Hilarious Year-end Review (Through Song)

December 9th, 2009 Billy Hallowell

Hilarious video that recaps some of the year’s funniest and best moments in politics, entertainment and society.  Click below to watch and be sure to pass it on!

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  • charlestheteacher

    This is nuts!
  • Jackie M
    Charles--ignore toe and her nasty comments. that is all she is there for. she offers nothing to this site and is a puppet to obama and acorn. you can't rationalize with her because she is irrational.
  • toe
    Charles, it's probably past your bedtime- don't forget to wash behind your ears. If you are lucky and really work at it, you will be smarter when you go up.
  • dontpaytaxes
    Please, pass this around before the violence erupts! This is the last step before the revolution begins. Please, pass it around! Let's try and get millions of votes!!!!

    To: Congress, the House and the President

    Re: Taxes

    Sign this petition at:


    Over the past year, you’ve ignored the will of the people in many respects. You’ve pushed a monstrosity of a health care bill on us, which we’ve begged and pleaded you stop pushing. You’ve ignored the welfare and security of the people’s ability to find work and instead tossed them enough crumbs to get by through the intermittent passage of a UI bill that barely feeds a family of two, depending on where you live. You’ve pushed every possible anti-small business legislation in an order to crush the middle class and rich to help even out the dire needs of the poor. This is not America. This is class warfare, this is redistribution of wealth, this is tyranny and this is soon to be anarchy. In order to prevent anarchy, in order to prevent the violence and uprisings which we all feel are on the brink of happening, WE THE PEOPLE would like to present you with an alternative. The outcome of this alternative would end up keeping the peace, something we all want, something that is necessary to a civil society. This alternative would also help CONTROL the fanatical and power hungry desires of an out of control government. What is the alternative? Paying taxes. Or not paying taxes!

    The government needs OUR tax revenue for the overall general welfare of the country, which includes the upkeep of America’s infrastructure as well as the funding of our military, something we can all agree brings every man, woman and child protection. The problem that we all understand is that once this health care bill/education passes, among other anti-business bills such as cap and trade, the unionization of all businesses and other atrocious anti-business bills, NO AMOUNT of tax revenue will be enough to feed this out of control beast riddled with social program after social program. Just as Medicare costs were thought to be in the millions when the program first surfaced in the 60’s, in only a few short years we learned that the costs were potentially back bone breaking and today we have somewhere between 50 to 100 trillion in unfunded Medicare and social security liabilities. If it weren’t for the full faith and backing of the Chinese, Japanese and other countries who buy our treasuries and if weren’t for the productivity of the US worker whose pay check the government receives FICA taxes from, we’d had found ourselves in third world economic status in no time. But now that the government is taking away our economic freedoms, our ability to push this country forward without being swamped by social programs that tax us to death, now that the country is on the verge of losing its triple A bond rating, the possibility that those countries stop funding our liabilities is great. The fact that the US economy will be burdened by these bills and thus slow even more is no secret. And these problems equate to the death of the United States. It also means that no amount of tax revenue will keep our head above water and paying even a dollar in taxes will be a dollar wasted.

    So we come to you with this idea. Should you pass health care, should you continue to destroy the economic freedoms this country has enjoyed for two hundred plus years, we will not pay our taxes. If you think that you can control millions and millions of Americans through the IRS, then you’re sadly mistaken. Your IRS agents will be swamped with a convoluted mess of never ending paperwork, case loads and aggravation which means the revenue to the US government, which is drastically dropping due to the recession we’re in, will continue to drop and drop and drop. And let me assure you that soon enough, the US government won’t even have enough tax revenue to put gas in Air Force One.

    So we now present you with two options. The first, continue pushing through your despotic nonsense and chance losing the tax revenue of millions and millions of tax paying citizens. The second, come back to the center and start governing how WE THE PEOPLE want you to govern. I can assure you that should you choose the latter, the country will continue as it has for the past couple of hundred years but should you choose the former, you’re essentially risking civil unrest throughout the country, your political careers and potentially the life of this country. So I leave you with this… The choice is yours…. Choose wisely.

    Truly and Sincerely,

    The People of the United States

    If you would like to sign but don’t want to sign your own name, then sign “Susan B. Anthony” or “John Adams”. If an email is asked for, use ‘[email protected]’ or any other fake email. The point is to get as many signatures as possible. Thank you for your political patronage AND please, pass this around to anyone you think would be interested in signing it. Thank you!

    Sign this petition at:

  • whykmartblocksbsg
    (quickly, before kmart supposedly free internet service blockes me again) why?, why does KMART not only blocks aviatrix bsg the destruction of the neolib resurrection ships, expl: all communistik BooHoOteam$&czar;$ and acorn$, etc...?
    I mean, before movies (wich don't match with mental desorder global fakes, hoaxes, gates&$immilar$) kmart just blocked me political posts, blogs, etc.
    SO, FU(BEEP)NG "EMINENCIES" at kmart, why having "free internet" services? if you can blog while playing bsg, the destruction of the resurrection ships, same kind of drivebymedia resurrection neoliba$e$hip$
    Pegasus, fire at will (don't you love those rythmic boom, boom, boom, boom, sound like bho czars and maoists, and communistic kremlin's bar stepping down "in a row", and bho loosing 1 point rattings per day...) under their trillions.
    kmart eminencies, I blogged today here, in the middle of your blocking, how is this possible?, a homeless, jobless, and acussed by castro himself facing the continental logistics wherever I go?
    how?, well I play Goods and Goddesses at WIODin fleet, and the right Libs like my girl Joycecalflan, Spacecowboy Dennismiller, there is no excuse to support neolibases, and we are at war since years ago...
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