Novel Idea: Let’s let the homeless in America decide who will be the next President

October 7th, 2008 Urban Conservative

In Cleveland, Ohio a volunteer group supporting Obama picked up hundreds of homeless people at shelters, soup kitchens and drug-rehab centers and drove them to a polling house yesterday on the last day that folks in Ohio could register and vote on the same day, with almost no questions asked.

One convicted felon noted, “I never voted before, without this service, I would have had no way to get here.”

Every decent law abiding citizen in this country — democrat or republican — should be angry and ashamed of this vile attempt to gain votes, however insignificant the number really is. The law against registering and voting the same day was on the books in Ohio, yet the democratic controlled court made this determination because they are — of course in bed with their political party. Yet another example of how democrats put their party before their country.

Sure, these people can vote for their candidate when they are in the booth, but there’s nothing preventing the fraud of voting in multiple locations. Is one homeless guy who’s bought off for a box of smokes or a six pack of beer worth 3 or 4 of your informed votes?

Let’s not only exploit the children in this country but also the homeless. Who’s next, the mentally disabled?

Tags: convicted felons voting for Obama, homeless people voting for Obama, Obama supporters in Ohio


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  • I'm homeless, and lib$ program
    Prepare for the "final $olution" ver$ion (another try) of the terror logi$tic$ libmachine$: house, food, education, borders... wllstreet, banking, no God at schools "but yes lo rap-hip-sodomic-libcomunist, and "people pursuers" as a "drugkind-mind-programing"  (Hispanics call'em "matasietes", esbirros, agents, spies... assimetric armies.
    Acorn'$ attorney bho community network$ are an example of "local authority" help.   lib$ have network of local$, attorney$ citie$, paralegal$, paralabor$, their empire$ (faniemae, fredymac, enron, acorn... terror logistic$) are falling, but they don't care because they still make billion$$ on their bankcurrupt$, and "lawyer$ $tuff$"...
    Remember who where with obama "till the end"... (of the machine)...
    Hey anti-Americans, keep "wellcome to machine" on your programings", enjoy the end... your end... again...
    PS: attn homelandsecurity (loyal), white-pearl suv, don't even care to hide follow-up, weschester vicky, bho's strategist amy's brother ryan keep psyco interveine on my family, coyote lulu still "like nothing on miamidade farcland$ $anctuary (in fact, one farc stole my ID, and got protected from the labor and ins local$, I "still being sourveillanced", and civil rights denied, from the authority).. and lib$ won't sourveillance local terror?
    this "$tabli$hment MOST BE DESTROYED", bho MOST NOT KEEP PURSUING PEOPLE, USING THEIR "LOCAL$"  "like nothing"...
  • Guest
    who in the hell are  you?
  • toe
    Mr UC... you might want to remove this before your face is as red as Dorothy's ruby slippers. 
    "The law against registering and voting the same day is on the books in Ohio, yet the democratic controlled court made this determination because they are — of course in bed with their political party. Yet another example of how democrats put their party before their country."

    This is a LIE.  please check your poor sources next time.
    here are actual facts:

    Courts: Ohio Early Voting OK

    Federal and state courts in Ohio on Monday issued separate rulings allowing Ohio citizens to register to vote and submit an absentee ballot on the same day. Those court decisions open a seven-day Ohio "early voting" window that starts today, in what is seen as a key battleground state for this year's Presidential election.
    According to the Columbus Dispatch, Monday's court decisions concerned "an overlap period between the start of absentee voting today and Monday's voter-registration deadline for the Nov. 4 election." (See State-by-State Voter Registration Deadlines, from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission) In the past, Ohio voters were required to be registered at least 30-days before receiving an absentee voting ballot. Monday's rulings -- from the Ohio Supreme Court and federal district courts in the state -- effectively upheld a directive requiring Ohio county elections boards to implement processes allowing Ohio citizens to register to vote and submit absentee ballots on the same day. The Washington Post reports that, across Ohio, "[g]et out the vote efforts have been mobilized to take advantage of the window. . .and lock down votes from individuals who otherwise might not register or send in the absentee forms."
    you are just not entitled to your own set of facts, Mr UC.

