Second Amendment Attacked by Liberal Media

August 11th, 2009 Aliy N

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Second Amendment to the United States Constitution reads:

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

If this man bought his gun legally and this man has a carry permit and the police have checked his credentials, why is MSNBC picking on him!!!??

Could THIS be “fear mongering “ the very thing I and other bloggers have been accused of? You know the reason we’re being called racists, Nazis, Brown Shirts, Teabaggers, or Pelosi’s USA Today op-ed where she said “Drowning out opposing views is simply un-American” (you know because beating the face off the poor guy who opposes YOUR view totally IS American?)

What exactly would you call showing a guy who happens to be carrying a gun on TV for at LEAST 6 mintues talking about how “our 44th president will be coming any minute!!!”? I would say you’re taking the fear mongering to a new level.

You’re fighting for a “right” the constitution DOES NOT GIVE YOU. And in doing so, you’re trampling all over the RIGHTS the constitution DOES GIVE YOU!!!

President Obama took an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States of America and this is a breech of oath. Healthcare is not a right. Owning a gun IS. If you didn’t believe in the oath or the document you swore to uphold in that oath, I ask respectfully that you step down and let us find someone who will respect them.

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  • Harrison
    Anything to make gun advocates look bad is what Liberals want.
  • AckAck
    To all the gun advocates. The article below is exactly what pisses me off about this administration. And to think we have idiots like Dora, Amber and thousands running around defending this shit! Ask them why they support it, THEY CAN'T TELL YOU. Hell, they don't know - THEY JUST DO! Most of these people don't know diddly shit about survival or why people like myself even respect guns in the first place. They just seem to roll with the flow of what their idiot leaders stand for.

    The Obama-ACORN Anti Gun Conspiracy

    ACORN -- the Association of Community Organizations for Reform -- a publicly funded national organization is using your tax dollars to actively interfere with the Second Amendment exercise of gun rights in New Jersey and elsewhere.

    ACORN went public with its gun control activism when it intervened in an unsuccessful attempt to defend Jersey City, New Jersey, a hot bed of anti-gun rights extremists, to disarm its citizens with a local gun control ordinance. ACORN pushed for stronger local gun restrictions that were already struck down by the New Jersey state court as a violation of state law.

    Obama and ACORN's interest is in disarming law-abiding citizens.

    It is an outrage that this group has intervened to defend an anti-gun ordinance that has already been declared illegal by the court. So long as ACORN accepts one penny of public funding, the organization should remain absolutely neutral on social issues, political campaigns and especially legal actions defending the right to keep and bear arms.

    For the past few election cycles ACORN has clearly grown more partisan toward the radical political Left. ACORN'S PAC, in fact, endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president, even though their tax-exempt status prohibits endorsement of political candidates. That's hardly surprising since he used to serve as their legal counsel and he taught the group about community organizing. ACORN and Obama are lockstep in seeking to destroy our Second Amendment rights.

    We call upon the FBI to expand the scope of its ACORN investigation and focus on the group's involvement in the Jersey City case.

    We support Ohio Congressman John Boehner's request that the White House immediately block all federal funding of ACORN activities until this group's questionable activities are fully investigated. We want to know how they are paying for attorneys, and why Seton Hall's Center for Social Justice and the Public Interest Law Center are providing legal assistance to ACORN for this effort.

    ACORN has, since 1998, received an estimated $31 million in government funding. Yes, Obama knows a great deal about ACORN and its role in the bailout mess. He is a central figure in the left-wing ACORN exploitation of financial institutions to pressure them to make high risk loans. The very same left-wing ACORN that was sued for voter fraud in our last presidential election.
  • Anomalous
    Leftists use many tactics to strip of rights away from anyone they dislike. The two most-used are ridicule and fear-mongering.

    First, Saul Alinsky taught them that simply attacking a ideology with reasoned debate was not going to get them anywhere. Alinsky instructed them to instead ridicule the person(s) behind the ideology. In this case, they tend to show gun advocates as ignorant, redneck, backwoods, right-wing extremists. Once something is only supported by idiotic hicks, it's easier to take it away from them.

