One reason to vote for John McCain: If he wins, Susan Sarandon will go away

May 30th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Well, I have several reasons but I will get into that in a later post. The first and most important reason why I am going to vote for John McCain is that if he wins the election, Susan Sarandon will go away and move to either Italy or Canada.  That alone is a sufficient reason to vote for a Republican this coming election. But wait, didn’t Alec Baldwin make a similar promise back in 2004?  I am still waiting for him to go. Hot Air sums it up quite perfectly about Susan’s tolerance level:

She’s been a trooper up ’til now — 36 years of her life lived under Republican presidents and still, somehow, she hasn’t left yet. How does she stand it?

If I am not mistaken, I believe that Canada now has a conservative Prime Minister … where in the heck is she going to go now? Mexico? Well, wherever she goes, we will sure miss you. *grin*

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  • Rick
    This thread draws to light the "cockroaches" of liberalism that we are now seeing so pervasively as B.O. has become their most likely candidate. These same insects have hidden from the light for the past few years and have only recently reappeared to achieve (for their candidate) the objective. When and if they achieve this objective, they will once again tuck themselves away within our walls, waiting quietly until a new conservative exterminator arrives.
    I want names and dates for the libs who flame you with regularity...I suspect that if B.O. wins, they too will seek darkness. Further, I'd like the opportunity to expose their young, ignorant asses once they realize that they should have listened to us, the more educated masses.
    Thanks bro.
  • Canucklehead
    As a Canadian, it is bad enough that Obimbo and Hillary have used NAFTA as a political tool to gain the Democratic leadership. Then, after treating Canada and Mexico as dirt in the leadership race, Democratic supporters such as Sarandon think they are entitled to move to Canada?!? Sorry but this is even more annoying to a Canadian than even to a Republican. I love the WESTERN states and strive to unite rather than divide North America.
  • Jeff White
    We heard a lot of actors claiming they would leave if President Bush was reelected in 2004. How many actually left? Wouldn't it be great if electing a Republican president would actually clear out the left wing radicals and let them be a problem for some other country?
  • Norski
    It's unlikely that Sarandon, Baldwin, or any of the other gliterati will leave the country. I suspect that, at some level of their consciousness, they realize that there are few places that value freedom of speech as much as this country.

