • Me

This is just a very small sampling of non-white conservatives in this country. The fact of the matter is that there are a boat load of minority conservatives here in the U.S. Please, add to this list if you have the time.

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21 Responses to My Gosh! I thought all Conservatives are White?

  1. Bill Says:

    Colin Powell and remember, depending on the state, between 10 and 20% of black vote goes to the Republican candidate. In Georgia, our Governor got 17% of the black vote.

  2. Kalison Cook Says:

    Bill is right. I know a ton of black conservatives. And, don't forget those Cubanos in Miami.

  3. Mario Ramirez Says:

    Hey great site, yes conservatives can be non white - actually there are a lot of them - and that is a good thing.

    But with the "Hispanic" thing I think you are being unfair because you are using the term "Hispanic" as a racial thing when it's not - Hispanic is a cultural and ethnic classification and one can be "Hispanic" and still belong to any race. There has been a mass brain wash or conspiracy in this great nation of ours to tell us (Hispanics) what we should be and what pigeon hole we should fit into. As a conservative and an individualist I refuse to allow our heavily leftist tainted society say what I am or not - I am a unique individual as we all are.

    There are white and Caucasian Hispanics, Black Hispanics, Native American Indian Hispanics, Asian Hispanics, Mulatto Hispanics, Mestizo Hispanics, Asian Hispanics (Cuban Chinese) Arab Hispanics (Cuban Lebanese), or a mixture of all or some of these. There are even Hispanic Jews - and I know many who are conservatives. I have been a conservative since I was 15 and I am proudly Spanish surnamed and I am white and Caucasian too - I am not a racist and I do not read stormfront and I don't believe that one race is better than the other - just because one's ancestors came from the old country in Spain and decided to settle in the New World doesn't cancel ones European Caucasian blood if no inter marriage occurred.

    - and there is nothing wrong with me saying that. I mean, look at Bob Melendez - NOT a conservative, actually a left wing crook, but one can't really be serious and have the cojones (like the NYT just did) to say that Rep. Melendez is non white - you can't get whiter than that guy!

    For a good explanation of what I am speaking about read the following link below from a conservative who happens to be both Hispanic (culture) and white or Caucasian (race).

    Respectfully -

  4. Michael Says:

    Mario. Great response! Thank you for the education and I'll be sure to check out that link.

    When I was young and growing up in East Side San Jose, I used to consider myself a Chicano; it was either that or be considered an outsider. I have come along way since then. Understanding and respecting my ancestry, I consider myself an American, nothing more - nothing less.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Thomas Sowell

  6. jamie Says:

    I can understand where your coworker is coming from. About 10% of African-Americans, for example, identify as republicans. That's about the same percentage of African-Americans that identify as Jews. It might be insensitive to assume that someone is part of the majority, but most people don't come into contact with minorities on the fringes of their minority on a regular basis.

  7. roger Says:

    Very good read.

  8. Thomas Says:

    Walter Williams - Author

  9. kevin Says:

    Alan Keyes

  10. David Makesence Says:

    Well you really have to think about this one...if the further you have gone in an educational sense affects your political ideology (ie. The more school the more conservative) and schools are equal opportunity so a black woman has the same chance at Harvard as a white man then minorities are really just uneducated and (well I hate to be so crass but) stupid… Right?

  11. Larry Says:

    Alright David! That required a lot of thought..I guess.

  12. Michael Says: lost. Can you please explain in more detail? I know allot of educated people that are liberal; and I know several uneducated folks who hold really strong conservative values.

  13. Irish John Says:

    OK, what has education have to do with being a better person? I never went to college, yet I have a great job doing what I like doing. I get paid well. I didn't need a formal education. Actually, probably if I did, I wouldn't be where I am now.
    See some of the most powerful, smartest, richest, successful people never had a formal education.
    Being smart isn't about what you know. It's a lot about how you are brought up. I may be stereotyping, but there are a lot of blacks who are told that their government owes them something. That is how they are brought up. By the time they are old enough to make their decisions, they already have that belief. Now, I am not saying it's exclusive in that regard. I know plenty of all colors like that. Why do I think that? I have lived and saw similar type things growing up.
    I grew up in Ireland, about 40 miles from the border with Northern Ireland. There were kids there that were brought up believing that if you weren't Protestant you were scum of the earth. I have met these people. When you are brought up with a certain belief, that is all you know. Like every group, there are some with the strength to actually question and find out for themselves.
    I do see the same things happen over time in both countries. There are more and more being able to think for themselves and find the real truth instead of following what they blindly believe just because they are told.

  14. Josue Sierra Says:

    Hey, Thanks for noticing my blog and listing me among such great notable bloggers. Sorry I didn't notice your link to my blog until now!!

    There are hundreds of non-white conservatives even inside the beltway, so you are right--we are out here.

    Keep up the good stuff.

    ~ Josue Sierra

    (Also blogging at and

  15. Michael Says:

    Hey Josue, no problem about linking to you. I noticed your blog months ago and continue to read from time to time (although I read that you took some time off for your townhall gig). Thank you for stopping by.


  16. Michael Says:

    John – I am not sure who your comment is directed towards but I don’t think the issue has to do with education and being a better person; but I do agree with your analysis. Where and how you grow up and parental influence is a strong part of who you/me/others are. Another example is the youth in Islamic states; they are raised from birth to hate the west, especially the US.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Oh, by the way, not sure if you know or not; but when you type in "conservative blog" in Google, your site is number one. I have made it my personal mission to take that from you (lol).

  17. Javier Says:

    you are a disgrace to the Latino race. You should be ashamed of yourself. It's the republican party that oppresses us Latinos, you damn sellout!

  18. ccp.rdh Says:

    bringing this one back, eh? Or I guess javier did. Whatever, javier! It's a free country. Sorry that you feel so oppressed. maybe you should go live in mexico where it's a less oppressed environment. sorry that you identify more with the party that happens to think people deserve unlimited free handouts and healthcare for life with no responsibility in return. sorry that you don't identify with the party that believes in the power of the individual and the ability to create a better life without interferance from the government. sorry for you.

  19. sean Says:

    you forgot jc watts of missouri then their was that former football player who ran for senate in pa. good post it was worth the read.

  20. Jemm Says:

    Is there a list for myspacers?That would be a long one!

  21. Urban Conservative Says:

    Jemm - no but please add to this list!

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