Friends should not let friends wear Che Guevara t-shirts

June 5th, 2007

I was at the mall over the weekend and saw a young couple wearing matching Che Guevara t-shirts.  I hesitated for a moment, but decided to ask them why they idolized this man…here was the womans response, “he is a symbol for all Latinos that we should fight for our rights and freedoms…and anyone who is oppressed can make a difference”.  I was irritated at her response but admired her passion for a man she knew nothing about.  The fact is that Che Guevara was not oppressed or poor. He was a medical doctor, having originally trained to become a doctor at the University of Buenos Aires.

It is strange to me that today’s generation can idolize a man best known as a cold-blooded murderer; a man with no regard for human life and an infinite hatred towards people; something he preached time and time again. This woman I talked to at the mall was obviously ignorant to historical facts, as are most liberals.

Hatred is an element of struggle; relentless hatred of the enemy that impels us over and beyond the natural limitations of man and transforms us into effective, violent, selective, and cold killing machines. Our soldiers must be thus; a people without hatred cannot vanquish a brutal enemy. - Source

It’s not just today’s generation thats ignorant and uninformed. Growing up in East San Jose in the early 1990s, I saw Ches ugly mug quite often; and, for the most part, these people (some were my friends) knew exactly what they were doing and the message they were sending: they agreed with what Che stood for – hate. This may shock some of you overly emotional liberals so get out the kleenex. This man that you celebrate, tattoo on your abdomens, and clothe on your bodies was a murderer and admits to killing or ordering the deaths of approximately 2000 people directly; and he was indirectly responsible for countless other deaths. He regarded any dissent to the revolution as grounds for murder. Here is another quote from Che as he continued to preach his religion of hate to some guerilla thugs in Angola:

Blind hate against the enemy creates a forceful impulse that cracks the boundaries of natural human limitations, transforming the soldier into an effective, selective and cold killing machine. A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary”

While this communist punk was responsible for the deaths of only a few thousand people; he was of course not on the same level as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Kim. But then again, they don’t have t-shirts with their portraits on them so maybe he was on the same level. Nonetheless, Che got dealt with in Bolivia before he had a chance to reach his claim to fame by killing millions of people.

The moral of the story is this.  Che Guevara was a murderer, a coward, an idiot; and a communist punk a$$ motherslucker…..and anyone who idolizes this piece of crap deserves to get deleted.

Again, I tell you that friends should not let friends wear Che Guevara t-shirts. Peace!

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78 Responses to Friends should not let friends wear Che Guevara t-shirts

  1. Mxermadman Says:

    I had a civics teacher wear a che shirt to school. Never have I laughed so hard at a moron teacher than that day!

  2. eric Says:

    Maybe they wear it because they agree with his determination to change the negative aspects of his environment? At the time of his revolutions communism was an untested and unrealized theory of government, in his circumstances he saw it as the best thing he could do to better his people. The promises it makes are very convincing, but its not a workable idea or government due to human nature - as proven by the lack of any communist government ever. The closest they come is totalitarianism, dictatorship, or fascism.

  3. Claire Says:

    I don't thinck that the communism 'isn't possible because of human nature.' The fact is that communism is based on the negation of everything that make people human.

    We are not equal, we are girls, or bays, we like to do things, not to do other, we are good with stuff and no good with other... We are everything but equal. And doing some revolution (I remind you that it has always mean to kill and steal people.) Communism has always made good looks bad, and bad looks good;

    Communism, when it applies on a government has always meant no human rights, abuse, crimes and brainwashing.

    We have to face it and see it for what it is. Evil wearing a cool dress and a fake humanist smile.

  4. sean Says:

    He wasn't oppressed or poor but has become a symbol for the liberation of such people from tyranny. I would presume this is what she meant "and anyone who is oppressed can make a difference".

    Che is best known as a cold-blooded murderer? This is surely projecting your own opinion as a fact and from my experience is certainly untrue. I would accept he is best known as a soldier who has killed people.... but such guerilla antics are far from cold-blooded murder.

    Did you question this woman as to the historical facts? Perhaps her reply was some small talk to a stranger and she didnt feel the need to justify her taste in clothing to you? How do u know she was ignorant of the historical facts? To what depth did your conversation reach with her and for how long? Do you normally make assumptions of people being ignorant of facts purely because the person doesnt feel the need to relay them to you in a passing conversation?

    You state that Che had "an infinite hatred towards people". This leads one to believe he was a man with a trait frowned upon by most people. If he did hate people in general I would agree that using his image as a symbol for anything but hatred would be ridiculous. However the quote you supply shows a different picture of the man. Che states that "Hatred is an element of struggle". So here we have hatred within a defined setting a struggle, which when taken in context can be seen to be revolution or liberating oneselves. Then the rationale behind reequiring such a normally distasteful emotion is given as "A people without hate cannot triumph against the adversary". If the hatred is purely for this purpose it would not be seen as any use outside of a struggle or revolution. Indeed in your second quote Che states exactly to whom the hatred needs be shown - "against the enemy".

  5. Eric S Says:

    Most people wear the t-shirt for fashion. People are lemmings and I find that trait very VERY annoying.

  6. Thirtyseven Says:

    Most folks wearing that shirt know nothing about him, yeah. It's worth noting that in the US we idolize a number of people with blood on their hands, leaders who lacked the courage to actually kill people themselves and instead sent young men they'd never meet to risk their lives and commit murder for them. So I can understand Latino activists admiring the hands-on approach of Guevara.