    Or, as tolerant of petulant complaints about the country's leadership.
  • Heathenhater
    you changed the website you liberal
  • another silverglowarm
    Well, since nobody is doing the NEVER DONE job (by the 1st arrest following 911, at THE PENTAGON, the "CUBA IS NOT TERRORIST AND DANGEROUS TO US") Ana Belen Montes, the Castro-agent insitu USA made in the 90's "what war on terror?", on the continent's security (and of course, the world depending on fighting terror), then, an ad honorem help to fix 90's-made problems like housing price$, Chavez's partner$ ga$ (and terror plans), ETC.:
    silverglowarm writes: Wednesday, June, 04, 2008 11:32 AM
    BH Obama another terror marketing-making machinery, for elected agents, needing "accepting diplomatic cover, like "Carter to any kind of terror dictatorships alligned to ALL ANTI-USA in the past or present like Chavez, Panamanian Manuel Noriega's party PRD to reject USA from Panama Canal, Carter even went to Cuba to marketing Ana Montes "study of Cuba's dangers on the "desapeared WMD (that could be on Castroland, Syria, or Iran, Hamas may be, chavez, and there you go, Carter terror help, like BH Obama sitting with Ahmadineyad to drink te and eating kebabs, while Israel (God's nation) is being ereased from the face of GOD's EARTH, in the face of humanity...
    terror logistics on Media are also responsible for the "election of politicians" who opose America's stands. According to these terror agent$ poll$&survey$
    J Kerry is still winning JW Bush, Bush wasn't reelected for promising to stop the terrorist, on their lands, the "innocent" Sadam is still coming back to rule Irak because the condemning 19 UN resolutions about Sadam’s WMD history&plans (even Sadam's own UN megaterrorcorruption global system$) "are not" clear self-demonstrated darkintention$ (in times of war) to make money on BOOK$, like "another Oliver"Stone$, Michael Morelie$-kind of deception Farenhipe911).
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    They need Media to survive, to elect, that's the key. No terror logistics mean no terror. It is time to send to justice (what is left of justice not related also to terror needs) all these self-declared helpers of terror states (expl: Syria, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, even Manuel Noriega still has public-Media-legal-authorities help insitu Miami... needs&intentions remaining).
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  • "littlething"
    Like Hitler related himself with "Nostradamus profesies", bh Nobama is relating: barak means "the choosen one"
    He himself picked the name barak, which means "the choosen one" in arabic, persian, whatever. Like Hitler related himself with Nostradamus profesies (remember, they offer terror always as political propaganda&politics stablishment) like many dictators, terror states or anti-Americans, they see "profesies of the black president of the USA will be loved for his speeches of C H A N G E the greatness of America and the world into terror 3rd world"...
    All bh obama's lies of "not related to Rezko, anti-American&terrorists&church, terror states helper on logistics&propaganda while publicly insulting the world declaring Israel (or whoever) will be ereased, or do not know who I really am"...
    Mrs Clinton, run as independent, save the democrat party, there is time for "another try", you are not elderly, America will appretiate it, specialy when terrorists states publicly declare all, under this dark night, do not be a part of this.
    Listen and tune the FREE MEDIA FIRE TRACE, under the night of terror opportunities, it starts lighting, with a crecent amazing grace, what bh obama publicly declares wants to change?, not saying "what is changhing" exactely, like hugo chavez, castro or any dictator terrorist related did, in "the middle of the propaganda confussion mist"...
    Tune with Rush, Sean, Levin, the Lauras, Schnitt, night Foxnews (they came from mornings only, thru afternoon), etc. they are noble, as Americans, are you too?.
    Please America, scratch msnbc, the "bh obama's demagogy beatifully articulated terror logistic propaganda" "what danger to America accepting and recognizing terror authorities creators?", like carter did, like bh obama continues, like 911).
    - por [email protected]
  • HeyZues
    Oh my Heyzues christo. Shut the fuck up. No one knows what the fuck you are saying. Either speak intelligently and logically or go somewhere else. Holy fucking Confucius!!! I am sick and tired of your nonsense bullshit and I am finally venting about it again. You just make cons look ignorant, incoherent, and unintelligent. (Which not all are.)

  • Anthony Navarro
    Apparently the only person who ever made good on his threat was Pierre Salinger, who was Press Secretary to President Kennedy, who moved to France.

    Read more about the lying liberals who still trod on American soil after the LAST election on Snopes:

    If McCain wins the White House, do you think we have any chance of making sure these celebrity traitors can be deported to the socialist country of their own choosing?

    Looking for The next American President at
  • HeyZues
    Pathetic. You try to insult me but I still dont know what the hell you are saying. Are the insults that hurt the most are the ones you can't understand? Yeah, nice. Keep up the great work, champ.


  • heyfu(beep)ingzues=ohhollysh(b
    ohhollysh(beep)tknight and you are the same anti-conservative "bloggers"? ah?, same sh(beep)t. You are at the wrong site, at the wrong time. castro's toiletpaper granma is the perfect place for your badlanguage, typical of the anti-American anti-Iraq war, wich is the main characteristic of the terror e-logistics.
    Actual liberalism as conservatives say, is a brain illness source, dangerous braincancer self-creation, and the worst: you have many examples, but you love "be powerfully untouchable, and fu(beep)k people.
    The truth is, that you can be all the torturer, pursuer, powerfull money even authority, etc., and God's punishment to terrorists will find you, fisicaly like Ana Belen Montes, or "nobody touched him" like "tirofijo FARC's" death, his lasts
    e-words (found on raulreyes's PCs) where "I see the devil, but with no horns".
    For a conservative, who believes on ancient celestial creatures, this could be an angel. That explains why "is this bad" "unknown" thing comming to you, you don't understand", I even suspect the "angel's name", Camael, a half archangel half lion (no horns), also, milosevic "sudden death", by another archangel, the messenger (some say is even female): Gabriel.
    You liberals of "today", anti-God at schools, want God's creatures ereased?, they are far and away on time, but somethimes there are kind of time-doorways they always wait to help God's humanity, they just need a little presence before terror-oriented brains, they are light&love for the rest of the world.
    I know you can never understand this level of brain intellect, read. if you don't like to read, Michael Savage can help you, listen to him, even from the left, Joyce can help you too, listen, read History, or watch it on TV.
  • HeyZues
    Just dumb.
    "If you don't like to read"

    Yep, thats it, I dont like to read. Well since my friends and I found this site 3 months ago, I have been on it nearly every weekday READING and responding. I love reading. I love books, newspapers, magazines. I love reading this blog. As much as I disagree with a lot that people say on here, I like to read their opinions and then try to refute them.

