The Media’s Complicity: Analysis of ACORN Coverage

October 21st, 2009 Billy Hallowell

( The mainstream media were complicit in their coverage of the ACORN scandal. Their behavior was and continues to be an insult to democracy and journalistic responsibility as the Fourth Estate has ignored facts, engaged in one-sided sourcing, and avoided basic and inherently important journalistic questioning.

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First, there was avoidance. Some media outlets simply ignored the story. On Sept. 15, five days after the Maryland tape was released, ABC’s Charlie Gibson said, “I don’t even know about it… so you’ve got me at a loss” and said that the story might be “just one you leave to the cables.” But, Gibson was not alone in his lack of knowledge. The New York Times did not cover the story for nearly a week. On Sept. 26, Clark Hoyt, The Times’ Public Editor, acknowledged the paper’s tardiness, but insinuated that the story was lacking in facts:

But for days, as more videos were posted and government authorities rushed to distance themselves from Acorn, The Times stood still.  Some stories, lacking facts, never catch fire…But others do, and a newspaper like The Times needs to be alert to them or wind up looking clueless or, worse, partisan itself. 


Then, there were cases of gratuitously sloppy journalism.  Some of the outlets that did cover the story simply skipped over basic interview questions. In several instances, Bertha Lewis made the false claim that the filmmakers were turned away in “dozens of cities.” In a CNN interview with Rick Sanchez, Lewis said, “…the filmmakers went to dozens of offices. They were turned away.” In a more flagrant example of corroborating untruths, Lewis reiterated her “dozens” on MSNBC, stating, “…They were thrown out of dozens of offices. And, in fact, in Philadelphia, we called the police, filed a police report.”

Similarly, Wolf Blitzer, failed to adequately question Lewis. While on his show, Lewis made the following statement: “This sort of notorious crew went around to dozens of our offices. What you don’t see are the offices that threw them out offices that filed police complaints.”

The lack of depth of these interviews with Lewis has been egregious. Upon hearing of the “dozens,” even the most unseasoned journalist would know to ask, “What were the cities where filmmakers were thrown out?” And, what about the police reports (plural) that were filed by multiple “offices”? Like Sanchez’s treatment of the “dozens,” Blitzer failed to ask for a list of cities that took such action. Lewis was granted a free pass, as no probing questions were asked about the issues in question.

On Sept. 12, just two days after the Maryland tape was made public, Lewis released a statement on ACORN’s Web site, writing, “This recent scam, which was attempted in San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia to name a few places, had failed for months before the results we’ve all recently seen.”

Following subsequent video releases, New York and San Diego were dropped from ACORN’s list of cities where the filmmakers were allegedly “turned away” and the aforementioned statement was removed from ACORN’s Web site, thus erasing evidence of inconsistency.  Big Government copied her statement and posted it in it’s entirety at the time of it’s release (notice the broken link to the ACORN website in the Big Government post). This change can also be viewed in a story published on Sept. 17 byThe Washington Post. According to the Post, “An ACORN spokesman said they were turned away in Miami, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, where workers called police and filed a report.”  Notice the missing cities.

Where were the media to catch this glaring glitch in ACORN’s own reporting? The answer: Nowhere to be found. And, it was on the same day (Sept. 17), that Lewis appeared on MSNBC to discuss the fact that “dozens” of cities turned the filmmakers away.

And who could forget the glaring corrections that were issued by The Associated Press and The Washington Post. Both the AP and the Post published stories that attributed an incorrect, racially-driven motive for O’Keefe’s decision to conduct the ACORN investigation . Fortunately, the outlets were forced to correct their journalistic faux pas. Here is the Post’s correction:

A Sept. 18 Page One article about the community organizing group ACORN incorrectly said that a conservative journalist targeted the organization for hidden-camera videos partly because its voter-registration drives bring Latinos and African Americans to the polls. Although ACORN registers people mostly from those groups, the maker of the videos, James E. O’Keefe, did not specifically mention them.


Despite the fact that Bertha Lewis’ credibility had been completely compromised on September 14th with with the release of the New York ACORN investigation (not to mention the San Diego videos released on Sept. 17), she was granted a forum with The National Press Club on Oct. 6; the conference was broadcast on C-SPAN. In that presser, Lewis used the debunked information from the Associated Pressand Washington Post articles that had since been correctedYes, the NPC gave her a platform to continue touting untruths that were previously purveyed by the supine media. She said, “O’Keefe, himself, told The Washington Post, ‘They’re registering too many minorities. They usually vote Democratic. Somebody’s got to stop them’…”

Perhaps the most perplexing media coverage – or lack thereof – surrounds a video that ACORN Housing’s Philadelphia office released back in September. On Sept. 16, a YouTube account was created and on Sept. 17, a video featuring Philadelphia Office Director Katherine Conway Russell was released.The video, which is intended to respond to O’Keefe and Giles while defending the Philadelphia office’s handling of the filmmakers went largely unnoticed by the mainstream media.

In the video, Russell describes a July meeting with O’Keefe and Giles and uses a police report filed after the filmmakers left the office as evidence that the Philadelphia office was taken aback by the prostitution story line. Aside from the fact that the series of events that lead up to the police filing described in the video lead to more questions, the police report itself does not mention anything about discussion content; the report merely claims that O’Keefe was responsible for a verbal “disturbance.”

While the media vastly ignored this important video, many outlets did delve into the police report. According to The Washington Post, “ACORN emailed a copy of a Philadelphia police report dated July 24 to The Post to verify its account that police were called and the couple was shown the door.” And concerning the Philadelphia office’s involvement, WPVI Philadelphia wrote, “…by every account, the Philadelphia office is not part of the problem.” And, WBUR-FM wrote, “…in ACORN Housing’s North Philadelphia office, the scene is far from the one seen in the videos, which were made by a conservative activist”

Here, the media takes sides without interviewing or speaking with O’Keefe and Giles. Aside from the issue of ignoring ACORN’s own video, such selective sourcing is disturbing. Nowhere in the police report is ACORN’s rejection of any subject matter mentioned, therefore the report, in itself, does not prove wholeheartedly what ACORN’s officials in that city have said.

And finally: The insinuation that the videos were creatively edited was repeated in a plethora of mainstream news media. In an opinion piece for True/Slant, Allison Kilkenny wrote,

The videos are edited very creatively — if I’m being generous — to show only the ACORN employees who engaged in shady behavior, and not the dozens of other ACORN offices from which O’Keefe and Company were ejected, and in a few cases, ACORN employees called the police on the duo.


Aside from the fact that the videos weren’t edited in any way to deceive the viewers, that dozens of offices did not dispel O’Keefe and Giles, and only one office has come forward with a report, entire audio and transcript versions of the investigations are available on, right at the top of the homepage. This falsehood (that full versions are not available) has been repeated by Lewis herself on CNN and in other mainstream outlets (and, surprise, virtually no journalist has corrected her).

The ACORN story has, once again, shown the media’s inability to fulfill its duties. The media should adequately inform the public while asking the questions needed to provide a full and robust picture of what is occurring. ACORN coverage has been biased, incomplete, and sloppily mishandled. Let’s hope the aforementioned examples help to set the record straight.

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  • JackieM
    I was watching some of O'Reilly tonight and agree with them that desipite obama's promises to the American people on "repairing" relations with other countries, he has failed miserably as he has on everything else. The Middle East doesn't give a damn about his smooth talking and rhetoric. Achmed and his supporters are laughing and spitting in our faces right now! They can't hate obama as much as they think he is a joke! I can't blame them. I think he is a joke too!

    This "jobs" summit is just another way to avoid dealing with the problem. He is an idiot and has no clue about business and doesn't give a damn about the people of America! He is taking care of his kids and wife and they are living it up on the taxpayers' expense so he has nothing to lose.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    I re-read your post. Are you suggesting that I'm just another born again bullshit artist? Have you forgotten that I signed on to your idea in a heartbeat? Did you really read my post or have you already discounted my reality? Did you think I was just blowing a fart in the wind when I said I would sacrifice my promotion for a cause we both share? I'll make you a wager. If I back down on my pledge, I will give up sex for for the rest of my life. If I keep my word, (it's the only thing I have right now) you must sacrifice your right to fart as you please for the rest of your life.
    That seems abundantly fair, don't you think?
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    I get the message loud and clear. If you read what I said closely, that is exactly what I meant. Anybody can think a good game. Anybody can talk a good game. All of it means nothing without action. And another thing - I am not "anybody." I think you know that and perhaps that is why we have become friends. You are not "anybody" either.

    Ack, I'm not disagreeing. Thought and talk are cheap. But my action must begin with God. Without him, I am nothing.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ahmed’s Parakeets

    Flight #591 to Minneapolis/St. Paul was scheduled for departure at 10:30 am. Boarding began at 10:00 and stopped at 10:05. The gate area at LaGuardia was crowded with overheated, impatient travelers. I was one of them, but I had developed immunity to the emotional effects of these delays. I simply allow myself to slip into a semi-comatose state I privately refer to as "airport limbo." It works. I remain aware of my surroundings and the accompanying activity, but there is no discomfort. The feeling is akin to having a tooth pulled on nitrous.

    “What the hell is the problem?” a man standing behind me griped. His outburst set off a chain reaction among the crowd.
    “It's the same damn thing every time I fly. Waiting to wait,” a middle aged woman wearing a safari hat chimed in.
    “You'd think they’d know how to load a plane without all the drama,” I heard someone say at the back of the line.
    “Nah,” the businessman in the pin-striped suit disagreed, “it's the merger. They still haven't figured out who they are yet, Delta or Northwest.”

    That was probably true, because the gate agent had announced the flight as Delta flight 591 initially, and then as Northwest flight 591 a few minutes later. This wasn't the only irregularity. I had never seen an angry gate agent before - airline personnel were always pleasant and accommodating, but not today. This one, a heavy set woman with burnt orange hair and sky blue eyes (she must have been hired because of those eyes) glared at the madding crowd and barked at anyone foolish enough to approach her with questions. Maybe she hadn't been paid yet, I thought. The accounting systems for the two airlines must have meshed like unsynchronized gears. The absence of paychecks invariably degrade employee performance. It couldn't possibly help if they didn't know who they were working for, either. My boarding pass reflected that uncertainty - in the space where “Northwest” or “Delta” should have appeared, the letters “TSA” were stamped. “TSA” - what did that mean? “The Same Airline?”

    The gate agent was on the phone, bellowing into the mouthpiece.

    “A cardboard box? Taped at the top? Get him off the plane right now!”

    Nerve music - the sound of 200 people gasping in horror can mess with your head. So can the words “cardboard box taped at the top.” My “limbo” disappeared like a magician's rabbit. No one said the dreaded word, but I knew there wasn't a person on that line that didn't think “it.” Air travel and carry-on cardboard boxes are not compatible these days. People were stepping off; walking away when it was obvious they wanted to run. Apparently this was not where they wanted to wait, or perhaps they had already concluded that they would gladly pay the $50 surcharge for a change to another flight. The “cardboard box” syndrome would generate some extra revenue for “TSA” - maybe enough to pay the gate agent, but she didn't appear to be any happier when the crowd vanished. I guessed that even a small throng of people displeased her. Typically, my mental imagination program, which had to have been written by a lunatic, kicked in. What would she do if she had an AK-47 stashed under the counter?

    This kind of thinking started when I was a kid. My parents were understandably worried and sent me to a psychiatrist. Instinctively, I knew he was an asshole, but my parents had him pegged as a clinical mastermind when he quickly diagnosed me as hyperactive and prescribed Ritalin. It didn’t help, but they believed it did. The man was a genius. He cured me. They never knew that I solved the problem on my own; I simply concluded that verbalizing my thoughts was a bad idea. I think I was twelve when I learned to keep my mouth shut, but nothing upstairs changed. What can I say? I have a mild thinking disorder. Truthfully, I like it most of the time. Boredom is never a problem for me.

    I hadn't forgotten the resolute comments of travelers after 9/11. “We're not going to alter our lifestyles for a bunch of terrorists,” they said. Predictably, Bush backed them up with ridiculous statements about “American” human nature, which is apparently different than store brand human nature.

    “We will not be intimidated,” he said, and I recall trying to calculate the value in dollars of those five idiotic words. Closet cynic that I’ve always been, I imagined each of the major airline CEO’s slipping brown envelopes to George. At $10,000 a word, it would be a nifty bonus for the Executive in Chief. Few men of such limited intellectual capacity got paid that kind of money for five common words - but then again, George had uttered one word that contained five syllables; a rather spectacular achievement on his part, I thought.

    My little reverie was interrupted by the scene unfolding at the gate entrance. Two husky security guards were dragging this little guy - literally - I could hear the tips of his shoes scraping the carpet. They dragged him to the gate desk and stood him up like a dummy, but the guy was so short that he could barely see over the top of the desk. When they unhanded him, I was surprised to see that he was carrying the “cardboard box.” It looked like the kind of box someone might use to pack a small glassware piece, but the masking tape at the top was sloppily overdone. Kids did that until they learned that one piece of tape was as effective as an entire roll. The “gate monster” glared at him and my curiosity went up a few notches on the “what the fuck!!?” scale of incredulity.

    “Your name!” she barked, and he flinched. This character was not a terrorist. He was scared shitless and appeared to be an extremely humble, easily intimidated man.
    “You know my name, Miss…” he said, in a tone so meek that I began to feel really bad for the guy. He paused, perched on his toes like a vigilant prairie dog, trying to get a fix on her name tag. She did something then that made me flinch - she removed the tag and threw it underneath the countertop. I had another fantasy.

    I had a videotape of the entire episode and showed it to Northwest’s CEO.

    “Miss Tagless, you’re fired!”

    “Tell me again, and spell it,” Miss Tagless ordered. She wasn’t a gate agent - she was a concentration camp commandant.
    “I am Ahmed Hamani...h...a...m...a...n...i. Miss, please..."
    “Well, Mr...Whatever, you broke all of the rules. You can't bring parakeets on board like that, without notifying us in advance.
    “But they are so small -”
    “I really don't care,” she interrupted, “now get out of the terminal. If you want to get on the next flight at 1:30, you'll have to get rid of them, and it will cost you another $50 for the flight change. Goodbye.”
    “But please, you don't under -”
    “I just told you. I don't care. Go!”

    The injustice occurring in front of me was infuriating, and I stepped toward Ahmed and spoke to him.

    “Ahmed, I have never seen anything like this. Is there anyone you can trust to take care of your birds?” That was a mistake. The red-faced guard with the bulging biceps stepped toward me menacingly.
    “I'm giving you one warning. This is none of your business, so keep quiet and board your flight.” I was beginning to lose it.
    “What are you going to do?" I asked; “arrest me for obstruction of parakeet justice?”
    “Listen buddy, I told you...just go on and board your flight!"

    With that, the guards grabbed Ahmed and began dragging him away. I stood there, feeling like a total jerk-off. The last thing I heard might have been the most compassionate thing the guard could think to say.

    “Here's what you do, Ahmed. When we get outside, open the box and let your fucking parakeets fly to Yankee Stadium. They can be the team’s mascots.”

    What happens when people like Ahmed are mistreated repeatedly, as I suspected he was because of his humility and partly because he was different from the rest of us, culturally and ideologically? Somehow, I had gotten the whole mess tied in with 9/11. Don't ask why - I don't know. But it mattered and it made sense, in a context that I wanted to understand. Would Ahmed make his way home and cry to his wife about what happened to their beloved birds and eventually forget the incident? I wondered if that was possible for a man who had literally been shit on by three Americans who had no sense of humanity and found it that easy to use their power to trash his dignity.

    It wasn't just 9/11. It was Columbine and all of the other forms of human disenfranchisement that plague our society. People can be pushed only so far before they blow. I had just witnessed what might have been a prelude to catastrophe. There is a retaliatory element to human nature that is undeniable. We see it all the time.

    My mind was racing. The alternative scenario for Ahmed wasn't pretty, but I could envision it:

    He withdraws. His pain becomes anger which becomes rage. He carries it with him wherever he goes. All it takes then is a whisper, perhaps from a radical cleric, friend or acquaintance. The seeds of retaliation are planted in soil rich with justification and meaning that Ahmed can relate to based upon his experience. A year passes, and he now lives in a dark basement apartment or maybe a small room somewhere in Peoria, Illinois. He might even be your neighbor. On occasion, you converse, and you think, “Geeze‘, what a nice, quiet guy,” just like everybody says about those quiet guys. We all know, because we have heard it hundreds of times.

    “I remember him. He was such a nice guy. Really quiet, but who would think he could do that?”

    You thought Ahmed was a writer. That's why he rarely left his place, he told you. Then one day as you are barbecuing in your backyard, sharing bad jokes and cheap beer with your friends, you are blinded by the flash of light - just for a millisecond...and then everything is gone...your steaks sizzling on the grill, people, houses, trees, the crabgrass you’ve been trying to get rid of for years…everything.

    The media will morph Ahmed into his home country of origin, as will the President, the military and anyone else with half a brain, which is all that is required to come to this conclusion. No one will say Ahmed was the culprit, though he will forever be remembered as the terrorist put to the deed by a country that must be dealt with by whatever means necessary. There are thousands of Ahmeds. We know they are out there, and we know what they plan to do. Yet despite that knowledge, we bring them here with every intent to seek justice. The question is, whose justice will be served?

    End of story. Next? ¨
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    We've never spoken about this, but maybe we should. What are your true thoughts about Urbanconservative? I think they're full of shit. If there's one thing that sets conservatives apart from Liberals, it is their unwavering honesty and refusal to accept mediocrity or self-serving, bleeding heart sedition.

    Ack, you know that my instincts are finely tuned. This is not a conservative website. If it was, they would come correct and tell me why they have shit for me. And they definitely do have shit for me. I've written dozens of quality conservative articles that were well researched and wriiten far better than anything most of their illiterate contributing authors write. Have you ever noticed some of the crap they publish?

    So what are they about? Are they a bunch of skin head Jew hating fucks? Or...are they a front for the federalized liberal collective; human page crawlers looking for sunversives? I think it's the latter. Call me paranoid if you want, but ask yourself this; how do they make money? No advertising...this blog has the llok and feel of a federal agency. You have to see an FBI field office to know what I'm talking about. Bare, cheap, no...this a front. And we're the suckers as they collect and catalogue our comments, to be used when and if.

    Just another Internet scam. Bourbonconservative.
  • AckAck
    bobcatbilly, I think this site is typical in as much as it is an unmonitored site, most of the time, and it has it's few "home-steaders" that hang around. I have been on a lot of sites lately and I haven't found any "open forum type" much different. I did find the following post in one of those sites and I have in my archives of personal posts, something very close to it. So close in fact, that I am going to post the blog I found rather than the one I wrote.

    Two Words

    There are two words that were practically non-existent during the 2008 Presidential campaign. They are obviously not "hope" and "change."

    These two words are the foundation of our Constitution and therefore make the United States of America a magnet for immigrants all across the globe. In Ronald Reagan's words, who was one of the last politicians to use these two words with great frequency, the United States is "the shining city on the hill." The United States has been the beacon of light for all people, and she now faces external and internal enemies who wish to take her down. It is the internal enemies who are succeeding.

    There's a problem with these two words. They are disappearing from the public dialogue as exhibited during this election cycle. The population has been dumbed down because the schools have been infiltrated by leftists and history books are being rewritten. In many cases, the lessons of our Founding Fathers are glanced over and socialism and communism aren't touched with the reality of the millions and millions of people who died because of that ideology. Progressivism (the new word) is now taught to our children through an agenda of:

    •political correctness
    •group identity
    •behavior correction (especially for boys)
    •save the world from global warming
    •war is not the answer
    •capitalism is not fair (it is not fair the rich are rich and the poor are poor)
    •healthcare is a right

    Progressivism is nothing more than the ideology of socialism. Woodrow Wilson was our first progressive President. What did he do? He used the Government to counter opposition by imprisoning those who would speak out against his agenda. That's what we are headed towards again!

    Another reason the population has been dumbed down is that the mainstream media fails to report the news either factually or at all. The numbers of people who voted for Barack Obama who didn't know major facts about the man like his past associations with communists or his shared ideology with Sal Alinsky far out number those who knew everything that was possible to know about him. They never vetted him so citizens who do not do real diligence to determine their choices for elected officials had no idea they were voting for a man who favors socialism/communism over capitalism. These same people do not know who our current Vice President is, who Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid are, or even which political party has the majority in Congress. You have to really wonder how the mainstream media can be so negligent in reporting truth when they are supposed to be the very people who champion those important two words. We now have our very own Pravda and those who voted for Obama do not either know or care because they have forgotten those two words.

    So, now he is elected and what is he planning to do? He will, through his ideology, be continuing to try to remove those two words from any dialogue. The first thing he plans to sign will be the Freedom of Choice Act, one of the most disturbing, vicious laws ever to be signed by any President. He will try to silence conservative voice thru the Fairness Doctrine, the Localism mantra or hate speech. The First Amendment will be significantly impacted. He will continue the left's Separation of Church and State verbage which is a blatant attack on Christianity impacting the First Amendment yet again. He will attempt to get his Global Poverty Act legislated so that he can sign it. That act encompasses the UN's Millenium Declaration which will force the United States to follow the UN's gun rules. Goodbye to the Second Amendment. The UN's Millenium Declaration also includes the Kyoto Treaty which will force Cap and Trade upon us unless Congress forces it upon us in their new Energy Bill first. He will sign the Law of the Seas Treaty giving the UN control of all waters. In essence, he will give the United States to the UN in preparation for the Global World Order. He will institute his tax the rich policies (although not right away) because he believes in redistribution of wealth. While doing that, he will institute socialized medicine adding to the failed Government programs of Social Security, Medicare, etc., that already exist.

    In other words, he will be moving the United States towards the People's Republic of Amerika and simply because those two words have been swept under the rug and will eventually disappear altogether.

    That is where we come in. No matter what the left attempts, we must counter it with those two words. Conservatives must shout them to the rooftops and make sure the Republican Party goes back to the Reagan model. We must make sure our next candidates use these words frequently to counter the dialogue and ideology of the left. We must counter every attack on our Constitution with these two words. We must rally patriotism for the greatest country on the face of this planet!

    What are these two words? They are, of course, FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. Use them frequently. Use them loudly. Teach your children what they are. Without them, we are nothing and without them, we are done.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Funny...I too dragged out something I posted last year; I think it is much more relevant now. It doesn't come close to your post, which hits the nail on the head beautifully. Bud, you are one heckuva writer and I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

    Since UC sent me this notification, I can see no reason why I cannot respond. Here it is:

    The Constitution? Foggetabbottit...

    ...or the Ten Commandments, for that matter? Both documents are strikingly similar in intent and you can find thousands of comparable versions - look no further than the closet you use to store your board games. “Life is but a game.” Shakespeare? Try to imagine a game of Monopoly played with no regard for the rules. Who would win? I suppose it would be the player quickest to put his hand in the money box and claim “This is mine.” That was precisely the kind of behavior going on when God summoned Moses to the top of that mountain; the same behavior that the writers of the Constitution sought to prevent. Unfortunately, neither they nor Moses understood the realities of “possession” and “winning.” Life is a game and it always will be. The rules are followed only to the extent that they guard against chaos, a state of being that makes it impossible to play the game.

    The problem inherent in all of this is one of omission. None of our revered documents address the object of the game and no one asks until it is time to die. “Yes, I was happy, but did I win the game?” Humans must decide for themselves what the object is. Some define it in material terms. Some view it in spiritual context - the game has only begun. Others, though there are few, see the object as an affirmation that they did the right thing in the face of temptation to do wrong. These are the same people who play Monopoly by the written rules and refuse to compromise. “Here, these are the rules, see? You cannot put hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place without paying for them.” Perhaps it all boils down to this - what do you want written on your headstone? I would like mine to say “He did the right thing.”

    “Thou shalt not kill.” Number One on the biblical hit parade, the mandate is addressed in Constitutional law and subsequently modified by various amendments that have changed it from law to very ambiguous rule of thumb. Had the commandment been amended, it would have said, “Thou shalt not kill except under certain mitigating circumstances.” Our constitutional version of the commandments reflects a biblical amendment that may have been considered but was never enacted.

    Exceptions: in self defense, war, capital punishment, executive mandate, (assassination) and insanity. That some of the exceptions are insane is not addressed. Mass genocide is a valid exception as a consequence of war. We proved that on August 6, 1945, but the exception only applies to us. The Pope had nothing to say about Fat Man and Little Boy. By association, the implication is that God himself approved. To put it as bluntly as I can, we ran with it...pushed it to the extreme - God is on our side. Again, there has been no objection from the Vatican.

    Notwithstanding the Constitution and the Ten Commandments, we also have sins - seven of them to be exact. For all practical purposes, they are little more than folklore. No one pays any attention to them and some of them are actually revered, although the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Greed? No problem - it is Ambition, fundamental to capitalism. Sloth? A sin attributed to the poor. A wealthy man may be as lazy as he wishes - sloth is his privilege, earned by way of greed. (Ambition) If you take the time to read through the list of deadly sins, you will see that all of them are subject to interpretation; viewed as rules, some are deadlier than the acts specified and most, thank God, are either invalid or at most controversial in today’s society. You may commit some of these “sins” without fear of punishment or retribution of any kind. Although biblical references imply severe punishment in the hereafter, you can wipe the slate clean through the simple act of “confession,” which requires only a verbal admission of remorse.

    Thus, a man with blood on his hands and a history of greed and sloth can evade punishment and be absolved in a minute. The man needs a good lawyer and a priest. That is all.

    So tell me, friend, what is it that you want? Surely it must be more than what you have. How badly do you want it? Are you willing to take the risk; to abandon what your heart tells you is right for the thing you want most? Are you willing to consider the realities? Please - allow me to enlighten you.










    Each day I suffer. Pain. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Fear. Dread.

    Each day brings with it a new torture of mind and body.

    Each day I remember those who judged me.

    Each day I thank those who cut me loose and sent me to the forest of my nightmares.

    Each day I walk through that forest, now without fear.

    Each day I grow stronger.

    Chaos is my playground.


    What rules do we fall back on to protect us from chaos? So far, we have been lucky. The wheels of justice continue to turn, but they are corroded. The products of our judicial assembly line are unpredictable and corrupt. We see the results as an acceptable mutilation of values and beliefs that provided the glue necessary to hold our society together. We would never knowingly allow an auto mechanic to use Elmer’s to seal a head gasket, yet we have no quarrel with societal binding that has about as much holding power as scotch tape purchased at a dollar store.

    I do not know that anyone is particularly concerned about this. I’m not even sure that anyone is aware of the problem. It scares the hell out of me. Ø
  • AckAck
    Bobcatbilly, I am deeply concerned about this. Matter of fact I have many scribblings in my memorybanks of how society, as a whole, has changed throughout our history. That's why post such as yours and mine interest me to no end.

    My dad, as uneducated as he was, knew that "religions" are man made. He taught us that he or anyone could take a stand on anything, deem it a religion and build it to fit the desires and fullfillments of one's own personal life. EACH MAN IN HIS OWN RIGHT...

    The best thing he taught was what he called "REAL RELIGION" that came straight from the bible. I mean, if you're going to do it - DO IT RIGHT! He felt this was right for him and his family. Even though it can be corralled into a group conscious, it is still an individual choice. Remember this as you read along, from 100% of the people in the world, about 3% of them are true leaders. About 8% are what is labeled as "want to be leaders." That leaves 89% as "followers." From these figures it is not hard to figure out how the many different religions have emerged around the world. Most are good and teach good values. But as we see with terriorists, it is just as easy to teach the wrong stuff as it is the right stuff. Why? Because we can take that religion, a personal choice, and make it into a group conscious.

    Web sites do that. Take a philosophy, good or bad, make it believable, teach it and you got a religion.

    Too many people have slid into the trance life you described in your post. They grasp whatever fulfills their desires, they go to a church somewhere, and pretend life is great. They protect their way of life to the point they become teachers. The votes for Obama is a real good example of doing and not knowing. We talked a little about this in a brainwash segment. I know a lot of people like that anymore. Lots of them. I pray for them, I talk to them but the decision to take their religion out of the bible is their choice. They refuse and I can't do anything about it.

    Anyway, enough of this for now.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    I forgot to mention that your post was outstanding and it made me think. You're right about religion. What really counts is the substance people take from it. The Koran, for example, is not evil. However, when twisted and exploited to fit the ideology of radical Islam, the resultant substance is evil. The fact that millions accept the twisted version is frightening. But people accept just about anything these days. Take Pork & Beans - open a can and you'll find plenty of beans but no pork. People buy the packaging, not the substance. Obama? He is in fact a humongous can of pork. And people accept that. They know there is no pork but they buy it anyway. They are neither liberal or conservative - they are the Stupified Collective and they will vote liberal because they like the packaging. They are far too dumbned down to question the contents.
  • AckAck
    REMEMBER WHAT I SAID: 89% or more of the people are followers. They have to follow something. Jim Jones is a good example of people just falling in line and following.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    How can I forget that? It's been the source of most of the misery in my life. I never follow anything or anybody and it always gets me in trouble. I know what your answer to that will be, and you're right. I've been in Defiant Limbo - no purpose, no plan, no goal. Why are my commas going down as semi-colons? Huh. Maybe there's a message in that.

    I need to grow up, stop whining and do something. ,,,,There we go! That's what I'm talking about. Hit that comma key like I mean it. Take my stands but don't sabotage myself with anger and resentment. Stop being a victim of my past. Cut the paranoid, narcissistic bullshit. Move on...move forward.

    Hell, I love this country so damned much, but saying it doesn't accomplish a fucking thing. I guess it all comes down to this - what am I willing to do for this country I love? I'm starting to sound like JFK..."Think not what your country can do for you; what can you do for your country?" I gotta' go back and read Hallowell again. Maybe...just maybe; he's not full of shit. Maybe I am, and if that's the case it's time for the FULL MENTAL ENEMA.

    I need to get the hell out of this place, for starters. If I'm still here by Christmas...look at that - all the semi-colons changed to commas. There is a God, Ack. I think I'll start with him.
  • AckAck
    Bobcatbilly, I am going to say a couple of things here. I know this is a public forum but some things even the public needs to hear. Maybe they will read it even if some of them don't absorb anything, maybe some can absorb something.

    Think about this. The best way to train anything, animal or man, is to put it in a controlled environment. Lock it up! I'm sure you have heard this somewhere back in your past that more people find Jesus Christ in prison than they do anywhere else.

    Let's analize a hypothetical situation. Same circumstances, take a wild guy, doing his thing in life, never taking anything serious, never really learning what others feel, just jogging through on, J U S T D O I N G H I S T H I N G...

    One day this guy suddenly, without notice, runs into some unfortunate luck and gets banged up pretty bad. So bad that he has to go into a completely controlled environment. Let's say a hospital ward! This is even worse than being confined to a prison cell. The guy gets time to do a lot of thinking and reminisce about life in general, who he really is and what he has really been. He also gets a chance to look at something different.

    So, what happens in most of these cases? I'll tell you what happens, THEY DO THEIR TIME. Even if they have found something great, something totally different while in the walls of confinement, what do they do with it once the walls are no longer there? Most of them forget what it was they found while in confinement.

    The ones that really, really make it good are the ones that takes what they found in the bonds of confinement and applies that to their life long after confinement and lives a life of change.

    So, the real test is not the discovery at all, it's what they do long after the discovery that counts!
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    As you can tell, I am really pissed. I'm not asking you to buy into me. You haven't known me long enough and in some ways you don't know me at all. But don't stereotype me as one of those Jailhouse Jesus Freaks or Koran Kornholes. I opened up to you in public, for chrissakes! Do you have any idea how hard it is for me do that?

    I've been confined to places much worse than this. For the most part I've been treated like royalty here. You can stop philosophizing about my ebout my experience here. I am what I am and I'll tell you, Ack, with me what you see is what you get. Any man that is not in conflict; any man that is comfortable and complacent is doomed. I am not "any man."
  • AckAck

    The storyline is hauntingly familiar: terrorist detainees were moved to a major city to await trial. While there, fellow Islamic terrorists decided to make a daring and dastardly attempt to gain their release, not by attacking the well-protected courtroom or the heavily guarded detention facility (they are bloodthirsty but they are not stupid), but by going for a more tantalizing target.

    Thirty-five bomb-laden Muslim terrorists stormed a crowded middle school full of parents, teachers, and children. By doing so, they immediately gained what they desired most: the eyes of a watching world paralyzed with fear at what they might do. And the world had reason to fear. Over the course of this three-day massacre, the terrorists barricaded doors and tied up authorities in "negotiations" that were used only to buy them the time they needed to coldly execute the stronger men hostages, rape young girls in front of their watching mothers, and rig explosives throughout the complex to ensure that when the authorities stormed the building there would be massive casualties.

    This horrific drama played out in the quiet Russian town of Beslan just five short years ago. In the end, 394 lay dead (over half of them children) with another 704 injured.

    And stunningly, Barack Obama has just invited the same carnage to our shores.

    When the President's Attorney General Eric Holder announced the administration's breathtakingly ignorant decision to bring 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed (KSM) and five compatriots to New York City to stand trial in civilian court for their act of war, there was undoubtedly a collective gasp in the small towns outside New York. The citizens there surely must recognize that the high-profile status of KSM alone is enough to tempt every terror cell this side of Basra to consider making their rural middle schools the stage for Beslan: Act Two.

    Why any president sworn to protect the lives of his fellow citizens would take such an outrageously absurd and completely unnecessary risk is unfathomable. And make no is unnecessary. KSM and his fellow terrorists were already being tried by military commissions far away from American children and out of the international spotlight that they so desperately crave. Many, including KSM, had already pled guilty and requested execution.

    But Barack Obama halted these commissions when he came into office, apparently more concerned with bolstering his image as a "citizen of the world" than protecting his own people. He then passed the buck to Eric Holder who announced that the terrorists would be brought to one of America's largest cities for the trial of the century.

    The negative consequences of this decision are plentiful. From endangering innocent Americans to gift-wrapping a perfect propaganda opportunity for the terrorist world, this decision is inexcusable. And considering that the choice to try these monsters in civilian courts was to supposedly ensure that justice would be done, this decision becomes incomprehensible. (How, for instance, will these show trials result in any better or more just outcome than a guilty plea and execution sentence – something that the military commission had all but secured?)

    In short, this is about to be a circus. [Editor's Note: Results from a related OneNewsNow poll question appear at the end of this column.]

    Obama and Holder have now given constitutional "rights of the accused" to these terrorists (something that has never been done throughout all of American history). And if you don't think that their lawyers are going to bring up the manner of their detainment, the circumstances surrounding their capture, any perceived threats or mistreatment, any notion of coerced confessions, their lack of immediate access to attorneys, demand for relocation, complaints about a biased jury, calls for mistrials, and the need for an extensive appeals process, you aren't thinking...sort of like the Obama administration.

    With a decision this bad – one that is receiving scorn across the country from angry Americans of all political backgrounds – one might hope that Team Obama would come to its senses and reverse course. Not likely.

    When announcing this preposterous decision Holder stated, "To the extent that there are political consequences, I'll just have to take my lumps."

    Frankly, sir, the grisly images of Beslan are a little too fresh in our minds to be overly concerned with your personal political consequences. We're a bit more concerned about the potentially deadly consequences this ragingly incompetent administration may have just brought on innocent American citizens.

    Vice President Joe Biden once criticized Barack Obama's lack of preparedness for the serious responsibilities associated with the job of president by saying that the presidency was "not something that lends itself to on-the-job training." God forbid that we're about to see just how right he was.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    There is another scenario, you know. I've seen it hundreds of times in my work. Criminals that are blatantly guilty of heinous crimes against society are set free, primarily through plea bargaining. The script for this trial may have already been written; because it is not a trial - it is a political statement and it likely wiil coincide with the political statement mede in the first place to bring KSM and his buddies here, to New York City. Don't be surprised when these guys get off on gridlock violations. Don't be surprised when our great leaderv speaks of forgiveness.

    What will be next, assuming there is a "next?" Will Obama invite Al Qaeda to a state dinner, or perhaps a cocktail party on the White House lawn in the Spring. They will speak about the beauty of the cherry blossoms, only to disappear in a blinding flash that turns our capitol to radioactive dust. Well, Obama did say there would be change.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack

    That was one of the best and most frightening posts I've ever seen. We really havev become a nation of zombies. Where is the public outrage? Why is the media treating this thing as just another innovative decision by their liberal dictator. Holden? He says he'll just have to take his lumps? What about the thousands of potential lumps average Americans will take because of this patently insane decision? Not for nothing but Obama's decision to bring these inhuman bastards to American soil borders on treason. An alert America would put tremendous pressure on the lawmakers of this country to impeach Obama and remove his entire cabinet. But I would go further than that. I would want Obama and Holder tried for treason.