    It's important to note his background, but I have a number of friends who firmly believe that makes him even more admirable -- for the same reasons Buddhists admire the Guatama leaving behind all of his possessions to commit himself to improving the plight of those less fortunate. No matter how posh his upbringing, in his adult life he was honestly dedicated to formenting revolutions all over the world. All of his "comrades" called it quits in Cuba and settled with one "revolution", but Che insisted on moving on, and that cost him his life.

    I see the point you're making, but I also think you've never come into contact with the urban activists who know exactly who he was, his failings and his shortcomings and his hypocrisy, and still respect him for his achievements and his ultimately fatal dedication.

  7. Ken Says:

    Sean....crack a F*cking book. Or maybe that's where you got your education by
    pot smoking, student philandering profs at college. Either way you need to reeducate yourself.

  8. Urban Conservative Says:

    whoa Eric..."At the time of his revolutions communism was an untested and unrealized theory of government"...dude this was way after WW2 and everyone already knew communism didn't work. Think of a better answer!

  9. Urban Conservative Says:

    Sean - please pass whatever you are smoking to me. You are justifying hate as an excuse to kill innocent peasants becasue that's what he did. Were they really his enemy?

    AND here is the irony...the people that support Che are the same ones that call Bush a terrorist.

  10. Urban Conservative Says:

    ohhh...what balls you have Anonymous. Your name calling is typical for an uneducated, uninformed, over-emotional liberal like yourself.

    So tell me Anonymous , who was Che oppressed by?

    No, I’m not a jew you Anti-Semite bastard but I do love my Israel Kid Frost said back in the day, “I’m a Hispanic causing Panic” to ill-a$$ people like you.

    It’s all in love though!!! Peace.

  11. Phat Tony Says:

    Some people dont care that he killed alot of people, myself included. I guess im an oddity in the fact that I'm a conservative and I respect the general and wear his portrait proudly.

  12. Nicky G Says:

    Anonymous preaches about how Che was fighting against oppression... Then calls out Jews... Its too bad liberals aren't introspective enough to see the errors in their ways.

  13. Professor X Says:

    Actual interview with Mexican protestor- Can you say "ATTITUDE"?

    Jim Moore reporting for a Houston TV station:

    Jim: Juan, I see that you and thousands of other protesters are marching in the streets to demonstrate for your cause. Exactly what is your cause and what do you expect to accomplish by this protest?

    Juan: We want our rights. We will show you how powerful we are. We will bring Houston to its knees!

    Jim: What rights?

    Juan: Our right to live here...legally. Our right to get all the benefits you get.

    Jim: When did you come to the United States? Juan: Six years ago. I crossed over the border at night with seven other friends.

    Jim: Why did you come?

    Juan: For work. I can earn as much in a month as I could in a year in Mexico. Besides, I get free health care, our Mexican children can go to school free, if I lose my job I will get Welfare, and someday I will have the Social Security. Nothing like that in Mexico!

    [But they EXPECT, and do not APPRECIATE these advantages. X.]

    Jim: Did you feel badly about breaking our immigration laws when you came?

    Juan: No! Why should I feel bad? I have a right to be here. I have a right to amnesty. I paid lots of money for my Social Security and Green Cards.

    Jim: How did you acquire those documents?

    Juan: From a guy in Dallas. He charged me a lot of money too.

    Jim: Did you know that those documents were forged?

    Juan: It is of no matter. I have a right to be here and work.

    Jim: What is the "right" you speak of?

    Juan: The right of all Aliens. It is found in your Constitution. Read it!

    Jim: I have read it, but I do not remember it saying anything about rights for Aliens.

    Juan: It is in that part where it says that all men have Alien rights, like the right to pursue happiness. I wasn't happy in Mexico, so I came here.

    Jim: I think you are referring to the declaration of Independence and that document speaks to unalienable rights ... Not Alien rights.

    [Underlines are mine. X.]

    Juan: Whatever.

    Jim: Since you are demanding to become an American citizen, why then are you carrying a Mexican Flag?

    Juan: Because I am Mexican.

    Jim: But you said you want to be given amnesty ... To become a US citizen.

    Juan: No. This is not what we want. This is our country, a part of Mexico that you Gringos stole from us. We want it returned to its rightful owner.

    Jim: Juan, you are standing in Texas. After wining the war with Mexico, Texas became a Republic, and later Texans voted to join the USA. It was not stolen from Mexico.

    Juan: That is a Gringo lie. Texas was stolen. So was California, New Mexico and Arizona. It is just like all the other stuff you Gringos steal, like oil and babies. You are a country of thieves.

    Jim: Babies? You think we steal babies?

    Juan: Sure. Like from Korea and Vietnam and China. I see them all over the place. You let all these foreigners in, but try to keep us Mexicans out. How is this fair?

    Jim: So, you really don't want to become an American citizen then.

    Juan: I just want my rights! Everyone has a right to live, work, and speak their native language wherever and whenever they please. That's another thing we demand. All signs and official documents should be in Spanish. Teachers must teach in Spanish. Soon, more people here in Houston will speak Spanish than English. It is our right!

    Jim: If I were to cross over the border into Mexico without proper documentation, what rights would I have there?

    Juan: None. You would probably go to jail, but that's different.

