An Open Letter to Sean Penn

March 27th, 2007

I am sure many of you tuned in the other night to watch Sean Penn read his open letter to President Bush in front of the usual suspects. He framed it quite eloquently when he called Bush, Cheney and Condi villainously and criminally obscene people. I was actually really impressed with his vocabulary. Mr. Penn, your high school education really paid off that evening. While I do respect the fact that the courageous Mr. Penn toured the streets of Baghdad during this occupational war; that does not make him an expert in foreign policy. The fact of the matter is Mr. Penn; you dont know what the hell you are talking about. All you do is complain about the war in Iraq and boast that Iran is such a great country. If Iran is such a great country, why not shack up with Ahmadinejad and take up residence there? Believe me Sean; you would be doing all of us level headed people a huge favor.

On the flip side Sean yes you are an above average actor. And, yes, I am a fan of some of your movies (i.e. Falcon and the Snowman and Mystic River); but you left-wing rhetoric puts you on the same playing field as Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon and, of course, your fearless leader Cindy Sheehan. Its people like you that make the Democratic Party look ridiculous and God knows that even they want all of you Hollywood types to shut the heck up!

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5 Responses to An Open Letter to Sean Penn

  1. Ravoy Says:

    Yeah, well at least he is man enough to tell it like it is. The fact is that the was in Iraq is wrong. It's always been wrong and we should get the hell out of there. I CAN'T wait until Bush leaves office.

  2. jr Says:

    you mean the WAR in Iraq, idiot.

  3. Says:

    Someone might wanna point this out to Sean Penn:

    Currently the Islamic Republic of Iran is noted for significant human rights violations, despite efforts by human right activists, writers, NGOs and some political parties. Human rights problems include governmental impunity, restricted freedom of speech, gender inequality and in some cases torture.

  4. Scott Says:


    Regarding Mr. Penn:
    Tell it like it is? Like what is?

    Regardless of the fact that no WMD's have been found (yet), why were the U.N. inspectors restricted from some areas and finally kicked out? How many weak U.N. deadlines should Saddam been allowed to shrug off? Bottom line, there were too many "red flags" to ignore. I wish we'd walk from the U.N. but that'll never happen. Military intel, like your (and Penn's) knowledge of foreign policy, is limited. Actions, right or wrong (YOU can judge this?), were taken. Walking out now will have ramifications beyond comprehension, but I don't expect you to understand.

  5. Says:

    Another example of someone who should be shipped to N. Korea or China.

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