Bringing it all together: Obama Video

June 11th, 2008 Urban Conservative

Sending some love to the Urban Grind (no relation to the Urban Conservative) for making me aware of this video. It’s about 13 minutes long, and a little outdated but it really pieces together Barrack Obama’s true nature.

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  • jason @
    this video is rhetoric. You have been farked and I hope my liberal friends will come here and "tell you how it really is".

    You right wing bastards have nothing better to do than attack a black man!!! You racist pigs. I can't wait to spit in all your faces when Obama wins the election.
  • toe
    it's amazing just how out of touch you are... really amazing.
    you have a post that has been sitting out there on your blog, mr uc, since february- stating that obama endorsed che ... (in case you had not noticed, che guevara has been dead for some time) indicating exactly how much credibility you have. and now you have elected to place up for consumption this ridiculous video- filled with absolute lies and misrepresentations... that fact that it is "outdated" does not even begin to cover the many problems with it's production, it's convenient sound snippets used to further the point of this video's producer...does it matter that the omitted words on either side of the quotes used give a complete understanding of what was being said?...nope- not to the producer of this video (nor to you, obviously) since using an entire quote from obama would blow this producer's (and your) misdirected hate utterly out of the water.

    if you had an ounce of intellect... if you had this superior power of "the think" and were "informed" as you claim, you would have the ability to seek out the truth. had you the ability for this, this post would have been removed explaining that it was, in fact, a lie.
    sadly, it is more than obvious that you lack these skills, preferring to plop "out there" mindless rhetoric, lies, repetition of email rubbish that have been repeatedly proven false debunked for what they are= crap. , many of these are originating from hate groups. hate groups which you apparently endorse, since you continue to spread their lies, innuendo, and misrepresentations.

    it's pretty sad, but fortunate for you that your followers are are equally uninterested in truth- why bother researching when you can go dumpster diving and pull out crap like this.
    you have already stated to me that you endorse many of michael (alan-weiner-i-am-so-ridiculous-i-cannot-even-use-my-real-name) savage's individual that has been ridiculed and distanced by all thoughtful conservatives of any note as well as kooks like bill o'reilly.

    a few facts for you and your equally feeble readers that find you so fascinating...( not that these facts could possibly alter your thinking, because you appear entirely closed minded - seeking only that information which lines with your own pre-formed or email-influenced thinking process.)
    the poster of che on the wall behind an obama volunteer belongs to the volunteer- working in her own workplace...not in an official obama headquarters. it endorses nothing . it's a statement.
    at her age i had a poster of him on my wall too...along with one of lenin, kennedy, garbo, chaplin, the beatles and albert einstein, among others. it's a statement, pure and simple. just as hanging the flag upside down is a statement.... just as protesting what you feel are unjust government policies is a statement...
    you are in the bay area...why don't you wander over some of the bookstores and discover what the 60's movement was all about? why do you not wish to understand? are you so in fear of the fragility of your closely held (and extreme minority) viewpoints that you are afraid to hear the words of others -for fear of losing all that keeps you glued to your keyboard with negativity, suspicion, and deceit?

    this constant noise about patriotism and what "constitutes" this....according to you.
    absolute nonsense and stupidity flows freely from those who tout the "i'm an american and you...not so much because I wear a flag pin...and you don't.
    the wearing of a flag pin on your clothing (a majority of these are non-US made by the way),
    the wearing this item had become the ultimate symbol of hypocrisy demonstrated by this administration. those of us with the ability to actually think on our own found this hypocrisy disgusting.
    understand: the flag is a symbol...a symbol of what a handful of brave men wrote that would guide the laws of this land. documents that underscored our freedoms and our independence from the wills and whims of the british rule. documents that have stood for centuries as this nation's creed, it's promises, it's celebration of a free people.
    this administration has demonstrated this love of country by thumbing their collective noses at the constitution- the seperate branches of government designed for the necessary check and balance required - it has seen corruption at the highest levels- while a rubber-stamp congress that turned a blind eye to signing statements, illegal wiretaps, justice department influence to alter elections and voter fraud, cronyism that brought in an inept cabinet, the outing of a covert agent (treason), and ignored/cherry picked information to create fear and an urgency to "go to war" when no such urgency ever existed. a man in the oval office who swore to uphold the constitution then set about in every manner possible to avoid doing this.
    you call this patriotism?
    perhaps you need to re-think just what patriotism is- it is our duty to question. it is our duty to provide oversight and checks and balances. really need to get out of that little bubble of yours... look around you... that blur you see is the rest of the world passing you by.
    @ toe,

    that was a pretty long post with only one "FACT". I can accept the Che poster, I really can. So if McCain had a volunteer in Houston with a picture of Hitler on the wall, that would be kewl by you? "it's just a statement"? Just checking.

