Let’s get ready to rumble: The Obama and McCain debate is on!

September 26th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Just saw this on the news.  Senator John McCain has just ended three days of suspense and announced  this morning that he will leave the negotiations in Washington and make his way to the University of Mississippi for tonight’s presidential debate. This comes after McCain said that he would suspend his campaign until an agreement was reached on the administration’s $700 billion mortgage proposal.

Apparently, no such agreement has yet been reached, but Republicans said the standoff was hurting McCain’s campaign, and he didn’t show up at the debate tonight while Barack Obama was eagerly ready to go toe to toe. Here is the full text of the statement:

The McCain campaign is resuming all activities and the senator will travel to the debate this afternoon. Following the debate, he will return to Washington to ensure that all voices and interests are represented in the final agreement, especially those of taxpayers and homeowners.

I am not sure how I feel about this, but these are the facts.

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  • toe
    well...according to McCain, he has already won the debate.


    hmmm.  he's so pathetic.
  • movie fan
    McCain getting back into the debate is a purely political move, like everything else he does... it's not that he wants to inform Americans or demonstrate his know-how, he just thought thought not showing up to the debates would make him look bad
  • Russell
    McCain can't win for losing with you people. "he's not going to the debate, it's a political ploy." So he goes, even though the deal isn't done, then it's, "He's going to the debate, it's a political ploy." Reid says "We need where McCain stands", Paulson tells Lindsey "We need McCain." So he goes to Washington, then it's "Go away, your screwing up everything" Reid--"Bush tell him to go away" crybaby.

    He has alot more balls than I do cause I would stand up and throw each and every last one of them the finger.
  • toe
    What a mature response.  You should run for office.
  • roschelle
    Initial pride in the fact that my state would be host to the first presidential debate of this historic campaign has turned to absolute disgust and outrage. The <a href="Mississippi' rel="nofollow">http://roschellenelson.blogspot.com/2008/09/ku-klux-klan-unwelcome-guests-at.html">Mississippi White Knights also plan to attend.
  • Guest
    the Mississippi White Knights? Now that's something we Americans should be proud of...
  • amber
    UC, are you serious. On another note, even the conservatives admit McCain has run a lousy Campaign, and his choice in palin has backfired.
  • Jane Austen
    John McCain did the right thing going back to Washington and doing his job and putting the country first. If God forbid, we have another crisis like 911, what would Obama do??? Ask Washington to give him a call if they need him??What a difference between the two men, one a true leader and one that just doesn't have the years of experience behind him.
  • Kevin S. Willis
    Amber: "On another note, even the conservatives admit McCain has run a lousy Campaign, and his choice in palin has backfired."

    Uh, no. I'm a conservative and I admit no such thing. Well, his campaign hasn't been that great, but the Palin nomination was a huge positive. There's no actual indication that it has "backfired", outside of lefty spin, biased media outlets, and a few inside-the-beltway "soft" conservatives who have a kind of Republican Blue-blood attitude about those "hayseed hicks" that Northeastern liberals exhibit so frequently. 

    That being said, I think Obama won the debate (as a general, overall score). But the only problem with Palin is the McCain campaign is keeping her on too-tight of a leash. Wouldn't want to offend Northeastern Liberals and his friends in the media now, would we? 

    I'm looking forward to the Palin/Biden debate. I just hope they haven't over-coached her. I'm sure Biden won't have that problem. But . . . they need to let Sarah be Sarah. 

    Kathryn Jean Lopez seems to agree:

