Mindless Fans: The Obama Camp Unleashes Weak Counter Strategy

August 12th, 2008 Billy Hallowell

Aside from being utterly hilarious, John McCain’s portrayal of Barack Obama as a left-wing celebrity who has traits and a following that are comparable to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears fetched an extraordinary amount of media coverage.  The campaign ad also nabbed the attention of one of its main characters: Paris Hilton.  She quickly released a “counter” ad, offering a fun-filled response to McCain’s banter; the video went viral, reaching well over five million viewers.

With so much attention being diverted from Obama, his campaign is desperately seeking publicity.  While he’s vacationing in Hawaii with his family, the campaign is working feverishly to chip away at John McCain’s credentials.  Instead of coming up with their own innovative counter-attack, his staff members are simply regurgitating McCain’s “celeb” routine.  Perplexed at the amount of media coverage McCain was able to garner and clearly annoyed with the “celebrity” taunts, the Obama campaign is shooting back:

In his new ad, Obama tries to turn the celebrity theme to his advantage, grafting it to his claim that a McCain presidency would amount to a third term for Bush. That claim has generated a defensive response from McCain. The new Obama ad shows McCain hugging Bush while the voiceover says, “as Washington embraced him, John McCain hugged right back.”

Aside from the fact that the “third-term” rant is getting old, the Obama campaign continues to mislead voters into believing that McCain agrees wholeheartedly with Bush’s polities.  The fact of the matter is that McCain differs greatly when considering a number of domestic and international policy issues.  Furthermore, wouldn’t it make sense that McCain would agree with Bush on some issues?  McCain and Bush are both Republicans, no?  Obama agrees with the boilerplate ultra-liberal selling points: universal healthcare, no offshore drilling, higher taxes for pretty much everyone — so why shouldn’t McCain share in some of the more conservative characteristics Republicans typically embrace?

Coincidently, it took the Obama campaign nearly two weeks to come up with a response to the McCain’s celebrity ad.  And now, the campaign is hoping to dupe its supporters into helping it reach its maniacal fundraising goals.  According to CNN’s Political Ticker,

Barack Obama’s campaign manager said Monday John McCain’s now-famous Paris Hilton/Britney Spears television ad wasn’t just insulting to the Illinois senator, but to his campaign’s legion of supporters as well … and in an e-mail to those supporters Monday, campaign manager David Plouffe is hoping a backlash from that television spot will push Obama over the two million individual donor mark by the party’s convention at the end of August — only six months after the campaign topped one million donors.

Aside from the fact that many supporters of Obama’s campaign (unfortunately members of my generation) are a bit Lemnistic in their inclinations that Obama is going to literally and figuratively save the planet, it is important to note the inherent weaknesses in the above statements.  First off, Obama’s campaign supporters may, indeed, respond by donating more money to push the campaign over its goal of two million individuals donors, but wouldn’t an infusion of campaign donations make Obama supporters look like Lemnings?  The campaign has apparently admitted that it is hoping that the “backlash from that television spot” will push it towards its fiscal goal.  Exploitation?  I think so.  And the campaign is actually admitting that it hopes to see supporters respond.

Secondly, I would think that a campaign that has reneged on its promise to accept the federal grant for general election spending would do everything in its power to not call attention to yet another flapjack.

Obama continues to act as though he is an anomaly — untouched by the corruption that is so vigorously wedded to the American political system.  Simply saying that one is a champion for “change” is ineffective.  Obama has yet to champion change; he simply uses the word to ignite a mistaken ideology that he differs from other Washington heavy-hitters.  Look at his record.  In 2004 he claimed that he did not have the experience to be the nation’s leader and today he is touring the country with an entirely different diatribe:

“You know, I am a believer in knowing what you are doing when you apply for a job, and I think that if I were to seriously consider running on a national ticket I would essentially have to start now, before having served a day in the Senate. Now there are some people that might be comfortable doing that, but I am not one of those people. ” - Barack Obama, November 2004

Don’t believe me about his politics as usual demeanor?  Read about his initial state Senate run in Illinois.  Obama’s campaign disqualified an incumbent and another potential candidate for office by invalidating signatories one by one.  Dirty, though legal, Chicago politics as usual.

Obama sees himself as some soft of pseudo-messiahic character who has come to change American politics forever.  But, simply reading his past political actions and his current contradictory statements shows that he is no different from the politicians he is consistently criticizing.  Maybe McCain’s right:

“Sen. Obama says that I’m running for a Bush’s third terms.  It seems to me he’s running for Jimmy Carter’s second.”