  • Guest
    so this makes it right in your eyes? You are COMPLETELY missing the point. Oh, i have brown skin so my face doesn't get red.
  • toe
    no, MrUC... you have missed the point... two of them.
    first of all... you stated a LIE...secondly- you have no background knowledge of the political make-up, demographics, or reasons why the laws were changed...
    (hint #1: "Harkless v. Blackwell").
    (hint #2: National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA), Section 7, requiring that voter registration opportunities must be offered in public assistance agencies) UC...facts.
  • Guest
    Toe - is this right? yes or no.  Stand up for what you believe in, please.
  • toe
    and, mr UC... my stepfather was black...even he blushed.  get real.
  • toe
    absolutely it's right.  you cannot deny people their right to vote. much as you would like to do this.
  • toe
    I have serious questions about your knowledge with regards to the Constitition and The Bill of Rights, Mr. UC.   very serious questions.
  • Guest
    anything to win, right Toe...exploit children, convicted felons, homeless people....

    if it was the other side, you would think it's wrong. 

    AND ... how is what I wrote a LIE!  Tell me .. you are not making any sense. You reinforced what I wrote and scream that I lie?
  • toe
    The registration numbers tell a clear story: only 62 percent of low-income Ohioans are registered to vote, compared to 88 percent of the state's affluent citizens. Because low-income citizens are less likely to own a car and are among the least likely to register to vote at motor vehicle departments, the requirements for providing voter registration at public assistance agencies are crucial in making sure all Ohioans have the opportunity to vote.
  • toe
    here is the lie: "The law against registering and voting the same day is on the books in Ohio"

    NOT SO.
  • toe
    children do not vote, Mr UC. 

    you can claim ignorance of the law - as this is clearly the case here with regards to your post... but your "facts" are wrong.  LOOK IT UP.  knock off the lies.  a bipartisian congress voted overwhelmingly  for the NVRA- your suggestion that this was some Democratic backdoor trick is simply another of your continued attempts to turn fiction into fact.
    it does not fly.
  • toe
    in no way did I support your ficticious claims.
    I, in fact, gave proof where you were wrong... go back and read:

    ...from the Ohio Supreme Court and federal district courts in the state -- effectively upheld a directive requiring Ohio county elections boards to implement processes allowing Ohio citizens to register to vote and submit absentee ballots on the same day.
  • Michael J.
    of course they don't vote, but they are exploited by the Obama camp.
  • Russell
    This is just another example of Hussein employing the "Machine" politics he learned in Chicago. He has done it almost every time he has run for office. From having opponents removed from the ballot on technicalities to exploiting the very people he purports to help. "Whatever it takes to win."
    What I find the most telling it the absolute lack of confidence he has in himself and his message. Why not run on merit instead of all this??? I would figure someone as far left as Hussein would be shouting socialism from the rooftops and explaining how it would make the world greener. Could it be he doesn't believe it??? Or is it just an elitist thing???
  • toe
    Russell, your absurd statements are getting to the point where I find them a complete waste of time even noting their existance.   This post has nothing whatsoever to do with Obama- It has to do with the right to vote. It has to do with the Law.
    You know, that thing that we have here... that keeps things in order?
    Ever hear about it?

    Good grief.
  • Russell
    Gosh toe, I'm blushing. Last time we talked you told me I should run for office, now I'm absurd. So let me get this straight; I should run for office, I'm absurd and a waste of time? If I change my name to Barack you would probably vote for me.
    As for absurdity, you reinforce what UC posted in different language and try to push it off as not true??? Are you on medication?? Your obfuscation is soooo transparent.
    And do you honestly believe BHO had nothing to do with this?? You just keep on telling yourself that a guy with his history didn't put any pressure on anybody. Let me know how that works for ya.
  • amber 2
    Nice work Toe, kick their ass
  • toe
    Let me put this down to your intellectual level:
    I suggested that you should run for office because your answer to critics of your ideology was "to give them the finger"... a run for office on your part would allow you to place your methods and thoughts on things political in the free marketplace of ideas, where you would be soundly defeated.
    This thread, Russell- as started by our glorious host here, not just suggested, but flat out said that there stands, on the books in Ohio, a law that prohibits same day registration and voting.
    This is a LIE.  I gave absolute proof of this.
    As for Obama being behind this law- dear Russell of little mental means, the law was passed in 1993- so you can see the folly of this notion, should this be weighing heavily on your mind.
    As for the Obama campaign being behind the efforts to get people registered to vote- absolutely,  though hardly exclusively.  Not all new voters are Democrats- Not all states require you to state your party.   
    280,000 new voters in Washington
    310,000 new voters in  Virginia
    165,449 new voters in North Carolina... just to name a few.  Now, I know you, Russell, being the upstanding American you are, you have nothing but good warm fuzzy feelings knowing that more Americans than ever are engaged in the political process and participating in their right to vote.
    Ohio irregardless, the sad truth is that 30% of the people in this country pay no income tax and yet are granted the right to vote on how the money is spent and who spends it.  guess which way they lean.... 