    Jim: How is it different? You said everyone has the right to live wherever they please.

    Juan: You Gringos are a bunch of land grabbing thieves. Now you want Mexico too? Mexico has its rights. You Gringos have no rights in Mexico. Why would you want to go there anyway? There is no free medical service, schools, or welfare there for foreigners such as you. You cannot even own land in my country. Stay in the country of your birth.

    Jim: I can see that there is no way that we can agree on this issue. Thank you for your comments.

    X. here; the -polite- term for this is NERVE; I'm sure all true Americans can think of more DIRECT descriptions...

    My JibJab URL:

  14. babyboomer Says:

    Let's not forget about the letters Che was writing to Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (then leader of the Soviet Union), begging him to nuke the Unites States.
    Luckily, the Soviets were less bloodthirsty than Che.
    Easy to wear the t-shirt, harder to make some research.
    As for "…..and anyone who idolizes this piece of crap deserves to get deleted." - aren't you starting to feel a tad too much hate, urbanconservative?

  15. Urban Conservative Says:

    lol..babyboomer...I was referring to their comments..but I would never censor any comments on this blog; especially because most of the people who read this blog are indeed liberals.

  16. yasinumur Says:

    if Georgie monkey Bush is the president of the USA and you like it or not, he is backed by the USA government, why people shouldn't back Che Guevara, he fought for what he was against, just like many others in this world.
    the author of this crap is just a faggott hippi jealous of the fame of Che.

  17. yasinumur Says:

    @Professor X
    are you that fucking idiot to believe that shit or do you think you were kind of funny with all that crap???
    I suggest you read more and write less

  18. Nunca Mas Says:

    This has to be the most retarded website I have ever seen. Che is a simble of revolution, something that the world needs. We owe our lives to people that decided to take astand and try to change the world. Ernesto Guevara wasn't a cold blodded killer. He loved everyone and even made it his life goal to help them, as why he chose to study medicine. It doesn't matter if you're a liberal or conservative, you have to realize that che was great man and the people who idealize him aren't at fault.

  19. Urban Conservative Says:

    retarded? simble is spelled symbol! Do you research and you will know that what you just stated is retarded!

  20. liberal and mad Says:

    you fuckin idiot conservative know nothing about Che and what he did for the latino race!!!

  21. liberal and mad Says:

    you claim that you are are a discrace to this race; you should be put in front of a firing squad!

  22. Estreitta Says:

    you know my best friend (a Christian consrevative & Dem) tottally LOVES Fidel. in collge she had a LIFE SIZE Poster of him in her dorm...My mom (a Honduran Native) tries to tell her what a horrible guy fidel was/is.... She also is amongst the ranks of latinas that adorn Che. I think he gets memorialized be cause he was killed. (She doesn't think Fidel was behind it) so oh well hopefully she will learn.

  23. ~Leslye~ Says:

    All i can say about this is che guevara was a cold blooded murder The number of men Che's "revolutionary tribunals" condemned to death ranges 400 to 1,892. defenseless men (and boys) The number of people che personaly murdered with his own pistol runs into the dozens. i dont know about you all but this man sounds like a murderer who got what he deserved. I am a latina female conservative and this man is not a symbol for me i don't idolize him. how can i adolize a murderer. I also believe that people wear his clothing because they see other people wearing it and for some reason they think its cool. Can you say monkey see monkey do. one of my brothers friends bought a shirt from him i asked him why he liked che guevara he actually told me because he represents latinos. and i asked him what he did to represent us and he couldn't answer. my point with this is that che guevaras portrait is marketed so much that he simply just became another clothing brand. im not surprised that more than half of the people that wear his portrait have no idea who he is or what he did.

  24. Urban Conservative Says:

    Leslye - well put. thank you.

    liberal and mad - I know a good therapist!

  25. BlackBalled Says:

    liberal and sad - that's hilarious, but wait ...

    "what he did for the Latino race!!!" sounds fairly racist.

    "you claim that you are are a disgrace to this race" is racist. You have quite a fixation on "YOUR" race. Interesting ...

    "you should be put in front of a firing squad!" sounds like 1. you have serious anger management issues and 2. can't articulate meaningful thought so you compensate with nonsensical hate speech tactics and 3. aren't adhering to the DNC's approved set of liberal ideals which is of course the biggest infraction of them all.

    If you're going to claim liberalism as your chosen philosophy at least try to follow their basic tenants. It's clear you were out the day they taught acceptance and diversity of thought. At this point I think we'd all agree that you suck as a liberal.

  26. NighT Says:

    i think the title of this article should be "Friends shouldn't let friends write articles about things they have absolutely no clue about, thus leaving them looking like a retard." Che was a hero, plain and simple. He gave millions of empoverished people the means to fight their opressors and established an improved quality of life. These people were being exploited by their own government and the american government. Che was a good man, and the fact that the CIA had him assassinated proves how piss scared of him the American government really was.

  27. Urban Conservative Says:

    Hey, how is the quality of life for those in Cuba today? How is Che a hero? The same way that Hitler is a hero to nazi extremists? Go ahead and take jabs at me (bring it on!!!) but you should also elaborate on your comment so that other's can form an opinion!

    Thank God for the CIA!!! Hopefully the leader in Iran is next...what's his name again? You know, the hero that wants to wipe Israel off the map.

