What Do Conservatives and Snoop Dog Have in Common?

November 14th, 2006

Other than the fact that I am a conservative and I listen to Snoop at times, nothing at all. Most of the time, I listen to hip hop when I am at the gym trying to get my work out on or when I go for a run around my neighborhood. There is something about hip hop that gets me motivated to work out harder. In fact, I grew up on the other side of the train tracks and hip hop was a huge part of my culture. The point of this post (and believe me, there is a point) is to dismantle the perception that all conservatives resemble what is currently in the White House today. No offense to the leadership in the White House, but can you imagine New Gingrich or Condi Rice listening to Snoop while on the treadmill? 

The fact of the matter is that conservatives come in all shapes, sizes and colors; and not all conservatives were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I worked hard and sacrificed allot for the things that I have today. No help from the government; no extra points when I applied for grad school because I am a minority; no extra consideration for a job for the same reason; and no rich parents that could afford to send me to Stanford. It was hard work, blood sweat tears, encouragement from my mother and the grace of God. So, for all those UNINFORMED liberals that think that all conservatives are white and upper class, think again.

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6 Responses to What Do Conservatives and Snoop Dog Have in Common?

  1. Tilly Star Says:

    I'm with you. I'm completely conservative, yet I work in an unconservative industry (adult entertainment). I'm asian, came from modest means, but now I own property, my own web site, and still perform as an erotic dancer. Hip Hop was a part of my culture as well.

  2. Brendon Swanson Says:

    Well! Believe it or not, there are a lot of... people in adult entertainment that subscribe to Conservative policy because it affords them more rights as business people interested in the free market... capitalism.

    Beside that point, I'm a white male who didn't really grow up on the wrong side of the tracks, but certainly not on the right side of the tracks. I was the minority in my elementary school and didn't know any better. I've worked my way through college, city and state. My parents never went to school but because we weren't monetarily wealthy I learned valuable life lessons on what it's like to be Conservative versus liberal. I saw my dad bust his ass starting and running his business as a sole proprietor. He fed four people with a one-man operation. My mom worked her way through multiple jobs to help keep the family moving as well. I learned that I don't want the government taking my hard earned money to give to those who don't work. I don't care what color the person is who isn't working. They don't deserve my money. I want to choose who gets my charity money, not the government. Last time I checked I was the earner, not the government. They still have yet to do ANYTHING for me... but even if they did, I NEVER want a government handout. This is because I believe in accountability. The sole principle all Conservatives believe in. It's not race, ethnicity, religion, it's this sole principle.

  3. Michael Says:

    Swan - you hit in right on the head; it's all about being accountable for ourselves and our family.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    - M

  4. Susan Says:

    I agree with Swanson, but we have to have roads, schools, water, and the other infrastructure that the government does to support us.

  5. Michelle Says:

    hey, i also listen to Snoop and I despise liberals!!! hahaha

  6. QuickRob Says:

    Bow Wow Wow Yippee Yo Yippee Yay
    Snoop Dogg is Definitely in the Hooooouuuusse

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