    I get out of this hospital in about three weeks. Do I take the promotion to Homicide - a move I've been asking, begging for; or do I chuck it all and look for work that conributes to the conservative cause? Ack, I'm really on the horns of a big dillammebad. What would you do?
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    What post? I sent one in on the Constitution, but I didn't think they posted it. They wouldn't - it was one of the best pieces I ever wrote.

    I don't know about you, but I'm feeling rather Conservative today.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Liberals are dangerous. As much as we need to be vigilant and oppose them at every opportunity, there is another threat...Russians.

    There was a story I wanted to tell you about them earlier, but I didn't want to come between you and your Thanksgiving dinner. So I waited until the coast was clear. No, stupid, I said "clear."

    Now, about Russians:

    Can You Spell Chicken?

    The first time I saw the man I thought he was insane. He spoke Russian - as a matter of fact he was Russian; I had an awfully hard time pronouncing his name, which was Alexei Belushin Molovich Buluvitch Mushrum. I called him Alex. He lived alone in the apartment above mine, which he cleaned with the fanaticism of a panty fetishist. He used an industrial vacuum cleaner that he insisted was better than mine. His love of suction knew no inhibition.

    Once - I caught him in the act and it was quite an exhibition. I had gone upstairs to borrow some coffee - I didn’t feel like going out. There he was, door open for all to see the show - his apparatus firmly inserted in the vacuum tube snout. I guess he didn’t need a woman to get himself a blow. The grin he wore told me more than I wanted to know.

    I asked him one day, “What the hell was that about?”

    “De sawkshun iss bettair den a vumin ken provite,” he said, “Yuh shoot geeff itt ah try unt I guarantink you vill joyfill shout.”
    “Nah, it’s not for me - I’d rather be dead.”
    “Yuh dawnt knowe vatt iss like gettink vokyum klinner hett.”

    The guy was a certified wackadoo - that was for certain. I wondered where else he might have been stickin’ his member but the corker was the night in December at 3:30 am. He phoned me - in a panic.

    “Mine spail foggin spail chicken iss busstitt - how yuh spail blaw jopp?”

    Spail chicken? Blaw jopp? What the fuck was he talking about? Alex was nuts alright; there wasn’t any doubt. It took me three days to figure it out. Finger lickin’ insane - he was probably blogging and his Spell Check must have popped when his phonetic version of blow job hit the screen. To make a short story shorter, his writing was not a diversion - he wrote the porno cream for one of those internet sex shop magazines. I think it was called “Pulling Out All The Stops.”

    Mushrum was pulling down good money for his lewd dialogue. His weekly pay was stunning for a dingbat dude from Russia - $1200 to $1500. Incredible...guy comes here from Moscow and strikes oil...a gusher! What a bummer. He’s making telephone numbers while I’m lucky to see area codes. Cops always get the short end of the loads. Mush drives a Lexus - it pays to have imagination. Police? We drive the Taurus - reconditioned taxicabs that bore us.

    I was about to jump ship (hell, I could write that shit) when Stanley drops a fax on my desk. I felt like someone drove an axe through my chest - irony would be my next arrest. The photo - a black and white of Mush, accompanied 16 shots of 12 year-old tush. Alex Mushrum - pedophile, was headed for a new life of very secure style. Lucky me - I had the file. It just goes to show you; you can’t take the chicken out of a Russian’s spell, but you can take a Russian away from his K-Y Gel.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Listening to "You're Not Drinking Enough" by Don Henley, and before that, "Beautiful Girl" by INXS. You know what? I listen to anything that I like. The Gorn did something fantastic for me this morning. He lugged in my stereo - a combination of Harmon Kardon pre and amp, Polk tower speakers, 2 sets of Bose double cubes, Bose subwoofer...okay...the ward is vibrating to the sound of "Abracadabra...I wanna' reach out and grab ya' make me hot, you make me sigh..." As you can tell, my taste in music is boundless and includes a fair amount of crap that I like because it sounds the way I like it - either hard and driving or soft and sweet...or, of course, this one..."Rescue" by Lucinda...this is not crap.

    Do you really like Cheerios? I'm still not sure how I came up with that. Man, I can't wait to get back to Homicide. I hope I haven't lost the instincts. I probably should apply for a job as a Fortune Teller>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Chef of the Future

    Desperate times call for calm, measured and rational thinking. I entered the shadowy world of the Internet, searching for clues to the destiny of our failing economy and the wars we continue to fight in Iraq and now Afghanistan. I didn't expect answers - the Internet is much too crowded with hucksters and techno-panhandlers. Still, I had hope.

    Three hours later, lost in the maze of the Web, I found myself on a dead end street with nothing to show for my efforts. “Should I quit the search now?” I asked myself, “Or should I plunge ahead and hope for a miracle?”

    I did what any rational and objective person would do in such circumstances - I refined my search to “Political and Economic Fortune Tellers.” Amazingly, there were hundreds. One caught my eye. “The country's political and economic systems will recover,” the blurb read.

    Good news? How could I go wrong? The site offered chats with Raakman - The Only Legitimate Medium in the Field, Offering Crystal Ball Readings of the Highest Quality.

    I typed in my inquiry and waited. Within a minute, a reply appeared.

    “Hello. I am Rakmaan. Are you ready to begin?”
    “Yes, I am ready.”
    “Good. Do you wish to charge this to your Visa, MasterCard or American Express card?”
    “Visa, but how much do you charge?”
    “The initial fee is $49.95 for the first 15 minutes.” Reluctantly, I typed in my Visa card number and waited, thinking that Rakmaan was a strange name for a Medium. Rakmaan - a woman? Times are ‘a changin’, ‘aint they?’
    “Alright,” she replied, “your card is fine. I am now looking into my crystal ball. I see…wait…ah, there is a large meeting, a press conference…very unusual. George Bush, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney…they are all there. The public has demanded this. They want answers. It is not a debate. The politicians have agreed to work together. Wait…Mr. Bush is speaking...I cannot make the words out clearly, but it is something about making the world safe for democracy and freedom. Oh! Hillary Clinton is standing. She is angry. I hear her clearly now…she says..."

    ‘George, don’t you have anything new to say? We are all sick and tired of that line. At least I had a plan!’

    "Wait…wait…now President Obama is standing. He says..."

    ‘I don’t have a plan yet, but I will have one someday.’

    "Wait…oh, this is shocking…I cannot believe…”
    “Rakmaan, are you still there?”
    “Yes. I can see clearly now - the rain is gone.” (I could swear I had heard that line before somewhere)
    “Rakmaan, it is raining in your crystal ball?“
    “No...not now - be quiet. Oh! My goodness - they have Pinocchio noses! I have never seen this. Wait…John McCain is speaking..."

    ‘ This isn’t a soap box derby, Obama. Shut up.’

    "There is a great deal of turmoil here. Do you have a question?”
    “Yes. Can you make a copy of this?” It was a ridiculous question, but if she could, I would make millions. Sure, the tape would be bogus, and any expert would expose it as a hoax. Even so, it could sell. Pinocchio noses? It doesn’t get any better than that. I had to have it.

    “Yes, I have USB ports on my crystal ball. Often, my clients wish to have copies. Sometimes the copies are hazy, but this one would be vivid."
    "Oh…oh! Monit souris! Sarah Palin has just punched Obama. His Pinocchio nose is bent. All of the great leaders and politicians are fighting."
    "Rakmaan, are you recording this?” While I waited for her reply, I wondered about those words she used - "Monit souris." The last time I heard them, I was just a lad, maybe 12 or 13. My mother said it when the soup boiled over. The words were Yiddish, a colloquialism for "big trouble." Rakmaan spoke Yiddish?

    She came back on-line.

    “Yes, I am recording. However, there will be an additional charge for the copy.”
    “How much?” I typed in frantically.
    “Wait...I see that order has been restored. No one is seriously injured. Oh, I am sorry. I forgot about your question. Give me a minute to calculate the charges.”

    I waited, wondering how she might produce this. An editor could cut and paste something together. I could sell it to Saturday Night Live or Mad TV.

    The reply arrived.

    “Well, your initial fee is $49.95. Since we went beyond 15 minutes, the extra charge is calculated at $20 per minute. We had 14 additional minutes, so that’s another $280. The total is $329.95.”

    I had been taken for a $329 ride on a crystal ball.

    "Now, the copy…well…I can provide it in color or black and white. Color is $8736. 95. How do wish to pay for this - credit card, certified bank check or money order?”
    “How about food stamps?” I asked. If I bought the copy, I would need them. I signed off. The price for stupidity is costly these days; roughly the same as next year’s price for a gallon of gasoline.

  • AckAck
    WOW! Strange you would mention music. My son and I were in my office on the computer today and he was asking me about the types of music my band played back in the early 60's. The first artist I googled was Sandy Nelson and the first video I played for him was "Let there be drums." He went nuts over it. Then we proceeded to go to u-tube and pull up some Ventures stuff. We finally kicked back to some a Jimi Hendrix and just dreamed the afternoon away. Sure brought back some memories.

    Most of the songs on the Ventures album we the 60's all over the Caribbean. Believe it or not, I paid $0.15 per gallon of gas and can remember purchasing cigerattes for $0.15 per pack in those days down there. Paul Anka was also on the list since the band I played with was the band that fronted for him in an appearance in Panama. The song was "Diana." I believe Anka recorded Diana in 1957. I googled the "Rockettes" from a Radio City Music Hall appearance during the same era because they sang backgound for us on three of our songs we did with a USO show there in Panama. We got to spend about 3 weeks with them.

    I can't remember what that has to do with conservative politics but now you know it anyway...
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    You sure lived a fascinating life. The Rockettes...are they the ones with the leg kick that played at Radio City and on TV?
  • AckAck
    One in the same. I think all together there are about 150 girls at any one time. They usually break up into shows of 15 or 20, I don't remember the exact number, and travel in different directions and do different gigs.

    I think you are on track about this site.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Evidently this comment of your is treasonous. As were my comments that preceded it. Well, it appears that Mullins is an acceptable last name, whereas Levine is not. Why don't they just come out and say it - Jews are not welcome.

    I haven't heard a peep from you, either. Is that your way of echoing the sentiments of God, or UC?
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Isn't competition the foundation of capitalism?


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  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Yes, but there is one drawback. It erases your primary DISQUS Log In.


    Come Onnnnnnn! DISQUS - Wake UP!
  • bobcatbilly
    Ack Ack,

    I'm not so sure about that last post I wrote. I'm not sure about anything sometimes. How can I be? My body is rejecting my own skin. Seems like I dislike myself almost as much as UC does. The medical masterminds here are filling me up with so much auto-immune antagonists that I can't think straight half the time. Anyway, I'll share this with you. Someone very close to me wrote it.

    "First thing I noticed was the smell. I thought it smelled like death, but the guy standing next to me said it smelled like hell. Shit, I didn't care. I wasn't spending much time there - all that rubble and burned out buildings; somebody stepped on an IED and the blast singed my hair. I felt bad for those Army guys...they were stuck there. Me, I was lucky; I'd be spending my time in the air."

    "I felt like a God when I punched those afterburners...1.7, 1.8, 1,9, 2.3, 2.7...shit, it was like being in heaven. I guess I forgot why I was there, 'cause next thing I knew I was taking a ride in the flying chair."

    "Came home in pieces for God and my country. Felt like somebody punched me...people thought it was funny. I layed my life on the line, just so people could be free to tell me I was a murderer. Some fat bitch that ate for her country had the need to try to put me down. Hell, she doesn't doesn't know what down is, but she would if I hadn't hadn't been flyin' tryin' to protect her kids."

    Liberals. Eat my head.
  • AckAck
    The more I read about this liberal vs conservative thing. Or, democrat vs republican thing the more I am understanding the concept of it. I used to get mad at Hannity, O'Reilly or Limbaugh when they would say they were neither democrat or republican when it came to American Traditional Values. I know now, after much research, they remind themselves daily in their work place that both democrat and republican politicians are corrupt. Liberal thinking is evil and only conservative, christian values will survive. I know now that I was defending my choice of being a republican, and not entirely focusing on conservative values.

    I administered an oath of loyality to myself and promised me that I would consider my christian, conservative values before anything or anyone else in political matters. I AM TIRED OF VOTING FOR THE BEST OF THE EVILS! I will not vote for evil at all.
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Not being able to sleep has its advantages. Here's an angle for you.

    Liberal America’s Special Effects

    Sometimes, the obvious is so elusive that most of us cannot see it. For me, it took an intimate brush with death to heighten my awareness of a flaw in American culture that is so ingrained it is no longer a flaw; it is an intrinsic component of our way of life. Like any insight that comes on the heels of a personal catastrophe, my initial reaction was the question all of us ask - “Why didn’t I see this before?” The answer to that question is best answered in technical terms, and for that I am thankful that a major part of my education centered on the sciences; physics and mathematics.

    Why is it so difficult for us to see the obvious? Think of it as a special effect - like blue lighting or any of the other techniques employed by Hollywood that alter reality in ways that enhance the basic entertainment precept known as “suspension of disbelief.” Intellectually, I know that a man cannot leap from the top of one building to another that is fifty yards away. Yet when I watch a movie like the Matrix, I see this and for the moment I believe that what I just saw was real.

    So how does this special effect work? Photographed against a blue background through cameras equipped with filters that effectively delete the color blue, human optical receptors are tricked; manipulated in such a way that what we know to be impossible becomes visible reality. This is all great - it makes for wonderful and captivating entertainment. But the scary part is this: exposed to these effects routinely, our brains begin to re-program the way they interpret visual imagery. Exposed to these effects often enough and early enough in our formative years, we come to accept every man made image we see as “real.”

    Now let’s take this concept to another level. The human brain is not equipped to separate what it perceives as visual reality from what it hears when auditory input reinforces the visual effects it has re-programmed itself to accept as reality. There is a name for this phenomenon but as a culture we have been programmed to believe that it cannot apply to our reality - it is called “brainwashing.” If I tell you that we have become a society of brainwashed people, you are programmed to automatically reject that notion and in the process label me as a deviant thinker attempting to brainwash you.

    Liberal America - supported by the media, has effectively blue-lighted us to the extent that we believe what whatever they show us; and most of it is targeted the most basic of all human instincts...fear. We have been brainwashed to believe that we need government to protect us from ourselves. This explains our willingness to allow government to strip us of our basic rights - you know what they are so I won’t harp on the right to bear arms or the absurdity of seat belt laws, “adult proof packaging.” school buses that stop at every house, “environmental panic,” and most insidious of all, government control of MONEY.

    For reasons I cannot explain, conservative thinkers are far less prone to accept liberal special effects. We are stymied, however, when we look around us and see a nation of robots that refuse to question this enormous scam. They seem to be in a state of liberalized stupor; easily manipulated and often quite aggressive in defending the illusions they have been “blue-lighted” to accept as reality.

    Does Conservative America have a fighting chance of changing this creeping insanity? Not much. Although we resist, we are also brainwashed to the extent that we oppose liberalism in compliance with liberal terms and rules. I would make this analogy - what would happen if the N.Y. Yankees agreed to play all 162 games at opponent home games.

    So what do we do? It is clear that what we have done so far has not made a dent in the liberal power structure. Maybe we need to fight fire with fire. Grab hold of as much media artillery as we can and “blue-light” back. The truth that we have failed to act on is that this not a war of words. It is a war of the mind, and conservatives need to abandon the tools of the dark ages and use technology to our advantage.

    If someone is repeatedly hitting me below the belt, I am going to grab a two by four and slam him in the balls with all my might.
  • AckAck
    Bobcat, Jackie, I have know for years that the gradual alteration of the human mind has been going on for years. NEVER have I heard it so clearly written as in BobCat's Post. I used to tell a little tale in my classes to talks and speaches I used to make in various institutions. Mind altering to the extent of brainwashing is in itself habit forming. Our brain waves travel along a path of something we belive in, something we think we need, and the fact that someone is contantly standing before us and promising us what we think we want and need, WE BECOME BRAINWASHED! Just like in BobCat's post.

    There was this brainwashed guy that every morning when he came out his front door, there was a man standing there with a two by four and smacked him in the head. This went on for years. The guy endured the pain because he had been programed to believe this was part of life. So he accepted it.

    One morning he came out the door, expecting the daily knock on the head and low and behold, the man was not there with the two by four. He immediately stopped, looked in every direction, and said, "Now where in the world could my guy be with the two by four?"

    You see, people who are not brainwashed would have killed the guy with the two by four years ago, but not the guy with the altered mind. I think I was like that early on in life. They say that "intelligent insanity" is doing the same thing over and over, expecting "different results!"
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    That was great, Ack! You didn't come right out and say it, but you made me think, which you always do. This is what I thought: Brainwashing is a process that causes an individual to become tolerent to environmental stimuli. Like anything else, tolerance is directly linked to dependance, and dependance is ADDICTION.

    These people; I call them the Liberal Collective but they can just as easily be called "LIBERAL THOUGHT AND ACTION DEALERS." The media is their protional tool, and they are no different than the stamp on a bag of heroin. Just as some people have chemical receptors in the brain that literally inhale endorphins, some people have receptor sites that attract deviant or liberal thought. Like endorphin receptors, the more substance available to be absorbed, the more new receptors are grown. This is why people suffer withdrawal when heroin is not available. Receptor sites are screaming for more and the physical effects are dramatic and extremely painful.

    The Liberal Collective has been fucking with people's brain receptors for decades. The result is all too familiar - liberals will do anything to get their fix. And there is no substitute, like methadone, to wean them off liberalism. It's either cold turkey or nothing.

    The only thing that can turn them is a Conservative Media that delivers a better rush; if their bags are 98% pure, ours must be 100% pure. Jesus! All along I've been thinking we need to turn them off. WRONG! We need to turn them ON!
  • AckAck
    In short, let's call them "LIBERAL BORG" because there are those in the anals of the "LIBERAL BORG" that remind me of something I seen one time. I was fishing in a small mountain stream in Kentucky and I saw something floating slowly down the stream. The closer it got the more I could make out what it was. Finally it floated right past my feet and it was some sort of a piece of wood that had what looked like a billion ants on it. There were so many ants that some of them were forced into the water by the stronger ones who held on and fought for their place in the collective. Not caring who or how many fell into the water and perished, the collective just kept on fighting and pushing all those off the wood that threatened to take their place. The survivors seemed to have a killer instinct that allowed them to push the brothers and sister ants into the water with out guilt or remorse. They just wanted to complete their mission and survive.

    I shared that little story with my older brother who is very wise and filled with the wisdom of life. He told me there was a Queen ant somethwere in all that mess of ants and all were trying to get to the queen to protect her and groom her and feed her and tend to her well being. They would protect her with their life.

    Hummmmmmm. Sounds kind of like the Obama cronies huh? WHAT A STORY one could write.

    WOW! I thought about that little episode in my life when bobcat referred to loberal collective thinking.
  • JackieM
    bobcatbilly59 --Incredible post! Those are the only words I can come up with for now! You got the ole wheels "a turnin" this morning. I agree that conservatives have not made a dent into the liberal power structure and I do think it is our fault for standing on the sidelines too long. Most conservatives that I know are shocked at my aggressive nature towards liberals and I have to continue to explain that it is time that we stop the destruction of our country. It is a necessity. Political correctness can F off for all I care. I have never bought into that and am one of those who don't give a damn if I a falsely accused of being a racist in the process. That is what liberals do best. My husband has two idiot sisters that love obama and I'm holding them accountable. They tell my MIL that they don't want to discuss it. I told her that is typical of cowards. If they are not ashamed of their decision to vote for a anti-American SOB, they should be willing to defend their position. They are not welcome in our home and avoid us at all costs. I will hold their feet to the fire the first chance I get!

    Anyway, I have a new computer and am loving that it is not crashing every few minutes. However, I am so busy right now that I won't be able to post very much for the next few days! If you get the chance, please email me and let me know how you are doing! I would like to hear an update on your health!
  • bobcatbilly59

    I am starting to think that my brain functions best between 3:00 am - 7:00 am. Looking at that post now, its almost hard for me to believe it came from me. But bottom line, I feel it and believe it no matter what time it is.

    I'm glad you're the person you are - you refuse to bend to pressure from any of the liberal bullshit throwers that visit here, and I'm sure you're the same wherever you are. Thank God for people like you.

    Have a great day, Jackie, and please stay on this thread. I think there is still some work we can do to eradicate the remaining poison.

  • JackieM
    Billy, I'm so disgusted with this administration and the SOBs that voted for him! Therefore, I won't let up and will continue to fight. I am here and will definitely post but as you know, it may not be as often as before! I have sent messages to two of my husband's liberal relatives calling them cowards and requesting they come out from under their rock and defend their positions. Of course, they don't want to discuss the subject. LOL! That is typical of liberals! I would love for them to confront me face to face. I was harder on them than what I'm disclosing here but I don't give a damn who the fools are that voted for obama. They need to be held accountable! I am proud to say that my family is conservative. Anything else would not be tolerated. I have a no tolerance policy for people who are intent on destroying our country!
  • bobcatbilly59

    You got guts girl! Ever think about police work? I wouldn't hesitate to work with a partner like you. I'll tell you, psychologically, you fit the profile perfectly. And its not true that good female police are dykes. Another liberal myth. Well, we got ourselves a team!

    Bobcat Billy
  • JackieM
    Bobacat, thank you for the compliment. I don't think I would make a good policewoman because I don't like political correctness and policies. Unfortunately, I tend to rebel against most of them unless they are for good. My philosophy is policies are meant to be changed when they interfere with the goal or aren't good for folks who are shackled by them. I would probably be suspended quickly because I would insist on justice for criminals no matter what that meant. However, if I was your partner, you could rest at night knowing I would lay my life on the line for you if necessary. Once I commit to something, I am in and do what it takes. Although I don't know what you deal with on a daily basis, I can only go by what I've heard from others on the force. I really think you guys have so much patience, knowledge and common sense. We definitely need more Americans like you!

    As we go into this season, I am seeing our once great nation being destroyed by thugs! obama and his evil bandit of crooks will stop at nothing to tear our country apart piece by piece. It is quite disturbing to see the mentality ill running this country while their supporters stand by and enjoy the show. They are not Americans and have no clue what it is to be a patriotic! I am ashamed of where our country is today because of this administration and the people who support them. However, I stand with true Americans and am proud of them!

    I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and Christmas! I can say that one of them is knowing you, Bud and DS. You guys are awesome! My husband and I have had a lot of great moments since our son came to us a few months back. He continues to amaze us with his humor, innocence, love and resilence. I am really shocked at how much he trusts us. He is truly a miracle and God definitely protected him.
  • bobcatbilly59
    JackieM, Ack Ack,

    What's all the commotion about? Versed? I did not. Who is getting this?

    What happened was I found out this morning that the case was re-opened - meaning I have no life for God knows how long. I mean now all my mail is screened and typed by USMS technical supervisors.

    I feel so ashamed. A feeling I never experienced emptiness...Thanksgiving without my family...Becca and little the way I saw that...fuck your stupid laptop. Laptops are for liberals...?

    Laptops Are For Liberals

    In their hippy dippy flirtation with technology they go halfway,
    Sissies, all of them...afraid to pay,
    The price for our way of of life,
    They rest their message machines on their on their gelded laps,
    Hiding the balls that they don't have anyway,
    At the first sign of of conflict they collapse,
    Then they shoot me up with Versed,
    It makes a pile of jelly out of my head,
    Leaves me like a cadaver stuck sleeping in bed.

    Dani! Becca! I love you both so much,
    Come here - let me feel your your little girl touch... all is right with my world.
    I don't know how you did it, Gary and Michael,
    All I know is that you broke my lonely cycle,
    To a place so unfilled with towers of of empty Eiffel,
    Leaning on every syllable,
    Like some stupid fucking liberal.

    Nothing can take this treasure away,
    Nothing that they do,
    Nothing that they say...
    The conservative collective will have its day -
    You can snap your suspenders as you run away,
    We have our ways to make you go away.

    Jackie, you would make great police. Just read between the lines of all the stupid rules,
    We know how to work around them, through them, over them, and even IAD knows we cheat...we set the guilty up for what they deserve...hell, how do you think I got the highest the closure rate? Shoot first...ask questions later. I rarely read Mirandas. What's the point of reading rights to a dead sonofabitch?

    Okay...I'm moving in stereo again. My carpet has arrived. But I have lttle arms around my neck. They make paradise out of a train wreck.

    > Subject: [conservativeblog] Re: The Media's Complicity: Analysis of ACORN Coverage
  • JackieM
    Billy--I can't imagine how you must be feeling but please know that you have friends here! That is probably not much comfort but....... I hope you get to spend a lot of time with your family today and the pain you are feeling lessens! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
  • bobcatbilly59

    This is the message I sent to Ack Ack and DS this morning.

    Bud, Dale,
    This will go down as THE THANKSGIVING OF ALL TIME! I am now Latex Man.
    I won't even try to explain it all, other than to say that the Burn Unit here and the orthopedic surgeons are genuises. No more plaster. I am completely wrapped in a latex skin that makes me llook a little bit like Spider Man. This stuff is porous, allowing air in and speeding the healing process. Plus I have almost full mobility and only need to be on IV three hours a day. It is a MIRACLE. In 24 hours I've gone from near suicidal to being the most thankful man alive. There is a God, Bud...and evidently he doesn't care if you embrace Christian or Jewish or Buudhist values, as long as your heart is in the right place.

    Here they come. Rebecca and Dani. Rebecca looks scared. Dani is hysterical. Two of God's miracles.

    I always thought that thing Donovan McNabb did after throwing touchdowns was phoney. Now I'm on my knees, arms raised toward heaven. Yessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can type too, which did not please my friends from USMS. The disagreement was settled by Captain Jerry. In service to God I am free. gets better. As of this date, the requested transfer back to Homicide Manhattan North was approved for Captain William Levine.



    PS Whenevr I mail to Jackie it bounces...the boxbe thing. I know I'm intruding on your holiday, but if you get a chance and can forward this, I will grant you admission to the Mystic Knights of the Sea.
  • JackieM
    Billy, I apologize for any trouble this thing has caused. I just closed the account so you should be able to email me now. It cause me huge problems but now it should be gone!
  • bobcatbilly59

    Ack Ack,



    Where are you? We succesfully cleansed the blog of all liberal influence and we're having a Thanksgiving party.

    Maybe we should move on. No liberal will come back here. It's time for another Search and Destroy. Any ideas?

  • AckAck
    I just applied for a LibFilterX-2+(a) for all my accounts. Should have thought of that long ago. Will it really block Dora's blogs?
  • smith2lev224
    I AM NOT smith2Lev!!!!!!!!!!
  • AckAck
    bobcatbilly, when you changed email addresses, did you subscribe to a new account from UC? Let me know if you did or didn't...

    When I changed everything to AckAck and UC changed to their new posting format, I had to use a different email address and subscribe with a new password and user name.
  • bobcatbilly59

    That's great. Now, get yourself LibFilterX, the only anti-liberal software on the market. It blocks all incoming mail from liberals. I Googled it and found out that originally, it was called DoraXTerminator. It was invented by Ollie Flebb, Dora's first of 32 husbands.

    I read that the Smithsonian plans to construct a massive new building that will display The Mouth that snored.

    By the way, her full name is Dora Larebileht - Sniarbroftihs. Do the backwards anagram and you get Dora Theliberal Shitforbrains.


  • JackieM
    Billy--I can't imagine how you must be feeling but please know that you have friends here! That is probably not much comfort but....... I hope you get to spend a lot of time with your family today and the pain you are feeling lessens! You are in my thoughts and prayers!
  • bobcatbilly59

    This was the message you didn't receive. I don't know any other way to contact you.

    GL(for Billy)

    Dear Bud and Jackie,

    I wanted you to know that it is not likely you will hear from Billy today. This was not a good day for him. Physically things continue to progress on a "one step forward, two steps backward" basis, which is okay - we expected that. Emotionally, I wish I could say the same. I am sure you can understand. This is not the best time of year to be stuck in a hospital. When he phoned me this morning, it was obvious that he had an extreme case of the Thanksgiving Day blues. My brother rarely shows the kind of emotion he did with me this morning. There was an added complication that I could not ignore. Dani, (I'm sure he told you that we adopted Dani from China) loves him dearly and she came to me this morning and said "Daddy, we are going to see Uncle Mortimer today or I will hate you for the rest of my life." That is quite a demand from a sevenn year-old. (When I get some time, I'll tell you the Uncle Mortimer story)

    Billy needed his family and his family needed him, so all of us are here. Michael, Billy's son, (also by adoption) is an Assistant US Attorney in Seattle and he pulled some strings - I think he pulled many because travel on short notice today is impossible, and the Justice Department responded with a Gullfstream. Michael earned that perquisite ten times over, so I was not greatly surprised, although we were all awed by the luxury and speed.

    I have to cut this short because I have my hands full; Dani and Rebecca (Billy's granddaughter, also adopted from China) are both too young to understand why Billy can't be with them today and both are acting out. He is heavily sedated and I guess I cannot say more because I too am deeply affected, but I have to be strong for them.

    I am hoping our presence pulls Billy out of the hole he is in. Hopefuly you will hear from him tomorrow. Have a great Thanksgiving and thank you again for supporting my brother when he needed it most.

    Gary Levine

    PS. When you speak with him, tell him he owes me a new computer. If I tell him, I am sure you know what he will say. I love him dearly but we are worlds apart when it comes to vocabulary.
  • JackieM
    I really don't know why you are not able to contact me! That is really strange!

    AckAck--do you know how to get the boxbe off. maybe that is the problem?
  • bobcatbilly59

    Another thing I forgot to mention. Your post notifications are coming to me in triplicate as three separate entries.

  • bobcatbilly59

    Yes, boxbe is the problem and I cannot go through it - the darned thing uses active crawlers that behave like spyware; when I used my brother's computer to send messages to Ack Ack, the same thing happened but I accessed the site and copleted the information required in order for the system to recognize me. These active crawlers penetrated his computer and they disabled his connectivity functions, rendering his laptop null and void.

    The federal geeks here advised that I avoid boxbe at all cost - they say boxbe is regarded the same way a virus is...potentially destructive and therefore dangerous. I'll bet money that boxbe is the reason you had problems with your computer.If I were you, which in itself is an interesting thought, I would get rid of it as fast as you can. It is really quite scary since boxbe uses nano-crawlers that can mutate and metastisize; like a cancer they spread and attack anti-spyware, leaving the firewall unprotected. A lot like liberals, huh?
  • JackieM
    2blue--You are awesome and I meant to include you in the people I am thankful for knowing. You are a true American and I am very glad you are continuing to post!
  • AckAck
    You all have a great Thanksgiving. Thanks Jackie for including me in that group of names, it makes me proud.

    I know Bobcat is down and out right now and can't post but he will re-group and when he reads this I want him to know what a great change that has come about and I am glad I am his friend.
  • bobcatbilly

    Thanks...whew! That was hell for awhile. I have so much respect for you and when I thought you might have taken that comment for mine, it really hurt. Sorry, I am becoming a bit of a mush. (I sure hope I can switch gears...oh, that's ridiculous, I already did)

    That guy isn't a liberal. He's a sick mfckr with a rap sheet longer than the Gettysburg Address. And he's right where he belongs.

    You know, I think we drove off the libs. And if we have the power to drive them from our site, we have the power to dri...

    You can finish that sentence if you want.
  • 2bluestarmom
    I hear you. At one time I stopped coming here because I got tired of the same rhetoric from the liberals.

    Now, I am angry. I am not going to take this sitting down anymore. They won't mess with me. The attacks don't work on me.

    I am only here to give my patriot friends info so they can utilize it and prepare.

    We are in perilous times. Our nation is in distress. I am not playing games with them.

    I am not here to debate. Unlike Glenn Beck, whom I respect btw, I am not going to argue with idiots. It's like spitting into the wind.
  • bobcatbilly

    Besides, they don't like me here. Somehow, I've been tagged by UC or DISQUS. They don't have the balls to tell what their problem with me is. Makes me wonder what brand of conservative they really are. Actually, there's only one, and these guys aren't the one. Conservatives are not pussy cowards.
  • AckAck
    Listen, I do some things on another site. If you're interested, let me know. I come here because of the friends I have made. If they go away, I have no reason to be here anymore. I can argue with idiots all over the internet. Sometimes I feel like quiting and then I know that is most of their hopes. Sooooooo, I DON'T!
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    I have no intent to be run out of town by by people that should have my back. The fact that this site does not want me here is all the more reason why I should stay. I have NEVER run from anyone or anything; certainly not this bunch of happy feet.

    But I am suggesting road trips to opposition sites; done in teams, with a pre-planned planofaction2bring literary disruption. Teams of at least 3, composed of people with the literary ability to mindf..k the hometeam. Hell, Ack, we gotta' do something! I love sitting around here shooting the breeze, telling outrageous stories and jokes, but it isn't enough.

    And Ack, I'm sure you realize what fun it could be to bring our brand of chaos right to Aunt Libby's house of shame.
  • AckAck
    I just voted me in to go - COUNT ME IN!
  • bobcatbilly59
    To: DISQUS/Urbanconservative

    From: William Levine (bobcatbilly59)

    I registered as bobcatbilly59

    e-mail [email protected]

    Now I cannot log in with that name or address or password. FYI billy1282Levine at gmail is DEAD.

    Lordy Be, What Should I Do?

    Windows 7: It works the way you want. Learn more.
  • JackieM
    I'm in if you would like me to help!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, would not think of doing it without you!
  • bobcatbilly59
    Ack Ack,

    Wow! West is in the space I am! Too bad he didn't mention the fact that we are already seriously compromised within the very foundation of our government. I said this a few months ago, and last year, and the year before...Bin Laden was abundantly clear and amazingly blunt when he said "We will bring you to your knees...from within."

    From Within!

    We are assuming the position. Obama has seen to that. We will not be the first great civilization to collapse under the weight of collective complacency. If I had the money to invest big time, I would buy violins. America is saturated with fiddlers.

    Rome is burning, Ack Ack.
  • bobcatbilly

    Right!!! So, like I said, organized, with a strategy...

    Where are the liberal blog sites? We can sit here until hell freezes over, or...
  • bobcatbilly
    To BobcatBilly of 17 hours ago who writes like this)))))))))))))))))))))) and uses my name,

    2bluestarmom is absolutely correct. You are one sick motherfucker. I called you on your shit about a month ago and you ran off and hid. Now that you know I am vulnerable, you return with threats. I read that entry very carefully and at the end it said, "UxRUNdeadboy." UxR is a common jailhouse abbreviation for You Can't Run, and deadboy is self explanatory. Well, come and get it, asshole. Oh...that's right - you can't, you're locked up.

    Tell me, how is the weather at Rikers Island right now. Uhhuh. Yes. Uh huh. Well, don't feel bad, you'll be having company today. And not for nothing, Mr. Rivera, (aka the world) I didn't put you there - you did. Now, I'd suggest you get rid of that cellphone fast. And if you're somehow getting access to a computer, you and the geek that showed you how to use TAG will be spending time in more private surroundings.

    When I'm able and 100% I'll be sure to pay you a visit.
  • 2bluestarmom
    The person that typed the retarded, misguided, whack job, unintelligible wording, who used your id, is who I directed my angry response to. They are spineless, counterfeiting & have no originality.

    I realize that these ruthless, evil, mindless liberals have loose wires. I would never attack a patriot who believes in and fights for our Constitution and freedoms, however.

    I hope you are feeling better and know you understand where I was coming from. I regret only my cussing that offended my friends, but will not apologize to liberals. We conservatives had done that for decades now and they can forget that coming from me!

    The mission of the liberal is likened unto satan;

    Their goal is to “Kill, steal, and destroy.”

  • AckAck
    2bluestarmom, this person is not qualified to be a liberal. With the mentality of a grasshopper, you don't qualify to be anything.

    By the way, you are 100% correct in owing no apology to anyone for your post. I think bobcatbilly is the victim here but nothing can really be done about what is said here since this is an open forum without moderators. Ignore it and go on I guess.
  • bobcatbilly
    Ack Ack47&SmytheBloggerofdeathfordorasunderpantsNO;!@

    Aha...((((((((nanana))))))))) You See? No...not assymetrical anti-neolib or castro lib sorry You know what I mean. These boys SEE THE BLOGLIST BLACKBLOGGING Badge 4u as does your crimebosstar and I come 2ufromin ucarceratedwrong...douhereme??????? Stupid You See? He leaves open a door, the bell rings 2-3x no answer))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))usee only cow are dis, you see now? Think life 1 minutes tyme ure gone boy...dream on boy i nd u,u see i get liked u...REPORT! report! NA NA NA UXRUNdeadboy>>>>>>
  • 2bluestarmom
    Here you go Patriots. I tweeted this the other day when on twitter. Wall Street Journal picked it up now. This is BIG.

    Al Gore, is not only wrong, he lied. They all have!

    Global Warming Farce! The Wall Street Journal!
  • bobcatbilly

    What an ambiguous name - I have to know it blue star mom, or blues...nah, never mind; there would have been another "s."