  28. Jemm Says:

    To Liberal and mad, First of all Latino is not a race-look it up. I'm not going to go try to explain to you-I'm sure you're an adult who can do some research. Second of all, Che was not too fond of Blacks and gays- look that up too!

  29. Sean F. Says:

    It truly is a sad state of affairs when a multiple murderer is worshipped as a hero. Leslye said it well, better then I could. Maybe the day will come when society will stop idolizing people and just try to be polite and peacefull to all no mater what their race, cread, religon, or sexual preferance. till that day comes let it start with me.

  30. Mr. Know it All Says:

    Boy I guess those folks who researched, wrote and produced The Motorcycle Diaries were morons, clearly they didn't have access to this authors half baked opinion before producing their movie.

    Oh, ya and conservative: Cuba is the way it is because of the U.S. embargo not because of what Che did. The U.S. was trying to turn Cuba into another Haiti for its own plundering, Che and Castro and the Revolution were resisting being decimated by the same U.S. foreign policy that Vietnam and others were resiting.

    Hegemony or Survival

  31. 1Dissident Says:

    That article is a ridiculous and selective bunch of garbage. I'm not even going to spend time defending Che Guevara... think what you will. However, the viewpoint expressed here is so utterly narrow-minded that I can't help but at least point out a few things.

    Are you aware of even -half- of the creeds, quotes, and 'kill-crazy' philosophies taught to and by your very own illustrious fighting force, the U.S. Navy Marine Corp.? This is a fully government funded, admired military force that is not only taught to hate their enemy, but to kill on command without question. The shit that is spewed out by your off-screen military commanders is vile and insulting to humanity.

    Oh, and have any of you ever played on a sports team with an aggressive coach? Consider some of the language used by them. "Crush your enemy." "Beat them in to the ground!" "Send 'em home in body bags!" And this is a GAME we're talking about. You don't hear urgings for good sportsmanship or fair treatment for the other team. Come on dude.

    What we're talking about here is war, the quote used was in the context of a philosophy of opposing an oppressive government, whom, I'm sorry to say, didn't quite respect the concept of peaceful protest. They were about as respectful as the tank drivers at Tianamen Square. Violence is never pretty, or respectful, and war is never kind, and almost never just. No human should stand for oppression, but neither should we thrust violence upon situations that do not warrant it.

    The quote pulled from Che could have just as easily come from the pen or the mouth of any American military personnel, so don't sit there and lecture me on hate, when hate is advocated and embraced by the very country who claims to spread Freedom and Democracy to the world. What we're seeing here is a world-wide lack of respect for individual rights and basic humanity. I say you do what you have to do to protect your freedom, be it overthrow your government, or walk out of a classroom. What you don't do, is destroy the freedom of others (en mass especially!) and then claim that it was all in the name of peace and justice, when in fact it was simply for narrow self-interest. Sort of like this article comes off like it's some humanitarian lecturer jacking off in the face of those nasty 'Reds', when in fact all it does is make the author sound like he doesn't read enough, and watches way too much CNN and Fox News.

    You don't understand peace, and in fact, you won't even understand what I mean by that. Jesus man, go spew your garbage on the uniformed throngs that surely advocate your message without question. They haven't awoken to the idea of questioning information and authority, and thus you will surely be safe and sound.

  32. David G Says:

    I support Che helping to overthrow the government in Cuba, along with Castro, from the US backed government. The US murdered many democratically elected leaders in Central and South America, leaders who did lean toward socialism but who were going to help their people and their country and posed no threat to the US. They were killed to be replaced with murderous dictators, backed and supplied by Uncle Sam. These dictators killed thousands of innocent people.

    But it's great that you think Che is a "Che Guevara was a murderer, a coward, an idiot; and a communist punk a$$ motherslucker".... just great.

  33. Serge Says:

    I don't know why you would say that he was hateful. Of course he was hateful. He was in the armed forces. He said things every soldier knows. You are not supposed to like your enemy. Boot camps work months on letting soldiers hate their adversaries, so quoting that is really taking it out of context. And it might be that we never have seen communism working, but has it really ever been given a chance?? It's been sabotaged from day one (every communist country gets pressured)

  34. ilovebush Says:

    bush is a terrorist...

    ^ im not negating any of the attacks on america by saying that, its terrible and ANY kind of terrorist act should be condemed, the pendulum swings both ways people, media and alot of blind people fail to see that....

  35. 1Dissident Says:

    Why don't some of you try applying the Law of Universality. You know, that whole thing where you practice what you preach. Let's see you under the thumb of a government who's rule has lead to massive starvation, a 10% literacy rate, massive infiltration by Mafia and corrupt foreign interest... let's see you watch your children die from disease, and grow up with no future except hopelessness. Endure that for twenty-odd years, and then we'll see how much you love your government, and how much you advocate a philosophy of loving/worshipping authority for authority's sake.

  36. Christian Iglesias Says:

    this is the most ugly piece of propaganda i've ever seen

  37. ilovebush Says:

    urban conservative, your a fucking douchebag

  38. Graeme Says:

    This is quite interesting to me seeing as how I went to Cuba last year and had some long, meaningful conversations with some of the people I met there(I stayed in casa particulars, not resorts). Cuban people are oppressed right now. It would be very difficult to go to Cuba and think otherwise. However, after having talked to people that were alive during the revolution, it is obvious that the life they have now is better than the life they had before the revolution. That is the reason that Che is a hero.

