Mom Rents Daughter to Known Pedophile

December 20th, 2006

Totally unrelated to liberals, politics, Iraq and all the stuff I fuss about on a daily basis. I came across this article on ABC news that not only disturbed me, but made me want to seriously hurt someone. Basically, a mother rented her daughter to a known pedophile on two hundred separate occasions for a whopping $20. What in the world is this country turning into? How can a mother take the innocence of a child in this matter? What makes this case worse is that she was originally sentenced to 17 years in prison and then it was reduced to 10 years because mental problems and drug addiction had influenced her behavior, so they say.

All I can say is that our justice system is so out-of-whack. If it were up to me, I would throw her (and EVERY pedophile) on a remote island infested with pit bulls that havent been fed for days. Not, sure who I would feel sorry for though, the pedophiles or the pit bulls. God help this country; He knows that we need it!



5 Responses to Mom Rents Daughter to Known Pedophile

  1. sexoffender Says:

    I am a convicted child sex offender.

    I guess this woman was pretty screwed up. But then again while the home is the safest place for many children it is also statistically the most dangerous. Not only does most child sexual abuse occur within the family and its close friends but almost half of all child murders are committed by the child's mother, so I am not surprised that any mother would do this.

    How can a mother take the innocence of a child you ask? From my experience of being mothered - I hate mothers. Even now typing the word on my keypad makes me feel like wretching. But I know that my experience is not the same as everyone else, I cannot generalise form my particular experience.

    Perhaps too you should not generalise from your experience about paedophiles - throwing them all on a remote island infested by pit bull terriers may feel good for some victims but could also be very distressing for other.

    And what do you understand by the word 'paedophile' anyway?

  2. Jesse Romero Says:

    okay, maybe not the island idea. How about death rifle squad, or better yet, releasing all child molesters into the general poplulation in prison?

    The fact is that NO child molesters should be released into the general public...and that means you too, Sexual Offender. You should go HANG yourself.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. Michael Says:

    sexoffender - aren't you violating your parole by browsing the internet? You almost seem proud of what you have done.

  4. sexoffender Says:

    Michael, how do you come to the point that I 'almost seem proud of what I have done'? What on earth makes you think that? And no, I am not on parole. I have long finished my sentence, and like many sex offenders I did not receive a custodial sentence. And how do you know what my crime was anyway.

    Jesse Romero, I have thought about hanging myself - often. And I have a long documented history of physically abusing and mutilating myself - dating from long before I ever committed any sort of sexual offense. I guarantee to you how ever much you hate me I have hated myself more. Anyway about your point that no child molesters should ever be released into the public, what do you do for those sexually victimised as children (a minority, but a very real number just the same) who do not want this and who actually reach a very real reconciliation with their offender.

    I made the point that just just as I have to restrain myself every time I see or hear the word 'mother' from generalising from my experience of having a mother (perhaps you are a mother - now in my experience that would make you a really evil person) and understand that many people have had very different experiences of mothers than mine, maybe you should learn not to generalise about sex offenders. Most sex offenders are not child molesters - that was not their crime, most child molesters are probably not paedophiles, and not all paedophiles have committed a sexual offense. Being a paedophile is not a crime, but quite rightly sexually assaulting a child is - irrespective of what the motivation of the person is.

    By the way, the one and only thing that has stopped me from killing myself is that I understand the enormous trauma it would be to my own children and that my committing suicide would be a significant predisposing factor in them ever taking their own lives. Having screwed up enough already I do not want to make matters worse by doing that.

    Also most sex offenders do become suicidal at some stage - many are even before they are caught. This is simply a fact - I do not expect or want you to have any sympathy because of this. However because of this sex offender treatment programmes take the matter of sex offenders killing themselves seriously and emphasize to offenders that killing themselves usually (maybe not always but usually) makes their victims recovery harder. Stopping sex offenders killing themselves is seen as part of responsibility of those providing the programmes towards both the victims of crime and towards the community in general.

    I know this kind of idea just makes a lot of people angry, but simply being angry is not a good basis for forming public policy on the treatment of sex offenders or on child protection. Maybe some of the things that have to be done to protect children and the community in general go against gut instincts and even against 'common sense'?

  5. CA Mom Says:

    I am a mother, whom you may claim to have hatred for, but primarily I am the mother of a sex offender. I can tell you that I did not raise my son poorly, in fact, he was spoiled by all accounts. I saw that he had the latest trend, went to good schools, and tried my best to hold himaccontable for his own actions. He rebelled excesively in his mid-teen years, and that was when his sex offense was committed. But I stood by him, through the worst of it (court case) the many after effects (suicide attempt) and out the other side. Now my son and I are very close, and he has gone on to a much better life, graduating college and becoming a trustworthy adult, and maintaining a six-year relationship with his girlfriend.
    I can sympathize with your obvious troubles from childhood, but please note that while some mothers can bring the problems, others can help eliminate them. I am proud of the recovery that took years of hard work to accomplish, and that I was there to help my son every step of the way, no matter how hard it got for either of us. I know very well that not all sex offenders are pedophiles, and that not all pedophiles are sex offenders, etc because I have met them. I do not wish even more horrible treatment of sex offenders or pedophiles just because they are. What I wish for them is the kind of healing that can happen, the kind that is not quick, not simple, and not easy, but can happen. Whether it takes family, or God, or whatever it takes, it is worth it to see the happiness at the other end. Ten years have passed since my son's offense, it has neve been repeated, he has not hurt anyone. Instead, he has grown to a son anyone would be proud of, and has opportunity to realize his potential to it's fullest. Society would have gained nothing by locking his up and throwing away the key, instead they would have destroyed what little hope remained at that time, and killed whatever goodness was let. We were able to water and feed the goodness until it blossomed into a fabulous life. Please see this as an encouragement, that it's never too late, even when it seems like the darkest and final hour. I will never forget the experience, and of course, my son won't either. But we will not let it stop the futre from being bright and full of hope. Please pass your hope onto your own children, and let them see the joy only you can bring to their lives.

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