    Second, they use fear. In Guns Don't Kill People They Kill Amendments?, it is demonstrated how the left uses images of gun-toting extremists threatening freedom of speech to scare others into thinking that one right is actually a menace to the rest of the bill of rights.

    Slow erosion of our rights is exactly the end that these means serve. Just as in taxation, the left realizes you can't go after everything at once. Too many would fight you. Instead, you go after one right at-a-time. One small group at-a-time so that the voices of the opposition are not so loud as the right is stripped away from them. Then when they go after the next right, there is a small group fighting to keep that one, and so-on.

    We either fight to keep every one of our rights, or we are deciding that we do not need any of them.

    Rich Mitchell
    The Plain, Hard Truth
    An information engine for Conservatives
  • AckAck
    Rick, what a great post. Most of us are guilty in one way or another in letting our constitution detioriate to where it is today. We were either too lazy, too busy in something else, used the phrase, "there is just a few of them, they'll go away soon", of we just didn't want to get involved. Just like with the homosexual movement. I remember well when they first started their move to legalize what they wanted legalized and shove it on others as being okay. First the scare tactics came out, you know the one, can't bash a gay! Then the victim syndrom came in and they moved on with out many problems. The entire liberal system is set up just like this and exactly like you said in your post.

    I know it is impossible to say I want it the way it used to be. It's different today even if we say it's the times of change. Well, that's not totally true. It changed because the people let it change.

    I could go on and on but it's all been said before many times on here and else where. So, I'll just say again, thanks for a great post.
  • 2bluestarmom
    The mainstream media is pulling over time on folks exercising 2nd ammendment rights.

    Obviously this guy is making a statement.

    But what has been very clear by the mainstream media, they are pushing the fear factor on this and excessive coverage on "new militias" growing in the U.S.

    Watch, Obama and his supporters will do away with the 2nd amendment. Why not? They are taking away all of our constitutional rights. There is going to be bloodshed in our country. It's very sad to watch it play out right before our eyes. It's like a bad nightmare or horror story. But is it real and it is happening so fast, they are taking everyone (who are in denial or blind) by surprise. Shock and Awe
  • ds1
    Unfortunately, I think you're right. We are going to see more and more violence as the real Patriots continue to push back on obama and his quest to destroy our beloved country! But I don't believe that their tactic is going to work! There are so many Patriots who are willing to die for the cause that it will merely strengthen our resolve and grow our movement!! It is time for ALL of these power hungry, out of touch politicians to WAKE UP and UNDERSTAND that we aren't going to take their crap anymore! They were elected to represent US, not to stuff their pockets with lobbyist bribes, or to create social programs which are only designed to keep the poor in their voting base!! And I don't care which Party they're in!! If Republicans aren't willing to stand up and do the right thing then they need to be THROWN OUT as well. It is time to CLEAN HOUSE!!! May the 2010 elections be a time in history when we can look back and remember how our little grass roots movement saved our country from the evil of tyrannical politicians who tried to destroy it!! May God Bless America!!!
  • 2bluestarmom
    Can't help but think of the "rise and fall of the roman empire"

    Yes, Lord, please don't give up on us.

    Remember, Sodom and Gomorrah? God always provides a way of escape.
  • aliy
    Rise and fall of the thrid reciht!!! I'm still in the middle of studying that!
  • 2bluestarmom
    I concur. I was thinking that as well unfortunately.

    This 9,12 march in DC on September 12 is going to be a blood bath.

    Just my woman's intuition. I think Nero is going to seize this moment and thugs such as acorn, seiu, activist, black panthers, perhaps his new "civilian military force will be there to accommodate him.

    Pray for our fellow Americans. There will be folks from the left, middle and right going to this thing. They all want change but not this kind of change!
  • Dora
    There's a whole industry that manufactures stupid things on toilet paper, 2blue. Is this where you get your "facts"?

