Lions and Tigers and Conservatives, Oh My!

August 12th, 2009 Aliy N

The new Buzz word for Liberals this week is “disinformation” the Merriam-Webster defines this word as:

“False information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth”

The liberals are just glowing about their new big word of the week. However, the event that drew out this word is neither false or covertly spread with rumors. It’s a video on youtube of the presidents own words. Here is the video of this speech:

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So, the other day, it was brought to my attention that there is a web site liberals are being asked to report “disinformation” and encouraging people to email the United States Governement. I give you this so you can be sure to report me. Heck, I might even report myself!

An article in the Washington Times explains that the government wants YOU to report people that disagree with them. (Of course they are not going to say exactly THAT) what they DO say is :

“We’re asking for your help. If you get an e-mail or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to [email protected].”

Seriously, how close to a propaganda minister are we?! Anyone else getting flashbacks of Germany in the 1930’s? Is there anyone out there who isn’t going “OMG, FASCIST!!!!”

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  • When was the speech given? Who cares? If content is king, then this videos content shows a socialist who wants to be put in his white castle in Washington! Well, he made it and now he's wearing the robes adorned him by his adoring public - Libtards!

    You know a single payer system will eventually run out of money. Our money that is!

    Man, when will the left wake up and realize utopia has been tried and failed in every other communist country on earth!

    Great blog man!

    Go GOP!
    God bless America!

  • abbymartin812
    I don't know about you all, but I have had enough. If you've had enough, join us at The Free Enterprise Nation (
  • Tim
    Am I missing something here?
    This county runs on big goverment services that are paid for by our tax dollars that are not considered wasteful at all, and that we couldn't live without. The Police, Fire fighters, our Military ,street workers, garbage workers, national and local parks, park workers, public schools, the post office, libraries, medicare and medicade, public transportation, subways, light rail, busses, and I'm pretty sure the list goes on.... How about taking all those big goverment servises away for a month and see how this great country of ours runs. And yet our capitalistic system still manages to operate around all these big socialist goverment run programs just fine. in fact don't they make our capitalistic efforts run even smoother?

    Isn't government corruption much more rooted in overspending and lobbying for things like unnecessary wars and wall street de-regulation... not for spending as a means to make our lives easier. Like the servises that we take for granted everyday I mentioned above. Or trying to stimulate the economy when were in a recession. This country is great not only for it's free market but because we care about our own people enough to provide a system that makes our lives more comfortable than most countries in the world. Who doesn't want to live in America? and it's for all these reasons. I'm a Republican but it saddens me to see my party rally against the very thing our goverment should be praised for.
  • amber3
    Thank you tim. Another rational conservative
  • ptrump
    I live in Canada and can tell you that 90 plus percent of the population supports universal health care. Its far from perfect, and everyone has an opinion on how to make things better.
    Here’s my personal experience.
    Both uncles have received bypass surgeries this year 1 a triple bypass and the other a double at no cost to them. My aunt and grandmother are having cataract surgery, grandmother already done.
    I broke my wrist and developed RSD 1 ½ years ago, which requires me to have physiotherapy and drugs, I’m seeing one of the top specialists in the field. Ok to be fair there was a waiting period around 1 year (Bs they always say that it’s a funding thing) I did wait around 6 months but that was because I wanted the top person in the country to look at me, not because I was being ignored or not geting any treatment.
    The only cost to me is the medication, it used to be covered under my private plan that ran out.
    The drugs are very expensive but are still around a third the price south of the border.
    Overall I really cant complain too much, sure it can be better but the answer is not south of the border but places in Europe, that do things better and cheaper. I feel the real reason the drugs are so much cheaper is because the government buys in bulk, and when they get screwed by the drug companies government has options like buying them abroad or making them their self .There were times they were forced to do that, American HMOs don’t have these options.
  • Anomalous
    Ptrump, the concerning thing in your post is the "at no cost to them" statement. Of course it's a cost to them, their children and anyone else that pays taxes. I am not familiar with Canadian government's framework, but ours was founded on principals of individual liberties, states' rights, and therefor, limited government.

