Anyone else sick of Rosie like I am?

May 22nd, 2007

On Monday mornings The View, co-hosts Rosie ODonnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck almost took off the gloves and went toe to toe. This time, the argument was over the use of the word terrorist when talking about U.S. troops fighting in Iraq. And once again, as Rosie always does, interrupted Elisabeth with her ranting about the Bush Administration and stated, “I dont think our American troops are terrorists,…I want our American troops home. Yeah right, like Rosie really cares about anything except media attention and her eating habit! Can her replacement hurry up and get here?  Anyone else irritated about this or am I completely way out of line? Rosie deserves a new category on this blog. I have a feeling that I will be writing more about Miss. Chucky ODonnell in the near future.

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12 Responses to Anyone else sick of Rosie like I am?

  1. Donna Says:

    Rosie O'Donnell is a witch with a very large B. She has been trouble since before she came to the show. I use to watch the show all the time but not any more. I e-mailed Barbara before Rosie was hired and told her not to do it, but they did anyway. What a shame the sooner she is gone the better. EVEN THE SOUND OF HER VOICE GRATES ON MY NERVES. Donna

  2. Marlia Says:

    Donna - amen girl. ROsie sooooo gets on my nerves. I heard that whoopi might replace her on the View! I can't stand her either!!!

  3. Michelle Says:

    yeah for Elisabeth. She finally stood up to Rosie yesterday.

  4. Marlia Says:

    yeah...she's gone!!!!

  5. joe Says:

    Conservative women are so much hotter than Liberal women.

    Liberal scum:

    1. Rosie
    2. Whoopie
    3. Joy Behar
    4. Janeane Garofalo
    5. Susan Sarandon

    Conservative Hotties:

    1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck
    2. Michelle Malkin
    3. Anne Coulter
    4. And all the HOT Fox commentators!!! lol

  6. Matt Says:

    Yes, she is gone!!!

  7. Urban Conservative Says:

    amen brother..

  8. Sean Says:

    Yes Rosie is so irrelivant. She in my opinion talks to hear her own voice and god help those who speek up and challange her. Good for Elizabeth for standing her ground with this blowhard.

  9. eric Says:

    You must have a bigger, sandier vagina than any liberal - you watch the fucking view

  10. rob Says:

    if you really LISTEN to her, she does have a valid point.

  11. rob Says:


  12. Urban Conservative Says:

    rob - you are kidding right?

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