    If you want to erode the constitution and go down the dark hallway of Socialism, this is the way to get there.

    Obama has stated he wishes to push this number to 40%!

    That is enough reason NOT to vote for him.  he wishes to light the way, but all he has is a small candle of inexperience and hubris. 

    I for one will not follow.

  • toe
    Regardless of what you have heard, “irregardless” is a redundancy. The suffix “-less” on the end of the word already makes the word negative. It doesn’t need the negative prefix “ir-” added to make it even more negative.

     hoboblah- your statement suggesting that if you don't pay taxes, you don't get to vote- is probably the most outrageous thing I have ever heard you babble.
  • Russell
    Need a favor. Could you make your posts shorter?? Unfortunately I can only get through about 1/4 of one before vomiting.
    And the finger thing is totally out of context, had nothing to do with critics of my ideology. I would be just as happy giving the finger to people who agree with my ideology if they have no more grasp over the facts than, say, you.  
    I don't expect you to understand this, but will say it again anyway. The post, (if you will read it instead of going directly to attack mode) is concerning the recent court decision in Ohio. There is a law on the books in Ohio that will not allow same day voting (look it up). The problem comes from another law that extends absentee voting to 35 days. This law creates a loophole that would seem to allow same day voting even though the said law was not meant for that purpose. Hussein and his people were behind the goofy decision of the Ohio court. I hope this dumbs it down enough for you.

    Now, will you vote for me or not???
  • Russell
    And as far as the warm and fuzzy feelings about all the new registered voters, uhh, not so much. When ACORN is all over the news today with new and interesting feats of voter fraud, I don't feel to good at all. When you register a dead person 14 times, how does that make you feel??
  • Independent OHIO CITIZEN
    Just hours ago, the Ohio Supreme Court and a federal judge in Cleveland issued two similar decisions, and they were loud and clear -- the voters won.

    In a cynical political ploy, the Ohio Republican Party filed suit to try to change a law that Republicans wrote and a Republican governor passed -- a bill that established Ohio's "One-Stop Early Voting" period, during which a new voter can register and vote at the same time from September 30 to October 6. One-Stop Early Voting occurred in Ohio without incident in 2006.

    The Republicans were trying to keep new voices out of the political process. But their attempt at voter suppression was so brazen that the federal judge wrote in his decision, "Candidly, the underlying merits of issues are not even close," and that the Republican position "would lead to illogical results, potentially disenfranchising large numbers of voters."
  • susy
    Yeah, and if he can be bought off for a six pack of beer...does that make him....oh...I dunno....

    Joe Six Pack??? 

  • Free Radical
    I'm sorry, perhaps someone could clarify the moral objection being raised here...UC, Hoboboh, are you upset because of the methods used to get these people to the polling place, or are you upset because they're homeless?  Because I have to tell you, if these eight years have been any indication, elect another conservative and we'll all be homeless.  Someone must elect these guys to office, eh what?

    A couple quick points - first of all, Hoboboh, toe is right.  Your position that those who pay no income tax should be excluded from voting is patently ludicrous - and unconstitutional, since you've resorted so quickly to the old "erode the Constitution" chestnut.  If I'm remembering, the 24th Amendment expressly prevents any citizen from having his or her voting rights revoked on the basis of any tax.  You fine folks on the conservative end of the spectrum were trying to impose a poll tax to keep black people from exercising their right to vote (funny - I wonder what race most of these homeless folks were?) - imaginative, I must say, but ultimately unsuccessful.

    Second of all, I'm frankly astonished we're talking about election theft, given that yours is also the party responsible for the theft of two consecutive Presidential elections.   If Obama has sacrificed any scruples, it is because you have forced him - you have so execrably lowered the moral fiber of this nation that any would-be President must stoop to your level.