    If you're wondering how I went to Cuba, I am Canadian.

    The other thing that interests me is that all of these posts prove that Che will always be remembered whether it's in print or on a t-shirt.

  39. Arthur Voth Says:

    Your negative reaction to Che Guevara shirts is probably how I felt when I visited the United States in 2004 and saw Bush/Cheney bumper stickers everywhere, the only difference being that Bush and Cheney are responsible for killing way more than a few thousand people.

  40. 1Dissident Says:

    My god... I can't even stand to read some of this... the hypocracy is so thick that I can barely breathe. Urban Conservative... do you have -any- ...and I mean ANY concept of the horrific and terrible things the American government has done in the past? A patriot loves his country, defends his country... he does not necessarily love his government, and certainly not simply because they are the government. Hitler was a psychopath, but he was pretty damned popular for a good portion of the war... don't you wish someone would have opposed him within Germany before he was able to do what he did? Shouldn't the population have risen up and threw that awful dictator from power? That person might need a gun, and that person might be angry about being oppressed for his/her entire life. That person will probably hate Hitler. Some day you might need someone to stand up and oppose a force of authority who wishes to do you or your family harm.

    Oh, and Israel advocates a policy of assassination/oppression/occupation... oh wait, I forgot... it's okay to do that, as long as you're an Israeli, and not an Iranian, right? And by the way, the quote you're referring to, from Iran's leader is actually quite a mis-quote. You must've gotten your translation from an American Idol judge or something.

    So why is it okay for Americans or Israelis to murder and hate? Because they choose to instead call it Security and Safety? I'm sorry man, but a rose by any other name is still a rose. You want to fight hatred, or condemn it, then you do it all the time, everywhere, with everyone. You don't get to pick and choose, because the truth is the truth, regardless of what country you're from.

    Stop swallowing the propaganda, and stand on your own feet... your leaders don't all love you. Not everyone with an American military uniform is a good person, and just because you're in government doesn't mean you won't lie/steal/cheat/murder for your own gain. Humans are humans, and it's how we think that we need to change.

    And if you're a true conservative, then please, PLEASE vote for Ron Paul, he's the only sane man capable of independant thought competing in the media-circus farce you call a Presidential Election. And that's on BOTH sides of the silly Left-Right political paradigm.

  41. Shitnit Says:

    lol ilovebush, say more ... it's an entertaining potpourri of idiocy.

  42. Urban Conservative Says:

    LOL......David G, Serge, Christian Iglesias, 1Dissident , Arthur Voth and ilovebush are ALL THE SAME PERSON!!


    Whoever you are, you are an idiot!! And, if you don't like what I say...don't come back.

    I am so laughing rright now.

  43. BigAssGun Says:

    Ron Paul took part in the wrong debate.

  44. MADOG Says:

    We are all programmed to give certain opinion, nobody is free from its political environment ( brainwashing formulates opinion and preference , this is valid for any political preference). Therefore i can say that whatever u say about che Guevara without proper check and balances is merely a personal opinion , it doesn't amount to any truth or even close to a valid argument.
    Che fought in Africa and many latin America country helping natives against invaders and oppressor, surely god will forgive his mistakes as communist.

  45. Joe Says:

    And your telling me Bush isn't a killer, murder and all the above. Get real!!!!!

  46. Snowblind Says:

    Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. I'm sure you've read what he fought for. It wasn't necessarily communism, but the actual idea of having everyone as an equal. Letting the over 3 billion people that live on $2 a day for food share some of the wealth that the rich (who seem to keep getting richer) whord for themselves. People who wear the shirt don't necessarily know who he was or what he stood for. But for the people who do they might think more along the lines of a fighter for freedom or the fact that he was an educated doctor and politician. Even though he stood against freedom. Most people who wear shirts think of him as a free-thinker or rebel. They perhaps want to emulate the rebellious part. There have been plenty of leaders kill many people. History remembers the ones that did inhumane things. Hitler, Lenin, Bush, and Che; All killed thinking it was for the better. We all know those names. But does anyone remember Arthur Meighan? Who the hell is that? So perhaps people shouldn't wear the shirt... Maybe they shouldn't wear GM racing shirts either because GM vehicles pollute. Or wear Harley Davidson clothing because they're loud and cause noise pollution. Che isn't hurting anyone anymore. I think you've just brought up a seriously dead issue both figuratively and literally. People will always express their democratic right to say, do, wear pretty much whatever they want. I say, as long as they're not hurting anyone let them go to it.

  47. British "liberal" Says:

    I was going to leave a lengthy comment about the foolish, opinionated piece of sh!t you wrote, but to be honest I can see it's not going to change anything. You are going to completely disregard this post because I am a so called "liberal," so there's not much point.
    Just so you know I think you and everything you represent is the reason for this world's problems.

  48. Ian Vlad Says:

    I thought from the title that this post would have some sort of refutation of Guevera. But it's little more than "Guevera murdered people." One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter. You haven't tried to point out what make's Guevera's fight different from any other revolution, including the USA's.

    On another point, the conservative icon Ronald Reagan authorized the sale weapons to Iran to fund the Contras in Nicaragua, yet he is still idolized by the right-wing. You make the point that Che was "indirectly" responsible for many deaths, but there's plenty of people could be demonized if that were the only requirement.

