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Weekly Wrap Up: So much for tolerance

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007


My View of Barry Manilow

Famous has been of yesteryear Barry Manilow - demanded that he appear on the View without Elisabeth because he strongly disagrees with her views and thinks she is dangerous and offensive.  Now, a close source says that he is lying and it was the View that cancelled the booking all along. So, not only is he intolerant of others beliefs and a horrible singer, but he is also a liar.

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    This Week in the News: Kanye Crying Again

    Monday, September 10th, 2007

    I get ridiculed quite often on this blog because I am always bashing liberal ideology and thought process.  I get accused of spewing hatred, offensive rhetoric and dodging comments when I am challenged by some of my readers.  While I don’t necessarily deny all the accusations, one thing is indeed true. That is, I rarely discuss the actual issues.  So, since I am a fairly reasonable individual, I decided to give a weekly wrap up of newsworthy events and allow for open discussion.  So, here goes, in no particular order of importance:

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