    Anyway, speaking of Global Warming, I've finally found the time to research the subject and you are absolutely correct - these idiots are a bunch of self serving liars. I'd love to be able to follow the paper trail of their investments. Chances are they're making billions of green on Green.
    Global Warming. My ass! One of Bud's farts has as much effect on the planet as all of the so-called pollutants and de-forestation and whatever other cockamamie crack stem idea they promote. Here's what I know:

    1. Sure, Global Warming is real. So is Global Cooling. So is Life Extinction, which occurred more than once in the history of this incredibly resilient planet.
    2. This planet has endured catastrophes that make our situation now look like heaven on earth. I'm talking about glaciers the size of North America cutting their way into everything in their path...destroying all animal and plant life. I'm talking about meteor strikes that shut the planet down for hundreds of thousands of years. I'm talking about temperature fluctuations that alternated between boiling and near absolute zero. Who caused those things? Shit, were dinosaurs driving cars back then? Were there miles and miles of refineries built by greedy Stegosaurs polluting the atmosphere? Hey Al, were Pterodactyls cutting down forests to make room for condos? I'm asking you these questions because all of the bullshit you tell us to worry about has already happened over and over and over again...without help from man or beast.
    3. Our atmosphere has survived far more trauma than anything humans can inflict...we had nuclear winters thousands of years before the bomb became reality. I suppose Al Gore would say that a chimp discovered relativity theory and built a few hundred 50 megaton bombs. That's about what it would take to disturb our atmosphere and even then, it self-repairs.

    We can spend trillions on solar paneling and cars that run on liver bile; still it will have no effect whatsoever on our environment. Al talks about a hole in the atmosphere. The hole is in his head. Show me the hole, Al. Where the fuck is the hole? I'll tell you where the hole is. It's in our pockets, as you and your crooked cronies bleed of every cent we have because you figured out how to run the greatest scam in history.It's called Global Whoring...for a cause that doesn't exist. Well while you're at it, why not throw in the whole ball of wax. You can include these in threats to the planet:

    The Collective Liberal Dewshbaggery
    Second Hand Pot Smoke...largely caused by you and GW Bush who looked soooo blown away, and why were his pupils always pinned?
    Snot pollution. Don't laugh - does anyone have any idea how much snot is produced on a daily basis by the world's populace? Where does it all go? Can't it be used to fuel cars? The Chevrolet Snotverado
    And sorry, back to farts again, but what an incredible source of natural gas. I guess if you had your way, we would all be walking around with tubes stuck up our assholes...billions of people connected to the Global Fart Recycling Center. I can see the new logo now.

    =======================FART FOR AMERICA====================

    Al Gore! Globally Warm This!!!!
  • 2bluestarmom
    Dear Assmunch! You need to stay off the Acid! I have two sons serving for your fucking ass to get on here and spout off your hateful, retarded bullshit! You are a pathetic piece of crap and you make no sense but to yourself and your libtard friends!

    Suck on that asswipe!
  • bobcatbilly

    You wrote that to me? I am "Assmunch?" I am an "asswipe?" I think you are making a mistake, but I am too sick to explain.
  • bobcatbilly
    To: Ack Ack, Jackie

    The Mouth that Roared
    By Bobcat Billy

    Once upon a time, long, long ago, there lived an ogre that had cast a spell n the land known as UC. This faraway land was called UC because the local inhabitants frequently said to one another, "You see, that ogre must be banished from the land," or at other times, "You see - I told you the ogre was a muff diving bitch with a mouth that can't be closed." Soon afterwards, the ogre was given the name "The Mouth that Roared," because it could be heard, in all its foul and obnoxious ways, from one end of the kingdom to another.

    One day, a Prince rode into town. The King summoned him to his Royal Court.

    "Prince thou Art, (not to be confused with the trusty steed that failed to win a Grade 1 race) You see that Mouth over there? We have tried mightily to banish it from our land but the Mouth will not budge. It is foul smelling, of vomitus and rotting fecal matter. Can you help us?"

    "Your Highness, I am neither magician or dragon slayer, but I have seen this Mouth before and have chased it from many lands such as your own. If you will lay your signature upon this document and pay me the sum of six pence and $42,000 I will rid you of this terrible Mouth."

    "It shall be done then. Go forth, young prince."

    Now this Prince was not a warrior, but he was extremely wise in the ways of the Mouth. Knowing that the Mouth was a fat slob that loved to eat and eat and eat some more, he laid out a table filled with lard and cow droppings. Sure enough, the Mouth found the table and stuffed itself with as much lard and cow shit as it possibly could hold. The gas produced by this unwholesome combination of lard and dung caused it to blow the largest and most powerful fart ever released in the land. In fact, this fart posessed such power and force that the gaseous wind it releaded propelled the Mouth to Kansas, a land of giant basketball players and coaches that cheated. Unbeknownst to the Mouth, this land called Kansas was also home to a large military installation. Within moments of its appearnce there, a great and powerful army launched an attack that the fat and bloated Mouth could not fight off. Within a fortnight, a B-52 was summoned from Omaha in the land of Aksarben. This mighty aircraft dropped a 50 megaton hydrogen bomb on the Mouth and so it was that the Mouth was blown to smithereens, never to return again.

    "Even if it had survived the blast," the Prince said to the King, "It would no longer be the Mouth that Roared."
    "Well then, good Prince, what would it have become?"
    "The Mouth the Snored, your Highness."
  • AckAck
    Bobcatbilly, you're killing me here. I finally put this thing together, never have I seen a headliner on the front page of our local newspaper read like this one, this was a first. People were lined up at bakeries and on corners, in smoke shops and Long John Silvers, pointing to the sky and scratching their heads, jibber jabbing to each other, holding their newspapers, this was mind boggling. No one understood it until now, this explains it! NOW I GOT IT! The head line simply said:


    I had no idea the Mouth was gone!
  • bobcatbilly
    Ack Ack,

    Here we go again. It's 12:50 am EDT and once again, we're laying down the well researched conservative hard line on FARTS! Well, the last this happened Dora took an extended sabbatical. This time? Who knows, but I'll say this - it 'aint easy to plug a dyke. Look at what happened in New Orleans. They should have called it Hurricane Dora. Boy oh boy - I like your headline so much that I want to know if I can use it in my new publication, The Geezer Gazette. There are a thousand stories in the Naked Fartcity. One of them is about a dyke that no one WANTED to plug. Would you? You have to be careful about STD's - Stenchly Transmitted Dora's.

    Are we reliving old times here?

    That little business with the typist yesterday am turned out much differently than I expected. The endocrinologist told me that I needed to keep that Frustrated Gland as empty as possible since 7 of the twelve medications I'm taking are known to cause problems in that area. I told him I can't do it myself and asked if he'd put in a word for Christina - they fired her this morning. I told him that without her my Prostitate Gland would swell to the size of a bowling ball.

    One of these meds makes me drool everytime I nod off. I feel like the mentally retarded piano tuner in the movie "Ivory Keyfart Goes to Washington." It wasn't exactly a smash hit - I think 8 people saw it in my garage. Anyway, it's a musical with great lyrics. Some of the songs are:

    Chet's Nuts Roasting on a Burning Tire
    Slipless in Seattle
    Adolf the Red Blows Reindeer
    If You Didn't Get Lucky Honey, Cum Fuck Me In Kentucky - the theme song for Open Dora's Putrid Flora

    And, if you order now, we'll send you free of charge the Triple Disc Christmas CD that includes favorites like

    I Left My Hard On Santa's Mojo
    I Saw Mommy Watching Santa Pee


    The Best of Burt Backscratch
    Christhmith Time ith Kithen Mine
    Backdoor Baby
    The Twelve Gays of Christmas
    Asylum Night
    You Broke My Fart in San Franpissgo

    ++++++++All Sung By Your Favorite Singers++++++

    Nat Kings Hole
    Johnny Mattress
    Perry Colace
    Michael Jacks in Puddin ' and Pie
    Frank Snotra
    Tony Bent It
    Irv, Whims and Tires
    The Bitch Boys
    Dinah Sore
    Urethra Franksin
    Cold Spray
    Jerry and the Facemakers
    Smokey Robbinsomeone
  • AckAck
    bobcatbilly, yes, the headline is free. I'm not sure what the paper will say but use it any way you see fit.

    Your list was long brother however, you left off my favorite song. "Oh, they caught him eating Oscar Meyers Weinner" by "Cat Licked Himself."

    By the way, Cat lost his job after that song, I think he was an aqua globe salesman. He took us permanent residence in the Bronx and became a devout window shopper. Last I heard of him he was writing a new song called "How much is that doggie in the window?"
  • smith2lev224

    Right now I am sure you would have the courage to humiliate me with names like "drug addict" etc. Only because I am hooked up to life support, receive skin grafts every other day and anti- auto-immune drugs that make it impossible to hold to hold down food or liquid. I am addicted to drugs - drugs that are saving my life...I hope. But someday, when I'm back on my feet, I'd like to see you say these things to my fucking coward. Trust that if that situation ever arose, I would not hesitate to put you where I am now.
  • smith2lev224

    Maybe we should put the dyke cunt on knock off and NOT respond to any of her comments.

    Sarah Palin - she'll win by a landslide in 2012...but when I look in those eyes, I see the end of the world.
  • billyLevine

    At least grow a set and explain. I am not interested in being placated with that four letter word. Nice of you to respond, but why the cowardice? I thought this was a Conservative website, not a hopscotch game for little girls.
  • smith2lev224

    I did not insult you; did not call you names, and I had no intention to hurt you. I simply wanted to show you what I believe can happen if Obama is left to his own devices. Of course it was a gross exaggeration; it's called metaphor or sometimes satire. You did succeed in hurting me, however. I guess I am much too sensitive these days. And Dora, I just don't have the strength to go at it with you.
  • smith2lev224
    Dora, Dora, Dora,

    Yes, you are so right. There is certainly no evidence that anything remotely like this could ever appear in one of our newspapers:

    Obama Announces Appointment of New Anti-Terrorism Director
    Reuters UK
    Washington, DC, November 25, 2022
    Conan McPherson

    President Obama announced yesterday the appointment of Osama Bin Laden to the post of Executive Director, Anti-Terrorism. Mr. Obama spoke to a select group of international press members during tea in the Oval Office. Speaking quite enthusiastically yet rather typically reserved, the President of the United States told reporters, “This is a moment worth savoring. I believe that what I am about to say will dramatically alter the perceptions of America held by both the world at large and the Islamic Community. It is with great respect therefore, that I announce the appointment of a devout Muslim and man of the highest fundamentalist values, Mr. Osama Bin Laden, to the newly created position of Executive Anti-Terrorism Director. Trust me when I say that no one has as much expertise in the ways and means of terrorism as does Mr. Bin Laden.”
  • Dora
    I did not speak badly about your child- I spoke of your hypocrisy, Jackie - and you damn well know it. I am no more interested in your lies and stupidity than I am of your mentor, the Quitter Palin. The smell that you note in the air is your shit for brains.
    ML Smith- your drug induced ramblings are probably viewed as comical by you. You are just not all that. Get over yourself.
  • AckAck
    Lawhora, we have been here since day one. I have seen a lot of good conservatives come and go. I have equally seen a lot idiot liberals come and go. But you Dora, take the cake. I bet you would lose sleep if you did not get to visit UC and spread your vomit around for your liberal friends to lap up ocassionally. You don't know crap from shinoli when it comes to politics, you have no concept of debate and worst of all, you seem, very unhappy. You seem to be full of hate and anger and the only reason you come here is to let it out without fear of "physical conflict." In other words you can bash who ever and what ever with words. Kind of like a coward! You might think about changing your lifestyle Dora...
  • JackieM
    dumb dora--the mention of my child was off limits you damn ignorant BITCH! you have no right bringin my child into any conversation regardless of the context! that is the point and YOUR hypocrisy is so apparent! if you don't like what we have to say and don't want to deal with us, you have the option of leaving this site! get the hint--you and your kind are not wanted here!
  • JackieM
    dumb dora--put a "g" in bringing. i wanted to ensure you are get the WHOLE point since you are levels below us!
  • AckAck
    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

    You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.

    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

    Abraham Lincoln

    Read the above, one by one, very slowly and tell me who Lincoln seemed to be warning us about.

    Jackie, I heard on a local talk show recently that Glenn Beck is now encouraging chapters of "Independents" all over the country. These people are very conservative, most are christians and they cling to no party. THEY CLAIM NOTHING. NOT REPUBLICANS, NOT DEMOCRATS, NOT ANYTHING BUT CONSERVATIVE. Their by-laws are the Constitution of the United States of America. They will chose their candidates on those principles. Sounds like someone finally got it right. All is not doomed.
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    So whaddya' think? It was hard to write the lyrics while listening, but I think I got close.

    Then there's "Unsuffer Me," and "Come On," to name a few. She's one sick puppy, huh? Not really - I think she caught the bad end of things years ago...used a lot by men who were bums. There's a lot of pain and resentment in her lyrics. There's also some of the best instrumentals - the lead guitar is subtle but extraordinary...manages to convey a lot of depression. I can't believe you actually bought it? If you don't like it, sell it to me - I gave my CD to the Gorn. The GORN is the name I call Gary...taken from a Star Trek episode. "Captain Kirk...I grow weary of the chase." He wasn't cute, either. Actually, when we were kids, I called Gary just about anything that starts with "G." It caught on when the World Poker Association was founded by the Simpering Socknose. Gary endured names like Grotlatch, Gort, Gurd, Gorson, Grundlehog, Bathless Groggins, (that's my favorite) and he had a change bank we called Germin. One night, after taking a royal beating at the table, Grotface put Germin on the hood of his car while he searched for his keys. Germin was so dis-Gruntled that he committed suicide, jumping from the hood to the concrete and shatttering into a million pieces. Okay...I know you're going to ask - my name was Wax Balls. We also had Pete, who we called the Large Farquhar.

    Poor Gorundum Chloride. He got over it, though. Hell, he 'aint heavy, he's my brother. Cum together, over me. Oh no you don't!

    Sorry for all this stupidity...I'm nervous because tomorrow I get to stand up. I've never said this before, but I'm scared. Uh huh. Yeah? Will you stop that! She does this on purpose. "I love you Mama you sweet." She tries to get me mad. I can see all the way up- ouch! Some typist - no sense of humor.
  • JackieM
    Did anyone watch any of the interviews with Palin? I saw the Hannity and O'Reilly ones and she was absolutely fabulous! I was so impressed by her views.
  • Dora
    If you discount the lies and the hypocrisy she's just great.
  • JackieM
    dora--i'm sure you are speaking about the lies and hypocrisy of your boy, obama! this list has grown out of control! so keep it up! you continue to speak and I laugh! by the way, my child is doing well, thank you!
  • AckAck
    Dora, list a couple of her lies here please.
  • Dora
    You should have a copy of her book by now, Bubble-brain- the lies are as plain as the blubber on your butt. Do some fact checking instead of buying T and A old man.
    The woman is a vindictive, power-seeking, unqualified quitter who blames all others for her personal failures.
    She is pretty. That does not make her qualified. and, I seriously doubt that if Sarah looked like Susan Boyle or Kate Smith you would give her a second glance.
  • AckAck
    Ha Ha... You don't even know what you are saying when you say it! If she is such a "vindictive, power-seeking, unqualified" person, why are all the liberals in arms?
  • JackieM
    I am laughing at the two idiot liberals on this site. one has the nerve to post after she mentions my child in the mix, which proves she will stoop to the lowest levels and has no ethics, and if I am not mistaken, the other one claims to believe in God! LOL! the two mental cases who also claim to be intelligent. I am proud to say that I use my education and experience and obviously graduated from better schools. Listen to their lies! Dora claims we aren't trying to fix the problems. her and her kind will continue to refuse to admit that the republicans have the answers and obama is now fighting to have to use those theories. it is clear that none of his policies are helping this country. of course, we said this all along. as people are continuing to lose their jobs, the unemployment rates is skyrocketing! this has been all under idiot obama. we are also seeing the fraudalent claims of job creation unfold before our eyes. now people are seeing the real obama and the polls show his decline! jimmy carter was the worst before this moron came into office! even some democrats in congress are saying he is not qualified. before the left winged nuts attempt to speak on our level, which is impossible, they need to work in their own party!
  • JackieM
    I am laughing at the two idiot liberals on this site. one has the nerve to post after she mentions my child in the mix, which proves she will stoop to the lowest levels and has no ethics, and if I am not mistaken, the other one claims to believe in God! LOL! the two mental cases who also claim to be intelligent. I am proud to say that I use my education and experience and obviously graduated from better schools. Listen to their lies! Dora claims we aren't trying to fix the problems. her and her kind will continue to refuse to admit that the republicans have the answers and obama is now fighting to have to use those theories. it is clear that none of his policies are helping this country. of course, we said this all along. as people are continuing to lose their jobs, the unemployment rates is skyrocketing! this has been all under idiot obama. we are also seeing the fraudalent claims of job creation unfold before our eyes. now people are seeing the real obama and the polls show his decline! jimmy carter was the worst before this moron came into office! even some democrats in congress are saying he is not qualified. before the left winged nuts attempt to speak on our level, which is impossible, they need to work in their own party!
  • JackieM
    I am laughing at the two idiot liberals on this site. one has the nerve to post after she mentions my child in the mix, which proves she will stoop to the lowest levels and has no ethics, and if I am not mistaken, the other one claims to believe in God! LOL! the two mental cases who also claim to be intelligent. I am proud to say that I use my education and experience and obviously graduated from better schools. Listen to their lies! Dora claims we aren't trying to fix the problems. her and her kind will continue to refuse to admit that the republicans have the answers and obama is now fighting to have to use those theories. it is clear that none of his policies are helping this country. of course, we said this all along. as people are continuing to lose their jobs, the unemployment rates is skyrocketing! this has been all under idiot obama. we are also seeing the fraudalent claims of job creation unfold before our eyes. now people are seeing the real obama and the polls show his decline! jimmy carter was the worst before this moron came into office! even some democrats in congress are saying he is not qualified. before the left winged nuts attempt to speak on our level, which is impossible, they need to work in their own party!
  • JackieM
    I am laughing at the two idiot liberals on this site. one has the nerve to post after she mentions my child in the mix, which proves she will stoop to the lowest levels and has no ethics, and if I am not mistaken, the other one claims to believe in God! LOL! the two mental cases who also claim to be intelligent. I am proud to say that I use my education and experience and obviously graduated from better schools. Listen to their lies! Dora claims we aren't trying to fix the problems. her and her kind will continue to refuse to admit that the republicans have the answers and obama is now fighting to have to use those theories. it is clear that none of his policies are helping this country. of course, we said this all along. as people are continuing to lose their jobs, the unemployment rates is skyrocketing! this has been all under idiot obama. we are also seeing the fraudalent claims of job creation unfold before our eyes. now people are seeing the real obama and the polls show his decline! jimmy carter was the worst before this moron came into office! even some democrats in congress are saying he is not qualified. before the left winged nuts attempt to speak on our level, which is impossible, they need to work in their own party!
  • JackieM
    I am laughing at the two idiot liberals on this site. one has the nerve to post after she mentions my child in the mix, which proves she will stoop to the lowest levels and has no ethics, and if I am not mistaken, the other one claims to believe in God! LOL! the two mental cases who also claim to be intelligent. I am proud to say that I use my education and experience and obviously graduated from better schools. Listen to their lies! Dora claims we aren't trying to fix the problems. her and her kind will continue to refuse to admit that the republicans have the answers and obama is now fighting to have to use those theories. it is clear that none of his policies are helping this country. of course, we said this all along. as people are continuing to lose their jobs, the unemployment rates is skyrocketing! this has been all under idiot obama. we are also seeing the fraudalent claims of job creation unfold before our eyes. now people are seeing the real obama and the polls show his decline! jimmy carter was the worst before this moron came into office! even some democrats in congress are saying he is not qualified. before the left winged nuts attempt to speak on our level, which is impossible, they need to work in their own party!
  • Dora
    simonesdad- this site has become a minor "yup-yup" circle for 3 or 4 people. UC out of boredom handed it over to another who has posted (or selected others to post) crap that barely get comments if at all. their source of "truth" is World Nitwit Daily, Faux Noise, and the Sludge Report. Those remaining are so proud of their ignorance and divisive rhetoric they don't give a damn about fixing problems- they only look for people to blame for the woes of the world. Sad, sick lives that live in fear, ignorance; suspecting all who disagree with their crap should be run out of the country or hung from a tree. No wonder they oppose education- the jealousy for those with active brains and useful ideas are foreign to them entirely.
  • AckAck
    JackieM, is that your new computer you're using?

    Yes, I watched all the interviews, with Hannity and O'Reilly. I really liked the Hannity interviews but there was something about O'Reilly that sort of ticked me off. I thought he came across as being too pushy. Kind of like, "I'm the all powerful O'Reilly and if I don't like you, nobody will like you." Did you catch that. He is really kind of arrogant. He was very blantant the way he came across with her. He kept telling her what she did wrong and what she should have done.

    Overall, she did just fine. I thought she was the classy lady she is and honestly, I think only the real conservatives are the ones that are not scared of her anyway. The republicans, democrats, independents or anyone who holds onto some kind of liberal values are scared as hell of her. All the pro-choice people and the homosexual movement literally hate her. Even the green house advocates don't like her because of her positive "Drill Baby Drill" attitude on energy. She is such a pure image of conversatism, and we haven't seen that in a politician since perhaps Reagan.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--No, I'm still using my old one but can get on when it lets me. We are still working on our office and are almost through and then we will get a new computer in a few weeks. Yes, I agree with your assessment and love the way Palin stood her ground and showed how intelligent she really is. I love her honesty! obama's lies are building and we are watching!
  • AckAck
    I can't believe this! WHERE ARE ALL THE LIBERALS DEFENDING BHO's FAILED POLICIES? I post on a couple of other sights and they have thinned down there to. Oh well, I guess if you don't have a leg to stand on, then you don't have a leg to stand on - huh?
  • simonesdad2009
    Liberals? Where are all of the liberals? There are 10 posts on this site's homepage and 6 of them with no comments. Where are the Cons and teabaggers and angry white people trying to roll the clocks back to the 1940s and 50s. This is your site. I just come by here to poke a sharp stick at you and watch you foam at the mouth. Ack and Jack, you guys should just talk on the phone. You're the only ones here. This used to be a pretty vibrant site but you two have even drove off your fellow cons. I applaud your work. Better than I could of done myself. Thank you!
  • JackieM
    simonesdad--i'll tell my black friends who are angry at obama and didn't vote for him because they are smart that they are racists because you said so. i'm sure they will laugh at you as they do all liberals! you are good for a laugh!
  • AckAck
    You're funny. LOL - There used to be some pretty good liberals on this site then it got down to old Dora and her foul mouth. She never posted anything that made any sense except her colorful language.

    They left after all of Obama's policies started to back fire and a lot of democrats turned against him for destroying this country.

    Too bad. Wish there were some good liberals with real debate would come along.
  • AckAck
  • smith2lev224

    I forgot a few things. First, thanks for asking...I feel with my fingers mostly. How do most people feel? Sorry, I can't go too long without being stupid. I am feeling much better. One more surgery - nothing big, and then I'm done and I guess I'll get to go HOME!!!!!!!!! HOME HOW SWEET IT IS HOME.

    I forgot to tell you that my son, who is just a lad at 26 and the youngest Assistant US Attorney in the country, adopted Rebecca (5) from China and Sandi, (9 mos) from Senegal. They are both beautiful and smart as all hell. I might be the youngest grandfather in the country too. Who says you shouldn't start early. Well, the marriage was a bust but the result was fantastic.

    I believe very strongly in adoption from countries like China that don't really care if orphaned kids live or die. What's wrong with saving a child? So what if the child is Chinese - these aren't cars, they're little humans. Who was it that made that idiotic and heartless comment? Was it the ear vomiter?

    Ack Ack,

    Yeah, $787,000 sounds like a good paying job - can you believe it costs that much to create one job? This administration has no economic saavy at all. It's PATHETIC!
  • smith2lev224
    Jackie, Ack Ack,

    Jackie, I think the ultimate responsibility for the stimulus fraud lies directly with Obama - his failure to provide comprehensive oversight resulted in some of the most criminal abuses I have ever seen - particularly the bonuses these crooks appropriated (stole) from stimulus $$$ they received. It does raise a very frightening question...who is really in charge?

    I found the rest of the lyrics by Lucinda in "Wrap My Head Around That" and though the song is about oral sex, I think we can draw a parallel to our present leader who stands by and watches the most massive blow job job in history. Here is what it's all about:

    I know more than what you think I saw,
    I saw what I think I seen...
    What was comin' and what was goin' and everything in between.

    What I thought I heard you say and what you really said,
    And what I thought you thought I really thought,
    Was actually in your head,
    And what you meant to tell me,
    And what I meant to say -
    I said to you and then I went the other way.

    I know what you did to me,
    And I know what about we did,
    And who did what to who,
    So who the fuck are you tryin' to kid?

    Is it what I think it might be? Parts of it sure fit the scenario.

    Yours truly,
    Bobcat Billy
  • AckAck
    Billy, I got the CD today "West" and I been listening to it. I been listening to "Wrap my head around that" I even have it on my computer now.
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    According to the latest stats I saw last week, it costs about $780,000 a job. That makes economic sense, doesn't it?
  • AckAck
    Wish'ed they give me a job!
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack, Jackie,

    Another Voice

    I'm sure by now you have both noticed my frequent allusions to Lucinda Williams, a lyracist and vocalist commonly categorized in the "folk" niche. That in itself is a shame because her music is decidedly not "folk." It is "America," in all of it's joy, heartbreak, hope, sadness, yearning and everything else that makes this country of ours such a miracle.

    Conservatism can be explained in many ways, as Ack Ack pointed out to me. (I cannot go on without mentioning Ack's knowledge and willingness to teach me things I needed to know about conservatism) One way is through music. I have never been impressed with "POP MUSIC." Why not? Simple - it is disconnected from the heart of America. Lucinda Williams, on the other hand, is tightly bound to our way of life. She echoes sentiments we have all felt, with rhythm, lyrics, and an instrumental texture that is hypnoticly patriotic. I don't think she has ever been aware of this, but then neither have I until recently...when I began to pay attention the songs that never hit the charts; songs that were far superior to her hits. I blame liberals for that. For the most part they control the music industry, and we are inundated with THEIR message every day.

    Lucinda sings with a drawl that takes you to one of the strongholds of conservative thought - deep within the bayous of America's south, where - coincidentally, some of the best damned music in the world grew up.

    Don't take my word for it. Go out and buy "West" or "Essence" or "World Without Tears" or "Car Wheels on a Gravel Brick Road." Try "West" first, and do this: strtch out, get comfortable, turn the volume way down, and listen to "Wrap My Head Around That." Pay close attention to the instrumentals which are textured and layered - intertwined with her oh so soft but pissed off lyrics. Then move on to the rest of the CD. If you don't hear America talking, something is wrong with your hearing.

    From the desk of Edward Pencilhands,
    Bobcat Billy
  • AckAck
    Billy, I was raised on Southern Music, mainly "Black Gospel" and "Traditional Blue Grass." Real "Country" and some "Country & Western." The "Rock N Roll" came in at a later date in life. The Gospel Music I was raised with, in almost all cases, holds a message both to the shepherd and to his sheep. Blue Grass is mostly enriched with stories about lives both real and fictional. The stories were all held to a minimum in the songs. If it didn't happen to you, it could have happened to someone else. All were believable.

    My wife is heavily into christian music and can download almost anything on her I-Phone, I am going to let her take a stab at locating the albums you mentioned and downloading them.

  • JackieM
    Billy, you are right about what America is really all about. I'm from the South and do think the best music in the world originated from here. I am having so much trouble with my computer shutting down on me and we are in the process of redoing a place in our house so I'll buy another one soon. I said that to say that I want to respond here to something you posted earlier. Please tell your brother that I can relate to his adoption and think it is fantastic! That event really opened my eyes to the world more than ever! How are you feeling today? Your posts are on target as usual!
  • AckAck
    2bluesmom, jackieM, BobCat, I couldn't help laugh when I read this article about some of the stimulus money and where it's going. BOTTOM LINE IS, they don't know where most of it went. But what scares me is when ABC, CBS, NBC and other big news reports on this. I immediately expect it to be a lie but read the following reported by ABC and see what you think.

    Here's a stimulus success story: In Arizona's 15th congressional district, 30 jobs have been saved or created with just $761,420 in federal stimulus spending. At least that's what the Web site set up by the Obama administration to track the $787 billion stimulus says.

    Discrepancies on government web sites call into question stimulus spending.There's one problem, though: There is no 15th congressional district in Arizona; the state has only eight districts. And ABC News has found many more entries for projects like this in places that are incorrectly identified.

    Late Monday, officials with the Recovery Board created to track the stimulus spending, said the mistakes in crediting nonexistent congressional districts were caused by human error. "We report what the recipients submit to us," said Ed Pound, Communications Director for the Board. (So, lets get this straight now - I can apply for and receive federal money and not even have to know where I live?)

    Pound told ABC News the board receives declarations from the recipients - state governments, federal agencies and universities - of stimulus money about what program is being funded.

    "Some recipients clearly don't know what congressional district they live in, so they appear to be just throwing in any number. We expected all along that recipients would make mistakes on their congressional districts, on jobs numbers, on award amounts, and so on. Human beings make mistakes," Pound said. (So, let's see now - Just throw in any old number and you get a check!)

    The issue has raised hackles on Capitol Hill. Rep. David Obey, D-Wisc, who chairs the powerful House appropriations Committee, issued a paper statement demanding that the Web site be updated.

    "The inaccuracies on that have come to light are outrageous and the Administration owes itself, the Congress, and every American a commitment to work night and day to correct the ludicrous mistakes." (I bet they will get that done right away.)

    All this scares me but when it gets reported by ABC, CBS, NBC or other radical news reporting outlets, IT REALL SCARES THE * * * * OUT OF ME! The truth is, THEY LIE! However, in this case, I have to agree it's good...
  • JackieM
    AckAck and Billy--the "stimulus" fraud is just a perfect example of how corrupt this administration is. there are no excuses. now please correct me if I'm wrong but didn't idiot biden say that obama put him in charge of oversight of the stimulus dollars? I remember this rhetoric in one of his many dumb speeches. so if biden didn't do his job and obama is his boss, shouldn't both of them be fired/impeached/thrown out? now isn't that the way it is supposed to work in America unless you are a part of organized crime and can get away with it a little longer? now biden warned us a long while ago that some of the money would be wasted. ha! how about all of the money being wasted? that is a more accurate statement. what in the hell are obama's supporters thinking? I have come to the conclusion that there are defined groups of idiots that still support this SOB--unions, majority of blacks, college idiots until they can't get jobs, and liberals (they want to destroy our country). now there may be more digusting and despictable "its" but I think that should cover the majority of them. soros is investing in humana! does that say anything about whose pockets will be lined when/if this huge healthcare plan failure goes through? david, who is a liberal and posts here periodically, said that republicans are in bed with the insurance companies. well, what in the hell is soros and who is he in bed with? why is it ok for obama and his best friend soros to snuggle with these people when the American people will be screwed as a result? liberals are fools and I will continue to say they are the reason there are so many ignorant kids coming out of the school systems and why our country is headed towards being a third world country unless the few smart people left stop it.
  • AckAck
    JackieM, here is another pisser that I neither understand of accept. Since I spent a number of years in Indianapolis, Indiana politics concerns me.

    GOP Senator supports leftis judge nominee

    WASHINGTON (AP) - Some congressional Republicans are threatening a filibuster to block confirmation of a federal appeals court nominee because of his religious rulings. But they won't get the support of Indiana GOP Senator, Richard Lugar.

    In 2005, Judge David Hamilton ruled that the Indiana House of Representatives could not open its sessions with prayers that mentioned Jesus Christ or used terms like "savior."

    Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions noted that Hamilton was willing, however, to allow a Muslim cleric to offer invocations that mention Allah.

    But fellow Republican Richard Lugar of Indiana, who supports Hamilton, said the judge was simply allowing use of the Arabic word for God in non-sectarian invocations.

    Sessions noted that Judge Hamilton also prohibited placement of a menorah in a public building.

    A key vote on Hamilton's nomination to a federal appeals court is expected today.

    A number of pro-family groups have spoken out against Hamilton.

    Along with concerns about the prayer issue, they point out that he has been a vice-president of the Indiana chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union and has been a fundraiser for the controversial ACORN group. Go figure huh?
  • AckAck
    JackieM, gotta go one farther than Obama and Biden knowing the money would be wasted, hell, they don't even know who got most of it or what it went for. Obama's policy is to appoint a czar and that clears him of any responsiblity.

    Did you all see the new one on ACORN? There's a good example of being in bed with someone who's powerful in maffia type politics. Namely, OBAMA! I have said this before and I will say it again, if nothing is happening over the country, just go to Chicago and there you will find it. For decades strong arm politicians have been in bed with the maffia. That's how Obama was raised in his politics. IN YOUR FACE - NOT HIS!
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Thanks. I guess I have to go through a whole new registration process.
  • smith2lev224
    To: Urbanservative
    From: smith2Lev224
    Subject: Name Change

    "smith2Lev224" is a real pain when your name should be EdwardPencilhands because that's the only way I can type right now, with pencil erasors taped to my fingers.

    Can't I change my name to BobcatBilly? It's easier to type and therefore less painful. Come on guys, have a heart for an old altar boy.
  • AckAck
    This is not UC but I now pronounce you BOBCATBILLY! Ladies and Gentlemen of UC,
    P R E S E N T I N G -------bobcatbilly.

    There it's done, you are officially BOBCATBILLY. I like it.
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    You made some great points - things I haven't considered, just I have allowed myself to forget the Natural Order of Things

    Sometimes it takes a brush with death for some of us to find true meaning in our lives. I am one such person. This week I have played and re-played the tapes; un-edited footage of a life filled with hatred, shame and despair - my life. My mind a biological DVD player, it has shown me things I have chosen not see throughout my life. I saw myself as a young child; innocent and thirsty for knowledge and experience. As an adult, I have found it easier to portray my youth in a negative light, but the truth is much different. I was a nice kid. I had the capacity to love and be loved. There wasn't an ounce of meaness in me. I didn't notice differences in color, culture or beliefs and it seemed that I always looked for the goodness in others, not flaws. I was alive and connected to something much greater than myself - God.

    Time and experience shaped my world in ways that would eventually erase the innocence and replace it with resenment, fear, bigotry, hatred and a need to retaliate against a God that I believed had abandoned me in my times of need. I became arrogant and with that I developed an overwhelming need to compare and to judge others according to the twisted values that fit me so comfortably. I believed that I was entitled to happiness. I believed that I could not be happy as an equal to others; I desperately needed to feel superior.

    The path I chose when the road forked was not less traveled. It was populated with others just like me; others who had also learned the ways of comfort and the pursuit of righteousness. I had many friends and enjoyed the pleasures of life with no thought for the suffering of others. I had no idea where I was headed; no awareness that I was lost - I knew only that I was making incredibly good time.

    I looked right into their eyes,
    Said I'm not like the other guys.
    They told me that they liked me,
    They said they wanted to be with me,
    They looked right into my eyes,
    Said I wasn't like the other guys.
    I told myself I was okay,
    I said I had no price to pay,
    Now look at where I am today,
    What I thought I knew of what I didn't know,
    Was just another ticket to the wicked below. *

    Conservatism is not hatred; it is neither right nor wrong in the eyes of is opinion and the one thing that sets democracy apart from dictatorships is our right to have one. However, those who use its tenets to exclude, demean, humiliate or retaliate with hatred are cheating on God's natural order.



    If I move opinion up in this heirarchy, what happens? Are we willing to sacrifice family, love or kindness for opinion?

    In reconsidering my reply to a comment about Thanksgiving dinner, I felt nothing but shame and sadness for diluting everything that Conservatism stands for.

    *My paraphrase of lyrics to Wrap My Head Around That, (West) L. Williams
  • JackieM
    Billy, wow! I read your last post several times. Thank you so much for sharing. I can relate it to some things in my own life. When faced with certain death by the hands of another, I knew that I was the only one who could change my life and that was the time my life turned around! I can't claim to even imagine what you have gone through but just know you are teaching me a lot!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, there is a guy named Brian Brown and I get some news letters from him from time to time. I got the one below and thought it merrited posting here on UC. I left the links in it in case anyone wanted to read further on this issue:

    All Christians are called to follow the Beatitudes. Since our nation’s founding, America in particular has benefited from the fact that churches have united together to feed the poor, clothe the naked, care for the fatherless and motherless, and comfort the sorrowful. This has always been an underlying task the churches have taken on for centuries.

    But right now, in our nation's capital, the City Council is poised to beat down the church's ability to fully embrace and act out its Gospel message.

    Astonishingly, members of the City Council of the District of Columbia, led by Chair Vincent Gray and David Catania, are pushing a same-sex marriage bill that will force the Catholic Church (and other churches) out of providing for the least of these. You can read about the attack on the church here. (Sorry the links did not follow the paste but this is being backed by the ACLU and the gay movement.)