    No system is wrong. I'm glad to hear that you and your uncles are doing well and appreciate your medical system. That means that socialized medicine works for you.

    As you may have figured out, Americans can be a different bunch. We have different ideas on what government should and should not do. This is one where the basis for our very nation, the constitution does not even permit a public option run by the federal government. It doesn't mean they won't try to showve it down our throats, it just means we have to work hard to prevent it.

    Rich Mitchell
    The Plain, Hard Truth
    An information engine for Conservatives
  • JackieM
    I agree with you!
  • JackieM
    There are ways to make our healthcare system better but the public option is not the answer. you just touched on a huge problem your country has--waiting. there have been too many people from Canada that have come into the US to get urgent medical care because the wait times were too long. their own testimonies prove this. we have a shortage of medical professionals already and can't support more people coming into the system. there is no plan to take care of the millions of additional healthcare professionals we would need on day one so the point is mute.
  • strych9
    "Well, what Obama said back then...he doesn't mean it now." haha, that's laughable...but that's what the libs say. Jeez, what happen to the days when "a man's word was as good as his bond"? Or even to the old saying "a man is judged by the company he keeps"? And "it's easy to be generous with another man's money"? All seem to apply at different times to Obama these days. But yes, there's alot of similarities going on that's reminiscent of what my old history books used to tell me about another regime in Europe a few decades ago, so I'm keeping my eyes and ears open, thank you. I'm just waiting to sign up for the Rahm Emanual / Obama Civilian National Security Force...will that be called the SS or the "OhOh"?
  • amber3
    i dont think aily would support a "no nigger president" webste
  • amber3
    Aily i dont agree with you on anything, but i appreciate your willingness to have dialog, in this regard you have my full support.
  • geniusconservative
    hey for every dumb website the liberals put up, the conservatives have 5 "No Nigger President" websites, so you might wanna check those stones before chucking them around your nice glass house, Ally.
  • aliy
    You know what man, I've about had it with the language you use on this site. Enough already. Get some class or go post on another site because you're the most offensive person I've come across in a LONG time.
  • billyLevine
    To ds1 - Thank the Lord we have a man with conviction here. Too bad it's not you. Why don't you try the Bible Network on channel 1599?
  • aliy
    who would that man with convictions be Billy? DS is a man of very, very high values and conviction. And those of us who believe in God LOVE to have him here! It's our faith that gets us through the day and DS is a HUGE part of that. You're tried to take my taxes, you've tried to take my healthcare, please don't take my religion and faith from me just because you disagree.
  • ucworksforneolibs
    rates with bho effect (terror helping proved, self-words&speaches;), so urban neoliberal, which already lost conservatives during 09 election (did the same, erased conservative comments, and was stocked to death boring neolib's) now alloes people like me to write down your ratings way out?
    will you do it again, urban neolib?, so in front of the kids?
  • Sarah Chandler
    Dude, why don't I just report the government to that website? They are the ones who seem fishy. And they can't take away our freedom of speech. I can send whatever emails I want within reason. If they're scared people will see the truth and actually want to save their Grannies, well, for once they have a legitimate fear. I oppose healthcare reform, and if I'm racist or unpatriotic in the eyes of the government for that, well, at least I don't RATIONALIZE my people!
  • aliy
    I reported myself. I said "I am a dissenter, I've read the bill, I don't like it" I'm dying to know if I can still fly on a commerical airline now!
  • 2bluestarmom
    These folks coming here from the socialistic websites are here to attack and distract!

    Ignore them! Let's concentrate on getting this country back!

    We are not warring against flesh and blood here. This is a spiritual battle against good and evil. Not democrat not republican.

    We are living in days prophesied that have and are coming to pass now.

    This is just the beginning of times getting much worse. Don't be caught unprepared and don't wast your time on these fools. You have no idea who sits behind the key board typing the words they are using like fiery darts.

    Put on the armour of God and go forward in boldness. We don't need the distractions.
  • aliy
    You know, the sad part, I've actually posted answers to specific problems in the healthcare bill that didn't call for a sweeping overhaul and they still don't listen!