  49. Rafe Says:

    Being liberal has absolutely nothing to do with whether someone knows the 'truth' about Che Guevara. As you said so clearly suggest - practically nobody who "represents" Che knows what he was all about.

    If we make the assumption that the majority of what we learn regarding historical facts comes from school (and the History Channel too, hehe) then one can only surmise that the subject of Che is not being adequately taught in school.

    Now, when we look at our education system we can all agree that the conservatives are the ones responsible for all the budget cuts and 'finance re-shuffling (look it up).'

    Therefore, it doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that it is because of the Conservatives that our nation's populous are uneducated and 'stupid' when it comes to Che Guevara.

    But hey, the lack of Che-ducation could be blamed on all the of sanctions on the country of Cuba itself. This, one could argue is the result of JFK and the Cuban Missile Crisis...

    So nobody wins, conservatives and liberals both suck. Thanks for proving it with another original "this is why Liberals suck" blogs.

  50. Rafe Says:

    Oh, and the History Channel's majority share-holders are all Conservative... Just thought you might like to know.

  51. bill Says:

    fuck you guys, Che is great

  52. Marlia Says:

    you liberals are insane!!! You come to this blog with no point at all!! This has nothing to do with conservative or liberal....he merely points out the Che is murderous punk like many other leaders in our history....

    And yes, America has had her problems and made mistakes...but all of you libs bitch and complain about Bush, the military, etc. yet, you reap the benefits of this lovely nation!

    you poor bastards!

  53. Welington Says:

    It's strange to heard americans speaking about murder ...
    Che was acting to defense his people from americans like that.
    Murderer for murderer, it's best to wear che's t-shirt than bush's t-shirt.
    Che has a just cause.

  54. Tim Says:

    Yeah, you're right, we owe bush and cheney for everything we have right now. Like say, a massive deficit that keeps growing and growing, and a horrible economy to go with it. I'm a bleeding heart liberal and I love America, but I absolutely despise it's leadership at this point in it's history. Worshipping politicians because they are politicians isn't patriotic, it's just being a tool. I must be a poor bastard, because I think for myself, and don't believe everything anyone says.

    As for Guevara, everyone's missing the point. Yes, he was a murderer, as any revolutionary needs to be, but, he did it for his people, and was attempting to free his people. It's sad that he failed in the long run. To say he was a murderer, is to not understand the first thing about conflict. Are you suggesting he should have organized a sit-in? fucking morons.

  55. Tim Says:

    the second murderer should say "cold blooded murderer"

  56. Marlia Says:

    Tim - I didnt say anything about Bush and Cheney or worshiping are putting words in my mouth!

    it's liberals like you - who have probably never set foot outside your little SF or manhattan townhouses - that have no FUCKIN clue what goes on outside the US. I am from a third world country and I am happy as hell to be here!!

    Che was freeing his people??? From who??? Killing innocent peasants is freeing his people? Most, if not all, Cubans hate Che and Castro anyway. A sit in - or some damn liberal protest would have been perfect...(yeah right).

    Welington..and what was his cause?? I am sure we won't hear from you until tomorrow so you can steal something off of some liberal blog or wikipedia.....asshole!

  57. davud mustafa Says:

    you are all a bunch of ignorant morons.

  58. Mr. M Says:

    The self righteous speech that started this post comes from a big head. I bet you haven´t even read a book about che or by che. Its true that he killed a lot of people without a fair trial, but that doesn´t mean that´s all he was. Some of you usa people have a mentalitiy of good vs. bad people like real life was one of your movies. Yes maybe he shouldn´t be idolized, but that doesn´t mean he didn´t believe in his ideals. His methods were not right, and communism doesn´t work, but not everything is black and white.
    And for the guy who transcripts an interview with a latino, u truly are an ignorant. You don´t have the brain to think that almost all people who cross the border illegaly are poor, uneducated people? Do you really think we all mexicans are like that guy? That was just an angry uneducated man; it shows a lot of ignorance to think that all people from every country are like the one guy you pick.
    And yes, Texas became independent first, but you are brainwashed by your schools. Americans had all the way the plan to take the territories of Mexico. The Monroe Doctrine speaks by itself. The fact that it wasn't taken directly by force doesn't mean anything. You are too naive, and your government power thirsty.

  59. Macintagart Says:

    To be honest, this is the first article I've read on this website, and I already feel comfortable enough saying - Conservative, you like to kick up hornet's nests.
    I live in Canada. This means that my opinions on the U.S. and their foreign policy is mostly developed out of a Canadacentric bias, with a dash of extremist conservative/liberal blogs or articles I run across on the 'net late at night. I understand that, and most people I talk to understand that. So when I descend to "bush-bashing" it is understood that I am not speaking from a fully informed position.
    To be honest, nobody is fully informed. The best one can hope for is to be as informed as possible.
    If I were one of Che's enemies, I would likely consider him one of the bloodiest, most evil men in history, and would stoop to almost any level to stop him.
    If I were one of those thay Che had saved, then I would consider him a hero, and would tell my descendants of his heroism. Stories would spread, clashing with the stories of those from his enemies. History does have a strange habit of turning stories into facts, and the quicker one realizes it, the quicker one can stop wasting anger on someone who's only fault is to learn a different story, from a different bias. Debating is all fun and that, but some of the comments I've seen on here reminds me of the thirteen year-olds that bicker about Family Guy trivia. Oh well, I'm obviously no better or else I wouldn't be responding to it.