    The Washington Post's headline for this article is: Catholic Church Gives D.C. Ultimatum. This is absurd. It is the District of Columbia who is giving the Catholic Church an ultimatum: Either go against the core truth of both reason and faith that marriage is the union of a man and a woman or we will punish you and limit your ability to live out your faith in the public square.

    I testified a week ago before the city council on the same-sex marriage bill. Mr. David Catania showed his true colors by his disrespectful behavior and false statements with regard to the facts. You can watch my testimony by clicking here (starts at the 04:46:20 mark). As I walked out, a number of African-American pastors and leaders applauded, thankful that we were willing to stand up and expose the lies that Mr. Catania is peddling in the District. NOM will continue to fight for the District of Columbia's right to religious freedom and a vote.

    Don't be fooled. This is not only about the Catholic Church. This is about every faith in this nation that knows and teaches that marriage is the union of one man and one woman. If bills like the one proposed in the District are passed we will all be treated as second-class citizens.

    We've said all along that there is a direct threat to religious liberty posed by the redefinition of marriage. David Catania, Vincent Grey and other city council members have proven our point. They are saying to all of us: if you believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman you are a bigot, and we will treat you as such, and punish your religious institutions.
  • Bobcat Billy
    David Catania is so far off the mark that I cannot take him seriously...well, I prefer not to but I must because characters like him are dangerous.

    How many thousands of years has marriage been a union between man and woman? Enough to suggest that there is good reason for ritual and tradition, whether it be in the eyes of God or a city council. When people begin to play with tradition and ritual they threaten the underpinnings of civiliztion. Besides, no political entity should ever attempt to dictate to relgious belief. This is in our constitution, and it is referred to as "separation of church and state."

    Gay marriage is completely antithetical to that separation. The fact is that gays can live and think as they choose. No one is suggesting that they can't. But they cannot defy law. If they could, what might be next? Marriage between man or woman and animal? Can I get a marriage license to marry Zenyatta, the mare that won the Breeder's Cup Classic? This may sound like a joke but I do not mean it that way - it is simply an example of what happens when a door that has been locked for thousands of years is suddenly opened to every deviant crackpot that wants a piece of that apple, and we know what happened the last time someone took a bite of it.

    Nothing is preventing gays from living together. If they insist on extending the tradition of same sex marriage to gays, they are diluting the very same tradition they say has meaning to them. It is an enormous conradiction and it reflects thinking that is both irrational and potentially damaging to civilization.
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    I don’t shave as often as I once did. There’s a good reason for that but I’ll save it for later. Well, I will tell you this - the last time I looked closely in the mirror, I saw something that really got me out of whack. Gray has somehow managed to find my face. How the hell does that happen? Last I knew I was young...not a kid but 34 - did they change the category brackets? I mean come on, 34 isn’t even middle aged - or at least it wasn’t but I guess things change. It doesn’t make much sense since life expectancy is on the upswing.

    Okay, so I’m now middle aged. I suppose I can live with that. Salt and pepper stubble lends itself well to my newly acquired mid-life slacker image, and yeah, “mature” is a lot easier to accept than the next two stops, which I assume are “older” as in “older man,“ and the last stop before the hereafter - “old.” After that it’s the Boris Karloff makeover and with it admission to the post retirement community in the sky. Scrabble, anyone?

    Aging sucks. Who do we blame for this cruel progression? I blame Einstein, and why not? The man was old when he was born - trust me, I’ve seen the photos. I’ve done the research too, and I’ll let you in on this; he enjoyed an advantage most of us can’t because we’re too damned decrepit to appreciate it -


    You won’t find the word in Webster’s - I made it up. So what? You gotta’ problem with that? I’ll tell you what you can do with your problem - become a do-it-yourself proctologist and send it to Outgoing Only, Mianus, Ct. 36486.

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Let the world know you’re real name is F.U. Gagnasty and you don’t give a flying gazebo what anyone thinks. Be just as offensive as you want - and don’t fret about hurting anyone’s feelings. Too bad you can’t have it both ways. Either its mister nice guy, the old man everybody loves to despise or Willy Fightback, the Incredible Geezer that everybody pretends to love. I think it will come easily to me...and that too. Fight keeps the adrenaline level high and with that you get an extra helping of testosterone. On the flip side, flight saps you - shrinks your balls until they look like a pair of baby acorns.

    See that UC - I stayed on topic.

    The Einstein theory works on a number of levels. First you understand that he knew everything there is to know about aging. It’s in his equation and relativity theory has nothing in common with those obnoxious slobs that clutter your life with an endless run of commitments that you’ll never keep anyway because you can’t even remember your own birthday and Saturday doesn’t come before Thursday no matter how often you do. Besides, reality is a bunch of crap for people that need order in their lives. I say the hell with the goddamned vacuum cleaner! God made dust for a reason; to cover up dirt. Anytime I have visitors, my opening line is always “Try not to notice the dust.” That way they don’t think beyond the superficial veneer of gray to the underlying layer of filthy slime that protects my wood floors.

    Einstein said that all matter is unstable and therefore decays at a rate proportional to mass. That’s why fat people die sooner than thin ones, just as plutonium breaks down faster than credit card bills. I know - you don’t believe me. Well how come the original parchment that Jefferson, Hancock and Adams wrote on is still around while all three cashed it in a couple hundred years ago? Paper has far less mass than water and something like 80 percent of the human body is water. We evaporate ourselves to death. That’s why Russians live longer than we do - they never drink water; only vodka. I figured that one out when I was 30, and now I’m really only 34 even though I was born in 1946. I’ll probably live to 200 because I never bought into vodka - liquid nitrogen is much lighter than vodka and if you drink enough of it like I do, you’re practically immortal.

    All of this may seem ridiculous to you but curmudgeonry and conservatism are one and the same. Tell me you haven’t noticed that conservatives like us hate better than anyone. Check this out. It takes a helluva a lot more energy to hate than to love and burning up all that energy makes you lighter and so you live longer. Tell you what - get yourself Jorma Kaukonen’s CD called Vital Parts, (Jorma - originally with JA and then Hot Tuna) and listen to the flagship track called “To Hate is to Stay Young.”

    What more do you need to know? Ah, I thought there might be some creative advantage to delirium but I sound like a Pennzoil commercial.
  • AckAck
    BobCatBilly, I need to talk to you about that bracket catagory thing referring to AGE! Age being the number of years, months, weeks, days, hours and seconds you have survived what ever it is that society has bestowed upon us. Age has nothing to do with the condition of the body. The condition of the body has everything to do with the events of a lifetime. In other words, some of us die early, some of us die late, I think they refer that to old age. That is usually a direct result of events, or occurances that effect us personally. Drive 100mph everyday and you might die early. Run horzontially out in front of a firing range, you might die early. I'm sure by now you are absorbing some of what I mean here.

    Now, on the middle age thing. You're a very smart fella so I know you understand this. If you die young, oh, let's say 30ish or so. That makes middle age 15. If you die at 70, middle age is 35. If you are going to live to 140, like I am, middle age is 70. I am there now. Middle age is something you wait for but you don't look forward to. Strange thing is, YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU GET THERE! It just keeps occupying the mind but never surfaces. So, the best thing to do is FORGET ABOUT IT!

    On to the Einstein theory of gravity. I did learn about graviey in school but never learned how to deal with it. Every damn time I trip and fall, I hit the ground. Now if someone would come up with a theory that would prevent me from hitting the ground, I would be interested. Otherwise, "WHAT GOES UP - MUST COME DOWN!" I learned that in Aviation School. Matter of fact, I think you taught me that...

    Pennzoil commercials are not all bad. But the new word, 'CURMUDGEONRY" and the "CONSERVATIVE" being that of the same... Hummmmmmm, gotta think that one over. Simply because I don't know what either of them stand for anymore... I love the new word and I will write Mr Webster to see if we can get it listed and come up with a true definition.

  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Read it again. I am 100% sure the word "gravity" is not mentioned.
    Relativity theory and instability of elements are implied, but you make an
    even better point. You said something that HIT HOME HARD.

    "Run horizontilly in front of a firing range and you might die early." I
    think I've been doing that for most of my life.

    Thanks for opening my eyes. Oh, by the way, the Curmudgeonry thing was meant
    to make a person laugh, that's all. If there is any truth in it, it is
    purely accidental.

    You continue to teach me things I wish I knew years ago. I sure hope it's
    not too late.
  • AckAck
    Smith, it is never too late if even for a day, an hour, an minute or second. The life we have was God given, not man given, IF there any problems with that it's on my end not his. He did two good things when he gave me this life. First, he gave me the life - Second, he put me in charge of it. If it gets screwed up, it's me. This is reality, not theory, I AM IN CHARGE OF IT! I may let people dictate, lead and teach me things of difference, but bottom line, I AM IN CHARGE of my life.

    I learned this more than 30 years ago when I found myself at the bottom of an utterly hopeless, bottomless pit, bankrupt in every aspect of my life. Mentally, physically, spiritually and financially. No way to go but up - couldn't go any further down. On April 30, 1979, I made a decision to take into consideration some of the things my mother taught me. Number one and the greatest thing I ever considered is that there is a God. Number two was that he gave me a way to identify with him if I wanted to. After that things fell into place. I slowly pulled myself from that pit and made a life for myself, to include those around me that one can only dream of. There is never a day goes by that I don't thank my maker for allowing me to experience the things I did in life and survive it. For it is those experiences that make me what I am today. It is those very experiences that tells me to never go back. I am a very good person today and I like me, I would not go back and change any of those experiences I have because if I did, I might not be the person I am toady.

    You wrote some very special and powerful words in your last post. It makes me feel so good to know I can believe what you write. I can relate to them all in every area of my life. KEEP IT UP!
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    I fully believe everything you said and identify with a lot of it. Thanks
    for the inspiration.

    It's weird. I must have been in a bad zone yesterday but today I feel
    renewed. I think the comments from you and Jackie helped.

    Browser problems are preventing me from accessing the blog. So until I get
    that fixed I will have to "respond in the body." Sounds spiritual, doesn't

    Talk to you later.
  • smith2lev224

    Something weird about how they do this "Reply in the Body" e-comments - they appear in the strangest locations on the thread and I don't know if you got my last on Hassan. Anyway, he's a goner - when they get done sucking the intel out of him then they'll announce that yes, it was in fact a terrorist attack. Wait and you'll see.

    Ack Ack, don't you think I should get a prenup before the wedding? Ah, doe-rah will never ever consider marrying me and listen here, buddy, she hates my guts. Even when she knows I'm half dead she comments nasty. "Smithie" doesn't mean a thing. Damn, I used to try to be nice to her but you can't get anywhere with her. She's emotionally barren - not even capable of being flattered when I say I'm in love with her. Oh, I forgot. Orientation. But that doesn't mean anything either...I spent two years with one and it was great. I learned how to become a certified dildographer. Got pretty good at it, too.

    Jackie, I can't remember if I said anything that offended you. If I did I am truly sorry. You're a good person and I hope we can get along. Funny, I don't get too many visitors here - even my friends shy away - I think seeing me like this makes them uncomfortable. Only my partner comes by every day. It's pretty lonely here. I tend to think too much and second guess myself - like maybe I'm losing my instincts or maybe I should quit or maybe I should be dead - it goes on and on. Thank God for you, 2blue and Ack.

    I saw a letter to the editor in the Post and the guy said narcs were all filth that should be put out to pasture or sent to jail where the poor innocent people they framed can get their revenge. It's true most of us are conservatives but how can we not be? We get to deal with dregs of society and most of them get off on stupid technicalities. I figure we fight the same way on these streets as we do in the middle east - we don't fight to win. We fight by rules that were made to protect criminals, not victims. We spend most of our time locking up kids who just don't know how to survive any other way out there, but we leave the heavy hitters alone - too much paperwork for the ADA's. The whole law enforcement system is a liberal playground. Yeah, we make mistakes just like we do in war - when somebody makes a sudden move that looks like he's going for his gun we're supposed to just stand there and wait for our brains to be blown to bits. IAD is all over us constantly. Every shooting is an Al Sharpton show in the making. Shit, I believed that I was always doing the right thing and trying to protect people from OD's and drive by's and clean up school zones where the bastards sell to kids as young as 9 years old. CJ is a giant revolving door built by Aunt Libby. I hate it all.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Gooooood morning, Vietnam!! Oh, that's right, this is Amerika! Gee, how could I forget that one?

    Good morning Patriots! How you doin Smith? I'm a nurse, so I understand your isolation. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
  • smith2lev224

    I hope you meant Patriots as in patriotic and not the football team. I was temporarily creeped out because I was born and partially raised in Philly.

    Thanks for your kind words - they mean a lot to me. So you're a nurse, huh? From what I can tell, it's an incredibly hard job, and sometimes thankless too. How do you handle the codes? I don't think I could stand the emotional part of losing a patient. I guess you have to have a thick skin.

    Well I only know it now from the other end - they tell me it took 2 minutes to bring me back. Supposedly, that's not so bad - some are much longer and some come back with only half their brain function, or less...Vegetable City, USA. they come so i have to sign off. They say Abu Ghraib was bad...this is worse. I'm waiting for them to waterboard me.


  • 2bluestarmom
    Smithie, hope your doin better now.

    I've been at UC for over a year.

    Many idiots have come and gone. Some still hang on like the parasites they are, as no one else puts up with their "mentally challenged" rhetoric.

    I personally owe them nothing.

    I won't apologize for being me. They stereotype you with the same bs they throw at everyone. Quite frankly, I've been hearing this crap for decade and it doesn't fly with me anymore.

    My walls are up to them. We have to save our country and I am not going to be distracted, go off course by a bunch of swarming gnats.
  • JackieM
    2blue--I am the same way. there are no excuses for liberals/democrats so we shouldn't even attempt to communicate with the SOBs any longer. they are snakes that are ruining our country so I don't tolerate them for a second no matter what environment I'm in. they are cut to the quick. I was speaking with another mom last night and said something about obama. now you know there is nothing that is positive about obama that I could say and still tell the truth. she just looked at me like I had three heads. I just continued the conversation as if everyone was smart enough to know he is a moron. her expressions were priceless! his supporters don't have a leg to stand on and will try to hide who they really are but they are easy to spot. i am also teaching my child the difference between good people and bad. there is no difference in obama and some other criminals out there because my child will pay a heavy price for the rest of his life and will be in a prison of sorts due to less freedoms and higher taxes thanks to that SOB unless he is thrown out of office! I won't apologize for telling the truth and teaching my child the difference between good and evil and right and wrong! everyone will pay a heavy price for voting that idiot into office and the people responsible for doing so should be held accountable!
  • JackieM
    2blue--by the way there will be no liberals/democrats sitting at our Thanksgiving or Christmas table this year or any other year. they are not welcomed in our home because we are true Americans and believe in God and all he teaches us!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, most things are pretty clear anymore. Not that I understand all them but DIRECTIONS can be determined by what has been happening in our past. There is another revolution rising up in America and it will peak by 2010 and run through the next 6 years after that. That period is that of Obamas last 2 years in office and the 1st term of a new president. "History repeats itself" how many times have you heard that in your lifetime? Well, I believe it because the past has proven that when you have something good and you lose it, most will go back and look for it. That's what is happening right now as we write our little blogs. People are looking for, longing for and going back for those good things and the good times.

    Barack Obama is setting the stage for a conservative tidal wave in politics. Jimmy Carter’s weakness in foreign relations and failed economic policies paved the way for the Republican revolution led by Ronald Reagan. Now, President Obama’s timid foreign policy and socialist economic policies are paving the way for a new conservative revolution. That is evident by his followers and how much his popularity has dropped since he has been in office.

    Sara Palin has another book coming out: "Palin Nation" I am sure you have seen a picture of it by now. It's not on the stands yet, but it is already shyrocketing in the numbers. This revolution can be led by Sarah Palin if she will capitalize on the mistakes and missteps of the Obama administration. This book presents six broad strategies that will help Sarah Palin take full advantage of the reasons President Obama’s approval rating fell so precipitously following the traditional post-election honeymoon.

    These strategies will allow Sarah Palin to do what Reagan did when running against Carter: take full advantage of broad grassroots appeal to restore America’s confidence, get government out of the pockets of taxpayers, reinvigorate the free market, encourage entrepreneurship and the traditional work ethic, restore America’s position as leader of the free world, command the respect of our allies and enemies, eliminate America’s entitlement mentality, and remind American’s that government is the problem, not the solution.

    I do believe that Sarah Palin will be that person. As I have stated dozens of times in these blogs, she has what it takes to fit in that socket right now. She represents all those things that have been lost over time and she represents those things that true conservatives want to restore in our society in our nation as a whole.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--it is quite interesting to watch the damn liberals/democrats hang themselves. however, as usual they will blame the "other guys" for their problems. it is also quite stupid that they are being given a roadmap by the American people and they refuse to listen. they are being told they are not representing the people and obama and his fools are continuing down their own liberal path. they are destroying themselves from the inside and taking America down with them. right now obama is overseas. I am relieved I guess because he was doing nothing but causing problems while he was here. I would love to make a suggestion to him that he can move himself and his family to any socialist country of his choosing and I would help pay for his trip and assist in raising money for the rest. he refuses to solve the economic crisis that he caused since he came into office so he dashes out of the country. hmmm! criminals do that also!
  • AckAck
    JackieM, not only do they (liberals/democrats) hobble around with one foot in their mouth, they turn the blind side on what is really happening in America and the world today. As long as they can make their followers believe what they say, they really think all is okay.

    I have good tidings of great joy for the conservative people in America - BETTER TIMES ARE A COMING! As the Obamacrats go deeper in the loosers column, the conservatives are gaining momentum in their column. This is good for the Repulicans because we know, most conservatives will vote republican. But, just maybe if a VERY CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE gets in, like Sarah Palin, the middle (Independents) will also fall in line.

    Let's face it, I have no worries that ALL the people who voted for Obama will do that again. You have the ghetto crowd, if not rewarded with more welfare and free gifts, will not leave their government owned dwellings to go vote for him again. Also, you have those folk that thought they were doing the right thing when they voted. will not vote again for him. Obama got a lot of votes he will never get again. Those of the real conservative tribe who did not go out before will now go out.

    Bottom line, I think 2010 and 2012 will be the years of the conservative party again.
  • JackieM
    I was just watching a program on MSNBC with newt, sharpton and that idiot crony obama put in charge of education. you know, the guy who is from CHICAGO's failed school system. obama and his supporters believe in the philosophy that if you are a failure, you should be promoted. so, of course, this nut will further destroy our educational system. now that guy was all rhetoric with no substance. no one addressed the fact that until parents are held accountable for their children, everything that is done will fail. teaching parents to be parents is great as long as their are harsh consequences to go along with that. however, since we have a liberal education system, that punishment will never happen and entitlements will only grow and fail to produce the desired outcome. how sad! why do democrats/liberals always skirt around every issue instead of solving problems? as you mentioned earlier, history is a great indicator of our future depending on the decisions we make. democrats/liberals are ignoring history at all costs right now because it proves they are failures. only the ignorant will buy into their garbage and we are seeing this.

    the problem I have with the next election is that there is a big population of people in this country that have had their entitlements/welfare increased under obama so I am sure they love him. deadbeats/losers always take the easy path to provide for their families. another segment doesn't give a damn about the issues and just wants a black person that has the title of leader. so those two groups will vote for obama. however, I hope the rest of the country (excluding the mentally ill liberals) will wake up! who in the hell knows how most of the idiots in college will vote. they won't be able to get jobs so maybe that will wake them up. of course, they are taught by a lot of liberals so they may not be able to add up the facts and realize obama is the cause.
  • smith2lev224

    I must have changed a lot in one year. You wrote that last year and I think I attacked you for it. Now it seems very correct. You know what? There might be hope for some liberals. All they need is to have their brains scrambled by an IED. Maybe I should be glad it happened.
  • JackieM
    smith2lev224--all I know is that you are a great person that has worked extremely hard for our country and I appreciate that very much!
  • JackieM
    2blue--by the way there will be no liberals/democrats sitting at our Thanksgiving or Christmas table this year or any other year. they are not welcomed in our home because we are true Americans and believe in God and all he teaches us!
  • AckAck
    Get ready in 2012 - SARAH PALIN will be the first female (lady) president in the United States of America! Democrats, Republicans and the population in general cannot resist her. Everywhere she shows up she makes headlines. Her book is already on the best seller list and it isn't even out yet! The very sound of her name makes LIBERALS shutter in their tracks. She can speak in a foreign country and she makes headlines in liberal publications all over America.

    I was watching Hannity and he had Chuck and Gena Norris as guests. Chuck literally said "ALL POLITICIANS HAVE BEEN WAY TOO BUSY BEING POLITICIANS TO SERVE THE PEOPLE ANYMORE." I thought that explained it all. It basically stated what's wrong with the Democrat party and what has happened to the Republican party.

    All is not lost. There are millions of people who want and respect the constitution and will stand up again to defend it. Obama's days are numbered. HE WILL BE A ONE TERM PRESIDENT! If he isn't impeached before his first term is up.
  • smith2lev224


    Funny, or not so, but I was thinking earlier that it always seems to come down to the same three or four people who are able to think and breathe at the same time. You did a much better job of describing that than I could have. Here we are again.

    Where's the Ackmonster?

    Have a good night.

  • AckAck
    SMIFFY, wake up - I got some news about your bride to be. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Not on UC anyway. You guys might want to think about crusing on down Mexico way or somewhere south of the border. You can pick me up in mid-flight and I will extend my vacation to include MEXICO. Or, have you changed your mind? Let me know...
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Please don't even mention the name. I got big problems here. McAfee Anti-Virus software is corrupt and slowly taking down my whole system - I'm sure Gary will be pleased to know that I destroyed his computer.

    Worse I am very sick and getting worse fast. Fever now 105.3 - I don't like it when I become a Hip Hop radio station.

    I'll get back to you as soon as I cool down.
  • JackieM
    I really hate to hear that you are worse! I hope you get to feeling better soon! I'm pulling for you!
  • smith2lev224

    Delirium is phenomenal. Thanks, by the way. I just told Bud that there are all these Disney characters flying around. Hey, you're a nurse so you might understand this. I think ther's something called Chronic Invisibility Syndrome.

    In the DSM-lV, CIS is an Axis ll diagnosis characterized by intermittent and sometimes prolonged periods of physical transparency. Symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

    1. Inability to be seen by others
    2. Concurrent and episodic feelings of invisibility marked by verbalophobia - a transient fear of being heard but not seen
    3. Avoidance of physical contact
    4. Gastro-esophageal reflux in retentus. This is a good thing. Sometimes that shit makes you puke. Can you imagine seeing a projectile vomit coming from nowhere? Better yet, it comes shooting out of Dora's left earlobe. It would be shocking, but it would also explain a lot.

    I really have way too much time to think here. Why was I writing that ridiculous thing? You wouldn't believe the things that go through my mind. Uh, maybe you would. Jesus, they brought me a mirror today - I look like a mummy. No, it's worse than that. I need to shave because there are areas of good skin still left on my face and little beards are growing out of them. Actually, I look like a Bobcat.

    I can get free healthcare, can't I?

    I think I'll start a taxi service called Bobcat Billy's.
  • JackieM
    Billy--Actually I think 2Blue is the nurse. My career is in the business/investment world. The thought of anything to do with medical things makes me queasy! LOL! I can't take it at all! Anyway, your sense of humor is making me smile and laugh! How you do it is beyond me. We should be making you laugh but I'm exhausted and out of jokes for tonight! Oh well, I guess there is tomorrow. I hope you get a great night's rest!
  • smith2lev224

    Sorry. The attick is still cluttered with bits and pieces of stupidity.

    You made my day by saying I made you laugh. I hope it was Dora's ear that
    did it.
  • JackieM
    Well, now you and AckAck are entertaining me! I hope you are feeling better!
  • smith2lev224

    Thanks once again. I spoke to Bud last night and he sounded just like I
    imagined. I think your smile and laugh are the same as I picture, too.

    I'm drifting so I'll talk to y'all later...

  • JackieM
    Billy, Bud is definitely a great person! You will have a great friend in him as I do! There are good people in this world but they are becoming harder to find. I do laugh a lot, especially since the adoption. He brings us so much joy. Without going into details here on this public forum, I can say he has been through so much in his little short life and God had to be watching over him. There is no way a little soul could have survived the way he did without some devine intervention, especially with the positive attitude that he has. I can't believe he made it through. Every bit of work you have done in your life has helped so many people in so many ways. You have made a difference in this world, Billy, and I am proud to know you! I know you are going through a rough time right now but Bud and I are pulling for you! Please remember that!
  • smith2lev224

    Your comments made a gigantic difference. Thank you.

    My brother adopted a child from China a few years ago. She is extroadinary.
    I think I know what you are feeling - Gary tells me the same things.

    You saved a life. That child would most likely have died or endured
    unimaginable suffering if you had't taken him out of there. I really admire
    you for that - it takes a lot of courage and resolve. It doesn't surprise me
    that you have both.

    Have a great day.
  • smith2lev224

    I clicked too many times. Sorry.
  • AckAck
    Gooooooood Morning 2bluestarmom, I love your web site. How do you find time to do all that? You are one PATROTIC WOMAN... I love patrotic women. (and patrotic people in general but there is something VERY special about a woman being REALLY, REALLY patrotic) I have one such woman at home - this one is my boss, literally, and keeps me in line. (most of the time)

    There are patrotic people and then there are patrotic people who go beyond the call of duty. One such person is smith2lev224. I am guilty of not identifying those among us that go that distance to keep our streets safe. And those who would change our diapers when we are sick. Most of the time you don't even know who most of these people are. If it were not for those people, and our military, we would not have an America.

    The higher percentage of my entire family, immediate or distant, are connected to some type of public service. Military, Law Enforcement, Firemen, Medical or otherwise. Even though a paycheck is attached to these occupations the hazards are great. In most cases, the money means nothing when reality comes about.

    My wife and daughter are nurses. I have a nephew who is a fighter pilot in the Air Force, I have a nephew who is a fireman in one of the large metro citys here in the US. One in Indiana who is a police officer. A neice and nephew in Georgia who are police officers. I have a grand daughter in the Navy. Three brothers who served in the Military. I myself, served in the Military. I have a daughter who served in the Air Force. And on and on and on. I could name hundreds here but no need to. Here is what counts, the fact that I am patrotic enough to recognize these people and give them support, means a lot to them. Especially the ones who do this almost without any recognition at all. All are brave and need to be recognized and commondated for their sacrifice.

    2bluestarmom, here is my email address, I would like to hear from you.

    [email protected] Don't worry, your address will be safe with me.
  • JackieM
    smith2lev224--I could never begin to comprehend all that you've gone through so I won't pretend I understand it. However, I can say thank you to you for all you do! I know it must be extremely difficult and you have shown your dedication to our country and its people everyday. I'm here for you whenever you need. You have my email address so don't hesitate to email me. You know my situation at home so please understand that I can't check my email but so many times per day but I promise I will answer you! Just get well soon!
  • smith2lev224
    Dora, Dora, Dora,

    When will you learn? Let me show you the way out...

    See, I have so much black time on my hands that I can do anagrams all day. Another for Dora is Road, and here's the road for you>>>> bye>>bye>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • 2bluestarmom
    Screw Political Correctness & the liberals who breed in it.

    I'm ignoring their asses. I could care less what they think because they don't have common sense and are mentally challenged.

    I call a spade a spade!

    Ft Hood was an ACT OF TERRORISM right here, in our country, on our Military base!

    A Major. How far up the chain of command do these friggin Islamist terrorist go?

    And that's only part of our problem! We also have friggin Marxist running our country now!

    By the way, whatever happened to General Colin Powell? Can't help but wonder what his part is in this "Civilian Military Police Force" coming to a Military installment near you!
    I will be back!

    I am not engaging in dialog with liberals. Kiss my Royal Ass!
  • JackieM
    2Blue--I agree completely and that is why I don't associate with them in my life. Liberals are responsible and now I hear obama wants other options on the table. He hires an expert and then doesn't pay attention to him. Well, he is not paying attention to the economy or anything else so I guess this too is in line with his failed agenda! I worry about our soldiers and this is sickening!
  • 2bluestarmom
    Billy, is there a reason we are not discussing the terrorist attack from within by Hasan?
  • smith2lev224

    I haven't gotten over the terrorist attack on me. I died, technically, after the love of my life blew up - plastique...and it was loaded; took out three stores and now I just learned killed someone. So because I can't really move or do anything until skin grafts and all kinds of other bullshit - I have no idea what is happening out there.

    My partner checked out the Oppositorofassymmericaleverybodyelse'saddress guy, and he's clean. Hard to believe no priors with that guy. I notice he hasn't been back - love...remember when I called you a fucking cunt? Boy oh boy, I should be ashamed of myself -
    but I'm not; you are one sorry ass sack of shopworn shit. Have a nice day.
  • AckAck
    2bluestarmom, yes to your question as to why we are not discussing the terrorist attack by Husan. It's called - "POLITICAL CORRECTNESS" If even the president refuses to say the "T" word, I'm sure none of the King's Men will say anything either. Shameful isn't it?
  • 2bluestarmom
    Good grief! I go away for a few days and all hell breaks out here!


    Dora, Dora, Dora, when will you learn?
  • JackieM
    2blue--yes, you missed it! That might be a good think considering what has happened! LOL! This country is in the biggest mess and with people like dora, it is easy to see why. I am worried about our future and freedoms as I know you are. This country is really in trouble!
  • Dora
    unlike you, Jackie- i believe children to be innocent. i have said nothing bad about your adopted child- anything negative i have said about you has been directed TO you. stop making things up. but then, when you are used to something, i guess it's hard to quit... especially in here where you have so many other ignorants who buy anything idiotic you have to say.
  • JackieM
    You had no right to bring up my child at all and you are a bitch for doing so. just because you don't like what I have to say is no reason to discuss a subject that is not up for discussion. YOU are the most judgemental and racist person I know.
  • JackieM
    Dora--in case you don't know who the above post is direct at, IT IS FOR YOU!
  • AckAck
    Dora, I am not going to call you another name. You only come on here and call people all kinds of names even when they are trying to carry on a civil conversation. You never indulge in conversation without showing hatred toward everyone. You owe JackieM an apology for bringing her child into this ridiculous rant sight. I happen to be very acquainted with her and any child, no mater the orgin, would be very lucky to be in that home.

    You say things because you don't like what that person is saying. Yet, go back and read all your post and you will find many names over and over again that you have called people. I'll bet you that very few of the people on here would call you names if you didn't do it first.

    That's all I am going to say until you post again.
  • JackieM
    Thanks, AckAck! That was very kind of you to say!
  • AckAck
    Dora, come suck on my goat's tit. You would look very natural doing so. You mentioned my goat being knocked up - if I had to make a choice between a goat and you, GIVE ME THE GOAT BABY, GIVE ME THE GOAT!
  • smith2lev224

    I get the impression you think you know some things about me - perhaps partly due to my comment about being opiated...whatever. Dora, you don't know shit about fact, I do know quite a great deal about you...your habits...your DMV record, etc. I would never put that stuff out there to hurt you. But you, Dora, my lovely "dewshbag," are a fucking bitch. You have no conscience and no sense whatsoever.

    Seriously, though, I love it when you speak to me that way. Is it a prelude to smelly and revolting sex? Listen, fucking cunt, make another comment like that one and I will make you wish you were never born. I have the resources to do that. Wanna' try me? Come on, then!
  • Dora
    typical language from this type of personality. take your idle threats and foul mouth elsewhere- you display as much class and mental stability as a turnip
  • smith2lev224

    And your point is..?
  • AckAck
    smith2lev24, Dora never has a point!
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Who is Dora? Is that A-Rod spelled backwards?
  • Dora
    oh smithie, you still haven't found your brain- keep looking.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, thanks for the tip on A-Rod - aka: Dora. I can't think of crap like that myself. Thanks for letting me in on it. I'm sure A-Rod is quite proud of that!

    I just got up, it is 2:33am, Monday morning and I been having goofy dreams. I dreamed I was some kind of a sheep hearder in New York! They don't have shit like that in New York do they? I am really screwed up. Been taking Vicodin for pain because my shoulder is messed up. I guess that helps, the dreams I mean. Sure don't help the pain much...

    I could have understood it a lot better if I would have dreamed about goats. Since I own one. Don't tell Dora though, she will just call me some sort of nasty name that realtes to a goat. Dora I got a message from someone for you, want to hear it? Here it is: "Screw you!" It wasn't signed just addressed to you.

    Well, I better turn in so - "Cheerios"
  • smith2lev224

    Trouble with Gmail is worse than ever. That's why I haven't gotten back to
    you sooner. Sorry. Please

    This one also types every sound I make so if I sneeze, I guess she will type
    that too. Yes type that. Do you see what I mean?

    You know, it's odd that I am still in love with Dora. I really don't
    understand how that could be possible.

    What's going on there?
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I hope I read that wrong! YOU'RE STILL IN LOVE WITH DORA??? May I sent you a picture of my goat? It might help you to break the chains of love...

    Any kind of help you need with that, I am here. Of course Dora will tell you the goat is pregnant! She lies a lot on these blogs.
  • smith2lev224

    I once again read your comments and I have to really have one hell
    of a turn of phrase. I saw my nasty comment - understand I had just come out
    of anesthesia and I'll tell you. I'd like to go back in.

    You're a lovely woman, Dora. I sold your silverware to a crackehead.

  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Staring at goats, huh? Did you write the screenplay for that movie? Well,
    what should I do? Exorcism? A bloody chicken? What? No, don't send the goat!
    That will only make it worse. It's probably just a head injury. She soesn't
    care, anyway. Not once has she even acknowledged the fact that -

    Sorry, UC - I am doing a lousy job of staying on topic but please understand
    that I literally came back from the dead and I have to wait for my
    subsidized typist to do anything online or anywhere else for that matter.
    I'm looking at 3 months here, wherever it is that I am. Somebody has it in
    for me in a big way - plastqued my car just as I got out - first time in my
    life that I really flew. It wasn't fun. Now I am one busted up slob always
    waiting for Dr. Morpheus because the pain goes off the scale. I'm getting a
    new cast on my wrist that will free me type.

    I guess there's not much new with America. Is Obama still president? Amabo
    sounds better, just like A-Rod. Hey Dora, what's your batting average?

    Night night everdobby.

  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, Billy, I saw it... She called you "Smithie" it's in her post. Is that latin for love? Maybe some kind of sign, huh? She has never called me Buddy! What does that mean? I think you're right, you shouldn't have called her that awful name since she loves you to. You just can't do that when you're staring in the face of LOVE!

    The goat thing was a stall, it was simply a throw... I couldn't think of anything else to say, it just happened. Sorry...

    Wouldn't it be great if you and Dora got Married??? Right here on UC!

    UC. do we have a preacher? I'm pretty close to a preacher, how bout me?

    I not pronounce you Smithie and Dora.

    How's that Mr. and Ms UC?
  • smith2lev224

    You are insane! An online wedding at UC? Me and Dora? I'd rather marry your
  • JackieM
    AckAck--I would wear black, feel sorry for the groom and ensure my barf bag was handy. I'm sure to get sick. LOL! You are too funny!
  • AckAck
    JackieM, too funny. I guess we're all in love with Dora. She's the center of conversation even when she's not here. MY GOD! Dora has HEXED us all! What kind of a spell has she put on us. Smithie, I see what you mean now. Can you explain the HEXING please...

    To reply to your post about Obama holding the job conferences at this time. I believe it was on another thread.) The idiot has got it all ass backwards. He should have done all this crap even before the stimulus bill. What a jerk. He's just trying to cover his own ass now that he has dug himself in so deep he will never find his way out. WE ARE DOOMED!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--I agree. You probably remember obama's promises during his campaign about how he WAS going to fix this economy and he knew how to do it. he knew everything and was the answer to all of our problems. he is a lying SOB.
  • AckAck
    JackieM, I am going to paste this article here for you to read in case you missed it.

    Last week's big Republican victories in New Jersey and Virginia proved what the Obama Administration's apologists in the liberal mainstream media have been avoiding telling you -- the bloom is off the Barack Obama rose.

    As hard as the White House and leftist pundits try to spin Election Day's results, there's no arguing the big change in voter attitudes toward the Obama Agenda.

    In 2008, Barack Obama carried Virginia by 6%, and the Democrat stronghold of New Jersey by 14%.

    Last week? New Jersey's GOP candidate for governor Chris Christie bested incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine by 4 percentage points, and in Virginia, Republican Bob McDonnell defeated his Democrat opponent by 18 points -- that's a 24% turnaround!

    Barack Obama won election last year, aided by his claims of moderation and transparency, and the huge cover he received from the adoring liberal media. Many Americans gave the relatively unknown first term Illinois senator the benefit of the doubt, and are now coming to regret it.