    So no, you are wrong, if I didnt like to read I wouldnt be on here. I just dont like trying to decipher what you are saying because it does not make any sense whatsoever. You are completely unintelligible.

    And I caught something else in there about being anti- American? Because I use bad language? The only bad language is your terrible grammar, punctuation, word usage, etc. Saying "fuck" should really not be considered bad. In reality what does it mean that another word could not say? And if you say that you can use another word instead, then why not just use "fuck" if you want to.

    I love you man. You brighten my day.

  • heyterroriszues
    you know what?, "Mr" not clean nor articulated neather (remember, "inglysch" is not my native language, and I'm a fast normal to mistake writer), I wrote it on your dade library at 94 coralway and 2600NW 97 Av "employment agency", are you the short fat withe trash (dangerous for hart-brain illness) agent disturbing me anytime?, well, your "labor agency" where a terrorist FARC (who believe or not guided to FARC raulreyes's PCs plenty with info, tirofijo,etc.) were protected while stealing my ID, was already pointed with megascandal$/coyotelabor, along the rest of your terror sanctuary on miamidade "system"), but "that's not the big deal yet", na?.
    I'm NOT writting for you, your terrorist brain is incurable and the terrorist stobourness is doing "our job", thru your own proterrorist words.
    The A M E R I C A N conservative people understand everything, I'm tunned with them, HELLO?, anybody there?. You yourself show what is in your brain (remember, can get you sick, no matter how "powerfull and lethal you are", people won't pray for you).
    You are NOT "may champ, never", America don't want to be like you, neather me.
    keep fighting against America, but do it on granma blog papertoilet, not here.
    you anti-Bush's stands never convinced anyone but the already arrested castro-agent at the pentagon, dadepolicepsicologist, castrohornet network at the Southern Command (and the rest of your beloved terror logistic remaining and guiding "US" to you, in times of war, the war you can't understand eather).
    I'm not waisting my time with you, I'm listening Rush now, Schnitt later, Sean, Gleenbeck, Levin, maybe Savage, maybe Joyce, you know them, America knows.
    Keep there, stay in there, stay in there.
  • HeyZues
    I am well aware that English is not your native languauge and I have no problem with that at all and I could easily read through and understand simple spelling and grammar errors, etc. But when you say that conservatives can understand you.... I would like to know which ones on this blog can understand you. UC, HOBOBOH, even petunia, any conservatives out there, can you understand what he is saying?......

    And how am I pro- terrorist and anti- American? I am against terrorists and I am for America, it doesn't get any simpler than that. (Unless one considers America to be terrorists but then that might make a hole in the universe or something.)

    But to be perfectly honest, you are getting more intelligeable as you go, at first I couldnt understand a damn thing you were saying, but now I am starting to understand a few things because you are writing with some coherence.

    By the way, what the hell is granma's toiletpaper?
  • Rick
    For what it's worth, I DO have a problem with Americans that cannot formulate coherent sentences using proper grammar and articulation. While we are one of the few countries in the world that do not support a "national language," I think that our communication, that between the left and right, would be properly served by a commonly understood, English language. If this communication takes the form of written prose, the words must be equally understandable to all parties.
    Language diversity is yet another example of how liberals are capitalizing on our differences to perpetuate divisiveness...everyone is created equal, and SHOULD BE TREATED EQUALLY!
  • Rick
    I do apologize to you UC...we have gone away from the topic. Bringing it back: Shoot or deport all of the celebrities that do not espouse libertarian ideals, and let our economy supply their replacements if they are indeed in demand. It's time to stand strong against the liberal, left-focused media that only wants to divide and conquer our great nation...I grow increasingly nauseous every time I watch television news.
  • likeangel onheaven
    [email protected].... 'name' reports:
    I really simply can not believe, a site like this exists...
    "I feel secret fire", 'light comes from higher"....
    Is like back "those old good days, the battles for heaven under night",
    in God we said we depend, thru our "traces of fire" and our friend's...
    those tours of duties, for people despear...
    facing terror ideal we commited, to defend mother land, father heaven tought her the song...
    to sleep baby moon then kill the monster by the lagoon, protection and fun never missed, with the grace and victory never stoped...
    neather good news, even from treason, even from some of our own backyard's "pritty" lies, even from beyond enemy lines...
  • HeyZues
    What are you talking about? Can you translate this for me?