    Just for your own information- here is an actual fact:
    there has been an increase in death threats against our president that directly relate to the constant crap that dribbles from your face. An increase of over 400%. Death threats, 2blue- because assholes like you are constantly spewing utter lies. Seeing ghosts where there are no ghosts. Running around in circles claiming that the end of America as we know it is at hand. I marvel at how someone- with so much information available at your fingertips -can remain so incredibly ignorant.

    Use your toilet paper for it's intended use. Use your head for something other than a hat-rack.
  • aliy
    This man had a permit to carry his gun, he was perfectly legal Dora, you want to talk about seeing ghosts (and threats) where none exist. Please. This was YOUR side making a big deal out of nothing.
  • aliy
    ACORN finally mobile!!! They are paying people to get on the busses they are sending them to town halls in BUS loads!!! I wonder why they have to pay people to get on the bus and those evil "housewives" can show up on their own without a hand out and bus!
  • 2bluestarmom
    Nerobama and his thugs:

    Proverbs 16:18
    Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    A proud man presumes on people, is disrespectful of authority, and flouts the breaking of laws. He always has an excuse for his bad actions, instead of a humble apology. He makes commitments he cannot or will not keep. He speaks hastily. The problems in his life are always someone else's fault. He will not seek help. He rules only by tyranny.
  • aliy
    EXACTLY!!! And we're all suppose to be OK with tyranny because some like the tyrant!
  • kpos101
    without the second amendment you do not have the first amendment, this is why the dems. want to get rid of it. and did u notice that none of the supposed tough guys from the unions screwed with the guy with the gun. lol. come on union thuga lets see how tough u really are
  • 2bluestarmom
    They may not have screwed with the guy with the least not that any media would show us..howeva....have you seen the video of the black conservative in St Louis who got attacked by the SEIU and other Obama thugs for selling banners that said "don't tread on me?"

    The SEIU union thugs explanation for why they attacked this man? "he attacked america!"

    See for yourself!

    Here it is:

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    if that doesn't work (not used to this new format/posting, here is the link:
  • kpos101
    yes ive seen that one , funny how the media doesnt say these guys were seiu and did u see the woman that gave thwe speech to arlen spexctor in philly at the town hall, she was on fox news . she is receiving death threats.

  • Damn The Left
    Where do I start?

    Medicare only reimburses private providers pennies on the dollar. In most places only around 30% of what is actually billed. Sure I guess you can call that efficient. Must be nice. I wish I could fill up my gas tank and only hand the clerk 12 dollars. Explain to me how any business can survive on that?

    Canada's health care system is far from perfect. Explain to me why all of their doctors and nurses come over here for work? They don't make nearly the money healthcare providers in the States do, and they don't have as many jobs available. How do I know that? Because a large portion of my co-workers came here from Canada in hopes to find work. Hence the term "rationing care".

    I'm not sure what health-care plan you have, but my premium is nowhere near my mortgage payment. As as a matter of fact, I pay more in federal income taxes every year than I do for my mortgage, 2 brand new cars, health insurance for a family of 3, auto insurance and childcare expenses all combined.

    I'm so glad that you brought up veterans care. Sure the people that are completely covered by it are happy. But how many people is that? Are you aware that at one time every single person who inlisted in the U.S. Military was guaranteed free health-care for life under the veterans care program? Are you aware that they subsequently took all health benefits away from veterans making "middle class" wages after promising them the coverage in exchange for protecting this country? These are people that fought and risked their lives for our freedome! Once again, rationing care under "socialized medicine".

    As far as the free market forcing patients to wait for results, I'm not sure where you got that. I have been working in healthcare both as a paramedic and in a clinical setting for a long time. I have yet to experience such "waits" for cancer biopsies and treatments. I have worked with cancer patients, cardiac patients, stroke patients, etc. I have yet to ever experience that. As a matter of the fact, the biggest problems we run into is approval from Medicare and Medicaid. The private providers are the ones that approve such procedures in a timely manner. I suggest you do your research before trying to "school us".
  • 2bluestarmom
    Amen brother! Right on the penny!