    I will also mention that I think the hand over the heart for the National Anthem is stretching it a bit. I always thought that was for the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Of course Toe, you don't mention anything about the Black Liberation Theological Church, and that is going to be a real eye opener for the country. It won't go away, it's going to fester and Obama's unwillingness to toss it early will do him in. Maybe that's for the best. He has no platform anyways. It's mostly gibberish Keysnian economics. Middle america is not going to vote in a "black panther" look alike. America may be indeed ready for a black president. But not this guy.

    What I cannot get over is how the democratic party continually shoots themselves in the foot every presidential election? Right off the liberal cliff they will go. It's gonna be a hoot to watch.

  • Guest
    @toe ... "brave men" I think you know nothing of this.

    good point @HOBOBOH ... what say you Toe!

    And, stop posting the same comments on multiple posts. It's not good practice.
  • toe

    "America may be indeed ready for a black president."

    well, well... you have finally said something good. glad you have come around.

    oh..and it's so lovely to see you "out"... if more gays did this with your gusto what

    progress could be made! welcome, welcome, welcome!

    @ Urban Conservative

    "...And, stop posting the same comments on multiple posts. It's not good practice."

    first, go read the other ... they are not "the same"... it contains some of the same...and that's for emphasis..additionally, they are on topic and relate directly to the post. your post.

    "@toe ... "brave men" I think you know nothing of this."

    ...i have no idea what you mean by this.

    first, you know nothing about indicated by the fact that you, in a previous reply to me

    indicated you believe me to be male.

    secondly, i know many brave men- none of which hide from the truth. you do not fall in this category. you prefer to hide your fears and racism by spouting lies to the uneducated and other easy prey... wow, how brave of you.

    i know that you - being as "informed" as you claim, already know that obama had addressed his disdain for his FORMER pastor that led services at his FORMER church., yet you elect to pass on this video and imply as truth items depicted therein.

    i am certain that you are aware that obama is a christian not a muslim as this video states, yet you allow this lie to fester like a boil in your brain and in your posts. you have no credibility

    because you have taken no time or effort on your part to inform yourself on where obama stands on any issue, as indicated by your continued preference to just mouth words of other equally ignorant people.

    i am not impressed.

    oh look... a shiny object!... you had best get right on that.
    @ toe,

    I can see now that deep down you are a BIGOT. You wrap yourself up in the cloth of liberalism so you can carry out your bigotry with plausible immunity.

    You have an untrained mind and a big mouth.

    I'm glad I don't know you personally , but I have met your kind before. It's usually at a social function, many of which I honestly would rather stay home with my family. Most of the time I will smile glibly whilst trapped in the cocktail vortex of liberal bigotry. The conversation is empty of facts but piled high with snottery and narcissism. At the first space available, I make my exscuses and move AWAY from people like you. You may be used to it by now.

    I think I now know why the Dem's keep running off the cliff every four years. They are made up of people like Toe.

  • toe

    i have said nothing indicating any form of bigotry and you know it...but, as usual, when individuals have been shown to have nothing... or worse yet, see their very words thown back at them as become hysterical and call me a bigot.
    i easily omitted parts of your words to alter it's meaning...just as you and this blog's author endorse the practice of doing to make a point... for a person such as you, with this "trained mind" should have picked up on this immediately.
    tsk...tsk. really, dear.
    you remind me also of people that i have met... they have, what they believe to be an unpleasant experience with a particular person who happened to disagree with your views -(on gender, homosexuality, religion, politics, etc. pick one) and immediately you lump an entire group of people based upon this one individual.
    these 527 group-made videos as posted above prey on people like you.... and,
    guess what?? you fall for it every time.
    as for the "untrained mind" intended insult- once again- you are fishing with no bait. for your personal edification, following my college education, i opened and operated many successful businesses, some turnkey, some start-up, which i sold at a very lovely profit....
    i owned a newspaper, a printing business, an import/export business, 5 restaurants, two gift shops,a photography studio, a graphic arts business, and a sports card business, i am a member of the ICP, PPA, and hold a license as a CLC. (go ahead, look them up, you need the practice. let me know if you have problems learning what these are and i will gently explain what each of these are ).
    next you will call me an elitist. i fully expect this. it's what people use when their own individual limited knowledge does not allow them to keep up with an ever-changing world. good luck with that.
    if your fragile ego and limited exposure causes you to "move away" from ideas, views, and people- you only hurt yourself -
    you prefer to hitch your wagon to a dying breed...a sinking ideology that has run it's course, having been shown for the folly that it is.
    while you endorse the " move away" tactic... from ideas, viewpoints, and individuals- to avoid testing your weak notions created through ignorance... i have had a wonderfully successful life by making it a point to understand each individual i have encountered. to find a common bond, interest, or idea, and then go from there.
    no, you have never met someone like me... and, at your current pace...never will.

    and mr. uc...if this reply prints twice ...your little question box was answered- yet
    indicated my post did not go through...this is not the first time this has happened.
  • toe

    read... mr uc ......, it's never too late to learn and better yourself.
    i will be watching to see if you remove this video now. your failure to do so only underscores an avid interest you maintain in perpetuating lies. your followers might need instruction on how to click on a link... why not use your knowledge to inform them how this works.
    by the way...did you figure out yet what the 60's were about yet?
    and, one note to hoboboh... once again, i am pleased that you are out...the gay pride parades are generally held on the last sunday in june in most cities. hope to see you there.
  • Jonathon Nierengarten
    Time for this video to be virally spread. Way to sum it up in only 13 minutes. And without even mentioning tax increases!
  • Guest
    Toe - I know exactly what the 60's were about. It was the genesis of liberalism... free sex for all, LSD, shrooms, Bob Dylan, Berkinstocks, and Woodstock. What else is there to know? Civil rights? yes, that was about the only good thing that evolved from this dreadful time in history. Thankfully, I was just a snickers in my dad's back pocket during that time.