    UC, do you have a program that can put this into english for me? Like real English?
    Why not just settle for AmericAn English HeyZues. Not sure you could fathom real English.


  • HeyZues
    Yep, Im stupid because Im a liberal and cant understand real English. Wait, what do you think English teachers have been shoving down my neck since I was 14?
  • Larry Schlesinger
    If you are like me and are a conservative, you probably are disgusted that you are being forced to choose between McCain (very bad) and Obama (so much worse). Some conservatives friends and I put together a McCain Voting Kit called "Duty Stinks" and have it available at Check it out.
  • mbydalek
    Hollywood has done it again. This time it is Susan Sarandon holding America hostage with the threat of leaving the country if John McCain is elected. Although this tried and true strategy almost changed the course of history once before, the question remains whether the "Baldwin Gambit" is still viable.

    This made me think.........

    Please , oh please, do not abandon
    a country that needs you, Susan Sarandon.
    For we would all be quite bereft
    to lose you like Baldwin (oh wait, he never left)

    Thank God for Rosie and Charlie Sheen too
    For setting our compass and keeping us true.
    The do so much more than just entertain.
    They also look down on us with disdain.

    Everyday Americans, too stupid to choose
    Need your guidance lest the wrong person loose.
    So Susan please tell us, so we don't go astray.
    We'll elect who you want, if only you'll stay.
  • The Kake
    To be fair, I don't think attacking someone's intellect is fair game. True everyone should take the time to know what the hell they're taking about, but one should not go as far to say one person's English is better than another. And I don't think one should accuse another of being "Anti-American" or in some form inept in any way.

    And thats all besides the point of this discussion, the point is, Hollywood is full of pomp puss asses that want to curve our vote to benefit their own personal wants and needs. Wants and needs.. Economy.. One thing most Celebrities know nothing about, and should therefore have their mouths bolted shut until the next President is elected, which brings me to my final point...

    How can so many intelligent people in this country honestly think Obama is right for the presidency. It's just mentally inconceivable how someone could be this blind, and absent minded to not see his flaws, and lack of experience. And furthermore, the fact that the far left radicals have the gull to attack Gov. Palin's family and accuse her of a scandle is simply ridiculous, and to be even more honest, I believe the Left Wing to be hypocritical sexists who shouldn't be allowed to open their mouths, unless it's something H O N E S T about their own God Damned Candidate. Granted, McCain isn't the best catch of the sea, but he sure as hell beats, Barack Hussein  Obama.  And yes, I fucking said it, so sue me. The check's in the mail.

    And I'm fucking spent. Damn Obama, and damn the parties that accuse without proof, and only on the whim of their diseased fucking lips.

  • steve
    C'mon, people.  Actors are passionate - it's why they're actors.  They 'feel' things.  Give 'em a break.

    The real reason to NOT vote for McCain/Palin can just come out of the real issues.  I, for one, would prefer to not have my health insurance benefits taxed.  I, for one, would rather stay out of other people's countries.  I, for one, would rather have a VP who speaks English.  I don't want to elect anyone who blatantly lies over and over and over again just to get elected.  Anyone who says Palin is in any way qualified enough to assume the most powerful office in the world (which she thinks is only 3,000 years old or something), needs to go back to high school.

    And, since McCain is bringing out the Ayers thing, which is so completely misleading...why don't we talk about McCain's ties to organized crime?
  • steve

    One question:  How much money do you make?

    I ask because I can't imagine anyone other than a wealthy person, an oil industry mogul, or a religious zealot, would actually want McSHame/Palin in office.

    Or, answer it another way...How will McCain/Palin make your life better?