    I too am a nurse. Aside from that, a citizen. Private insurance is not the problem, however, we do need reform on many aspects of the health care in our country.

    Being a nurse, the biggest problem that would be a HUGE advantage to our economical health crisis, STOP GIVING ILLEGALS FREE HEALTH CARE and everything else they get free!

    If it's an emergency situation, (and I don't mean a damn headache in the emergency room!) it would be the right thing to do, even though technically, these folks don't exist because they are here illegally, it's humane.

    However, politicians are so out of touch on this! All for the gain of votes!

    Billions of dollars of our hard earned money is being trashed in so many ridiculous legislated acts now that it's a bottomless pit.

    But this, we can stop.......but they won't!
  • susanwallace
    If you enjoy getting double digit increases to your health insurance plan: Then oppose health care reform

    If you prefer getting less salary/wages because your employer has to pay more for health insurance every year: Then oppose health care reform

    If you think it’s a bad thing for individuals to discuss living wills and end of life care with their doctor: Then oppose health care reform

    If you think it’s a good thing that you pay higher insurance premiums to inefficiently subsidize the uninsured: Then oppose health care reform

    If you like the fact that our country has worse mortality and morbidity compared to every other industrialized country, and pays more for the privilege of those worse outcomes, then by all means, oppose health care reform.

    If you think it’s a good thing that the “free market” charges 20% to 40% for administration/overhead while Medicare does it more efficiently for 3%-5% and you don’t want to take advantage of those savings, then oppose health care reform.

    If you think socialized medicine is a bad thing, then why is the Veterans Administration the health care system in American with the highest patient satisfaction rate (and the VA is 100% socialized medicine)?

    If the “free market” works so well, why can’t people who have pre-existing conditions get affordable coverage? Oppose health care reform to keep the status quo.

    If you are genuinely concerned about the federal deficit, does it bother you to know that health care costs currently eat up 16% of GDP, and will be 20% of GDP in just 8 short years? If not, then by all means, oppose health care reform.

    If you are genuinely a believer in the “free market” and competition, are you aware that health insurance companies are exempt from the Sherman Anti-Trust act, and therefore CAN collude, and CAN have monopolies? Is that really the “free market” at work? Will you contact your Representative/Senators to change this?

    If you think it’s a good thing for America to have employer-based health coverage, do you worry at all what will happen to your coverage if your company stops offering it? Can you afford a $14,000 a year premium to cover your family?

    If you think it’s a good thing that health insurance, on average, costs more per month than the average mortgage payment, then oppose health care reform.

    If you think the government is going to ration care, are you aware that the “free market” currently forces patients to wait for results on cancer biopsies and cancer treatments? Do you think those patients are getting “the best possible care” right now, having to wait for cancer treatments? Do you realize that it is being rationed right now?

    If Canada has such a bad health care system, then why aren’t Canadians clamoring for their politicians to institute an “American style” health insurance system in Canada?

    If you are a Christian, do you believe the Scripture that says, “Love your neighbor as yourself?” If you love yourself enough to care for your own body, do you love others as Christ commanded you to, and are you willing to help them pay for their health care? If not, re-read your Bible, or perhaps consider another religion that doesn’t ask you to sacrifice for others.
  • Sarah Chandler
    Of course we have to protect our President, so maybe that guy gets watched or maybe he gets removed just before Obama gets there. But that man has a right to be there. Is it really so atrocious? I mean, these people are making a huge deal out of nothing. He was probably just carrying a gun to oppose Obama, likely as not. MSNBC needs to back off of our constitutional rights, and if Obama thinks he can break his oath and take away our guns or raise prices on them or whatever, well, let's hope there are more people out there willing to defend the Constitution, even though our President and his media don't. And yes, I meant to say HIS media. I support AMERICA: defined by the First Amendment and protected by the Second.
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