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  • stix1972
    Yes Obama would be Carter II, but probably worse.   He is so naive in foreign policy and the economy that it is not even funny.  
    He is a Chicago Politician and that should give pause to anyone that understands the Chicago Machine
  • Mark J. Goluskin
    Very good points. But, Sen. Messiah Barack also used his minions at the Chicago Tribune to pry into the SEALED divorce record of his Republican opponent for the senate, Jack Ryan. Once getting a judge to unseal the record, we find that he had some, well devient sexual predilictions. And, Ryan left the campaign. And the Illinois GOP turned to rabble-rouser Alan Keyes, who made Sen. Messiah Barack seem like a giant-killer. No, this man is dangerous because he is much more cunning than Jimmy Carter ever was.
  • Richard
    McCain intervened on behalf of Charles Keating after Keating gave McCain at least $112,00 in contributions. In the mid-1980s, McCain made at least 9 trips on Keating's airplanes, and 3 of those were to Keating's luxurious retreat in the Bahamas. McCain's wife and father-in-law also were the largest investors (at $350,000) in a Keating shopping center; the Phoenix New Times called it a "sweetheart deal."

    Any Comments

    They are both Pollitions, grow up.
  • stix1972
    Did you know he was aquitted of all chargesin the Keating fiasco, also the prosecutors felt bad they brought him into the whole thing. Read up on the history.
  • David W. Walters
    “Sen. Obama says that I’m running for a Bush’s third terms.  It seems to me he’s running for Jimmy Carter’s second.”
    Should have listened to Jimmy, might have a bit more fuel to run on.....
  • stix1972
    You are kidding me David right???

    If not there is no hope for you.
  • David W. Walters
    Well, Stix, just think of all the oil we could have saved, instead of allowing us be led into the current policy of buy more middle eastern oil.  (at any cost!)
  • simonesdad2008
    I love it.  Anyone who supports Barack is mindless.  Is that where we are at with this?  If Barack sat at the Olympics with Putin while he was invading Georgia, you cons would be in a tissy.  You would be saying he was weak on this or naive about that. You would be saying Cowboy McCain would have never let this happen on his watch.  Clearly Bush is on auto pilot in his final months as "president."  Imagine where we would be if Bush were pushing 80 years old.  BTW, I'm still predicting Father Time will pledge one term for 2 reasons.  One, it will be a last gasp gimmick when his campaign falls apart sometime in Oct.  Two, even HE knows he's too old to make it through two terms.  How many of you fake conservatives would support McCain 4 years from now when he's a spry 76.  If you can't see yourself doing that, why the hell are you trying to inflict him on us now?  Because you want to win the argument?  Lay down your bowties and come back in 4 years with someone who's not strapped to an oxygen machine.

    Only conservatives would think to make the wide and varied appeal of our president a negative.  We know Barack is coming up on 2 million donors.  How many donors has Old Man River mustered up?  This is an election people.  The point is to get as many people on your side as possible.  You can talk policy all you want but it's a simple choice.  Do you fundamentally want the past or the future?  America always boldly goes forward.  That's what makes us great.
  • stix1972
    No we would not.   If he left the Olympics, he would have embarrassed the Chinese.    And all the heads of State are in China now, so why leave.

    And what is wrong with McCain's age, I see it as not problem, and yes if he is elected he probably will only run once.

    No we think that haviong donations from Palestine, and various other countries that want to do us harm ios not good.

    And this is a race for the President, not American Idol.  it shold be all about policy, not who makes you feel a tingle up your leg when he speaks.  This is why this country is going to go to Hell in a hand basket.
    Too many people are watching Survivor, American Idol, and the various other idiotic shows instead of wanting to know what is really going on in the world.

    Enough of feeding the trolls.
  • simonesdad2008

    You managed to bookend your comments perfectly.  You start with deference to the Chinese and end with a lament about knowing what's going on the world.  Give me a link on the Palestinian donations.  It's illegal and if true, would be the end of Barack's campaign today.  Are you breaking news here?  Give us details.