    Are you saying the people on this blog are stupid don't understand how to click on a link? Haha, nice one Toe. You seem to be the only one who has a problem posting a comment.

    I'm not going to remove the video; and granted ... the Che Guevara piece me be flawed but the rest of the video exemplifies Obama's true nature, admit it!!

    Go Boy Scouts!
  • toe
    How terribly sad that you have a world of information at your fingertips and at your very doorstep yet you refuse to exercise a single brain cell to take advantage of this.

    Perhaps, one day, you will gain some understanding of the real world and actual history.
  • Heathenhater

    you are the man, just thought I would letcha know
  • Rick
    If it's civil rights as enacted by law that you want explained to you, I believe I have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to answer your query about the 60s as it relates to the laws pertaining to the rights of employees.
    Since you allege to have the answer to your confrontational explicative directed at UC, it seems that you actually did not wish to have an were merely playing the attacking liberal. If I am mistaken, please ask the questions that you wish to have answered. I am quite positive that you will receive rational responses that will undoubtedly infuriate you.
    I sincerely wish that this blog would permit rational, intellectual discussion of issues and events without resorting to hate and discontent. “He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone...”
  • Rick
    One thing further Toe...
    You continuously challenge and spar with conservatives of what they value. In all fairness, I ask you to also support your position as an American, and justify the rational behind support for liberals if you can.

    America...the land of the FREE, and the HOME OF THE BRAVE.
    hey everyone.

    mccain 08

    watch this video on why i'm voting GOP
  • Rick
    Good one impersonator! I can see why you chose the name you did...great leaders strive to create likenesses of themselves. And for all of you youngsters out there...yes, you own the ability to use the internet to create whatever trash you feel supports your non-tax-paying cause...for now. Remember that one day, you too will be an American taxpayer, and will reap the ills of what you sow today. One day your son or daughter (provided you are heterosexual) will inherit the technology that you currently showboat for your own self-serving needs. Best part of all, this blog will still be there and I'll get the TREMENDOUS HONOR of rubbing salt in your tax paying wounds as you pay for my retirement three-fold! Gotta love the youth!
  • Guest

    Good one ... you almost had me convinced until I watched the video. I'll be posting why I am voting republican later this weekend, even though I am not one.

    Urban out.
  • Guest

    oh, so just becasue Obama said it on his website it must be true, right? Yah know, I am thinking this world would be a much better place if we all had the same world view as you Toe. Is that what you want? We can all be a bunch of libs, living in peace and harmony. I am sure that would work out just fine.

    I know you want to have an intellectual conversation/argument/debate with me Toe, but I really just can't take someone serious when they call themselves Toe.
  • toe
    rick, my goodness, there is something rather ironic about a conservative attempting to wage a tag team move by coming from way out in LEFT field attempting to argue a point that has not even come into play.
    this post is about my complete and utter disgust with an individual, your hero here: mr. uc, who placed here a video filled with lies, misrepresentations, and distortions of facts - worse than this, he KNOWS that it is false.
    you want to call me an "attacking liberal" because i insist upon the truth being represented?
    how very odd you are.
    and ... beyond this you said: "You continuously challenge and spar with conservatives of what they value."
    now, where was this, exactly? am in to understand that you - as a conservative apparently- you have your underwear all in a knot because you value lies? this video is a complete lie. this is not a challenge of any sort, it's a fact.
    don't sit there in your little cubicle and suggest that , because i insist upon the truth, that i am being "confrontational"...and that this somehow is a personal attack on you. is honesty a liberal idea? is doing the right thing, the moral thing a liberal idea? come on now. use your head.
    your hero here also, when asked if he had any understanding of what the 60's movement was all about... whereupon, he reached way back in his poorly maintained mental rolodex to explain that it was essentially about sex, drugs , and rock and roll... and, oh yeah some progress on civil rights.."It was the genesis of liberalism" ...this was his summation of the 60's.
    this was his reply...i have not made any statement - for or against mr. uc's illusions and impressions regarding this time period.

    you also wrote:
    "In all fairness, I ask you to also support your position as an American, and justify the rational behind support for liberals if you can."