    The difference between right and wrong is not much. Bravely marching to the defence of the weak is one of the greatest things a warrior can do - a few "collateral" casualties is sad indeed, but the greater good is still served, right?

    Forcing rule upon those who cannot defend themselves against you, under the guise of a "just war", and slaughtering innocents whose only crime was to try to defend their family and home is purely the province of the tyrant.

    Both descriptions have been used, in varying degrees. to describe almost any "police action" or similar event, since at least Korea. Again, the wonder of history. One man's tyrant is another man's hero. It is the thrill of the heroic symbolism, and not historical facts, that can cause people to wear those shirts.

    As for the comments on oppression(did I spell that right? It looks funny...), a Metis writer once said that all peoples have, at one time or another, been oppressed. A tribe known as the Picts settled in Scotland, only to eventually be over-run by the Celtic tribe known as the Scots. These Scots would eventually be conquered(sort of) by the British, who had been conquered by the Anglo-Saxons. The British would go on to conquer and oppress people world-wide, giving rise to nation states that would in turn, conquer and oppress.

    Knowing all this, if a more powerful group forced themselves onto my land, in my country, and oppressed us, would I lie back and accept it, as the "circle of life?" Not likely. I would grab a weapon and defend my land and my people to the best of my ability, by any means necessary, likely committing many atrocities along the way, by trying to turn myself into a weapon of rage and revolution, to defeat my hated foe. If I accomplished my goal, I would likely turn on those weaker than me, and the cycle of oppression would continue.
    If I died in the process, I may be remembered by both my allies and my enemies, both groups focusing on different aspects of my heroism/villainy.

    Of course, if everyone did what I did (examined both sides of the argument and agree completely with both sides) websites like this wouldn't exist, which would be sad, as everyone sat around completely agreeing with each other as the aggression of the human race slowly turned into flab, assisted by so much self-serving tripe.

    So why would I post this? I was kind of bored, and rambling on websites on my first visit also amuses me. What was I saying? Oh yeah, keep kicking those hornet's nests, Urban Conservative.

  60. blah Says:

    why would you care in the first place what someone else is wearing? if i see emo kids i dont care about them. if i see punks i dont give a damn about them. if i see someone with the balls to wear a nazi shirt then thats a different story, because a shirt like that would state that this person believes that not everyone has the same human rights just for the mere fact of being humans. a che guevara shirt stands for what che standed: unity, land and freedom. so if you get your facts right you would know that this "guerillero" standed for communism un a south america where he saw people starving on one hand and people spending money left and right on the other. in theory comunism was good, just like socialism, capitalism, marxism, etc etc.. i asure you that more people where killed to bring democracy in to the us than che guevara's guerrilla would have done in a life time if che wouldnt got killed. read his diary in bolivia, read motorcycle diary, learn more about the man and not the guerrilla leader. learn. and stop hating, live and love.

  61. arn Says:

    If I made a shirt with Jeffery Dahmers face on it and started telling people that he was a revolutionary people would probably start wearing it without checking the facts, besides, as so many of you have said in previous posts "There was more to him than the fact that he was a murderer", so "viva la revolution" may we all sit on a throne of skulls with Dahmer. God-Damn stupid americans (yes, all of you proud latino's are in fact americans whether you like it or not, you live here, you work here, and you benefit from the same system that you condemn). Che was a terrible person, I have read his drivel and can say that he quickly lost touch with reality, he took a good idea and twisted it into an ugly, pathetic attempt to boost himself into power, not something to be proud of. In respnose to "BLAH" Hitler was also trying to right an injustice where some had more than others, maybe we should forgive him, you know "learn, and stop hating, live and love" Fucktard

  62. Ben Says:

    Ernesto Guevara de la Serna is a great man,his experiences and observations during these trips led him to the conclusion that the region's socio-economic inequalities could only be remedied by revolution.One oppressed can never win against enemy without hatred.Give me one name of a revolutinist that is(was) love(d) by the media and government politicians..............NONE!So stop being slave of politics and media which r all under the influence of oppressors(governments n politicians),face the facts!

  63. Joe Says:

    This is possibly the most bias crap i have ever read.And based on the year 1990 and word child...i'm gonna asume you're 2 your to know what you're talking about or just another brainwashed american.
    I dare you to go to the streets of Cuba and read your post out loud.
    You'd be beat up in a nano second.And not by the goverment either.

  64. poop Says:

    Yes a nice piece of propaganda, sigh.. i just want to all call you hypocrites and stupid but that angers you even more.Can i propose a place where it is legal to murder ,so people like you all can kill each other so eventually stupidity will implode on itself in a controlled enviroment instead of world society.

  65. Marlia Says:

    of course, this post is bias...the guy is a conservative and he blatanlty states that!!!! At least he is not trying to pose as anything different.