    This race has never been about policy.  It's about the Electoral College.  It's about getting votes plain and simple.  Wishing for something else is just that, a wish.  One vote is one vote, whether you are a policy guru like the Stickman or not.  And as you fake conservatives like to say, if you don't like where this country is going, leave.  I hear Saudi Arabia is a pretty conservative place and just lovely in springtime.
  • David W. Walters
    Yeah, Billy......there does seem to be a sizable minority of people who see a need to stray from the "model" that has been set before us, you know, the one that has our national energy policy set by the oil companies.  Gee, that's really helped the average American.
    So go on and hate us for wanting change.
  • I'llTakeYourDollarsAndGiveYouC
    Expose Barack Obama's economic agenda with the definitive bumper sticker of the '08 political season:
    I'LL TAKE YOUR DOLLARS AND GIVE YOU CHANGE. www.obamatookmydollars.com.
  • Reaper
    simonesdad, if you think policy doesn't net votes, you're grossly underestimating America.  How do you think Bush won in 2004 with the most powerful negative publicity machine in history running against him?  How do you think Obama isn't the far-and-away front runner this election cycle? 

    I'll tell you:  most voters aren't liberal, and most voters are aware that in this two party system, no matter what a politician's views are, they'll likely tow the party line, so they vote with the party that most closely aligns with their own viewpoints. 

    David, I hope you don't think Obama will stray from the 30 year, non-partisan trend of capitulating to the oil companies.  Nothing short of a strong movement in Congress (you know, the one Nancy Pelosi just blocked earlier this month) will change our government's relationship with big oil.
  • simonesdad2008
    Electoral College, Reap.  Bush v. Gore 2000.  Zero to do with policy or even net votes.  Everything to do with the Electoral College.  I give America a pass for re-electing Bush in 2004.  We needed a force of nature candidate to unseat an incumbent president in war time.  Kerry was not up to that task at that time.  Democrats in general and Barack specifically have not forgotten 2000.  We want as many people as possible to vote.  That is no secret and that undeniably favors Barack.  If you want to go study up on policy, that's fine.  There are always going to be a significant amount of people who will vote down party lines regardless of policy.  Even if, as you assert, most voters are conservative, all that really matters is voter turnout.  We all know and statistics back it up, that there are more registered Democrats than Republicans.  I want my man in the White House calling the shots and that starts with winning the election.  I've stood by and watched W run my country into the ground.  Only a few head in the sand loyalists can say anything differently.  It's our turn now.  I'll let Toe and David Walters debate policy with you fake conservatives.  They are excellent.  I'm a big picture type.  The damage done over the last 8 years starts getting undone with Barack in charge.
  • stix1972
    It is nice to know that Obama supporters have no clue.  Just great for this country.  So they can follow OPbama's footsteps in not having aclue on Foreign Policy or Economics.  

    Really says a lot about the Obamabots.
  • stix1972
    Sorry Obama.  

    So you actually think it is good that the people that vote do not know anything about policy?????  And that is a good thing????
  • simonesdad2008
    I'm not saying it is good or bad.  I'm saying that is the reality.  You can live in your hypothetical world.  Hypothetically the person with the most votes, wins.  That's not the reality as 2000 showed us.  If more people agree with McCain, if more people like McCain, if more people think McCain is the so called lesser of two evils, that's great but it means zero if more people vote for Barack.   Here in the real world I want as many voters voting for Barack as possible.  I don't want anything left to chance.  I want a landslide.  It is the candidate's job to get elected, period.  The voters only requirement is to vote.  There is no policy test before you go in the booth.  Sure it would be great if everyone was up on the issues but that's not what we are dealing with here.
  • stix1972
    Here is a little about the Palestinian donations to the One
  • toe
    just once, "stix" - i dare you to actually come up with anything factual... you (and others here) spew acid about obama and display a dreadful fear of of learning...  not once have i seen you or anyone with your same mind set (including our uninformed host here who continues to parrot wrong information concerning obama's positions, past, and platforms) state any logical objection or proven factual item to explain your irrational attitude and posts that are not just loose with the facts, many items in these blogs are outright lies.  why do you do this? there are a number of probable reasons-  there's a saying among prospectors: "Go out looking for one thing, and that's all you'll ever find." (~Robert Flaherty).  did you happen to listen to thom hartmann today?... yesterday?...ever? how about greg palast? read anything by greg?  do you have any idea what "voter caging" is?
    let me help you out a little: http://www.gregpalast.com/raging-caging-what-the-heck-is-vote-caging-and-why-should-we-care/
    when is the last time you sat and listened to rachael maddow?  have you ever read anything other than right wing blogs that support your point of view?
    i live in an area that does not get much in the way of radio reception because of the mountains. i have a radio my work area where i do my sculpting daily- it picks up conservative talk radio quite well- so i am very familiar with the many absurdities there (like today, when your boy, rush, who is apoplectic over the "gang of ten"  said, "they (the gang of ten) think that americans want them to work together in congress- we don't want that!!"  and hannity with his "stop the obama express"  -the utter jealousy he has for obama is amusing. 
    tell me, "stix"- what is it exactly that you fear?  which specific thing is it that makes you find it a logical choice to select a bumbling old man who cannot recall words he spoke only days before,  and who's foreign policy is "shoot first and ask questions later"?  mc cain lives in a world that moved on without him.  he does not realize that if you say something in public, there is a pretty good chance that it will be on you tube by the end of the day.  his own words betray him...over and over...and over again. he is inept and  uninformed on both foreign policy matters and economic matters.  he has anger issues that have never been addressed.  (contrast this with alone obama.!) 
     you people have the gall to call obama an "elitist" - while mc cain owns 8 homes, wears $500 loafers, his wife spends three quarters of a MILLION dollars in one afternoon on a little personal shopping, and dart about in their own private jet.  now, mr. "stix",  just who is what here? 
    wake up,  the coffee is ready.
  • MReynolds
    Couldn't agree more about the "Third Term" drivel, boring boring boring.  All this bluster about donations seems sort of moot.  I can't imagine the Obamabots digging much deeper, and if they do, so what?  They're unimaginative lemmings that couldn't top the "Celebrity" ad anyway.
  • toe
    you obviously have not seen obama's newest ads now playing in indiana.
    it's nice to see obama's campaign taking the gloves off. 