    Whatever it takes to win, right, guys?
    It's all about voter fraud free radical.....  DUH!!

    One party is KNOWN for voter fraud.  Now we have the messiah of ACORN running....  wann guess where the fraud will be? 

    Nice principles...  Nice party.

  • toe
    Hoboblah, I suggest that you get your face out of Rush's butt and look at current national media reporting on voter list  purging-  Caging lists- and how very interesting that all of these are taking place in "battleground" states.  
    It has nothing to do with ACORN- it has to do with an effort that  began hardcore in 2000 and has continued with gusto thanks to the GOP .
    I don't listen to radio much at all.  I haven't listened to Rush for years.  Even then it was for entertainment.  As for your left wing sources, ...  duh.

    Acorn is WELL documented in VOTER FRAUD as are others from the NUT JOBS from the left.

    The strategy of painting your enemy with YOUR deeds is old hat for the Left.  Ohio is a Dem state.  Why the problems?  Why indeed. 

    This election will not be able to be called for quite awhile after election day.  All of the fraud will have to be investigated before a winner can be determined.

  • ameriken
    Thats funny.........tell someone to get out of Rush's butt and then post something from Huffingtons butt. Lol!
  • Robot
    i got a pack of cigs and some othr things.  i'm voteingagaon tomorow.  happy happy boy.
  • Tim

    Dear Mr. Urban Conservative,

    I’m a little late with this post, but I’ve been researching what you wrote.  You oppose voting by the homeless in Ohio, based on its supposed illegality and immorality.

    I respectfully contend that the first argument is factually wrong, and that the second argument is unfounded.

    Addressing morality first, I contend that if a person is legally entitled to vote, then it is right to let them vote.  Period.  No matter what their political affiliation or views might be.

    Thus the first issue, legality, is paramount.  Consider:

    (1)  Same-day voting has been allowed in Ohio for three decades.  This is not something new; the Republican have had ample time to re-legislate if they deemed it unfair.  (You claim otherwise – I’d like to know your source for “The law against registering and voting the same day was on the books in Ohio.”)

    Perhaps you are thinking of the Ohio law that says registration must occur at least 30 days prior to voting.  Under Federal law, absentee ballots are considered cast on election day, so there is nothing illegal here.

    (2)  You claim, if I may paraphrase, that the Democrats are subverting the system.  This is not so.  Secretary of State Brunner’s ruling on the same-day voting was her legitimate call to make:  she was fulfilling her rightful duties as laid out in the Ohio Constitution.  She is behaving no more underhandedly than was Katherine Harris in Florida in 2000.

    Moreover, the Brunner decision has been upheld by three court rulings.  One was by the Ohio Supreme Court, whose makeup is six Republicans and only one Democrat.  The other two rulings were by Federal judges, one appointed by Clinton and one appointed by Reagan.  Hardly a Democratic conspiracy.

    (3)  You draw special attention to convicted felons being allowed to vote. Ohio, along with 11 other states, allows felons to vote once they are released from prison.  Whether you agree with this law or not, registering released felons in Ohio is aboveboard.

    (4)  You express concern about voter fraud among the homeless. But IF a homeless person can commit fraud, then anyone can pretend to be homeless and commit the same fraud.  If there’s a problem here, denying the homeless their right to vote is not the solution.

    In sum:  the voter registration efforts of the Obama campaign are 100% legal, and there was no underhanded manipulation in establishing this legality.  Mr. Urban Conservative, that means it’s right for them to register and vote.  They are our fellow citizens, and in this country voting is a right for those qualified.  To deny U.S. citizens their legitimate right to vote would . . . not be right.


  • toe
    Russell, Hoboblah,  rather than repost it here, I suggest you go read post #24 here:

    you both have no understanding the difference between registration fraud and voter fraud.  you seem to use them interchangeably.

    neither of you have any comprehension of what ACORN is or does.
    neither of you understand or comprehend what a community organizer is - i doubt that either of you can name another other than ACORN.
  • ameriken
    #33, nicely written post, well thought out.

    Personally, I dont have a problem with homeless or felons who have been released voting, so long as they are citizens, and properly registered. 