    support my position as an american???? just what in the name of fried green tomatos is that supposed to mean??? i am an american birth, and by choice. i don't need to support my "position as an american". as for the justification of liberal thought- you, who wishes to maintain rational, thoughtful, and meaningful you say- place a question such as this... with it's very premise framed in a negative content- as if to imply that conservatism is correct and any other school of thought needs justification. perhaps this is not what you meant... or perhaps you just do not understand yourself the core difference in politics...between conservatism and liberal political beliefs.
    let me be as blunt as possible... conservatives want government out of their business- (but they want to know what you are doing in your bedroom) conservatives believe that the less government the better---, less taxes, (let's privitize those roads so that we can be at the mercy of owners.) get rid of these "entitlement" programs, (people should be setting aside their own money each paycheck to provide for themselves- we are not "brother's keeper"...we quote only bible passages that affirm our beliefs, damn it! ), conservatives want less regulation, (except for people not like them... we do need to regulate atheists, homosexuals, learning materials, and of course, restructure the constitution that it more closely resembles "christian values" ) --- conservatives find the EPA and the SBA a waste of time and money and should be abandoned, the conservative's hero, ronnie, tried unsuccessfully to dissolve the SBA many times- conservatives have managed to gut it's services drastically while handing out monies to unquallified large corporations.. conservatives feel people should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps (even those who have no shoes- those lazy people!)- conservatives want nothing to do with diplomacy- pre-emptive strikes, shoot first, ask questions later- diplomacy is madness and the UN is a waste of time.
    those with a less selfish point of view are called moderate, liberal, or progressive- i believe that when somebody needs help, you help them, however you can- not because it's mandated by law, but because it's the right thing to do. i believe in equal work opportunity- be it for race, age, religion, gender, or sexual preference... fair housing (no "red-lining, or discrimination based upon any of the previously mentioned items above, i believe in the constitution of the united states, three seperate branches of government and the bill of rights. i believe in leading by example.

    i believe that it's not enough to spout "values" - you must also LIVE what you say.

    i will always believe that the "eye-for-an-eye" mentality accomplishes nothing positive but only leads to more fighting. i believe in seeking a common interest that can bring opposing views together ... open to hearing the words of one another... the idea that listening and discussing will always be better than fighting. i believe that once one has looked a person in the eye, listened to their side, understood the individual, it becomes much less likely that either would wish harm on the other. i believe that prejudice and bigotry stems from ignorance- and i believe that one can never reach those whose ears are immediately turned away by offensive remarks towards or about them.

    @ uc...what a bigoted remark:

    " I know you want to have an intellectual conversation/argument/debate with me Toe, but I really just can't take someone serious when they call themselves Toe."

    just what is it about people, when they have nothing, they resort to name calling? if you really wanted to have any sort of intellectual conversation, you would inquire as to why i was nicknamed this since you find it so unusual...but ridicule is much easier than reason, isn't it.
  • Heathenhater
    just throwing a couple comments from other posts that havent been responded to yet.

    If conservatives have such a higher thought process, why are most members of the academia liberal? Are they dumb and the 10% of academia people who are conservatives the only smart ones? I hope not. We'd better revise all those knowledge tests. Clearly have some liberal bias, right?

    You're comments would make a small impact on my views if you stayed away from calling Barack "Hussein." Also, making judgments on who supports terror or not, its really not okay for you to do. But instead of taking you seriously, I take you for a judgmental person, who can't argue a point without dropping to the lowest form of argument ever.
    Grow up sir, please.

    Please respond.

    and finally, HOBOBOH - I had respect for you until you went crazy, talking about how conservatives were smarter individuals and all that nonsense. Politics is priorities big guy. Stop thinking you are the shit, because every time you make a comment now, you sink further into your own.


    And UC, i tried typing wrong in earlier, didnt work lol ;)
  • toe
    must i do all of your work for you?
    for some reason, it's not enough for you to take it from the candidate's lips...directly from his official website... there are numerous sources that individuals can also check to inform themselves...

    oh...and for someone as "informed" as you claim... please note: "but I really just can't take someone serious when they call themselves Toe."
    your use of this word "serious" in this context is an adjective and should be
    "seriously". - it's a common error....but it's still wrong... like this blog of yours and this video that you endorse...proven wrong...over and over again.
  • J-m
    I'm waiting for McCain's marital affair past to spread like a wildfire.

    He left his first wife, a near cripple, for his current wife, a multi-millionaire heiress after having an affair with her for several months.

    McCain hardly practices moral values...count me out. I'd rather vote Barr than a conservative phony...
    Don't get in a tizzy you liberal noobs. just because I haven't responded in a bit is no indication of my abdication of superior knowledge, or subjugation of your empty logics.

    I just got back from a long weekend in Europe. A good time was had by all. just got home maybe an hour ago. Will post something tomorrow. i'm tired. Gnite all.

  • Guest
    Thanks for the grammar lesson. Unlike you, I have several responsibilities in my life; and my responses to you are not that high on my priority list, hence my occasional grammatical and spelling errors. You still didn’t answer my questions … would you be more comfortable if everyone thought EXACTLY the way you do? Yah know, I am beginning to think that you work for Obama. Are you a part of his Internet Geek Squad that he recently put together?