    as far as the third term is concerned, mc cain has voted with bush over 90% of the time... he tossed aside  his so-called "maverick" name long ago by going back on his own immigration bill, tax cuts for the wealthy,  countless bills relating to the troops, among others...(those that he even bothered to show up for the vote)

    and ... republicans are so NOT excited about mc cain, and NOT wishing to be associated with their current representative in the white house or their own convention, last count i heard was 13 republican senators have stated that they will NOT even attend the minneapolis event.

    tickets for obama's speech in the stadium in denver were gone in less than 24 hours.  over 70,000.
  • BlackNationalist
    Taking the gloves off? or breaking his promise? He hasn't been elected yet and he is already going back on his word.
    And Obama's voting record is one of, if not the most liberal in congress. How exactly will that unite America like he claims? 90%, to be honest that is pretty impressive. How often does Obama vote with party lines?  100%?
    The republicans are excited about anything that could keep Obama out of the whitehouse. Going to the convention is pretty much assumed so not going will not be a great way of distancing themselves, there are how many thousands of people at a convention? I'd consider going to the convention but unlike most democrats I have otherthings to do besides sit on my ass.
    Obamas tickets were bought up in bulk so 14 year old dems can beg their parents for a couple bucks so they can feel trendy.
  • Reaper
    toe, just because you don't believe a piece of information doesn't negate it as a fact.  From where I'm sitting, in fact, you vomit up the same rhetoric with McCain that you decry us for using against Obama. 

    The facts about Obama are simple: he's hard left liberal; he's flipped on a great deal of issues between the primaries and now so as to appeal to a wider audience (you know, normal politician stuff.  So much for "a new kind of politics"); he's got some very questionable connections -- not just lobby whore connections, either.  Anti-American connections. 

    Someone like me has two choices: we can not vote for him because of all that stuff, or we can not vote for him due to the relative assurance that he'll be as liberal a president as he was in the primaries. 

    And here's your response:

    You conservatives are all th same.  Your vote is AGAINST Obama.  Why don't have any passion for your own candidate?  Why does Father Time offer so little that you always have to vote against Obama, not for McCain?  You evil warmongering conservative pricks are all the same -- resorting to pathetic name calling and distortion of facts to further your claims.  You're all idiots, and you make me sick.
  • toe
    taking the gloves off does not mean sitting in the dirt with mc cain or his keepers (who HAVE gone against mc cain's statement that this would be a clean campaign on the issues)..  obama does not resort to the slime and slander, lies and innuendo displayed by your sorry self and others. obama  is hitting hard on actual FACTUAL issues. 
    obama is not kerry-  you have seen this and it scares you stupid because you have not a leg to stand upon and have not put up a viable candidate worth a toot but rather a stumbling, bumbling old man who has proven again and again that he is not competent for the job. i rather hope mc cain does pick romney (who made his money buying up businesses- throwing out the pre-existing employees, and paying lesser wages to the new and re-hires... romney, who  wants to "quadruple the size of gitmo"...nice guy) or lieberman- the elmer fudd of political speaking and the benedict arnold of the democratic party.  you can have him. 
    finally, i hate to break it to you but, 14 year olds don't vote.
  • toe