    I think everyone would agree that fraud is the main issue.
  • Russell
    Thanks for clarifying the difference there. I now know how wrong I have been. I am gonna go out now and cast my vote for hope of change and change that leads to new hope, or whatever the current crap is. Obama 08!!!!! If only I could find some of those noble ACORN people to give me a pack of smokes before I vote, those things are expensive!
  • Russell
    Lucky for me someone walked by, noticed what I was writing in the above post, and slapped me really hard. Back to reality.
    Let’s get some facts straight.
    1: Those people are paid by the hour, not by the registrant. So outside of bragging rights at the local watering hole over appletinis (you only registered 50? I did 1000 ha ha ha) I can’t see the benefits of what they are doing. Unless there is a broader agenda??
    2: Did  you know that in the precincts in question, you don’t have to show ID to vote?? All you have to do is walk in and give either a SSN or drivers license number, and presto chango—instant vote.
    Seems to me those two things are connected. Let me wax metaphoric. It’s like the bridge to nowhere, with the registration fraud being the bridge and nowhere being the voter fraud. One leads to the other. The fraudulent registration forms bridge the gap to voter fraud.  All one must do is memorize the SSN number of the fraudulent  registrant, walk in, recite it, and fraudulent vote!! Of course I am sure in Liberal Wonderland this never happens, it is simply an option. A loophole created by bad people working for the valiant ACORN.  You are of course welcome to believe that ACORN is the victim here all you want, and all of these are just innocent mistakes by hourly wage employees. Have another sip of kool-aid and make that argument.
    Yes, ACORN is at it AGAIN!  An organization with ZERO ethics.  Guess who they work for huh?

    They are caught time and time again interfering with lawful elections, and yet they have their defenders like Toe.  Makes Toe look like an ethical person who is truly interested in fair elections doesn't it?

    The only problem I have with voters is whether they paid income taxes.  If you don't kick into to till, you shouldn't have a say on how its spent.  It's like your kids telling you how and where to spend all your income.  But this is the Dem's trump card.  Never mind that it helps destroy the very thing which makes this country special.

    Voter fraud will be rampant this election and wholly one sided, as usual.

  • toe

    The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not
    be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.
    — Fifteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (1870)
    The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not
    be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex.

    — Nineteenth Amendment (1920)
    The right of citizens of the United States to vote in any
    primary or other election . . . shall not be denied or abridged . . . by reason of failure to pay any poll tax or other tax.

    — Twenty-fourth Amendment (1964)
    The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote, shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of age.
    — Twenty-sixth Amendment (1971)

    The only amendment you posted which is even relevant is the 24th.

    The others have to do with ethnicity or sex ..  not applicable or germane to the discussion.  Hey,  way to fill up your post with   ..  stuff.

    The Poll tax and "other" tax does not represent INCOME tax.  the poll tax was a strategy employed by democrats during the early 1900's to stop the poor from voting.  It had NOTHING to do with INCOME tax.

    Try again.  In what world does the NON-CONTRIBUTOR have a right to tell other people who sweat and pay their share to help society, how that money should be spent? 

    If you make an income, you should pay a tax.  It's pretty simple.  It's VERY fair.

  • sarah
    Wow, I cannot BELIEVE evil people out there are actually helping ALL citizens vote!  shame! blasphemy! horror! if you are homeless you should count as 3/5 of a person and be counted as dead in the voting rolls.  Now that's the true american way.  What do we think we have here, a democracy?  I should certainly hope not.

    Besides, only wealthy, uninformed people should be able to vote.  Duh.
    Yep it's true Sarah,

    People are out there right now making sure people get properly registered to vote lawfully . 

    And then there's ACORN!!

    Glad you see it my way Sarah, welcome to the team!!