    You're correct. Turn to God, Turn to Jesus, believe in what is right and the idiots will be the only ones left when we all dissappear!
  • dowels
    please visit the website

    pnhp stands for Physicians for a National Health Plan. Real doctors advocating for single-payer health care right here in our beloved USA. Please check out this page and check out the rest of the site in order to be PROPERLY INFORMED ABOUT THE MYTHS AND FACTS OF A SINGLE-PAYER NATIONAL HEALTH PLAN. For obvious reasons, this is not currently being considered by our government, but with a properly informed public we can speed up the process of catching up to the rest of the industrialized nations of the world. For all of the people that aren't big on improving the health and moral fabric of our nation, which in turn would improve our society in countless other ways, you'll be happy to see that this single-payer system will also SAVE US MONEY! Yippee!

    60% of health spending is already publicly financed:

    Funny fact of the day and one of the thousands of examples showing how our politicians like to operate:

    "Non-interference" is the industry term for the status quo, in which government-driven price negotiations are barred. In other words, the government is "interfering" in the market if it negotiates lower prices. The ban on negotiating was led through Congress in 2003 by then-Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), who is now the head of PhRMA.


    thank you
  • aliy
    HOW will a single payer system save us money? You can't expect to insure triple the people for a quareter of the cost. Didn't anyone ever teach you math?!
  • Sarah Chandler
    No, no one did teach them math. They can't count our debt right,either!
  • Grampa
    Calm down you guys. This is just a BS blog site. Get a grip. I think you are all overreacting . My original question was "What has happened to the Republican Party?'
    Can some one respond to that?
    Whew !!!!!
  • ds1
    ok, sure. The Republican Party is FINALLY waking up and beginning to do what they should have been doing for a long time Grampa. There are still libs in the party, and they need to go. We need strong, conservative leaders in the party who aren't afraid to stand up for the TRUTH! That's what's going on in the Republican Party. ;-}
  • aliy
    True DS, So true. Ack said in anther spot that republicans sat back and said "ignore it and it will go away" well it's NOT going away. Now people are making their voices heard and being attacked for it. Called Brown shirts, un-american, and for some reason "housewives" has become an insult too!!!
  • billyLevine
    What is this? Oh, that's right - Urbanconservative is downsizing. Nice.

    I mistakenly thought this comment line was about the whole WMD controversy and the liberal backlash to a policy they originally supported. I suppose I was wrong. Do I need to study the bible to comment here?

    Bill Levine
  • ds1
    Would you like to discuss something from the bible? I am willing to reason with you on that. Jesus said "I AM the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE. NOBODY comes to the Father but through Me." What do you think about that Bill?
  • awhite
    Is there a reason that you are attacking every single person with different views from you today? Not every Conservative shares your beliefs in God. The topic here is health care. If you want to quote the Bible in your argument for or against the reform than fine. But don't use it to attack the very essence of the people who are trying to make a response. The animosity that has been appearing in all of the comments you've made today is totally against your own beliefs.

    "But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control" -Galatians 5:22
  • ds1
    I disagree with your assertion. I have not been attacking everyone on here. I have been responding to those who have attacked me and christianity, and I will continue to defend both! Just what percentage of conservatives do you think are christian awhite? And since you responded to me, what are your values? What values do you use to make decisions in your life? I have made no comments today that are against my own beliefs, and I won't allow you to make false statements like that. You can quote scripture, but do you make decisions based on God's TRUTH or your own truth awhite? That is the essence of everything I have been saying here.
  • aliy
    No, you don't have to study the bible to post here, but please, make sense. Thank you,.
  • billyLevine

    Perhaps you can educate me as to what it was that I said that did not make sense. Maybe you really meant "Don't be sarcastic." Perhaps you would make more sense if you spoke your mind.
  • aliy
    If you were confused as to where you were I appoligize, if you were being sarcastic, you didn't do a very good job of it. You just seemed lost, like you happened on something you didn't understand. You want me to speak my mind, I do all the time, you really seemed like someone who had NO CLUE what he was talking about, you didn't come off sarcastic at all, sorry.
  • Grampa
    What has happened to the Republican Party?
    When I was a young man in the 60's Republicans were the smart people. College graduates, professionals, businessmen, lawyers, bankers in short Country Club Repubilcans, The Dems were the union guys, blue collar workers,coal miners,truck drivers and their kids were cannon fodder.