    there is not one iota of truth or honesty in your post - everything that i have said regarding mc cain is well documented.  pick one and look it up.  
    it's common for any candidate to move towards the center after the primary process.  your comment regarding this shows your limited knowledge.  
    before hiking up your pants and running off at the mouth you might really investigate that noise that you parrot regarding this "most liberal" obama...
  • toe
    this is in several parts on youtube..but you can watch it uninterrupted here:

    corsi=slime and slander merchant.
  • Reaper
    Toe, might you point me to the time I said he'd be the most anything? 

    I have a hard time believing you when your ability to parse words seems to be so limited.  But I'll bite: you would do well to think more critically of Obama as well.  He factually has anti-American connections.  He has factually flipped on issues. 

    I'll agree that Obama's campaign isn't as negative as McCain's.  Obama is focusing on injecting the words hope, change and "a new kind of politics" into his speeches.  He's busy telling people to inflate their tires rather than securing our near and long term energy future.  He's busy campaigning for the presidency in Europe.  Hell, he's got to have a team of researchers formulating his political positions around the audiences he's going to have.  He didn't define pander, but he's certainly brought new life to the term. 

    Oh, but I forgot.  I'm completely wrong on every front and you're right.  Terribly sorry.  I'll change my mind now.
  • mike
    Every time I see him speak on TV or hear his voice, going on and on about Change and Washington and that he's got a funny name or even commenting on Georgia/Russia, I just say to myself this guy should just be quiet.  He hasn't earned any respect with me, he is totally anti-american (flag pin, bitter, Wright, etc) and he represents everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party, which is Reid, Pelosi, Durbin, Casey, Murtha, etc. 

    I mean what exactly is the Democratic Platform?  Don;t work to hard or we'll tax you more, don't strive to be the best you can be, get lazy, get complacent, don't discipline your children, keep them educated under government education,  be a slug and trash your country, because someone else will take care of you and your kids.  We'll  pay for your healthcare, "educate" your children, give you a retirement (Social Security) and give you a job when you're too ignorant and mindless to do sometihng for yourself.  Gee, what a great platform!
  • stix1972
    Wow Toe I must have hit a chord with you.   You can look up everything that I said and it is fact, not the talking points you get form the Obama campaign.   And yes I listen to Rush, Hannity and other conservative radio shows, but I do not get talking points or anything from them.  I have a brain and think for myself.  They might agree with me or have the same opinions at times, but I get my owns news and own thoughts.   I do not hold water for anyone but myself, McCain, Rush, Hannity, or any of the Cansrvative Talk show hosts.   Omst are bloviating fools.  

    Enough of feeding the trolls.  It is like talking to a parrot, just regurgitating the Talking points form the Obama Campaign.
  • Chris
    Hey Toe, do us a favor and stop spitting out the same crap that comes from the huffingtonpost. Obama's solution to everything is put it under government control, which will just make a further mess of things. I'd like to be able to make decisions for myself, not let the government decide what's best for me. A "one size fits all" approach is a horrible strategy, yet the Dems seem rather happy to keep using it.
  • Jarrodm
    I just realized something. Toe, you make a very good point, that Conservatives are not all fuzzy about McCain. That is because we have a brain, and we can see that there are things about McCain that we don't like, or things that we disagree with him on. Unlike you who has her head stuck so far up Barracks ass, that you can't possible see the truth.