  • NYCConservative
    Democracy in practice is a somewhat complicated idea - it was thought up by humanist philosophers who had the novel idea that people did not need to be controlled by the iron hand of a monarch or a dictator (as had been happening all over the world for centuries, and continues to this day), but that people had the intelligence to sort things out for themselves and self-govern. For democracy to survive, the premise is that there is an analytical, free-thinking, somewhat educated and intelligent citizenry who understands the Constitution, understand how our government works and WHY it was set up the way it was (the Founding Fathers were absolutely afraid of a concentration of power in the hands of the elite), how the economy works, and how to solve problems through debate, prudence and logic - rather than insults, emotion and bleeding hearts. The people who did not even take it upon themselves to understand how our government functions, who do not take a vested interest nor have a concern about who is elected to office, and who can't even make an effort to register...are the ones who are easily exploited by the Party political machine. I would loathe to see the US become like certain countries in Latin America, where the politicians go into towns with toys and candy during elections...handing out these trinkets and rounding up the people by busloads to vote for them. Is that what we have become - a country where a vote, our only non-violent defense against an obtrusive and overbearing government, can be bought by the promise of a meal and a ride to a homeless shelter? We do not need groups like ACORN using public funds to dilute the votes of citizens who take an informed and vested interest in this country.
  • toe
    i hate to disillusion you, but uninformed voters don't just live in homeless shelters and in subway tunnels-  (many of them,  in fact,  visit here daily)   
    i am sorry that you don't understand the need for grassroots organizations .  the statements you have made concerning ACORN suggest to me that you have no understanding how absurd the accusations are regarding this group.   ACORN has actually called attention to registrations they felt were bogus- by "red flagging" those they suspected before turning in these new registrations.
    You want an informed electorate.  You want representative government. .. but it seems that you want only certain people informed and only certain ideas being represented. How very American of you.
    ACORN is a left wing crackpot organization bent on usurping the democratic process.  This is COMMON knowledge to everyone except TOE I guess. 

    A vote for OBAMA is a vote for ACORN  ..  no THANKS!!

    Acorn: " Bush stole the election, so go vote 50 times this year won't you?"

    Deplorable and criminal.  The Federal investigation will prove it.

  • sarah

    A vote for obama is a vote for decent health care, new innovation, new jobs, cleaning our environment, regulation that works, and overall a fair and just future.  I'm just sorry that you are so eager to sacrifice your countries future yet again.  It is truly sad.

    Oh and btw, I'd check out Mr.McCain giving the keynote address at ACORN's rally in 2006. 

    You can justify your crackpot views however you would like but that does not change the fact that all citizens deserve and HAVE the right to vote.  Perhaps you should glimpse over the constitution some time.

    out. you news, ohio supreme court just sided with the voters, not with you.
  • NYCConservative
    Toe - I am not saying that to be "informed", you have to be a part of a certain class, race, or live in a certain part of the country - stop trying to play the "label card" with me because I'm sick of it and it offends me.  I defy your labels. I am a former liberal, Ivy-League educated, atheist woman in my 20s - now conservative who believes that change begins in our own communities, through private donations, through helping our neighbors and through volunteer work. In fact, I am an ardent volunteer with non-profits in NYC that support education for inner city youth because I truly believe giving children a mentor and an example to live by is paramount to  their success. Instead of waiting for Obama's tax break to "encourage" volunteerism and instead of waiting for the next government handout to "fix" the education problem - I saw a lack of mentorship for the youth in NYC and I devoted my time to helping in any little way I can. I see my fellow volunteers of all viewpoints coming together to help in little ways they can in their own communities. And this is in NYC - trust me, there are still people like us here. We've not all become self-indulgent, entitled, smug nay-sayers complaining about everything. The people I meet through my volunteer work are working toward real change - not just trying to stuff the ballot boxes so they can put their politician into office. So don't pander your insult that "I don't believe in grassroots movements" to me. There are differences between non-profits - they are not all out to "do good" as you think. Some are horribly run, some are just organizations to siphon money to their directors and some are part of the political machine. I chalk ACORN up to the latter and unless you want to clamp your hand over my mouth, I am entitled to my opinion.

    The "uninformed" people that you cite who visit this website in order to get more information to better educate themselves on the issues, the candidates, and the ideals that underscore this very country - I applaud them and absolutely will defend their right to vote with my life. That is one way to go from being uninformed voter to informed voter - to research, probe and think for yourself. You are uninformed if you can't even tell me what branches of government we have and why the Constitution set them up that way. You are uninformed if you allow a celebrity to decide how you vote. You are uninformed if you vote for someone based on the color of their hair or skin. I could go on and on...but hopefully, people other than Toe will see my point. Toe, I am afraid, has drunk the kool-aid and there's no turning back.
    Yes, Toe is deep in the rabbit hole and is afraid to come out.

    I have a "different" economic plan to propose.  Is anyone interested?

    If it proves to be workable, can I be president?  For real....