    Instead of centrist policies, they have seen an extreme far-left assault on private enterprise and personal liberties. From pork barrel "stimulus" to unprecedented government spending and debt, and auto company takeovers to the present attempt at a socialist seizure of health care.

    In New Jersey and Virginia, the voters have realized their mistake -- and sent a clear message to the Obama Democrats. When polled in both states about their votes for the Republican candidate, 68% and 74% respectively agreed that they were sending a message to the Obama team that they were "unhappy with the direction they are taking Washington and the country."

    But are the Democrats listening? Not a chance. Instead, despite losing in two states where Democrats had controlled the governor's mansion for years, Nancy Pelosi arrogantly declared "We won!" Then she and her leftist followers dismissed the clear will of the people and rammed their socialist health care takeover scheme through the House of Representatives on Saturday.

    Our victories last week are a great start, but as long as the radical Obama-Pelosi liberals are determined to force their socialist agenda on the American people, our work isn't done.

    I thought this was a good illustration of just how stupid the democrats and liberals are. Especially the ones that know better, yet keep following Obama and his cronies around. Not to mention the main stream left wing news media that seem to want to smear everything that is good. You know all that bad stuff that contains the word God or those who believe in God? You would think by now that ALL the republicans would snap and avoid anything that Obama has touched. Go figure...
  • JackieM
    AckAck--thanks for the article. it is funny that liberals don't like the word God and try to get rid of all associated with the name. they are doing a great job with our currency by destroying it but they still are spending and accepting money. hmmmm! I am seeing some discontent with obama's agenda on cnn but it is not enough yet. obama is nothing more than a self-centered arrogant kid who can't manage himself much less this country. the proof is in the numbers as we know. the damn democrats/liberals are going to sink with him I guess!
  • 2bluestarmom
    smith..sorry, I am not quite understanding what happened to you or where you are, geographically.

    your ref to being blown up I do not understand that, if you are serious or ?
  • smith2lev224

    Not a joke. It is an occupational hazard that can happen when you nail
    the wrong guy, so to speak. We never talk about it or think about it because
    if we did, we'd quit the force. Truthfully, I think I could have avoided it
    if I had my mind completely focused but I didn't - my instincts are almost
    supernatural - ask Ack Ack and he'll tell you. Anyway I'm in a hospital
    somewhere safe and I'm protected to the point it drives me nuts but there's
    not much I can do. I have three more surgeries and then if all goes well
    I'll get to move into a motel somewhere for awhile until the case is closed.
    Then home sweet home...and I miss it so much.

    Thanks for asking. It gets kind of lonely here even though there are always
    people around. God, this site has become my main contact with the world and
    I thank God for UC.

    Hasan is definitely a terrorist but enforcement has to downplay the
    thing until they get enough intel, so they make it look like he's just some
    disnchanted psycho. You'll see. He's the home base mole right now. Feds
    don't fool around...he'll get a lot more than he thinks right now. I'll tell
    you this - anybody that feels sorry for the creep is a total jerkoff. Or a
    hyperlib. Or maybe Dora.

    Oh Doraaaaa...where are you hiding? Isn't it time for you my 4:00 dose
    of verbal abuse? In advance - you're a damned fool. Get lost.
  • Dora
    it seems that you have impregnated the goat, Bubble brain. no wonder your shoulder is messed up- but, look on the bright side- it matches your brain.

    now why don't you get your keyboard fixed- it seems only able to type filth.
    what a fine upstanding christian you are asshole.
  • AckAck
    Lawhora, I can't even spell FILTH! How could I participate in it? You moron!
  • JackieM
    dora--you have some nerve talking about class and mental stability. I am laughing at you as usual. you have continually stooped to new lows and recently did so again when you took what little information you have about me and my child and attempted to turn it against me. you have mentioned you have a child also. no matter what kind of piece of ignorant garbage you are and no matter what you ever say to me, I will NEVER EVER discuss your child and try to downgrade him/her because of what I think of you. There are certain subjects that are off limits to those of us who are stable and have class but you liberals/democrats don't understand this do you? That is just another reason among many why you have no clue what being a true American really means! you will continue to get what you dish out. in addition, you have never positively contributed to any subject on this site and haven't presented any facts that have been relevant in any discussion.
  • Dora
    i just follow your lead, foul face. it seems all is fair here... for you.
    all others are damned.

    they still print books, why not pick one up and read something other than the funnies.
  • JackieM
    dora--you are an idiot! when did I mention anything negative about your child or how your child came into your family? you are mentally ill and need help! by the way, I read a ton of business books and it is apparent that you don't! i would suggest that you learn a little about this once great nation of ours. you know--the history of how we became who we are and how business works! it is apparent by your posts that you are so ignorant on these very important subjects. in addition, anyone who knows anything about domestic adoption in this country would laugh at your previous statements so I suggest you pick up a book on the laws of this country and the states. however, if i want to know anything about art history or such unimportant subjects as that, I know who go to for answers.
  • AckAck
    JackieM, this letter is from Mary Fallin, a candidate for Governor of Oklahoma. I am supporting her in her quest to be our next Republican Governor here in this great state. Just wanted to let you know what kind of politicians we should demand when electing our next officials.


    Last night, I voted "NO" on the Obama/Pelosi health care bill.

    The plan is nothing less than a government takeover of the health care industry, complete with job-killing tax increases and the kind of budget-busting spending that will continue to heap debt onto generations of Americans to come. It is my sincere hope that continued activism by the American people and conservative, grass roots leaders will force the Democrat majorities in Washington to abandon their plan and start over.

    I am not opposed to all reform. In fact, should I have the honor of serving as your next governor, I am determined to pursue free market reforms that will reduce medical costs and improve access to quality, affordable care. However, a government-run health care system is not the answer. Speaker Pelosi and President Obama want to heap more bureaucracy onto the system, but the way to control costs and reduce price inflation is to peel back the layers of burdensome regulation and administrative overhead, not add more.

    What has been perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this health care debate is how out of touch it has revealed some of our political leaders to be. Oklahomans, and Americans everywhere, want the government to focus on job creation, growing our economy, and addressing the skyrocketing deficits that threaten this country's financial stability. Instead, Speaker Pelosi and President Obama have produced a 2000 page bureaucratic nightmare that will increase taxes, spend more, and do nothing to alleviate the high cost of health care that is threatening family budgets and hurting small businesses.

    If the Speaker of the House and the President of the United States can't understand what Oklahomans want, we could sure use a governor that does. If I'm elected in 2010, we'll have that and more - because I will be the kind of leader who fights for our state, who fights for the cause of liberty and who pursues the kind of reforms that grow our economy, create more and better jobs and moves us towards a better, brighter future.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and God bless.

    Mary Fallin
  • AckAck
    She is a Republican and I voted for her when she got the Lt. Governor position. I didn't vote for the asshole governor though, he was a Democrat. Can you imagine how screwed up Oklahoma was with a Democrat Governor and a Republican Lt. Governor? She was into it with him continously. He tried to get her fired because her and her husband got a divorce. All the time it was the husband's fault. Her kids and a lot of other people supported her and now I am about 100% sure she will win the governorship in 2010...
  • JackieM
    AckAck--Yes, we have an asshole governor and one for a senator. it just shows the ignorance in this country. the experience Falin had with the damn democrats trying to derail her is just typical of how low they are willing to go. they are nasty and so unAmerican! dora is a typical example of this. she doesn't know when to just leave when she is unwelcome! it is apparent she didn't have a very good upbringing when the basics weren't taught!
  • JackieM
    dora--you are an idiot! when did I mention anything negative about your child or how your child came into your family? you are mentally ill and need help! by the way, I read a ton of business books and it is apparent that you don't! i would suggest that you learn a little about this once great nation of ours. you know--the history of how we became who we are and how business works! it is apparent by your posts that you are so ignorant on these very important subjects. in addition, anyone who knows anything about domestic adoption in this country would laugh at your previous statements so I suggest you pick up a book on the laws of this country and the states. however, if i want to know anything about art history or such unimportant subjects as that, I know who go to for answers.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--Mary Falin is awesome! We need more like her fighting for us! Senator Burr is the same way! Thank you so much for sharing! It is nice to know there are still people out there who actually understand and give a damn about the impact of these bills!
  • AckAck
    Dora, you call everyone bad names in nearly all your posts. When someone calls you out for what you are, you can't take it. If you are going to stay on this blog and continually call people names, then you will get what's coming to you.

    You could do your party and my party a great big favor and GET YOUR DUMB ASS OFF THIS BLOG! You're not doing anyone here any good. GOT IT?
  • Dora
    oh wow, Bubble-brain dirt mouth, i said poser ml smith has the brains and class of a turnip... what a bad name.
    on the other hand- you have told me to go fuck myself, used names like lahoara- and that is one of the nicer ones, and take a look at any ANY of jackie's posts and her filth that slides easily from her foul face. you can dish it--- but have no capacity to take it. you live in fear and distrust of others. generally those with such suspicions have these because they themselves would not be beyond the acts of which they are quick to accuse others.
    the inability here for any of you to carry on a conversation is rather remarkable. your answer to this failure of yours is to show your true ignorance and limited vocabulary. you brag of your stupidity- you flaunt it like the fools you are.
    for you non-americans to pass yourselves off as other than this is a joke. you accept only those who are in lock step with your thinking and abuse all others. how christian of you.
    just posers you are- nothing more.
    you are mesmerized by your fellow posers who cannot tell the difference between the constitution and the declaration of independence, baggy butted white men and sagging boobed women gather on the steps of the capital to display their allegiance to those who cannot even recite the pledge of allegiance. how they reminded me immediately of you, Bubble brain.
    laughing stocks, ignorance on two legs, posers - nothing more.
  • smith2lev224
    This blogline is awful. There are only two people who thoroughly research issues: David Walters and Ack Ack. Dora is a blowhard who spends too much time bragging about her appliances. Jackie is a bit dense and has no cookies for bad poetry. Prone to ugly catfights with Dora, who should be ignored. Smith2Lev224 belongs on a Mad Magazine blog. Mr. Plasrtique is a self inflated hot air ballon- a harmless fool. Christina, my temporary typist, has very nice legs.

    Adopting babies from places like China is a good thing.
    America is becoming the Bear That Wasn't.
    Dick Cheney: "But I am a bear."
    George W. Bush: Took down a country with his palms open and waiting to be greased
    Sarah Palin: Our next president may be a high priced hooker
    Barrack Obama: A rigged erection that lasted more than four hours
  • davidwwalters
    AckAck stated below:
    "it is a waste to allow all the GREED to continually happen with both these areas."
    -speaking of waste in government spending BOTH in the defense Budget and in Medicaid/Medicare. Thank you for acknowledging this problem exists in MORE than just left wing generated budgets. Republicans have generated more than their fair share of pork and waste in the pentagon's budget. I can NEVER repeat this comment from one of the top presidents of the 20th century, Dwight D. Eisenhower enough: "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex..."
    So thanks for a thoughtful post. (I'm making progress in reaching a mutual understanding!)
    However you are not 100% correct in the closing statement:
    "Obama isn't fixing any of them..."
    -He did in fact work to cancel the porky tasting F-22 project.
    As for my friend JackieM.......she states:
    "I am against all waste regardless of where it comes from including the pentagon and obama's parties and anywhere else in between. so how do you expect me to address the problem?"
    -I get the impression that you still seem to think the only waste in the Pentagon is directly due to Obama somehow? JackieM, it's more than simply a flight on the taxpayer's's like Ike warned us, "... Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together."
    There is FAR more than an airplane ride that is costing us. In fact, an argument can be made that the WASTE on unnecessary and unwanted(.....unwanted by the soldiers in the field and their combat commanders) weapons systems like the F-22 actually endangers our troops. Money wasted on gold-plated weapons systems dreamed up by Lockheed, Boeing and pushed upon congress takes away from additional troop levels (training, equipping and maintaining a soldier, sailor, marine, and airman is quite expensive). It is becoming clear that low troop levels have contributed to the lack of military success in Afghanistan. Had we been able to maintain a much higher troop level in Afghanistan while we deployed troops to Iraq, perhaps we could have succeeded there by now.
    So what can you do JackieM? Stop partisan bickering and call out waste from ALL porkers, whether it be Nancy Pelosi or Saxbe Chambliss.
  • AckAck
    David, for the umpteenmillionth time - well, maybe not that many, but when you communicate with me, please do it as an American first and foremost! NOT AS AN EXTREME LIBERAL. You don't have to be rigid and concrete when talking to me. Nothing you say has to be engraved. If it's good for America, I am probably in favor of it. If it's bad for America, I don't care who caused it, I am probably not for it. America is number one in any of these debates or discussions.

    There is more to fixing the "PENTAGON POLLUTION" problem than just cancelling a project. That's the easy way and most of the time will leave a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths. THAT IS A BANDADE. That may cut down on spending, by to my opinion, in the wrong way. They need to be finding out EXACTLY where the MILITARY DOLLARS are going and who benefits from it. If you're getting it and you're not suppose to, YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL! Once that has been achieved, then the President can start looking at and cutting projects. Billions of dollars in "RIP OFF FUNDS" is a lot of money. Find out about all that then the other stuff will fall in line.

    Remember Carter, stopped a lot of stuff we needed instead of finding out the real problem in budget overspending which, in my belief, was due to 'RIP OFF FUNDS" mainly provided to Big Corporations through the approval of ALL our elected officials. Make sure you focus on ALL. That means ALL elected officials.

    You're right though, we may agree on something yet.
  • davidwwalters
    "Make sure you focus on ALL. That means ALL elected officials.-Absolutely. The only reason i brought this up is merely because of the notion that is prominent in these posts that the budget can be easily tamed by cutting ONLY social programs. No mention of military waste and the costs are enormous. Serious budget will include cut to both. That's why Obama retain Sec. of Defense, Bill Gates. To his credit, Gates was a good selection when Bush picked him. He favors a mix of contracts to provide more airlift and transport for troops.
  • smith2lev224
    Jackie M

    I knew before I left to work something was wrong. Usulyn I listen to my instincts but the one time i didnt

    get out my head please. gonna getme killed. bye
  • AckAck
    JackieM, I got this message today in an email:

    WE DID IT!

    By a 53-47 margin, voters in Maine won a decisive and historic victory for marriage by passing Question 1!

    But each and everyone of you, who volunteered or donated to Stand for Marriage Maine, who forwarded an e-mail to a friend or neighbor, or who simply prayed fervently for the institution of marriage--today is your victory!

    The importance of the win in Maine nationally can not be overstated.

    Same-sex marriage activists saw Maine as their best chance to win a direct marriage vote. They thought it would stop the momentum we gained by passing Proposition 8 dead in its tracks--and reverse it.

    They thought, in their words, it "would break" our movement.

    Instead, for the first time in history, the voters of a state have overturned the legislative enactment of same-sex marriage. New York, New Jersey and other states considering redefining marriage will now have to confront this blunt fact:

  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    "Respond in the body." Ok. I responded - it's the only body I have and I can
    respond in it without a password.

    Fellow Americans, please allow me to comment on this moumental decision.
    These are my opiated thoughts.

    1. As regards same sex marriage, ANYONE who puts that much effort into
    stopping it is doing so for one two reasons. The first: They object on the
    grounds that it promotes homosexuality...which we all know is evil, immoral
    and disgusting. In spite of those objections, it should be noted that man's
    best friend, the dog, has always shown interest in the act. Why has there
    not been a groundswell of of objections to this behavior in dogs? Golden
    Retrievers take the controversy a step further. They brazingly hump the legs
    of humans. Given the opportunity, which has happened more often than we wish
    to admit, dogs have been known to engage in the act with both sexes - dogs
    and humans have been done the nasty regardless of gender. As far as I can
    tell, dogs have not been engaged in political debates or campaigns - whether
    for or against canine smae sex behavior. Fact is they are far more blatant
    than humans in this respect, yet their civilization continues to prosper.
    Why, I ask, is beastiality accepted by humans when it is far more revolting
    than same gender & species sex? Dogs do whatever the hell they they want and
    they get off scott free.

    I propose, therefore, that the movement against same sex marriage be
    extended to outlaw all sexual activity that is not heterosexual and/or
    species restricted. Who in their right mind wants to watch as their dog
    humps the next door neighbor at little Bobby's birthday party?

    2. Since most of the objections are religiously based, why are we allowing
    this enormous breach of constitutional law that separates Church and State?
    You know, God has a lot of power and so he is in the best position to rule
    on these matters. Back in the day, God would have smitten offenders and if
    he feels strongly about this, he can smote as many people and dogs as he
    wants. Why are we interfering in his domain?

    And are we forgetting sex changes? This has become rampant in our society.
    Humans should not be permitted to manipulate gender just so they can fuck
    themselves. If I had the body of Kate Hudson I would want to marry myself!
    By ommission this possibility continues to exist.

    Besides, don't we have much more pressing matters to attend to? As usual, I
    remain on the fence politically because of things like this. The fate of a
    nation is in the balance, yet the hard line conservatives are throwing way
    too much energy into faggot marriage. Isn't it enough just to hate all the
    feygales and virtually anyone else that is "different?" Let them gat narried
    - staistics tell us more than half will divorce within the first five years

    Why don't we just outlaw love across the board? Who needs it when we have so
    much hate and genocide? Who is being hurt or killed by same sex marriage?
    And don't run any of that "God" crap. If he has an opinion he'll let us

    One more out and the Yankees win the World Series. C'mon, Mariano!
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    I am awake! Can't hang out now - stupid meetings all day. When I'm done, I find the sonofa-
    never mind. Thanks for the heads up though. I am pretty good at following a friend's advice, am I not? I'm looking for a hole to climb into.If I find one, I'll probably stay there for a few years. Now I can put my SERE training to good use. You know...Survival, ESCAPE, Resistance etc.

    "Levine, William, Lt. US Army, Serial # S_T_U_P_I_D 32456789."
  • AckAck
    Billy, give me a jingle.

    [email protected]
  • smith2lev224
    Jackie M,

    So have mine - and my daytime terrors too. Have a nice day.
  • JackieM
    Years ago I heard about a cure for night terrors and didn't believe it until I tried it. It seems to work on children but I don't know about adults--yogurt! it seems to be working on my child now and I'm thankful!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, I wonder how it feels to screw yourself? Oh! I know, ASK THE DEMOCRATS! LOL They're really screwing things up. Obama visited NJ and the Dem Gov Race odds dropped! Looks good in Va and NJ for Reps.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--i think this time will be marked as the time where democrats/liberals attempted to bring down our country. there is nothing good about that! however, I think it will ensure they aren't in power for a long time to come! it will be easy for Conservatives to campaign on looking back at what happens when the democrats/liberals were in charge. it should be an very effective tool! my friend claims she is a democrat but didn't vote for obama. her philosophies are more toward Republican though and I keep telling her that!
  • AckAck
    JackieM, I think the awakening of the "TRUE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT" can be compared to that of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese never really knew who they were messing with when they dumped their bombs and torpedos on American soil. The Democrats just don't realize what a giant they awakened yet. They will though after the 2010 elections. This may very well go down in history as the fastest time it has ever taken any administration to screw things up. I sure wouldn't want to be a Democrat right now.
  • davidwwalters
    I keep having to beat a dead horse, yet i am forced to......
    Things were quite "screwed up" a year ago when we elected a new president. Why didn't the tax cuts for the rich NOT work? De-regulation of banking&investments; didn't seem to do much to keep our economy from tanking. I know you yearn for a return to those good old days, perhaps we will soon.
  • AckAck
    Dave, do you really have even a spark of hope that things are going to be okay? I think the kettle is much too full, the fire is much too hot and all I see ANY politician doing to help matters is occasionally one will stick a small stick in the pot and stir... No one seems to bother with the heat. Eventually the kettle is going to boil over and we are going to lose a lot more than we can imagine.

    Your thoughts.
  • davidwwalters
    As for my support of Dems......
    It is the case of the lesser of 2 evils. Oil & health insurance totally owns the GOP, and to a lesser extent some dems in congress. With but a few exceptions, congress is totally bought and paid for. This is what lobbys do. -bribery.
    The Banking&Investment; industries own BOTH parties. I would be willing to guess that they are the gate keepers for presidential candidates. No one of either major party will will nomination unless they get the nod from Wall St. There is simply far too much money involved for the Bankers/Wall St. Investors to trust government to the electorate. Your "Tea Party".....Dick Armey, David Koch, and Steve Forbes have manufactured the AstroTurf that is the Tea Parties. Have fun! You guys are very useful to these very rich people.
    Stirring the pot is a good analogy AckAck. But one would have to admit the republicans stir longer, harder. Every since Sam Ervin led the Senate Watergate Committee, the republicans have been out to not just even the score on running Dick Nixon out of Washington, they want to one up the dems. To wit, Bill Clinton's impeachment and the current ploy to attempt to block any meaningful plan to work with democrats in congress to govern. It seems clear they'd just as soon see the country fail, so they could be called upon to "pick up the pieces". I did not see the democrats working so hard to undermine President Bush as the congressional republicans are doing now. Democrats were more than willing to allow George Bush to lead after 9/11. If the shoe were on the other foot (Al Gore as president in 2001), i hate to think how congressional republicans would have reacted.
    A spark of hope? No. This country will continue to fall from the lofty perch we assumed after WW2, to the detriment of all hard working men and women......but the investment bankers will flourish ever more.
    Again, have fun with you Tea Party pals! Too bad you aren't getting are earning the health insurance industry and the investors in them a wad of dough.
  • JackieM
    David--trial lawyers, lobbyists, soros, acorn, unions, etc., are running obama and his administration right now. so if you support that SOB, you are making a lot of folks richer also. in one of your posts I believe you said (correct me if I'm wrong) that the republicans are holding up the healthcare plan. I don't want any healthcare plan that is on the table right now. I want a good one! I want one that improves what we have now without catering to the special interests or giving out more welfare along with definite plans to increase the number of healthcare professionals in our country. of course, higher rates, taxes and special provisions for the constituents of Reid is criminal at best especially at a time where we need jobs. Jobs will be lost under these plans. I want an honest healthcare plan that encourages true competition without a government option. the people have spoken--they don't want a government option but the damn idiots are continuing with it anyway. as a matter of fact we just need to change laws and forego a plan as such and go after the waste in all programs. the "savings" in medicare from the waste needs to stay in medicare and not be robbed to pay for something else. the democrats/liberals are just playing games with the American people and we have seen it blasted on a lot of the news stations. it is sickening how corrupt they are and any sane person wouldn't trust them to make such decisions at this point! the republicans are finally doing what is right for this country for a change. you may not pay for your health insurance but I do and I don't want it to increase because of this damn bill. who in the hell do you think is going to pay for the equipment tax? we are! the democrats are fucking up this country and I'm sick of it! a lot of republicans have not done their jobs but now they are and I'm thankful for it!
  • davidwwalters
    "I want an honest healthcare plan that encourages true competition"
    -Why have a middle man in this equation? It is an unnatural way to siphon off money from patients before it reaches the doctors. Competition? Hardly, as this is simply a government mandated windfall to the insurance industry. The corruption you worry about is already underway in the halls of congress as the insurance lobbyists are lobbying(er, bribing) our elected officials. So much for government of the's government of the corporation, for the corporation.
    Yes, it is sickening to see this corruption in congress. As for paying my insurance, i did pay it. And when i filed my claim (for my wifes operation), payment was denied. What's the point in paying premiums, and these money grubbing S.O.B.'s refuse to pay what is promised. So much for being "responsible".
    "the republicans are finally doing what is right for this country for a change"
    -Really? Like they did with de-regulating the banking/investment industry? Oh boy, i can't wait to hear this!
  • JackieM
    David--what in the hell do you think the government is? they are a third party! medicare is a perfect example of how money is wasted. they are saying there is over $50B in fraud but obama and his fools aren't doing anything about it because it is all for appearances. they will "attempt" to resolve the problem when and if a "healthcare" bill is passed. does this not tell you what their true agenda is? because of the slim buckets in your party, we would have never known what was in these bills if the republicans hadn't exposed it. these bills are packed with waste and corruption. why do you think the additional protection to prevent illegals from getting heathcare was voted down by the idiot democrats/libeals? hmmmm! i smell a rat! so to correct the issues with insurance pass laws to protect the people and tweak what we have. instead the idiots want to revamp the system to ensure we don't have the development of drugs and cures for diseases. that is a consequence of the damn liberal/deomcrat bills. so you don't think there are money grubbing parties involved in the bills now? LOL! obama has a lot of people to pay back and he has done it time and time again openly. you idiots obviously don't give a damn about it! i'm not discussing the deregulation stuff again because it is obvious you didn't get it the first million times it was discussed. however, i am in the business and can grasp it well. unlike you, i come down hard on the republicans when there is a reason to and do it frequently. obama and his mob are the most corrupt people we have ever seen in Washington. they are nothing but thugs and they have easily pulled the wool over the eyes of people like you unfortunately.
  • davidwwalters
    Again, for the 5millioninth time, the REAL waste is in the pentagon's budget. The Real pork in in the pentagon's budget.
    You complain about $50B in Medicare waste and fraud? Try $50B waste&Fraud; in just ONE weapon system.....If you are really serious about cutting the federal budget, then address this issue please. Audit the budget, really audit the defense budget and ALL the other federal budgets will barely add up to this one department. And after we cut gold plated hardware the generals neither want nor need in the ongoing battle against terrorists, invest that money in additional soldiers, and their personal equipment. We can hunt terrorists, guard our border and still save money. Address this issue and i'll know you're serious about cutting the budget. If not, i'll know you are simply a political hack.
  • JackieM
    David--Again for the 5millionith time, I am against all waste regardless of where it comes from including the pentagon and obama's parties and anywhere else in between. so how do you expect me to address the problem? i am also against all entitlement programs including medicare, medicaid, social security, etc. talking about a mute point, which is waste in the Pentagon, will not help matters. if it were up to me, there would be no more limos or chefs in the White House or flying anywhere right now on the taxpayer's dime unless it was an emergency! However, I am simply addressing the situation the damn democrats/liberals are concentrating on right now--healthcare. Trust me--if I were in a position to cut spending myself, it would be cut to the bone. There would be no more flying home every weekend in a military plane like Pelosi does. Everything would be scrutinized including military spending. Not one dime of the taxpayers' money would be wasted! ALL of it is important! Every hard working American's money deserves respect if they are actually paying taxes! I think healthcare reform is a ploy to take the average person's mind off the fact that jobs are not being created and obama's economic policy has failed. healthcare reform should take a backseat to the economy and obama lied once again when he said healthcare reform was the answer to our economic problems. no one argues that reform is not needed but the fools are not merely correcting what is wrong. any plan the damn democrats/liberals pass will ensure higher insurance premiums and higher taxes for the middleclass as well as healthcare rationing! mark my words that this will be the case if this is not stopped. i have been right on every single topic so far and have predicted the failure of obama's policies and stated why! so if I were you, I would start to think something was up by now! i have been 100% right so far! this is just common sense and i made these statements way before the election. I would hope that some of you would start to realize you were wrong about this moron!
  • AckAck
    Davidwalters, I highly doubt that it has been 5,000,000,000 times this has been discussed on UC, but I give you the benefit of the doubt. It has been mentioned in previous posts.

    Let's take both these waste areas you just mentioned, Medicare and the Pentagon. The waste here is with NO OVERSIGHT! It's not waste to help someone with medical expenses, it's not waste to build a strong war ship or airplane, it is a waste to allow all the GREED to continually happen with both these areas. I will guarantee you there is a 40% waste through rip-off greed in both these areas.

    Figure the total cost of medicare, medicade, pentagon total cost and subtract 40% from that. Pretty big lump of money. No one area can fix this thing. A LOT OF AREAS need to be fixing. Obama isn't fixing any of them...

    The results of his leadership is already starting to show up in the elections in Virginia, New Jersey and New York. YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET LIBERAL!
  • davidwwalters
    i'll answer you andJackieM(aka i love pentagon's so yummy!)
    @ the top of the page
  • JackieM
    AckAck--I've been watching and smiling tonight! I am very happy right now about the elections. We had to listen to the garbage from the left as they spewed hatred towards us saying our party was dead, blah, blah, blah. only idiots believed that, which is the left. remember obama said he was going to go line by line in these bills and cut the waste. he said he would work to cut spending and there would be transparency when he was in office. LOL! He also said there would be no lobbyists in his cabinet! oh my goodness, I can't laugh harder that this crook right now! the people that voted for obama/bagdad bob/the misinformation minister have brain issues but they are slowly coming around. The most serious problem in this country right now is that there are so many Americans suffering with no jobs! I know professionals who have worked hard all of their lives and done all of the right things with gaining experience to backup their education and they still can't find jobs. How in the hell the democrats/liberals can sleep at night knowing they are the cause, I will never know! We are quick to stand up to both parties when bad decisions are made. however, the damn left will stick by their messiah until his ship sinks! it is sinking quickly now!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, I hope some of the good democrats are finally waking up to this guy and his Chicago Politics. He is not only destroying America he is destroying the Democrat Party. I don't know how long he will be able to stay in office. I believe he will get impeached and kicked out before this term is up. We have NEVER had a president of this magnitude of destruction.

    I almost feel sorry for those people, Democrats, Republicans and Independents who voted for him because of the Historical part of the election. Wanting to be a part of the first black president in this country. GOD, nobody realized this guy was as nuts as he is. At least some of the Democrats are waking up and the real conservatives are now being heard.

    BHO's policies have definately hurt the Democrat Party as a whole and will continue to do so as long as idiots continue to follow him.

  • JackieM
    AckAck--that is what I don't understand about this whole thing. how stupid and blind does a person have to be to vote for this SOB? in his campaign rhetoric, he clearly stated he would destroy this country. i didn't even know who the guy was until the debates and it only took me a few times of hearing him to know what an evil SOB he was and that he wanted to tear our country apart! i don't feel sorry for the fools who voted for him. voting is a big responsibility and obviously, people don't see it that way and think they can vote for "who feels right" at the time." a person's race should never be in play when voting. i don't care about the color of a person's skin but i do care about what the person stands for! however, there are a lot of people that admitted that they wanted a black person in the office. it is just a sad time for America. I hope the SOB does get kicked out on his ass and I will personally volunteer to help pack up his shit after he is thrown out. I will pay for my own plane ticket and hotel accommodations and will work for free to get this done! put me down for a volunteer if and when the time comes! As a matter of fact, I'll dance in the damn streets in Washington smiling all the way there!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, again Obama has failed his party. How many times did he use tax payer money and visit Virginia and New Jersey to campaign for the democrats. If I was a democrat and was running for office I wouldn't want that cat anywhere near my political race.

    Talking about when you first realized he was not the guy for the job. When the Reverend Wright thing came out and I found out he was from Chicago, I knew what he was. I honestly didn't think he could get elected as president. I was sure people saw the same thing about him that I did. GUESS NOT HUN?
  • JackieM
    Yep, I would have thought people saw obama for what he was but little did I know how quickly the dumbing down of America syndrome was spreading. we may be seeing the results of a cure right now! LOL! i can only hope for our country's sake! well obama thought he could wave his magic wand and smile and the people would obey. i'm so glad that is no longer working. however, there are still a lot of fools out there.
  • AckAck
    Jackie, you just went over Obama's entire political career when you named all those folk in your post.

    I DON'T WANT A HEALTH CARE BILL EITHER. Work on what we have, add to it and make it better. NOT A COMPLETE TAKE OVER OF THE GOVERNMENT. Got that David!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--....and the sad part and most laughable part about it is that his entire political career was only about 15 months. in that time he was able to associate with the likes of these people and obviously liked them. he is a disgrace to say the least. as i have said many times before, he is not qualified to take out my garbage!
  • AntiOppositorof47spk2me
    Out of Touch

    What do I say when there’s nothing to be said? Memory - my enemy; safety is my bed. The bill is in my name. It is far too much to pay. I dread this is the end today - if not please make it go away. What happened to the Ruth in me? Did it have to be less? I know too much about the things I cannot say.
    I must confess I don’t know you, yet I long for your caress. My eyes - they fill so easily; sometimes I wonder...from where do these tears come? Must I pay for all the years I spent hiding from the sun?
    Tell me then, please, am I asking for too much? I am so out of touch.

    The stories I tell are not meant to be read. People won’t believe them; why should they? Those that would - most of them are dead. The survivors; the ones that know the truth - they fled. You are my salvation. I spend my days and nights in isolation, staring at the wall, waiting for your call - I moan for you; my ecstasy, my crutch.
    I am so alone, so empty inside - so very out of touch.

    Reality obscures the tears that I cry; I do what comes so naturally - I lie. Everything I tell you is true. The omissions? I’m so sorry I can never say what they are - I have no permission. I offer you only black. My white is your gray - a field of dreams filled with debts I cannot pay. I try so hard to sleep through fact; awakened I fleetingly recall the act. This is my curse - nightmares of death are clearly worse than the sadness that covers me in the blanket of your breath? Tell me you forgive; if you lived would you still love me? Tell me how much.
    I’m so sorry you turned; so ashamed I released from your double clutch. I want you so badly. I need you so much. Oh God, how can I go on at all? Like a gypsy without a crystal ball, I am completely out of touch.

  • AckAck
    smith2lev224 - WAKE UP MAN!!!
  • smith2lev224

    Why are you even awake? Don't tell me. Do you want to see my experiment in "prosepoetry?" No...I didn't think you would. You're probably making pancakes right now for your husband and kids. Sorry for the interruptions so early.
  • JackieM
    I'm just getting back on the computer but I was up partially because of my very young child having night terrors. They went away and now have come back.
  • smith2lev224
    Jackie M,

    I'm not sure I get what you don't get about what I'm sure I don't get - Jackie, sometimes I am severely sleep deprived when I write these things. I do remember that post and I started out with something nagging at me but - Jesus I keep using that word "but" which is normally reserved for things like stalling for time...this isn't making any sense and I'm between double shifts...maybe we should just forget about that part and move on to China. (Shut up, Ack Ack) He's got some crazy idea that I - do you practice withcraft, or are you so good at it that you don't need to practice anymore? I'm not trying to antagonize, but on the off chance that you somehow got into my head, please get out. (I'm begging you...please) Despite my work and the style of my writing I am very vulnerable, even to things that are only my imagination, so if you can understand what I'm not saying...

    I have an idea - can you please stop being nice to me - treat me like you used to, like I'm an idiot. That will help.

    Now, about China - for all practical purposes they did for us what we did for AIG and the rest of those crooked financial institutions that we bailed out. We owe China more money than we can possibly pay back and if you take a small leap to the conclusion that they damn near own us, you're on the right track. Your perspective on it made sense - I took it to another level; a level that probably only makes sense to me.

    Oh God! It's 6:57 am and I'm nodding off when I should be sound asleep in bed. When you get a chance tell me what you think of this: Never mind. I am so completely out of touch. Can anybody out there unsuffer me?
  • JackieM
    smith2lev224--see there! i'm damned if i'm nice and damned if i'm not around here! LOL! seriously, i only get angry at ridiculous statements and people defending that SOB obama. I see our country crumbling further under obama and understand that our freedoms are at risk. You are right in that china pretty well owes us and obama is completely aware of how vulnerable we are as a result. the problem is that he and the others don't give a damn! their arrogance and selfishness are clouding every decision they make.

    i am sleep deprived also right now.
  • AckAck
    Jackie & Smith, if I have any knowledge of the subject matter, I would go out on a limb here and say this:

    Obama has no intention of fixing anything! He never has and never will... He only has the notion that he can change this entire country and go down in history as a King. I believe with all my heart his total intentions is to get rid of the constitution, the opposition to his cause anyway he can and become not only the first black President but the first black, Ruler - Dictator America has ever had! I really believe that. I think it is instilled in him from his orgin and his dad. Really think about that a little.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--did you see obama's new stupid plan? he is now going to hold a "summit" to try to get this economy going since what he has done has failed! that SOB knows what will work and what won't or at least if he is qualified to do his job, he should know. oh yeah, that is right--he is not qualified! of course, he has to include the very people who are contributors to his agenda--the unions. that is a great idea--not! so after small businesses and so many others have been screaming and telling the fool what will work, he is still not listening and would rather waste more time and money while people are continuing to lose jobs. yeah, that stick it to the rich theory really worked for him and every democrat/liberal, didn't it--NOT! obama is a sorry excuse for a human being. i used to think a good economics book would help these damn democrats/liberals but now I realize they aren't smart enough for that! everything we said before the campaign is coming true--his economic policies would not work and he is weak on national defense among other things! DUH! now who else can the damn liberals/democrats blame now? i'm sure they are trying to think of someone. of course, their solutions of tax hikes will destroy this country and the DAMN democrats/liberals are just loving this!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--You are 100% right! I feel the same way.
  • Dora
    good grief, Bubble brain- you aren't just out on a limb- you have fallen off the cliff altogether. you have aligned yourself with the truly off-the-deep-end fringe-ies. this is what happens when you allow yourself only one point of view to the exclusion of all others. You, being from the land of the ignorant: Oklahoma...

    it certainly explains how your state managed to elect some of the worst representatives in Washington. It explains how your state managed to pass legislation regarding placing online, intimate details of a woman's legal abortion. No doubt, this will be found to be unconstitutional- but the fact remains that you do grow them stupid in your state.

    what a wonderful example of this you present every single day.
  • AckAck
    LOL - Dora, once again you have displayed your intellect in great proportion... The only requirement to join your club is to be a TOTAL IDIOT!