    I have plenty of things that I can say that I don't like about McCain; I don't have to be a devout kool-aid drinker to vote for him. I just have to realize that given the choices, I'm sure the hell not going to vote for Barrack, but given a better choice them McCain, he would not get my vote either.
    So I’m confused, should I be mindless like you and completely dedicated to my candidate, or should I use my own brain, and realize that he is a flawed man. That he is not perfect, but at least he is not going to turn us over to socialism.
  • simonesdad2008
    Jarrod it is the same net result.  You seem to think your vote has some extra value because you "know" so much.  Whether you are totally in love with Father Time or not, he has your vote.  That is all he cares about.  That's all any candidate cares about.  You romanticize democracy.  So you and the so called kool aid drinkers are identical in that you ignore the negatives and cast your vote.  And what is wrong with liking your candidate?  What's wrong with having some enthusiasm?  I'm sure you voted for Bush twice.  I'm willing to bet you did so with great enthusiasm in 2000.  Probably not so much in '04 but he got your vote just the same.  That's all that mattered at the end of the day.
  • toe
    will there ever be a time when conservatives can understand that they speak out of both sides of their mouths??
    when it comes to "keeping government out of our lives" conservatives have no problem with wanting to enact laws: that allow the government to snoop, wiretap, and snatch and grab american citizens of america and declared an "enemy combatant" without due process,
    you want government out of your life, but cannot stop yourselves from wanting to legislate against gay and lesbian couples.
    you cannot get a ladder high enough to proclaim how "moral" you are, yet, time and time again, conservatives who have made the most noise on this are found to be unfaithful to their wives, playing with children, and taking kickbacks to name a few.
    conservatives are the first in line to vote for the death penalty while you claim human life is "sacred".  
    i don't care how wonderful you claim you are- until you can actually live the words you preach, your words are meaningless.
  • Jarrodm
        I'm not sure what your point is, other then your upset because I just showed that Conservatives on this board do think, and this is evidenced by the fact that we are willing to say when we disagree with McCain, and that we don't hold him up and whorship him as perfect.
       As always a lot of talk and not substance. How about some evidence that the US spied on an American citzen (That was not a suspect) and dragged him off to Gitmo with no evidence. You show me some proff of this and I will be the first one to get up in protest about it.
       I have never gotten on any high horse and claimed that all conservatives hold some moral high ground. Their are plenty of conservatives that have done very un moral things.  But you do have to admit that it is funny that as much as you all hate Bush you can't seem to find a way to impeach him for made up war crimes, yet it took not much effort to impeach bush for not being able to keep it in his pants.
      I don't think that it is so much that Conservatives believe that all life is sacred, I think that it is all inocent life is sacred. Mass murders hardly count as inoccent life. I have no problem with the concept of an eye for an eye. I do how ever believe that we need to redo our Justice system, because I do believe that to many people are behind bars that don't belong their, and to many people that should be their have walked free.
      No one is asking for legislation against Gay's and Lesbians Toe. We are just asking for "marriage to reamina between a man and a woman"
  • stix1972
    Really, I want to know one American citizen that was wiretapped and brought off to GITMO or anyother detention center.   Really where do you get this crap from.  The wiretaps are of foreign terrorists talking to terrorists in the US.  If you are not a terrorists, then you have no problem. They do not care what you and I are talking about with our friends unless those friends are known terrorists. 
    Hell, they knew about Ata during Clinton's administration, but couldn't do anything about it because that wall that Gorelic put up between the FBI and CIA.   So are you going to say the same things you are saying about Bush and Cheney about Clinton, beacuse he had warrantless wiretaps also.  So get off the "high horse".

    I could care less what gays and lesbians do in their own houses.  To each thier own.  But do not force you lifestyle down out throats.

    Yes there are many conservatives that are unfaithful and are morally corupt, but when they are found out they are thrown under the bus, ala Obama's grandma and Rev. Wright, but to the Dems that is just a resume builder.
  • Jarrodm
    a resume builder LMFAO I have to remember that one Stix.
  • simonesdad2008
    So you actually thought about it before you decided to inflict George Bush, who you presumably liked, on this country, twice?  Now you want to do more damage with a candidate you don't like?  Yeah, you guys are soooo smart.

    Here's a real resume builder:

    And I want to see you tear apart Colin Powell when he endorses Barack.
  • Jarrodm

       I don't care who you, Powell, or Toe vote for. I just care about the truth. That was a very good link thanks for it. You people just don't get it do it.

    I relize that not everyone is going to agree on who is going to make the better president. I'm never going to tell anyone who they have to vote for. But I sure as heck want to make sure that I have the facts of both sides, not just lies and opinions. 

