I Sure Do Feel Safe with the Democrats in Office

December 13th, 2006

Texas Democrat, Rep. Silvestre Reyes, who House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked to head the Intelligence Committee when the Dems take over in January, does not know the difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, much less AL Qaeda and Hezbollah. When asked by CQ National Security Editor Jeff Stein whether al Qaeda is one or the other of the two major branches of Islam Sunni or Shiite Reyes answered they are probably both, then ventured Predominantly probably Shiite. WRONG ANSWER PAL. Also, Reyes couldnt answer BASIC questions about Hezbollah, a Shiite group based in Southern Lebanon. Are we sure that we want this clown to head up the Intelligence Committee? I think NOT!! Read full article here.

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7 Responses to I Sure Do Feel Safe with the Democrats in Office

  1. Big Man Says:

    Yeah me too. I can't believe Pelosi appointed this guy. I don't think he ever served in the Military either.

    What a joke!

  2. Brandon Says:

    I can't help but feel that she bypassed Jane Harman, who was the next Democrat inline for the position, because she felt the need to satisfy her Hispanic voters; many of whom have been complaining that she had not appointed any Hispanics as Head of Committee.

    Luckily for us, she chose the Intelligence Committee to appoint an under qualified Head.

    Way to show the American People that you really care Pelosi. I hope we can get enough people to catch on by '08.

  3. Miriam Says:

    I think Pelosi bypassed Jane Harman out of pure spite. There's bad blood between the two.

    By the way, John Murtha apparently believes that Okinawa is just a short hop from Iraq.

  4. Lou Says:

    RE: Yeah me too. I can't believe Pelosi appointed this guy. I don't think he ever served in the Military either.

    What a joke!

    Ummm...find me someone at the top of Bush's Defense Department who served any real time in the military. Isn't that a bigger joke?

    Or, for that matter, does anyone remember the interview with Bush before the 2000 election in which he proved he didn't know even ONE world leader of any country?

    Sadly, I don't think that most of our elected officials in D.C. are very knowledgeable about the world outside a law book before they sit in their high seats of office. This is hardly something peculiar to Democrats.

    The REAL answer to the question about the religious affiliation of Al Quaeda members is that, if anything, they are members of the Wahhabi movement which spawned in Saudi Arabia. It is likely that people follow that movement from either of the major sects of Islam. Just as Catholics and Protestants both find themselves joining fundamentalist movements here.

    Ask a simple (and possibly misleading question) and you are sure to get a simple (and misleading) response.....

  5. Russ Says:

    Hey Lou - Which fundamentalist movements are Catholics and Protestants joining up with here?

  6. Derek Says:

    "Heckuva job Brownie" Is all anyone ever needs to say on the subject of bad appointee selection.

    The real question when it comes to appointees, is will they listen to their staff that do know what they're talking about, or will they pull a Bush-esque flaming department purge to make sure they don't have to hear something that conflicts with their sheltered worldview?

  7. Saul Wall Says:

    "I can't believe Pelosi appointed this guy."

    I am surprised she did not appoint Charlie the Tuna. Seriously why would anything the Democrats do these days surprise anyone? I keep waiting for them to put on purple tracksuits and poison themselves so they can join the mothership.

    I used to think they had put their far left Carter era nonsense behind them and become fiscally responsible adults who could stand up to insane dictators but it was all a media fiction. All the time I was a young adult in Clinton's terms, I was seeing everything filtered and fabricated. Now that the media is less able to do that I can see what these people actually say, do and believe. They have also become less worried about people thinking they are insane so it makes it even harder for their media to clean them up in the editing room. I don't know why they have given up faking competence, they must feel secure in the numerical superiority of morons. I don't feel good about it either. Without a viable opposition, democracies stagnate.

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