    If you want to know about it, post a request.  otherwise I will keep retooling it.   I'm not a lawyer so there is a good chance I will be successful.

  • Titus Hunt
    Sarah:  so how is Obama going to create these jobs?  i have heard what he has said but he didn't say anything of substance.  we need jobs now and his economic plan will not do that.  i've never been hired by a poor person, and poor and middleclass people do not create the jobs.  Businesses have to compete globally and not just in the US.  if we piss off small businesses and coporations, which his plan will do, the companies will do one or more of several things:  lay people off, close permanently or move overseas, and definitley will pass the higher taxes to consumers in the form of higher prices that we pay for all of our food, clothing, etc.  do you actually think companies pay for higher taxes?  they never do.  the consumers always lose!!!!!!!!  We will always be on the losing side no matter which direction we turn in Obama's plan.  economic status will not matter.  i know so many people who own very successful, long-running businesses that are already planning to close up shop if obama is elected and their taxes are raised.  these businesses employ so many people.  this is common sense!  by the way, how do you know obama's plan will create decent healthcare.  that is not true.  has the government ever run a smooth, efficient program?  as screwed up as this government is, thanks to both parties, how in the world do you think the government can run a healthcare program?  for this reason alone not to mention many more that i haven't discussed, his plan will not work.  that is also just plain common sense.
  • Norrish Hall
    Homeless people should be rounded up and made to work on a chain gang.
    None of them want to work.  They just want to panhandle.
    A lot of them earn more than minimum wage.  But they don't pay taxes.
    And they don't contribute to society.
    I'm tired of seeing homeless people get special housing and free food.
    Why don't they work like everyone else.
    And as for letting them vote.  No way.  If you don't contribute to society you don't get a say.
    Voting is a privilege for those who work hard, earn a living and pay taxes.
    Just because you were born here doesn't entitle you to any rights.
  • Stephanie
    A large percentage of homeless people are people with disabilities or mental health issues. The unemployment rate in America of people with disabilities is very high. I agree that some people have a "culture of poverty" and keep themselves just poor enough to have housing and food. I highly doubt you would want to live in this "free housing" though and diabetes is a raging phenomena because food stamps sure don't stretch for healthy food. I work with this population of folks and trust me....these programs are being cut back PLENTY so don't worry about your hard earned wages going there. I would be curious to see a poll of how many of these homeless voters that are rounded up are actually voting against the party that offers to help them. Again and again the poor vote against their own self-interests because of the susceptibility to being coerced with sound bites.
    I look at a cross section of McCain's base and wonder if they are enjoying their right to have a 40 hour work week (I know many of us work a lot more than that and have more than one job) and an 8 hour day with employer matched benefits and not having to take their kids out of school so they can help support the family? People died for these rights and "the company men" who would suppress the worker's rights often killed these people in cold blood for demanding what is fair. If you forget history then you are doomed to repeat it. The next generations of these people that died for the right to what is fair are now voting themselves right back into the hands of the company men. All these assertions that there are "worthless people" that "should not have the right to vote" or "receive subsidized food and housing" should look at WHO is really suffering from this. It is not the homeless so much as it is veterans, seniors, people with disabilities, children, foster children, caregivers, rescue workers, and our American infrastructure that is crumbling as we bicker over "handouts". Trust me, the homeless will not be receiving much of this nor will the hungry child who could be a great engineer but can't stay awake in class, or your elderly family members, or the hero returning from Iraq.
    This country is falling apart and we are arguing ourselves into the fall of a great nation. I don't care who becomes president as long as they recognize that our humanity is all we have left and right now.....with all this talk of the worthless I am deeply concerned about our humanity. Support makes human frailty bearable and any minute, any one of us could become disabled or mentally ill and it would be a reality check for what these "handouts" are really not.
  • toe

    yeah,  those homeless...
  • toe
    According to an April 2008 report by the National Coalition for the Homeless, the top 10 states with foreclosures attributed to 73% of the homeless. Those states were: California, Florida, Ohio, Texas, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. In 2007 the top 10, consisting of California, Florida, Texas, New York, Arizona, Ohio, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Virginia, attributed to 58% of the homeless. The top 10 map is changing and the homeless are spreading out.

    six months ago... these were the stats... let's fast forward to today... you will see that these homeless figures have increased dramatically.