  66. Novo Says:

    I cannot stand going to the mall with my friend or my girlfriend only to see some kid wearing a che guevara t-shirt. It pisses me off so much. Being of Cuban origin, my parents and grandparents suffered so much hardship at the hands of this murderer and at Fidel's hands. It was because of them that my parents were forced to leave what they had to come to American with NOTHING and start their lives all over again. Why? It was because Fidel and this thug, Che, decided that every piece of property should be state owned and anyone who tried deny that should be thrown in prison without any regard. They took my grandfather's factory away his car, our money, and our farm. When my grandfather resisted, he was simply thrown in jail. My father never spoke of what happened to him in there. My grandfather would tell me stories of whole families killed in the streets during the revolution with no cause. When I asked why and who, he simply said because of Che. Che had absolutely no regard for human life, and like what was stated in this blog to begin with, Che even stated that himself numerous times! If Che was such a good guy who faught for "FREEDOM", then why the hell did Fidel remove him from political power?? It was because Fidel knew that Che was a psychotic man hell bent on forcing people to change political views to his own views and beliefs.
    People would not be caught dead walking around wearing a che shirt where my family lived. I dare anyone who thinks they have the balls to walk through Union City, NJ or North Bergen, NJ with a Che shirt and see what the Cuban, or infact the latino population, has to say about that.
    Theres my two cents.

  67. john Says:

    "As for Guevara, everyone's missing the point. Yes, he was a murderer, as any revolutionary needs to be, but, he did it for his people, and was attempting to free his people."


    I don't really agree that revolutionaries need to be murders. I think we can all name a few who weren't. Martin Luther King Jr. is my favorite.

  68. Mr. Liberal Says:

    I fukken LOL'd at this pile of shit. God, just let people be. what was the statement, to each their own? If someone wants to live in ignorant bliss, then let them....

    you fail at life, so please die. Your name makes no sense...its like a compassionate conservative or a friendly facist. Oxymoron?

  69. phil Says:

    He didn't preach hatred you biased piece of shit. Check you out trying to quote his words and then say they meant something totally different. Did you even read them? He preached hatred for the ENEMY. He was a soldier! every soldier hates the enemy, you even called them gooks in vietnam and killed with extreme prejudice. He was just smart enough to know that gathering the "hate" resource in every soldiers heart and use it against them makes your army better. It was in world war 2 as well and its called propeganda when posters went up saying nazis killed women and children. It works you stupid fuck, and no he didn't hate all humans like your making out.

  70. Marlia Says:

    hahaha --- mr liberal and guys are ignorant pieces of crap!

  71. tron Says:

    A very effective leader and trainer, your little blog will have effect on this situation what so ever. you lose.

  72. Marlia Says:

    Tron - go back to grammar sucks!!! lol.

  73. Munky Says:

    Viva El Che!!!

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre!!

  74. sean Says:

    Urban conservative, I understand you dont want censorship but surely when someone posts pure off topic on-liners targeted at a fellow commentor it must get annoying!
    I do smoke grass actually, not that it is anything to do with my post. I dont insinuate anyones alcohol use influences their posting and would appreciate the same for my drug of choice.
    I think Macintagart has summed up the situation nice a cleanly..... although I myself do fall on one side of this arguement that involves looking at both subjective sides first to form an opinion.
    I was dissapointed that noone addressed the issue of hatred against the enemy.... until Phil's post which said pretty much what I was trying to. Urban conservative I was not saying hatred justifys the killing of innocents civilians. Lets remember that I was responding to you saying Che had "an infinite hatred towards people". Now I undertand this is an op-ed style piece but that kind of skewing of the reality of the situation is uncalled for.
    A figure from my own countrys' war of independence did send men out to kill the enemy in what, depending of your viewpoint the situation in Ireland at the time, could be seen as cold blood. They were informers and killed in their homes and on the street while unarmed. I fear a man who does these violent things with no hate in his heart much more than one who loves his nation so much he hates those that oppress her.

  75. Latino Conservative Says:

    Che is terrorist punk. If any of you uneducated bastards would do your homework, you would know that too. And, anyone who support this scum is an IDIOT!!!

  76. Mike Says:

    Ben, I can name revolutionaries who did it without hatred: Martin Luther King, Vaclav Havel, Mahatma Gandi!
    And Guevara was terrorist punk, I agree - how blind people could be...

  77. Maria Says:

    Anyone who doesn't understand Che's hatred should visit the favelas in Sao Paulo and talk to the starving children who are bound to a life of poverty and opression- unless you've seen it your own people in theses conditions, I wouldn't expect most of these ignorant Americans to understand Guevara's cause

  78. Benshevik86 Says:

    Wow, I am reading a lot of these and all of them are without a inch of evidence about Che's crimes! The only crime the Cuban government is responsible for, that has any concern of the U.S. at least, is that they nationalized all the U.S. owned industries. Historically, the U.S. could care less about oppressive leaders as long as they keep the foreign investors happy, that is all that matters. Look at Columbia, the most undemocratic, tyrannical country in all of Latin America and the U.S. is very friendly with them and actually support that brutal dictatorship. Cuba is actually one of the most democratic States in all of Latin America. And you call it a tyrannical rule? Why do a majority of Cubans trust there governement over the U.S. then? I am very critical of the cuban government, but I am under the impression that, although some Cubans might not support there government, mostly all of them support there government over U.S. intervention. They probably remember the U.S. backed Batista regime and know that the U.S. is always up to know good. True, Che did participate in executions as well as Fidel, which I think estimates around 1,000 people were exectuted early in the revolution, but mostly all the footage I seen of it, were masses of cubans in the background cheering the revolutionaries on as they executed those murders, and corrupt leaders. So blame him for executing people is ridiculous. Have you ever seen a revolution? Executions are usually what happens after them, unfortunatly.

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