    On the sane side of the fence, if you did a little research during your moments of praise for Obama, you would find that HE has never produced a certified record of birth. All dictators have controlled the ghettos and peasants on the rise to power.

    What part of this does your pea brain not let you see? Maybe I can help you Dora. I know Dr. Smith2lev224 can help you.
  • Dora
    ML Smith has admitted to his mental instability. When not whacked on pills, booze, or pot he's basking in his self-proclaimed insistence that he remain as clueless as you are Bubble brain.
    You birthers have been debunked repeatedly- thrown out of court again last week trying to push a case with no merit, credibility, or substance. Again, like you, Bubbles.
    Age has a funny way of taxing one's brain capacities... when you use yours so infrequently, it's no wonder that cobwebs grow where cells used to dwell.
    The ever-ignorant of Oklahoma has a great mascot in you.
  • JackieM
    dora--thank you for showing your lack of class as usual. i'm sure you are the life of the party at your trailer park. of course, you have some nerve to talk about anyone since you are associated with people such as pelosi, reid, dodd, murtha and others like them so you have no understanding of what true Americans really are. keep slinging mud on a conservative site and we will keep on laughing at you! you really do nothing to contribute to any discussion and come here just to attempt to cause trouble. your plan is not working.
  • Dora
    what's not working is your hypocrisy, jackie- with your holier than thou attitude... take for example, abortion... you pregnancy enforcers believe pregnancy should be taken to term- no matter the situation - whether it be caused by rape, incest, or if it threatens the life of the mother... you feel that this pregnancy should be brought to term... because they can always give up the child once it's born... and there are just oodles and gazoodles of "true" Americans that would beat down doors to adopt these babies... yet you felt the need to go to china to adopt rather than take in one of these children. just why was that? was this to make a statement about how non-racist you are? you could just have easily have adopted a black child- or a handicapped child... or any number of children that need homes here.
    as for your other noise... i have no "plan"... and i am not "associated" with any organized party or people as you state...i am merely here to correct you stupids when your stupid gets out of control. it's rather a daily occurrence here... you all operate on Glenn beck overload... and everyone knows he's a crackpot... republicans and even right wing nuts admit to this. but you keep hiding in your fantasy world, jackie- you are just a fraud.
  • JackieM
    I normally do not say these things but because dora choose to attack me and my personal life and discuss subjects that are not relevant to this thread, she has crossed the line! dora, you are a self-centered, nasty racist BITCH! I have never in my life encountered such a disgusting It! Your ignorance in the adoption laws of the US is apparent and so is your ignorance of my views on abortion. However, you are uneducated trash and that is expected!
  • AckAck
    Dora, didn't you say that you worked for ACORN?
  • AckAck
    JackieM, thank you for your words to Dora. I warn you though, please watch where you step, there is a yellow, gooey slime all over the floor so she is in here somewhere!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--you and I can mop her up quickly and easily before her poison spreads! LOL!
  • smith2lev224
    Ack, Dave, uh...Jackie,

    Great! Three outstanding posts from three - a real groundswell of committment to a better America. Sorry, I don't mean to pee on the fire. At least there is one. Jackie has a tinge of Lucinda Williams in her lyrics - I loved it. Kinda' paranormal, because I just got done listening to "Come On" and the phrase that stands out is the same"...Fuck off!"

    Is it just me that worries about China?
  • JackieM
    I don't get the uh...Jackie part of your post. however, we are more vulnerable to China than ever and obama doesn't seem to give a damn. this is a huge national security issue. bad habits by both parties are not reasons for this administration to continue the downward trend at a much faster pace. obama uses the excuse that it is Bush's fault. if his hands weren't dirty, even that excuse wouldn't hold water but for so long before even the fools would have to start holding him accountable for his own policies. obama made promises that he could not keep and continues to lie to keep his head above water. obviously, our national debt and its consequences are of no concern to him.
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    I have something even more disturbing for you.

    Billy Levine

    I will say it, even though I hate it: America's economic plight is far worse than the public could ever imagine. Corrective measures reflect the knee jerk response of too much government. Over legislated, yet still remarkably under - regulated, the financial sector is leading us down a foggy flight path. Flying too high and too fast; piloted by economic stuntmen asleep at the controls, this frightening contradiction in terms has already overflown its intended destination, typifying America's across-the-board failure to recognize equilibrium on it's way to catastrophe. Just as conventional tactics fail against an enemy that disregards wartime rules of engagement, strategies that employ boilerplate theory and practice are doomed to miserable failure. Recent upswings in the Dow look good and in fact the Dow is an excellent reflection of money manipulation by those that can afford to buy high and sell low, creating an economic oasis in a financial desert. The mirage is so enticing that Americans who cannot afford the risk hitch whatever they have to yet another scam while the Obama administration, desperate for signals that the stimulus plan is working, overlooks the same reckless abuse that got us into this mess to begin with.

    "Stimulus...Stimulus...Stay clear of the closing doors...National Healthcare next."
    "National Healthcare...Last Stop...National Healthcare...Change here for the Oblivion Express. Stay clear of the closing doors."

    Wisdom is a dangerous thing in the mind of an egocentric mouth. Spewing forth well rehearsed but poorly researched solutions to America's economic crisis, our wonderfully articulate president reassures us that all will be well; employment rates will rise, the housing market will rebound and prices will drop, stretching the value of the dollar. How good it is, right? WRONG! The equation is so highly flawed that it cannot compute, and it doesn't take a genuis to see why. The assumption that lower prices will help to solve the problem is insane. Yes, lower prices will enable John Doe to buy more, but will he? My guess is that a decade will pass before John trusts enough to withdraw cash from his shoebox and start buying. We do not have that much time. All the John Does in the world can't pay enough taxes to wipe out a debt in the trillions.

    I finally grew sufficiently weary of Obama's platitudes that I did some research, looking for facts, not seat-of-the-pants projections, pie-in-the-sky promises and outright lies. This is a sampling of Obameconomicmythology I came across on "Tully's Page" at >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    1. About the one million jobs claimed to be saved or created by the stimulus package, the White House would prefer that no one mention that each job saved or created carried with it a price tag of $787,000. If this is an example of sound economics than it must be true that my Aunt Edna really is Marilyn Monroe incarnate.
    2. The Gross Domestic Product increase of 3.5% is NOT something to brag about, because actual consumer spending declined ONCE AGAIN, by .5%. So where is all this new spending coming from? Can you say FEDERAL GOVERNMENT? Well, boys and girls, someone has to promote our amazing recovery, and that costs a lot of money.
    3. Much of the increase in spending had to come from the Cash for Clunkers program. According to Tully's, a reliable source, guess how many jobs were created?
    a. 150,000
    b. 12
    c. Donovan McNabb's passing percentage
    d. My waist size minus 32
    The correct answer is "d," or ZERO, because my waist size is 32. I could easily add an inch or two if I could afford to eat. ====

    Enough. The whole thing is making me sick enough to puke. If I do anymore research, my waist size will still be 32, as measured in ounces for baseball bats. Bottom line? I don't see Obama hitting any economic homers, but when it comes to finance he might just be a stoner.

    Ta Ta
  • davidwwalters
    AckAck states " 'Real Job Creation' could only come from product manufacturing." I agree with him on that......
    The course America is on is wage parity with China and all other 3rd world countries. Our elected officials of both parties like to keep the light off of this subject. American workers are going to have to learn to live on $0.50/hour to compete in the global market.
  • JackieM
    David--the last paragraph of your post is not quite true. however, if you agree that product manufacturing is the only way we can create real jobs, why are you still taking up for obama's policies that fail to accomplish this goal?
  • JackieM
    there are things that this goverment can do to ensure we are on the best playing field possible. this includes but not limited to renegotiating trade agreements, increasing our currency values, lowering our national debt and lowering taxes for companies and citizens along with implementing a simple tax code that relies on something like the flat tax on a graduated scale with no deductions so EVERYONE and EVERY company pays their fair share. actually reducing healthcare costs by the proper regulation, ensuring competition across state lines, tort reform, fixing medicare and reducing fraud and waste along with telling unions to fuck off!
  • AckAck
    JackieM, you are right on with your comment "there are things this government can do to insure we are on the best playing field possible." HOWEVER, that is not the only way we can level the playing fields. No one seems to want to talk about the power that the people have. The people have the power to change anything in this country. Getting them to do it seems to be the problem.

    I remember when Wall Mart used to advertise "MADE IN THE USA" and I was proud to buy those products. Not all was as proud to purchase those products; people bitched and moaned about the prices being a little higher but what do we have now? People refused to buy "AMERICAN MADE" products and chose to buy the boat loads of shit that deep pockets ship in here from China and other countries around the world. Now walk into Wall Mart or any of the other big department stores, or pretty much in any of the stores and what do you find? NOTHING made in the USA. WHY IS THAT? It's not because the stuff is so good, it's because we buy the crap. It's because the PEOPLE have created a DEMAND for it. Just like drugs, if you didn't have a demand, there wouldn't be a drug problem. Here's what people don't want to hear, WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE CAUSED THE PROBLEM! We rather blame the government. People just run to so called sales and buy, buy buy! The never look at where the product is manufactured anymore. Can you imagine what an impact it would have on China if THE PEOPLE just said NO MORE CHINA PRODUCTS? Americans should not buy products made in foreign countries. AND WE REALLY DID THAT!

    For many years I have proclaimed that Unions have become bad for America and America's economy. At first Unions were good, they protected the workers and helped them get a fair shake from employers. Not so anymore. Unions pretty much teach employees how to stand on picket lines, get huge paychecks without working for it and how to avoid losing their jobs. The main concern of Unions anymore is to represent as many people as they can and produce as much money as they can to insure huge paychecks for themselves. GREED! Somewhere along the line politicians in Washington figured out that if they backed the Unions, they got a lot of votes. NOT ONE OF THE UNION OFFICIALS OR THE POLITICIANS WHO SUPPORT BIG LABOR FOR VOTES GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR ME...

    It's far too easy for us to sit here and click our little keys and blame the government for anything and everything Especially when IT'S OR OUR OWN MAKING!

    MY SUGGESTION: Let's start a "BUY AMERICAN" club and go with it!
  • JackieM
    AckAck--I agree with you on the "buy American" philosophy except for one item--cars. My husband and I have never had any luck with American cars. Everyone of them have been lemons. My husband's car from his work was brand new and it had major breakdowns on highways within the first year. So for us I can't see taking the risk after having many bad experiences with them, especially with a child in the car. I know folks have had these cars and they have been great, but that is not our experiences. Cars are expensive enough and should be reliable. So I do think there are instances where the management, unions and employees are to blame for building crappy products.
  • AckAck
    JackieM, as with a lot of stuff, buying an automobile is a personal decision. Experiences with products also help a person in that decision making. You may have had a bad experience with American brand cars whereas I have had excellent experiences with them. Not trying to make you look bad or to say what you feel is wrong, the last 4 new vehicles my wife and I have bought have been Fords. My daughters drives Fords, like dad and my grand kid drives a Chevrolet. We have an Explorer, a Ford Van, a Ranger XLT, truck and a Ford Focus all of which we have had unbelievable service from.

    A younger couple used to live next door to us and they both worked at a local GM Assembly plant. I noticed both him and his wife drove foreign cars. One day, being the nice guy I am, we were having one of those drive way conversations and I asked both of them why they drove foreign cars in preference to those they help manufacturer? They politely told me the cars they drove were better than the one they help produce. I then politely, being the nice guy I am, asked them who do they think would buy their substandard automobiles and help them keep their jobs. They politely said "This country is full of idiots, our jobs are secure!" Needless to say that plant was one of those that closed.

    I'm not saying that the plant would still be operating if they would have bought company cars, I am saying where do we draw the line at? If we don't want China to own this country when do we make the sacrifices? I can bet you one thing though, if everyone that worked for a company utilized those products, no matter what the cost, a lot of those companies would still be operating and there would be a lot more jobs than we have now. How much of China, Japan and all the other foreign countries do we want sitting on our shelves and in our car lots? We complain, moan and groan, bitch and harp yet when it comes to the personal things, we just don't make the sacrifice.

    My wife and I frequent the Cracker Barrell Resturants over the country and I get mad everytime I go into one of those places. The places reaks of pottery and junk from China. Yet, they have a lot of American made stuff in there. I buy the American made and leave the China stuff for someone else.

    Just my thoughts.
  • JackieM
    I agree with what you are saying in theory. I've also known people in the auto industry and have seen what you have described. They know their products aren't of good quality but refuse to do anything about it. I've also know people whose idea was to work their shift, get their hours in and go home. My idea of a job is to work until the goal is accomplished and strive to exceed all performance expectations. The differences in work ethics is clear and that is what we need in this country to be able to compete and build good products that people want to buy. I think cost and quality should be considered in all big ticket purchases. Americans need to start taking pride in what they produce. I'm not seeing as much of that as I did years ago.

    My husband had a brand new Ford Taurus for his company car. He begged for a foreign car because he didn't want to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere. His company said that he could get the car of his choice the next year. Well, the first three months he was stranded three times in the middle of no where for hours waiting on a tow truck. That was time wasted and money lost for our family. The car was under warranty so the dealership did the repairs but they were major. We have had other personal American-made vehicles and had the same experiences unfortunately. I know so many people like you who have had good luck with them but we haven't. After being burnt more than once, we started buying foreign cars. It was too expensive to continuely repair these cars after the warranties ran out not to mention the time we wasted in doing so.
  • AckAck
    David, once again I will tell you when it comes to AMERICA - I am AMERICAN first and foremost. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME FOR THIS ENTIRE SITUATION. No other reason. We, the people, have allowed this whole mess. Sure, we can blame prior administrations and even the current administration, bottom line - WE, THE PEOPLE HAVE LET IT GET THIS WAY.

    Our founding fathers set it up for us and our forefathers fought to preserve it but somewhere in the process of time, WE LOST IT. The POWER supposed to be of the people and for the people. If our shelves are chocked full of goods from China, etc., we allowed them to be there. If our whole nation is on welfare, we allowed it to happen. If our elected officials screws us around, we are responsible for it. All the arguing about Bush, Reagan, Carter, Clinton, Obama or anything else is not going to help. We have copped out on our part of the bargin. I fear it is too late for the kind of change we need. Put the power back in the hands of the people... I THINK WE ARE TOO DIVERSED TO EVER SEE THAT HAPPEN.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, the layout of this thing could be very simple. I mean really simple. By the way, thanks for that link - good stuff.

    Obama and most politicians are lacking in something when it comes to doing anything GOOD with the economy. I believe if you researched the articles we have written about this on UC you would find that many moons ago I stated that "Real Job Creation" could only come from product manufacturing. (Some large and many small manufacturing companies.) Not bridge mending, not giving money to schools, not giving money to big labor unions, not bailing out financial instutions or any of the things this administration has done so far. It seems like their heads are in the sand and their asses are doing the talking! Not that some of these things arn't important, it's just they don't boost the economy on a continued rate.

    Here's the simplicity once again on what ANY incoming Presidential Administration should do to help this country and our economy.

    1. Make a list of the most important things to the people. (Listen to the people, they will tell you what they want.)

    2. Prioritize that list. (Healthcare and a lot of other things are far more important than speckled owls or little one eyed fish that swim backwards upstream!)

    3. Gang up all the kings men and lay it on the line. (This is what we are going to do and this is the way we will do it.)

    4. Everything that seems to be working, DON'T F _ _ K WITH IT!

    5. Everything that needs fixing, FIX IT!

    And on and on, ONE FIX AT A TIME... C A S E C L O S E D

    A very good post. Glad you researched it.
  • smith2lev224
    David Walters,

    You interrupted my roll for that?
  • smith2lev224
    From: Report
    To: UC/Disqus or whoever the jerkoff is that monitors this bilge...(and I take it all back Billy Hallowell - I cannot; will not sit back and blindly accept bloglisting) now I understand why it is so easy for libs to goof on concservatives.
  • smith2lev224
    Okay, ****************************47,

    It's clear you do your research, but you're an ASSHOLE.
  • smith2lev224
    David Walters,

    Well Dave, I've been saying this for an awfully long time, and I'll quote myself - others have said the same thing in different ways but this I remember word for word: "Americans are in a collective stupor - you have to wonder what kind of drug is finding its way into the water supply."

    I almost wish you hadn't mentioned it. I do not believe in zombeism, but at the rate things are going, I will. People seem to think that things are just fine and dandy - they're mesmerized by the Dow, which means absolutely nothing since the money supply is a mirage. We are in a deep hole - trillions deep; and the debt we we are having a feeding frenzy with is TOXIC and ILLIQUID, meaning the dollar is really worth less than the price to print it. That is bad, no doubt, but what happens when people wake-up? The house of cards built by Bush and Obama will come tumbling down and the catastrophe will make Katrina look like a friendly neighborhood barbecue.

    I hope I'm really Chicken Little and the sky won't fall, but if it does, we're talking about the end of a once great civilization. Looting, bands of marauders like the old wild west; martial law; detention camps...and finally, an industrial dictatorship. I don't know what the hell we can do here squabbling and speaking in tongues - it's really sad that even in a life and death situation, people cannot band together for the greater good.

    It depresses the hell out of me.
  • davidwwalters
    "I hope I'm really Chicken Little and the sky won't fall, but if it does, we're talking about the end of a once great civilization"-smith2lev224
    The powers that be(Bankers that control the Fed.),
    -they're the gatekeepers for both parties nominating process. We only get the "approved" candidates just like in the Soviet Union.
    So i choose the liberal one. Before the crash, i just want my son to have access to public health care. After the crash, well......i'm armed and crazy enough to shoot. The "powers" have always been able to control the masses with a few exceptions, like the French Revolution. Now there was a REAL revolution. But didn't Robespierre loose his head?
  • smith2lev224
    David Walters,

    Yes, yes, yes and YES! Oh, there was a lot of head removal going on then. I think Robespierre may have lost his twice.

    I don't know what to think about the aftermath, but I'm quite sure that as good as they are, the regulation 9mm and .38 (I actually prefer the .38) won't be enough. Last night, when you sent me :) while I was preparing my nightime medication, I was thinking more along the lines of something with a number I'd rather not use right now; (I don't want to wake that thing) but then I thought it might be too cumbersome. I decided on one of those Ghostbusters things...just have to remember not to cross the waves.

    All I know for sure is that it will be in BAD.

    Oh, did I ever answer your question? If I didn't, of course.

  • smith2lev224
    Jackie M,

    About me being an idiot...oh well, you are 100% correct. But I am trying to get smarter. Sorry, Jackie. Next time I'll count to ten before I reply. Part of it had nothing to do with your post. I had to pay $259 to replace that bodega awning I fell through when the fire escape rung broke. Talk about'd still be laughing now. Amazingly, they didn't charge me for the eggplants I crushed.
  • JackieM
    That was nice of you to apologize! Did anyone get you on video?
  • smith2lev224

    Bad joke - just kidding. If you mean the famous Eggplant Crush, it airs on
    Craig Ferguson Monday. But if you order now you can get it for only $29.95,
    postage included, in a plain brown envelope.
  • smith2lev224
    No Jackie, I got a new agent. He's discouraging me from doing those smut videos you do all the time.
  • JackieM
  • smith2lev224

    Don't forget to - wait a minute - do we go forward tomorrow night or back? I
    can never get this right.

    I think everybody went to sleep. You know, I think I
    thought you thought I think what I thought you think, but that would
    be...impossible. Sweet dreams are made of this. Everybody's looking for
    something and I am looking - I mean thinking - I mean I better shut the hell
    up. Goodnight, Jackie M.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224 & JackieM, I love it when you two love each other. You are two of my main squeezes. About the back or forward thing, I got that one for ya!



    I learned that a long time ago. Haven't quite learned what it means but I'm getting there...
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    It's fall back, not back fall, you dingbat. I love you too. Hey, ssshhh...I
    don't want her to hear, so whisper. Something odd got into my brain last
    night. I can't get it out. Oh boy, that's all I need. Oh...please, make it
    go away! Make it go away!!!! Jesus, I feel like Sheryl Crowe.

    Ack, remind me if you think I'm slipping...just scream in my ear, REMEMBER
    WHAT HAPPENED THE LAST TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, you're right - I am such a dingbat! I just assumed you would read first line forward then the second line backward! What a dork I am!

    I sure hope you don't have a case of the "Dora's!" I really hate to break the news to you but that's bad - REAL BAD! Get her in your head and you're pretty much done... There's no antidote for it. There is no equation to solve. There is no formula to work from. NOTHING WORKS! NOTHING!!! I have seen many of good men go down with "Dorahead" - Bummer...
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Your " of the Dora's" had me on the floor. Ack, what the hell is it, really? Witchcraft? Anyway, I have antibodies for that particular inflammation. I don't know about the other one, but I am pretty sure she has antibodies that kill anything. Besides, you never really know who anybody is here with all the name changing. For all I know, she could be DS. Now that would be...uuunnhhchegge...BAD.
  • JackieM
  • davidwwalters
    Do you know a guy named MLSmith?
  • smith2lev224
    Yes, I have heard of the guy. I think he changed his name to "Report."
  • davidwwalters
  • 2bluestarmom
    It's alive! End-of-life counseling in health bill
  • davidwwalters
    That is stupid, David, for numerous reasons. Some of which are:

    "!. you are not accomplishing anything."
    -No? Being truthful is always an accomplishment.

    "2. it is not helping our situation right now."
    -it's always helpful to define the problem in depth before a solution can be made.

    "3. people from both sides caused the problem and didn't stand up to it. who in the hell are you to judge people like me who didn't like it and don't believe in any entitlement programs to begin with so all of our government officials are morons!"
    -Well now we are on some common ground, "...people from both sides caused the problem...". But i'm not judging you, just getting ALL the facts out.

    "4. obama is causing so much more damage to our deficit than Bush ever thought about."
    -Fiscal conservatives were not to be heard from as Bush began this budget problem. Bush began his terms 9 yrs. ago with something close to a balanced budget. Obama didn't have the same luxury. Voters had a choice last November and they made their minds up they wanted to do something to stop the bleed of our economy. Sure you'd have liked to try the "Hoover method" of heading off a depression by trout fishing, but that wasn't what most of the electorate wanted.

    "5. obama is putting out troops in danger and our soldiers are being killed now in part because the enemies are emboldened due to obama's lack of decision-making (leadership skills)."
    -Is he? Bush's "tough guy" approach (-when he said "bring it on" surely was the cause of more than one U.S. soldier.) Again, Obama is working in a vacuum. He inherited this mess. A problem such as this is not solved in an instant.

    "6. ignoring the truth about what obama is doing to our country is stupid."
    -Yet you'd ignore what Bush did to our country! Why?

    "7. ignoring that people are suffering more under obama than under Bush is selfish!"
    -Any suffering is a legacy of the mess Bush left us in. Again, this problem cannot be solved instantly. It will take time.

    "8. people are continuing to lose jobs and homes with obama's bad policies."
    -for fear of sounding like a broken record....."-Any suffering is a legacy of the mess Bush left us in. Again, this problem cannot be solved instantly. It will take time."

    "9. the failed healthcare plans the damn liberals/democrats have come up with are going to negatively affect those of us who pay for insurance."
    -in the long run, it will save you money. No more are the providers going to have to absorb the cost of emergency room visits and pass them on to the public that has insurance. And a robust gov't. option will force insurance to actually compete.
  • JackieM
    1. No? Being truthful is always an accomplishment.

    truthful means telling the whole story instead of just part of it. so you are not being truthful in your statements when you blame Bush for everything wrong in our country.

    2. it's always helpful to define the problem in depth before a solution can be made.

    If you want to define the problem in depth, you would make sure you looked at the current corruption on your side and see how that is affecting their decisions that are making our problems worse.

    3. Well now we are on some common ground, "...people from both sides caused the problem...". But i'm not judging you, just getting ALL the facts out.

    David, that is not true. you are not just getting all the facts out! you are consistently blaming the republicans in your posts and refuse to state the facts about what obama is doing to fuck up this country further.

    4. Fiscal conservatives were not to be heard from as Bush began this budget problem.

    That is incorrect. I was complaining from the beginning and so were a lot of folk. maybe you just weren't listening!

    5. Obama is working in a vacuum. He inherited this mess. A problem such as this is not solved in an instant.

    You have to be joking. obama is for this war and stated that fact. we should have brought more troops in a long time ago for sure; however, where were the democrats? why weren't they screaming to bring more troops in way back when?

    6. Yet you'd ignore what Bush did to our country! Why?

    Who said I was ignoring what he did? I just know what he did and didn't do. by the way, my best years of earnings were when he was President! The clinton years were lousy and the obama years are worse.

    7. Any suffering is a legacy of the mess Bush left us in. Again, this problem cannot be solved instantly.

    this is bullshit. obama's policies will never solve our problems--econ 101 and all of my previous posts about what would happen if his policies were implemented. I was 100% correct because his policies cannot possibly work and are not tied to anything sustainable. this is easy to see. you don't "create" government jobs and say this is job creation for our country. those jobs don't do anything to ease our economy at all and will have to be sustained by more government money every year. this is a stupid concept and will not help our economy. there are proven ways to get this economy on track quickly and obama is considering one of them now finally but will have a hard time with it because democrats are ignorant and don't want this economy to actually flourish again. i can prove this so if you ask, you won't win. however, implementing the one policy will not do the trick because you have to have at others in place that work with this.

    8. see above.

    9. in the long run, it will save you money

    there are so many things wrong with this statement that it would take me all night to explain it. i will say that insurance companies will not be able to compete. this is just too easy to explain but anyone who understands business will grasp this simple concept.
  • davidwwalters
    "there are proven ways to get this economy on track quickly.........."
    -So why didn't Hoover's budget cutting help from 1929-1932? A New Deal comes in in '33 and look......unemployment figures begin to fall, slowly, but they did come down. Yeah, so much for your econ 101.
  • JackieM
    How in the hell would I know? I wasn't around then, David! There are things that need to be implemented that work together and can't work successfully separately. One won't work without the other. by the way, obama is thinking about implementing one of them because his plan did not work. if his plan did succeed, why do you think he is looking at a republican plan? LOL! however, the results will be limited because he is doing it half-assed again as usual.
  • JackieM
    for someone who doesn't like government waste, you surely don't really mind obama blowing money we don't have. who in the hell would think spending $72,000 for every $50,000 job "created"/"saved" was smart. of course, the terms "created" and "saved" are not really what they appear.
  • JackieM
    David, Hannity and others on Fox were also complaining about Bush for years so you can ignore the facts if you want, but they are there for those who really want to know the truth.
  • davidwwalters
    Yeah i know.....that Bush wasn't conservative enough. Hannity wants a christian dominionist state, which if it happens.....i'll take up arms against. Nothing against christians, i have lots of christian friends, but the Rushdooney crowd scares the hell outta me.
  • JackieM
    exactly! Bush was definitely not conservative enough!
  • davidwwalters
    Gotta go buy more ammo.
  • smith2lev224

    I can't restrain myself here. George Bush did more damage to this country in 8 years than all other presidents combined...and then some. Given another term, we WOULD BE A THIRD WORLD NATION, only because the classification doesn't include 4th World.
  • davidwwalters
    .....well smith, i was trying to be, somewhat nonpartisan. But i'm glad the point is getting across. We have to remember Obama has a lot of damage to repair. 8 years ago, i wondered how all this (massive tax cuts for the rich, the oil industry writing energy policy with Dick Cheney) was going to play out. Not that i wanted him to fail (as some do now with this president).....but i had a bad feeling that this was going to end badly for most Americans. People, do we have some sort of collective dementia? Have we forgotten Enron? What was our debt when "W" was inaugurated?
  • AckAck
    Typical liberal spin, no real answers so, just blame Bush...
  • davidwwalters
    Spin? As hard as it is for you to accept, "W" was a total failure in every way. Economically or militarily there is no other way to sum up his rule other than failure. And now someone has to clean up the mess. Not a fan of Bill Clinton, but he left "W" pretty well set, and look at what he did with it. No my friend, my post was not "liberal spin".......just the truth.
  • AckAck
    Dave, you're not talking to a great Bush fan here. I AM a conservative American who happened to vote republican but I don't claim all republicans are good! My point was and still is, that when talking to liberals about BHO's failures, they relay it back to the "W's" adminstration. It's true in every election that the incoming administration inherits the previous situation. That does not excuse the working administration from their failures.

    Why can't we quit comparing apples to oranges and look at this guy's failures as America's Patriots? He made a lot of campaign promises that he has not kept. Do you say "so what" to that? A lot of Americans voted for him because of his promises and not because of his experience. Americans wanted change but not this kind. He failed them. He continues to fail the American people, the same ones that put him in office, with his lies and unfulfilled campaign promises.

    He aparently has an agenda that he failed to exposed during his pre-election promises. That agenda must be to totally change the face of this country. AMERICA DOES NOT NEED THAT KIND OF CHANGE!

    There were a lot of changes needed in America. There's still a lot of changes that's needed in America. We are a Democracy and our way has always been Capitalism. A country can not be Capitalistic with the government owning and running everything. The people and the private sector MUST have control of industrial manufacturing to insure a strong monetary system. Our dollar is worth 15% less right now than it was when BHO took office. Our unemployment is near double digits and the stimulus did nothing but run this country deeper in debt and degrade the dollar. Just to name a few but ALL of which BHO said he would take care of.
  • davidwwalters
    AckAck, (...and JackieM)
    When Reagan took office in 1981, unemployment figures were about 7.5%;=cache:AimABg...
    Yet unemployment figures did not peak until almost 2 yrs. later.
    "The unemployment rate in the U.S. reached 10.8% in December 1982—higher than at any time in post-war era."
    Bush left Obama in a similar situation that Reagan inherited when he began office in 1981. Obama has been in office less than a year and you proclaim him a failure based on high unemployment figures. By that standard, Reagan too was a failure. Yes, every incoming administration inherits the previous failures. My point has been......Give the man a chance. As much as i disliked Bush, when he began the war in Iraq, i argued with my liberal friends to give him a chance. Condemnation is a bit early in the game to pronounce, regardless of your personal opinions.
  • JackieM
    David, my personal opinions have nothing to do with this. my posts are based on pure economics and business. you can argue with me on any subject you want but basic economic theory dictates that his policies would failed and now have failed. i predicted this and you remember my posts! his way of "stimulating" the economy is a joke. you can't "create"/"preserve" jobs that are paid out of taxpayer money to begin with and expect the economy to grow. in case you haven't noticed we have no money in the first place so obama is "creating"/"preserving" government jobs that can't be sustained without new revenues coming in from the taxpayers or more debt. so the jobs will have to be funded next year and the next and so on. where is the money coming from when the private sector is not significantly impacted by the "stimulus?" this is like simple math but for some reason, obama and his supporters choose to ignore the truth! the private sector pays taxes that support the government. if the private sector's jobs are continuing to be lost, the government revenues continue to decline. it just becomes an neverending cycle. in addition, obama was the one who PROMISED that this "stimulus" would ENSURE the unemployment rate WOULD not EXCEED 8.2%. now i knew better than this and so did many others but if you took him at his word that he knew what he was talking about, you can say he was a liar. now he and idiot biden came out and said that the economy was worse than they first thought. if you elect someone to be the leader of this country and it turns out he has no idea what in the hell his is talking about, there should be red flags all over the place by now! my opinions don't come into play when it is obama that said we should hold him accountable for his actions. so the idiots didn't accomplish anything but to satisfy the stupid with this "stimulus" bill. by the way, you guys never seem to own up to the fact that the democrats admitted they didn't even know what was in the bill in the first place when they voted for it. how can keeping down the pig smell in an area stimulate the economy? how can spending $72k on a $50k job stimulate the economy? this is pure waste and obama and the liberals/democrats are doing nothing but catering to the unions--corruption! so explain how a logical person is supposed to believe the "stimulus" is going to work. obama knows better than this and if you choose to ignore this FACT, you don't have a leg to stand on. Condemnation comes from understanding the markets, economics and business. Condemnation comes from facts. as a matter of fact, everything i said has come true so far but i just didn't realize just how corrupt this SOB was and how much he hates our country.

    oh by the way, your old rhetoric about Bush is tiresome. clinton left Bush with an intelligence force that had been severely cut all in the name of ensuring there was an appearance of a "surplus." i would have rather had great intelligence anyday of the week because it MAY and I said MAY have prevented 911. As a matter of fact, after 911, our government was trying to gather information but didn't have enough translators to translate documents/emails and secret operatives thanks to clinton cutting the budget. of course, clinton himself admitted he regretted not taking out obama when they had the chance so 911 may not have happened in the first place if clinton had done his job. boy, how much money and how many lives would that have saved? hmmmmmmmmmm! let's see--911 victims, war, soldiers, etc. hmmmmmm! so if you really want to tell the truth, you have it now. i am sick of the garbage the left spews. if you want to tell the truth, tell the whole truth and don't leave anything out. if you want to blame others for obama's fuckups, tell the whole truth.
  • AckAck
    See post below.
  • JackieM
    David, i guess you think obama is doing a great job? LOL! he promised unemployment would not go above 8.2% if his policies were implemented. he also promised to "mend" fences with folks overseas. LOL! do you know how many countries he has pissed off? in addition, he has made himself look weak to certain cultures. By the way, where is his unity crap and if he was so great he would have other countries volunteering more soldiers to help us. i thought that was his goal? LOL! so if you want to put out liberal spin, it is fine with me. I will continue shaking my head and smiling at the crap.
  • davidwwalters
    We have a template to follow.....
    I s'pose we could have let the economy spiral outta control like it did in 1929. But knowing the New Deal helped in spite of waiting 3 yrs. for Hoover's term to end, it would have been criminal NOT to act with a stimulus. Unemployment will continue to rise because of Bush's crash, unemployment being the last symptom of a recession to heal.
    We can go on my dear, but until you accept that Bush ruined our once great nation, perhaps irreparably, you will remain in a state of denial and the outlook for your recovery is in question.
  • JackieM
    we have have had a real stimulus and not this failed bullshit crap obama implemented that wasted our money. of course, i posted that this would happen! a long recesssion is typically 16 months with doing nothing. there were economists out there that said this "stimulus" was not going to help because there was nothing in it to bring about positive results! of course, who in the hell didn't know this? LOL! it was and is a joke! you are a broken record and and I would laugh about this if it wasn't so stupid. remember obama voted on the tarp. his hands are extremely dirty!
  • davidwwalters
    How long did it take the recession to end after Reagan took office?
  • granmamereschmithak47
    Wisdom spaces: another re-mistake (did I mentioned neolibgov bailout$ against anti-terror people stre$$?)
    I'm so sorry, I even have abstractly shot 2 she-freedomfighters, JackieM and aliy, now another "mistake I love to correct, and re-transmit, a larger picture message neolib will never understand (because of the Amazing Grace proud to be an American kind of "things"):
    i'm sorry please, I meaned "the anti-neolibs and anti-terror, anti-comunism, you know what I mean, all, (sorry, I meaned the opposite to anti-terror ones), ALL of the anti... Iraqwar, ALL of the anti-nuke&oil; powers to the USA... YOU KNOW, THE neolib JURA$$ICONGRE$$, THE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTUAL GROWING SWEARED armageddons...
  • AckAck
    Tea Party Express

  • granmamereschmithak47
    I know a place you won't have to think how to ridiculize eternal ancient SACRED ideas mereschmith and ackack47, in fact will be (if you already haven't a dEEp relation thru social or ideological or university, highschool, you are even on prekinders and daycare, I denounced already and... taaadaaa: it was on a terror coyote (I also suspect the "ph operator of the re-denied unemployment was again that meJican judge perez, one of the self declared participant of a communist party, castrogov people now even being USGOV payed for "castrovideos and stuffs" even showing "human ordinary day sides" of the terrorist dictator and gov plan to be copied, his own sister and family publi$he$ his damage of 5 decades being a soviet now russian comunistic seacarrier against the continent (zelaya, chavez, ma noriega, sandinists, mejican coyote guerrilla invading first with assymetric civilian population (some call it indio... vision, telomando telemundo coyotejudge authority, yes, same voice the operator and the indioterrorvision coyotejudge, the castro-noriega coyote churches I denounced had to be investigated by the CIA, after years of local authority pursuing... me... instead of the castrocoyote and castro managers and bosses, "in a row" I only find here on this terror sanctuary south Fl, and the rinos still saying they are 'Republicans' because they name theirselves "tax reducers", I have some info for you rinos, the war, Iraq, less taxes... are said also beyond enemy lines, yes, there are conservative democrats, and liberals are havving their evolution back from the neolib degeneration or ... remain... youra$$ic...
    enjoy the silence
  • mereschmith2lev224andak47
    just in case the govbailedout logistic (of the worse on every country) finds "mistakes":
    the anti-neolibs and anti-terror, anti-comunism, you know what I mean, all, (sorry, I meaned the opposite to anti-terror ones), NON of the anti... Iraqwar, ALL of the anti-nuke&oil; powers to the USA... YOU KNOW, THE neolib JURA$$ICONGRE$$, THE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTUAL GROWING SWEARED armageddons on Asia, Mideast, EU, UE southborder, education, labor, authorities (this is for "re-denie" my self-moneypayed unemployment, lower unemployment the last weeks?) and the ones who most allow this by "negociating and talking", a written reprimend, at the drastic "momments", wich.. by drivebymedia... pass...
  • mereschmith2lev224andak47
    Ok, I'm playing battlestar Rushlimbough right now, so I won't be long, I also just played after battlestar Gleenation (and other Freemedias, I still loving you JuicyCalflan... Monicacrowley, Foxnews's (day and night) intellectual Freedomedia commander she elves-enlightment creatures like the Lauras, Greta, I fear not mention all "of my paradisiac female gender favorites", of course, "all men will have theirs on the heavens of the anti-neolibs and anti-terror, anti-comunism, you know what I mean, all of the anti... Iraqwar, anti-nuke&oil; powers to the USA... anti-nukeandoilprice control ayatoland, UN$addam was already "scratched from the terrorist country govs list, uncludes other kind of organizations, politicians, political party directories, drivebymedias ending up at aljazera like turnercnn, soros is at billions earning traisioning America helping the enemy attacking anti-terror people before bho ITself announced war against foxnews so frustrating he revealed himself his tromented with the idea he can't self declare comunist, and friend of the terror islamic mainstraim govs and parties (less than a 3rd of the muslims )
    This easy and cheap freewritting of battle for the Liberty ideas passes by spraying fire traces of truth inflicting colosal damage and making more visible the inside the homeland neolib (used to terrorize like ted's unfamous:"the salary we lower'm lower'm, lower'm...
    the taxes we rise'm, rise'm, rise'm...
    neolib plan is so coincidentaly what the enemy needs and the denie, in fact seem to enjoy showing "so what?", that's what is on the "cultural psycology" of the anti-Bush bholand (you still try to jail Bush instead apollogize for acorn?, bad strategy, cheap and classical, even if the guy who you listen wears a rolex, or drives a diamond car, or is an art center director),
    and the rest of the top elites of neolibland missery over gov money? , we engage their sick ideas along clusters of battles arround... and as all Freedomedia starfleets, Gleenation will just pop in, again... victorious once again.
    I already said see you, at some other "battleskies" (to some freedombloggers here), this sky here with old assymetric social kind of whatever obsolet (triggering) ackack47s, or above "buzzing" meres(ch)mit(h)'s sociaLIST(RACERS), and "at nightime" dora ignoring AFTER pijamaparties/while oppositors being publicly (24-7-365) govtortured on ayatoland, ackack47s, etc... (as any conservative site, specially the non gov funded ones, the private ones) picking your reading it disconnects itself from the grace and most of the blogging here is from most of the blog$tocklers, just having fun and unsulting anti-bhokomunistikhoax&nukeenemyfriendly;+green energy also hoax as a 2nd assymetric weapon: help the enemy and the rest of the world?, tempt them allowing them to get nuke&oil; powers BUT T USA?, and you pretend us to believe this?, neolib friendly enemy of the worst of the world?...
    I have old news for all of you, here: naaa, naaa, ((((((((NAAA)))))))))
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Thanks. Thanks a lot. Things worked out well, although there were a few shaky moments. But it's always that way. I need to find myself a new line of work. Maybe I'll try quantum theory.

