Extreme Capitalism from Left-Wing Lunatics?

March 14th, 2007

Yes, limousine liberals abound (especially in California) and they WILL have it both ways! Here are a couple examples of extreme capitalism from extreme lefties. Add to the list, respond with others you might be aware of. 

Nancy Pelosi 

- Piatti restraunt chain 

- Auberge du Soleil hotel in Rutherford, Calif 

- A 25 Million dollar vineyard in northern Calif which is a non-union shop by the way!! Hypocrisy at its best huh Nancy. 

Google Founders - Sergey Brin and Larry Page 

- Environmental whackos yet they purchased a Boeing 767-200 wide-body jet for personal use! Thats a whole lot of fossil fuel spent for personal use.

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8 Responses to Extreme Capitalism from Left-Wing Lunatics?

  1. bd Says:


    Why don't you write something worth reading.

  2. AT4 Says:


    bd - why don't you tell someone who cares.

  3. mgs Says:

    Your childish attempt to make a point fails as usual. You act as if being rich and being liberal is a contradiction, but it's not.

    Rich people advancing tax policies to help not-rich people is nice, that's what many liberals do. Rich a-holes trying to make themselves richer at everyone else's expense would be the rich conservatives. Same old tiresome garbage from you.

  4. jsc Says:

    mgs, you missed the point completely, as most liberals do btw, so let me explain. It has nothing to do with being rich its about the contradiction between saying you are environmentally conscious or pro union and then, by your actions, proving the complete opposite. :-P

  5. BlackBalled Says:

    jsc, you beat me to it but ... exactly.

  6. mgs Says:

    Well, jsc and "blackballed", you're actually the idiots, because the post made references to "limousine liberals", "extreme capitalists", and multimillion dollar vineyards, which are references to MONEY, not the environment, morons. Learn how to read.

  7. Anonymous User Says:

    I guess as usual the liberals are not thinking, just attacking.

    Again, the point must have been missed on you low IQ people. The point isn't if the post include limousines, or money. The point was to show the contradictions between statements and reality. But, like almost all liberal arguments, you just want to deflect the true purpose and logic of an argument when you can't justify (or win) it (being the argument for all you liberals who can't follow pronouns), to some other trivial, stupid, unimportant portion of the argument, (like even thought the point of the argument is something else, lets mention that the debator stated limousines), and say the entire argument is wrong because of that one word).


  8. Ryan Sproull Says:

    Pelosi's a Democrat. That makes her conservative, right-wing, by any sane standard. But this post points out genuine hypocrisy in the Google founders.

    To be genuinely left-wing and wealthy through capital ownership is hypocritical. But you guys don't really have any genuine left wing in the US. When the Democrats start talking about overthrowing capitalism, maybe.

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