Liberal Lunacy Again and Again

June 26th, 2007

The following video illustrates the fact that uninformed liberals know nothing of which they speak.  They take to the streets, attend Cindy Sheehan rallies and protest for the sake of protesting.  They bitch and complain about the war in Iraq, call Bush a terrorist and call for the destruction of Israel, yet have no freakin idea of the atrocities that Saddam committed when he was in power, or how many millions of men, women and children were murdered at his hands. At one point in the video, a dumb liberal was asked if she know who the Kurds were and she said no, obviously. She didn’t know that Saddam also fired Scud missiles into Israel targeting civilians during the first Gulf War.  It’s a shame that these people are so uninformed, and at the same time, it is a blessing to live in a country where you can assemble for any reason, no matter how insane it may be.

peace…oh, and long live Israel.

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21 Responses to Liberal Lunacy Again and Again

  1. matt Says:

    yes please go away!

    Do they really have talk radio?

  2. Marlia Says:

    inane...flat out insane!

  3. liberal and proud Says:

    once are fuckin idiot!! you think this really represents liberalism just becasue some stupid college chick doesn't know shit?

    You neo nazis never cease to amaze me with the rhetoric you spit! I spit on you, your readers and this lame blog.

  4. Ben Says:

    another example of a pitiful conservative blog. obviously, the writer is some hick from Alabama!! lol.

  5. Latina Republican Says:


    Next time ask that college kid on whether or not she thinks Che is some kinda hero. That would be good to see that response.

    This was seriously an unbelievable. THanks for the laugh, and have a good night.

  6. Ben Says:

    latina republican??? never knew that!!!

  7. Urban Conservative Says:

    liberal and proud - once again, you liberal scum have to resort to name calling because you are so overwhelmed with emotion..but that's okay because I do it as well, and enjoy it too. At least have the decency to refute what I have to say with a reasonable argument. You just make yourself look quite stupid.

  8. Urban Conservative Says:

    Ben – no not from Alabama, never even been there – you shmuck. If my blog is so pitiful, then why do you come here and read what I have to say? Oh, I get it…there are no decent liberal blogs for you to read so you come here and try and wreak havoc (kinda like there are no decent liberal talk radio programs as well).

    I love it when you liberal infidels come try and battle me. Bring it on!

    Oh, and listen up you uninformed piece of scum…I am latino and I am probably the most conservative person you will ever meet…open your eyes and realize that not all conservatives (or republicans) are white, upper class males…just like not all liberals are uninformed pieces of scum, except you of course.

    Oh, and your web site sucks.

  9. SoCalGal Says:

    Typical liberal lunacy. College campuses produce brainless zombies, who cannot think for themselves. Luckily, I took precautions with my niece who is a student at Cal State LA. We've had long talks about liberal indoctrination by professors and student groups aimed at young impressionable kids. She thought I was joking, however, she now admits, I was correct. Because she is Hispanic, she is endlessly approached by La Raza MECHa types. Further, she is constantly asked to join socialist/communist and 'Blame America First' groups on campus, etc... Thank goodness I prepared her well and she rejects their lame tired old ideas.

    I agree with Latina Republican with regards to Che. He was a murderous maniac. It's too bad kids today romanticize a figure who was a brutal killer and was respnosible for so many deaths. I own my own Che t-shirts which read, 'Che is dead, get over it' and 'Commie Bastard.' I get a kick out of the stares I recieve from my latino friends!

  10. Jemm Says:

    Those liberal idiots never fail to make me laugh!

  11. Jemm Says:

    I agree with SoCalGal. I'm glad that there are people like you who don't want our youth to be join the nut bandwagon- and is doing something about it by teaching your niece!

  12. sean Says:

    "At one point in the video, a dumb liberal was asked if she know who the Kurds were and she said no"

    This does not occur in the video clip you have posted so I dont understand why you falsely represent what the girl says. Possibily you were blinded (deafened seems a more appropriate word almost!) by your own bias or otherwise I presume it is to lower the standing of your target in the eyes of your audience...... thats a defamation case there! lol

    For me the most important aspect of the video clip is the disgust with which the person behind the camera states that the UN condemned the bombing, carried out by Isrea, of a potential nuclear facility in Iraq. Perhaps he should review the reasons for the condemnation........ it would certainly cast light on the possible illegality of the war in Iraq currently underway.

  13. Urban Conservative Says:

    sean - my bad. there were two videos I was thinking about adding and I got them mixed up. Nonetheless, the person(s) in that video don't have a clue as to why they are even there or what they are protesting.

    You should know by know that I make a living on It's all in fun though.

  14. DJ Says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  15. Jessica Says:

    LOL - but how would they be educated...I mean we would need some huge force like, say, the media to educate people on things like the Kurds, or the Holocaust. If only we had such a vehicle.....