    Btw, I never said Obama was a Muslim – which is what most of your sources above cover. I honestly don’t believe he really is; but since he is running for the highest position in office, he needs to be prepared to defend every one of his past, present and future relationships/experiences/comments etc.

    As I said, I don’t think he is Muslim, but I do think he is unpatriotic (based not on just one, but several of his actions). I also think his attendance at his church has to be closely examined, based on the nature of Pastor Wright’s comments; and also his past relationship with Bill Ayers. But more importantly, his lack of experience and the fact that he didn’t even vote on over 100 bills while a Senator.

    And … those that he did vote on just confirm that he is the most liberal senator, far more left that Mr. Ted Kennedy himself.
  • PA-Pilot
    It is very unfortunate that we have stopped teaching our children to think critically and examine rhetoric and political speech for their true message (or the lack thereof). It has been trivial thus far to deduce from Obama's own speeches and actions that he has been undeniably and irreversibly molded by his Marxist upbringings. His tendencies and direction are most certainly on the spectrum of communism. It is not difficult to see this at all. Just listen to his words and what they really mean. Most of the time, it is just one or another Marxist philosophy cast in a thinly veiled attempt to make it sound like something else. Call it a kinder, gentler iron curtain.
    That's a spot on comment there PA-PILOT.

    Conservatives critically think.

    Liberals think critically.

  • toe
    A recent report cited McCain as having "missed 43 votes, nearly 50 percent of the current Congress' votes," a substantially greater number than any other presidential candidate. Among those votes McCain has missed are almost every major vote on Iraq, despite championing the President's failed strategy and the Bush-McCain escalation. [Arizona Daily Star, 5/23/07; U.S. Senate Roll Call Votes 110th Congress - 1st Session (2007)]

    John McCain has missed 361 votes (61.0%) during the current Congress.

    John McCain has voted with a majority of his Republican colleagues 88.3% of the time during the current Congress. This percentage does not include votes in which McCain did not vote.

    Liz Oxhorn, a spokeswoman for Reid, told The Hill, “Sen. McCain has spent considerable time defending the president on Iraq and catering to the Republican base on immigration, but has only managed to show up for four of the last 14 Iraq votes and parachute into [yesterday’s] immigration press conference at the last minute. Who is the real John McCain?”
    While McCain has missed four of 14 Senate roll calls on the war this year, other presidential candidates have managed their schedules around the high-profile votes.

    As of today, Obama has missed slightly fewer than 40 percent of his Senate votes since the beginning of 2007, while Clinton’s absentee rate is just under 30 percent.But McCain has topped both candidates, missing a staggering 58 percent of his votes during the 110th Congress, according to the Washington Post’s congressional votes database.
    To put this in perspective, McCain has now missed more votes than Sen. Tim Johnson of South Dakota, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in December 2006 and was unable to return to the Senate until fall of last year. McCain has now missed nine votes more than Johnson. usual, put statements out there as fact---(as above regarding voting records)...time and time again... and, as always, you are wrong. admit that you don't believe that obama is muslim...yet you let this video stand here sugesting that he is. your dishonesty continues.
    why don't you do something constructive for a change? are you not able? or just not interested in being this?
    i don't care if you have politically conservative are entitled to your are NOT entitled to your own facts.
  • toe
    HOBOBOH /.PA-Pilot .. just what are you afraid of? you hide behind the lies in this video post as a cover for your collective uninformed and bigoted statements.
  • Heathenhater
    You do realize HO that when someone engages in critical thinking, common english would say they are thinking critically.

    Aside from that, I understand your point, but by stating that, are you not being liberal? By stating that liberals think critically, arent you engaging in that same terrible practice? Isnt you saying that conservatives are intelligent while liberals are dumb that same practice?

    Get a brain you hypocrite.
  • Reaper
    Political discourse at its finest. I'd love to discuss Obama's merits with those who feel he has merits, but his strongest supporter here seems to be toe, who's writing I cannot read, both for its grammatical shortcomings (I did get far enough, however, for toe to deride someone else's grammar. I lol'd) and how every sentence seems to explicitly state how those who disagree with him are inferior and stupid.

    So in lieu of actually addressing direct comments, I'll just state my ongoing concerns with Obama. Well, only one concern, really (I'm omitting disagreements with his platform and sticking strictly to issues of character here). His church. He's said that Jeremiah Wright is his mentor who he's been seeing for 17 years. After watching the clips of that guy's sermons (all of 30 seconds out of the 20 years worth of 'em), do I really need to say more? There is no context under which anyone who wishes the best for America could listen to that, period.

