For Abortion Supporters, A Lesson in Federal Control of Health Benefits

November 11th, 2009 Dennis Smith

Ironically, the very first group to feel the effects of the pending federal government takeover of the health care system are among the closest political allies of President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—those who strongly support the cause of “abortion rights”.

Opponents of the latest House restriction on taxpayer funding of abortion are trying to argue that they merely desire to preserve the status quo. They apparently failed to grasp what conservatives have been warning them, and everyone else who will listen, all along—the status quo cannot, and will not, continue to exist. Change, as the President likes to say, is coming. Big Change.

When government is put in the position of making decisions about what will be funded and what will not be funded, that is exactly what it will do—decide what and who gets the funding. It is not a personal decision anymore; its not a market decision, nor even an economic decision. It’s a political decision.

Chances are that someone on the receiving end will not like those decisions. Today, millions of Americans in every other sector of the economy- with the notable exception of health insurance - can vote with their feet, taking their business elsewhere, and buying and owning a different policy. Tomorrow, there will be fewer and fewer choices. The authors of the House and Senate health bills will make sure of that.

Abortion was the first political decision on government funding of a “medical procedure”; it will not be the last. Want treatment for erectile dysfunction? Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for those drugs. Will the “public option”, the new government-run health plan? Who knows? The Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services will ultimately decide. Patients will get what the federal government gives them.

Government will be making all sorts of treatment decisions for millions of Americans. Half of the people to become insured will be through Medicaid. Government has nothing to say about you using your own money for cosmetic purposes, but Medicaid will not pay for it. Will the public plan pay for cosmetic surgeries? What about expensive fertility treatments? Not covered by Medicaid. Medicaid will not pay for mental illness treatment for adults in an institution for mental diseases. What happens if your family physician does not take Medicaid because of low reimbursement rates? Can you pay extra out of your own pocket? No, not allowed.

Like the “abortion rights” supporters, many Americans will ultimately realize the health care legislation is not the change they were expecting.

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  • 2bluestarmom
    Somewhere grandparents weep for their grandbaby they never got to hold, nurture, love & they lost their daughter.

    Private Francheska Velez was with child massacred by terrorist on federal, u.s. soil

    Military Charges Terrorist, Nidal Hasan w/13 Murder Counts, Excludes Unborn Baby

    The Unborn Victims of Violence Act in 2004 mean Potus Barrack Hussein Obama, can enforce this with prosecution of Hasan for

    14 Died at Ft Hood


    Remember Laci & Baby Conner Peterson? Massacred by Scott Peterson 2004

    2 counts of murder!

    Jihadist soldiers & Obamas coming
    terrorism's now home grown
    This winter I hear the drumming
    14 dead at Ft Hood not Ohio

    Gotta get down to it
    Jihadist are gunning us down
    Should have been done long ago.
    What if you knew her & she was with child
    And found her dead on the ground
    How can you run when you know?

    14 U.S. citizens were massacred, in Ft Hood. Not 13, 14 human beings.
  • 2bluestarmom
    The politically correct mindless, will fight to protect hasan from being charged with 14 counts of murder as it will cause their agenda to lose credibility on their fight for their own terrorist acts of the unborn.

    So to appease the minority of Amerikans who have blood on their hands, will BHO enforce the Unborn Victims of Violence Act aka Laci's Law?

    I doubt it, but we can only hope!
  • simonesdad2009
    Since 1991 workers for the RNC have had abortion covered by their health insurance. In an effort to protect one of your talking points on abortion, the RNC opted out of the coverage TODAY! The very thing you guys rail about, ie Big Brother controlling your health care options, was carried out by none other than Michael Steele. Michael Steele ladies and gentlemen! Well, maybe I should just say ladies because they are the only ones who can have abortions. I bet Viagra is still covered over at the good old RNC. Who wants to take that bet? Are you really telling me that for 20 years no one read their insurance policy? And in turn they want the public to listen to them about health care reform? Really? It is delicious irony that the money you cons contributed to the RNC for the past nearly 20 years, paid for abortions.
  • 2bluestarmom
    Was I talking to you ass munch simonsays?! No, I was not talking to you.

    I have nothing to do with the RNC. Same rhetoric, different day from you libtards!

    Don't mess with me. I am not here to recruit your kool aid drinkin ass!

    I am here to have dialog with my fellow UC, CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTS, not a mindless, zombie with talking points.

    I could care less what you think. I'm not here for you, I am here for ME and MY Country, The United States of America not friggin "communist China" which is where you liberals need to go!

    kiss my ass, darlin!
  • 2bluestarmom

    "14" dead corpses can testify to that! Idiot
  • Dora
    first of all- 2dumb and 2foulmouth you are no "star mom"- your filth mouth and nasty reply directed at simonesdad were needlessly cruel and out of line.

    secondly, to the uninformed author of this thread - viagra is covered by medicare- has been since 2005. you really need to research before you regurgitate your opinion pieces.

    third- what simonesdad said was correct- the RNC 's healthcare plan did cover abortion expenses. their token "leader" was ignorant of this fact- as are you, apparently, 2blue.

    abortion is a LEGAL medical procedure. you don't need one? don't have one. especially all of you men.
  • Dora
    and what's with the white streak on your photo, 2dumb? is that the tape that holds your two faces in place?
    you are nothing but another bible thumping hypocrite. your foul mouth displays this.
  • billyhallowell
    Actually, Dora, the "uneducated" individual you speak of is from the Heritage Foundation, a well-respected organization. Secondly, Medicare stopped coverage of Viagra in 2007: Just thought I'd let you know.
  • simonesdad2009
    It doesn't matter if you were talking to me or not. It's pretty clear by your response that you heard me which is all that really matters.

    I just have on question for you Blue Star. Do you _________ with that mouth? I'll leave it to others that know you intimately to fill in the blank.
  • huh
    All plans are not dropping the drugs. The Post-Disptach says UnitedHealthcare Corp., for example, has one Medicare plan that covers the drugs but its others do not.

    The newspaper article says Medicare will continue to cover the drugs if they're used to treat other conditions, such as pulmonary hypertension, for which they've been approved.
  • billyhallowell
    Right, but it's not being covered indefinitely for other "conditions."
  • lukehonor
    As quoted from your blog, "Like the “abortion rights” supporters, many Americans will ultimately realize the health care legislation is not the change they were expecting."

    That is a very good point. People don't realize that this health care bill will potentially jeopardize our health in every way, for many years to come. People (primarily the media and staunch Obama supporters) think that this bill is great, no matter what the cost. It is ridiculous to support such a "reform" when the "negotiations are completely closed off to the public. Also, how can anyone support a bill that funds abortions with taxpayer money. We are paying ENOUGH taxes...and I'm sure there's more to come.

    Check out my Blog:
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