Bush is Satan Bulletin on Myspace

April 21st, 2007

Today I received a bulletin message on Myspace from someone I accepted as a friend a few months back and I was appalled at what I read:


Now what was even more interesting was the link at the bottom pointed to Dennis Kucinichs Myspace profile…something about impeaching Bush. You can read for yourself. 

What caught me off guard with the bulletin was calling President Bush - Satan. Of course, this is not a new tactic; We have all seen the Cindy Sheehan groupies with signs insinuating the same nonsense and rhetoric.   

Now this person either has a degree in liberal idiocy or is completely uniformed about the dangers of Ahmadinejad. Its people like this that give me so much to write about in this blog.  Thank you.

Oh, and yes I did remove him from my buddy list. 

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3 Responses to Bush is Satan Bulletin on Myspace

  1. Marlia Says:

    Oh my...I got the same bulletin. What a coincidence. Who did you get it from?

    Marlia (aka. stumblebride)

  2. Jason Says:

    Rhetoric?? These people are flat out insane and are in dire need of counseling.

  3. Peter Says:

    Just because it's on MySpace, doesn't mean they're an American...who knows who it could be.

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