    norrish, just curious, are you related to hoboblah?
  • Titus Hunt
    I think we all need to look at the humanity of the situation and do need to look at the folks who are unable to care for themselves.  however, families need to start taking responsibility for their own families.  why are people on the streets that have sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers, cousins?????  i know we can't make people get off the streets but we as a nation are quick to support ourselves and not support those that are close to us just as we are quick to throw the elderly in nursing homes because our relatives become a burden (of course, there may be times care is not possible in our homes.)  laws also prevent homeless people from being helped if they don't want it.  i think the situation is sad and don't think there is a complete solution to resolve this issue.
  • Stephanie
    You really did answer your own question in a lot of ways. Often poverty and the the possibility of homelessness is a family affair and occurs over generations. I am someone who's birthright was to end up this way as the child of a parent with developmental disabilities and another parent with mental health issues. Luckily I had the central nervous system and great teachers to pull myself out of this pattern. I am happily breaking the cycle but I also chose to work with families just like my own so I can help other kids break the cycle. It is amazing what having faith in a family being able to rise out of bad habits can do for them.
    It is easier said than done to take in a family member that is homeless as you said. There is an institutional bias in America that is funded by the state and federal government. Families that want to care for their family member with a disability or that are elderly actually cannot be supported to do this. I am not making this stuff up! I have had parents I work with beg the state and feds to give them the proper equipment, training, and medical care to keep their family member at home. The state and feds will pay a foster care home or medical home in the ballpark of 12-30 grand a MONTH to care for someone but will not give the family a dime. I know people that live on $648.50 a month of an SSI payment and that cannot work because they have to care for someone who would die if they did not have someone there to make sure they did not choke on their own spit. The feds could save a whole lot of money if they allowed the families to even have a third of the payment that they will happily give a foster provider. You also noted that we are so quick to take care of ourselves.....These people that I talk about are neighbors and community members of everyone that reads this blog. If all of us just took on one family to help out then poverty might become a thing of the past. I don't even mean financial help. We throw out so much food, clothing, and electronics daily. This is the American Dream to me, taking care of each other so we don't have to ask the governement for help.
  • anonymous
    This is so ridiculous! Because the current government doesn't care about these homeless people, they don't have the right to vote. Under the constitution, everyone has the right to vote. That is the definition of DEMOCRACY, which you republicans seem to love to force onto others. So how are we setting an example to the rest of the world if we want to take away the rights of our citizens?
  • Meah
    I believe tha person who took these homeless people did the right thing its not like the told them who to vote for. But of course straight democrat. McCain is for the rich to get rich... LOL. Republicans think that homeless people dont have a right to vote yea they do they have as much right as other people. Thats is DEMOCRACY... HELLO!
  • AJO
    Where the hell is your education. This is the most made up piece of junk i've ever read. First of all, before you get the wrong impression, I'm as right wing conservative republican as it gets. Rush Limbaugh is on my regular listening list and I enjoy President Bush. However... It's people like you who make us Republicans look so bad. WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT FELONS CAN VOTE? Because they can't. It's actually against the law. Are you like 33% of people who claim to be republican who isn't really educated on any of the current issues? Rants like these make the Republican and GOP party look terrible. The only thing I'm pissed at my party for is the fact that every tax payer's share of the national debt since Bush has been in office is upwards of $90,000 each. We need to not be whiny sore loosers, however we need to take our part in this little thing called Democracy. Attend meetings, go to legislature and fight for our parties stances. That's what us republicans need to do now.
  • anonymous
    Wait, so allowing people who wouldn't ordinarily have the ability to vote to vote is a bad thing?
    They are granted the right to vote by the constitution. Just because somebody provided them with a bus to get to the voting station, nobody is doing anything wrong. Also, who is to say that the people necessarily voted for Obama?
  • Jesus
    you guys are really just upset that you lost the election because the only people who wouldn't benefit from Obama's plans were The Rich...which most conservatives are
  • lonappan
    Let the light of jesus christ enlighten you americans.Jesus said to love the poor and give everything to poor and then you will enter heaven.He told the story of laser and rich man,so all the rich people who claims themselves to be christians who dont care for the poor in america is having their future after death at stake.I dont want to think how many americans are going to miss it.BTW I am from a place where there is no poverty