  • steve

    The Palin choice was wonderful for them for a couple of weeks, but come on.  You have to admit that as soon as she had to start talking about some things, it began to crumble.  Women got even more pissed off.  Now it was obviously just a stunt, and not a well thought out one at that.  Without some intense studying and the ability to soak up tons of information, she has all but lost it for McCain.  It's not just the facts she needs to know, it's the confidence that comes from having some in-depth knowledge of a subject matter that she must have.  Or it's done.
  • Charles
    Change you can trust, a slogan that could turn around McCain's campaign?
    Change you can trust contrasts beautifully with change you can believe in.
    Everyone wants change, only with a team that we can trust to implement it.
    If you're in a tough spot, you want someone to come to help you that you can trust, not someone you believe may want to help you.
    John McCain, polls show, is rated as highly qualified and highly trusted.  This slogan, change you can trust, reinforces this message.
    It can even be added on to John McCain’s current slogan.  Country first, change you can trust.  Or perhaps Change you can trust that puts Country first.  Or how about Change you can trust that puts America first
    It implies without directly saying it that the other side is perhaps a little less trustworthy.
    It also reinforces the message that in a time we were facing battle with Al Qaeda worldwide and two conventional wars, John McCain is a commander in chief you can trust to lead us to victory.
    There are 30 days left before Election Day.  Sarah Palin’s debate performance was good, but it's really up to John McCain to win.
    John, are you listening???
  • Payday Loan Advocate
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    Presidential Debate; It’s my proposal not yours!
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    On Tuesday, October 7th, In Nashville, Tennessee, the second presidential debate was held. At this Town Hall debate, economy was the most discussed topic. "The last president to raise taxes during tough times was Herbert Hoover," said John McCain, linking Barack Obama to the Depression-era president. Indeed, Mr. Obama said, "we are in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression," but he blamed the "failed economic policies of the last eight years" that President Bush authored and Mr. McCain supported. Economy is definitely what us Americans want addressed, considering stock markets are staggering, this credit crisis has spread globally and of course, retirees have lost $2 trillion.
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    Voters at Tuesday’s debate at Belmont University were asking question after question about the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. People were very upset and even scared it would not work, they sought reassurance and a solution. McCain announced that as president he would immediately order the treasury secretary to start buying mortgages from owners of homes that are now worth less than they owe, avoiding foreclosures at all costs to stabilize neighborhoods. The plan would cost $300 billion – out of the $700 billion approved last week by Congress – and could add to the national debt, his aides said.
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    "It's my proposal, it's not Senator Obama's proposal, it's not President Bush's proposal," Mr. McCain said. Obama made no effort to rebut his statement. But after the debate, his aides pointed out that Congress already gave the Treasury the authority Mr. McCain says he would invoke, and they noted that Mr. Obama voiced support two weeks ago for direct mortgage purchases. So if it is McCain’s new proposal, why have steps been taken to buy back mortgages before he even proposed it at the debate claiming he is the only one with this idea?
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  • Artist against Obama
    I wish McCain's campaign would point out that the Obama campaign has Shepard Fairey, a known copyright violator and petty criminal, as Obama's official campaign artist. Obama can accept $400,000 raised from Shepard's Obama prints but he gave donations from another criminal, Rezko, away? What gives and why is the media not onto that!
     Shepard Fairey has made a career off of creating art that depicts the White House burning and other situations that are not patriotic and that give rise to anger and frustration regardless if the artist claims otherwise. Shepard Fairey is a left wing wacko who supports violent radical groups and has referenced them througout his career. And Obama supports him?  Obama actually sent Shepard Fairey an official letter praising his career and supporting the artists practice of placing Obama stickers all over city stop signs. I wonder how many people have died because of that?
    Not to mention that street art clean up cost the nation over $15 billion per year! And Obama supports it? Street art can be cool but it cost tax payers a lot of money! But if you point out the Obama / Fairey connection people say you are closedminded. I think spending that money on education is more openminded. Sorry. But Obama supports artists who destroy our city streets? How can we have change with a candidate who supports civil violence in this manner?
  • toe
    First, fellow artist, (if you are, indeed, that which you claim),  Shepard Fairey is NOT the OFFICIAL artist of the campaign, as you have stated.  Fairey offered to do something for the Obama campaign- pro bono- his creation of what has become one of the most popular pieces of poster art in years, now graces the walls and doors of tremendous numbers of college dorms and apartments.  The image has been downloaded by other enterprising individuals and placed on buttons, T-shirts, bumper stickers, - you name it. 
    The Washington Post did a feature on Fairey which might advance information in your direction.
    I am not a fan of those who would deface, "tag", promote themselves, their gang, or their cause on property rather than on canvas or paper.  In 1989, Fairey - rather than paint surfaces, placed stickers with his art in every place he could find.  I am not in agreement with this method of doing things. 
    As an artist, I know that my creations are a commodity with value- their worth being as much as people are willing to pay...but I also realize that art is not a necessity for most people.  It's an option for people with adequate "disposable"  income or interested and financially equipped investors. . Art is not something one needs every day- like toilet paper. 

    You and I may not agree with his early methods , "artist", but the fact is that his style has gained attention all over the country and it's his style and message  that has forwarded his personal art career and afforded him the opportunities now presented to him.