  16. Shey Says:

    absolute lunacy!! great post!

  17. bigdiggy Says:

    How many millions? Please give me an exact number and your sources for the body count. How many millions did Saddam kill?

    Oh, and while you're at it, could you tell me when American foreign policy became based on invading and occupying countries led by bad guys--and nothing else? And then after that could you remind me what Saddam had to do with September 11?

    And once you've completed this assignment (preferably with better grammar than you've displayed in your blog thus far), could you remind me once again who, exactly, is uninformed?

  18. Urban Conservative Says:

    bigdiggy...of course you have to resort to personal attacks (oh, bad grammar - big freakin deal). Go find the sources yourself...I get most of mine from Wikipedia. If you need tutoring on how to do research, I charge $100 an hour.

    And, tell me where on my blog, Bid Diggy, where I said Saddam had something to do with 9/11. Seems to me like you are either confused or have some personal issues that you have to deal with.

  19. Big Diggy Says:

    Pointing out your dubious grammar is not a personal attack. It's an observation. And if you're going to be a blogger (which means some form of a writer), you ought not to give the appearance of ignorance through grammatical errors. It's as simple as that.

    Next, you should consider doing "research" in sources other than Wikipedia. You should pay me $200 to copyedit your blog and to teach you how to do real research--or perhaps read a newspaper or any government document that would show you that he did not kill millions of people, and in any case that was not the original justification for invading Iraq. So, please answer my question: how many millions, exactly, did Saddam kill?

    And then tell me, as I asked so nicely, to explain why we invaded Iraq and took out an admittedly bad man (though, as you know, you can find those in every corner of the word, and I don't see us invading and occupying their countries). And why haven't we defeated--or even located?--the people who actually attacked us on September 11?

    You might guess that all of these questions lead me back to my original intention, which was to ask who is uninformed. Seems to me that it's you.

  20. Urban Conservative Says:

    haha..nice one. Okay, maybe I'll cite ABC, CBS and NBC or better yet the New York Times. Would that make you feel better, Diggy?

    The fact of the matter is that no one really knows how many people Saddam killed; whether it's thousands or millions really make no difference. He was a threat to our national security as is Ahmadinejad, Kim Jong, etc. and he needed to get dealt with just as the other two clowns that need to get dealt with (although I am sure Israel will take care of one).

    I really don't care about the reasons Bush gave to go into Iraq. The fact is we are safer here in the US than we were during the rise of terrorism against the US and our interests, yah know, during the Clinton administration.

    Let’s see if I am right (no pun)…

    1993 World Trade Center bombing - killed six and injured 1,000, and your boy Clinton promised that the terrorists responsible would be hunted down and dealt with.

    1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia - killed five soldiers and your boy Clinton promised that the terrorists responsible would be hunted down and dealt with.

    1996 al-Khobar towers bombing in Saudi Arabia - killed 19 and injured 200 soldiers, and your boy Clinton promised that the terrorists responsible would be hunted down and dealt with.

    1998 bombing of US embassies in Africa - killed 257 and injured 5,000, and your boy Clinton promised that the terrorists responsible would be hunted down and dealt with.

    2000 bombing of the USS Cole - killed 17 and injured 3 sailors, and your boy Clinton promised that the terrorists responsible would be hunted down and dealt with.

    And the Bush Administration…

    2001 World Trade Center bombing (all planned during the Clinton Administration) – killed 3,000 + innocent folks, and what did Bush do…dealt with terrorism and he is continuing to do so, despite what the mainstream media says public opinion is.

    The fact of the matter is, whether you hate Bush or not, he was not afraid to confront evil…something Clinton didn’t have the balls to do. Now, I am no Bush apologist because frankly, he is soft on border security and illegal immigration, something I am extremely upset about.

    You see Diggy, I hate war just like you do. It breaks my heart to see women, children and innocent people dying in Iraq. But let me tell you something. I was in Somalia in 1993 and I remember as clear as day seeing 12 year old muslim boys walking the streets holding AK47s waiting to take lives. You have no idea what it is like outside your cozy little house in the suburbs do you? All the crap that we take for granted is not reality my friend. I don’t want to live like our friends in Israel do; having to worry about suicide bombers killing innocent people. I have two girls that I love with all my heart and if going to Iraq or wherever else on the globe to combat those terrorist bastards is going to make us secure here at home, I am all for it.

    oh, and $200 an hour for copy editing services is too high. I can get someone much cheaper on craigslist.

  21. Urban Conservative Says:

    And....mass graves are still being unearthed as we speak so whatever the true number really is continues to grow. Some are from recent months, but many have been found from an estimated 10-20 years ago (source: my brain...I heard this on the news a few months back...probably Fox!)


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