    Guess what. We have some computer geeks at work and they set up a sting. The dimwit screwed the #47 pooch...walked right in. So, do you want to know where all your tax dollars go? They go down the symmetrical porcelain bowl - this one fills up on public assistance and then spends your money on cigarettes, scratch offs, and crackogesic remedies. It get worse because he has COPD and you pay for that too. The weasel will be relocating, but thanks for the math. Ack, you're the best and as usual, I laughed my ass off. Hope I can get a replacement.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, yes, I am aware of the amount of tax dollars that go down the drain with the puking of welfare bought beer, liquor and other kinds of substances those people swollow, inhale, inject or sniff.

    I used to own a remodeling company and we did a lot of contract work for HUD. We would remodel those houses and before we got done, they would be torn up again. Yet, when you talked to the free-loaders who lived there, they gave you the impression they owned the home. We worked on houses that contained first, second, third and fourth generations of kids in them. Can't expect them to walk around not having their hands stuck out for more gifts. That is the way they were raised and that is the way they will raise their kids and grand kids. It's a shame that politicians caused all that and yet they will not look at it today. Just keep pouring a little money in there from time to time and you get the votes.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, hey! No prob., glad I could help. One little word of caution about the use of the quantum theory.

    DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Make sure you master the technique "QUANTITY" (dealing with quantitive) before you self administer this technique! I am ASSuming you have a partner in this little adventure? If not, GET ONE! Dora would make a perfect subject.

    MY EXPERIENCE: I once did a leap using the formula: i/p+d/c+a&p;=1/4/1/2+3/3rds=iamreallyjustacrackheadbutthisplazmasentmethroughspacegotmethereokay.

    I ended up in a flop house in Vegas, and by my side was a woman with no teeth and a one eyed dog. The dog only had two legs, both on one side and kept running in circles trying to lick himself. Drove me to drinking. The woman kept sucking on a big round lolly pop and trying to get my attention. What's up with that? Like I'm supposed to be turned on or something? DON'T ever try that formula!

    MY THEORY: These bloggs are much more fun than arguing politics...
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    You surprise and amaze me constantly. Now, it's the AckAck version of
    encrypted anti-lib neo beer anti -Cuban pathology factored into the equation
    x=x-x+x. How in hell did you figure that out? Na na na. Nana? Must have been
    a typo...probably nu nu nu nu...peeeeese, Mommy?

    The high tech boys have introduced a new protective vest they say is ten
    times stronger than mylar - CD's. Last night I wore Citizen Cope, The Doors,
    Rammstein, (Du Haste Nichte) System of a Down and of course Lucinda's
    "West." Half the guys here pronounce vest that way anyhow. I must admit it
    was fun being able to play myself with supreme protection.

    Hep me_hep me_ hep me! There's only one thing left on the right
  • smith2lev224
    Holy Bold Ruler - Somethingroyal = Secretariat!

    I'm feeling a little bit too assymetrical to offer an opinion - I thought things were bad underground but they look a lot scarier here. Ack Ack, give me a leg up here...why is this demented oil can attacking me? What did I do? Boy, I sure hope I don't get sent to the principals office. I swear, I didn't do nuttin' to nobody.

    Ack Ack, for awhile there I thought I'd never make it back. Now that I'm back, there are two things I want to do.

    1. I need to find a way to become symmetrical.
    2. I must become smarter. That symmetrical fella' is brilliant! He musta' done gone to Dale Carnegie. I got my work cut out for me.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, welcome back. Hope your absence did you well. Your quest to become symmetrically gifted from within will require a bit of my time. I have added it to my LOTDO. (List of Things To Do) I will have concrete suggestions in the near future however, at this moment I can only suggest the following:

    1. When you feel a person is much too symmetrical, add them to your assmeterical list. (This list should be kept close in order to view it at anytime.) Once your subject has been added to the list, you should feel immediate relief. If this gives you no immediate relief, piss on em - ignore them - they ain't worth a shit anyway...

    2. Remember, symmetry has an equation. I don't remember the exact proportions used in the underscore but you can try the following:

    a. 1+1=2
    b. 2+2=4
    c. 4+4=8

    And so on and so on. You may have to repeat these numbers several times before they make any sense.

    Anyway, glad you're out from under the covers!!! Glad you're back...
  • jackiemimistookyou4dora
    My good God, definitively, this cyberspace is filled with "buggies on my screen", I simoultaneously mistook real aliy for... doraaaa...., you're not a copy, you're real aliy, now, I I'm your slave (for some momments, if I'm around the battle for the ideas, as only Freedomedia can bring you.
    Really my dear aliy, amazing, Grace...
    while... I feel like... I am a frakin cylon!!!
    free entertainment as only Freedomedia can bring you...
  • jackiemimistookyou4dora
    You see govfunded neoliblog$tockler$, your govfunded pursuing stress (24/7365 for now 5 years in a row): poor JackieM sweet JackieM, real friendly fire, mistaken for an aliy cybercopy, I recognize the realaliy for the text I remmember the other girls, 2ndBlueStarMom, the other woman, the "lilmermaid's mother", I remmember now, fullmoon...
    forgive me, JackieM, for God sake.
    See you in other page, this page has even a meres(ch)mith "happytrigging"...
  • multinames
    What good are you doing here for Iran's oppositors?
    Did you asked for help to the Iraqi Shias after the 1st Bush?
    if you're not helping, please, just read blogs... castrotoiletpaper granma blogs
    then you'll have an "uniformed" opinion, on your jura$$iccongre$$
  • multinames
    now, ackack 47, you "half undestood me"?, well... I live (this page) you with the neoliblog$tocler$, "debate" them, enjoy their self inflicted stuborness, enjoy the "what asymetrics?", I've seen what happen to people like you on many dictatorships (cuba, venezuela, manuel noriega, UN$addam's regular tv public ejecutions, ted's vietnam, same PRIMARY ASYMETRICAL WEAPON: czars$team$, healthcontrol, ted's plans on Iraq even over the surge... the war is lost... surrender, don't be self oil&nuke; powered, now Afgan elections like acorn should be, etc.) entertainment, they are the "Noah's flood laughing of the people who seek God"...
    Do me a favor, we are at war, don't half help me
    answer to walters!, you wanted neolib comments deffending acorn, write down cyberwords, inflict them enough damage like WE DID ON the war, Bush's re-election record on history, A MAYOR M O R A L (ELECTORAL I PREFFER TO WRITE DOWN) achievement for conservatism, while bho, using iran, chavez, rusia, and who knows else's money IS AT THE 10th of 12 lowest presidents since WWII (participation voting % R E A L POWER)...
    We have bho self-declaring it all, and the date, all, we don't need "courts", or media, the komunistik liliputin's lapbitch withot leapstick said it all thru his deepthroat:
    America self unconditional disarment, eyers-bho-schoolsuperintentent's NO GOD (but bho's culture he hides like a komunistik: hiphopraop culture, prisions language, sodomic teachers, orcs, oops, orgs)...
    and, paralegal logistic orgs, authorities folowing anamontes "point of view", castrogov agent nets...
  • imbecilesmith2lev224
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    names?, haven't you realized I'm Starbuckancestry, and many others in Spanish, my native tong, English (and be understood by the ones I CARE) or Nordik (but bloggers shouldn't be "fashion or personal cults", I can't sign on with only my name like you can imbecil mereschmith, haven't you read on what I denounce, while give free counsel for the freedomfighters?, can you understand? na na naa
  • davidwwalters
    There are many things that need be reported at this time. Afghanistan, health insurance, and the economic problems are all stories. Acorn is not!
  • JackieM
    Davd--I'll say this again--you are smarter than this! Corruption in our government, wasting taxpayer money, and how all of this is ties to obama is news! don't forget who obama and acorn are tied to--SEIU. that has to do with healthcare! of course, those who are supporting this SOB and all the democrats/liberals that are in Washington now don't think it should be news because it exposes the truth about who they elected and what kind of people they are themselves!! there are solutions to this economy and obama himself is trying to figure out how he is going to use the proven methods (republican ideals) without admitting his economic policy has failed like I told you it would months ago! by the way, how high has the unemployment rate goten again? it is around 10%. now you could falsely blame the other administration but that is stupid. obama and his know-it-all staff said under his plan unemployment would not go above 8.2%. so now that it has, his economic policies have failed to deliver on his promises as I knew they would and he has no creditabilty. It is economics 101 and common sense. as of now thanks to the corruption on your side, we will pay higher insurance premiums, have rationed healthcare and a failed government program. I will thank you again ahead of time for screwing up this country and will save the I told you so until later when the failure is out there for all of us to see and we are suffering because of healthcare problems! I guess that is what it takes for you liberals to get the picture!
  • Dora
    It's just so predictable ...and sooooo tiresome, Jackie. Try to gather facts instead of your idiotic and unfounded opinions. You just continue to look stupid.
    The corruption that you orgasm over comes from many directions- not the least of which include your hypocritical holier than thou conservative bible-thumpers in congress who serve not the people but the money gods while ignoring those pesky ethics and laws.
    They are not the only ones but you ignorants keep electing them and giving them standing ovations. No small wonder, since you support another utterly ignorant: Palin.
  • JackieM
    ignorance is electing a liberal moron who has failed policies! by the way, dora, why don't you defend my posts instead of hurling insults. it is getting old. this post is not an opinion so keep it up. common sense alludes you morons! oh yeah, i live by what i say so if you would like to continue to put me up on a pedestal and call me holier than thou, you are welcome to and I won't let you down! those are not slanderous words from you as I consider them compliments! you should try living by my standards for once in your life. they are better than being in the gutter where you are now! you can throw uncalled for daggers and so can I. you are an idiot! try to defend obama with COMPLETE facts instead of the nonsense you post!
  • davidwwalters
    JackieM seems concerned when she writes:
    "Corruption in our government, wasting taxpayer money, and how all of this is ties to obama is news!"
    -Corruption is something to be concerned about. Were you concerned with "Government officials handling billions of dollars in oil royalties engaged in illicit sex with employees of energy companies they were dealing with and received numerous gifts from them......."?
    This is corruption.
    From what i learned on Fox News was some guy dressed like a pimp and wanted information from an ACORN representative. Compared to the corruption story i mentioned
    (did Fox spend a lot of time on THAT corruption story?)
    dressing up like a pimp and asking for help hiding your income is small potatoes.
    As for "screwing up this country"........
    That was already accomplish by Obama's predecessor.
  • JackieM
    David--you are making me laugh! blaming Bush for things that democrats did is a joke! I blame Bush for things he was directly responsible for and nothing else. You are just like every other damn liberal/democrat in trying to bring another issue in to attempt to throw people off the original topic. Why should one new organization have the responsibility to root out all corruption? I don't know where Fox New was during this time because I don't remember the scandal or if they reported on it. Where was CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.? Why don't you ask those liberal organizations where they were and what they did to correct the situation? So we are in the present and there is corruption that has been exposed and obama loves these people! he was their attorney and talked about how he wanted these people to be involved in his administration! He talked about this in 2009. Since he has close ties to these morons, he has the responsibility of knowing what kind of organization they are. You can call it bad judgement again on his part but his affiliation with their sister organization is disgusting and they are influencing healthcare.
  • davidwwalters
    Under republican leadership in the House, Senate, and the White House in 2000, the nation ended up in the economic crisis of 2008. As for-
    "trying to bring another issue in to attempt to throw people off the original topic....."
    I was replying to your statement:
    "I will thank you again ahead of time for screwing up this country and will save the I told you so until later when the failure is out there..........."
    As for:
    "Why should one new organization have the responsibility to root out all corruption?"
    ACORN corruption? Is this anything like the corruption i outlined previously under republican leadership? What the republican party & their propaganda arm, Fox News hates about ACORN is that they cut into the republican attempts to continue their rule began in the 2000 election. So an ACORN worker uses poor judgment. -Big Deal. Corruption of government officials at the Interior Dept. having sex & using drugs with the people representing the companies leasing government land from the Interior Dept. IS CORRUPTION. Did Fox News report much on that? What did they do to correct that situation? They attempted to deflect criticism by going after ACORN......WoW! Good job FoxNews&theRepublicanParty;!
  • JackieM
    David, you are wrong! I think you need to go back and research for yourself the entire acorn debacle. it is more than just one employee and more than the tapes that were shown. there is so much more to it than that and as a matter of fact, its sister organization is in bed with obama also. it is influencing the healthcare situation tremendously in the wrong direction. by the way, we have hashed out the responsibility of the democrats and republicans in the economic disaster. democrats were responsible for the housing crisis that started all of this mess and the previous threads that you were a part of discussed this. whether you choose to believe the truth or not is your business. by the way, why don't you stick to the subject at hand and the mess the democrats have made out of our country just since obama took over? who was responsible for AIG getting bonuses? who was responsible for changing a clause on a bill at the last minute so no one would know? but who cares anyway, right? this is especially true since the damn democrats don't read the bills before approving them and don't give anyone else a chance to either. why has the unemployment rate risen higher than he promised it would? we can only judge him for what he promised and what he has/hasn't delivered on. why are there lobbyists in his cabinet when he promised there would not be? where is the bipartisanship and transparency? those are out and out lies that obama told so if you still support that SOB for telling them, it says something about your integrity. I hope you are a better person than that.
  • davidwwalters
    "democrats were responsible for the housing crisis that started all of this mess..........."
    -No Phil Gramm, who is no democrat, wrote the law deregulating banking and investments which led to a method of bundling loans.....get back to the real world my friend!
    As for the fuss about ACORN, compared to the REAL corruption i mentioned, Fox's focus on this non-issue is plainly done to divert attention from the REAL corruption. How much attention did Fox afford Former Interior Secretary Gale Norton's role in REAL corruption: "The criminal investigation centers on the Interior Department's 2006 decision to award three lucrative oil shale leases on federal land in Colorado to a Shell subsidiary. Over the years it would take to extract the oil, according to calculations from Shell and a Rand Corp. expert, the deal could net the company hundreds of billions of dollars."
    -Now this IS corruption. ACORN is small potatoes (microscopically small.....) compared to what Fox News FAIL'S to report on in depth.
    Note my source is a right of center newspaper. So, not all right wing journalist are asleep on the job like Rupert Murdock's operation.
  • JackieM
    First of all, David, I won't discuss the Phil Gramm law because it was discussed before time and time again here on this site with you. all of the facts were laid out for you and you still came back to the same ole garbage. thank goodness i remember so i won't go into the long detailed facts that prove you wrong. you see i understand what actually happened! You are wrong but believe what you want. I won't debate because it is too easy, been talked about before and bores me! liberals don't like facts and don't want to see the whole picture and how ALL of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. by the way, you should note this FACT--people took out loans they couldn't afford. you don't have to be a genius to figure out what you can afford and what you can't. duh! i hold the people accountable first and then the democrats second. last i hold the republicans accountable for listening to that idiot frank in his testimony and not acting on what President Bush warned congress about time and time again. oh, but what is in the news now is how obama's economic policies have failed. oh yeah, some say they helped save some teaching and government jobs, which we know is a mute point since they can't be proven, aren't sustainable and won't make a damn since those jobs use private sector monies to pay for them anyway. don't forget that the private sector sustains the government and the private sector is the one with the problem right now. of course, a corrupt administration doesn't help matters. i would like to point out that there is a section of I-85 that is being repaved using "stimulus" money! there is a problem with that though--it didn't need repaving in the first place and was in great shape. so there is a perfect example of our taxpayer dollars going to waste--thank you, David! i'm sure you will ignore that too! quit blaming Fox News for not exposing all corruption. blame your liberals stations for not reporting it. at least Fox is reporting what is happening NOW! apparently all of the left news organizations (if you can call them real news outlets) like msnbc, cnn, abc, etc., have been asleep at the wheel, david! you are stuck on blaming the Bush administration for everything and I'm laughing. understanding the facts and how much an administration can and cannot control is essential. for example, obama and his idiots decided they would try to regulate credit cards. so the banks are now going to start charging annual fees to make up for the difference in lost income. More charges will come also! LOL! here's another one for you--if the doctors' fees are regulated through this failed healthcare plan, guess who will either get out of the business entirely, retire early or not choose the profession in the first place? LOL! as a liberal, you won't understand this but it will just be another way the government ensures the decline and fall of our healthcare system. way to go, David! who didn't know this? obviously, you have trouble with this concept. but that is ok. you will have more troubles ahead when you and your liberal friends are blamed when healthcare to all Americans are rationed because obama and the liberals/democrats failed to figure out the first problem to the healthcare debacle--where are the millions of healthcare professionals that will be necessary coming from. i suppose you expect obama to pull them out of his ass just like you think he can perform magic with his failed policies. by the way, i told you a long time ago that obama would not pull the troops out of Iraq and bring them home and would have to send them to Afghanistan. you said you did not think he would do this. LOL! the timeframe for him pulling out the troops from Iraq is essentially the same agreement Bush made before he left office. by the way, how do you like obama following some of Bush's policies? obama shot off at the mouth because he wasn't qualified to make any judgements about anything. now he is proving to be the fool I told you he was. go back and read all of my discussions with you and all of them are correct. you didn't answer my other questions, David. you know about all of idiot obama's lies! obama and his supporters don't have a leg to stand on. i could talk about his divisiveness in this country that he promised wouldn't happen and the problems he has created overseas with our allies and enemies but you can see that for yourself! i said all of this to say that obama has fucked up this country worse than it was before with the help of his liberal cronies! Thank you for helping him, David!
  • davidwwalters
    No JackieM, please do remind me .....
    -"i remember so i won't go into the long detailed facts that prove you wrong."
    As i recall you and others claimed the fall of Wall St. was ALL due to home loans beyond the means of the borrows.....
    -and i showed the mechanism that ALLOWED these loans to be made and PROFITED from......(Profit is ALWAYS the prime motive....)
    Which was the repeal of The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933
    by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, written by former Republican Senator from Texas, who is now a banking industry lobbyist....
    -who "2008 Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman, a supporter of Barack Obama, described Gramm during the 2008 presidential race as
    "the high priest of deregulation," and has listed him as the number two person responsible for the economic crisis of 2008 behind only Alan Greenspan."-
    So i see you have kept those silly right wing blinders on and haven't learned a thing at all. But i'm not trying to convince you. Yes, it bores you, but only because the facts show a different reality than the one you want.
    "FACT--people took out loans they couldn't afford....."
    Not because some fed held a gun to the poor bankers head, but because Phil Gramm showed bankers how to make a profit off of a "bad loan". So prior to speaking of "FACTS", you need to be schooled in some facts.
    You also incorrectly stated:
    "here's another one for you--if the doctors' fees are regulated through this failed healthcare plan, guess who will either get out of the business entirely, retire early or not choose the profession in the first place?"
    As a matter of FACT(a dirty 4 letter word to you, my friend)
    ".......the majority of physicians support a public option in the United States of America.
    SHAPIRO: That included the 63 percent who say they'd like to see patients get a choice of public or private insurance and another 10 percent who favor a public option only. They'd like to see a single-payer system."
    Like Fox News, you just make the facts up outta thin air to support your ridiculous claims.
    I could go on, showing the false nature of your statements, but digest this for now, OK?
  • JackieM
    No, David, again common sense alludes you as usual. it depends on where you are getting your data. doctors will not make as much money and so they will not be as inclined to stay in the business. forget about what you think you know. think about it from a common sense perspective! this will deter people from entering medical school and the like and ensure doctors will retire. not only have there been reports on this, I've talked to a lot of doctors and they have told me the same thing. it just makes sense. by the way, you never answered any of my questions about obama's lies to the American people and the current shortage of medical professionals. we will need more healthcare professionals on day one so where are they going to come from. until this question is answered, healthcare is a mute point. rationing is a fact that you people refuse to address because you know it is true. by the way the housing crisis is a mute point because you don't think people should have sense enough to know what they can afford and not get in over their heads. it is called personal responsibility and you will lose the argument every time before we get into the regulation issues.
  • davidwwalters
    Common sense would dictate that doctors wouldn't answer a poll in such a way....
    Only 10% answered the question in the way your "common sense" tells you! 73% supported some form of public option!
    Perhaps they are tired of keeping all those people on the payroll to fill out the insurance claims....
    -But i'm no doctor, so you'll have to ask one why they don't like the current system.
    As far as "Obama's lies", please define them for me.
    As for rationing:
    -refusing to pay a claim by an insurance company is a form of de facto rationing. Yes, it is true that rationing already exists!
    And as for "personal responsibility":
    -is it anything like "corporate responsibility"? A bank is able to make a loan knowing full well the loan can't be paid back? Because that is exactly the thing that the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999 allows. You know, the one authored by Phil Gram, former senator and now employee of UBS AG (the world's largest manager of private wealth assets)
    So what you are telling me is that:
    -ONLY people have to be responsible
    -Banks have ZERO responsibility?
    If the bank has a method of unloading that bad loan, which was illegal under the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, making a fee off of it, is that somehow a responsible action? Hardly. Responsibility is a 2 way street. That is why the
    Glass-Steagall Act was passed in the first place, to insure banks & investment firms act responsibly.
    Keep on supporting those Swiss bankers, JackieM.....i'm sure you'll win every time!
  • JackieM
    common sense alludes you, David. you take one poll and call it fact! have you paid attention to the interviews doctors are doing on all the major networks? I have. There are too many negatives to count. But hey, it doesn't matter anyway does it. We don't have enough doctors to go around now so this failed, wasted-money healthcare plan is a mute point, isn't it? Once again you have failed to tell me the very basics like most liberals do. Where are the 1,000,000+ healthcare professionals that are going to be needed? I have another good question for you: As you know obama is a lame ass on tort reform but did do a great job with rhetoric. So with the continued rise malpractice insurance and decline in the doctor's income, who in the hell will stay in this business and what are the incentives to ensure we get the best care? so let's use some common sense here, David. this is a crackpot plan and doesn't solve the real issues. however, it will solve the liberal agenda of raising insurance costs, putting people out of work and spending more than necessary. For example, the "stimulus" cost the taxpayers $73,000 for each $50,000 job created (the jobs cannot be verified and were government and teaching jobs so they are not helping the economy. there is no accurate way to prove job creation). so there ya go, David! this is your kind of government--wasting money and then asking folks who work hard for a tax increase. LOL! you will not win your argument. obama has fucked himself and this nation as I said he would! I want to thank you for allowing this to happen, David!

    By the way, I recall a guy giving you all of the information you would ever need to debunk your mortgage crisis theory. As a matter of fact, besides him telling you, it was obvious it was directly involved it in and you still continue your rhetoric. By the way, corporate responsibility is the same as personal responsibility. One is just as important as the other.
  • davidwwalters
    ".......common sense alludes you, David. you take one poll and call it fact! have you paid attention to the interviews doctors are doing on all the major networks?"-says my friend, JackieM

    Common sense would dictate that a poll taken as a representative sample of a population is a much more likely source of information on that population than just asking one or two hand picked sources of information. Jackie dear, this is proof of your denial. I had a feeling that was part of your problem. But there is help! But the 1st step is to admit you have a problem, and recovery can begin.
    "Where are the 1,000,000+ health care professionals that are going to be needed?"-says my friend in denial.
    .............................The laws of supply and demand come into play. You remember Econ.101? It will be an employee's market. Anyway you go on about wasteful spending again like a broken record, oblivious to the fact about the the continued waste generated by that one part of our government that really does waste taxpayers money more than all the other sources of waste in our federal budget combined and that is the pentagon's budget. We could forgo an aircraft carrier or two, and some of our Virginia class subs. Do you have any idea how many doctor salaries could be paid for by not building one of these carriers? Well The U.S.S. Reagan cost us about 4.5 BILLION$.....(not including the aircraft & crew). Did you know we have more aircraft carriers than ALL the navies of the world combined? We can afford forget about a few.
  • JackieM
    David--I really don't know where you received your education; however, let me explain to you a little basic info. about polling and economics. polling is only as good as the data and it is easily scewed so it depends on the way the questions are asked and what kind of audience they are polling along with the number of people polled. this is just to name a few and polls are not always done correctly. for example, if that organizaition is polling all AMA members, you get very inexperienced young doctors. so you can rely on that poll if you want to but i've seen other polls that show the opposite is true. therefore, i choose to rely on common sense and the interviews on all the major networks from doctors along with personally listening to doctors speak on the subject. David, your ignorance of economics is comical. you liberals/democrats pick and choose the theories you try to throw out and hope someone is stupid enough to buy into them. first of all, you obviously don't understand supply and demand because if you did, you would never associate it with mandated policies from the government. this only works in a free market economy not with a dictatorship like we have. a free market economy and supply and demand work along side the equilibrium theory as well. we all know that with mandated low fees this is blown out of the water. so you idiots can conveniently use a free market system when suites you and the rest of the time you don't want it. in addition, i hope you or any of your family member do not get a serious disease that there is no cure for because the healthcare industry will have no incentive to continue to develop drugs and other techniques--this is another free market economy advantage. by the way you and the idiot obama haven't come up with the solution to get all of these willing students that you say we will have through medical school and through their clincals in just a few years, have you? I guess you are keeping that a secret? since we need them on day one, i'm sure you have a plan, right! LOL! i hope you enjoyed your elementary lesson for today but know it is falling on deaf ears. if you don't think your whole thought process is incorrect, pick up an economics book and find out for yourself. i can promise you I'm right! by the way, David, any waste in the government is unacceptable! you will tolerate waste in all areas of the government except for the military. why is that? why is any waste acceptable to you? see i don't believe in doing anything half-assed, which is unlike the obama administration and the liberals/democrats and some republicans who are not true republicans. i would also like to bring up your lame argument abut what corruption Fox News decides to uncover and what it does not. It is funny that you don't hold any other news organization to that same level of excellence! LOL! why is that, David? i also am impressed because I didn't realize that you have inside information in Fox that allows you to know what investigations they did/are doing and if and how much they uncovered. I also didn't know that you have inside information on their management and the decisions they make. Wow! You are an important person, David! otherwise, you make assumptions and accusations on things you know nothing about. that would make you a liberal/democrat and you would be one of those folks who voted for an unqualified person to run our country! hmmmm! you have given me something to think about--not! David, I don't think you are an evil person and you are probably nice but something is wrong when you don't use the basics of things like economics to make good decisions. it is obvious you know nothing about business in this country/world and it is sad that you decided to vote for a SOB who has the same understanding or less than you do!
  • JackieM
    by the way, David, obama admitted in one of his many interviews (he is a self-proclaimed celebrity) that we have a healthcare shortage now (duh!) and didn't offer any solutions to fix this problem or the problem of the additional professionals needed on day one! obama is an idiot and would not be qualified to take out my garbage! i would say he was an attorney but he blew that out of the water when he didn't know what he was signing (Law 101)! LOL!
  • davidwwalters
    "David--I really don't know where you received your education; however,............"
    -JackieM, i'm sure your gut instinct is spot on. Yes, i'm an idiot.
    But as for trying to tell me that because you "....... talked to a lot of doctors and they have told me ..........."
    is somehow a more scientific sampling that this poll, well i'd be even more of an idiot if i'd believe that.

    "David, any waste in the government is unacceptable! you will tolerate waste in all areas of the government except for the military. why is that? why is any waste acceptable to you?"
    -JackieM, I am against ALL wasteful spending. Waste is a current problem in medicare/medicaid. I continually bring up wasteful military spending because it is the source of MOST of our waste, due to the fact that the pentagon budget being by far the largest component of our federal budget. Obama just cut out the F-22 program.....350 +Million$ for EACH aircraft! Way to go!! This is a start. My experience in the military, keeping in mind Pres, Eisenhower's admonition about the military industrial complex, is that congress , at the urging of an army of defense industry lobbyists, continually sell the military equipment they neither want nor need. To wit the F-22 program. Sec. of Defense Robert Gates, a Bush holdover and the successor of Don Rumsfeld was key to axing the F-22. And he was a former AirForce officer......who better would know. My own experience in the Army saw weapons systems that were unnecessary and unwanted, but were added to our TO&E; (Table of Organization and Equipment) anyway. My experience with the M-47 missile system is one of those examples. Test firing the weapon at a range at Ft.Bragg years ago, a general ask me what i thought of it. Thinking i was going to be excited about it, he was stunned when i said it was a piece of shit. "Why" he asked. I explained to him it would only be effective in an open area, and since the rocket was so slow, making so much noise and such a visible signature (all the smoke emanating from it....), i told him it would be certain death to the operator since it would take 10 seconds for the rocket to reach its target, allowing the enemy time to shoot back with a machine gun. I can give you lots more.
    Economics is not as simplistic as simple supply&demand.; in the case of military contracts it's about Lobby and supply. Boeing or some such contractor will lobby, and supply they will on the tax payers dime, weather we need it or not. It's good for the share holders, but is it in the national interest?
    -Not always, is it?
  • JackieM
    David--you completely missed my point again! I was trying to tell you that I have seen polls (a while back) that say that doctors are against this healthcare plan. Polls can't be the only indicator since we don't know the details behind them. Therefore, common sense, interviews on TV on different networks of doctors and doing some questioning of my own give me a better understanding of the real truth.

    If you think there is waste in medicaid and medicare, which there is, you should be pissed at obama for not overhauling them. if he really wanted to he could have started and the American people would be more apt to believe he is doing instead of talking because talking is all he has accomplished concerning this economy besides putting us into unnecessary debt. so if obama decides to get up off his ass and find the waste in medicare and the program is going bankrupt, why in the hell would the damn democrats/liberals even think about robbing the savings and using it for something else? how stupid is that? if you are against waste, you would be pissed at obama for allowing the waste in the "stimulus" and "creating" $50,000 jobs that cost the taxpayers $72,000! So who is wasting money? by the way obama's spend thrift habits were noticeable before he took office but to prove it--in the first few days after he was sworn in he took the hold Bush had on sending millions of dollars overseas to fund abortions in other countries. now today some damn democrats are complaining that there needs to be more stringent wording in the healthcare bill to ensure taxpayer money is not going to fund abortions. is this hypocrisy? LOL! where in the world were they when obama gave the authorization to waste our money overseas? obama and the left are idiots and you know it!

    Economics is not as simplistic as supply and demand when there is not a free market economy. that is exactly the problem and the damn government needs to ensure they govern without overstepping their bounds. they are screwing up this country worse than it was.

    obama said this would not be politics as usual. don't make me laugh. obama said there would be no lobbyists in his cabinet. that statement has been proven to be a lie. obama promised transparency and there are too many incidences where this has been proven to be a lie also. what is it going to take to show you that obama is as corrupt as they come and is showing his true roots from Chicago?
  • davidwwalters
    In the ongoing discussion of federal debt, my mission is to focus attention on the hypocrisy of those who condemn spending yet allowed Obama to inherit Bush's red ink for tax cuts for the rich and......well you know what else he wasted, and it costs far more than money.
  • JackieM
    That is stupid, David, for numerous reasons. Some of which are:

    !. you are not accomplishing anything.
    2. it is not helping our situation right now.
    3. people from both sides caused the problem and didn't stand up to it. who in the hell are you to judge people like me who didn't like it and don't believe in any entitlement programs to begin with so all of our government officials are morons!
    4. obama is causing so much more damage to our deficit than Bush ever thought about.
    5. obama is putting out troops in danger and our soldiers are being killed now in part because the enemies are emboldened due to obama's lack of decision-making (leadership skills).
    6. ignoring the truth about what obama is doing to our country is stupid.
    7. ignoring that people are suffering more under obama than under Bush is selfish!
    8. people are continuing to lose jobs and homes with obama's bad policies.
    9. the failed healthcare plans the damn liberals/democrats have come up with are going to negatively affect those of us who pay for insurance.
  • JackieM
    by the way, David, tax cuts for the rich are not a bad thing because jobs are created. the tax code needs to change so that EVERYONE pays their fair share so quit harping on the same old garbage. the "rich" pay most of the taxes and keep up others so you should be thankful!
  • davidwwalters
    It's getting too skinny!
  • aliy
    I've been reading these posts and I have to say, there seems to be a lack of liberal viewpoint on this, a total lack of someone coming to ACORN'S defense here. I wonder why no liberal wants to defend this organization THEIR president gave a TON of stimulus money too. Where are you liberals? Defend your organization.
  • Dora
    The reason there seems to be a lack of a liberal viewpoint is that it's a non-story. ACORN- as with every single business - or organization - large or small- have people that do not feel rules, laws, and ethics apply to them. Aliy, in yet another example of her continuing ignorance wrote - again- (as has the ever-ignorant-jackie) that ACORN received stimulus monies. Try to fact check sometime before bragging about how ignorant you are.
    Obama never headed or directed ACORN. Again, FACT CHECK you fools. It pisses you off to no end that ACORN legally registered voters- many of whom are from low income areas and, as such, tend to vote DEMOCRATIC. ACORN - in FACT- turned in fraudulent registrations- as they are required to do by law. Get your damn facts straight. Clearly you have prescribed yourself mega doses of Glenn Beck who has demonstrated his bat-shit crazy conspiracy theories to the point of monstrously absurd. Why you birthers, deathers, and end-of-the-world-2012'ers feel the need to demonstrate your proven lunacy is amusing - beyond this, you are a waste of time.
  • aliy
    Whatever website you're reading Dora, it's wrong, Acorn WAS going to get funds until this story broke and congress overwhelmingly voted against it. (Including Al Franken) What ever "fact check" you're reading, is missing facts.