    I could dig up other credible reasons to be afraid for this man to lead our country, but that, frankly, is enough.
  • huh?
    Please. Reaper, your attacks directed towards Toe fail to address the actual statements made. We all make grammatical errors.
    You, and others of your ilk continue to rant and rave over nonsense. You would rather believe in proven falsehoods than admit your core problem.
    I remember a time in high school where an invited member of the John Birch Society brought with him one of their films. This film ,among other items they promoted , explained in careful detail how this new "zip code" was an idea formulated by the communists meant to provide an exact location for all Americans. All the better to find you, my dear. (or some such notion)
    Exposure to ideas other than yours should not bother you if you are grounded in truth, conviction, and common sense.
    The main problem with this website, it's originator, and it's hardcore followers
    (henceforth be they known as "the choir") is that every one of you have nothing productive or positive to add to the conversation or the "problem" as you see it.
    The owner here and his choir see ghosts where there are no ghosts. Whether you like it or not, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Nothing more, nothing less.
    If I were you, I would spend a great deal more time being concerned about the
    Enron Loophole. You can pin that flag pin all over your all-American lapel and prance about in your little bubble of like minded associates and feel oh-so-grand that you are Mr. Patriot . I would like to understand just what makes you this?
    Explain to me how you represent all that is good in America.
    I would be interested to know what makes you so great. What gives you such command that you feel you must stand upon others to make yourself appear taller?
    Any person with a brain of their own would have the honesty and decency to do some fact-checking before placing a raunchy and poorly made video before the internet world; yet this website owner would rather promote proven lies than do this. The fact that you, as a member of this choir see nothing wrong with this is
    The owner of this website further has stated that liberals are "uninformed" yet he himself promotes lies KNOWINGLY. Now, just how do you reconcile this?
    Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Reagan , Bill O'Reilly to name but a few who depend upon people like you who will buy into anything- the more outrageous the better. You keep them in the style to which they have become accustomed. You thrive on divisiveness and hate.
    I will enjoy very much watching the results of this national election. I will predict the democrats will smother you soundly. I will rejoice in the most lop-sided democratic victory this nation has ever seen.
  • Reaper
    I can live with grammatical errors, but the vitriol is the metaphorical last nail in the coffin. At lease the tongue lashing conservatives represented here are concise with their verbal diarrhea. You and toe (if you're not the same person...I'm on to you!) write pages of text that amount to little more than "You are stupid and wrong and I don't like you." If there is any substance to your posts, it is lost in a sea of hate...which makes your diatribe over how hateful and divisive conservatives are rather ironic. The bottom line, though, is that it has no place in a discussion, which is what I'm actually interested in having. So, on to the actual controversy:

    I'm not saying Obama should keep a continuous track of "God Bless America" playing within earshot of all times, but people simply don't give someone an ear for 17 years unless they see merit in his or her ideas, especially in church. In addition, Obama called the man his mentor! If the former doesn't convince you, then I should hope the latter would. Anyways, their connection doesn't give you pause?
  • huh?
    Nope. I was raised as a mormon. I heard their dogma for 17 years. I did not buy all that they had to say. Their "connection" was that this minister brought Obama to Christ. If you are a Christian, I would think that you would be pleased to know that Obama is this also.
    I'll bet that you have walked with/ worked around/ gone to school with/ or have a relative that is gay. I wonder if this "connection gives you pause". Hard to believe that someone spent those many years around "those" people and something did not rub off on you. Hmmmm? By your logic, this must be true.
  • Reaper
    Not quite. If any of my friends are gay (I wouldn't know), I'm still not attending any of their seminars on homosexuality nor do I think of them as mentors. Not to mention that the homosexuality debate is a legitimate issue of contention. Alleging that the American gov't created the HIV virus is not. As for your early years as a Mormon, I would hardly consider one's formative years as a valid time period from which to draw judgment on who they will be for the rest of their lives. Obama's 17 years were ALL in his adulthood. I'll bet you stopped being a Mormon once you had the means to make your own decisions in life?
  • Guest
    listen all ... i never said that ALL liberals are "uninformed". All of my rhetoric and attacks are on the uninformed. If you are informed about current issues, then my words are not directed towards you.

    And yes, Toe and Huh? are the same person ….
  • toe
    yet another case of your inability to gather truthful information, uc... Huh? and i use the same computer-but not the same underwear. so sorry to disappoint you.
    we are, however, of like opinion concerning this site and your foolishness to sidestep issues of importance and reality in favor of your ever-shrinking narrow minded political world filled with fear of the unknown and dislike for all that you cannot fathom.
    you (the collective you) have no real interest in learning how to solve anything- you merely wish to place blame... hardly a constructive activity. i posted here because you, mr. uc- seem to enjoy placing lies on your site- i don't really care if you cannot handle the truth... but the sad fact remains that you have individuals that wander by and pass your crap along as truth. there are more than enough places to find the truth - i have given you quite a number of them- the fact that you have even admitted placing/endorsing non-factual material is astonishing.
  • Guest

    What I don’t understand about you Toe, is that you continue to call me a liar and that I endorse this lie and that lie and this person and that person, yet you spend your precious time commenting here, a lot. Why is that? What are you trying to accomplish other than getting under my skin?