    Todays republicans are birthers, tea baggers, deathers, dingbats, yahoos and rednecks.
    The southern strategy of Nixon/Buchanon has come home to roost and is oromoted by Fox news and dittoheads,
    It is a sad thing to see.
  • ds1
    Without knowing more about you and your life experience, it is hard for me to address your comments. Your "misinformation" concerning "Republicans" is pathetic. First, let me state that I am a CONSERVATIVE, and am NOT tied to ANY Party! I vote for the person who most closely reflects my value system. I am also a christian Grampa, and I believe that God is TRUTH! So whatever God says is good enough for me! Unfortunately, the Democrats have become a bunch of humanistic, power hungry bunch who gain and keep power by promoting class warfare and socialistic programs designed to keep the poor and needy EXACTLY where they are.....poor and needy! They USE their condition for their own benefit, and that is EVIL!! How ANYONE can support them is beyond me!! They create their own "truth" rather than seek the TRUTH of God! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see this Grampa. All you have to do is take an oblective look at what they say and do, compare it to what God says, and be honest with what you see! That's ALL!! I feel sorry for you Grampa. I don't know how old you are, but you still have time to come to Jesus!! He loves you Grampa, and wants you to love Him back! He created you and knows your innermost thoughts and fears! He can heal you and make you whole again! Come to Him today Grampa! Repent of your sins and ask Jesus to take over your life! Ask Him to show you the TRUTH, and make you what He created you to be. Then, and ONLY then will you experience the peace and love that He designed for you! Eternal life starts today Grampa!! Don't wait!! Today is the day of your salvation!
  • Grampa
    i ds1,
    About the only thing you have correct in your comments is that you don't know me. Since you have chosen to insult me I feel open to respond in kind. I am 70 years old,

    Since you state you are a Conservative I will respond as I do to others that spout your line..
    I am a Roman Catholic and I find it very interesting that you folks always seem to find the part of Christianity that suits you. Christ's life of compassion and tolerance gets lost in the sanctimonious, self rigthous, holier-than-thou hipocritical line you are peddling.

    My original question was "What has happened to the Republican Party?". I think my assessment of it's present state is correct and the Conservative take over is mostly responsible for it.

    A permanent poor class is more a condition created by hypercapitalism aspoused by many conservatives. That is:"I have mine now you get yours" and I will exploit you as you struggle and stumble in a rigged game.

    Remember this country was founded on an economy based the ultimate expoitation-slavery. I don't think Christ approved.

    Let's agree to disagree and leave it at that.
  • ds1
    Really? That's the ONLY thing that I had correct? What about the fact that you need Jesus? Being Roman Catholic doesn't mean that you are a christian Grampa! No further explanation needed there....And how about your statement concerning Christ's life of compassion and tolerance? Where is the tolerance from you and your left wing idealogues? You only have tolerance for those who support your socialist ideas Grampa! That isn't what America was founded on sir. We Patriots who believe in freedom, liberty, and God-given inalienable rights have chosen to be "silent no more" Grampa and you liberals can't deal with it. TOUGH!!! get used to it because we have onlybegun to fight Grampa! If you would like to carry on a civil, logical, TRUTHFUL debate on the issues at hand, then we can do that. BUT that is NOT what obama and his thugs want!! They want POWER, and will go to ANY extreme to get it...even to the point of keeping the poor and needy down! How have our socialist programs been working so far Grampa? Have they raised the standard of living for the poor, or have they really only kept them down? Be honest Grampa! You can see the TRUTH is you want to.....Start thinking for yourself sir, and stop buying all of the lies that are being fed to you! Jesus NEVER taught that the government should take care of the people! He taught that we should take "personal" responsibility for that! But He NEVER espused socialistic principles....NEVER! He would NEVER condone anyone stealing from one man to give to another...NEVER!!! And that is what socialism is Grampa. Let the true church take care of the poor, sick, and needy and get the government out of the way! Then you will see things done correctly, and you will see more and more people coming to Christ! Their lives will be changed forever...for the good!!! WAKE UP Grampa!!
  • aliy
  • aliy
    Grandpa, I am highly educated. I work both in medical AND Real estate. I am Roman Catholic also. Though I respect your opinions for your age, I must say I can't believe someone as educated and worldly as you would think the government making you consider hospice and the government taking tax dollars from real citizens to support aliens should be OK with you.
  • Grampa
    You know your comments are BS and un founded.
  • aliy
    Sorry, I didn't realize you were uneducated and not worldly. I won't make THAT mistake again!
  • markinboston
    I agree it's fascistic to ask people to notify the government about disinformation - I preferred it much more when the Patriot Act allowed wiretaps and internet monitoring without warrents...
  • aliy
    It's just a shame I know when WWII was over and people finally realized what was really going on in Germany that they were shocked and in awe of such evil and there's so much in todays Washington that mirrors it it's actaully scary. I mean really, what's next, conservative concentration camps?
  • 2bluestarmom
    aliy, you hit the nail on the head, again!

