Degrees in Liberal Idiocy Now Available!

January 29th, 2007

For those liberals who want to educate themselves on the subjects of hate, anti-Christian, anti-traditional values; and want to perfect the art of protest and speaking without any intelligent thought, you can now get a graduate degree in Activism and Social Change. Of course, this lovely accredited college is located in the peaceful streets of San Francisco, and I heard that Cindy Sheehan will be the new Dean. Enjoy, Happy Learning and Ill see you at the next ant-war protest.

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4 Responses to Degrees in Liberal Idiocy Now Available!

  1. Max Says:

    What about Bachelor Degrees? Most of the libs I know barely have a high school diploma, yet they are experts on foreign policy.

  2. 5.56mm Says:

    Finally, a degree program tailored for those with no equitable skills.

  3. Michelle Ramos Says:

    Yeah...finally Sheehan has a job!! Maybe we won't see much of her on TV anymore....

  4. Michael Says:

    No, I think Cindy is here to stay...unless she can find a man or something.

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