       Yes I voted for Bush, and I would do it again right now. Again is he perfect no, but I believe that history will show that he has lead us through some very hard and difficult times, times that are only going to continue untill we get serious on fighting extermist, and terrioist. My fear is that some day we will turn are back on the rest of the world, and that is the day that evil will set in and we will be to late to stop it. Just like Britan and Eruope ignored Hitler, and with out the US would have never been stopped. Who is going to stop these extrimist if we turn our back?
  • The College Politico
    Who would've thought that McCain would be the one with a sense of humor in this race?
  • ML Smith
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    I typed in my inquiry and waited. Within a minute, a reply appeared.
    “Hello. I am Rakmaan. Are you ready to begin?”
    “Yes, I am ready,” I lied, fully prepared for the inevitable rip-off.
    “Good. Do you wish to charge this to your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card?”
    “Visa, but how much do you charge?”
    “The initial fee is $49.95 for the first 15 minutes.”
    Reluctantly, I gave him the Visa card number and waited, thinking that Rakmaan was a strange name for a Medium. I assumed this Medium was female. Rakmaan - a woman? Times are ‘a changin.’
    “Alright,” she replied, “your card is fine. I am now looking into my crystal ball. I see…wait…ah, there is a large meeting, a press conference…very unusual. George Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, John McCain, Dick Cheney…they are all there. The public has demanded this. They want answers. It is not a debate. The politicians have agreed to work together. Wait…the President is speaking...I cannot make the words out clearly, but it is something about making the world safe for democracy and freedom. Oh! Hillary Clinton is standing. She is angry. I hear her clearly now…she says...
    ‘George, don’t you have anything new to say? We are all sick and tired of that line. At least I have a plan!’
    Wait…wait…now Obama is standing. He says...
    ‘I don’t have a plan yet, but I will have one someday.’
    "Wait…oh, this is shocking…I cannot believe…”
    “Rakmaan, are you still there?”
    “Yes. I can see clearly now. They have Pinocchio noses. I have never seen this. Wait…Bill Clinton is speaking...
    ‘This isn’t a soap box derby, Obama. Shut up.’
    "There is a great deal of turmoil. Do you have a question?”
    “Yes. Can you make a copy of this?”
    It was a ridiculous question, but if she could, I would make millions. Sure, the tape would be bogus, and any expert could expose it as a hoax. Even so, it would sell. Pinocchio noses?
    “Yes, I have USB ports on my crystal ball. Often, my clients wish to have copies. Sometimes the copies are hazy, but this one would be vivid. Oh…oh! Monit souris! Bill Clinton has just punched Obama. His Pinocchio nose is bent. All of the great leaders and politicians are fighting."
    "Rakmaan, are you recording this?”
    While I waited for her reply, I wondered about those words she used, "Monit souris." The last time I heard them, I was just a lad, maybe 12 or 13. My mother said it when the soup boiled over. The words were Yiddish, a colloquialism for "Big trouble." Rakmaan spoke Yiddish?
    She came back on-line.
    “Yes, I am recording. However, there will be an additional charge for the copy.”
    “How much?” I typed in frantically.
    “Wait...I see that order has been restored. No one is seriously injured. Oh, I am sorry. I forgot about your question. Give me a minute to calculate the charges.”
    I waited, questionning how she could produce this copy. An editor could cut and paste something together. I could sell it to Saturday Night Live or Mad TV. The reply arrived.
    “Well, your initial fee is $49.95. Since we went beyond 15 minutes, the extra charge is calculated at $20 per minute. We had 14 additional minutes, so that’s another $280. The total is $329.95.”
    I had been taken for a $329 taxi ride.
    "Now, the copy…well…I can provide it in color or black and white. Color is $8736. 95. How do wish to pay for this - credit card, certified bank check or money order?”
    “How about food stamps?” I asked.
    If I bought the copy, I would need them. I signed off. The price for stupidity is costly these days - roughly the same as next year’s price for a gallon of gasoline. ¨
  • Jesmi
    Thank you for bringing such nice posts. Your blog is always fascinating to read.
  • ML Smith
    Something is missing in all of this. Foreign policy aside, it seems that as a nation we have lost our way. That, fellow bloggers, is vey sad indeed. At the risk of being perceived as another wimpy liberal, we have forgotten where we came from.

    America the Beautiful

    I know the amber waves of grain exist, but they are far, far away...in a land still untarnished by progress, the thing we cherish most even if it comes at the expense of beauty.

    The earliest settlers of our nation did not come simply to escape the hopelessness of oppression. They came because they had heard of a land almost too beautiful to imagine, a land of unlimited resources and opportunity. Despite the hardships that accompanied settlement in an uncharted land, they did something so monumental that schoolbooks cannot find the words to describe the miracle - they forged a new nation. The books our children read speak of farming, logging, trapping and a myriad of other endeavors requiring men and women to reach within for every ounce of will, sweat and toil. Sadly, they overlook an astounding miracle of creation. Imagine it for a moment. America. There can be no comparisons; the miracle is as unique as it is astonishing. It has never been duplicated...at any time, anywhere. From the heart and soul of man's imagination, a nation was created, forged in the image of dreamers; people willing to brave staggering adversity. America! A nation where a man could worship without fear. America! A nation where a poor man could become wealthy...a nation that allowed a man to speak his mind freely. Yes, America, new home of the brave and land of the free...a land of amber waves of grain and purple mountain’s majesty, a land that offered the impoverished and the disenchanted a fresh start.