    There is no arguing what is happening here.

    If they can't see it, it's on them.

    We know what we know and it doesn't matter if the president is white, black, green, democrat, republican, a duck or swan, he is changing the face of our country and yes, it is eerily paralleling what happened in Nazi Germany and other fascist countries.

    That is painfully obvious!

    But he is just a puppet here. The elitist, banks, power mongels, activist are all involved in this and this whole thing has been by design to make the American public, vulnerable and at their mercy to destroy, "change" our constitution and every thing that we stand for.

    Shock and Awe. Just like Hitler did it.

    Be watching.....they are now setting us up for martial law.

    Future marches esp. the peaceful one coming up in September in D.C. will be one of bloodshed.

    As we have seen on the news, videos of SEIU and other strong arms of the Obama "civilian military force" will be responsible for this but main stream media won't show that part. Private citizens with camera phones and video recorders will have it documented...but Obama and his media will make it look like the conservatives are responsible.

    We are no longer a free country.
  • aliy
    Exactly. And the Huffington Post broke the story over the weekend that Obama has promised the drug companies that he will NOT seek a reduced price on drugs, and he will NOT go to Canada to get them chepaer!!! Were those NOT two talking points of his health care bill as "saving" money goes? I guess he means "saving the pharmacutical companies money" because he sure didn't negotiate for cheaper viagra!
  • awhite
    My question to you is when was that speech in the video given? If the words are from before Obama was even in office, I believe it becomes null and void to the current reform bill trying to be passed, and if that is the case, you are providing us with disinformation.

    I would love to see you write an entry that looks and discusses your issues elements of the bill that is trying to be passed. At this point, all I see is attacks on the wording "health care reform". What is being proposed and what are your issues with it? That is real question that needs to be answered.
  • aliy
    I have discussed MANY times on here some of the provisions I don't like in the healthcare bill. The clip is from a 2003 speech I believe. However, if it walks like duck and quacks like a duck, just because it's becomes president doesn't mean it's suddenly a swan. Do YOUR convictions change yearly or do you believe the same things are right now as you did 10 years ago?

    First thing I don't like in the health care bill: I don't like on page 456 that they are saying hospice should be considered in end of life counciling as a viable option. Hospice is in the business of keeping people comfortable until they croak. I would like MORE options as an elderly person than pain management until I unburden the government from caring for me.

    Another thing I don't like about the health care bill: By Obama's own admission healthcare will be extended to ALL NON-US citizens, illegal or otherwise. His big cry is that part of the drain on our system is these illegals using emergency services and bailing on the bill, so he's going to insure them! Many times Republicans have tried to put a provision in there that these NON-US citizens at least make an EFFORT to become legal and democrats will NOT allow that to be put in the bill.

    Page 72 is saying they are going to regulate private insurance companies and bring them under governement control ( so much for CHOICE huh?) A commissioner of health insurance exchange is the exact wording. This is basically a governement official who will be put in charge of telling insurance companies what they can and can't do.

    Page 84 states The Commissioner shall specifiy benefits to be made available. There goes THAT choice too.

    Is this enough, I have a WHOLE list of em and I'm not even 100 pages into the bill yet.
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