    Truth? You think you know the truth? You know nothing about the reality that goes outside your little bubble you call “your life” – probably in a suburbs somewhere. You cite this source and that source and this website and that website…but the fact of the matter is that we ARE ALL ON A QUEST TO UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH – however we interpret it. The only “apparent lie” in the video above is that of Obama’s religion. And, just because HE SAYS he is not a Muslim, do we believe him? Do we ACTUALLY believe ANY FREAKING word that comes out of a politician’s mouth, both Republican and Democrat? The better question is … do you believe everything you hear, read or what someone says? If so, I FEEL REALLY sorry for you Toe.

    And yet, you are ASTONISHED – completely blown away because I placed this video on my site, which is my opinion, which is my interpretation, which is my quest, which is what I pay for, which is what I spend my time writing in, which is my point of view, which is who I am .. which by the way, has SEVERAL valid points. Again, who in the hell are we supposed to believe? Shall we just ask Toe what SHE thinks and whatever YOU think, WE will think? And, then we can go to the Washington Post, The Hill, Snopes, Truth of Fiction to VALIDATE everything YOU STAND FOR and BELIEVE TO BE THE TRUTH.

    What about this video TOE? I am going to add this video to my site this weekend and write about it. It’s all BS…but I wonder, I really wonder if you are going to be AS VOCAL about this video as the one in question. I doubt it.

    Ask yourself what your TRUE INTENTIONS ARE TOE. Mine are simple. I am a father, husband, brother, son, Marine and I am a conservative with a point of view; and I am not afraid to share it. I am NOT a politician, journalist, expert in politics or foreign policy. I look at today’s news and provide MY perspective on it. What is your goal in life other than to get Obama elected?
  • toe
    oh get off it, uc- if i did not rattle your cage- others would. you don't want to understand just want people around you that hold your same views.
    you should eliminate the "comment " ability here...and just bring in like-minded guest bloggers. then you can all sit in a little circle saying, yup...yup...yup

  • Chris
    Hey Urban,

    I'll admit that video was kinda stretching things a bit because soundbytes tend to not paint the whole picture, but what I think you (or whoever made this) should have done is nailed Obama on his view of economics, or lack of.

    For instance, when questioned about the capital gains tax, he said that it wouldn't go any higher than 28%. 28%?! You've got to be freaking kidding me! Tell me something Obama (and you too toe), do you think rich people and businesses store all of their money in a checking account? No! They invest it in order to make it grow. This is what helps drive our economy and putting a 28% capital gains will cause a lot of these people to pull out of these markets. We're in a bear market at the moment, but we can't afford to be bleeding more.

    Next, Obama will lift the cap off the payroll tax. Great, so now people get penalized even more for funding a broken system like social security and medicare. SS should have been privatized a long time ago.

    Finally, Obama wants to inact the largest income tax increase since WWII. We're not poor, but we're not rich either and our family pays a good 30% on income tax without all of the other taxes in place. With gas and food so high, we really can't afford any more tax increases.

    There are other Obamanomics examples, but I certainly don't see him fixing it anytime soon. In fact, I see him as being WORSE for our economy compared to Bush because he'll raise taxes while increasing government spending. That's an all-in-one killer right there, not to mention the horrendous effect of our government trying to manage health care. Sorry Obama, but your plan won't work.
  • Guest

    good cop out.

    and if I wanted everyone to think like me, I wouldn't have anything to write about.
  • Rick
    Well said. I do agree that the creator of the wholly realistic video should have concentrated his or her energy on Obama. On the other hand, it seems to me that the subject of economics has yet to creep into the mainstream media's crosshairs. When it does, I think the sophomoric swooners of BHO will have undeniable proof that a vote for this leftist is a vote for socialism. Once awareness sets in, I do believe our great nation will once again do what's right and elect a President that belongs in the Oval Office.
  • Reaper
    Ditto on the "well said Chris." I haven't paid any attention to the platforms of our fair candidates because it frankly isn't an issue to me. The two party system has ensured that I don't need to know the specifics. I know the Democratic platform is flatly against my beliefs, so my vote is Republican. I'd like a system in which I could weigh a candidate based on his policies, but whatever...that's the way the cookie crumbles.

    RIck, I thought that the economy was shaping to be "the issue" this election, what with the ensuing recession and gas prices 'n' such. If it WILL be the issue, I doubt it'll help the Republicans out too much. The liberal economic package sounds like it should work if you don't put too much thought into it, despite the fact that it is demonstrably unsuccessful. Most people haven't put in the small amount of historical study required to see what works, though, not to mention that a LOT of things are going wrong, and they're going wrong under Bush. They'll think "mortgage crash = BUSH'S FAULT!"

    Here's hoping it all turns out for the best, but I wouldn't get my hopes up....
  • Barr None
    Bob Barr is the only answer for real republicans, real conservatives and real people.
  • Chris
    Hello again,

    I'll admit, I tend to lean on the left side of things (I'm registered with the Green party) but it sickens me that almost none of these candidates really understand economics. I don't support socialism because it usually ends in economic disaster and it never fixes any social problems, despite the fact that was the whole intention of socialism. I'd say the ideal candidate's #1 solution to fix this would be to balance the budget and get the dollar back on its feet. Otherwise, our dollar is going to collapse from the excessive borrowing by the Fed for the war and corporate welfare.