    And why are you NOT commenting on the fact that this administration supports dictators?
  • Dora

    Why should I be commenting on dictators? Who? What support? Do you mean diplomatic relations with people or countries that do not match our form of government? Be specific. Your comment is vague and accusatory.
  • JackieM
    Dora, who in the hell said that obama headed or directed acorn? stop being stupid! for people like you with extremely low intelligence, regardless of what people tell you, i will spell it out! obama has big connections with this organization including their sister company! this is a huge problem! this administration is like the mob and has brought with it more corruption than we have ever seen. besides acorn, there are the trial lawyers, unions, lobbyists and other groups influencing this administration. the policies that obama has put into place are detrimental to the regular working folks of America but they are definitely helping the mob! obama promised this administration would not cater to these kinds of organizations, but guess what?
  • AckAck
    Hi Aliy, I have my illustration of why the radicals are not defending some of this stuff, especially ACORN.

    What does a child do when it's caught with a mouth full of cookies and his hand is in the cookie jar? Pretty hard to lie out of that one... He trys but to no avail! Most normal children would run and hide.

    If you are really, really ashamed of your ass - I mean, to the point you don't want ANYONE to see it and a whole bunch of people catch you with your pants down, standing behind a farm animal - I guess the best thing for you would be to run and hide. In other words, DISAPPEAR!

    Suppose you have been warned about alligators in the pool, time and time again. But now that you have all these power rangers around to protect and agree with you, you decide nothing can hurt you and you jump into the pool... I would hope some of them did this one! Nothing left to hide!!!

    I have noticed a drop in attendance on other sites also.
  • JackieM
    I haven't seen the slithering snakes come out and defend their messiah on this one either. I guess they have been caught with their pants down and can't come up with a lie to attempt to cover up for their master this time! LOL!
  • aliy
    See, up until now the whole liberal argument has been "No Sir!" so I don't know why this one would be any different. They NEVER come up with a valid argument to begin with. Maybe they are loosing the passion to defend this crap over and over and over as this administration is continuing to do and say things that just suck.

    You know like Anita Dunn saying Mao Tse Tung is her favorite "philosopher"!!!! I always said the Obama administration is not talking to these dictators because they are trying to bring peace, they are talking to them because they admire the control they have in their countries. They are jellous and want the same level of control.

    Dunn's favorite philosopher slaughtered over 70 MILLION of his own people who didn't agree with him. Can you imagine? That's really what they want to do with us, they admire this guy for having the courage to get rid of everyone who dissented!

    I think maybe the liberal are just getting tired of defending this undefendable crap.
  • AckAck
  • JackieM
    well, except for dora and the like! LOL! we know what they are all about!
  • smith2lev224
    Okay, smith2levdora blahblahblah,

    1. Why don't you find a name of your own - you know...think. I'm not saying it's your fault that you don't, but for chrissakes man, your comments read like something written by a dutchbeck.
    2. You are attributing comments to me that I never made. And again, if you can't think for yourself, at least use quotation marks instead of plagiarizing my comments. Oh...of course I am flattered. Who wouldn't be? My God, man, you're a genius disguised as a Dumpster. That's not easy.
    3. You're "not a mere blogger?" If that is meant to intimidate me, why don't you drop by the 40th Pct. in the Bronx one day. I'll show you around the territory and drop you off at the corner of 161st and Morris. I am absolutely sure the people there will cringe with fear in your presence.
    4. This obsession you have with Dora...what is that all about? No, don't tell me...I just had my breakfast.

    Listen, hotshot, guys like you are a dime a dozen. One thing I learned on the job - the "doers" don't talk - they "do."

    I honestly don't think you're as wet brained as you pretend to be and you probably have a lot of good stuff to say - so why present yourself as something you're not? There's this thing called the human race. I think it's still the 7th at Belmont and in good weather it's usually carded for fillies and mares on the grass. You'd fit right in and it's obvious you can stay the distance. Oh, I'm sorry - you're a stallion? Oh...a colt. Maiden Special Weights, huh? Well I hate to tell you this, but you're not gonna' win if you keep laying down and scratching your back in the sand.

    I guess you are pretty good in mud though - God knows, you sling a helluva lot. C'mon guy, stop being such a pussy and speak your mind in a language we can understand. This is not a class in English as a second language.

    Remember now...161st and Morris. You can take care of all your needs there - the methadone clinic is on Morris and the powder is on Teller, at the intersection of Park. Ask for Magnifico.
  • AckAck
    Wow! Mr. Smith, 161st and Morris, isn't that where bionic man and chemical brain meet for cocktails? You hit him hard man, I didn't understand half of his post but you got my back, once again - I owe you one!
  • smith2lev224
    Jackie M,

    Strange...I must have had some kind of pre-frontal lobotomy because I recall NEVER agreeing with you but now, having read your posts, you are right on the money. I love your idea about the "room with camera's rolling." Can you get me a ticket to that show?

    Good to see you're still in the ring.

  • JackieM
    That's because you are now seeing everything from the right perspective! LOL! I don't have the time to post as much as I did but I will when I can!
  • smith2lev224
    Jackie M,

    How the hell would you know what perspective I am seeing things from? Who
    the %^$# are you...Carnack? One thing is certain - having read all of your
    posts, I am NOT seeing things from your perspective. And of course yours is
    the only correct perspective, right?
  • JackieM
    I was just kidding, you moron! That is why the LOL after my comments! I do know that obviously, you either can't read or have deep issues if you couldn't figure that one out! by the way, my response was prompted by your statement about me being right on the money. boy, you are an idiot!
  • smith2lev224
    Hallawh dare ahginn, Ock Ock,

    Von lest tink biffaw I liff. Tail me pliss vatt diss mink? "Yukon rayyewss diss ass troshkin liener." I veesh day hott wahn off dem Spayle Cheekinss.

    Tayle mih - vatt iss deh problink vitt dot assimmahtrinkkle dutchbeck? Vy kipps kawlink nemss ott mih vitt owldiss Doughrah stoff ahnt rippittink mine vertz? I dawn sigh nawtink ohtt heem, saw vy iss diss? Hih tokk dott vay ayne mine kontrink hih vake opp dayte vonn mawnink. Kane yu tokk ott diss monk fore mih...oks eem stawpp bittink mih offer mine hade?
  • AckAck
    Hakkawh dare missher schmit,

    vot's dis chit? You spreccinch ce Dutch? Gud, gud. I lik dat.
  • Moshwolf Please check out this youtube video, it's awesome telling the truth about the Gov.
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    It looks just fine to me, but I am too assymetrical to know for sure. You nailed it good with your comment to michaelboch. Nice. You haven't lost your touch.

    Ack, I'm under for the next few days so I won't be able to reply...probably not until Flornsday. Hope your weekend is symetrical.
  • AckAck
    smith2lev224, thanks man. That means a great deal to me coming from you. I don't mean to get all choked up here but sometimes stuff like that is important.

    You be Kool, as I know you will be, and l will manage here as I lumber with the clowns of UC. I sure like you watching my back for me when the going gets tuff.

    By the way, I have printed out your post, "The Final Frontier" and will frame that puppy. I will hang it in my office and read it from time to time with pride. IT IS A MASTER PIECE... One of your best. Gotta hand it to Mr. Smith, when you get serious, YOU GET SERIOUS!

  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    Hey, you should see me now. I look like a Lebanese pimp. Ack, no need to
    thank me - your posts are always good. They're very symetrical too.

    Eye'ff bin verkink und diss occinct mayney veekss -hop it verkss, maink -
    deesse boyss iss nutt to foggup vitt ahnlayss yu hoff ah dayth vish...naw
    vott I minn? Dawss diss zount kawnvinsink? "Vire? Vire? Vott iss vire
    ayneevank...dih stawff? I guwtt deh mawnee...vey're iss deh stoff...I ant
    naw maysshanger boychick, saw qvitt foolink arountt, i don gawtt awl die faw
    diss buscht!"

    Eyefull seenk yu kopple dayss. Sallonk.
  • JackieM
    AckAck--I just listened to a clip of that idiot Maddow discussing Fox News! It was all trash! She spoke about Fox being anti-government and protesting the government. The government is supposed to be represented by the people and Maddow doesn't clearly get that point. The people of the US should equal the government so if the government were doing its job the people would be represented, taxes would be low, unemployment would be low, the deficit would be low, etc. I don't give a damn about who Maddow is but know she is an idiot left-winged obama following ass kisser. It's no wonder her show and MSNBC has low ratings! That says it all!
  • AckAck
    Jackie, what is there left for the radical left wingers? They have used it all up. They have told all the lies, when they do lie anymore it's a re-run. Everytime Obama opens his mouth he is protecting his own ass and it's usually a lie or something to avert Americans from seeing the real truth. Go figure huh?

    My wife pointed out this article in our local small town paper and I will attemp to re-write it here for you. I may do this in an email if this don't work. Here goes.


    Here's how to be a liberal in a few easy steps.

    Accept anything run by the government. They've sure done a bang up job so far.

    Give Nobel Peace Prizes for speaking well and fabricating hoaxes. Hating George W. Bush is a must.

    Accept Homosexuality. Accusing Christians of being bigoted and judgmental.

    Call Rush Limbaugh divisive, David Letterman and Janeane Garafalo enlightened.

    Believe that Michael Moore is a brilliant move maker.

    Paint whites who disagree with President Obama as racists.

    Call Bush a war monger. Defend Obama as a peacemaker. Make up your own reasons.

    Say Fox News is partisan but not the other networks because they say they're not.

    Think that paying exorbitant taxes is patriotic. To complain about taxes makes one a redneck, hillbilly or nazi

    Believe that illegal aliens, frivolous lawsuits and the ACLU are the backbone of this country.

    Call any form of abortion a "choice" and think legal executions and interrorations are barbaric and uncivilized.

    Teach about condoms, alternative lifestyles and flaws in America in all public forums. Avoid speaking, writing or displaying anything concerning God or moral choices.

    Pretty simply huh? Just like believing that joining ACORN helps the voting process.
  • JackieM
    Ack, Ack--Thanks for the article. You are right about the idiot left wingers but I think it includes all of the democrats/liberals. All democrats/liberals are the same at this point because they are all radicals. All of them are extreme. How else can they justify putting an anti-America fool in the white house. They have disgraced our country and all that she stands for. The ones who claim to be bluedogs are easily manipulated and are pansies. I have been a "little" busy as you know so I haven't been able to post very much. However, I keep up with the happenings and the corrupt administration is dragging us into a deeper and deeper hole everyday. It is disgusting and as a true American like you are, I am worried about our country! Obama and his cronies have been exposed and they don't like it so they have to attack the very people who have ratted them out! maddow and keith o are nothing but puppets and fools. i guess most folks know that because it is reflected in their ratings. i laugh everytime i hear one of them talk. i would love to get them into a room with cameras rolling. they would drop in a matter of minutes. better yet how about them in a room full of true Americans? wow! I would pay to participate or watch that. I know they are too stupid to put themselves out there like that because they won't be able to defend their rhetoric. The arrogance of this administration and his supporters is over the top but so is their ignorance.
  • AckAck
    Jackie, being called a "Blue Dog Democrat" is just another way of getting attention. Any person called a "Blue Dog" is standing in line for a hand out... They are no different than the people that form the lines in the ghettos. They will line up in front of the door that has the best offers. You offer them a nickel, I offer them a dime, they're going to follow me. Not much to rely on there, huh?

    Personally, I think it should be a crime for a person to be elected under the representation of a party then change to the other side. I think the rules should read, DO YOUR JOB OR QUIT! Further, YOU CAN'T CHANGE PARTY'S! My point here would be - What about all those people that voted for that idiot? Do they have any value to this system? In this sense, NO! But who elected that person in the first place? A forgotten bunch of people, that's who!

    WE NEED TO ELECT new blood in 2010, WE NEED to stress term limits for our elected officials and MAKE SURE they understand this. It will take a long time to achieve this but we got to start somewhere. NO SECOND TERMS AND NO SWITCHING PARTIES!
  • JackieM
    You are right on it every time, AckAck! I can also add that we see how misguided people are when they call themselves Christians and can actually vote for this idiot. They are NOT!
  • JackieM
    As Huckabee said tonight, it is not anyone's fault but obama's that he isn't holding true to his word! Is it Fox News' fault that they are exposing him and all of his lies? LOL! I guess they are the only true news organization. They are only doing their jobs! Where are the jobs that he promised? Unemployment is above the 8% but he promised it would not get this high. Why are lobbyists running things? He said he wouldn't happen. Where is the transparency? LOL! We know what happened there! I could go on but it is obvious this idiot can't run anything but something into the ground. He had no experience in small business, big business, the markets much less anything else of importance so what should we expect? He is a moron! of course, one could say he was a community acitivist. If you judge him by the work he did in Chicago, he failed at that job too! Then the idiot supporters promoted him! After this is all over with, I hope they expose him warts and all and make a comedy of his life and the horrible decisions he is making. At least we could look back and laugh as along as we are able to correct the issues he is causing!
  • starbuckancestry
    A mistake of me: "we never call bho "prostitute", (ADD: even if a comunistik bitch wears leapstick) or is a liliputin's bitch, oops, lapdog, liliputin called bho recently) on Letterman (hot personality?) last night? (batlestar galactica, the only show I watch on letherman's)...
    at the end of bsg presentation, the commander said: see us battling cylons and seek for the Earth, WITHOUT AN ... EXIT STRATEGY:
    (FOX 1, fire)...
  • starbuckancestry
    The classic infiltration crappy blogstockler to death boring, and waiste of cybertime:
    your own text smiths: "I NEVER see the word "Like" on my comments? Even the most incoherent entry gets it, like smithwatheverdora (THE NAME SUGGESTS YOU'RE dora, and lmsmith, but matches with any cyberbhoteam'$ mentality and purpose).
    "Somebody got fecal material for me (neolibcyberplans is the source, not me). Maybe I need to start writing differently (I always write down the same, many (tactical) names, people recognize me instantly) know, (here comes the "distraction and confused strategy on trying to "make me look incoherent", but reveals "PURE" neolib mind:
    (anti-neolib message, supossedly"): "the aftermath of BLUDGEON x43 = Jimmy Carter on crack with Obama doing the COOKING (they may be confessing, that will explain everything, how, having it "all" they are misserable, and need to drag us with them to their hells) spelled backwards in society's planetary (their version of cyberspace war attack texts) social anti-complex melting trees in Antartica (algore's noveprize hoax, they laugh while confess, important for their mentalhealth)
    smith or dora, or bho himself continues...: "and we all know the PROJECT IS CLASSIFIED bluestar - rip me a new one...Jack is beans talk watch out for purple underpants Dora (because of the pijamaparty on iran, thing) and nano tech blowing brains (now, the neolib is alucinating they are better than us on intellectual wars) out thru TV and so forth how am I doing? (no comments)..., wait, they reffere to our frase: out of memory and time...
    Just 2 more, it's contagious the mind sickness neolib trasmits:
    "And why does this lunatic (that will be me) use smith and dora in "it's" name (because you're the imbecile infiltrating disturbing the transmission of the info and opinion climate you imbecile blogstockler)- I suspect DS but there's no biblical attack (hey idiot smith or dora, or bho, biblical attacks?, bho is abortion "legalities" deffender as another one of the assymetric armies like aclu, or acorn-grownup gov$ucker laweyer$") so it can't be him. I'm temted to run that gas passing thing but I don't know the rules here on off color stuff, which is going to muzzle me badly if it's prohib (what?).

    Speaking of prostitutes, did you see Obama (now, the smith or dora or bho, or a "team" or czar po$$ition seeker put all of us, the anti-terror bloggers on neolib-gov(more)attacks, we never call bho "prostitute", even if a (liliputin's bitch, oops, lapdog, liliputin called bho recently) on Letterman (hot personality?) last night? (batlestar galactica, the only show I watch on letherman's) The guy reeks of camel hair. I heard that he wants waterboarding in the healthcare bill. (of course, the "attack inside the attack: waterbording.)...
    I won't be illustrating you cyberneolibs with my VERY RARE WORDS, you shall go to hell alone, without my consuel, so REALLY, BYE!!
  • mlsmith2lev224dora
    I'm not a "mere blogger" smithdora, one of my emails is about one of the 1sts emails on internet, anti-terror startegist, oppositor "canal creator", and things nobody cares but the message, so I don't need to say things like "several political campaigns against bailedout forces, while the enemy's helpers on gov paralegaly pursue you (you won't survive a day smithdoras), my 2 bests friends literaly killed as a public example (your "what continental system madeincastro "intelligence" war assymetrics neolib, and the enemy govorganization and state copies, are you there smith?), and these things are comming to T USA, and what say you?, what on anamontes (still "legal" pint of view on cubagov terror, starting with bho's assymetrical diplomacy army, expl: cubaterror "lists of voicing oppositors wich COINCIDE WITH neolibs oppositors: Honduras, Gitmo, east Europe's anti-russian-ayatola now thanks to bho invisible rocketry, sweared armageddons from the enemy left (thanks by the wars bho is desperately trying to stop, megahelping the enemy, again... WHY DON't YOU BEASTS NEVER BLOG AND RESEARCH?
    vietnamization of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Americas, what I'm talking about? you imbecile
    smiths(eeep)t, go blog on castro toiletpaper granma, a russian word, as an example of "eternal precence", and "realities to make real", understood?, naaa naaa naaa, hmm hmm hmm!
    As master ackack said at the top of the page, shooting at the 1st "one of them, smiths, doras, etc...):
    Hummmmmmmmm. Hummmmmmmm. Hummmmmmmmm. Just tuning up. Don't interupt me while I am tuning. Hey Mr. smith2lev224, good to see you are making the rounds with me. Let me know how you are doing... Dora should be here soon.

    Where do you think you're posting smithdora? why mlsmith and dora haven't appear with more of the "wasting cyberspace on messenger's personal cults (govbailedout "cyber"money?) blogs... nobody cares, and seek distraction, division and concentration of the opinion, which still neolibland's plans and the enemy's, "coinciDENTALy simultaneous", .... in times of war.
  • smith2lev224
    I just noticed this now, blabbermouthbrainwithouta name of his own,

    Like I said before, tough guy, drop by the 40th in the Bronx one day, and we'll see just how bad you are. See, it's like this: When you start implying physical threats, don't do here in print. That's a pussy's angle. You're no pussy, are you? So stop blowing gas and BRING IT, PUSSY. Oh, I don't have the time - too many entitlement checks to cash?
  • michaelboch
    Breitbart and his band of intrepid writers and reporters for Biggovernment and the other sites are real journalists, and it is SO refreshing to see it in action. I look forward to some true reporting about the inside and corrupt deals between members of Congress (e.g. Frank, Dodd, and Murtha) and their backers (e.g. Countrywide, Goldman-Sachs) and how they have gone after those who wouldn't pay to play.
  • AckAck
    michaelboch, I need to get this straight. Please refer me to those sites or point out to me specifically where I can read about all these changes. I am seeing some change in left wingers but not from the throne. I can only hope you're right, I really don't think so. Maybe by the 2010 elections will I see conclusive evidence that people are really waking up as to what happened in the past presidential election. I know a few people with regrets but not in great multitudes. A LOT MORE PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP.

    Here is what I really see with the grass roots movement. I see a small, but true conservative movement. (Proven to be true by the tea parties - videos, photos and all. So, they are real and they are growing in numbers.) Those conservatives have always been around but they stayed quiet because everytime one opened it's mouth it was called numerous names. Well, no more Mr. Quiet Guy! They're opening up and coming out so to speak. The majority of the grass roots movement attend these rallies not as Republicans or Democrats, but as Americans. Real constitution believing Americans.

    As for the media reporting, I see a lot of mainstream media, losing their ratings and can't seem to hold a sane audience but they still hang on to Washington Politics. That's because of their extreme liberal base. Owners, investors, and the people who are hired to work at these media outlets. The majority of these people are hard line left wing radical Democrats so I don't see that changing anytime soon. They are slowly being out numbered and out weighed in bodies and in money. The more Obama parades around with both feet stuck somewhere, mainly one in his mouth and the other in America's ass, the more ground they are going to lose... The more the Dems lose, the more the Repubs gain because most real conservatives are going to vote Republican. Remember, THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT IS GAINING GROUND BECAUSE OF THE ACTIONS OF THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATION. That too will not change anytime soon. Obama knows only Chicago politics! He don't like "in his face" adventures, he likes "in your face" better.

    So, bottom line, the mainstream news media will not report anything negative about this administration and the grassroots will keep on getting stronger.

    As Mr. mlsmith2lev224dora would probably say: "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US".
  • smith2lev224
    The Lucinda Williams Drawl
    Thursday, October 22, 2022 A Deep South Publication $1.00

    Grandma Peedler Sentenced
    BY Alan Arbogast

    Henrietta Peedler, an 83 year-old grandmother of 12, was convicted last week of heroin trafficking after a police raid that netted 93 pairs of orthopedic shoes filled
    with a kilo of heroin in each shoe. Peedler's attorney, Ned Bletch, worked out a plea agreement with DA Bob Enweave. Peedler was freed on a seat belt violation. Enweave commented that "We're getting tough on drug crime and we were not going to compromise simply because Peedler is an old bag."

    Peedler has been homeless for much of her life but recently purchased Michael Jackson's garage, formerly used to house 34 children between the ages of 7 and 14.


    Michael Jackson Still Dead
    By Loomis W. Rundlehandle

    According to Medical Examiner Mort Headstone, there have been no indications
    suggesting that Jackson has come back to life. "I personally checked after a local resident reported seeing Jackson outside his mausoleum. There was no evidence of movement of any kind." Asked what would happen if Jackson did return to the living,
    DA Bob Enweave told reporters that "Jackson could not be tried for any type of death hoax." Controversy continues, however, after an off duty policeman and a local prostitute found 185 pairs of white gloves next to Jackson's headstone. Enweave commented that "If the gloves fit, I guess he'll have to wear them."
  • AckAck
    Notwithstanding the evidence against her, Nancy Thedorf applied for the job and got it. I finally understood why she also has been following me. We have a lot in common, I fly airplanes and now she will fly the 1st space freight hauler. Nicknamed, SFH1. ($&@*& Hauler) SFH1 is currently docked at NASA (Houston) which will soon loose it's long lasting name and MS Thedorf will report NLT Monday, 0800 hours for her first stage of training on the vessel.

    Details, intels, outtels, will be inlined after class begins. No one will be allowed to enter the grounds after the deadline. NO ONE! Potential passengers can apply online for tickets to be named at a later date... wwwonewayflightsdotcom No SSN's required.

    Call me if this make sense and I will refer you to my shrink.
  • smith2lev224
    Okay Ack, here it is. I think we talked about this once.

    Space, the Final Frontier?

    Let’s face it, earth is too damned crowded these days, and the deceased constitute the largest population on the planet; occupying real estate that we desperately need. Building communities on top of ancient burial grounds turns out to be unpopular, thanks to one stupid movie. Consequently, entrepreneurs may provide a promising alternative - burial in space. Yes, it is morbidly opportunistic, but there is money to be made in outer space and orbiting funeral parlors and mausoleums are definitely in our future. The concept is already gaining a large following, especially for people with enough money to rocket themselves or their deceased loved ones off to the rings of Saturn.

    So...the Space Shuttle is not quite the dead issue (no pun intended) it was thought to be - actually, it has a rather bright future; simply substitute the NASA logo with something like Teddy’s Interplanetary Funerals and Cemetery and we have a new and highly profitable space program.

    Absurd? Sure, but we know from experience that there are no limits to the lengths people will go to make money. With the reality of space colonization at our doorstep, the possibilities are incredible. Think of it for a, casinos, fast food chains, floating rocket fuel stations; (Regular $198.95) even gravity free red light districts where anything goes in every conceivable position. The off-world business opportunities are limitless. The best part? Gravity free and tax free are synonymous. The IRS is lost in space. This is subject to change, however. The government will not simply stand by and watch as galactic conglomerates reap huge profits in space. A source told me recently that the administration has a bill before Congress now that would federalize space from just outside earth’s atmosphere to Pluto. America will eventually cement its claim to all of outer space. I may not be the most religious person around these parts, but I do believe that God created the universe. As far as I know, he has always backed the red, white and blue.

    Star wars may become an unavoidable reality, as countries that have been salivating to use nukes will find plenty of space to play with their “nookular” toys. This is the part that scares me; a vastly superior race is out there somewhere, and they are going to have a problem with all of this. They may like our cheeseburgers, but they won’t look the other way when we begin rocketing caskets into their atmosphere and poisoning their galaxy with industrial waste, space garbage, nuclear bombs and inter-galactic radioactive fallout. The long awaited contact with life that may exist light years away will finally arrive.

    “You can keep your McDonalds and Home Depots…we like them, but get rid of those caskets and that nuclear $%#@ or we will turn you to dust.” Frightening, huh? I can envision our new president taking a hard stance, if for no other reason than to show the public that he’s as tough as they come. (?)

    “We will not allow space tyrants to tell us what to do. Evil will not be tolerated in any form, even if it has three heads and 18 fingers. By executive order, I have declared war with these space bullies, and we shall prevail.” Of course, Sarah Palin will have something to say as well.

    “I didn’t allow this kind of thing in Wasilla, and I won’t condone it now. Let’s get it done with and bomb the living #$@! out of them.”

    We should be mindful about what we do in space. Our military might may not fare too well against a race that has the technology to send us light-mail messages. And in spite of everything we have done to our home, earth is still a very nice place. I would hate to see it obliterated because Sarah Palin has a big mouth. So…let’s stick with fast food; maybe a few McDonalds for now. A Starbucks might be okay too.

    A Quarter Pounder is a clear gesture of good will. If we are going to reach out and touch someone, let’s give it to them their way. ª
  • smith2lev224
    Ack Ack,

    No, I guessed on the Cheerios. Sometimes my instincts scare me. And no, you dimwit, that was not Dora you saw me with. It was my Aunt Bigwitty - she taught the ins and outs of ambiguity, a literary .38 that I sometimes use on sites like this one.

    Hey, why do you think it is that I NEVER see the word "Like" on my comments? Even the most incoherent entry gets it, like smithwatheverdora. Somebody got fecal material for me. Maybe I need to start writing know, the aftermath of BLUDGEON x43 = Jimmy Carter on crack with Obama doing the COOKING spelled backwards in society's planetary social anti-complex melting trees in Antartica and we all know the PROJECT IS CLASSIFIED bluestar - rip me a new one...Jack is beans talk watch out for purple underpants Dora and nano tech blowing brains out thru TV and so forth how am I doing?

    And why does this lunatic use smith and dora in "it's" name - I suspect DS but there's no biblical attack so it can't be him. I'm temted to run that gas passing thing but I don't know the rules here on off color stuff, which is going to muzzle me badly if it's prohib.

    Speaking of prostitutes, did you see Obama on Letterman last night? The guy reeks of camel hair. I heard that he wants waterboarding in the healthcare bill. That's not all. I did some research and found out a few things about his version of the bill. For instance:
    1. No insurance for Posthumous Termite Sympatico Disorder
    2. No coverage for prennick women.
    3. Cancellation of the Caskets in Space Program to pay for national unhealthycare
    4. Appointment of Dora as Director of Proctology and Bug Removal
    5. 53 billion for the Ethnic Suppository Program - they're using Uranus to study the effects of proton particle acceleration on Slime Disease

    I also found out that Obama met with Bloomberg to get some advice on changing Presidential Term Limits to Life or 47 years - whichever comes first...uh oh...I just had a thought and you know that is bad news.

    Be back with the news clip about Caskets in Space.

    Good to imagine seeing ya',
    snotmy fault he ran it in 2:24 flat
  • AckAck
    Hey, you're doing fine. So much for the instincts though, someone told me my end stinks and I shot her ass. Guess I had it coming after I checked it out. Too late for an apology. Sorry for the "Jumped the GUN thing" best I can do.

    Can't wait to hear more on the caskets and your Aunt Bigwitty. Something must have ran over her or rode her hard when I saw her. No punn intended but she looked to me like her end-stinks were hanging out...

    This health care thing has got my end really stinking, I don't know whether to get sick or just die... I gotta do one or the other at some point in time. Maybe both! Hopefully not in the same sentence. I'll just golf it all off and forget it until the plane arrives. It's never late. Or is it?

    I wonder how Obama got voted in as president. Looks like all the people in the world dislike him or what he's doing. Except maybe for my goat.
  • ds1
    Jesus still loves you ML! How has He been speaking to you recently? ;-}
  • smith2lev224
    To: smithwatheverdora

    I know you have a lot to say, but could you say it in your own words, or at least use those funny little things called quotation marks?

    For what it's worth, which isn't much, you might want to pop a few Klonopins before you come here. I think it will take the edge off the acid.

    Who is in charge here? Is it you, Hallowell? I just wanted you to know that I am psychotic - you know, delusional, paranoid...generally insane. So anyway, Billy, I sometimes say things I regret later. That's because unlike most people, my mouth is in charge of my brain, which controls my fingers, which punch at small keys to make words and sentences appear on this strange screen that looks like a TV but did you know that the fly on the wall may really be a fly on the wall and that smithdora guy is completely incoherent but gets the good old "Like." I may be insane but whoever it is that rates these entries is a complete fool.

    Is that character writing in some sort of code? What an...never mind. Billy Hallowell, you are a jerk. Thank you for coming.
  • smithwatheverdora
    Hallowell - Why don't you write a novel about Acorn? (supposedly smith and dora know more, so live'm the "intellectual and legal parts")...
    Do you not know what the media really is? (dora, and her pijamaparies on ayatoland will change amerika) Wow! All three asskissers on the blog liked your five star novelette (no word on bho telepromtertext$?, who cover thi...? wait!, whom else?: drivebymedia job, anamontes "legalpiontofview and ideas" authority networks, who do I think I am?) ...
    learn, my dear anti-terror friends, learn how to cannalize neolib attacks into something possitive, in fact, "something more deadly ever walked this Earth"...
  • smithwatheverdora
    To TLacour - "...corrupt deals between members of Congress..." ????? Are you serious? (text here "orders" to 'think smithwhatev... knows more, and was born to deal to")
    Exactly what do you mean by "corrupt?" (they, bho{the tedpalpatine's traison vietnamizer wellcome my son to machine...desk world}
    Every "deal" made in Congress is corrupt. The entire (all anti-Bush, anti-Gitmo, rinos, charlie
    C R I S T, the now "not bho helper on (WHAT) PLANS, bailedout "power ranking by trillion$, another clear act of war from anybody related acorn, aclu still on "legal course for gral. neolib attny..., where is gov?, ... oh, there is attacking THE DEEPSTAR FOXNEWS FLEET ), torture to me and my family supervised by fromer MANAGERS, BOSSES, GRAL PARALEGAL AND THEIR CLIENTS along "bigger" I denounced, castrogovagents, POLICE AND JUDGES?, HEY I, I'm ONE OF THE 1sts to denounce soFls. as a local 9-11 logistic castro anamontes safety, and to enjoy intangible payment: like acorn teenprostitution videos along ELECTION, WORSE THAN KHARZAY against taliban, in fact, bho people are "vietnamizing Afghan war with their crappy assymetrics, as history of terror example "yes we are friends with ayatolas and islamic radical govs...
    well, the more "my family and their doctors and laweyers (you heard bho, acorn gov$ucker lawyeyer$) have legal rights to my MAIL, HOUSING, any personal info, I'm still homeless, jobless, authority guided cheaplabor heavy knowing I have a backinjury as a local authority "legal day-today nonstop both, phissical pain from injury, and psycologicaly by many people, from "boss's world, legaltraps, paralegatraps...", seeking "legaldoctor stages", "bussiness mentality, whatever" while CRIST NOW IS NOT A RINO)
    , what castrocoyote I DENOUNCED?, WHAT AUTHORITIES COVERING AND SELECTIVELY PROTECTING "MY" (WHAT) "BY LAW parapoliticalfamily and their friends having my info "directly", bosses, streeteams, you know, assymetricalcivilians, agents, (what) spies?)...
    government outfrastructure is corrupt. Obama is corrupt...
    (((((((((((((((((the world is round))))))))))))))))
    or do you think the 16 million he raised in August and September was legitimate?
    (is bho good for the security on terror?, would bho understand the enemy "dreams on acorn, aclu, soros, eyers, anamontes kind of neolibgovteam$, etc... kind of associations and orcs, oops, org$ on America?,
    what of the war on terror?, is neolibland forever help ayatolas, nocorea, and the rest of the enemy (left by the wars) or is ted's vietnamizerdesk isengard's uruk-hay acornorcs, aclusaur$ , czar$&team;$, is bho NOT just another chavez?...)

    Hallowell - Why don't you write a novel about Acorn? Do you not know what the media really is?
  • smith2lev224
    I must have some kind of communicable plague. No matter what I write, and there have been plenty of solid, well researched conservative entries, I cannot elicit the word "LIKE." I don't need to be liked, and it isn't my intent to impress anyone, but I do hate it when the dislike is disguised - c'mon, Mr. DISQUS, whoever you are - ID yourself and allow me the chance to humiliate you in public...unless you're Brito in which case I retract this entire entry.

    Back to business. I watched Obama on the Letterman show last night. It was obvious that Letterman's questions were pre-screened, because Dave slipped up and asked one that was not on the list. Obama has never given me the impression he can think on his feet and in this case he reinforced my opinion. Even his answers to the pre-screened questions were evasive - particularly when he got up on his soap box to deliver the Manhattan Address about national healthcare.

    To TLacour - "...corrupt deals between members of Congress..." ????? Are you serious? Exactly what do you mean by "corrupt?" Every "deal" made in Congress is corrupt. The entire government outfrastructure is corrupt. Obama is corrupt...or do you think the 16 million he raised in August and September was legitimate?

    Hallowell - Why don't you write a novel about Acorn? Do you not know what the media really is? Wow! All three asskissers on the blog liked your five star novelette. Are you a journalist? Oh, I'm sorry. How embarrassing. I thought you were a conservative, too.
  • smith2lev224
    I fully agree with everything said here. Someone asked me yesterday how I felt about Acorn. I told him this: "Absolutely, emphatically...I think so."

    It really is amazing how many people can be so sure of everything. You people are like Gods!

    Hi there Bud. It's been awhile. Didn't know you were into John Dunne.

  • AckAck
    Hummmmmmmmm. Hummmmmmmm. Hummmmmmmmm. Just tuning up. Don't interupt me while I am tuning. Hey Mr. smith2lev224, good to see you are making the rounds with me. Let me know how you are doing... Dora should be here soon.
  • 2bluestarmom
    OMG!!!! LMAO!!!! ackack, you go!
  • smith2lev224

    I get the feeling you don't remember me. Let me refresh your memory.

    We spent a few nights drinking bad beer and trading bad jokes on the old UC
    site. We disagreed on just about everything and DS lectured me constantly
    about my heathenistic tendencies. I stole Dora's silverware, then told her I
    was in love with her. You stole my e-mail address. I've always been able to
    blow your cover because you keep forgetting I'm a cop. You love that
    Kentucky bluegrass, but you don't even know where Keeneland is. You got sick
    for awhile but apparently you are better now. I told you I thought you were
    one of the funniest guys on the site.
    We chased away all the lame brained liberals and conservatives as well - we
    ended up the only two left on the thread. You're still a moron and I still
    enjoy your stupid sense of humor.

    Maybe I've got the wrong guy - Mr. Ackmendenannabud. Or maybe you woke up
    brain dead since then. I bring you greetings from ML Smith. Now shut up and
    eat your Cheerios.
  • AckAck
    MLBillySmith2Lev224, HELL YES! I know who you are. I tried not to blow your cover brother but I guess now everyone knows...

    Has my goat been talking? HOW DID YOU KNOW I LIKE CHEERIOS? I never told you that numb nuts so you must have a tail on me. Is it Dora? Are you and her working together now. I thought I saw a little ole prune looking woman scoping me out the other day while I was eating my breakfast at the cheerio shop. Was that her? Is it Dora?

    I miss the old days and the old gang don't you? ML, Jackie, DS, Aliy and many more. You know you're right, we ran everybody off didn't we. I don't think they ever caught on to us. I don't think they ever really saw the real ML or Ackmandennabud. Oh well! I think I'll have some more cheerios.
  • ReverndIdahoSpud
    An old Russian saying: A fish rots from the head down. As the heads of networks represent the 60's radical hippie movement the journalistic foot soldiers at the bottom represent years of dumbing down and indoctrination of the National Education Association.

    As a desease is spread from host to host so is ideology. Like Pavlovs dogs these writer salivate and spread their indoctrinated truths oblivious to reality or real truth. When the bells ring, unlike the dogs, they toll for us.
  • TLaCour
    Breitbart and his band of intrepid writers and reporters for Biggovernment and the other sites are real journalists, and it is SO refreshing to see it in action. I look forward to some true reporting about the inside and corrupt deals between members of Congress (e.g. Frank, Dodd, and Murtha) and their backers (e.g. Countrywide, Goldman-Sachs) and how they have gone after those who wouldn't pay to play.
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