    July 4th celebrations can never do justice to the miracle. On that memorable day in 1776, a brash and determined population of colonists had the audacity to declare this nation's independence from tyranny. The events that led to that momentous declaration have been forgotten by many, but I remember them as if they happened yesterday. Why? My answer is simple - I can write this, and you can read it; without fear of that dreaded knock that has become engraved in history’s dark catalogue of oppression and terror.

    The British believed that they could win a war by invading, pillaging and plundering everything that the people of this land had worked and died to create, a land that men of wisdom and foresight would ultimately protect with concise, powerful and beautifully written words. The words are still embedded in our culture, as they were intended. We know the words, but we have lost sight of the message. The result is painful to contemplate, for the “shoe is on the other foot,” and that foot is now too small for the shoe. The metaphor may seem oblique, but we are repeating the mistakes of our oppressors.

    History proofs the equation; the futility of Britain’s attempt to invade. With more than ten times the military might and weaponry, they failed miserably. One might wonder how this was possible. There is no mystery to it - try to invade a man’s home and you will understand. Sadly, we have forgotten and no longer comprehend the power of belief; the awesome might of heart that causes people to defend the very values their predecessors sacrificed their lives to protect. Within that memory lapse lays the beast, for we selfishly assume that only our values are inalienable. The British made the same mistake and we drove them out with their tails between their legs. Hitler assumed and lost for the same reason. We assumed and paid dearly in Vietnam, but we are poor historians. The assumption has become reality again, as we invade, pillage and plunder just as His Majesty’s army attempted three centuries earlier.

    Iraq may not have amber waves of grain or purple mountain’s majesty, but it has its own beauty, even though we are unable to recognize it. In the midst of its own civil war, the people of Iraq will eventually prevail, and until they do, sufficient reserves of belief in their values will protect them from the “Redcoats.”

    “Adding blue and white does not make might right.” (ML Smith, 08-25-2008)

    Our miracle has been tarnished. We are now the invaders, attempting to mold the world in our image. This might be welcomed if the image was consistent with that of others, but telltale signs to the contrary are everywhere. Take a close look, while you hold your breath, and you will see the signs on the New Jersey Turnpike as you pass through Elizabeth and Rahway. Miles of refineries pour out their poisonous stench from endless rows of smokestacks. Clearly, this was not what the early settlers of this country envisioned. But then they could never have imagined how important it would be to produce gasoline, a substance to which we are hopelessly addicted. Our dependence on internal combustion blinds us to alternatives that already exist, yet we continue to pay a high price for our unwillingness to change. Our freedom to drive gasoline guzzling automobiles enslaves us to tyrants who dine on caviar and pay billions for thoroughbred racehorses and arms that we willingly sell to them.

    Whether we admit it or not, we have already invaded a land divided. We find it convenient to think of Iraq as a nation, but this is not reality. Iraq is a state, as is Iran, Dubai, and all of the imagined separated states that comprise the Middle East. Call it whatever you choose, but understand one thing; our invasion of Iraq is in fact an invasion of a nation that will fight to the death to protect what they "believe" they rightfully own.

    Would Washington, D.C. look the other way if Iran invaded Connecticut? As a nation under our Gods, we worship consumption and we ignore the fact that our gasoline is refined from oil owned by a culture enraged; a culture compelled to protect, defend and attack if provoked.

    People do not blow themselves to bits for no reason. As a nation, we have refused to question the reason. There is more to terrorism than the act itself. The behavior is sick and as such it is a symptom. When, I ask, do we attempt to cure the disease instead of attacking the symptoms? The disease may be terminal.

    We have always been a nation of miracles. It is time...once again. §
  • toe
    "Stix"  with regards to your post #35  -  James Yee.  Read all about it.  It was in all the papers.  Where were you?


     "Stix"... you are in serious denial.  Your narrow focus does not allow you to have a grasp of what has happened during this administration.
  • David W. Walters
    Stix thinks Obama is naive with respect to foreign affairs, yet McCain thought Iraq would be a cake-walk .......yeah, "serious denial Toe.