    "Old-school" liberals like me tend to prefer Ralph Nader whereas some of the conservatives here should consider voting for Bob Barr or Chuck Baldwin. Obama will kill us with his horrible economic plan and McCain will run up the deficit even further, thus de-valuing the dollar.
  • OhHolyKnight
    what a joke of a post. you never fail to amaze me, UC.

    i'm kind of surprised the video did NOT feature some sort of montage of three separate obama speeches in which he utters the words "I," "hate," and "america" somewhere in the midst. actually, i'm very surprised no one's done that yet. that shit would be too incriminating, i suppose.

    i just have a question. why is obama's possession of "not one, not two, but three isalmic names" an issue AT ALL? john mccain's middle name is sydney, which is both a girl's name and the name of a city in australia, which used to harbor britain's worst criminals! whatever, just another pathetic attempt at dividing the country along ethnic, racial and religious lines.

    nice post uc.

  • Reaper
    Why is Obama's name an issue? Well, perhaps because it, when viewed through the lens of his upbringing, church preferences and vaguely racist remarks, is yet another jig in the "Obama is an Islamic black liberationist" picture.

    True, it is fairly inconsequential as it doesn't exactly speak to his character (although he could change his name to something a little more neutral if he wanted), but it is a little like Bush's ineloquence. It doesn't really mean anything other than that Bush isn't a good public speaker, but it is a fine rallying point for those who just plain don't like 'im.
    IM SORRY, BUT DID ALL YOU LIBERAL BASTARDS FORGET ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED 7 YEARS FROM TODAY? DID ALL YOU FUCKING LIBERAL BASTARDS FORGET WHO CAUSED THE MOST DEVESTATING DAY IN AMERICAN HISTORY? Over 3000 people died in the world trade center because terrorist decided to crash planes into it. HOW ON FUCKING EARTH COULD YOU EVER ELECT SOMEONE WHO HAS KNOWN TERRORIST AFFILAITION! ARE YOU PEOPLE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND. IS IT GOING TO TAKE ANOTHER WORLD TRADE CENTER DISASTER TO GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD?? I'm disgusted by you people. Your going to elect someone who wont salute the flag? HOW COULD A PRESIDENTAL CANIDATE NOT SALUTE THE FLAG! THERE IS NO FUCKING EXCUSE. Being a white female, you dont think im offended to hear him call me a "typical white person", why is that politically correct to say, but god forbid McCain said Barack is a typical black person. YOU PEOPLE ARE OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND. I hope he wins so we have all of you liberal pieces of shit to thank when our country has another terrorist attack. And did you also forget that he is going to increase taxes, last time I checked, I DONT WANT TO GIVE MY HARD EARNED MONEY AWAY, WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO DO THAT? You people are unbelievable. So go ahead you left wing assholes, vote barack HUSSEIN Obama we'll see where this country is then. Oh and barack, if you believe Jeremiah Wright and go along with what he says, and follow his "god damn america!" belief then get the fuck out of this country.
  • toe
    @McCain fanatic:

    here's your boy in action:

    and here's a review of his "chosen one",091008ebertpalin.article
    Point is McCain is known to the people of this country already.  Just a bit of fine tuning is required for this election on the Republican side.  Palin was quite a tune up for sure.  Obama has been handed his own hat.  Talk about NAIVE.  Or is it PRIDE?  Either way he GOOFED not picking HILLARY.  Now McCain had shown him the errors of his ways.  Maybe next election cycle.

    The main reason I posted was  ..  the DEMOCRATS keep disappointing me deeply.  I understand they don't have economic policies worth a grain of salt.  I do.  I really do.  I understand they don't really care about the poor (if they did, they would pass legislation that actually helps them, but alas, no).  I do. I really do.
    What disappoints me is this.  There is only TWO viable parties in this country.  How on this green earth can the DEMOCRATS nominate someone with ZERO experience and ask us to have a leap of faith?
    What is wrong with these people making these decisions?  It sure isn't the PEOPLE.  Hillary won the popular vote and took all of the big important populous and representative states, and the party nominates an EMPTY SUIT.

    Agent of change?  Get off it.  He is business as usual.  Even a cursory look at his voting record (get a magnifying glass.  It's tiny) shows he tows the party line, no matter how EXPENSIVE (bridge to nowhere, he voted for that GUFFAW) or WRONG (think IRAQ surge).

    So what has happened to the DEMOCRATIC party???  They have qualified people to run surely.  This is the best they can come up with?  A guy with ZERO experience and a party LAP DOG for everything SOCIALIST.


    Oh and Jack Kennedy called upon me in a dream last night.  Wanted to correct a common misperception.  While he WAS a DEMOCRAT whilst President, his party has moved SOLIDLY away from him.  He now feels himself to be a Republican.  He didn't move, his party did.   He parties with REAGAN now.